Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 10
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1 . ^bolt is a well-known faot that we sell to and satisfy more lola women tlian any other store, and it is logical to assume that we could not continue to sell and satisfy these thousands ot keen buyers tinless they felt they were getting the most that their money will biiy.-In being tavoredwith a vast majority oftrade from lola and Rurro^^ we are simply getting our desserts. offer them unexcelled values, unexcelled assortments and unexcelled service, and for that reason we have attracted the greatest following. A Bifff Marvelous Coat Sale All ihia week. \ L^idie.s' black Coats, frl Indies long, serai-fitted style, trimmed in braid and vel-, vet' half lined, special for this Art week •OUiUU Junior Coats in pretty mixtures, Emperor styles, for young girls, sizes 14, 16, 1>^. Special for all this $7 5|J Ladies' 52 inch all wool Kersey Coats, semi-fitted styles, prettily trimmed, half satin lined, in black, navy, red, brown and castor, extra valne for Ml this JjjJ Jjjj week, Ladies' 54 inch strictly tailored Coats, ^ made of very fine all wool Kersey, lined with satin, ;>elf trimmed, sizes from 34 to Y 4(5, regular .^20,00 value, tfJIH QQ )/ special OfZluU Ladies'/fioe l)roadclotli Coat=;, all lined lhroughout<with satin, lieautifnlly trimmed satin bands, ivmpire styles. For all tliis week, SI5 00 Wc call your Hpecial attention to our Coals in the bettei* grades, in Empire styles, semi-fitted and full fitted ^IQ QQrt OOC models at dIO) OZU) wZu RIBBONS, UIBBOXS. I r .cf-infli ITr-aty Taffci.i Rll.hf.n l .vi- yiSt\\\ l -.c'.v?.. jM .t liio. lililioii rm- \\n' .'•cliool ftir.l. nil sliadPS, yanl .•...'i'^e NOVELTY NECKWrAB. The iiowost idoar., iho lalost o\\\c (lo.sisns. (lift most ariistic combinations fo he found here. Gibson Stocks of Princess and Irish Ijaces, tailornd stocks in wbitp and colored effects. Very snefini ai .'. **;>C ^^RTA1\ SWISSES AT 1»<» YABD. Just I'cceived 2." jiieces' of Swisses, all New Parteri:.!. cross bar and clieeks wiOi r-mbroidered flowers. Very special, yard .... 10^ ITXTUES .STREET (JEOVES. '•('aiii-" quality smari new (Tove? of inediiim uei^lil, one buiion clasp, every iiSir is fully :;iiaranli'ed. worth J.JT l:.-ir J^r .^O New hf.ivy \v<'i;-r!>t Sill.' (Ilov.-:-, (he eel.-braif!! -Kayser" brand rllk lined, every pair puaranleed, all .=!liades and bi.'iek. p;nr . . #1.00 r \BEEA( HEB ME.SEINS. ' .'^piTial prices, fine "ti-inch f^ea is- Iniid unltleaclicd nm.'^iin, wr )r(li lOe. a I I'aC* 1/. I,. .Muslin, vvorlli C 'L -c. at ."»<• Great Sale of Tailored Suits Sultmt Suiis for E¥efybody s Our new line of "Printzess" Suits is . _ nrnking town talk. Good words, they arc, to&. You'll join iu the chorus when you see them. They have a piqaanff dashing style—most charming. And they're made .by the most expert tailors in the world. All Pr/ccfl far mil Siylem. Sec our specials for all this week, at the following price.<^ $15, $18, S20, $25. $30 aod ^35 Big SpBolal Sale Silk Pettfooafs 50 black^ilk Petticoats, extra fine chifi'on finish silk, OQ. QT extra de^p ruffle, regular |6.00 value, at -00103 Extra Special Sale Dress Geods and Silks . Our advertising today is deeply significant. It relates to .staples—weaves that represent the backbone of the ness. Take note ot our prices: *aOc dress goods Suitings for 29c 76c dress goods in fancy Worsteds .50c I J.00 <iress goods, plain and fau<-.y Worsteds, 79C $1.25 dress goods, plain and fancy. Worsteds. 98c $I .wO dress goods, plain and fancy worsteds, $|,|9 «1.2o Chiffon Broadcloths 98c $1.00 ChifToa Broadcloths 698 KMT I XDEBWEAR DEP.VRTJIENT. Women 's heavy ril)bed. fleeced lined Vesis aiid Pants. very special. e .nVh 2Ti<' Women's extra ;cood finality flee<ed I'liioii Suiis: absolutely ilie best on tlm market for. Karment .lOC* Forest JfiJls. hand finished. I'nder- wear. The siiiierior fit aiul <iualUy of this famous underwear for women and children is generally ncknowledired as the standard brand. No. ::.">(t W'omen'.s fine Cotton Vests and Drawers, pure while, all shtipes. iranneni ."SO*?* .No. i:nion Suits J81.00 I 'Viion Sufl.s. extra size jj »1.2."5 .No. i;s.-> Women's WVMe Silk and wool mixed vrsts "ruid drawers af s;ar- nieni .SI.'M I NOVELTY YEILIXGS. Here are to be found the great and only practical VellinRS. "Stron.s: Hair." every yard Itibelled, try a veil: you'll never buy another kind. DHE.SSIXfi S.\rKS. To clean out a lot of nressins Saclis. wo .shall j)l!ice on sale H dozen Dressing Sacks and^ short Kimonas made of Eiderdown nnd I'leeced material, small size '.)}. ot;. af. the low price of. each '. 'i «"5<'* These sarmenis you nnist buy in a hurry; a; this inice tltey v.'ill only Itist one hour. HairliRht Pompadour Crowns, worth :>(K each ti."?*' A Great Special Sale cf Cliildren's Coats Children's Cloth Coats, prettily QA trimmed, values up to 14.08, special . . .. vZlvU Children's Cloth Coats, all nicely 0Q QQ trimmed, values up to 1)8, at vJf uU Children's Cloth Coats in sizes S, Oil QQ 10, 12, 14. Values up to $7-50 •. OTIUO A full line of Bearskin Coats in sizes from aee 2 up to^ize Ift, (I QQ OJ CIl priced from OllvU 01 lJU MILUMERY / Some Special Vaiues for this week Choice of any oi' our ni{»h Ctade Velvet or S-itin Hats. All new moddss. rcRnlar price $^).oo and $5 50. rhoice i-acl) S5.0O Choice of anv oi our swell Velvets or Satin lints. • Black or colored, Regular prire ?5.OD. each S3M98 Big Iwrgains ip our Cap dep.irtment r the liule Oies. Choice ot any 50c cap. in colors, each 33c Tarn O'Shanti-S in funey Cloth, |'.earsk'in or Vcl- vcti, al! colors, regular St.25 valne for. each 38e W.ilST.S M.VDE rP-TO-DATE. Have you ever considered the value of your old waists. There are. in- d> f il. few women who have, fess than .•I dozen sood wair-is and there are lewcr wlio liavcnt more but the ma- jorify of every woman's supply is out of date i\s recent chanses in stylo have been very radical. Here Is a plan wliidimakes |i pf)ssil)le for .\oii lo set all of I lie wear out of all of \riur waists, and ai an almost insi-.ruificaiit ;ind .'ii till' samt' liiiK- !»> iu loii. I!u\ .-1 l^idies" llotnc .Iiiurn:il Sleev<' Pattern. If i- lin 'U ncc'ssary lo liiiy iiiily <fiioii::b mai ''ii ;il inr ilii' slci-xf..; and your o'd w.ii.-,: i.-. a new i.iic. 'ibc I/idies'llotue .louriiiil r :;tifriiK represent the ricbt styles for preseni wear, tiie lofi;; lifrbi sieevf. I.cavf \oiir order at tin- paiteru couiuer ffir the n'^w wiiiler style ItooU wliieh will be issued siidrily. nilEDREN '.S ( NDERWE.VR. Chlldreii's rndervvcar fleeced, extra Rood nualit.V in ?iey. siae I'u to :'.4. vest aiid jianirf ''Uf' lo ;},">C . Children's fleeced liiion Suits, all si/.<-s, each • 'i^C Childrens fine quality white and srr<'y I'liion Suits, full fashioned. Rar- meni .^O^ liiiaiiis white wool Shorts"*^ Infant's extra fine fleec«}d Shirt.s." e.ncb ,. 10r «/and 1.1^ BImnketa! Bianket0l 104 cotton P.lankets in tan, grey and white, in this .«le, per pair •'-•^ .. .48c 10-4 A.shvvond Blankets, in grey, tan and white, soft. German finish, per pair ^. 7So 11-4 extra fine cotton Blaifkets la gray and white, soft German finish, in this sale, per paii .... $fmOO 11-4 Angora cotton Illankcts, inwhitc only, fine German flnrsh, full si/.e, In this sale, per paiV $1mit3 '12-4 Stanhope Cotton Blankets in gray only, extra.large si/e, line Gorman finish, 1.1 thi-; sale, pair $lm30 12 \ Alliance Cotton Blankets, in ;;r('y and white, extra large .size, liig enough for two, special price m this sate, per pjir ^ $lm60 11-4 Wnite Wool Blankets, with pink and bine borders, .sillc tape binding, in this .sale, pair SSm^O 11-4 all wool niank<:ts in gray, with pink and blue borders special, per pair $S»S8 11-4 Sycamore Wool Blankets, in white and grav, absolutely sanitary, ia this sale, pair ^... ..$8m00 11-4 Palmdale Blankets, silver gray also plaids, strictly all wool, with pretty borders, special price .'or' this sale, -p<»r pair . ...l..$8»98 i 11-4 Mount Vernon white lilankets, made from fine long An.stralian lamb's wool and sinani sbrtiok, in^this sale, per pair ; $7m50 I r-4 Princeton strictly pare wool white Blanket), Califor- nii lamb's wool, with beautiful borders, special in thU sale, per pair , $8mSO • BIG ^8.VLE OF SILKS. 1 at. special price for tomorrow at SO**. nOe, 69<*. 71><^. JHl.l«.- ml.SH- A savieg nf Me to 2.'.<' l«n every yard. m. Seys Patterns in Ontinirs. \2 !i pieces light Ouli/ig, choice, yd I20 pieces dark Outing, choice, yd.. .."ic \ 15 pieces Fancy OjitlnKS extra Bood <!aalltjr<-all coicii-s Liui patlrrns, per yiafd 8Hc* Swell paticrns I Q fIe«ced outingB. [Kith and wftbou^ border, light and> pur Oloak amd Salt SeeilOH off^mm^' Style Plus - Quaiity Plus Value Our :^iUija^orrktmm. xEw ^iLK;iuiion«05iV4irsla^ received from Xijir' "5?orlc ' in Jnst. received from Xiiir bhrck; blue, brown and gray. $r,:oo Silk Tailored Waists at. .t ?«.«W Silk TaUored Wafats at: |e.r.O silk Tailored U'ai.sts aL.Jfcl .OO Ladles' I'nion Suits, broken sljes. fine fiualitles, worth. from H .OO to $1.50 a sarment; choice SO AB^ Ti^^

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