Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 6
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1^ THEY LOSE BUT ONE (Continued from page one.) Falstring 8; Freeman 6. Adams 6; Prevert 10. Mderson 11; McAdams C. North Geneva. North Geneva -was the second precinct from which complete retums were received. The following was the vote: Taft 71; Bryan 40. Stubba 70; Botkin 40. Jaclison 71; Freerlts 40. Scott 71; Sheridan 12. Foust 65: Apt 46. Travis 63: Ojier 49. j Watson CS; Russell 15. Culbertuon 75; Jury 47. Rusherman 74: Holt 39. Ewlogi 66; Orton 4G. Smith 75; Collins 3S. Bollinger 74: Douglu8 runston 67; Baker 43. Adams 73; Prevert 27. AndorQon 73; McAdauis BatMtt. Bassetl was the third precinct tu be heard from, The following was the vote: Taft 84; Bryan 22. " Stubbs 84; Botkin 21. ' . Scott 84; Sheridan 21. •Poust 84; Apt 22. " ' • Tra ,Tls 84; Oyler 23. • WatBOU 83; Rtassell il. Culbertson Jury 21. Ausherman 871 Hbit 19. ' " ' ^ Thompson 86; Cozlne 19. Smith 86; tollins 19. Bollinger 79; Douglas 2G. Christian 88; Lambeth 17. Funslon, S3; Baker 21. Palstring 85: Freeman 20. Adams 85; Frevert 20. Fronk 83; Klein 22. ^ V/eat Elm. The following is the vote in West Elm: Taft 72, Bryan 52. Stubbs 72, Botkin 52. Scott 73, Sheridan 51. Foust 55, Apt 70. Travis 54, Oyler 71. Watson 70, Russ^l 55. Culbertson 80, Jury*44. Ausherman 68, Holt 56. ThompsoD 73. Coziue 52. Swing 64,.Orton 60. Smith 75, Collins 52. . Bollinger 77, Douglas 40. ' Christian 71, I.«mbeth 51'. Funston 66, Baker 58. Palstring 71. Freeman 53. Adams 74. Prevert 50. Anderson 71, McAdams 51. Third Ward, Gas City. The returns from the Third ward of Gas City came iu at midnight. The following is the vote: Taft 53, Bryan 73. .Stubbs 53, Botkin 73. Scott 51, Sheridan 7C. Foust 47, Apt 83. Travis 41. Oyler 87. < Watson 53, Russell 73. Culbertson 61, Jury' 65. Ausherman 54, Holt 72. Thompson 54. Cozine 73. ~ Ewing 56, Orton 71. Smith eOrCollins 66. Bollinger 56. Douglas 72. Christian 55, Lambeth 71. Funston 56, Baker 69. Palstring! 53, Freeman 73. Adams 5S. Prevert 69. Anderson 56. McAdams 71. Carlvle. Taft 81, Bryan 68. Stubbs 86, Botkin 73. Scott 86. Sheridan 73. pjoust 65, Apt |82. Travis 61. Oyler 73. WAtson 84, Russell 75. Culbertson 93, Jury 56. Ausherman 89, Holt GO. Thompson 68, Cozlne 83. Ewing 41, Orton 80. Bollinger 113. Doiigla^ 36. Anderson 85. McAdams 57. Gas City] FOURTH WARD. The Fourth ward, Gas City. roturuH came in at 1:30 this a. m.: Taft 43, Bryan 45. Stubbs 35, Botkin 47. j Theaii]]rv>I]ublete «fiBon |]w ]iiQh any hoasehdld can haveisthetettiiiumy dftkoie w^o have used it It ii wotM than UM I M td) Sdmrnm Periiaa from a tlieo< letical ftaadpoii^ Ilf ii what Penua will do;bu >t what peopla say about it, that constitutes dence. Th^ houfewiTes of the United SI know what Peruna frill do. They have tried it Ijhey have realized its bei efit inthe&mily. ^ey are the ones tiiat B competent to speak' of ^t Self-appointed critics Imow nothing of it whatever. CMR3 .llATnE HAMILTON. Mf ?S.ANTHONYRAUCH .j) The Testifflooy of These Three Hotaewives Dema&stntes Beyond AQ Qvil That Ferniu is a Safe aad-Useful Remedy. Gained FlesM on P^una. | CoostlpaUon, Torpid Liver. Mrs. Hattie Hamilton, R. P. r .Ko.% Sparta, Ky., writes: "I haxo taken two bottles of Pernna and commenced on tlie third one. I did not really need the third one, but thought it best to take another bottle. "I have alwayt! weighed 102 pounds, but since I bep;an takiug Peruna I weigh 120, for the first time in all my life, and I am now tbiriy-tliree years old. Your medicine bus surely done mo a great deal of good, and L have recommended It to several others wlio have begun taking it. "My mother, who is seveuty-.sixyears old, ha<l grown so weak she could scarcely walk. She took twobotUesof Peruna and is fleshier and lookini; well." Internal Catarrh. Mrs. M. F. Jonet:, of Jiuruiug Springs, Ky., writes: "Xo family should ever ho without I'eruna, for it is an unfailing: cure for colds, and it is an cxeelk-nt remedy to l)rovcnt and relieve croup. ••.Vnd to epeak from a standpoint of experience, I can eaniiiiily say tliat it is the remedy for internal catarrlii I shall not hoiJitttte to recommend it, espceially to all suffering women. "Peruna has gained full contidence and u permanent nCay iu <mr hmue." ' Peruna Their Family Medicine. Mrs. Anna C. Hyde, T12 E.,Yamhill street, Portland. Oreffon, Vice President Literary and Educational Organization of New Hampshire, writes: "I am plcaf ed to endorse Peruna as an all-round good family nicdiciuv, and one that Is cafe to (rivechildren. 1 K I VO it to mine at the lea^t fiu(;t;estlon of a cold, and take it myncif to build up my strpnyth and nerves. "My Hi «ter, who In liviuK wllh mo, uses I'eruua, too, and «ho It \o\ul in iia praises. "Yuur medicine i- certainly worthy of praise." Backache, Headache. Rfrs. T^e^si<• Nelson,f^iX.lfiflh Ave,, Nashville, Tenn., writes: "As Peruna has done nie a World of ^ood, I feel in duty bound lo tell of it, in hopes that it may meet the eye of some woman who has sulTercd as I did. MrB. Authonv itauch, ; UH J N . Walnut 1 "^or five years I really did not know Btreet. BnevriJ O writer • ^ perfectly well day was, aud if 1 Street, Bncyru^, O., write. . ^.^ ^^^^.^ l.eadaehe, I had I.a.liuche "I was Bufferlns from o1;slinat« «.n- ,o„,ewhere and rcall v life was Btlpatipn and torpid l.ver, when I took. the, effort I made to keep ;;oing. "A good friejiil advised me to use Peruna and I was glad to try anytiiiug. aud I am very plea.-»d to say tliui six" boitles made a new WKinan ofjiiie and 1 have uomorcpainf and life looks, bright again." I your advlpe and purchased .six liottlcs of FenmaandManalin. When I had taken only one bottle I felt much better, aiiil since I have taken two more Ixjttles I feel entirely well, but I will taking the medicine for a short time to make sure of my cure. "I think Manalinjis one of llm fniosi remedies for constipation that i ever tried. I will never bo without it. It has made uic so sjtrong. I can do a day's work and n^ver tire. I am so, , , i ,, , > glad I do not get those dizzy spell.s any ! [ was tlroubled J'^'-five years with u Catarrh of Bou-els. Mrs. MaigioDurljiu. i.w. liittle Hock, Ark., ia.i:i;2N'ortli street, more. I haven't l>ad one since 1 took j-our medicine. "1 cannot tliank j-ou euuugli for what your iiiediciite lia^i done for ii^e. All sick people should give it a fair trial." Kidneys and Bladder. ^Iis.Cus. 11. Carlson, Box 2<>l,Ortou- ville, Minn., writes: "1 had catarrh of llio kidneys and bladder, I have taken Peruna until | now, aud I do not think I need to lake it any longer. < "1 feel well, and my tongue is clear, and I have no bitter taste in my mouth. I am very thankful for Peruna." '.! chronic disexse. I tried everylliing I heard ofj but notliiiig did me any good, I ijjonio doctors said my trouhlu was. catarrh of the IjowelsJ and some said con- slimption of the Ijowels. One doctor said he could cure nie. 1 look his medicine two months, but it diil me no good. ".V friend of mine advisevl me to try Peruna and I did .'•o. After I had taken two bottles I found it^vas helping me, Ifo I continued its use, and it lias cured mo sound and well. "I can recommenti Peruuu to anyone, and if anyone wants to know wliat I'eruua did for m<> if they will write lo me I will answer promptly.'' and course lookinn. . A T ^ a rt -.-^nii iiiiiiiy rat woiueii, iiaiiirall.v gcxxl Iionsek.-f'p- «MS. let vlieir liomcB jio ritil'< r ijiaii |M r mil the work lo ni:iki.' iln -ir livi-.-; :i .\ iimnl iiuinv liy rMTei .-inv :!liil cli<.-iiiig lo uei rid ni' il.c i .-n. inn I \v;im to Mi\ here liiai il liou .-cwwr'-: '.ill not ';ike off voiir r\:r;i fir'.-lr. -\I tvcii -iui; cau in .it. Il (>:;sc\\ o; k iiir.'.'-.i ^irt.iiiii;us kind of i x;-; cise. i rccoiiiuuiul every vvuiiiaiW wlni reads liii .i willi iiu^'re .s: liec Uci- il dea's Willi a proMeiji D J ' iu-r ov .ii. to Kiev up i-xereisiiis and nitiiisi; as iug bad and Injurious and ! ry iliH following .'^iiiii'li- nii .Miiie oi' lioiise hold leiuedics. I giuuaniPe that in a reasonable length of liiiK' tiny will have lo .st eiioii .uli flesh in a naiaral. wlidi^sonii' way to eiialilt? litcn lo uo through their hoii.'-ewfivk v.ijii |^;<*;.-|- ure and comfort to iiK 'nit ;e !v <'s. This home receijit ip as fo.luws: 'i; uii'.".f Marmdla. ounce Fluid lascara .\ro- inatio. and .'SU- ounces l'( iMx-nninl Water, and ili-- direetjoiis Mir lakiim iiri? one lea.spoonfni alu-r - IK-MI .- and ai bedtime. .Now. dont make ilii- ip .iv .iak'' of thinking thai beeanse i!'<ve iliroe tliiiiKs are simple home icnu-die.s tin- eoinl)inaiion of liiein ean'i i,e i;otii! for rednciiif; the fifsh. for as a niaiipr of fact I don't believe then- is a hi-i- 'ler combitiaiion for lakin.:; oil" fat <|iiickly ;ind safely tiian ihe um- 1 liave KJven yon a.l)ovf*. It'does iiol dialiirh jlie stomach or cause wrinkles, and i! renders dieting aiid e.vercisinj; entirely unnecessuiy. in addiiion to these udvaniUKes.i wlii <-li 1 am hiire yon will admit are enough lo reeoiiunend It lo any woman, it is inexpensive and las- ily ohlaiuabie ai an> <lriij; store. THESECONDDISTRICT , i LATE RETURNS REDUCE MAJORI TIES BUT DO NOT CHANGE RESULTS. Republican County Ticket Badly Shot to Pieces in Many Places.—Taft and Scott Carry All But Two. went to prts.s Scott 37. Sheridan 45. Poust 34. Apt r .l. - Travis SI. Oyler r,l. Watson 35, Russell 47 . Culbertson 42, Jurjy 4'2. Ausherman 39, Holt 46. Thompson 39, Cozlne 44. JEwlng^g, Orton 44! Smith 40, Collins 46. i Bollinger 45, Douglas Z» . Christian 39, Lambeth 44r Funston 39. BaEer 4S. Falstring 40, Freeman 45. Adams ^41, Prevert 42. Anderson 3*5; McAdams 47. Rooms for men, 7. BI. C. A. building. Steam heat iu each room. Baths free. FAT WOMEN AM» HbuSE WORK. labuftenrork Is harder on the stout •woama tb$tt it ia on her leaner sister fsr TSTT i dfairloas r ^sensr Bending OT«r hrUir* on that' awful stufCed-up fedlBff ud causes her face to get red ^ull of «i>«p, rich in flavor a>iJ aroma ; perfect MI tlirir original buperior quality, coming to you in . scaled packages Tone BroB. Spicpi <oml)ino full strength aiii| absolute purity wiih unsurpassed ifiiieness of flavor. Each variety is selected by experts, and cornts from the best producing centers. They are the best l)efore we grind theni; the best when you get themr—tlie only kind to use for fine seasoning. There arc twm Uads of Splccs-TONtrs 'otbars." TiMEBmS.. unr«. W'l '.'U the K«'Sisl|i with its Spi'cia) lilj'ctiori l-Miiion at 1 oeloeK this morning, the leinrns inili'at<il that tlie Seconl Congross ional Disf.-iet would give abont its normal Repiihliiaii majority. I ^ter rC' turns, however, iniiieat.- that these ii;::iire.-! may liavi- lo he sonii-what e;iaiij;<'d. t'oniplete Ti'Uiri.'s from Mi :inii eoiin!y show that .Mr. Sheridan will haVI- a plurality of 2\s a;;ainst .Mr. Scott, anil !i" may have a. bimilar l)l;!rai:ty in Wyandoiio eoiinty, while Sly. Scott's )duralily in I{oi:::;<'ii nnd .Viider.son niay he reditct-d. Tin.' !:,'i<al>- licaii inajoiiity in .\lkii also will be alioiit oiHi I<'ss than e^;^ilnated this morning. As nearly a.-; can he jiscer ta!ii<d jit this hour i:: p. m.[ .Mr. Scott's plnraliti>'s in fin- vai'lonsIciitin ties will he )IH fcdlows: .Mien G.'iO. llourhoii l.'.n. .Vndfrson 2n't. Linn l'2 't, .lolinson L'i'ii. I 'ranklln .'».'.n. 1> OIIK I «K 'l,,2e'i,- ill :ill :'.>iy>. .Mr. Sheridan haa •fjiriled .Mlainl/hy i't>. nnd he will )>rnbjihly have Wyafidfllte hy nlxtut till' sail"' vol'', civiiif, .Mr. .Seot.t « not pli!ia'lt> of aini'i! 2 .'.nil. us jigainbt n.snii lust yi-ar From evi'ry eoiint. iC ii-ii.irt comes th'it Mr. Scott has run .-(head of the ticket. Mr. Tafi's majority in the distract prol)ably not e."?cee»lhi!r 1,000. In many of tliei counties also the county ticki'f has been all ".shot to iileces." fn BonrlKin. for ixampl.-. onV the eoniifv clerk is r<'ported eh ete<l. In .lolinson only the sheriff. While In 1-inti. And«^rson. Miami and Wyandotte i>ractically the whole county New Plant Holder. A new shaperl basket holding a iwt contaiuins Jt growing dowering plaut MAJORITY? (Contliiued from'page 1.) AX JiVTSCT IN BBOKZE OKEEf. or H fern is seen in (be illustration. The ba.skeL is colored a dull bronze gret 'U. A well grown maidenhair fyrn of u very licht green hade litte«1 in a basket oC this deticriptiou looks un- coinmoniy well on a breakfast table and in so much more novel than the ordinary china floweriKit. The coloring of the btisket being so artistic, caj-e should always be taken to have ui <ie fresh green moss dainliiy placed -•nlthfe lop of the basket. Tlicde trifles add sn much to the jreneral e£re <.-i. ticket is defeated. Evidently t'nere was a -^ood deal of n land slide in hJastern Kansas as well as in the country at large: only here it slid the oihfer way. Later: Since the , foregoiup was written complete returns from FranK- Hn county have been received sho^- iug .the followiug pluralities: i Taft 468, fStubbs 570, Scott 610. . Tooli For Sawing Room. No one cau ncuoitipllsh goo*! result!* Ill any kind of work if hhe has uot he proper tools with which lo work.' t the Hewing room Is furnished neatly and comfortaldy twice the amount of work can bo accompllHbed. One of the absolute nec^iAities for.every sewing room is a small kitchen table, paliiteil. while, into the drawer nniy I K ; ptii scissors, chalk, tape mcanurcs and other small articles that arc iudlspenxa- e In the sewing rooin. This table an Itu used to lay the goods on while tilting otit garments, and it will lie found a great help wb^n It <-omes to liastiiig seams and hems of skirts and other garment.'*. I'be sewing room should be furnished with a low chair for use when a; I ho sewing nmcbiue. SLS a high chair is most uncomfortable, making one leal over and strain the back. A lurg< mirror also is necessary, for when one Is fitting one's own clothes this will be fouuti most convenient. A grjsatt liiauy Kte|»s. will be savkl if a roomy wfiste- basker. u dustiian ami, broom are kept handy. i or four thousand. 'The complexion of tlie next legislature which will elect a si^ccessor to United^ Slates Senator Stone is also in doubt and tlie iElepub- licans.hope to control it on'a joint ballot. Jleagre returns from the •Republican senatorial primary indicate, that Lieutenant Governor McKinley will give Kerens a close race and has possibly/woh the nomination. The outcome of the spectacular fight between Folk and Stone is also in doubt, returns from the country reducing the strong lead the city gave Stone. St. Louis county is still incomplete. Ilad- le.v. however, carried the city by |welve to fifteen thou.sand and Sloiie •jy a -similar figure. The entire Ite- :mblictin city ticket is elected. Republicans Win in KanMS. Ttii»eka. Nov. 4.— Early rcturna In- llculi' the elc(aloit of enough Hopub- llcnns to control the stale senatei It tnki'K twcnty-oiie voleri to control. Here are llm tW(Mit >-one Itepnbllcan senatois who arc iio doubt elected: S. M. iJrcwHier. Troy: .1. L. Hradv. Lawrence: K. F. Potter, Pittsburg: C. S. Huffman. Columbus: .lohn Ovcr- lleld. Independence: L. S. Camljern. I=:iie: H. E. Hanse. Burlington: Clal Hamilton, Topeka: W. P.'Brown, Blue Rapids: .1. B. l^wer. Haddam: P. C. Hostrop. Manhattan: T. M. Potter.! Peabody; C. A. Stanimid. Emporia; i lohn Denton. Grenola: .L H. Stewart.: Wichita: T. P. Murphoy. Halstcad; Fred Beeler. .lewell City: Emerson Carev, Hutchinson: F. C. Price. Ash-i land: William Wells. Hill City. [[ Returns indicate the alniost cortaiii j election of George H. Hodges. Dcmo|i -rat. Sixth: E. H. .Madison, Seventh Victor Murdock, Eighth, Fragmentary returns from enougi rural districts have been received tc justify the Republican state commit tee in claiming the re-election of al eight Republican congressmen. Howj ver, the contests in the Fifth and Si.xtli districts are close, and full re-^ turns may possibly change tlie re- s'llts there. The congressmen claimed by the Republicans are: D. R. Anthony, First: Charles F. Scott. Second: P. P.. Campbell. Third: J. M. Miller. Fourth: 1 W. A. Calderhead. Fifth; \V. A. Reed-, r of Olathe. over Major .1. B. Rem-; nr,-on, ReiJublJcan, of Osawatomio:. In the other eighteen districts it is impossfbie at this liour to give the. winners, but the chances are that the Repnhiican>^ will capture perhaps half of thv places. House on Right Side. , New York. Nov. 4.—Repivsenta- tlvi- t.oudenslager.-secretary of the Republican congrej?i!lonaI , committee n addition to sending tonight eongrat ilaiory telegrams to Mr. Taft and James S. Sherman, sent ii message to President Roosevelt in which ho .-on- gratulated the executive on the election of the nominees for President iiid Vice President and on an incrcaH- d Republican majority in the lower ^ousc. ' Speaking of the congressional returns the congressman said ho was; atistled the Republican majority in) the House of ReiJrcsentativesi would j be iti excess of the forecast made byi him last week, in which he predicted! uT Republicans to 164 Democrats. i Cannon Re-elected. D^inville, 111.. .\'ov. 4.—.foseph G. CaJinon has been re -elected by a nm- iority of ti.wu) over hia Dcmoc:-atic opponent. Henry C. Bell. An unusually heavy vote was polled lliron.Jiout the entire district, but the Oemocriitic party, it Is claimed, had few active workers at the polls in behalf of .Mr. Bell. Only a few precincts have been heard from outsid^ of this city, but The vacuitul suction agitator of the .STEEL KIMi Wushing .Machine will wash in less time than any other machine without wearing or tearing the clothe^. Take one I IOIIH*, aud irj 11. Kier> one (H fully (ninranlccd b) llie Matm fudurerii. l-'or Hale only hy Brigham Hardware Co. EA.ST SiDE .SQIAKE. Trojan Safety Powder 3IE-\>S .IIS'I^ »1I.\T IT SALS. Better than any other poyder on the market. >o glycerine in, its compositiou. Does not freeze no matter how cold. Absolutely no danger in handling. Use Trojan Instead of 'glycerine and save the lives of your men, and your company from damage snits. C. W. Coverdalc .\GENT Koom ti, Stereuson fildg.—loia Raw Furs! B. S. BARNARD 821.320 .\or1h Buckeye Street, loia, ^Kansas. You start righ't. end right Top the market. Get a square deal. Don't pay any commission or express charges. Don't sell to aiiy tnist or give middlemei. any profits and don't have any regrets when you ship or sell to B. S.BARNARD Be Sure You're at the Right .Place. I'hveolafc riel Chocolate Plel Tlie more you eat the moreYou want If they are made from "OUR-PIE" Prepataiiou." £:ach package contains they indicate that Cannon is rtiimingiall ingredients ready for instant use. even up with the national ticket, and j Don't hesitate. Order: today, from your iii Danville he is slightly ahead of it.-grocer and then tell your" friends how Tokio Glad of Taft's Victory. Tokio. Nov. 4.—Wednesday. 11:30 a. m.t—The announcement of the election of Taft was received in Tokio with miich interest. The newspaiters here issued extra editions conveying information communicated throngli the Associated Press. —Frank S. Beattle. V. 8. Phone 139. easy it is to make thos^ delicious chocolate pies. "OUR-PIE" coilies in three varieties—Lemon, Chocolate and Custard—at 10 cents a package. Made by D-Zerta Food Co., Rochester, X. Y. Write today for circulars of all D-Zerta' Products. Try the Register Want Ad. Way. Women frequently suffej* great pain and misery^ duiiing tbe change of life, it' is at fhit time tliat the benefldal effect of taking Qsixdvd is most appreciated, bjj.those liWho lind that it relieves the^r distress. - also —Six per cent money: no commission; no delajr.-^-Smlth ft Vniia. It Help Yon Mrs. Lucinda C. Hill, ojfe :ffreeland» Ql.,Vi9*i "Before I began] to take Cardui, I suffered s6l_, I was afraid to lie down at night. ^After I began take it I felt better in a week. Now my pauislia' gone. I jcan sleep like a girl of 16 and the cham of life has nearly. left,ini" .Tiy Caidni to —Alwiyji time to eat kt Our Wmy. r-Cannbifkm Jb AnHt, e per ftmt f

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