Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1907
Page 4
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HM lOLA DAUT Kf isrn CHABLB8 K SCOTT CIRCULATION 4.000. Tel^hones. Reporters' Room ; 222 Bosiness Office 18 SUBSCRIPTION BATES. Bjr Currier In lola. Gas Cltj, Laajroa- TiUe or La Harpe. .One Week 10 cents One Month 44 cents One Year »B.OO By MalL One Year, in advance $4.00 Three Months, In advance fl.OO One Month, in advance 44 TO DlflTE ON HUOHB orrosmoif TO TAFT AND BOOSE TELT GETTING TOGETHEB. THE OHIERS fAU SHORT Entered at lola, Kansas, Postofflce, as Second-class Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. OFFICIAL PAPEB, CITY OF BA8 SET. MEMBEB OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. The lola Dally Kegister Is a member of the^Associated Press and Kecehes the day report if that grreat news or< ganlntlon for ExclnslTe Afternoon PabllcaUon In lola. SAW 'DEVIL'S AUCTION' Good Andience Saw Charles Tale 'H Senaational Play at the Grand Last yjgbU A very good house, considering the inclement weather, saw^ Chas. H. , Yale's twenty-sixth edition of the •'Devil's Auction" at the Grand last night. Although presented In this city f6r the past three seasons by practically the same company, the bill appeared to be highly appreciated by the patrons of the house. Very few new features have been added to the play. The "Empire Girls," six saucy maidens, mounted on baby elephants in song. ".My Baby Elephant." made a great hit in the first act. Other than this, very few. if any new features were added to the bill since its last appearance,here. The roles of Toby. Chaps and'other leading characters were played In nearly every instance by the same placers at last year, ana they did it well too. "Toby" could hardly be 1m proved upon. As a source of comedy and mirth he is above criticism. His antics and puns never appealed to the audience as stale or dry. The transformation scene, the staging and scenic etfects were all creditable. Their wlerd. fantastic nature still keeps a tight hold upon the spectators. The chorus girls, while not regarded as a beauty show, did some clever singing and dancing and were a lively animated bunch. Some of the Individual singing numbers were above the ordinary. The show in a general way deserved the applause which Is received during the course «f the evening. Henry E. Jones, of Tampa, Fla., , writes: "I can thank God for my present health, due to Foley's Kidney Cure. I tried doctors and all kinds of kidney cures, but nothing did me much good till I took Foley 's Kidney Cure. Four bottles cured me. and 1 have no more pain in my back and shoulders. I am 62 years old. and suffered long, but thanks to Foley 's Kidney Cure r am well and can walk and enjoy myself. It is a pleasure to recommend it to those needing a kidney medicine." Burrell 's Drug Store. NAME SPELLED I>TOKRE(TLT. H. M. Bnrtiss Says There's One Letter Too Many. H. M. Burtlss of Humboldt, who is in the city today transacting business, says that although he spells his name "Burtlss." the correct way to s|)ell It is "Burtis." In speaking of the change of the spelling of the name, Mr. Bur t'ss said that when he was but a small boy the spelling of the name was changed by a brother-in-law. .Mr. Bur tiss says that if he evpr should movs from Humboldt he will chanse the name back to "Burtis." Vr. H. KLEIN RETIKNED HOME. Injary Snistalned While at Work U SerlouR. •U'. H. Klein, night chemist at the Kansas Portland Cement' company, has been forced to go to his home in Michigan, because of an injured leg. He injured the shin of h<s left leg some time ago while pursuing his duties and at the time he did not think that he had hurt himself seriously, but it later deveIop?d that it was necessary for him to go to Kan sas City where an operation was per formed. It will prohab'y be several weeks before he will be able to re turn to this city. After Once Tasting Ytnbl no <Mie wonts an old-fash- kmtd cod Ihrer oil prepara: tion ox emulsion, because Vinol is a much better bodybuilder and strength creator • ^oldpeople,weakcbildren, mi ior cm^B, colds» bron- ic||ils,ete. BitdoesBogood jpfl^^Detarii ymir woaey. INDICATIONS POINT TO NEW YORK GOVERNOR AS CHOICE. Favorite Sons Failed to Make Good on Try Oat—Cannon's Two Delefcates a Rid for Political Favor. W^ashington, Oct. 29.-—Governor Charles E. Hughes is the last resort of the political and business combination which is co-operating to prevent the nomination of Taft for president. It has become apparent that the fight before the next republican convention will be either between Hughes and Taft or there will be no contest. Although he has discreetly kept quiet, there is no doubt in well informed political circles that Governor Hughes has pursued the policy which he believed was best calculated to promote his presidential candidacy. Because of his fight with certain unpopular bosses. Governor Hughes has acquired a reputation In certain circles for being a man of the people, but the man of the people in this instance will have to t>e the man of the plutocrats In order lo make headway against Taft. Hints at Roosevelt. Governor Hughes, In a speccli the other day, declared that reforms should be instituted, but they should be accomplished "without tumult and disorder." What did he mean? There isn't anywhere to be found a politician so obtuse as not to comprehend that he was trying to say something which *ould be interpreted as a reflection on the present administration. He has caused the information to be scattered broadcast that he stands for the rights and powers of the state as against the encroachments of the federal government. In this contention Governor Hughes A 'ould have the cordial support of Senator Joseph Benson Foraker. Hughes has not gone further in this crusade than has Foraker nor would any one give more enthusiastic welcome to his tumult and disorder" declaration than R. H. Harriman. The welcoming of Hughes as a presidential candidate has been a slow reactionary process. For various reasons, the reactionaries would have preferred X^annon. Cannon would have met every requirement of the tariff barons. He has never failed them In a third of a century and the iinderstanding between them has been complete. The protected industries put up the money for the republican congressional campaign and Cannon has seen that they got the worth of their money. Knox Has Failed. These same influences could have implicitly entrusted Knox. Every influence which flrst helped to make Knox rich and later politically powerful is now willing to vouch for him as a presidential candidate. Cannon and Knox were early tried out. Neither has made any progress against Taft. Cannon, it is true, got a couple of delegates in Michigan. There were good reasons for it. Michigan, in certain parts, is tremendously for beet sugar. That might have made it easier to support Cannon. But Congressman Forney wants to go on the ways and means committee to look out for his beet sugar constituents and kill, if IKjsslbIc, Philippine tariff legislation. Cannon as speaker can make the appointment, and the speaker would fie more than human If he failed to appreciate the compliment. Mr. Forney's constituents have paid him. Hagfaes' Last Report. Some of the things Hughes has«done have appealed to the people and because of this fact he Is In a position to serve the purpose of the reactionaries. If he can bring to his own candidacy part of the strength which would otherwise go to Taft and secure all that a combination of reactionary influenres can throw he might be an important factor in the national convention. In a? y event, he Is the only candidate who offers the "conservatives" any promise of results. That the tight against the administration will be made under the name of Hughes, the reform governor, appears certain. The ability of the people to unmask the political frauds is one of the surprising developments of the last few years. Whether Aldrich. s)u>uting for reform, and Elkins, pro- ciaiming the virtaes of a crusader who is to do things without "tumult and disorder" caa aocomplfsh results without revealing the farce to the en- tier nation will be developed in the next few months. PILES CIJBKD IN 6 TO II DATS. PQZO lONTMBNT U guaranteed to cure any case of Itcfains. Bllad. Blead- bfc or Protmdlas Pites in < to U teya or Bnw^ raCnaM S9c from rheuinaHsm.sriff joint5,gour.llumbago neuraigia.sciaHcQ-and^panalysiis gives quick relief. Ih'penetrQfes rhrough rhe nerves and rissu/es,relieves rhe InflammaHon and congestion.quickeris fhe bidod and gives o pleasant Hngling sensation oL^omfor'r and warmth/ r ^v^^ Needs /^veryyiiftle rubbing. MitS ^^^ftTf^^'^^ZI ^S ^ At dealers m^uw-wnn vv-^ ^ ppj^^ 25*50* 1.00 Dr.Corl ^».SIoan,Bost($n Moss. .\FTER SOCIALIST PAI'KK. Aftnrney (<eneral Itonnparie and <li1i- claN Attacked hy^'Appeul to Reason." Girard, Kas., Oct. :!o.—.Vctiiig umler special Instructions from Attorney General Bonaparte, Uniteil States <lis- trlct attorney Bone of Tojx'ka has IK;gun criminal proceedings aguiiist publishers of the Socialist (laper, the Ap- yeaV to Reason. Fred. D. Warren, editor, and other members of the editor- al staff, horairse of a cartoon ami article tliat. il is stated, .-were oli.iec tlonabi? to Mr. Bonaparte and President Roosevelt. This order wa.s issued after the district attorney tl|:ated the case and reported to the department of justice that tii.->re were no grounds for Indictment. The first article to which the udnilnistration at Whshington objected was written by E. V. Del)!?, and was a denunciation of the president for his nttitiule n the Haywood case in Idaho. Another article specified is an offer of a reward for the kidnapping and return to Kentucky of Wlllani Taylor, fugitive ex governor of that state, after he United States supreme court in the ,Moyer-Haywoo(I I'ettllKino hab;'!is corpus appeal "had decideil kidnapping to be an act of legality." It was DOinted out that President Roosevelt h .Td personally contributed to the defense fund of CnU'b Powers, the defendant In the Goebel murder case, while branding the Idaho prisoners as undesirab'e citizens."' After the matter had been drn|ii)e<I for lack of suffici:>nt grounds, as the district attorney said, on whic-li to base an indictment, the Appeal to Reason published a cartoon by Ryan Walker caricaturing both .Mtorney •Genenil Bonaparte iind I'res|i!i>nr Roosevelt, after which' the altorn;'y general onlered the reopened. The action aanlnst the Appeal to Reason Is based ti|Min section tMSS <if the federal statuets. which It is hoped to i!o construe as to define the first page of .inv paper as Its "rr>ver or wrapper." The law prohibils (he mailing of any p;itier when there ;ip- pears tipon such "cover or wrapper" any deline.tllons. epithets, terni.s or 'anguage of a scurriloii.<«. defaniatury or threatening ehar.icter. or calcnhit ed by the terms of ninnner or stv|i> of display to reflect injurinnsty upon the character or eondue/ of .mother !ind provides a iienalty "for e.-ieli ;ind •ivery offen<e" of five years lnii)rison ment at hard labor, or l.'i.iiim fine, or both. Postofflce Inspector Cliaiue of Ft. Scott informed the .•\pneal n)ana<;e- ment^'that the c.n^e had been closet] on 'the records of ihe postofTice de nartment. but that it had been re opened at the direction of Attorney General Bonaparte. The At>peal lo Rea .son management .irciies n rnu- vVtion would es(al)lish a precedent which would enali'e the adininisira tlon t6 exercise rigid censorsliip over al) papers during the national c.iin naien next year, snppre.nsion of "unde- «!lrab'e" cartoons and eliniinnting unfriendly matter from the first nape. The editor of tlie Aopeal to Rea.son •K alrleady under indictment in th-federal eourt for publishing and mailing articles reflecting on . Pres'rt >nl Rop8"VPU. His tria' will he caliml hi the November term of the tTnitcd States district court at Fort Scott. TO ARREST GROSSGUP Oftirials of n Southern Interhnrhan Railway RespenKihle for Wreck. rharle.sfon. Ills.. Oct. Sheriff Stover left today for Chicagii with a warrant for the ariest of .ludge Peier Grosacup of the I'nlted Slates court, and other directors of the .Maitoon & Charleston Interbiirban railway who were Indicted yesterday as a re.sult of a fatal wreck. SAD STORMS IN TEXAS All Wn-es .\re Donn Over Stale But .><• FatullfieN Are Reported. Da'Ias. Oct. .lit.—Al! the wires are down in Soiilliern Texas today as a result of a severe wind storm that pass(d over that section of the state early this' morning. At Galveston several were damaged by the wind. No fatalities occurred. . HAS >0 .11 RlsniCTl (L\. Judirc Pollock Can't Interfere in (<rant- in .t; Injunctions in Tlieatre (.'use. City, Oct. :iO—Federal .ludpe Pollock joday held that he had no jurislictlon in Ihe case of the theatrical nianner.s wlio sought a restraining order to prevent .fudge Wallace ot the criminal court from having indict ments returned against managers, actors and attaches of iilayhousos'for working on Sundays. Register Want Ads. Fay Itecanse In Allen Ctiunty nearly everybody reads the Kegister. Annual Report of Township Treasurer, lola, Allen Connty, Kansas. Receipts. BRIDGE BONDS. Oct _'T. inoti. Cash on hand..$ J.nn Received from county treasurer 1.77ft.(Ill $1,771'. no .•\inouni of bridge bonds due and unpaid |:;.ftftn.oo K. R. lUJNDS. Oct. 2~. I'.Mf,. Cash on hand ..$ l.ur. Received from county Ireas- nn'r l'..'l 10.00 . $i':ui.:{r. .Amount of railroail bonds due and unpaid $:'S..".oooo GKNI, ROAD FI'ND. Oct. L'7. IDOi;. Cash (Ml hand ..$ 047 .:;i Hecrivcd from county Ireas- iiior r).fi't.<!.;iI $io.i;if;.js Total receipts f 1 l.7;;o..-i;; nisliurseinents. BRiDtlK BONDS. Paid orr'intprest and bonds $ 1 770.00 Oct. JS, 1.to7. cash on hand .. 2.W $I.772.!)0 » R. R. BONDS. Paid on interest and bonds ..$2,30ti.GO 0;i. L'S. i;to7. Casli on hand.. -I.T.'" $2.:; 11.?..'. fllCNL ROAD FI'ND. Road overseers* .f :tn7.r.0 Special road work 4 .ni2O0 U. siniiliing and hardware SO.oo Liiinher L'22.01 Miscellaneenis 7S.00 Road machinery I.l!;i0.."i0 Rojul tax receipts i>aid 200.0ft General road work .T.2:!B.ori Towii.ship iKiaid ... -. 222.00 Oct. 2S. l!»07, t,'ash on hand.. .'.i:'..22 $10 .iMt ;.2S Total disbursements ...... .$11.7:!0.."i;5 The State of Kansas. Alien County. s^j I do solemnly swear. That the within and foregoing account and vouchers therewith are in all- respects a full and true accoimt of all the money received by me during the full period of the year ending the* la.-;! Monday in October. A. D.. I!to7. and for the full time for which I should make such statement: and of the amounts thereof expendeil. and the manner In which they were expended. So help mo God. Signed. .1. F. NIGH. Township Treasurer. Sul)scrlhed and sworn to before tije. this 281 h day of October. A. D. 1907. ' There is Only On& ^^Bromo Quinine Thai Is Laxative Breme Quinine USED THE VHORLD OVER TO CURE A COLO Iff ONE DAY. .A Always remember the lull name. Look for this signature on every bos. 25c. TH08. H. BOW/UUS, Caahl.Ar. «EO. A. BOWLUST Prealdent. ALLEN COUNTY ST^kTE BANK Capital $30,00(>,00 DIRECTORS A. W. B«elc i:. C. Bealty, A. J. Fulton, WC J. Evant, J. O. Kodiani, 6eo. A. Bowiut, Thos. H. Bowlui. , ^ WE ISSUE OUR own DilAFTS OH ML EUROPEAM POINTS •AFETY DEPOSIT BOXES TOR RENT FROM |2 to |6 PER YCAIt. The Junior Department Store Buy Your HtiHowa^mn F»vor9 and Jaok'O'Laatarnm oi Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice will be Intelligent— HOW MUCH I.S .SATI.SI'ACTION WORTH TO YOU.' Do you prefer mrtlnHli nnw going out of dale or up-lo-datc nieth<x !,H that will carry far into the future ? A typewriter made ju3l good enough to !>cll or the L. C. SMrrii & BHOK.TVPFIVHITKII, with every useful, valuable fc.iturc it:built and W.-iting ENTIRELY in Sight ? 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IIL, vrHeai "I am veil pleased witli the resu|ta_of usiqg^^Canlal. taken thraAbotdes and am ^peifoctlf veil, free In^^^p^^ lave galoe^ 25 { KN^ I WBTEIBAlEntR

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