Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 8
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:-ClaM">tatt«r. Itade Enova AppMcfttl/ia. ItMCBimflTI RltES. ^ €|M City, UBTM. Ml ir«ft... 10 c «nu •M^afOHtll 44 CADU at» fMff tBfife'^oiitT. .tiM n» jnr Mtflda Muty HM l» IIOnth% la ftdraiic* |i.oo mOMSff ^iuMvMi* 44 •mCIAL PAFBl. CITY OF BAfl. IKT. —"Tiltl Boom m . Misc Session* Leaves. j will lio of Iriicrrst in wniupn oi' ilio r€{;RF.i» CATABftH. & 3. BRRidl, TJie fipxall Siore. Will :j ;u ||E (h >e Medicine FFPO in Kv. lie Wk^re They FaiJI lo .ijfciglecl or pcwlm /sni WP hoiiovo is tiW! 'Krtoatcst enemy the piiljlic havo to qan |^i^-]^Ub when applioU to iho lo.-i< '^nt&vetty of health. Practically fv- yi'icase.of eonsumptiun iiii^hL h:ivr- * ii .-'ifeure^ if hope liad im -n niaiii- and proper treatm<?iu had been Itbred tJr> Ht the firsl syinpioin or iho ITntll' .the advanccii stasi lahed. consumption Is curable. Ca- ^rii'ls responsible, we believe, for tiffjf Case .of <xtnsumptlon. It is e^ut catarrh^ y-'e want ti> talk to yon tod4y. Incidentally consnmptlon. sim-f t^d.two are BO closely allied. .;,jiW!e hajve a medicine made from Iho prescription of une of the rno.s: siic- eitsfu! ^catarrh spochili.-tr; known. •^64$ jaediclnp Jias a r.-enrdof flS per eJfyt of cures and wo bi-liov(! iL i., I«s!tlvely without an ccinal. We are dtf!SiUsfIcd that we are riphl, that we will supply the medicine free in every lliieUnic^ where It is use <l accordinR 'd ^4ttiC9troaB for a rca-sonable le.ngih AHf^e iiid. fafls to cure and Kive sal- Ittiiubflbti Ifi every particular. We warn (Injury one in Rochester to try ihi.^ teidlclne at our riBk. There are no HOtdljtlons or formality attached u our offer. We put the user under no (^dUatlon to us vrbatever. .^^{le medlclDe we wont yi.u to try 1.-; llSwiJl Mueu -Tone. It Is a catarrh ffta«ay lh»t goes direct to the r.ent of t(Qublo. -If. l8 carried hy the blood to Wtij part of the rtysleni. I: .-eek.s <lA|,' aa'd destroys the Kcitn-^ or para- B|Mi'*Whlch cau^e catarrh. It {iurif!''K ajpid enrlfthcs the blood, tone.;; (!ie ll^UOO^lls, fioothca and hra><; the li.^At)^.^at were r.<»vn!?«1 hy the ent.Tr- rnal iJarasite. and brings ahom a nr: dltlon o>f health and strencth that profits the Rcrms of consumption from (Iflnj ^ffttUiK a Stan. Besides this, Ue.\ iUl'MilCtl*'rone Is a wonderful appe- dMr,..4lcestlve aid and flesh builder. ISiipibd effects are felt from the very flm'dose. It Is one of the largest np/^l satisfactory selling nieiii- at wo have ever had anythlutc ith. We knew FO much of ih. that it has done that «e back It up with our reputa- money* which fact should b'- a iiuirautcc to satisfy anybody. Kliir Mucu -Tonc conies In two S," KOc. and <1.00. We urge you to /.it ..''s; H. Burrell, The Ue.vall Store. !$^it 'Side Square. ''„^aiioO '36c per bottle at .Mnndlj'. it AND DBYE8T VONTII. Oi «i r^lUwed tiie Other. Acoitrdlntr l» * raplier fo CoMnreBSiuan ricoit, left IIIIH mominc for Chlcapn. wberf* she will vl.ilt for a f <'W dii.v.s. .Xfior leavinK riifcjiKO Ml.-:.-* ."^i :..-(ion.-< v.ill vi.-^U lor ;i J hori tiiii" with her pnrentK at WooUr.torlc, Oliin. ami will ilieii go to W.iEliiiiBton, D. ('. (or iho winter. Misr, I .^e .s.-'ions hn:; .'.pent the stimmer ftiuij plea.«!iiTl, i ^K 'iable, In- Mrs. Tnft ;s a i inre.stin;; and aitraefivi- wotiiaii. wlin lielb-ves tbnrniiKh 'y in the nbillil.>:; of lifr bii.'^b .Miid. and i.< entirely of ilif- opinifin that there Is nf)thiiic: on <.;ir!ti too i?ood fo* I iiii. Sb'" ibinl::'. ihrit 'inly iho best Irfi- bJ:: I.) offer .rrr .-.u and ;-',o(id rMioii';h for bor lii.^l-n.! fall in lola and made many fri»-nd.s|and if the concentratcil powor o; ili- ainohK the youiigr-r set. •:• .iMothfcr.-i' Club. Tho' cUih of nuilders' chapel i.s in .<;..'ssif>ji liij.s nfiernoon. The hour is tivr-n over to plans for t!n' social lif'"' ii{ ibf niotnbcrp. •!• Sei\cd Meals. iiaiion. aiib^d by her own |I<MSOII:.I i ) Ions, can g^'t It for liiui it I.^ to In- ll.^^ .\nd this atLiiude represents iln' .Mrs. Taft of today. Sbi> has oilujr disiin- RulshlnK irarls and ci,aiariierisiics. Itiit they have now fadt'd into' the iin- iinportant. She is n<?vcr so \v<>:iiv as jio bo iiidiffe.V'nt. m -vi ^r so ili -in 'i 'ssed jliv ti.e afl'liclions of tli<' fl^^sli .is lo I.fidics of ibr. Calbolic dniivli s-'rv-ji,,. i„actU.- in her duMf-;. .-.n.] n-v.-r rd supper to nK'!nl )ors of thr -ir clnircbiso annoyed with the timinlt ;• of a i.r.h- and other friends hmr night iii liii-j;ic c.ireer as to In' i ^iiip .iiii-nt with lur vacant room, on W<--^r MaHlson striv'i . j.o.qiijon. A larg-e number of patrons were f.erv-' Of all tin- n-.,in> n In biuh j.lact-s m ed. iKilitioal Ili 'i' of Was:;inslon, Mrs. •I' I Tnft i« said to be the only nn>- wiio . Served Lutiches. does not koon a social secr<^lary. She The W. C. T. IT^ kept, open bonsf dot's all of tlic idannlii and ordering last nii;lit at theii^ headciuarters on of b '^r own invitation 1!;^!;^ :ind innils R .'i!.t .Iack5 ;nn • strf 'et boeause of tlic;;li,. i-vlt .ntionr. b."! v .ll". In f.ict Mr.i. el.•(•'lion. Uriuiii-. were buUetini^ilj'r.'iii i- <••'.• ni' I'^i- (lanl-woilror'? In thor." and IUIKHI. r, were served to; in,. cri '.ir.^ T;:ft fninlly. Mi-s. Taft in 'Mj 'b.-r.'. • <if I ill- li/ aiol tlK 'li','uJi) we /ir ;>? tbo inau.firnral ball a iin -.s.s frit'i'ias • { made of Cooi-Kia raified silk. Tlie oh ' •> •* ' j.iect is to have the entire gown of P. E. O. Chacter. i .\tnerlean product and workmanship. Mr-- .1. \V. Bolton W.TK liostf^s- ofiTre silkworms are being raised at lie P. F:. n. ch.T .iter .vest.'rd.-iy afler-jTa'lnlah. the silk froinUhe coccoons 200 pair of "Men's pure -rool silk and worsted Trousers, l>. Ugtit and dark patterns, neat J^.strlpes in gray and brown ef­ fects, extreme and conserva- I tlve styles, perfectly tailored sewn w Ith allk throughout. If we were to ask you $5 00 for these trousers we would nr.t be a.sklnf: ,Vou a cent more than tb/y are worth. For toinorro^W and the rest of the week you can have your ehoJee, per pair, af S'^^ PR/rr 9ulitf and dvercoats AT puuFS vor cxyyoT MXTCU. .'•V -5. will be desi.cned and finl.shed by n dre .<?.t !maker in Wa.^hinglon. When President McKInley was in- anRiirated a firm of New York silk inanufaciun'r.s presented to .Mr.s. McKinley a .'sllk f^owti. Rut oiiU- the 1 noon for the regular meeting. TIK program w;is rcnderinl early in ti:o aff-riiooii i.iid ':iter ih"> initiation ceremonies wore f'.'irrled out. .Mrs. C. \. Burck and .Mberi.-! .Mir.isnii \V< r.*» receive<l as HM iiilj. !•>:.. Tin- miirj.' of t'lc afternoon w.:; l -'aV -^d by .\!r... ('.lonn nrmal work of tn.'iniifa.tiirlnR the Plnney aii.1 M;:. f. 1.. Rvan--: also con- .-ilk for thi.^ e.own w;is i.erform.d n »rihiii<-ii two b'-.iiitll'iil VOCMI iiuiiib.^rs. .\merlca Aft.-r th<- iiiiti.'itioiis Mr.s. P.olton .M:* ,^ rdsif^d b\ Mr:'. P. S. .Mil'liell ;.. ived a' Q,,J Vive Club,' two cotirsi'pi'hii to lif-r gueKtr.T ,7 \moii!'.. MIJ,.. Kdna Klein will have a niim- iho:..- pre.sent \\>'re Mrs;. W. T. W.ii UiC of girl.^ her Ruesls on the ap- 1!. .Mn;. P. S MitcluU, .Mr.;. O. O. p,oafiiing Friday evening. The oc- UtiMH'. MiN. <'. I.. P.vans. .Mr... W. It. r.-.sidii will be a meeflns, of the Qui lIf^.\li'o)ii. Mrf. .\. P Harris. :^li •. viv.- .-Inh of ib<- Presbvlorbm ••lurch. Clenn Pii,n<-v, .Mrs C. F. Ktg.-ion. 'r,,;^ will. bo tlio serond meeting of Mrs. ('. .\. Miirck and .v'.I.eria Mm. 1,1,,, f,i,„.r, ,|„, dnu- w:is chan.".-d f"*.. ! from .iftornoon to evening .1 . .% .;. Mrs. Lemasters Home- f Mrs. .\. V. Lemnst'.'r'; has renii^ne^! | n.,.. a ^isit i,. PhtslK^ru. H!,o "^M"^ j ,„„i, j-.,,, ^j^.., ^ . gM ..sf of .Mr. .-in! .<P>. R. W. I Mrs, Dickey He.-e, Mr. and .Mrs. .A. W. llowland have m.'r;!or.". 'here. .% •> About Mrs. Taft. Since all America is rin.^in: v.iili the nows of tho^?lection of W. TI. Tait to bf pivsident of the Tniied Rrali-s n. paragraph or two about the wom.iii who is to preside at iho Whiti- lumse Mens $l,s iind $L'n Pure Wor.-ted Suits, cxiraordinary fnbrics. latest styles, medium ar.d heavy woigln. siiiiable for all kinils ni" wivstbi-r. all sty.'e.-;. fi:r b;i.-l :ie.sK ;irul drc .-is: all sizo.^; suits tiiid overeorttrt that ."iro crpiMl lo any $ls or $L'o gfirment. Let noihli% prevent your coni- pari.-on of these splendid values. Our prii-o m If you would havfe the best Suit or Raincoat for $9.75 "you mnst come to the Fam­ ous for IL The values in these goods are enormously blp and satisfying In every sense of the word. The fab- rics are all wool worsted in brown and gray shades and bia?l: ththet?. Xo better "II- instration of ttie "Famous" iinder-selilngr could be de- Blre<l than this matchless offer Men'.H and Voting .Men's .Suit.s and Overcoats made by the leading manufacturers of the country: all the late sty!e.=;. choiorsi fabrics plain and fancy rollar.s. :i .'^uii or overcoat that any man is proud lo wear: values that nppeal to (he most critical 'yes. .ill. sizos. stouts and regulars. Xo use paying $2."> "oF ^J?,rt for a suit elsewhere when yo^i can get Just what you want here for Splenditlvalues in Boys' Suits Bnd OvarpOBts IJfi^b' Kt)lc!terbocker Suits, derby black eoatH, Hoys" two pi.'ce Knickerbocker Sjilt, made of all wool fabrics. .\ll seani.<? stayed aiid taped—suits that win wear until the lioys outgrow thini. Plain and fancy co'ors. ages t; to It; years $i{.5<) GRADUATE QPTICiAN V.%ts Te-re.i Free. tOittses KiUe«l !Ji|.«t» Ip SafKfactlon (•'narnntced.r: Lawrence, Kaa.. Nov. 4.—U::.-! Siodth '8 ralnff^ll was the heaviest for O^pt^ber In forty-one years, and It followed tbc'drycst September in that li«rlod, according to the records 'kept at the university. The j.recipiiatlnn Io.^ptember was only .56 of an inch. td October It wa .s ,1.57 IncheK. more tiiftn three times a normal nmount. Th« first black fro.<:t of the iiea.'^on oc- ctirred on October (>. fifteen da.vs ear- ft «r Ibnntho average date. Then- «b Bevere killing fro )ii during the aoat^ "Pio mean temperature was Sl^jliiy bflow normal. The amount oT.iriQd was 40 per cent more than raooth lacr year, and &>t^ht- ly ^^bosre normal for the iir^r^me In Tjii CXUM. DO.>E l-\ laiS. Mov.laiid livo.l in P. lioino adjoiain il;o Dickey residoucc foi: twenty yo.irs .-;o this visit is espeeinliy pleasant to both families •:• •:• ^ Social at Bassett. Thfi-e will lip a social at the Bris s<-t ebnpol x>n Friday night for the pupils of th' various cla-sses. .Mrs E. N. .lones rtnd Miss Florine Wheeler will hav.^ the entertainment In chargo ^ .J. M,-. and Mrs. Peterson Entertained .Mr. anil .Mrs. C. .J. Peier.son had a number of guests at an informal party !a;;t evning .o bear election retiu-ns Till' bostes.s served an elaborate lunch r;' :!f !"r music and other jdeasuren »lo. Pae Sanfft Ff- and 51. K. & T. Watcl' ' -turn. Mrs. Bolton's Guests. Mr.- and Mrs. W. T. Evans, Dr. and Mrs. P. =?. Mitchell. Dr. and .Mrs. F. 11. .Martin and Mr. and .Mrs. C. E^' aiis Wer.' guests of: Dr. and Mrs. .1. W f:oltpn last night. A luncheon was F0MR Ut««t Estimate the Work : Be FiBlshed Esriler Than •••'^ Expected. WfahlnSLOD, Nov. A. —Tbo isibmian Cai#lr,^«Qnimis?iou gave out official f ^fUrcs today, wtiieh apparently dcm- onWrated that the canal will be fin- l^i|^p^!^^cft earlier than January, IfM.n ^Ifiptf^Dent sJhpws that since May 1 1^:^,^.283 cubic yards have been e^SVnixA from the canal. The en- gfil^^ esthnate that there remain to »>*'fJW ^^4 .88 .2W ,i07 -cubic -yards. 4^W|iilli IDdre Uva half of .^1be work yM^jfiHilpttB ti> be dooe. future «xca- '"i-Wttl Jbe increased month by it |M> >n j^rob^Uty the wui iMjnB teea com- tot yards JTOted l« Stiver* Just scratch a match—light the Pfcrfpctton Oil Heater— and slop slavering. Wherever you have a room that's hard to heal—that: llie {ur- nace doesn't reach — there you'll need a HOV.V OVF.RCOAT.S. The vor.v nobhiest siyb.-^. plain or fmicy coloi-.^i. ngos ;'. In .s y.-?ars ,dd *»:i.rtO HOY.S' NU'KDll TIlOrSERS. wo .'^i ni;.leri.'il li; vears. 51 value .MEN-.S i:\DERWKAR. .Slilris and t^rawti^, fine ribbed, flepoe lined, nicely finished and heavy flat > flecco linod shirt and drawers among tbi'' best values cvi -r offered. Oar- tnoi .l Jot^ Wool Sbirls and Iirawers, tan wool, brown wool, extra well tinished and soft quality. (Garment Sl.OO flap pockets, cuffs on sirevos. knicker.^ cut full. All Iiretty ni-w .shade:: In browa.i, tans and grays—are etjunl io any $10.00 vaUiu anywhere. Pricb j^T.aO oocooocooooooo O I 'liildren 's RuKshm Siiil.*;. 0 O ago.'^ 10 (i year.s. In O O nift.v cuts, pliiin or fiiiu.* O O color:^, siiliK ili:it ;ire worth O O .$r..00 on sale..... .Jfi;{.aO © oooooooooooooo RdYS* .SOFT IIAT.S. The iii-w noyiigcH shaptrs with bound or plain I>rini. ;iie coli.r.-; lirown. modes or bl.nok. Sa'c pi-icr- iiil.OO JIEN'S SHIRTS. Nt'' e. blue, ehambray, cuffs altacht'd. .Sio window <lis- Play A iriO CASIEJIERE .HOSE, lilaok and oxford in handsome style, full seamles.s, pair . vorxHsv ovEBccm AgcH 10 to \e, years, plain or fancy colors, cuffs on sleeves, very nobby garmrn;. ::)id r.ill meet the appr"> ' • lifiys • • KOVS' Hl.«). .-.i.s. H<ravy weishl, best uiakcs, ail color.s and sizes; 75c value for 48^ ME.WS LX10\ SUITS. llibbod, "fine balbrlggan, hut- toned down the fi*ont. perfect in » fit and finish; very special $1 , Plain or Plaireti Shlrt.^. nicely laundered, made of fine shirting largi' assortment of new fall [»atieriis. coat, siyir. cuffs attached. Choice ....... 81.00^ a the foHiure of the evenin.g.' I.^ Aid Society Meeting. There was a business meeting H. P. WHITNEY SHOT A BEAR. of (Equipped wifb Snu Juct th- thing fo^ bKzzardtime glovs-ing heat m^ikes any. room ' Q no ' smei less Device) or/between seasons. Its genial il and .cozy. No smoke— device p^vents. Brass (Gct |hoIds 4 quvUof oil.burning hours. Fip- r. i^ed in japan uidnickeL Every heater warranted. —^ which n^lff^iwb appreciated hx worker* ami students. ^'MaSeci brass, nickel pk^cd with the btest improved centnl dnit burner. ' E\'ery hmp warranted. Write our. ji^est ageiKy .for de- the the Aid- society of. the Methodist; church yesterday afternoon. The members met at the church and planncKl i.o serve dinner and supper to the pupils on Friday, November 27. .Vt that time the Southeastern Kansas teachers' .As.sociation will he in session here and the arrangement has been mado as a convenience to them. .% .:• .> Women at Skating Rink. .A great many women are spending these delightful mornings at the .-skating rink. The uew rule ' whic'.i per I'U.i only feminine patrons to be on Iho f!().')r iirevioup to the noon hour If : "dliig favor in tho <'yes of all whc ujoy the .ainuKenunl. Yeslerdai)" morntn;j and als9 on Monday Tuosdiiy bnlf a hundred women werA bore, man;- of wlioin bad never been Dit lh^^ floor before and ever.vono*scom- I to be enjoying the fun Immensely. * * + Miss Hildner Home. Mi.=;.=i Rlsa Hlldner has returned from a hrk-f visit with friend?; in Wichita. , Mrs. Jamison to Enteriaiu. .Mrs. Arthur .I.nmison, of .^Ijeeb-r lleifiht.<; will have an informal meeting of thtv Aid society of the First P.aptisf church tomorrow afternoon. • • •> Returns Home. ^ Mrs. Rita Mull Letz who has been visiting Miss Anna Wolfe and other friends., has returned, to her home In Hammond, Indiana. Mrs. I/Jtz formerly lived in lola and has been entertained In the homes of several .school mates and other acquaintances during her stay hor»». A Big Grizzly Hide 5lent in From the New Yorker's Colorado Camp. Glenwood .^^prings. Col., Nov. 1.—.\ large silver tip grizzly bear hide ha.=; just been sent in to a tnxidermist from Jacob Borah's camp on the Muddy. The bear was killed by Harry Payne WHii'incy of Now York, who is out with DJorah and a party of Eastern friends on a hunt that will 'last several weeks. Then- are twol.e scars in the i :ido from old biillot ^woutuls, which show that th(f h( ar liad at least once beftn-e in his llfi' time bi on ibe principal act ir In a bear chase. PILES ri'REI) IN i: TO u nvY.s. POZO OINT.MKNT is gunrnnioed to cure nnv onse of iicbini.', hjiml. blood ing or protrodlug pilt's in i; to 11 d;iy;.; or inoiiry lefnndi'd. .'.Oo. The host and qMlckesl nay in The Reei<iter want way. A MORSE VERDICT TODAY. Lawyers in the Banker 's Case Finish, ed Arguments Last Night. .New York, Nov. Charle.^ W.- Mor.nC and Alfred K. CurtLs. ^s-bo are on trial in the United States circuit court, charj:ed with conspiracy and violation of^tbe national banking laws, probably will know their fate tomorrow aftornoon. The lawyers for the defenso today flnLshed their final ar- Rumenis and tonight the United States district attorttey, Stimson. began ^Is closing argument for the government. Tomorrow morning Mr. Stim.son will finish and Judge Hough will Ki\ • his charge to the Jury. )f aO «ad wonb nie or pen—'The le«t are tnete: nught have been'-^ Texas Lands. See us about Gulf Coast Country lands that can be bought ,o.n monthly nayment jtlah. lands that will produce from to 1600. per acr^; also SOWA ' ..WJTITAKER * ©ON^yELI. Avoid the mishaps — the dtsa(|ioiBt- ments — the 'bad luck* in baking by avoiding Poor ^king Powder the ch««p,' or ' big can kinds and the high- price Truit brands... They arc unuliablt—.they too often tiii —Don't. tf4it|tliBm. ^ ' put.your iiith'fia! Calum«t—the ooly.stnctly ) tiaklng powder sold at a moderate coit. Wjt: guanstcc thtt the resets iqiUrj^Uaw yovt. ._:( underiUrjwiA flDK^^ "

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