Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1907
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TOL. DC Xo. 421. Whole, >o. 6S01. SIX F.VGES. lOLA, K^'SAS, OCTOBEB SO, 190;.-WED>ESDAT EVEXDiG. SIX PAGESb PRICE TWO CEirrSu CAN PAY TAXES FRIDAY COtTfTT CtEKK TIR>S TAX KOLL.S *OT£R TO COl'SiTl- TKLASIREK. $33^2 MORE THAN UST YEAR 117,000 RAISED r >DER >EW BARNES HIGH SCHOOL LAW. Total School Tax Was Less Than Last Year—lola Cltr Has ' Specbl Tax. W ' ^ County Treasurer M. F". Sickly wi'.l be ready to receive 19u7 and \'M^< tiues Friday, November 1st. County <:lerk R. E. Culbertson Isist evening completed the recapitulation of the tax ro'.ls and will turn them over to i the county treasurer Friday. The to tal amount of taxes is $391,423 which amount exceeds that of last year by $33,432. The increase is due to th- fact that the state asked for nearly 113,000 more than it did last year or S45.000. There is also about $17.000 under the Barnes law this y »'Hr which was not includ?d in the taxes last year, as the new law was not in effect then. The total school taxes ouU^ide of the tax under the Barnes law for this \ year is $119,915 wbich Is considerjiblv Jess than that of last year. JI24.221.02. The tar under the Barnes law is to maintain h'pii schools. Of the $391,425 the total taxes. $4.^.956.14 is for state purpoves:!.'.* <ij for county general purposes: $S.74«tin for county bonds; $1794S.<if; for th- support of high iirhool.<« under ibt- Barnes law; llin.OI .i school taxes, and the t>alance is for township and city purposes. Oaiy one town^lllp. Elm. raivcl taxes to meet expiMises:. Tlw amount raised Is $3.60. The following are the. townships and Hties and the anioinit of taxes raised from each: Elsmore Humboldt I-ogan Salem CottaiCe Grove .. Mormaton Deer Creek lola Klg, THE WE.4THER. Forecast for Kansas—Generally fair tonight and Thursday t warmer Thnrs- day, and in west pertion tonight. APPOINTS DELEGATES. Captniu Ewinit Getting Ready for Draiuaire .Wretinfr. Captain 11. A. Ewing. prcbi.lcut of the .Mien County Drainage .A.^swla- tion, has appointed the ili-legatc.s to the meeting of all those interested" in the mf)venicnt to i)revcnt the ovci- tlow of the Nco.sho river which is to be held at llimiboldt tm November 14th. .1. R. Cline and .1. \V. Cariieuier will represent (Jencva township; Low Horville and tJeo. Davis lola township, and 1-:. H. Funston and Fred Kettl-. I 'arlyie township. Delegates from ivi-iy township along the river are o\if ;rd it> be at this meeting which ' iM .i inr its i )Hrpose tbe adoption of ' iii.ins lor preventing the overflows of ilvei. The meeting at Hiinibolilt i-i ilu- result of tbe meetings held in liie cities along the river coursie by .1. (). Wri .sbt. gnvernniout engineer in THE STATE ELECTIONS OFFICERS WILL HE CHO,SE> TWELVE >EXT FRIDAY. I> A mm TICKET IN TWJ STATES HFAHSl FORCES COHBI>£D WITH KEITBLICANS I.> >EW YORK. .Mas.sarhusrtts Worries Along With Only Ten Tickets—Date of EIic- tiiiu >nvcnilK>r .S. be Nfw York. Ort. :iii._Thore ivill elections in twelve states one week from ye.;tcrday. In .Mansachusott.s, Rhode Island. .Maryland. .Mississippi which he explained the best method.s. iand KenUHky a governor and other and tbe cost of drainage. The matter siatc are to he ilio.sen; lii .if tbe drainaw of tbe river is a very New York, two associate justices of important one and it is hoped that cv-lihe rourt of appeals; in Pennsylvania, crv localirv aloni; the river will l>e, a state iruasurcr and in Nebraska, a represented. THKEATENED A> ELDERLY MAX. railmad fommissioncr and two re- Bent.s of the state university, in Ohio, I'tah and California, municipal oHlcors are to be selected, while in New York Jndge Frcvert Held Against A. Jones 1 county a number of judges and a sher- publicans named five and the Independence league the others. Opiiosed to Ihmsen on the democratic ticket is Thomas F. Foley, democratic leader of the Second assembly district and a well known figure In East Side i>oli- lUs; while James W. tierard heads the democratic ticket for Justice of the supreme court. Soon after the nomin ations were made .Mayor ,McClelIan, whii had been opposed to the Tammany machine, annniinred that he would support the demorratlc ti.'kei against the repiibllcan-llcarst combine. . In Cleveland Congressman Theodore Hurton is contesting the mayoralty with Tom L. .lohnson. who is un- der;=lond lo be the representative of William .1. Hr.van in Ohio, and to in- Rryan's views on tbe subject of puiilic utilities. There are four tickets in Salt Lake City, the .American or .Anti-.Mortnon party, having made nominations for local offices, as have the republicans and deriiocrats and sorialists. In San Francisco the democrats and the Cood Ciovernment forces have com bincd and nominated the iire.-ent act- ins mayor, who is opposed by a re- imblican as well as a union labor ean- diditte. ami the three-cornered light is decidedly lively. NEWS FROM TOPEKA KA.XSAS BA.\KS FEEL LITTLE EF- KE(T OF FI.XAMIAL FURRY. A REFININB COMPANY COMPLAINS IRA F. ELLIOTT SAYS PRAIRIE CO.MPA>Y HEFCSED THEIR OIL. Probable That the Common Carrier Un Will Come to a Tcst-I Other >rws. THE SOLDIERS MUTINED in IVace Proceeding Charge. The transcript of the cas? of th" Slate vs. \. Jones from Justice F. W. Frevert's court at (las C'ty. was filed in distriet court todav. I: is a peace proceeling brought by Nicholas Moss. .Vrcording to the evidenee introduced in thr- hearing .lones who is a young man. Iiari rroiible with Mr. Moss, an elderly man. over their work at on" of the smelters, nurlni: an alterca tion. Jnn.^s is said to have u.serl tlir.-at en'ns langnageto .Mos.s. The latter In .••tltiKed peace proceedings am! the court held against the ilefendant. . .1 9 ..'i .tl.9.t f,..-|S7.S9 ,. .-.119.:?I ,. r..229.rii , . .'.949.7t; ,. K.6.->.i.ns . 4 .75r .''t .. 2:'..6Sj "i .7t; ,. 17.69R.S7 "ttPnera" Cariyle . Osage .. 4.127.21 .T .-.2fi..^'' 5.fiS9.61 Tola Cities. city S f;i.62v.:;i Humboldt Moran .. - LaHarpe . flaa C'ty . Bassett .. Savonburg County Treasurer Sickly wishes tii announce that those who wish to pay their taxes can present ehe.-ks f <ir payment. The cash is not necessary. There is an impre.ssion that the treas- over the county who do not have time over the county who do have time to come in with tbe money can senil a check and thus save the neces.siiy of a trip to lola. §4,000 FOR GAS RIGHTS. CHy Paid Peter Y'nnng Large Sum for I's* ef lOd Acres. BRACE FA.HILV WA.VTS AID. .Hrs. Brace Says Children Have T.tphoid Fevrr. .Mrs. .\ M. Urace of East lola today appealed to \Vm. Knapp. coniniL'ssloner of till- rfiiinly (Kifir. for i-'mntv aid. She said her son was III with typhoid fever and the family was In npe<l of grixerles. Mr. Kna|>|> will Investigate the re-iues' Mr. Urace died some lime ai;o. Th<' Brace family ha:- been given county aid on previous orcaslnns. TO TAKE PRECAUTION Loral Ranks Decide to Place Limit of Withdrawal of Cash. A. Tbe city j-est'crrfay paid Peter Tounjc, a farmer living a mil.* anil three quarters southwest of the river bridge, the sum of $4.»nn for the gas rights cm h's tract of l<'fi acres. Th- city formerly had a contract with .Mr. Y^oung which gave the city the privil ego of taking gas from the Young wells at the rate of 2 c?nts a thous and. The city olhcials figured it out that by takit>g 2 nil'Ilon feet a day. the city could in one winter pay our $5,000 and so the deal was closed with Mr. Young. ! ( Tbe buying of the Ytumg caa rlKbta will put th- city in exce^ent tjondition for furnishing a good supply W gaa to the consumers this winter. TThere are several welU already drill •ed on this place which show a rock prenure of 300 poumis and it Is thouabt, that 'ho »!»r« have g<K>d volume. Mr. Young pxp«>cts to leave In n few dkys for f.awrence Kansas, where 'he expects to pui-chane residence nrop,»rty and send bis son. .WHI. through the State Unlversltv ••nglneer inr school. CRAP GAME COST 119.75. WIIU8;Lowe Plead Gniltr Before Jndice Hoairh Today. It cost Willis Lowe, colored. $19 7.i tor the part be took in 'a crap game which I was held several weeks ago on the ^commons north of town. Lowe and. Rirera (Gordon were ordered to appear liefore Judge Hough thismorn- ins. Lowe pleaded guilty to tbe charge and was given that amount to pajr. Gordon was misinformed as to the time of the trial and failed to show no. Hia trial has l>een set for next Taesday. "ijli" ^' meeting of Ihe local bankers "V-iht a decision was reached to ll.K4.'>.fi 'i pay ..III Imi $2.j ;>er day in cash on a 11.114 "2 »i:);;lr aecoiiut and then not to ev- 2.f'77 2." • f,...,; niiiie than JC>n per week. This l.:;!M.iSs j ruling will be oiiserved until the lianki -rs ean set some a.<s 'iranee frnm their ci>riosp.mding banks in the cities that money ran lie sent them. Since ihe city tianks have refused to si-nil money to ilieir country rorrc- spimdents the local banks and other country hanks ran do nothing hut hold ibey have on hand. This lilan is beinc adopted everywhere in The Cnited States and the liic .il tianks ado|i '<'d it only lor the jirotertitin of loia and this cominunlly as well as themsel\es. This move on the part of the bankn shoiilil not he misunderstood for it is er.iy a i>rotection acainst a shortage ot ca-li that woul.l result, in all prob- abiiily. if all the detiosllors were allowed to withdraw all of their actual cash. 'I'o prevent this • shortage iif the local liauks have i.ssijed tlie following statement: .Xntire to Depositocs and Credlior*. In view cif the action taken by the ("learing House .V'-socJatlnn in all lli- I .iigi fitles of th" ronnuy. intrliidlns New York. Ch'cagn. Si. Louis and Kan:N,'is City. In which cities wp liave lars- balances on deposit, ami for Ihe lirotictlon -if the public and busiii'-'s-; liiti -ri -sls of lola nn-! virliiiiy. it liiis 1 n ileenii'd advlsabl.* hy lb- h;ml.s <if this city to cease nirrenry paynieniv; except In sniaP amonnlM iiii til thi' IbKineial siinatliin over the country is quieted. The iiiid >-rsl;:n 'd banks, lH>ljevln': thai- thi- actbin taKi-n by the olli»r eiiies Is Ihe lii'-l Ibllii: for Ihe |ii(r -re >(s (if a 'l CfinciTlied, bavi' agreed iill 'v ch.eli.* or C'rtltlcates of dl<)Mt I'lr |2.'<.'""> »>r Jess will be paid In <ash. and then nut iiKiri- than |r»n.n-t per wi 'ek on atiy one .irco'iiil. TIn' atxive regahiHon will he en- forr -d liy of Us from (his dale til! further notice. .VORTHRI'P N.ATinN.AL BANK. L. L. Northriip. Pres ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK. C .eo. .A Bowliis. Pres. inL.\ STATE BANK. L. E Horville. Pres. The action of th- banks has posi- tivelv raused no excitement. The peo^ p"e have accepted It as a matter of ty and there seeaitt to b,» no Jli-feeling whatever. The orlsinal whist "dub will have a Hallowe'ea party on Thursday ev- ia tb^ third atory of the F. J. reiddeoce. AmooK the club's are eome of lo'a's most matrmu libo will prtdMbly ^KCkia parir ooa of the most en- ipr the aveafatr. ;to Mr, aad Mm. 7M ->aio ,th ¥^tncky CONDITIONS Wall Street Express Gratlflration That Storm Is Over. •New York, Oct. 30.—The . banking conditions appear normal in this citv today. The situation is now so well in hand that no further conference of the tMUiks la anticipated. The runs on one of the two Institatlona ntay be said, to be orer. aad'Wtil street, today •xpMaaed SFatlliBatlQa-tJiat tha .atorm iff arc to be voted for. In Cincinnati there i.s a triangular contest. Itcmiisey. (Icniocrat. tioing opposed by lYank PlalT. elected vice mayor tv.o years ;igo, on Ibe .same ticket with nemiisey and by Cobinrl Lrojiold .Markbreii. and veterkn German I'ditor. I'faff beads the city iiar- ty ticket, which includes several democratic nominees, and .Markhrelt is the repuliliean candidate. The probibiiionisfs iiave a state ticket in all the states, except Maryland, anil city tickets in Cincinnati. Cleveland and Salt l ^iUo. but not In San Krancisro. The siiii:ill .-t-Lalinr.aiarty has tirk- eti In Kentiirky. .Massachusetts and .New .lerney. while union labor made nnmln.itions for city oftlrers in San Franclhro, There cin!y one lirketf. deniocral- Ir. ill ,Mlsslssi|>pi. and Ihe result, of niiMse. is not doiilitful. Two DeniorrHtic Ticket'*. In Mas.-a.'bii.-iells Ihrre ;ire ten tlrk- et.i. live helng divided among deuio- rrals. wbii are engaged in a factional tight with the stale delegation lo the national ilenincratic convention next .vear In prospective. The ballot law commission decided that llenry .M Whitney was the nominee for gov- ero'T. In .Vebraska the denincrats and populists fu.'Pil oh tbe oflirial.-; lo tie voted for throughout the state. Ill Maryland there viill lie a straight contpsi between the demorrat.-: and the repul.Means, only the two iiartie.« hav in<; made nominaiiims for state otflc- er:;. In addition to these a house of delegates and one-half of the sta'c senate are lo be elected. The next Ieai.-.!nliire will choose two Cnited Slates senators—one to fill the iinex- idreii term of Ihe late .Arthur P. Cor- niati. and tbe other to take the place of Senator Rayner. The reimhlicans adhere to the old plan of senatorial election, but. the deiiuirrats .ire tii put into effect a new senalnrtal jirimary plan which requires every member of the lecislafure to Vfite for tile candidate receiving the hiche.=' vole In bis district. The senatorial primaries, sn far at as the democrats are concerned will here after be a part of the recnlar elec- tion.s In Maryland. Six asjilrants for the long term will be voted for No- vemlier .">. the candidate for Ihe short term'having no oniKisliion. Ilcarst-Repnbllcan Fusion. The Ifiral elections. i>ariieiil.irly in N«v.- York roiiniy, Cleveland. Cincinnati, Salt T,:ik» and San Kran.-isro are of iiarflciilar interest tliis year In .New York county the republicans and tbe Independent I.eagiiP (Mearsf) forces have fused on Ihe roiinty ticket, wbb-li Is m;ide up of .i tiumher of court Justlres and a sheriff. Tlil; gives iinnsii il interest to the ri>nie.-t. .V- ibniicli the reimliiirans named the head of Ihe ilcltel. M I,inn !!iii<e, for insllee i<f Ihe supreme court, tbe nio'i important nlDce. ili.ii of sheriff. V .-elll lo 111'- 1 inliMiendenl 1 ,«-;u-:|e. who -e iinmiiice. MaMiillllan F. Ihmsen. Iia- been William I! Ileal .-.C:! cam p ;il-'il iiiriii:>i;i-r In several ranip ;il :;ns On Ihe ten Jiidiii'.s nonilnaieil the re- Rnssian Torpedo Boats Attacked the (it) of Tokio—Brisk Firing Followed. Tokio. Oct. ."0.—.A di.spatcb pub- lishetl from Vladivostok says tbe crews of two Russian torpedo boats there have iiiulined and attacked the city from tbe sea. The soldiers are g.trrisoning the fortress, it is added, anil resiionded with a brisk fire which resulted In one of the torpedo Ijoats heing disaiiled. It Is said ihat great excitement prevailed at Vladivostok. WILL 60 TO BERLIN TbrreN SomrthluK Doing and President Wants Diplomat on the Spot. .Manila. Oct. 30.—As a result of a voliimliioiis cable correspondence between President Roosevelt and Secretary Taft. It Is understood the latter will leave .Manila on November 2nd In order to reach Berlin at the earliest possible moment. It is understood Secretary Taft will leave here Siin- d.iy. It is s.iid a mailer of the utmost importance is pending in Oermany and*] Secretary Taffs presence there is necessary immediately. RAIN Farmers STOP IT Institnte Was Held Hari"" Yesterday. in La The lirsl day of the Farmers" Institute whirh is being held in La Ilarne was well attended yesterday coii<<!3- erin.g the very bad weather. The lectures were instructive as well as interesting. Every merchant and general laborer as well as farmers learned miirh which will be of benefit to them. The lecture by Prof. Wheeler of the State Agricultural college, was esiierlally interesting and instructive. . Today the following program is be- in« rendered: 0 nn—piacinc Boys Corn. lii;i >n _RPliorls hy Boys an Growing Corn. CiMiferenre of farmer;-; on fliowing Corn. lii::;n_Corn Hreedinj:—Prof A. M- TenEyck. Kansas State .Agri- niltural College. Disriission. ]:iiii —Huslness ineeting. 1 :r ,i>— Alfalfa in Allen County—J. Barrackman. i ;:(in _Address—Mrs. Henrietta Calvin. Kansas Stale Agricultural College. -J a.-,—Forage Crops—R. A. Ewing. :i IMI - Kami Management—Professor TenEyck. IK. -.\djoiirninent. KeirUtiT Want .Vd-«. Pay brrn«He In WUfi County n(>nrly everybody rradn the KruMer. FRANK ROBINSON SEVERELY BURNED YESTERDAY Bottle of Alcohol Brranir Ignited and the Flames Spread Over Room- Mrs, Robinson Sll<;h»l} Injnred. Robinson, of 2<'3 South First street, lies suffering in bed this afternoon as a result of two badlv hnrnj P.1 hands wh'rh ho reeeiv..'d early this ; vinilow. Th? flames had not secured • he fames. He was thoughtful iiioiirb to throw the bed clothes and ciirl.ilns which were afire out of the (Special Correspondence.) . Topeka, Oct. 30.—Reports received at the office of .lohn Q. Rojce. state bank commissioner, from various points over the state yesterday afternoon and this morning indicate that Kansas is feeling but little effect of the financial flurry, aside frcnl eni- liarrassment of minor nature and in-, nianv omer comnmaiues uiai uo uoi convenience in adjusting itself to the I ordinarily move under straight class changed banking conditions. , No re- | rates. nsking that an o^er be Issued to the railroads to put/into effect the new y naximum distairce schedule of rates as prrpatltd by Secretary B. C. Shiner unoc the direction of the lK>ard. Mr. Crnttan was furnished with copies of the sc^dule yesterday and will file tr.e complaint Just as soon as it can be prepared. The proposed schedule,'on which the members of the board and Sacre- tary Shiner have been working for several months with the assistance of an expert rate man at St Louis, provides for an approximate decrease of eighteen per cei>t in all distance tariff rates between polnt«~ within the states and corresponding reductions in terminal rates on classes and commodities. No changes are made in classlflcaiions but the reductions proposed cover all classss. It is proposed to reduce grain rates only slightly, thn legislature haying last winter enacted a maximum grain rate Ian which cut the freight charge fifteen per c?nt.' Coal rates are cut only a little below the line proposed in the maximum coal rate bill wh»ch passed the Senate last winter. That bill provided for an eighteen per cent reduction. Live stock rates are also nduced and also those on lumber, salt, brick, sand stone, cement and many other coiiimodities that do not ports of weakened or crippled banks have been received and .>fr. Royce is of the opinion that Kansas banks and their patrons will suffer little except infonvenience. The only sign ot trouble is 'with reference to perhaps twenty-five smaller state banks in Kansas that carry a portion of their reserve deposits with the Rankers' Reserve Trust Com- l)any ot Kansas City, wbich suspended business .Monday because banks would not extend to it the privileges granted memliers of t^e clearing honse association. Mr. Royce receHed advices;- from the .Missouri officials yesterday that there is no question of the solvency of the trust company and that tbe depositors will certainly be jiaid dollar for dollar. It is also stated that the suspension will not bring serious loss to the stockholders in the trust cimipany. .Mr. Royce went to Kansas City yesterday evening for the purfiosc of tnlk- ing over the situation with Kansiis City bankers and to see If nrrange- menis can be made to relieve the banks Ihat carried their reserve with the Hankers Trust ctmipany. In case these bunks need relief. He Is Inclined to believe that he will have little trouble In making the arrangement he seeks, as the embarrassment can be but temporary. Reports have been received from many smaller towns today that affairs are going on about as though there were no financial, flurry and there is no probability that there will be further effort made to have a holiday declared in order to help out the banks. .A shortage of small chance may be felt within a few days as the banks have been in the habit of shipping change in frequently but this? will not be serious. In Topeka conditions are entirely satisfactory to the hankers as the pnlilic is not showing signs of alarm. Members of the clear ng house association here think that the trouble will be past within a.few days. Want Law Tested. Topeka. Oct. .lO—Ira F. Elliott, manager of the Hhnsas Refining company, at Cbanute. has written to .Attorney Ge'ncral Jackson to the effect that the Prairie Oil * Gas Company makes a false statement in the answer it has filed in the Supreme court in the antitrust suit against it. In his petition .Attorney General'Jackson alleges that tbe Prairie Oil & Gas Compan.v. i.s an agency of the Standard Oil Company and that in furtherance of the Standard's monopoly has refused to receive crude oil from [irivate parties for An id?a of the sweeping changes proposed in the new tariff may be gained from the following tables giving the reductions per hundred jtounds on each class and commodity on distances of 100. 200, 300 and 400 miles: • " 100 nitl?.s—1st class. 22 cents; 2nd class. ISi^; 3rd c'ass. 17; 4th class. 13: nth class. 12; class A, 1^: class B. 2»i; class C. 3^i; class D. 2%: cia-ss E. Iti; lumber. 4%; coal 2V4; salt. 7 .5 1'.; wheat. P /i: other grain. 2; cattle. 4; hogs, fi^; sheep. 4; brick, l«/i: sand. 1. 2"in miles—1st class. 20; 2nd class. 20; 3rd class. 20;. 4th class, 13; 5th c'ass. nvi: clas.^A, 5: class B. 2: class C. 3»/j: classto, 3: class E. lumber. 4>A: coal. 5%; salt. 10; wheat. 4»4: othc/grain. 4»4: cattle. sheep. S%: brick, l^; S; hogs. 9|J: si sand. lV ;.r ;pio mil*—1st St clas.«, 20; 2nd class, 19^; 3rd class, 20; 4th class.a 13; 5th. class. 19Vi: class A. 9\4; class B. 5V4; class C. c'ass D. SVi; class E. 3^4; lumber. 6; coal. ; salt. II: wheat. 4*.i: other grain. 5'4: cattle. 7V4: bogs. II: sheep, fij brick. 2%: sand. 2. H)0 miles—1st class, 37; 2nd class. 37; 3rd ^lass. 28; 4t||-cla88, 26; 5th 33Vf;; class .ATI!': class B. 13; c'ass C. 101^: class D. 13; class E. 7'/=: !ainiher 11^4; coal. 10: salt. 19; wheat. 6; other grain. 6; cattle. 8^4; hogs. 12^; sheep. 7^4; brick, 214: sand. 2Vi- • Tha reductions given in the above tables are ail in distance tariff rates. Wheat, other grain, coal, cattle, hogs, sheep and a- few' other like commodi ties move at a terminal rate—that is a special rate to or from a given point. This terminal rate is a trifle under the present distance tariff ratejj and for that reason the net reductions on grain, coal and live st<x:k will not be quite as great as shown in the tables, but near'.y so. The coal rates given are for soft, coal. .Anthracite will move under the proposed scheditle at 130 per cent of soft coal rates and slack pea and nut coal at 75 per cent of soft coal rates. .A new jobbers' schedule has been arranged but it does not materially change the relationship now existing between competing jobbers on the Missouri river and in Interior Kansas towns. Slight changes have been made hy way of equalization but the aim of the board has apparently been Ici maintain as near a freight rate"'^ parity as Is possible between jobbers a' various Kansas points! The board will take the matter up with jobbers ' transpoitation in its jiipe lines, de- , . . ^ . spite tbe fact that a Kans;is .statute I various iwints in the state before a morning while fighting a fire in bis home which fol'owed an explo.sion of a bottle of wood alcohol. Mrs. much hea1'»ay on She woodwork and .ifier a few moments' fiphting ho was ,ible to exfnguish 'he fire In grab Robinson was slightly burned j I'lu: -ip the bed. clothing Mr. Rob'n- on the hands and her hair badly i sMns hand'- were h'>rribly burned. Un scorched. |n>ii'<'f-.I of the t)aiv he continn.-<d to The accident occurred about four \ >vork. H-s burns .ire so deep that it o'clock. Mrs. Robinson bad gotten (- expected thi^ it will be two weeks i.i :oi' H .-i will be able to work again. Mi>- Rit'insons- burns are not of She lield the alcohol! •^'•••l' a serious natu.e and she is able up to heat some milk for tb»» baby and wais lighting the alcohol lamp for that purpose, lamp in her hantt and in some manner pot the match near Ibe opening of the botrle. There wns a flash and a sudden explosion. and in a s.'>cond the whole it>om seemed tn be ablaze. The baby was sleeping in the room .-nd naturally Mni. Robinson's first thou^t was of th« child, ^ile t4ie was aettins tbe child out; of the room IMr. Robinson organized a bucket brigade whkk oooateted entfrely <rf btm- to no about today but is very nervous as » if.^.iJt of the experience. The daiisge done to tbe bouse wUl prct,ib'y amount to fifty dollars or more. Had Mr. Robinson taken the time to call the Are-department and waited for Its arrival, instead of get- tinc bu^y himself, the flames would llkeiy have gotten under such headway that the bonse wonid barei been.' in rains today. declares all pipe lines to be common carriers. In its answer the Prairie Oil & Gas Co. makes tbe positive statement that no oil has ever been offered to its agents for transportation ihnniKb comiiany pipe lines by private parilp.-5 or independent companies. It s this statement that -Mr. Elliott contradicts. He says that he has offered )il for transportation through the Prairie company's jdjie lines and that Il been refused and offers to furi^lsh Ihe attorney general with evidence supporting a his statement. What action will be taken .Attorney Cipneral Jackson Is nut yet ready to state. There Is niiirh question as tn the viilldlty of the law'making oil pipe Ines* eommon carriers and for several iiiiiiiili.s past there has been talk that a test suit would be brought tp settle he matter. Mr. Elliott's information may result in the filing of such a suit. | Haskell Wiuited Adfire. Topeka. Oct. 3fl?-Warden W. .M. Haskell of the state penitentiary at I.,ansing wired Attorney General Jack- .son for an opinion regarding the receiving of Mrs. Emma Laugherback. an Oklahoma prisoner with, a four months old baby, who had been brought to the prison by Sheriff Bart Murphy of Guthrie. Before the Attorney General's opinion was received ^Vardpn Haskell had made arrangements to ceceive the woman and send the baby back to Oklahoma with the- father and a grown daughter. Remarks made by liMriff Murphy M Warden HaaMR t» believe that ffea baby did not MMRg to Mrs. Laugfter- back and that an effort was being made to impose on the olBcials and prevent the admission of tbe woman to the penitentiary. Mrs. Laugherback was convicted of manslaughter in the second degree at Guthrie. She killed a neighbor w,ith whom tbe family had trouble near Orlando. Vew Freiaht Bate* Aakei far. Topeka. Oct. 30.—O. F. Orattan. attorney to tha auta Board of Rai broad CommlsakNwn! .lifll f!>- a eonglaial final order is made in order that changes may be made in the tariff if !t lie found to be discriminative in any of it.s features. .All cities that enjoy jobbers rates under present conditions art> given, jobbers rates in the new schedule. It is not possible jest now to say when tbe new rates may be made effective. The comprint probably will not be filed by .Mr. Grattan before the first of next week. The railroads must then be notified and given ten days in which to file their answers. In acase as important and far reaching as this one promises to be they may. on ap- plicafltm given an additional ten davs to answer. Ten days notice of b -arlng would then be required under the law. It Is therefore probable that it will be well toward December 1 before the hearing on the complaint may be held. The hearing .may then and probably will consume several days. If the board makes an immediate order, and there is no reason for doubting that it will as soon as the for-' ma'Mies of the law are. complied with as tha board prepared tbe new schedule, it will be at least January 1 before the new rates are effective as ; tbe roads must be given thirt.v days in which to appeal to the courts. ' Whether the roads will appeal can not be prophesied. The proposed B«w rates are not quite as low as tboae ftt Jbrce in Iowa tmtt HlBBeeuta but they •la wen tfown fo that level. Some tfme ago Governor Hoch inUmated that If the roads refuse to ^nt in tbe rates a special sess^onof tbe leg- is'ature may be caled to pass fre^ht rate legislation. But the impression new is that he will not take snefa action. But for the present tbe r^I- roads may go slowly and It is gener allv regarded as possible that they will carry tbe matter to the coarts tot final settlement.

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