The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 26, 1946
Page 3
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^FRIDAY, JULY 26, 1946 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COlJUTEn NEWS Austria Placed On Tough Spot Russians Display Determination f-o Foster Communism. BY 1.Y1..K C. WILSON I'ri'ss Staff Corrrspoiidrnt Price Index Shows Jump of Ten Per Cent WASHINGTON, July 26. (UP' The Bureau of Labor statistics reported today that Its whole«alj prk-o Index rose 2.9 per cent laic week. making n total increase of 10 per cent for the first three weeks ullcr VIENNA, July 2G—This ):c)or. lie- ' " lc la ' >se of Vr\cc control, deviled country is occuoled by the Rising agricultural prices. i>:irtlc- ' ularly food troops of Great Britain, Franca, I ho Soviet Union nnd the United Stales. Each occupying power us a - «no. All ion.- of them occupy Vienna. f:>ch wlihin an urea of the city lot Us own. Austria Is not like Oei nun.v. C-'Citnany Is a conquered t'iu v tny cutnlry. Austria is a liberated country which was once a slave nation under Hitler. At Moscow, "olsdnin and finally at London the Allies ni;r<>c<l that Austria should "i! Uljcraii'd niul assisted back on the road to democratic government. "'it it has not worked that -.ray. On ihe evidence of responsible fcrscns. everything the United Stales seeks lo do toward seuini; ll l> a democratic. sclf-gavcming slate in Austria, the Soviet Union seeks ID tear down. It i s obvious '»' now Hint Moscow i s souklng to dominate Austria. The Russians want economic control. I was told that the only solution of the problem oi Austria would be unification of the country and the departure of all occupying troops. The Russians op- P'se that. They not ojily oppos': such a solution, but, by then- actions the Russians seem determined to undermine Hie government "I Austria which is headed by a friendly old gentleman, Dr. Karl prices, were described ns the principal cause of tlie boon In Ihe index. The average price oi faun products advanced 3.-I per 'jc'nt during Hie week ended las'. Sa'.ur- day. TAYiraK Hriuor't lowon's Vision laxicao unver s Made Oregon SleyerConvided lFruitState l *.V^Vl PAGE i Meek 1 llielv business i Oli'tjoii. forces and extended f Inle occurred In four connllei, • lo several parts of •!•» per ceni locull/.ed In I'tilusltl ,,, , . alone, I'ulaskl has rcp:>H- lodny OreRon Is dulled with or- 1 cd 35 eases, Crultjhead U nnd (on-.have been noted in Lon::l;c an.I Death Sentence imposed by Judge in Polk County MEN A. Ark.. July •>$ . lUI'l -- Voiriu Lee Hates 19. stood i-on- vlcted to<t:i v of first degree :u'.ir- dei 1 in conneclion with the ilcnl!i Ins! June n ol Thomas I'll- i;an. :!j-ycar-okl taxi driver he;-.'. A 1'olk County Circuit Court jury deliberaled only :(3 minutes in t!-.e verdict, which maKe.- The bureau said averase wholesale "'<' *l fat '' ienlenct! mandatory. t;ir- food prices six per cem. re- cu ' t Jud^e K. K. Edwards E-ass'icI fleeting continuing advance.! in llu sentence on Hale.s, niul ^et Oc'. price of meals, dairy prod«c:s and 1B is Hi' for his elL-cli'oci;- cereal products which more offset a price drop for fruit vegetables. Wholesale food price:-, were reported up 25 per cent sine? the suspension of OPA and S3.a per cent over ihe corresponding levels a year ago. The bureau reported that <):ices for most manufactured products sc- rnalncd unchanged but that thcra were a number of increase:; fnr hides and leather, colton goods, building materials and sonii? st-ai'.e chemicals last week. The index is based on approximately GOO commodities. It differs from Ihe bureaus daily index of commodity prices which is ba r ;ed on 28 basic materials. Uian L1U11 - :u ,.l liatcs. the both ways. The other allied p:>\vers .simply refuse lo okay exorbitant Russian occupation cost-s. Marshal I\ r an Konev once refused for tViree months lo reduce his cost estimates. The allied council stcod pal and tlie Russians son of a i>olk County fanner. K'i...m'd liere Jims 15 ni-llrrc v.-er t<r Lcini; released from a North Di- kct.i |:i nili'iitiary where he seivr I a term for tor^'cry. 'ivsilinoiiy bruuiilit out In the trial Indicated that lie l:ni'. hlri'il Ougun to slnve liim In lit Queen tho nleli! of t!i>- MayillK. About , ii mill's s:uuh ni here, he ordered Dui>an lo pull oil i i; side road. Acccrcllng to Mrs. liilii'.. K;i- ward.*-. Divan's companion v-ho \va- lOrccd to I'D with Hairs on his i-e' 1 aivny Illjshl. llate.s riddled I)uuanV l:<Kly. look his money and the rub and fled south. Attorneys lor Hales had entered a pica of .self-defense ullcr an .11- le^'ed ai^imu'iu over ihe -axi i.m-. SALKM, Ore. <Ur>> -- Oregon':; long-slatidlng faine as fril!l-'{ro\>'- liiK state can b? atlriunteil lo Ihe foresight of Henuerso'n Lewellinu, wliu i-iiino lo Orrtian 09 >'6nrs nao from a little faini uc-ir Sah'in, la. When l.ewelliiif -inccu:n'.-cd lo UK call of (tic West Vu- loaded his concstnf.a with boxes In which were |)laiiled year-old, liiafled fniil Iree^ nnd (-rape vines. Six months later he \v.\s sstlivi;. out Ills little trees nol •in fraiu Portland. Ore., thus estal)M?iil-.i'i ll'i- llrsl nnr.sery In the state. In a report to the State Ihiard of Hiutlrultiire In 11102, this ph>- neer oreliaidisrs brothel. Hclh, said: "So liluhly were (hey (the hot-si iil)priH-lalc(l dial oifers of M |)vr freely ollcred when llii". 1 clianls and [lull rarmlnu Is oiw ol I the most prolltablc atjrlcultur 1 ; !n- Ulusiiles. Orchardlsts this year 1111.. Uclpale even larger crops (him in _ I ISM a when lu-iirly ou.uoo .r.-i''.'< were covered with iipple, ueaf, iv.'iieh, I'lii'iiy and prune liws, ivl-.;ch pio- duceti a cash income of approximately $18.000.000. Union counties. Too Late to CtastUv For Sale Seven New Polio Coses Reported for Arkansas 1 1 ITI.K HOCK, July 2F>. (Ul'l — h'rven new cases of poll'.-inyelitls liave been I'cporu-ii to Ihe State ticjilili lj:'|)arliiient so fur this week, biitL^iity; Hie year's total to HJ rii.-e: 1 . Kccnidinsi to Dr. A. M, Wllsll- li-rn. director of the division of DiiuminU-alMe <llse;ise control,'. | -• U:l r at the same time. HI cunts' had been reported lo Ihc (U-|mi'l- :nc nt CORRECTION In Our Ad Yesterday This was Cmilted— ........ Super Suds Available About August 15t!i 'and ~ , . Rlnso Special Saturday Only C5TY SUPER MARKET no money. lieniicr. Renncr is president and ' F *nnlly they were unable to pay a member ol the Socialist party. their troops. l'i!;l is Keen Official Under pressure Ihe Russians now Hut the .spark ping of the Aus- hnve agreed that occupation cists Irian government is Chancellor lor a " four armies shall not ex' ceed 35 per cent of tlie Leopold Kigl, a member of the 1'eoples Party. Pigl w «s describe:! lo me as "a lough little uuy." He is all of thai, figl was in a con- centrntlon camp lor six years and. i" the words of an American officer. "Figi doesn't scare worth a damn." Thus, on tft c evening of my arrival in Vienna, when the Russians suddenly announced they would expel 54.000 Anstrians— technically considered to be Germans— iroiii their mne ilt G ., m , ho nexl ((|ly Figl Got right on the radio. He told hi s Austrian fellow-cilizcns not to budge. Some of them did budge, of course. There were pitiful MlUe cro-A cts of new-made refugees at the railway stations soon after dawn that morning. Each had 33 pounds of luggage—no more— and a small sum of money. The Russians had ruled that was all they could take from the homes where mosi. of them had lived for many years. So it has been when the Russians have attempted to put the squeeze en Vienna banks for money. O.i rccasion Russian soldiers Iug;;ing tommy guns hav c appeared \vith orders for the banks lo shell out. ' Hgl. with the backing of the oilier occupying powers, counsels the tanks to hold onto their Hui such visits make the nervcus. Clark Plays Advantages Money is the one advantage the Americans, French and British havc over the Russians here. American Gen. Mark Clark is playing that advantage for all it is worth The agreement is that Ausirla shall Pay the costs of occupation Early in the occupation tne Russians silo' milted a monthly bill for SOOOW- 000 -and got it. But these 1110111:1- ly bills now are submitted by ;ne Austrian government for revis-.v uy tile allied control council. In Vienna, at least, the Russians are learning that the veto works money. St.Joseph ASPIRIN IOO TABLETS 35« WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT I0< total Austrian budget, clnrk hopes t3 larc'i that down to 20 ])er cent. The- British and Americans figure lhat S'i.- 000.000 a monlh should cover all Russian costs. Om- charge agmist Austria would be than half of that. Th e Russians were bitterly disappointed at the outcome ol Austrian elections. Only live per cent of the people voted Communist. There are no Communists in th- cabinet and only three In Parliament. Under such conditions it is pretty obvious that if all the occupying troops were withdrawn. Communism would not have much chance lo establish itself in Austria. That apparently is the basic reason the Russians do not want \ to leave and why they seek to em- i barrass th e present non-Commiin-1 ist government of Austria. Bill is Signed Prohibiting '47 Quotas on Cotton WASHINGTON. July 25. (Ul'l — President Trum:m today siKiicd bills forbidding tho cslablisliniriil of cotlcm niitl pcnmil niarkc'tillK nuotns nn<3 ac'rciiyc allolinciils next lend'M'son lonncd a pai'luershln ' • • h''i with William Meek. bn'. 11" Inc-k nfiln (lie suitable local urardim ir-w .r.rc ' encd to hull Hie work. Th.-n a Pnitli came from UK- Kast wllh some seed which the partners ;>• and their trees were Kiivec'. :-:'.l"i Sf!h relumed fr<Hii a Irip 'u the Kast and he too brou-jhl bac'-: more fruit seed. The Iwo Lcwelllni;:; ami 'Jlu- liill |):-ohibils cslnblishnirnt »l L-ollon market ins; quoins (or (he nunketinu year bc^ii'.nin;; Any. 1. 1!)4'P. and penmit tiuutns for Ihe calendar year 1947. Acrcnijc nl- lolmenls are prohibited on llu- 1D-17 <-rui> ot bnlh conniuulilics. Prices Level Off CHICAGO, July 25. (UP)—Live- stack prices appeared to be leveling off today at most niicliveisern stockyards as fanners sent large numbers of cows, sows, and underweight hogs to market. Read Courier Mews Want Ads. Final CLEARANCE A Special Group of ' Table Lamps PoU-ery and Glassware i Price GIFT SHOP moss IIRVAN 103 E;ist y.nin Here's a NEW ITEM: See Them Today While We Havc Them. Farm Electric Water Heaters We have jus! received our firsi shipment of (hcso electric wi.(r.i-_ healers. You ran |!li, K it in on anv 110-voll hue jnst like a lamp ,„• ,- :u tio. No .special wiring- is necessary. The ideal water healer for tarm homes. Hubbard & Me Appliance Co. General Klcclric Appliances _ H crulix Washers 2 Doors West of Hubbard Furniture Co. Youth Plus Education, Experience and Ability Endorsed by Greene County (I'aragould) Bar Association Charles w. Light for Circuit Judge (Second Judicial Circuit) * Graduate of Arkansas State College and University of Arkansas Law School. * Native of Greene County; 32 years of age; practicing attorney * Veteran of World War Ii; four years service; two years in Pacific Theatre This advertisement paid for by Charles W. Light. Wn. Mnim said I'd'iy thai lu- chil that Hi: 1 Polio'iiiilliinik stale reached It-; (i^ak dtn- e wed; of July l:l, wln'ii ^') welt- lei'oi'U'd. l.'is 1 . weei; a 'tt Her cent decline, with i-s reported niul wllh only 7. so far. the doctor saw a further ilecllne this wek- Hie records showed thul UU nt of Ihe polio case:; In llu Help Wanted \spli;ill CoiiKtriiction Siniei-- iulentlenl. iMissco Con- t-iruclion Co., WiN-on, ENDS SATURDAY! QUANTITIES LIMITED! DRESSES FORMERLY 9.98 CROQUET SETS — SPECIAL! well ns prclly dross stylos! for juniors, misses, \viimcn .we've been iihie lo Iniy. Het all ntefjil holder LADIES SLACKS REDUCED THREAD SALE .lusl 12 pair—assorted si'/.os and t'tiltirs llruuhir S I.9S. Limit one pnir .... * $10.98 PLAY SUITS REDUCED Some slriclly liiiUirod—snme drcssotl up wilh hraidtd trim. Kino rayons LADIES SLACK SUITS Wear 'm now* Wear 'm this full. A priii-licul outfit for outdoor work or play 2.49 7.77 4.57 5 PIECE RAKGE SET • I white .inIT—2 for snl( ami (Hipper—2 larger ffiO^ for flour anil sii|;'sir. KIM! melal roldbr '•''48 DISH DRAINER if tihlit r da I tor. wire protects dishes, prevents Ifiiskel wilh tudery s]:iice. . . . . . ALL STEF.L CASTING RODS Tile licsl wc'vo ycon for the price. These (oo we're a special inirchnsc 1O5 YEAR'S LO WIST PRICES card C PURSE SALE nebular SI.!)S ALUMINUM TABLES REDUCED Strong enough lo stand on. in kill-hen as utility (aide. !<<-. SI.95 SALt! SOIL SOAKERS 3.77 Of sturdy- canvas, lo hose fauccl or i IK ft. lon^. ranlen hose. Connecfs Kou. Sl.JH) 1.27 TUBE REPAIR KIT REDUCED! 7.1 }••<(. in. of |::il<'hin(c material. Hnliher cement and liuffer. Kefciilar 2i)c LEATHERETTE UPHOLSTERY MATERIAL Use Mue, );ri'en, red or brown. , fool slrols, cle. Yard MOTH BALLS AND MOTH FLAKES Your choice of either type. Holh kills moths. I'ricccl low for ininu'iliatc cletirantie lar;;e si/c. 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