Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 5
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jscme WJLO. J 'Didn't Icnow that we liawdled 'Check- its"—^we dp, ifebugh,' in fact we do a General hUsines^ydu jSkn get ANY accomodation here can get at «ny bUier hank in the City, a^d mote ive Savings ;jC)eposits from $1JOO and npvrafd, which lodation you ^nnbt get at any'other bank in Alien ty. Th^y do hot Want to be bothered with isuch smatl its. But, they are rot all small accounts—we ^haye cusib ^imers in our Savings Department who have thousands of d^lars on deposit. ^^We will be more than pleased to handle yuur busineBs, be it^ large or small. We only ask that you give ue a trial. 1, State Savings Bank OmpiiMi $23,000 Mm,*Kmnmmm O^eu from 7 to 8 p. m, Saturdays and Pay Nights-, 4 P ii few hundred U MC U OBS K O. 1 Irestera land at 11000 and^np. 9 c. •' GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. t Office Over lona Store; ' Thorpe I Boogh ^ Gentractors, Engineers, Snrrejors. Pally equipped for all kinds ot anreying, estimating, patent draw/ is. blue prints, maps, sidewallu, curbing, and farm drainage. ^ • Office Orer 'famous." Use No. 7 Flour <fiood as auy—better than most. Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET We1|andI«.oaiy the best of Kresli V.eats, Smoked and Salt Meats. ^ We Want Your ' PROBUCE Jarmers, and will pay tho highest aarket price in cash or trade. Come .n and «fee us.' We are sole agents for J. M. Bom's COFFEES and TEAS .If you will give this Hue a trial you will use no other. Fryer Bros. Flicue 301, 30S. lola, Kansas. fiyaos. Bros. Ontom Mm$t0Hmm Wker* QuUty !• main «nud«- •ration «• buy tbe beat Wlwre demand*- trUl ]a«tlfy, we earry •U trtdM and prfcM. fmti IMc Hm, Xtlai OQOOOOOOOOooooooo b - ' o O ADDITIONAL SHOBT STOIUES. O O O ooooooooooooooooo Police; Cliange Shifts. •William Gates, chief of police, has made the usual monthly change in the beats of the patrolmen. Sim Hildreth and D. Roy Phillips, patrolmen, who have been walking day bcatfe, will go on nights and Patrolmen William Todd and Gabe McAllister are transferred to the day* shift. The police alternate montblv^ in walking beata. —iBSlgt OB baThigr *I7. S." flomr. DnU ^Yilh the Clerk. The election has its effect on court civil business as well- as other lines. N'ot a legal document had been filed with Charles E. Adams, clerk of the district court, up to late th" .afternoon. —Merchant's Lunch at Om \v .y. Penalon. Bo»rd in SeMlon. The Allen cdunt^ pension board is today meeting ft ffrrRjICC-'SEriBUan^a office in the Bvans building. Both Dr. Wilson of Humboldt, and , Dr. Jewell, of Moraii, members of tho board, are present. —Oysters any style at <Jur-way. Officp rooms i<» rent Huildiug. iu Stevenson \ >ew Line for Fort Scott According to a report from l -^ort Scott, a new railway lino from lliut city to Nevada, is couitehiplale<l by Loudon cajHtallsts. It;- ^ lOLA ICB AND GOLD STORAGE CO. ! NMMffletqrtrt. WliokMto CRYSTAL iCE ABd DistilM Water RCiv^k BUngt Beaij for •ulneflt. PkMe U& FRANK MDDLE. Ffgr. Lit* 2 p. UJ f p. m 6 p. m '« p. ni. . '10 p. ID. ... other ggs fitting. Good work and | .uiduighr Set tip and connected, also aoj —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. On "Sane- Lines Tlipre. The Garden City Telegram h joiclng because Hallowe'en passed there along "sane" lines. The Telegram says?: llallowe'eu has passed and a glance over the towu on the morulug after leaves the impression that the celebration was along t^afe and suiic lines; also that the linos were carefully guarded by a vide- awakc marshal aud an ample corps of deputies on foot and horseback. Contrary to custom, fl'c si^iis on the ol- ficc doors, the \uzf lio:;-:- li;uk ot stores, out1 ;ni]ding.. injp>t-n)<-iit>~. and other articles that .suffer a! tin- hands cf iial/owe'eh spriics. were ail in rhetr customary places Sunday inorninjt and about a'l (hat was left lo in;irk the passing of the night of pnsnks was a few splotches of tar on sonic of the front windows on .Main stn-oi. FDR COLtEBE HEN/ PiMM.MiieHllnarMIKfs. ' ;C^^Mctniaa \presect8 'fbr'f^ cisej^B cto'ii!Iwd[7s ftwIuJEIe' pt made thiiiga, fqr lie iB ;aImeel|'jbnta- riably as anxioiu hare* fate &.ed up as any glrljcan be. Then; he %Tig9 \Q barei &n sorts of eases'lfcr Ills ablatlc traps -and bis musical instft- iieiits ftlw teloiigr to any «f the glee mbs. - 8» atortlOns that con ^bntes to. t^se ends Is sure to please bim. T bis ,6tody tnbla an attractiye blotter is mounted on a linen covered eaidboiaFd. The linen can be foond With the design stamped and dyed, rtady to outline. Spotted lilies beneath, with leaves and stems curving opward to the top of the mount make an odd but good design. The flower l3 adaptable by nature to. any combina* tioa^of red, blue or yellow college -colors. A scrap box will be bandy for the table, too, or it can he> used to drop notes of lectures.-^u for safe keeping. A pasteboard Xmx' about five inches stiuare makes a g>od'foundation. DIs- citrd the cover oid cut down the bos an inch, except m the middle ot the two sides, where Inch and a balf wide uprights ore left iCorer the bor. inside and ont, with heavy paper and t)iud the edges with passe-partout or cover with silk and finish with a guimpe. If paper is used, the college pennants may be painted on the panels of the box or embroidered there If cloth bas been put on. .A circular piece of leather carved lu a block aud line; border and with tlie circular central space filled with jewels in coUeffe colors sewed on I D a setting of carved circles and diamonds makes the handsoroc cover for a small penwiper. :PJpo racks can be made useful in almost any college man 's room. An oblong shaped pasteboard curv(»d and rounded off into Irregularity, of outllue can be covered with burlap in artistic* shades. Three ribbon loops are arranged on it to ho^d three pipes. I D the middle of the ratt. at the top. embroider the emblem of tbe fuvorite secret society and on the lower part of the rack make a graceful arrangement of holly leaves. Sofa pillows, always acceptable, are best done in a material ln-sr.v euonph to stind rpthtr rough hnndlinir and must have the collt^ colors or be done to pennants, Heals m- Insignia tbnt pertain to the college. Art cretonnes rome In artistic colors and are a soft yet strong fabric. Another good present Is a scrap basket Handsome ones can be made of large muff boxes covered with denim on which been appliqucd a eliield' of plain-color. This must first tit sDonojrnHBBied with/llie college- Initial in tlie propeir colors. Of com-se the denim will In its ground or its figure repeat one or the college colors. Pongee coatii for lounging .nre the most comfortable of garments. The recipient 's mou'ogram I Q col;.'.;e colors and small lettering makes one of these desirable to senior or s«ot»hoiactre. If one can use a crochet or knitting needle handily, then a collc?:e s;vf:ifer («u be <>volved. one of the iMo.<t useful gifla of the year. Covers for racketi^. bats, banjos and overv other kind of case are usable to th» college man. especially If bis seal, flap or other-insignia appears on Ihero in embroidery. '•^otjcli covers make sizable gifts and usually mean <*onsIdcrable band work Nothing '.'nn he bandsomer, though, 'ban one of the art cottons cross stUcl»- «jd with the seal in the center and with a broad fancy Iracder. The nlcrHf candies in town at l «uv- reirs 'Irug store. Pay >our < led ion betK with the bet.t, I THE WEATHEK. Forecast for KaoNis: Vair tonight and Tbnrftdsj; warmer Tbnr<!dAy. Data rccord<'d at loi-al «rfflce l*. S. Wealhei- iltiifaii. ;>ihtirda>, todn.v and a .-tgo. Yesterday. Yr. Ago rea^nable cbarge.s. Plione 29. .M:i.\l:a;:ni leniperat u re .Minhnum temperature Precipitation 7 p. m •>9 71 53. 73 40 0 AoreMber I. Today. Yr. A«o .. .".(•. . .t^ ..4.-. ..1.' .. 0 : a. m 4 a. m. € a. m 8 a. m. ...4-i 43 ....r- ;4. .44 ....51 ......W 7 a. 0 49 474 8ydn«y Smith's Salad Dressing'. That witty divine, ; Sydney »;;.Smlth. wrote the following directions; for a salad.dressing, which those who hiu*- tried pniisc highly: Tr.P billed potatoes strained throup'i ;i. kittihsn slevo Softness ^ar-J tinioothtiesa to the sali*'! . Kiv;. Of mordaii' jauslaiJ take » slnjrlff spoon-. Distrust' tho condlqfettt that bit»? too soon . Tst ileini It not, thou msn of taste, a fs-alt To add a doublp nuantlty of salt Kour times the spoon viih oil of l.iicca »TO".VH And Hvkf viiicBJr iiiocured from ti^W-r. Priie 'as'.e r'!tjiiir'»."< It. and your poet I'fjfTt The poimdcd yellow of two liaixl boiled L,ct onion's atoms lurk within the bowl And. scarce tcspectod. aniinate the whol*. And lastly In I lie Tavored compound toss .\. fnagic spoonful of nncho\T sauc". Oft. nreat and trfoclounf Oh. berbaceouii laeat: 'T TVOU H tempi ih" 'lylnir auchortte (p *at. harM. to the ^vorld lie'd turn his weary JiOUl And pjungs liU flnrers In tho salad bur.-l 1309. _ 5 BCTJPJ^I TOTI^ A3n» I5KSI^ i5T£B£ST XASSED ^HE DAT. WORKERS BUSY ENTIRE DAY GREAT THROXG 1\'ATCHE» BEG ISTER*,S BULLETI>- BOABD. Hurh Enthusiasm Manifested But It ' IVas of the Orderly aud Good >'a- tared Kind—Election >'otes. • With- the intense excitement usual ly incident, throngs of people attendant upon points where 'j election returns were received or shown upon canvas, little group.^ of people siand- injr here and tlierc discussing ttc in dlcalious suggested by reports received, tire general election as far as Ipla is coiiccrned pasaed off remarkably qiiifl and with good order. While thf -ri- was plenty of enthusiasm luani- Tested at.each fresh sign of Republican viqtory. it was of the t^dcrly! i ,'ooil natui^d kind. •Xot a single arrest was reported luring tli<- night by the police and there will Vc no victims to answer ro'l call bv'.f .ii.- Judpv Collins fuitf morning. While Lt:c vVctiou ridurus, as .t!o>cr- ploto as tlicy could be gotten, were poKtod at ;;"vcial places throughout till- cit.v. U K ," rntcrprise of the Regis-' ter ill displayinr. tho returns, as fast •d-i ih'.y '-ould be received upon a .<;crc ()i plac 'jd upon the south wall of tile \cw Yorlf store with the aid of a larire sJ.ereoplicon, was i_commenled upon very favorably in all sections. The ^reat crowd of about 3000 people Whir'i assembled early in the evening in thf vicinity of tht> Register office showed its appreciation by remaining !alt' into th(^ night and there was a good crowd still lingC'rin;T around the hnliefin board at an early hour ih the morning. The Register was equipiJed with the matchless facilities of the Associated Frcsii. the long distance teloptone and c9rrespondents throughout the slate and eounty, in securing the re- furns auU the news of the groat national Qlection. the e'ections In state nnd county, was given to the paopie IS quickl^, Willi as much detail and '•otnpleteiQess as It could be given out- sidi- the larger cities, and tho service i'cic ooiffpand favorably with some of hem. if the reports^in .several of tho iTiorning papers are to ' JI * made a ''dinparison. Tbe Uegi.stor niaiiilained an office force thioiighoiil the night to answer telephones "and assist in preparing the complete report for its extra which was issued and di:jtribiileil np- 711 Ihc atrcvis at 2;.'5i» a. ni. Woriicrs for both parlies were out "arly and stayed late yesterday. One of the heavi(?st voles ever known in Mien county bas been recorded. The l:ciii interest talitni in'the election showed conclusively tliat the pc«»ple were alive to the best interests of heir cotintry and thej- did not attempt to Ibirk the respoiisibHity. by not voting. Fcodfe mcjre iaste^ hekltfiful ahdjnjj^r tious when raised \vitii Eags Must be Good. \\*' en. thf lola honscv.ifo from now on invests in ep.g.s aud gets eggs of an "immoral character"' at tlio grorcry. if ,siie can jirove that tlio .^ame are cold storage eggs, woe bo unto the gi-oc»fr. TiK- thing for h<-r to do •.n'J! be to notify either a fio'd pure food Inspector or Dr. Crumhiuo. state pure food inspector. An important poii't to det'^rmino will bo whether or not the me;-chant has ropr..sonti".(] the ion fruit tot be "fresh" or cold storase." "Every merchant wlio s '>ll? .storat^e cgps for fresh cotintr>- eggs this winter will be prosecuted," is tho Rtron? and vigorous language with which Hr. Crumbicn addressed himself on the subject, and add.";: '^"It is time this fraud was stopned and I propose to stop it If possible. My field inspect­ ors will, be instructed to arrest every more:, ant who pans off stored eggj for fresh.'' ET<»ry Woman in lola '.viii bo glad to know that local gro- ceis now have in stock-"OUR PIE." a ready to use preparation in three Vft- rieties for making Lemon, -Cl ^ocoJaia and Ciistnrd pies. The delicious plbs so easily made with "OUR PIE" melt in u:\f'<. mouth and are absolute'y pure and vholesome, containing only the choicest iu .uredients guaranteed under Pure Food Laws. Each 10 cenf iMick- asre malco.s two pies. Be sure .ind order today. Boatright in Hiimboidt. A. IJ. Boatright, undersherlff, went to Ftumiwldt this afternoon to serve fiomc papers-in a civil action. Register Want Ads. Bring' ResuKs. rudge C»ke With Whipped Crtam. ' Beat balf a rap of butter to a ctee.m Gradually beat In one cup of sugar, the beaten yolks of two eggs, three ounces cir squares of chocolate melted over bot water, half n cup of molasses, half a cup of sour milk, balf a cop of hot water and then tw^ cups and one- half of sifted pastr}- flour sifted again with ohe teaspoonful of soda. Bake ic rczKuc CAU voK wacmsD OEIJUC. a hot, well buttered muffin pan and serre hot, .witllJli1lJlBped .ceHIn.swe«^ cued asd flavored wttl) T ^^glt or,pQW> Notes. •'I am persuaded that my country is •^.(il'i safe."—Onfi of the stannchesl Uryan men in loin. "Thaf.s Ihe tioubre with .these lanjj- slides." a Democrat said lo a Register reporter Ihla morning. "You can't tell which way tbe sUdc is poing when It starts." " Hill it can be f»aid that loral friends of tlu> Peerless One did not give up iintir the polls wr-ro closed to Ihem. \ drivor w;ilh a two seated carriage was slill IninlinR Bryan men at .5 :15 yestoriluy affeiiiomi. '•^ caii'l p't liome'to volo. • nallc'l a stranger In loJ .'i yesterday, "aud .''o 1 .itoppcd off here lo r.'^e how Ihhigfi would go. I fonnd tjils out. .thai thing'; t;o with much lojs hurrah here thaji ih<y do out In my home in Colorado." .Ipparently, one native Kansan has gone down to defeat in a sistering t-tate—Herbert S. iladley. candidate for governor of' .MisBOiirl. If Mr. Ilad­ ley haK been defeated, it Vas not because I^ansas was not for Hadley as much as sbe could:. ho and live in Kansas. Some men j^ade the elet? tion ai national holiday, yesterday and spent the day watching the election. But^ practically all of the lola industries were working fpll handed as usual, time for the men to ?o to tbe polls being allowed during the day. I Fay your election bets with' the beat candy. You get It at Burfell'a drug store. --Bcrto Watery ttt 9or A PROCLAMATMN Whereas, the people of our city have been led to pur-; chase so-called remedies from which they have received no benefit whatever, and having thus wasted so much hard-earned money, it has come to pass that they Jcnow not what to believe. "i Inasmuch as this iinsatisfactor}' state of affairs e^cists, KNOW, THEREFORK, ALL PERSONS who are in need of such a medicine that we will supply theiiii Nvith VINOL on a PpSlTIVE GUARANTEE'tHat if it does not succeed in benefiting them we will refund the entire amount of money paid us for it. . There is no one medicine that will cure everything,but jhere are some we know to be honest, reliable, and of great curative value. Such is VINOL; it is iK>t a secret medicine, —just peptonate of iron, wine, and all the . curative extractives of cod liver oil, combined. We afe familiar with ever)- particle of it, and KNOW that it should benefit e^cr}- one who uses it. Could any offer be more fair than this ? You are ill; we offer you medicine which we believe will help-you, and if it does not we will return your money. Is there anyone foolish enough not to accept this offer? You owe it to your family, to your friends, and yourself to try this medicine which wc give you our pledge is a genuine cod liver and iron preparation of great merit. ^ We unhesitatingly r^mmend Vipol .as A.Qp^ Bunder and Strength Oeator for Feeble Old P<^l^ DeUcate Children, FraU Women, All Rim "J^m^, Persons, and Those Pieeding a Good Toiuc alter the Grippe or any Severe Ilkiess, and for Chronic <Scni|^ Colds and Bfonchids. — • ^ Do you think we could afford to IcTid our name to its praises, as wt; have been doing in the newspaperti^if we did not knoy VlNOL to be an honest and iiflusiially valuable remedy for the ills for which it is prescriB^rf? We certainly could not; we therefore ask you, our Ufei^- bors, friends and acquaintances to accept our assuranoes that this is a genuine offer, and that anv and all perspiiis who need a medicine of this character snoiild feel a sense of security in accepting it. ;. . ^ •. You will absolutely be under fto obligation to us whatever, if after you have tried one bottle of VINOL,^an8l have not received any benefit, you have only to tell" us so, and we will return the entire amoupt of money you paid us for it. VINOL is an old and-valuable remedy improyed-^j^jr,.. modeni science—tastes good and agrees -with eve^p^i^. 1 .L Call and: get a bottle to-day. You ^on^ be^^ig^

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