Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1907
Page 2
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X UL Xorthrap, Pre^Ment P. P. ioSTHBCP, 8 «eMi TiM^Prelt 5 I liiiHifylir 111 IMMiiitii «* Stall If JbHiii " ma duty! fiXllBiB, Cashier., 1869. MiiM iiikii AiaiCi. 1.' Unappreciative. It is soinowluu' diiconccrtiiiK: wh Rlrl Is youiiK and riwwt \iiU you've praisoil h;'r IUIMT liii and IHT dainty little foet And have raved alwiit her las.'u-s the colcir of he- cyi's Aud express the firm oiiiiiioii • she is a iRTf .''ct prize— I say- It Is rather disconcerting ulu-ii . M) I wined a verbal wreath 'I'o. ;lie ciitenoss of her dini|iles the whiteness of her t;eth— It Is soniewlrat disconcerting. I n ate and swear Wljcn she has no lictter answer I the invaue words: "Hot air.' —Philadelphia liulle-.- Tlie nieetinB of tile Baitlst .\i<l : I'ly which occnrnMl at the honu Ms. I. Bei'l-ey yesterday wa^- eventful. The ladies oonip'''''(l , cles of needlework for the sal>' niormw. n a •-'.er.t and that ll'ie and it .'r- [|I:MI II ;-<:i *i• of mill li Id- Mr. and Mis .1. W. Adams ami Mr. j and .Mrs. It. F. "Ailanis are coiim to Chaniile whi -r.' tliey are to reside •:• •:• • The l^nili'd Hrethern A'd sueiei v will meet at two o'ciorl; tomorrow in II,o churcli iiarlor.s. <• Mrs. I'hilip ll.-lKli'. Mrs. T. S. Mall. .Mrs. S. It. I.amii. .Mrs. .1. I.. Ilai- liansh. .Mrs. C. \V. Thomiismi. .Mrs. i:. P. I.ocan. Mrs. S. Urond'is. .Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. S. K. Vauirliii were anions; the women of the Relief (.'•iips who went to C'haiinte yesterdav The occasion for tlie e.xciirsioii wa.< tin' annual insiiecllon of tlie ('haiiiiie Corps hy .Mrs. n :dle C. Harris, of ICm lior'a. chief of aides. The lola delegation was cordially receivi-d and ••ii- tertaiued hy a ^roup of hostesses from the ciiannte order. Mrs. Harris will be in lola i ii .N<' vember twanty-ninth wlieii s 'le v.iil conduct a ri >view of tlie lola cims. IT is probable that an invitation wMl he extended to some out of-town i -oi p-; for the day. • + • Because of the weather .M -sferda.' th.'^re was a very small attenciaiu 'e of members at the Woman's Clirisliaii Temperance I'nion meetiiif:. The oratcs who attended tl;e stale coiiven- lion at KIdorado did not Kivt< a re- Iiort of 111;' sessions but wiU iiiai ;e their talks a feature of the next me. t inc. .\ brief busiueks session coiiiplit- ed the hour. <!• 4- + The Kpwortli Ueasue of the ICirsi M. E. churcli will give a social toiii'ii- row evening at the home of Miss .leu- | nie McConnapv. The Y society niein- 1 bers will be the puests. I •:• ^ Chicago societv i;!r!s whose tail > is and mothers have some idea as to education wh'ch are popularly styled j "old fashion?d." are hcjinniim a fad which promises to be the cause of much comnien't. .\ srouii of xoiiii.; woimni who have lately been students in schools preparatory to Mr.Mi Wawr or other noted COIV-KCS. are iaUiii4 work In domo?tic scienc sclioo's a- a tinish. The course! of sliiily will UIM' them practical and scleiitilie idea , • f home iiialdnK which will be of an In ••stiinable value i<i tlie hostei-s and house keeper. If girls in otii -r e ;iiis adopt tile plan there luonilses to be a revival of cooking classes ami lin''- ileninry nmneroiis new recipes for ilw salads and ileserts which dilv • ilie masculine. ai)|ietite to mild e.xiiris- Ions of disgust (jccaslonallv. * * * .\ merry party of lola \oiiii .i-: toll, went to LaHariie last i -vtiiiim and participated In a Iwwlin:: and i^'cat-j ing i)arl\. The |»aity Iia<i cliarieied j a cjir for the time and tlie followin-.: naiu:-s comprise tin- list of quests; Mi.sK'-s .lohnson. n<'rilia Slckl\. (»ia Ha'id). .lo-r ^i -phine Steele. Ciace i.oii;;. Crpce Marr.Helen I'ol 'tKk f)pal Ualpli'. j Ruby Meller. (Jiaco TluiHipson. Hl.iiicli Thompson. Flossie Leffler. .Tessi.- Wilson. Messrs Karl Smith. .Max Ster relt. Charles May. I.yle Too '4y. Wal ter Smith. Ballon Heigle. Harvey He!-1 ler. Ceorge Ixmgacra. l)iiiiiont I Cuy Pees. Ovid-'Richardsoii. Wjllia.n PoMocU. Richard Bohart. ami Alvin! I >oaier. + * + .Mr.-, ("lias. KiiiiK is visiting le'a lives in Moran. +' •> + IJcsIgners of articles for ilie COM. venleiice and adoiTiment of .Miladi have just ik-vised several new wa>s of fif^creling tiny watches in \aiioiis articles accessible to the toilette, in the city stores now one may lind an umbrella having a tiny time pie <e | in tlie handle and th:- jew<-lers an showin? finger rings which are real ly cases for watches of tlu- bevi nialtes. Several lola i)eop'<- have 1 bracelet-watchini. but tie abo\ • nam-! ed ideas an' tomjiarativelv new. + + •> Mr. and .Mrs. Kranlt Sawd.» . and Mrs. M. A. SUutt of Cold water. .Midi . are visiting Mr. C. H. DeClute and .Mr. aud Mrs. Merrltt Esse. ifay ThereF '•Where are you going?" "Going'after a sack of </. ^mPmtmml Flour. Mv wife 'woo't tue anythiog else." Mr. and .Mrs. O. L. Stelnmaii arc home from a visit at Eureka Springs, | * + * .Miss (ierliude .Messiiiger of .Moran is Ur. Etiith llaigh's guest for a wee!;. + + •»• .Mr. and .Mrs. Smith .lackson werei at home to fr.ends last evening to cel-j ibrate the twelfili anniversary of; their marriage. Tlie compaii> was eii j t.rtaiiu -il w:lh progressive i-nciire. i pii /.i s for siK -cess going to .Mrs. .1. 1). .\iiiei.i and .Mr. T. F. Zeigler. .Mr. and .Mrs. .lacksons attests were: Dr.! and .Mrs. Magill. .Mr. ami Mis. W". (). I.enhart. .Mr. ami .Mrs. H. C. Ridg.- v.:iy. .Mr. and .Mrs. Vibber. .Mr. :iiiil .Mr<. .1. O.'Arnett. .Mr. and .Mrs. T. F /Ceigler. •:• •!•• .Mr W.. H. Klein lias leliiiln'd In liis lioiee ill Kansas t'ily to reciip -i- .ite trom a recent illness. •> + + <in'- of tlie deligliUiillj iiiforiiial parties of tlie weeli Was given la--t I 'M'Uiiig at the iionie of .Mr. and .Mis I. W. .Mct'ail. mi; Souih fotloiiwood str-et. Tlie hosteS !-es were metlllnTS The sale of First Class Timepieces is an important feature of our Imsiness. and we sell strictly high grade watches at extremely low iirices. We never misrepresent our goods, but will at all times sell you an honest watch at a close juice jind guar- :intee to give you full value for your money. ^ McNElL BROTHERS. THE JEWaJEr.9. Look Our Libbi-y Cut Olass. Kojk- wood I'oltcry and Ilaiid I I'aititcd China. Sewall, Jeweler and Optician KM Noith Washiiiglon. of the Cheerlul t'-icje. the guests be ing liiisliands of tlie ladies piin^ent. The company wore improvisetl robes I'l lepieseiil gliosis and spent tli.- ev I'ldi'ig in rooms decorated in jack <i'- hitiU'riis. There uas a guessing contest jiisi liefine refreslimeiiis wer • -erved. Tile .Missis .Mel';ill piesiiled ill tile (lining room aiiil tissisted in en- leil;iiniiig tlie fol'ftwing gii.'sis: .\Ir. ai:d .Mrs. C. E. Wetidorff. Mr. and .Mrs. .lolin Devlin. .Mr. and .Mrs. (.•i:iuili' Slewait. .Mr. and .Mrs. A. V. l.emasters. .Mr. and .Mrs. f). "I". I.a Cr.iiigi-. .Mr. and .Mr.-. «'. .M. Cole. .Mr. and .Mrs. C. R.'insbeig, .Mr. Kiid Mis. 1*. W. l.emasters. .Mr. siiid .Mr-. C. F. Ilildiier. .Mr. aud .Miv, DMII lllewei. Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. .MiCall ami .Ml>- .Mary Reiiisb-rg. Mr. and .Mrs. W I,. Ilaill.s are \'sii.;; ill Ci 'iiliiN i'Je. Iowa. I 'lie \V 1! (• is ariiiiigiim lor tlie iisii .il peiisiDii da\ dinner for ne,\l \M-ek. •^ .Mr ami .Mrs. .1. W. Parks, ol li.-loi;. WOMEN IN HOSPITALS Experiences of Mrs. Rockwood and Miss Tiemcy MISS MARGARET TIERNEY A \a.r^e proportion of the operations performed in our hospitals are upon women and girls for some or^'uuic trouble. Why should this be the 7 Because they hare necleeled tlietn- Rplves, as every one of these palii-nls | in till' hospital Ix-ds lia<l pli-niy uf i warnini,' in those drngginif sensal i 'His, pains at left or right of alidonieii. liackaches, nervous exhaustion, in- flaminatiou, ulceration, displnce- nients. and other organic weaknesses. All of these symptom.'* are ImliiM- ItoiiM of tin unhealthy condition <>f tlie female KVRteni and if not heeded the penalty has to be pai<l by a dangerous <iperation. When the .ie syinptoiris manifest thein.selrcR. «lo not drag • along iintil you are obliged to go to the hospital and suhmiltoan o [iera- tion—but remember tliat Lydi.i. E. Plnkham'n Vegetable Compound, made from native rootsand herbs, has.saved hundreds of women from surgical operations. Lydia E. Pinkhsra's Vegetable C<>mpo«indi has cured more < of feminine ills than any other one remedy. Such letters as thcfollowing . MR5.CHAS. A.ROCKWOOD are constantly being received by Mrs. Pinkhaui to prove our claims. Mrs. C. A. Rockwood, teacher of Parliamentary Law. of iiS Kreo St., Fredonia, N. V., writes: "Fer.vesrs I su(Tere.1 with female tronhln. It. wa» dfN-idml that an opuration was wei-m. wry. BDd although I Mibinittcd to a .'VTIHIIII nitemtion my »ulT«rIngs ointiniKxl, until Lydia K. Pinkhsm's Vegetabin Conipoiind wasrecommendfxland it proved a marvclnim rninwly. Hoiiiiickly did it rwtorn mr health, t eniinot lUank you KuHIriently for the good it has dono niB." Miss Margaret Tierney. of No. 328 W. '.'.•.th Street, Now York, writes: DonrMrs, PInkhnm:— '•When only (•ichtw'n ywrs of sge our physi'inn ilp^iilefl that 'nn operntieu was nei -esHarv to purmit of mv wi >nianly organs performing their natiimt fuuctioin. My mother objiytcd anrl being urgMl by a relativfl to try f,ydia E. Pinkhain's Vogel- abl« (;ompouiid did sit. I soon improved in hnalth. tho proper conditions weroesfablish- nl nn<l I am well and strong, thanks t 'l Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound." No other remedy has such unqualified endorsement as T.,ydia K. Pinkham'H Vegetable Compound. No other remedy in the world ha.s sucli a record of cures of femalo ills. Mrs. Pinkham's Standing Invitation to Women Women suffering from any form of female weakness are invited to promptly communicate with Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass. From tho symptoms given, the tronhio may IK ; located and the qntckest and surest way of recovery advised. Out of her vast volume of ezperieoec in treating female ills .Mrs. Piukhaiif probably has the very knowledge that may help youl Her a<ivice is free and always helpful. Ask Mrs. Plaifcaa's Advice-A Womao Best Uodcrstnodt a Wosaa's Ilia. S.S.S. HADE FROM ROOTS AND HERBS ASAFE AHD RELIABLE BLOOD PURIFIER In the time of our forefathers the forests and fields were the only laboratories from which they could procure their medicines. They searched out and compounded the different roots, herbs and barks into remedies, many of which have been handed down to succeeding generations, and continuously used with satisfactory results. Among the very best of these old time preparations is 8. S. S., a medicine made entirely from roots, herbs and barks, in such combination as to make it the of all blood purifiers. This absolute vegetable purity of S. S. S. makes it the one medicine that may be used without fear of harmful results in any way. Most blood medicines on the m;<rkel contain mercury, potash, or some other strong mineral. act with bad effect on the system, upsetting the stomach, interfering with tlic digestion, affecting the bowels, and when used for a prolonged period of timefi(Uten cause salivation. No such effects ever result from the use of S. S^S., and it may be taken by children as safely as by older people. For Klictttaatism, Catarrh, Sores* and (.'leers. Malaria, Scrofula, Skin Diseases, and all other troubles caused by impure or poisoned blood, S. S. S. is a perfect remedy. It goes down into the circulation and removes all poisons, impurities, humors or unhealthy matter, and makes the blood pure and rich. It eliminates every particleof tbetatntof inherited blood trouble, purifies and strengthens the weak, deteriorated blood, and establishes the foundation for good health. S. S. S. is Nature's Blood Purifier, and its many years of successful service, with a steadily increasing demand for it, is the best evi- d<Sce of'its •alne ia all Uood troubles. Boole on the blood and any medic^d •dTice foe of dutge. ^ g^fj^S SPEOnC CO^ JXUMTA, OA.. Mrs. Latham and Miss Latham of Boise, Idaho, who haVe been guests of Mr. and Mrs. George KlUian. for Bomc week>>, have returned home. * * • A group of young ladies, members of ihs Sewing club, were entertained at the home of Jllslaes Clara and Hazel Bowliis yesterday. The afternoon was featured by a flve\ o'clock luncheon. . *•!••)• : .Mrs. Crittenden and .Mrs. G. T. D .;r- by of I.aunta. Colo., have returned home after a visit with Mrs. W. T. Watson. ^ * * * .\nnouncenient was made this morning iSiat the Allen county convention of Presbyterian .Missionary societies will not ba held: tomorrow because of the rain. The meeting will occur one wei'k from tomorrow, Thursday. So V( mber 7, at Carlylc. •> '> <• Maiighler.-; of the King wil'. mi -el ;:t half past two o'clock tomorrow afti-:-- iiooii in St. Tiinoihy^s churcli. * * • •J'he Little Builders are preiiarin;.: feu a box social as on;' of the events of iie.xt week. The social will occur on Thursda .v even'iig. It was origin- iill .v intended to cejebnite !Iallowo'<-ii bi this way. but the Ideti was ab:in doned b (K :auve of niim.'rcnis other parties which will occur. + + + .liidge and .Mrs. Oscar Foiiiii w!!I entertain at eiicliie tonight. •:• •:• •:• Tlie Presliylerlan Siinda.v .--tlui .d will give an eiitertulninent on Noveiii- lier eighth for Ihi'ir friends and iiieiii- IH '|.< of the conc.regal'loil of the I 'kiii 'cli. Invllatlons have been Issiieil and liie final detail.s will b(f coiiipli Ied at a meeling (if the olllcius this evening. * * * .Miss Edith .Siicher's many friend'; will be Sony to hear that she is ill ;ii her Iioin*! in Los .Xngeles. Mi^s Sueher unfortunately sustained a spraiied knee some weeks ago and will lie uiiiibk' to continue her siiid- ies for several, weeks. ' + + * .Miss l.ora Cooper Ii -ft today iin- Parsons where she will spend the winter with her parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. S. .M. Cooiier. .Miss Cooiier has not givmi up lu'i- music class here, and will return once each week to iii.-et her i)uj)ils. • W. n. ANDERSOK, • Attomey-at-Lsw. • Notary and Stcdographcr In • Office. • Phone 455. • • H.A.Ewing, S. A. Card, G.R.aard • EWISG, GARD & GARD, • • * LAffjertu • • Practice in all Coarta., "^^ •' • 9*3 W. Madison. Phono tt$. ^. • ' • . - - * DR. McMII.LKN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. Office In Mrs. Turner's Dldg., West Madison. • • Phone r.r.4. Tola. Kans. • • IIK. EIMTII a. IIAIGH. • *i* Office and Residence over Bur* • • , * rail's Drug Store. • • i • Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 * to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. • . 1 ^ Sundays by Appointment. • I'hone 6H7. IleB. 701. • .DR. 0. L. COX, • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. U. W. iSIdg. • 3mco Phone lOI.-.l. DR. R. 0. CIIRISriAN. riiyslclan and Surgeon. Itootui 7 and 8. Evans HIdg. • I • « r. II. MARTIN, Practice Limited to SargBry. 10 N. Buckeye. Phone 676. •I. DK. W. R. IIETLMDN. Ph )Mii >lar. & Snrgeon. Ofllco N. E. Corner of Square. Over K. C. Plumbing Co .'s Store. nc8. Tel 3S. Office Tel. 508. • a i Phono *Ji2. Fuller lildg. DK. GLY.MJi, Spcciall.«t. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Glasses Furnished. •! • * SiriVKLY WOILD niMXIl m T. He I 'lanN 11 War on the American Assoelntlnn. Cincinnati. Oct. :!0.—"ndc" Sliivcdv of the Western Association of Ikisebril! Clubs, who Is planning to invade till the .\inericaii association cities wiili new base ball teams in the event the .\uicrican as.«ociation decides to break •iway from the fold of orgaitizcd base liall. as has been reported, has found a supiiorter of his scheme here in the person of liarry Herrmann, chairman of llie national commis.tlon. Sliively was ill conference here yesterday with llerriiiann. "If the American associ:i- tiloii turns outlaw I believe Sliively will have a good chance." said Mr. Hermann today. "He is for organized base ball first aud last and will have the indorsement of the national comission. If the .Xnierican tissocia- lion does l)reak away from the l'o:iI all the club owners and idayers lakiii'-; part in the movement will lie |ieitii:'ii- eiilly blacklisted by the natiiuial coiii- iiiissioii. II does not seem |ir):;siide in iiie. however, that the .\mericaii asso- ciaii'iii niagn.ites will make an;. sii('i_ liad liiuak." DK. r. TOZER, lola Infirmary, 202 £. Jackson, We use X-nay, Violet Rays, Static, Galvanic and Faradls Electricity with vibratory stim- ulati'on in nervous and chronic diseases. Phone 386. • Rrti. Tel. 198. Offico Tel. 103. | , • DK. J. R. PEPPER. • i • • Dentist. *]» • I(» permanently located over • ' * • E. C. McClaln's Clothing Store, * • and is prepared to do all kinds * • of up-ip-date dental work. • • Evening work hy appointment. • P. Ii. Lathrop, • Mrs. Hc.s.sle G. Lathrop. • OSTEOPATHIC PIIYSICUKS. •• Special attention given to Dia- • eases of Women and Children. • Over East Side Hardware. • Office 'Phone, Main 468. • wou .D.Bi; AssAssn SHOT. Threw Worthless Iloiiih nl the Cur- rluge of a Russian Prlnre. Vyatka, flussia. .\ct. :!n.—.\s rritice (Jorlehakofr, acting governor of Vyat­ ka. w!is driving here today a boiiiii was Iiiirled at the carriage but faiieil to <'\plode. The periietralor of llie out rage iiicii allenipted to shooi the lirince but ii soldier sliot and killed llie wotild-be .'issassin wlifi was .i student. < TII.VV ARK FRJiSIJ. A cho'cc avsortment of th'is popit- > lar brand at CRABB'ts. When you buy Lowney'i Cboco- : lates here, our personal plcd;;eof llietr goes with thciii. Get your iic .Kt candy at Crahb's ;it:(l ice htm well " it pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washitigtou and Wcht Sts. DON'T READ THIS. I'liless ou" are seeking Ilrst-class investments. There will be rorlunes iiitide this fall in listed merilnrioits .Vevada .Minnig .Stocks. The recent decline has placed the market in position for the biggest boom in many years. Our advance inside information fiirn ishcd for a portion of your profits. Write at once; for full particulars. THE .MIMNG FINANCIAL BIREAI', Oakland, California. SISTEK llubertliie. who for some tine has held the position of surgical nurse at St. .lolin's hospital, leav-.s tliis wcidc for Co'orado i«) take tlnj niaiiagemetit of the new tuberculosis sanitarium which .Mother Ileniard has established In that state. W V. flOSIIOR.N. of <;alion. Ohio, a iiepliev. of .1. B. Goshorn of th's city came in io<Iay for a visit with his iiti- cle .Mr. fiosliorn has not seen Ills nephew for .'•onie twenty years. .Mr. Coshorn Is editor of th<' Inquirer at Ca'ion. IIO.N'. CIIAS. F. Scott and private secretary H. F. Ciil'^'y left th's after noon for Kansas City. Kansas, wher:' Vr .'^co't the eonimerclal club of that city tonight. I-'tom there they will go directly to Wiishingtuu D. C. HAVE YOr seen "Are You a Matron." Thi'U you will surely see It again. If you have not seen it. then you cannot afford to miss It. That Is why there are no vacant seats wfceo this funniest of comedies comes to town. By t *e way, "Are Yon % Mason" has been booked to appear at the Orand tonight Skatihg Rink Now f Ladies Free Morning and Afternoon Aduiissiou at Xiglit 25 cents, lucliiding Skates. Rollaway Skating Rink North Side of the Square. Good Miisit;. Good Order. Good Floor. Try a Want Ad, in ihe^RegMBr Bulbs of AM KlndK. ExcluiilTr Apurtuient (or ladwfi Deflicomb Bath Boose and Mineral Weil (1,500 Feet Deep.) • Located4it 4th and iJctilt Ave., Fort Scott, Kausaa. Tlili* watrr l '0Hllh «^lji Cures Rliciiinutiiiin, Brlifht's V^wiwi ^l Htouwch Trouble mnA kgui: . ^ Prof. J. L. Bisbop, the most Celebrated Hassaglst and Ifjrd bt In the Cenntrr, in ittendance giving BMSsage. . > - ri^t,^. WATISB 8HIFFIB IN ITHE (5) UALLOX B0TTi£8'OSlt^^

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