Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 9
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1 W HY? Simply because: Here you*JIJ]od the greatest variety of dependable nlew fall merchaiuilse In the city/ Here youMl find the fairci^t prices. Here you'll find the newest, the prettiest and the most desirable. Here you will find aiipreclation and courteous store service. Here you'ii rind a store that never considers a sale made until the customer is perfectly satisfied. Here you*l! receive a guarantee that will Insure you that every cent spent here will be well spent. And now let us tell you of our special Inducements: Oar line of Cloaks and Skirts never before Equalled at the Prices. Tiic Itroadclotli Couls iwf tin- b«'sl ap|>fnrin? xljles thut can lio iniid<> to xoll n( %\:tM. riircliiisor*i nlll ri'ud- \\y (lint thpy nri^ (•xcopllflnally ffcU tallArfd. Ibat all tiie inatcrInU t'tilteclallr the broadrloth aud the satin lininiT, arc of irroal deal flnri- (|uali- tk 'S than, liavc ever l>efore been ]tiii In eoats at Ibis prlee ^\UM Rroadeloth Coat<:, satin lltied, made in the approved Empire sivie uiMi or nitliont rollar. pretijr cnfi's, triiiuiied iritii silk relrel and braid %VtM SeiuI.Fittod nroadrlolli Coats full linr^ with yarii'dyipd satin, '>2 Inebes lon^, donble brensiled and eoMarl^li-«, Mill's and collar trimmeil «ttrae(lvel>* vTltb wide Hasslan l>rald ifl.'t.^ tuber (rrand values np to i^QM) >Ve want j-nn to see the liest line ever sbov»n in Ijidles' Coals at |.'».00, and i\i\M. IXFAXTS, CHILDBEDS, MISSES' IVD JUXIOR COATS. li yott are looiiint; I'or the new and 1^ pretty tbines we only ask jron to see- this line as we have a bl? assortment to show yon in every i |uality and priee. >'EW STYLES IN LADIES* SKIRTS. Tlie most attra/lite itevr models lu exrellenlly tailored skirls of fine ma­ terials. Strong vnlnes for *. K(K), *8.r .O and SrlCOfl; handsomely trimmed In silks, satins and biittons. See win. dow display. Knit Underwear For Women aud Chfldren Tbl -H fliiiely sflif Ineludes. speoial piirehascs of first quality lines: the price in each iji-.tanee has been made as attractive as possible, affording saviuGTs rarely arnlLible at the biiffat of (he season I vests or drawers, eaeb 2e. .^e. and «.W». ' rnlon Suits 50o. ij;*.'. :r,e and «1.0fl. CAn ^cen's Tniitn Suits i.'je and :.0«'. GRKAT SPKCni. I\ KLAVKETS. Don't wait until they are all cone, as Ihey :!re iroiiiir fast. Fine double bla'ikets special for this sale He, T.V. * UK), $l.2.>, %\M and prices rans- iti'r up to the finest Iambs wool blank> ets with handsome borders, |.;,.'»n. >Ve want you to iee our fine line of outintr flannels at from 5e to lOe per yard. Important Values in Women's Trimmed Hats! Hill* of fell, ielrel and salla, all riehly and beeoinlnKb Irltunied. mostly niib nlnK«. funey feathers and flowers..;, ...iu UMM in many tasteful effeels, a •.plendid sbowintr. Oar Miss Crocliett hos trimmed u lot of the fin«>st Tftlues ue have eter shown from JjCt.;.'* (o 'i:tMi otiier splendid ralues riehly trimmed Jn plnmes up to %i'tM. These hats easily show (heir worth an dnever before has ihl% mHilnery department met witli so mueb fator as it has this season. Another lot of New Dress Goods ree<^Ived this week: more new silks and ^sathis. Every thinir new for the Sireet and Evening tiown yoii will find here. OOOOOOOQOObOOOOOO o\ SECOSD THOrOllT. o o ooocoooocoococooo "Wheur I hoard they intf^nflod to disrt piitable' placop liave been forced out of business. Those that remain j aiv (-quipped with finft nxiurrs and; are r>in oti a high plane." j It is our observation that an opti- get married." said tho faihi-r of ihejnijst jj; „ man who owns a race horse* brido yf^sierday. "I said, look what _ tjurins iho siiram'^r and early fall ami the doK diUK in." " ' a Domooraf the halanee of the year. Boost for the Commission Pian. "The commission form of Rovorn- We arc willing to admit that the ment is a great" said a'oapio soars, but we also contend fK-«< Ivoavenworth man who was in Topc-'j,,. ^y,, noti-.iiri: olsf. ksi yesterday. "The K.iloons now close prompdy at 12 o'clock at ni^lit and ro- jj,;^ .Vathan StraiiF. wlio pmnv main closed ali day Sunday. And'^^,,, nryan's campaign, is actincj there are not more than fifty or si.x. ^ g^^^^j ^p^, ,„.^. f^ ^aw whoH.» ax" i.s' ty running. Xearly ali of the low, ,,„i, .j,,^ ^ho drsiros to have a g.-lnd- EXC1IAN«E OR SELL. List your property with nie, 1 have a large list to inat<h from. .N 'o expense unless a deal Is found for .vou. I li .tvf -Ih) sieraji In Neosho munfy, Kas, tn exchange for Kood lola property. J. T. MILES. Uooin IH, Old Cwnrt llnnsn. the church has robbed Joisepli at his DINNER FOR TAFT TOMORROW. fatherhood. The Rev. Mr. Crapsey' , 1 * 1 J i_ ti^Ai^^ t^^aY, ;Cmcinnatl Commercial Club Has Ar- does beat the band ip-finding fresh. ^ ^ Nonpartisan Function. live issues to discuss. ^•,!o:•^• itnintrd oil! (o hini. li ni:i>- li<-, ton. that the Illinois Cincinnati, O., Nov. 4.—As a per- This department is too busy now tojsonal tribute of esteem and respect ,a,:<. par, I„ .on.rover.,. » .„ Cmojjj.U ^Commer^^^ witc-ther a raagpio can talk better^^1,^ for many years, ha.s been a mem ihnn a parrot, but after the election her and often the annual speaker of w.' mav have Something to Say. | that organization, Thursday nlgiit. I There will al.=io be gtiesst from the . „ , . ^ , , I Commercial clulis of Chicago, St. Lou- We find If the name of a brand of ,g Boston, with which clubs the cheese Is easy to spell the chances I Cincinnati organization has been most nr(» the cheese isn't vcrv good. (closely associated for many years. JTho Invitations were extended before , ^ • I the clone of the campaign and the dln- .\fter a woman has worked forjng^ planned without thought of years to get her daughter married off, the poaalble outcome of the election. ipai: Ins .i-=l Uaffey 's whiskey I "be breaks down and cries at the wedding because she Is going to be separated from bar Jjoved One. til*' iniii" .'.1' \rar.s of his married J life did i' to deaden thf pain. CROIT Ql'ICKLV CFRED. •Don't liet the Child Choke to Death 1 While WHitJnir tor the Doctor. Christian Science Lecture S AT THE GRAND THEATRE Thursdays Nov. ^ AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, P. M. By Miss Alary Brookins C. S. n. of Minneapolis, .Minn., member of the Christian Science Board of Lecttirship of The First ChurcTi of Christ Scientist in Boston. Mass. This lecture fs given under tlie auspices of First Church oj Christ Scientist of Tola. All are cordially Invited. > , a ADMISSION FREE! T.'- f o.'ivicfiofi Irns. no doubt, fore-' irfTnlistcd men in the army are herc- cfl li .iilf on Tlioodore that he IK also after to have three pairs of shoea. old .noucli to lie a grandfathnr. .This will give them one pair to wear and two to trade for "1 )0070." T.iko a look at .Inpiter and Venus, now. This Is the last time they will be in ronjunction until S.ISft. \Vi» j-'aiher from tl.f^ advertising' papes ili:it tiii.^ has also lieen a poor year tor the •iioy" healers. The natural .issnmptTbn Is that the recording angle is anexpert Bteon- grapher. Follies of aOOS: More Chinese Ipheaaants have been.turned loq^c. —J. E. HouBe In fopeJqi Qu )it »l. What, by l^o way. has become ofj that chill north wind. Charl '>s W. Falrb.'ink.s? usual, Mr. Bryan will have a large majority of the words used during the campaign. ; .(First PubMFhed. October 14. 1908.) "A negro has the right to vote any way he pleases," saya the esteemed Omaha, Bee. Has the esteemed Bee ever investigated the situation in. say Alabama and Mississippi? Personal and social: Late pictures ofj °KrfL Brran Indicate that she «» Isroirfns v^ity fat. . Treasury Department, Office of tlys diipenrlsing Architect. Washington. D. C October 12.1908.—Sealed Proposals 'will be received at this office until 3 I o'clock p. m, on the 16th day of'No­ vember, and then opened, for the con- stnictlon (Including plumbing, faa plplncr. heating apparatus. el*etrle conduits and vrirlUR). ot the' if. A Post Ofllne at Ida. Kansas, In accordance wttli the' drawings and specification, copies of which may be hJad from the Cnstodlan of at lola, Kansas, or at this office; at the dteoretion of the Bpnartrlainc Arehfieet. JAHB8 KNOX TAYLOR, / SiipervtsUiii; Arc!Ut4[iet. Hyomei. the mir.icnJous, antiseplic. dry air irentmeni, win cure croup In cither the first or second stases. Ras- lly inhnled. even when the breathing ,Js irregular. It reaches more promptly .>than any other remedy the terribly inflamed membrane of the windpipe. II.^ Roothing balsams act immediately, the inflammation is allayed, and the swell Ing reduced. "Not long ago our little boy. Walter, ffwoke in the night with a bad attack of croup. We allowed him to iixliale Hyomei; he began to breathe easier, and in half an-hour was,fast asleep. I am glad to speak a good word for a rentedy that will rob croup of its terrors."—Rev. Geo. Sisson. pastor of Church. South Londonderry. Vt. Hyomei (pronounced Higli-o-me) is guaranteed by Chas. B. Spencer & Co.. to 'We catarrh', coughs, colds, asthma, broichttig and croup, or money back. A <x)mplete outfit. Including a neat bard rubber pocket Inhaler, costs only fl .OOi An extra bottle of Hyomei, if afterwards needed, cost but Tift cents.. •!%«. Her: Mr. Crnvter^vmnTomjo- jWhto. la BOW I «oinrins aai says ft ml K tr f«t'»H« «ritt«i^' »»w JUwIrraft four, yV« j go. ; •eO NEAR B008EVELT IN CHICAGO. Will Taft Probably Have 200,000 Thare. ^ 1 MAGAZINES AT^D PEItlOmfAl-* can l>e secured of J. E. Hendemoa who de.als with the publlnhers an'* (umlshes them at the prto# possible. Jrlal subscription fn Va» Xorden's. 2 months S.'.c. Phone 98. 414 N. Buckey* 0 Cilcago. NoV.>4—only 291 plre- clncts to hear ifvra out of Chicago's L2«0. Taft has i«0,fl55; Bryan. 108,TV wonU seemNio indicate that '2.9.16-25 A proposition to amend the constitution relative to the disnualiflcatlon of judges to hold certain ofl^ces. Be it resolved by the ILiCgislature of the State of Kansas, two-thirds of the members elected to each house thereof concurring therein: Section 1. The following llon to amend the constitution of the state of Kansas Is hereby .submlttr I to the qualified electors of .the j^tare for their approval or rejection: That section 13. article 3, be amended so a« to read as follows: Sec. 13. The justices of the supreme court and the judges of all courts of record of this state shall, at stated times, receive for their services such compensation as may he provided by law. which flball ' not be increased during their respec'- live terms of office. Such JusfWfes or Judges .<5hall receive no fees or perquisites nor hold any other ofRce of profit or trust under the authority of the state, or the United Statem except the office of jndg* of any federal court or justice or judge ot a court of this state, during the term of office for"*^ which such injustices and Jndsea^sht^U be elected, nor practice law in any.of the courts in the state during thelf, continuance In office. ' Sec. 2. This proposition shall be submitted to the electors of the'elato at the eeneral election of representatives In the year 1908 for their approval or rejection. The amendmetH hereby proposed shall be designated on the official ballot by the foHfliwlng title: "The judicial amendment to the constitution." and shall be vpted foi or against as provided by law undej such title. Passed the Senate January 39, 1907 Passed the House March 9. lS07. Approved .March 12, 1907. I hereby certify that the tortfolng is a true and correct copy of original senate concurrent rMolotioor Kd; Xi, now on tile at roy oftea.' . €. B. Diaim. Secretory'\^||Me.

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