Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1907
Page 5
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' " &aiiie.;i;$lm«tt of domt»ticated Ct|N«Bsirtfed promptly n^lit or dajrV'WjNBizs experience. Veterio- aix.l>d^ti7 a specialty. tibimr Orainita or Ontario Veter. kairy Coliese, Prop, Hoai^ Phono 1068 Res. Piloae 139 If it's a [ot Water iBottle Remember wc sell the best quality at right prices. Full line of rubber goods at SPENCER'S Call on L.EFFI.ER When needing anything in tlie Jewelry line. cm KEWI. WESriuX KANSAS W I! K A T I^NDS to cxchuiiso for Allen roiinry farms as follows: .Soi>-;i(:i-i. raiioh. Iku- ber couuty, JlO.OiUi; t;iO acros Ottawa county. $25,000: 400 acres Ford county, 110 ,000: 320 acres Gray couniy.V 14,800: a20 acres Sheridan connty. 19.600; -320 acres Thomas county, $8,000 ; 320 acres Lane county. J 'l .OOO: 320 acres Osborn county. $4,760; :i2i> acres Kearney count.v. $u.r.<)0: ;>2n acres Logan county. $".200. Sec us for exchanges. lOLA LAND CO. V MRS.TcHAS. Funk is vIsitiDR relatives and friends in Moran. Dr. BoyaoMi. Ftaoae SSS. Bei. 914. P. S. naagb. DeaUBt Pboae lift. Oliee OTcr Barreirs Drof BU>n. WILUAM HOGABOO.M caino up from Chanute last evening and took tlie firsc degree in Masonry. Painting, Paper Hanging. Phone J181Y. I COL. Sv. D. KAJ'HAK i.-: riioirins; today over the fart tlmt }.>• h.if- now- reached the r:i>c old aso nf r.T y<nrs ,The colonel is probably U H- <i|.lobt actor in the stale. .\otwithsi;in«iin.c the strenuous life of .iln- .".lagc, the colonel Is still in tlie b'-sf f)f health and gets around towu as g'XKl as any school boy. Wanted—Everybody to know that W. B. Ketiey & Son b.«ve moved their transfer and storage oRlce to 211 South Washington. ORlce and Day Phone, 390. Residence and night Phone 17. J. K. HE.VDI3KSO.V who l"i .s«-vcia! months has had the agenry for the Kansas City pai>crs in lota, has suhl out his and nill retirt- fimn that work the 16th of tliis month. He expects to devote his time to T^f^ subscriptions for ihe mag:izinos. Mrs. Gaatrell. Phone I0»7. "HE WiHO laughs last, laughs best" but be who goes to see ".Are You a Mason"' is sure of him. This delight- rm comedy has been booked to appear at the Grand tonight. S?ats are on sale and remember that he who ItesStates loses many a laugh. Tli.- oarly' bird Is sure of his fun. J. -V. Taaaer, Ucen^pd aacUonivr aa< tale erfer, 505 3rorth M C B M, Gas Ctty. MBS. W". T. SMITH, "f S'jutii \ nut. 'Is rjporlrd as still in a very serious condition. Dr. J. F. Jameson. Gradi^te Anctlon- err lluid THrrloariaa. Sales or rails aaywkere. Phone 13, lola, Ka«. aiAIUE. GARX>. the little daughtc-r of Roll Card, of :ns North Washington, .f^aerknisly ill with an attack of ihefluatism. •• - • , - - . SpSsnd OVERCOATS mil the desirable pattern*.' ^ KohuBrofi. and Henley makes $10 to $35.00. The Fate of a SUpwn^ked Cretr la SoaU Aaerka. New York. Oct. 30.— That, the big .sailing Hh'p Arthur Sewell, laden with coal for the Unite.l SUtes fleet In the Pacific, has been wr^kcd dose to Cape- Horn and its crew of forty killed by savages from Terra del Puego and the Straits of Maeellan. is believed on the maritime exchange. Since ths Sewell sailed from Fhil- a ilcliihia on April hound for Seattle not a wor.I has been heard from It until today, when a letter wafe recciv- i-d by the maritime exchange from the straits nniler dai^ of Augu .sl 31, U stateil that August 23 the scaling steanter Pritjof arrived and reiKirted that while eruisln.i; near the l :<a'llau <l of Xolr island, half way le ineeii Cape I'lllar and Cape Horn, it •iight.^tl a derelict which Is biVlevetl to be tin' Sowall. The derelict was a four inasloil. square rigged ship. Only thi- toiimatits wore above the water .'ti'l the royalli were set. Th.^ Fritjnf cruised about the neigh l>r .rh<M)d In the hope of gettln; some trace of the crew, as It was evident Uie wreck was recent. On tlie shore «i .Voir fsland they found wherectiie cr^-u Jiail landed and built a fire."* There wei 'e ciui ^ty cartridges a«i(l si >veral broken r'lb 's on the srounM n <*ar the ashes of the fire. It was jM'iianMit that tlu -re had h^-eii a ficht. There «i 're no IxKlies. hut thyn' were blooil M'o's "n Ihe ground behind the riH -Ks along the water line wher? the sailors had evidently made their last stand. The skipper .of the Fritjof feared to allow his men to leave the coast and s?nrcU the interior owing to the presence of the hostile savages. The Sewall. which has been 2ns 'Iiiy.s- nu:. wa.s commanded by Captain Viatlni'y. \\1IAT IS the easienl qnesljon in the worhl to answer? Why do peopl? go to ^e^• "Are Yoii u .Mason?" On<? (lue^^•ou an.>!wers the other. If .von want a more speeinp answer zn iuid see th.- play. It will be at thj Grand tonight. HFAKIX; \iy IMEHtMTI.X;. KrHrirliHiin Y«n|h Wa."« riared I'nder Parole Judge Smilli. Tlie hearing of Ed 1-Vcdrick.son. Sim of .Marshal .Jim Krcdricksoii. of Uas.'ieit. yesterday afternoon in juvenile eoiirt. resulted in .tudge Smith paroling tlip bo.v <iit gnml behavior. It will In- renieinbered that .voun;; Kredrick.>-on was taken into eiLsnidy by the police Sunday evening: 011 the rhar .i ;e of hiiving taken two eUilds un- der:::innents friim the .v-w York store. Saturday eveuitig ili- boy was standing near the mcrr.v-go-rouiid at he carnival when a man in getting off till.' merry-go-round was thrown against him knocking the lad down, iind stunning him. The boys cap fell off and the undergarments were picked up. it is said, cither in the boy's cap or near it. .lohn -Mien who isieni ployed on the street paving force for tite city, sajs he saw one of ilie garments in the cap and tlu- other near it. each folded up a^ if fresh frmn thi- .slirlf or bt>x from the store. Tlie matter was reported to the \>o- iire. Ii was learned that the New- York store handled this brand of i;oods. Sunday i -vening Officer Creed took the boy into custody and placed him ill jail, not withiiur m.^i jiolifyiog his father. At the time Mr. Fredrick.-on was inclined to let the court deride the niniter without resisting the cliarce. Or. later consideration he derided to light tile c-ise believing that liere was a i>pssibiliiy that the boy lid ni'i take ilie poofls. The proprie- iir of the New York .store identilied hi- goods as of the brand they handled bill did not remember seeing the boy 111 the store or did not know the got)ds had lieen stolen. When the matter tame up in juvenile e»mrt >esterday afternoon .Mr. •'redrick.soti appeared with his atlor- iic>, .1. L. Ibiriics. to right the wise. The under garments were in court The caj) worn by the boy is one of th' jaunty stylf. not intended to cover ery much territory .Mr. llarnes took the uuderganiient.s. rolled them ui and placed theui in the cap and ih«'ii •laced the eaji on tli.- head of yoiin- Fredrickson and ciill-'l Mn- .-itteiiiioii of the court that it w;i.-: a iihysieal ini- ..<i >sibility f'lr the b»y to the cap on with the undci-.carnu'nts in il, He -MUvineed at least a part of (he sper- ators that such was the c;ise and Hie court was not sure that .Mr. Barnes staretiient wa.s untr"e. However, the conn placed the boy iind»r iiarole crnis as it developed duving the trial hat (he buy was not an ixenipl:iry outh TO.MCHT at the Craiid. the bc-st farce comedy ever written. "Are You Mason." will be t>resente<l This will afford a great treat to the Uugh- for lovers of this vicinity. Th^ largo dvancc sale indicates one of the big- sesi liouses of the sea-sou. tic ill posiession of tlie ^ratli, we say in plain wofds tfaat no one in ibis town can sell as good colfee as Arbuckles' Afiosa for as little money. Misbranded and make-believe Mocha and Java, or coffee sold loose out of a bag or a bin, is not as good value for the money,nor can it be sold at as narrow profit, nor reach the consumer under as favorable conditions. When you buy Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee you get more flian 16 net ozs. of straight, wholesome' Brazilian coffee from the largest coffee firm in the world, with that! firm's direct assurance that they are giving you the best coffee in • the world for the money. ^ AUI;'-' K ;.E: nr^oB., N CV/ York city. .MAV 0Rf.V>I7.E BASKKT n .\LI- loin High .Sfhttol Piipil..* n «Hl <l ihin tnter u League. Tii>'re i.s ;i mnveineiii (ui rm't iii (be lola higli seliool for (he oriraiiitMtii'ii of a high school basket b.iH te.-tni io enter the team in the soiUlieii«ieni Kansas Uaskei Hall league which is composed of Fort Scott I'oiTeyville, Parsons. Chanute and probably Clier- ryvale. Thi- b'la High School Athlciic association is to holil a iiici'tiir.; Mi >iiil:iy uigh' when it will be diiitiitcly decided whether or nut bila wili into the league. There is no team ;ii the hi>;li >c-hool at the present time but several of the high schwd boys arc pKayors on the Y. M. C. A. team, lola cor.M get up a good tcatu and one that uoiild make it hot for the other league leatiis. The following from the I'lianutc Tribune gives the plan of llu- league: \ sol of rules and regulatiou.s wa.s drown uii and agreed to. Tlusc are being made out by the secretary. .Miss Schaub of Parsons and they will be sent to the various school.-^ later. rVnion.4 these rules is o!ie ih.i.' a iirif of J .'i.itO will be imposed UIKIM a n;iiji which wiifiill.v fails to play aii.» ;;anie which may be scfcciluled. Tin- high school rule is to Ijc obHerv^il in ail cases and even person;; t;;ki:i;4 ( graduate courses cannot play. In order to do away with a i>cr.^on enrolling in a school and carryiiit: one or two ::|:i'li<-s in f'nier to play on :! team i." was dei-jib -ij to allmv v.n ont to pl:iy who w.i.- imt carrviii;: lliree >fiid!'-s and gcHiii;; pa.-;-iiiig -'r.ide;- in all Ihnc, wiMi (he, "•xcepiii.u of semoi \\ III! ucpd I 111 I y MUC or I\M> iiioro cre'lli.s Ki gr.idiiare. Tli'T"' are to lie 'w<t tioijlib'^- .(W.ird rd to the winning ic-iiii of (in- lea:;ue this year, luii- to th" boys' ii-.-iiu whi>-li win..; the most -.liini'-s and tin- oilier to (he ^iil.s* t»'riiii »h;fli mils //;<• mny! gain'-.--. Till';.!- .-Il'- i<i lie :,ilver ciips- ami «ill be the pliilierly nf ll-;iin for a;! time, iii.^ieail of Injnj: i..iiyril f<ir each year. The foll<i\viii-j iifl;c.-i., wen- <-e<.-(c -I l';('si'lc!it- .f. 1: S!((l<e il'; rv. if Tt Scott. Vice I 'le i'l>;ii II (' i.ii-M I II! Chanule. Secreiar.' ai;'l Tre:i •.tr.'-r-- .Mis." Irfdlise S<h:i.::i iif I'lii-.-'ills, The (Vjieji-i.s of the repii"-eiitatives wJin .-ilteild-d the niecMii--- ivt-re |i;ii(! by ib>: .\thlciie a.-i.'^ociatio:! of tbi- varioii.-i (owns The represpnt;itives •.vi.-re m.ially e/iffilaitn-d ;ii dinner Sat nrday liy .Mis.s Sclnmli. tin- priiici|ial of the I'ar.-ioiis iii'-;ii school. Ita.'iket ball in the Clianiitc school ihi.i year promi.^es lo be ali the rate .Many iiioii -ir's have e.\pie:-Ked the than did last ynw and the boys also .seem to take more Interest than they did last year. There will probably be secoiiii teaiius of both «irls and boys .IIH I these will pl;i.v D IP ^ji-st teams when it is impossible to s^ccure an outside game. The plan is to play a game every two weeks with the towns in the league atid then lo fill in the open dates between tliese games with sianie.-i with Oiiawa. (;arnet. ICrie and other tnv.ii.T wliich h.ive not joined the league. The lir.^f 'game this year wjll be a double header, one girls' ami "lie bi>ys game between the Chanute and Parsons high school.s. This is to be played here 011 the i.'Ird of November J)Ht where it will be played has not bee:, lecided. The .M. f. A. rooms will probably be used for practice until .some other jilace can be secured, .'il- though it may be necessary to use Fhiral hall but thi.s will ntjt be done excejit as a last resort as the hall is so cold and disagreeable that nc one likes to-run the risk of taking cold by practicing there. Mr. Satnple, an old Baldwin player, has consented to coach the Chanute teams and with his instruction they are sure to put out a good buuc.'i. .Ml.ST KK>T TIIEIK BOXES. Ittiral Roule Palrons Gpttinir Mail in Town .Must Pay for Prlvllcce. The postal department lus m.ide a riiiing tliat a rural patron cannot get i;i:s mall from the postolfice un- le--.-^ he rents a box in the postofflce The inalter of handing mail out to a long siring of rural patrons is a severe hardship on a postal clerk, as rural mail Is never In proper eoiidl- lion while in the postolTice to be distributed to patron.s. Persons w-ho care |).-;rticMilar;y about getting their mar ofieiiir than six times a week when it IK carried lo thi.-m by a carrier, will iini think it a hardship to rent a box. Then if he Is ill Uie city he is at liberty to ca'l :if the oflice and receive his mail from the clerks In (he oi 'lice. , V,:0 anything you |ik» and when you like if, but fake a '.Ml-o-na stomach tablet first to strengthen the stomach .-iiid iirevont Indigestion. TiOc a bo.x Nothing If it fails. Charles B. Spencer. Notice to Our Customprs. We are jdeased to announce lha) Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs, colds and lung troubles Is not-aftectec by the .National Pure Food and IJrup law as It contains no opiates or other harmful drugs, and we recommend It as a .safe remedy for children and inteution of tryin;; oni for the team adults. Uurell's drug store. IftMmfflomliil b7 (lading physlofant and obtmists SArM »ERS FINKK.IL TOUAY. FIVE R EASONS WHY .svtertfcen Vi';«r Old Ulrl .Surcnmlipd : In Tnberrulosl*. i 1'he sevenlei'ji year old daiigbter of, .^Ir .-i. -Viigusta Saunders of r >01 Norili , Cottonwood fireef. di?d yesterday af-| tei -mK >ii. Th'- rnusc of hcr^death w-a- • tuberculosis. Tie fuiieral ser i vices wi'ie iirb! t;i;s aft/^rnoon a' i f-*o <»'<-Ioc!< frriii H/o ,v M. E. ehnrc'i oil .North Piii -ke.v- street with the pas for in rharg". T^e inter:iieut tixik p:«c«' iiifhe lola cemetery. PIKCMA-SES A>OTIIEB HOISE. 1 A. Kitrbpaarli Has Tiro (irren* boaneti at ladraeBdeare. fJ. A. Ktshpaugb, the local flor'ttt. has bought up the giieen house biisl- ttoso at Independence apd now pra'itl- eailjr controls the flonil busiaess of that town. Somiatlme ato Mr. Klsh- vaugh pnrctaued a green- housj in ttat town aad later toaMd a aecoml ybidl «aTa1itm a "etncfa" on tbe busl- UMioeftBttoVB.. CALUMET BAKING POWDER ha .s obtained the confidence of the public. 1. It complies wUh the Pure Food Laws of all states. '2. It is the ontr higb-grade Powder sold at a moderate pric I. It is not made by a Baking Powder Trust. Food prepared with it is free from Rocbclle Salts or AInffl. S. It is the strongest Baking Powder on the maxTuj. Sl.000.00 given for any aubihanoe: Jnluriousto health found in Ca(ume|t { r!id«lW«t Is so carahilly and nclenttScallT piepared (hat Ibe nealrallutlon qtiVtM or Atam is the food. It I* ekeMleaflr \ All GroMrt ira Aatborbad fa flnvairtM Ikls CWHaMtBaUoirPowdMrcoslsUtlle. Costt • little more than the clMp. iaiwiaas , poMdM now marlMt. tat itlia Mr I MTinKoverCbetnutpowdMa. | Try Calutnet Ren JPcrrjr Fri^fetrard Xaa yfha Ifsj roUowiaf Wokea. The other night as Rev. Perry was on his way k<^mc from the East lola Methodist church, where he Is engaged In holding revival services, he had nn experience that proved that all the fight against sin and wickedness is not carried on from tho pulpit alone. Ho was standing on the street comer waiting for a car, when he noticed two young ladles approaching him in rather a hurried and somewhat. Bn .x- ous manner, and as they approached he heard one of them say, "Yes. he \< all right: Ist us ask him." Suddenly the other broke out. "Yes, he is all right: see he has a Bible." And to :.'s astonishment fhey rushed up and >sked him if he was a good man and would he help them as they werj In iiep tioiibe He informed them that lie hoped to be counted as a good man It leas! by some people, and if th?re vas aiiv service he could render them "ip . Roiild gladly do It. Hirn-edly they told him that they •.ere on their way home from a mest- •ir: that they had attended when they d .-^covered that they were being followed by a young man. who kept per- -sisLwitly following them, no'matter which wa.\- they turned, or how fast •hey iiiiplit run to escape froth hitn. .\r thf-y appro.iched the comer nnar he street car line Ihey di-scovered 'hat the follower had been relnforc- •(' li.v another and he skirted out into 'he street and ran past them. As le passed they appealed to him for 'irptection but ho only hurried on and lidged into a clump of trees. Just hen the.v dl.scovered Mr. Perry to whom they hastily told their tale. Pulling off his overcoat he told them to stand still and watch the interv'lew thab he wouVl have with the young nan in tho white vest whom the girls liolnted out standing In the shadow 1 )f the trees. As he left the girls hej issured them that the Lord c.'isC out levils and ho believed he could. Evidently the devils that bad taken no.'>=sion of that white vested form thought the same thing and wore loath to leave that empty bra'niess t)iece of humanity for he sprinted for uptown, hitting only the high p'aces u the sidewalk and although Key. Perry assured him he would like lo have prayer meeting with him. ho evidently wanted the absent treatment kind and it was well for him that he lid for by this time there would have been somethinr doing had' Rev. Perry 5otten hoM of him. He escorleil the girls home and so thoroughly was one of them frightened that' she made Jlr. Perry and her companion promise lo remain on the =ldewalk in front of her home until "^he had gotten In her room and rap- led on the window. to: 'Are YM a Ib^ii' A Merry Farre Comedy 'to Three Acts. Prices . . .25e, 86e, 50e, 75fc, 9iM HOME FAT REDUCER ^Torks Rapidly and Safely—Rwinires >'o Exerclslntr and AU OW.H Ton to Eat What Yon Like—Cut This "Out. For the benefit of those who wish o reduce their fiesh quickly and safe- y. we will give the receipt and dlrec- ions in full for a simple household .'cmedy that can be obtained at trifling TOst from any good drug store; 1-2 lunce Marmo.'a, 1-2 ounce Fluid extract Cascara Aromatic and 3 1-2 junces Syrup Simplex. All three are •heap and wholesome, but you should ake care to get an unbroken package io that you get Marmola and liot a substitute. WTicn you get home mix the three together by shaking them to- .;etlier In a large bottle and take one easpoonful after each meal'and at bed Imc. FDllt>w these directions and you will have the best fat reducer that moni^ ?an buy. It will take off the flesh at he rate of at least two pounds a week without disarranging the stomach or cansiiiK wrinkles, while, best of a'I. 10 exercising or dieting is required lo ^cl)) it out. You can get results ui *d U the same time take things easy and eat what you like—as much as ymi like—and whenever you like. Auction. I will sell at auction new goods Saturday afternoon at 1 .30 and night at 7 o'clock at -I .'i South street opposite Sparks theater. N. M. KTimiDGE. ' FAB.« HELP AT A PREMIIM. Men AVho Formerly Hired Out Arc Goins to Cities. The farmers surrounding this city arc saying that it is almost impossible to get help this fall to assist them in husking, their com and with their fall plowing. Almost all of the young men who formerly did this work are going to the cities where the>- can secure employment in the factories. The few who stay on tho farms ara n such a demand at the present t-'me that their wages have advanced to prices almost double. The only way the farmers succeed In harvesting their crops Is to help each other. One farmer will help his neighbor while he gets in his crops and the farmer whom he helps will assist him In harvesting. WILL SEClBE CASH. Loufriiana Cotton Exporters YYouId Help the Market. New Orleans, Octt. 3<>.^-Cotton exporters here are discnssing a plan for securing ready cash for export cotton thereby lending relief to the export and domestic umrkets and to the movement of the cotton crop. BURIED A imrS. Population of lijm DM fo a Ru.<islao Xooatala SHdo. Tashkand. R HKS I B. Oct. 3(».—The whole town nf Karatagb in Pokorab has been destroyed and the entire pop- nlation. nttmbering about fifteen tbonn and. waa buried by a moootain alide loUoirlag the recent earthquake there. THEATRJE (Fonnerly the Bachelor) £VERT XIGUT S :00 to 10:3K Matinees Snadays, Toesdays, Thursdays and Satordays. \ Program 1 IOU>« SAMSOX. 1 o ERSEST MACK. ^ S 3 LESLIE POMEBOY. 3 4 COLLEVS & HATVLEY. i 5 TlfEBAISDEXS 6 THE SPABSOSCOPE. 6 Always a Good Show* Just Recelveci 500 Pairs of Sample Shoes Nb two pairs alike. Everything that is made in the shoe line. Now is the time to get a pair of shoes that will fit and suit you. Respectfully, A. G. MUMMA , Prop. ^HE EST TOVES ^H£ IGCeST TOCK s TB s HANNON'S #|%WO iIG »B TORKS To Be Sure MI.SS EDITH Sl'CHEB KiVBSD. Danghter of C. R. Sacher Coafined to Her BooBi io Los Angeles. Miss Ed^th Sucher, daughter of Mr. and 31 rs. C. R. Sucher, of this city, ts confined to her room in Loa Angeles, California, where she is studying music, with a severely sprained laiee. She is in such a condltlonl at the present time that the physicians will i^ot let her leave her room. Lanest srlecUon of Cat Gbss In toe eio ' ebvaty. 1^ r Vo. Pae;, iaata Fe,^ W K ft 1*. W'Btck'^IailNtob

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