Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 7
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•TEN: TUB Hattmiar Hmm thm SECOND PABT OlfoalmtlBB. lit illto« Ooumtjf of ^ityMmwmpmiMU'J^ thm t^euaty. I Shorty Stories I Icla Happenings TEX PAGES. lOLA, KA\SAS, \OVEMBEB 4» 1908.—1VEDXESDAY BVEVXIX^. TEX PAGE^ PBid Tiro ckifii 4Dr. J. B. PeppiT. Bentlit TJknt MS. I 100 Counties There. 1 NVarly Ktd Kiin«nfi cniinfloK nro rop r »|'S<'riU'(l in the 8liicl <nf body of ihf l|ulv»'r>il(y of .Knna:i. Tho vftrioiis roimi^- fnnrJnRonirt arc orRanizin?: rOimry dubs for tc ptiriioso of in orfSKins thfi' aijcnflnnor* at flio Uni vorrity from tholr linmc ooiiiitifs. DUirlnp the Christmas lioliilay lian- <l|ietR, foot, ball pamc3 and otlior nf- fairs will be condiietod by thpsp clui)s in the homo eonntioR. At tho nnniini hanqtiets, the soniors in the' variour. high schools are , <?ntertaine(l. A ntember of the University facility is tlie chief speaker at. these banqiielB. — Prank S, Beattle. V. S. Plion* 13J». a I On Ocean Wave. ILucile. Wilson. of;Moran. fell into cistern Saturday, and' as th{> cis- t(^rn was full of water, she had quitr a time before the neiglil)ors heard her sinRing "A Life on the Ocean Wave," arid canfe tn hpr res."iie.—Emporia Gazette. Friday morning at 8:30 wc place on sale three lot^ of Umbrellas at a remarkably low price. I Has first quality siH&.ind lioen lops, gold, silver and pearl handled.'26- incli tops heavy silk tassel trimmed $4 50, $4.75 and ?5.00 umbrellas on sale for $3 M 49 LOT 2 Has silk and llnea tops, sold, pearl and natural wood handles, $2.75. $3.00 and fv50 umbrellas on sale for $2,49 LOTS Has silk and linen, also .some mercerized tops, natural wood and fancy handle?, values up fo $1.7.';, <"iri sale Jor ^-Btt p^r cent money; no commit- Hlon; no aelay. —Siuittj & Travi». Chanute Booze. Some fierce, varietie.s of bilrers are bf^lnp; sold in the Channte friig ."srorc^ and ihorej.s a Innd demand for re form. Aw Indian arrived there a f<'w d .nys apo. and consumed five bjottles of a remedy which Is sold as a' cure for stomach troubles, and then he took formal possession of the town, .and was Jn the act of scalplnR a. leadinti: Krocerwhen the Viollce wt hiin. .*ince this tii^fMsinsr. t le J war hii .ter .'j IhTs t »eeji declared.—^RmpnrJa Onzette. Special Sale of all Munsing Underwear for Thursday, priday and Saturday. HAYDEN IS SCOUTING Former lola Base Ball Hagatte 1% iFlIrtlosr WJth Ceffejrrllto i Xoir. Spfcinl sale- of all Misses' Children'.'? Thiiriiday. Friday-and Sntiinlay and's .Shoes for Ciond fiu.'iliy .\priin ClTipViarii.^ in Mno. Itrnwu ai»(i pre.--n; lirict.' • .Mw.i.vfi fhnc to ent at Otir Way, Finis. There is a stop rcj ireii/.ind ya'.vp. to eloquence and spoutlnp: liie fiRhf- 1 in;r's done, the battle's won—all's over but the shominp;; and Peerless nijl will climb the hill. wUere stands bis ljumble shanty, to drlvf^; hf.s steers for four more year .1. and reap his harvest scanty. ,\nd hip Bill Tnft will .tjuide otir craft serenel.v on its journey, .so with deli?lit we nult the flchi and all the tiU. and Joi rney — W.llt .Mason.—Emporia Gazette. '! K.\ira f|nri !ify rnliloachi-d Muslin, yard .*»(•• I '.TUcy .l.'ipaiir.-e \Viisre-pa )ior P.a.'^K'fts in round ^fiuare .ind rio- timoii s;ha]ies, iiinU. Ii!i >e. sreen and red (^oioriMr::- in rich orieninl p .'uiernK. I'.riced a! ."JOt* ai"l T.lf' Ladies' New Handkerchiefs Pulimiin Pnro l.inon. ])lain' hemmed liandkerchi'fs. rtC each or dozf>M ." Ladies' rnl.'ninderrd Initial llandkerchiefa. pure lin<^u. price each J5<'» or dozen , Sl.CJ.l /-•idJcR' F .'mcy Cros.=;-l)iir and .Sirin.- Handk<»rcliif-f.s, m.-ide oi' prood f(ualiiy handkerchief lawn, Price, each .'. ... 30 L.idies' Cross-bar and Embroidered corner llandkercli;* fs. Price or dozen SI .50 Ladle;.- '•a.-h 1,">(' Pullman Handker- —. < •» For a short time only, you can buy Waboo at T.r.c per bottle at Mundis. A Small Sized Riot. Bttreme measures, in tho form of log chains and padlocks, -were resorted j to night to jjreyent an alleged attempt of the Pbrker l-'-'pre- Rerit -itivee from raovln^r their carnival train out .of town. A small .-^ized riot was threatened about midnight, wiien emplojes of the- stranded carnival were tipped off to the fact that the Parker representative had Hied a rodelivery bond to protect the Santa Fe and intended running tbn (rain out rf town to Abil*»ne. • Emergency measures wi ^re hastily adopted and s'v; deputies sworn In by Cons.iible ilall, v .ith instructions to patrol the iraiin and prevent any attempt coupling it to an engine. The itorformiTS anil ot'ier employrs composing the troupe, all of whom had suits for wa.c- es pen<\lnj?,^ werf* appraised of the pilr- IJORo of Parker and flocked to th( scifne from all dlroeiionK. camplna: angrily alwui the train until-the .-ittor- ney fo.- tb'> stranded employes, in idfja of chaining the train to tho rails, wi - - _ . Is Pure liinen Cross-l>ar and Initial cliinfs. jirice ^JJic e,uh or dozen .. New r >ouble Uiiching in cream, pink, bine and whire. fxtra <liia !iiv. Ki!k odce, 2',j inches wide. Price an inch ti<'- or yard (»4J<* Special Sale of Fancy \rck Girdles. :.'.-.c Oivdlf.^ i'fdii''f><'' lO . ;:.".c (Virdlf'!; rod need to . :<t)c f ;iirtles i-.^duccfl 10 . 7."><' Girdles r^diiood to ?I.'»n Girdies reduced to llamsayV. $l.on Gloves are equaled by none; once worn always worn, the best glove on the market for the jirice, all colors and sizi>s: prico pair #l.(>0 SPECIAL SALE OF IVOOLEX DRESS OOOD.S. One lot of Serges. Panamas. Rrillianii'ufs and Batisies in blue, brown, red and green, regular price l^dc and f,'>c: special three days sale price '. Hc mto DRFss coons, si,-. Irii- c.f Wide \\',\\\' S;ei-:'.'s. Caufv Cbevioi?. T.-ijfi-ir.s and P;inrunas. color.- bin.-, hrowii. rt 'd and u.ri'*:i. JI.OO anil values (III sa!e for HiO P .erir Skin and fJre.v Astrachaii. v.orili sJ .ii.'. yard: Sjiecial sale price JSl.O.l .'.'i-infli Twillid CloaliiR-4.ln hri;;hi red and dein blue, the proper Miiuu for misses' r'oars, price yard iitL.'iO CO .MFOnTS AX» HLAXKETS. lias always been known to be the Ioki place 10 buy Coniforis ami HlanketB. Vou are always .-ure of lindluc .insi whiit you v.-.'inr .-frjd ai a saving in price. in grcv. .-;ize 10-4. blankets usriallv sold .-it rtiu- I'xira large blanketsiin white, grey and tan. i<rice pair . ..^IA )0 <* bildren's Crib Com|!oris filled with niai^.h lanimaied cotton. Iiorli hide.-; covered wFfh good (|iialit.v silkoliuf^. pricr each ii ?|.<K) F\tra Spe".'.i! large size Comfortp. filled with luire wb''o cotton ei,v .-r.vl v,i;l'. lin.^ silkoliac. worth ?1..'>0. tpecial sab^ price JKl.'iO C.cod qua'ii.v I'.ed Pillow.^ standard size filled with mi.\ed foa'h- .'!•.-. i-rice |.air I )Sc I 'ancy Ruffled Swli^.s Curtain.* for bed ronins in cro.ssbat- and all- (rver de.>igiis. curtains worth .?1 .25 pair, on sale for. pair... .<>i'><'' Large .size Cocoa Mat Rugs for rainy days, special price 15^ C.r,na ni.inket.Ou: pti(.», pair . T. C. Haydcn^the former lola base ball magnate, who leaped into the- bl« league when he sold his lola team to rhc Springfield fans, l.s doivn around Coffe>-vllle trying 10 get that town to put In a loam In, the new Western .Aspoclatjon. The .Tournal •says: Some of tho Coffeyville base ball fan.? are smllinpr today and It Is all on account of the fact that T. C. Hay- dc'i. chairman of the Circuit commit- lee of the Western Association, was In the city Simday looking) over the base I j ball situation here. There are two vacancies in the West ern Association for next year. These vacancies are caused by the selllhs of Topeka and Wichita to the Western league. There are already eil^teen applications for a place In the Western association and nearly all of these applicants are from the towns in southeastern Kansas. Independence has made application for one of the two vacancies and It la said that Chairman Ilayden favors Independence and Coffeyville for the two places. However It is up to the local fans to get busy and-maicc an application at once if Coffeyville gets in. Chairman Ilayden will report to the committee •at its meeting in Joplln on November 2L Mr. Ilayden is the owner of the Springfield franchise in the Western as.sociation and also owns the Tulsa 'franchise in the O. A. K. league. The franchise committee has sent him ov: er the ground to look over the situation in the towns that have already made application for tnemhcrshlp In the association and also in towns that. are likely to make application. Coffeyville now has a chance to get Into one of the big league.^ if the proper " effort Is made. Xotlco. T.i Uliora It May Concern. Fire insurance Policy-No. 094 of the Ida, agency of this company has been mislaid, lost or stolen from the office of E. R. JJloilgh. of lola, Kansas, and this is to notify any person or perxons holding the abov^.poli­ cies that ,-»he same are void and of no effect.— Northwesteii-n .National Insurance Company of J Sill. [ilwaukee. WIscob- E. S. SLOI'Gir, .\genf. , DEEDED LAND T<|) JESFS CHBIST. Pi"ii>. C.mi.Ie ShoWrd Their Faith In This IW'ay. Kansas City Starri^ A peculiar deed discovered by abstractors of Randolph county conveys 320 acres of land near Darkiille to .Jesus Christ, says the Efour.sville banner. The deed had- heen made iii IS.iO by .lohnson Wright a.nd Eliza Wright, his wife and had never been contested. The descendant.^ of the family had held the-prop erty - iii t rust" and have thrived upon it. The story is that being very ploiis rbisold couple wished to return hy il-'.-d of will and law to their Saviour ttie liiaferial blessings which he had conferred on them in this life. ONLY PREDJUDICE ed. The moment that railway Is putjtion was read, .its adoption moved} ARKANSAS RIVER FALLING, through, that inoipeni the work on thejROrt)nded, .1. H. Butler offered a ich was done. C. S. Denlson. who here, renresentlng the interests or the f5anta Fe, declared the-road had Intention of allowing the train to moved out, but O. .1. IJri'ey, attor no he nejr ^ fo-rthe stranded employes. Is equally certain that a train crew was entiled ht 12:.10. ai 1 and at :{:;;o o'clock—Chanute Sun. •|-Aii4o Crang« and Repair Shop far irll klBd< «f rept ^lrln*. AntniPAbllr Urery, Pboim S9S. Martin All.Right J. A. .lohnson has received a telegram from -Mrs. Ames, the San Fran- e.i!^ca of Jack Ix)ndon. in which j^f> s^ys t*e party is all well and getting along nicely on the Snark. Thia is I good news for Mr. .lohnson as It comes direct from the party of which hl^ eon Martin Is a member.—Inde- pefitfencc Star. i~e \ea palnUqg. ph^Q KS8. Frwl nowdcn BulM New Plant, just as soon as tho proposed new ra Ifdiy is boilt .south of town the new brt^'-'compajgyi spoken of yestarday in ibe Star wilt commence the erecr rtiott>4>f their pl4nt. "Tpe company is onwil^ ETecy dctati is camj ^te.- new industrial entorpri.^^e will begin. It's the best thing that has come to tl.> horizon of Independence for j whom arr business m.en aiid t.ixpaycr.-: many .vears. and means t:;ar after itja.-kin;; tj:e rouncil in nor pitas the gets into operation the prices for: ,.,.soiu,ion. In nipport of hi:; petition, brick paving will not he so Irksome.-^^ Independence Star. ;suii.> iKtidin;; whieb Brook.^ hrttl in ?l/.i. bnllle r .f Waht.o >v,r at .1.; <"«'-P'^ «'"'^. which he thought no one r» .Muiid 'S & To ' o]sr- in Cherr.vvale could handl.> ."^o They Failed to Register. ! ^^7" ^ '"'"T' ."^ ""^" There are,,it is estimated, at l.^!"''^ n^'^'l'^" l^i"' f-l^ 125 voters in^ Chorryvale who did not' ^'".v abotU this toatter. The vote todav because they did not ao t.i,"'-'^ Dd.ot i.avlng suit wlt^h the trouble to register. .nn.m.t i t'"^ Santa Fe. suit to recover from petition ;signed by 2r. men most of|C3ving-ln of Banks at Pine Bluff Seems to be Over. In contrast with theSjO one man gave $10 for that giorioiifi privilege. It was Fayette Nelson, nn old resident who left for Pasadena, Calif., on 1hf» noon Irain. It cost Mr. Nelson just $10 more to go today than it would have cost him before* Octoi)er ?A, because of special rates wi.Ich expired on that date. Mr. -Nelson was ready to go two weeks ago except that he could not vote in California and could vote here. Mr. .Nelson is an old time Republican and he is satisfied with his bargaini— Cherryvale Republican. Bondsmen of Hanley & Ritchey for damap^s ;ind costs in Studyvin case and the Hawman damage .suit now In the suprrnie eoiirr.—Cherry vale Re- piil-.lican. i ^ —rnnnl/iKlinni .V ArnftI, fi pfr cent money. Pine p.liifi". .\i 'K-.. .Nov. 1—The river began falling l.-fst night and today the cavinp ill of Hie river banks on tho MHllb si >!e seeiu.K til be al/oiil over. The I'.i.storic homo of Governor .1. S. Roaiie oil the north side of the riv<'r eav..'d into I 'le river today. Pine niitff citizens will ji^k tie next com.;'-.';.s to ^ippropriale $100,000 to pio'ert the (WO miles of liver front at Ibis point. jher daughter. .Miss Katherino Elkins. I who. it is currently believed, is soon to marry the Duke of Abruzzi, will arrive in New York tlie latter part of this wetik. They come, it is .said, to order .\lis .H Elkins's trons.scau. TO BUY HER TROUSSEAU. Mrs. Elkins and Miss Elkins Will M.ike New York Trip Soon. —FlUgenId Starage and Traasfn- Co. Household aad piano moriag; lar '-esi stare room in city. Vhow S«& Asked Brooks to Rei^ign. The city council last night by a vote of 4 to 3 asked City Attorney Brookn to tef^ the ofSee of city attorney. I^UaiM^bm came up in tb^.fbnn:^ - • Tied To Street Cars. The sto'-m Sunday eveniug was rr>tber hard on the tnterurban line. I Lightning struf-k a pole just north of the Grabham farm pump station and broke one of the high tension wires. Ir fell across the car tracks and tho power hod to be partly vnt off be-; fore it could be removed and spliced.': The car le.aving Independence .-U <i:?,n brought out a gang of men and waited three hours at| the; break wblle the wire was being fUxed. It arrived in Coffe>Tli]e shortly before 11 o'clock In ;the meantime tho oity lines liere wete^down whilp .the bl^h tension was cot orr.'V-Coffeyvin» Journal. .New York, Nov. I.—.\ prominent .New York dressmaker Is said to have received word from .Mrs. Stephen B. Ellilns. stating that Mrs. Elkins and SHE WON'T DENY HER FAITH. Clinging to Belief in Polygamy Eng lish Girl is Exiled From Frienrfs.. Salt Lake City. Utah. Nov. 4. Rather than deny an article of Kei faith, Delphine Doddswbrth, a litt'e EngiLsh .rlrl, 21 years old, has twice submitted to exile from those she holds dear and fared forth among strangers, homele.s-s. At the immigration office in Boston, she was asked if she l)£*lieved in the ivactice of polygamy. • "I believe in the doctrine of plural marriage,"' she replied. Under the law no believer in polygamy can enter the United States. Tbmrm Im Only OB»: oBromo Quinine" nmt Im ijaxnilwe Btfamo Quinine ttia iMT W9me ewBi to cete m am Mr. WILL KEEP HrXBBEDS OF FOLKS FROM CETTIXG WELL Merely a Matter af Taktasr a Little Diapcpsin When All Tonr Stomarh Trouble Will Be Over With Forever. Every family here ought to keep, some Diapcpsin in the house, as any one of you may have an attack of in- dii;estion or stomach trouble at any ime, day or night. This harmless preparation will digest anything jou eat and overcome a sotir stomach five minutes afterwards. If jour meals don't tempt j-ou, or what little you do eat seems to fill you. or lays like a lump of lead in your stomach, or if you have heartburn that is a sign of indigestion. Ask .vour pharmacist for a 50-cent co>e of Pape's Dlapepsin and take on© iriangule after supper tonight. There will be no sour risings, no belching of undigested food mixed'with acid, no stomach gas or heartburn, fullness or heavy feeling in the stonach. nausea, debilitating, headaches. di:^zinesa or intes,tinal griping. This will all go. and." besides, there will be no spur food left over in the stomaCh to poison your breath with nauseous odors.. Pape's'Dlapepsin is a certain cure for all stomach misery,-beca'nse It will take hold of your fbod and digest it juai tho same as If your stomach wasn't there. . . , tvctual. prompt relief for all' yoiir stomach misery is at your pharmacist, wahlng for you. ' \. '-^ These large 0-oeiltt cases ociatiin more than sufficient to cure a ciM;of dyspepsia or Indigestion. - -

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