Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1907
Page 6
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m^orsCASE BROCfiHT TO LA HABPE. TOWNSHIP TRUSTEES MET ALLOWED REra'LAR BILS AXD TRA.XSAfTED BrSIXESS. It is ft mtMOti'fut, and OM any doctor will yerify that'people who snffer most often from disease are the ones wbe bate the most difficnltjr in keeping tbeir bowels open. Regnlar bowel action is half the batUe of health. People who have a tendeo^ to con- etination must of necessttjr use something to help nature.(Uong. This sboold not be a violent aid like salts or puipUive waters, cathartic pills or powders, bat a cynip liquid that will oil the intestines and membranes that it comes in contact with. Children, women and weak people generally should never be given a Btronc physio, as it weakens the system. And It is futile for the stroosest person becaose the relletissimply for that day, and then the reoo- tion aeu in and 70a arc worse oS than before. Wliatls needed is a prompt bat eentle laza- tlTe tonio like Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. People hare been taking it for sixteen years and it Is beins better llkod by more people every year. The reason Is that it OUs a want • Ills wiii TAHJO'III unlike anyihinit else. Results are so sure in „ Hill .lim loiilfirlll. eonsilpation. dyspepsia. Indieestion. liver Tlie nioml)ois of ilio Ui llarpc luRh trouble, bllionsntss. flatiueney, sour stomach, scliool will nieel this ev.'iiing lor the weak stomach, bloated stomach and such ills . ,„,.,,,„ „ ,, . " ,„..„ ,„ thatacurcof anyoftheseaUmentsIsabsoIutely Piiri)0.sp of fiiilhorlllR Ilioir plans to guaranteed. A bottle costs but GO cents or II and nttond Iho Soiithr>a.storii K.'UlRa^: Tench is worth a hundred times that to any sufferer. prs' nssnol.ntloii n-hioh inppt in WiseuMrtherskeep itconstanUy in the house ''7,<^^'2''7' «'>'™ « H meet »n lor emet^ncies, because it is needed at some J Cofteyvile diirlnp the Thank.sgiving .. —K™ «. vacation and to make plans for an on- talnmont to be held in thi.s city .some rfecthealOiby th'eusi _'iime between now and Thank.sgiving the purpose oC raisins enoiigh money to take the local chorns to Co> feyville. At this nioelins other business will be tran.sacted. Looiiiro Course t'oinniitloe Mill Meet 1 \ext Week to Select SLxth EnlerlalDmeut. time or other by every member of the family. 0r. lAella Underhill. the medical superintendent of the Wbrklnsr Woman's Home of ChioaKo has kept her charces in perfect health by the use ' iim or Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin whenever a stom- fop ach complaint vras brouitht to her attention. No ' other laxative is used in the Home. Buy a bottle yourself today and watch the prompt and permanent results. CQCt TECT Tlwse witMiw to try Dr.Cald. rnCC IC91 weU's Syrup Pcptln Delta* btur iRCcaa bam a tree sample battle KBt to ttielr home oy addmitnc the company. This othr is to prove tliat the remedy wUI dots we diim. and ii orJy open to thou wHo km neMT tikm It Send for It tf you liave any symptoms of itomsch, liver or bowel diMase. Qentlest yet most eflectivd laxative for chOdnn, women and do folks. A raranteedi parraafltnt IMMIS curt. THE niBUC VERDICT: "MO Laxative So Good and Sure la DR. CAUIWEU -S SVHUP PEPSIN." This product tetrs punt/ guaranls* No. I7i Wasliwstoii, 0. 0> PEPSIN SYRHP eO. : 10 Caldwell BU§» MoaUeelte. III. Remains Broiiiriit to I.a Hnrpe. The remains of Carl Connelly, wlio was killed in Salid.-i. Colorado, September 10, were moved ot La. Ilarpe yesterday where interment wa.s made in the La Ilarpe cemetery after a short funeral service at tlie home of the diseased's sister, conducted by I Rev. Ira Benhatn. Paul was work-I ing in the railroad yards in Colorado) when he sustained injuries which resulted in liis death. His remains were j intored in the Salida cemetery and —— / were taken up and moved here j'ester- The Keepers of Eleven .Toiiil.s Were day. Arrested and Their r>oods Selzeil. , . Trnslees Allowed Bills. Pittsbnrg, Kas.. Oct. 2S.-Coimty .\t-\ J^c Elm township trustees met in „. , „. ... • , .the city hall in this city yesterday af-, trrney KWwLsey .-iiid Sheriff Walsh i,ernoon and .illowed the regular 1)111 .5. made another raid upon "jo'nts" this j Nothing of importance other tluin the! afternoon. Klevon places were enter-1 '>'"« P""'*? "P ' and Percales and Outings DO NOT MISS THE BIG OPPORTUNITY. 2,000 yards soft finish bleached Muslin, 7c value, Cp Special for three da^'.s JII 1500 yds. fine soft finish bleached Muslin, regular 10c value, "7 \ M Special for three da3's, | 2ll 1200 yards extra fine Bleached Muslin, I2^c value, jAp Special for three days, |Uu MORF. RAIDS IX PITTSBrRf!. I^nsdale Cambric Muslin, s^cMe everywhere for 15c and ISc, (Q In Special for three days,... |Z2u 1200 yards Sea Island Brown Muslin, regular lOc quality, 7^ ft Speoial for three days,. . • | 2u 100 pieces fine dark Percales, double fold, cheaper than calico, Q | ^ Special for three dayp, 03u Dress Goods Plaids, suitable for Children's Dresses, the regular 25c value, ^j^^ Special for three days, November Home Journal Patterns Now on Sale. Amaskage Apron Ginghamp, fast colors, worth 10c, II'V* Special for three days, u3u 50 pieces plain and colored Out-^ Special for tiiree days, UU no pieces plain and fancy Out- Special for three d^ys, 03u 75 pieces plain and fancy Outings also solid, blue, pink, red, brown, cream and gray, Special for three days, fil and the goods they had on hand; ; cussion. The board is seeing that good work is lii'ing done this full. | were Seized. The Stale TomperancajTliey are working most of the roads; union held a inoeling this afternoon j in tlie township and putting them into and after adopting several resolutions;'^'^ ^'^^^ condition drew uj) th following poUtion, which now being circulated: "The iiion of Birth. .\ son was born yesterday to Mr. and professional:-"I'l'l O. IC. .\iner of this city, the city of Pittsburjr. Ladies' Aid .Met Yeslerdny. K^nce ordinance Xo. SCI was not pass-] The I^idics Aid soioty of the .Methe,i bv tlie city council at its regular I odist I-^piscopal church hold their reg-j session October 23, 1907, and no con-!'"-"" meeting yesterday afternoon in., . , „ . 1 stead of at the regular time because R.deration given to other thmgs pray-joj „,p revival meetings which are in ed for, do hereby petition the honor-i progress at the present time. The al'le mavor and council of the cilv'ladies finished a riiillf and did other o; Pittsburg. Kai;.. to further consider!impor^e. .ind pass said ordinance, also rigidly e.iforrc ordinance 3S7 prohibiling; Will Meet Nexl ^Veek. Tlie Lecture Course conniiitloe will gambling and ordinance 4 !0 prohibit-'^^''''^ f'"' ifitr i,„,„„,.oi •. ' of deciding tipon the sixth ing immoral pi.act.ces. 1 1,„„;,,^, T ,,^ ,„^,.tf;,„ i,.^,,,,, ~ ——• i this wet'k if it were not. for the revival A LASTI.XG EFFECT. ' meetings wliitli are being held in iliis ''"iiy ai this limn, it has been decided This Etidenre .Slioiild Prove Evoryi'iiat the .sixth number on the Claim .Made for I)oan*s Kidney ; shall be a lecture but who will Uc- PilK in lola. ; |,ire wiil be decided by the commit' (ee at the meeting. Relief from tlie pains and aches »r I a bad back is always welcome io every i backache sufferer: but to cure a lame. weak or aching back is what's wanted.. aitraction at Peel's Cure it .so it will stay cured, t caiiii|,p evening of .Nov l)e done. Here 's the strongest evidence jj^^ ^aid to be one of to prove it: Mrs. II. Fisher, of :!09 South Svcn-1.'•""I? more siret lol-. K-iiisatT v/v.. • r'''^'''"l'''""""-''-^^^^^ "Zyo :;r ;.eS!;ie„!^~ou;- 'years Little Prices. Sole Agents for Home Journal Patterns FARMERS IN SESSION MAY ADOPT NEW .SY.STE.H. PInii <o IJe.iecl Dyke.s nnd Locks in has IJe.iecl Dyke.s lllurs. Wiishington. Oct. 27.—There best shows to size . It had an s Cily ago what Doan's Kidney Pills, pro- <\ired at X". 15. Spencer & Co.'s drug .•^ half done for me. For six years', I bad been subject to backache : t' „H ,"l kidney trouble, and every time I took (•Did,or ovi-rexeried niys^i'lf my back] iiclii'd severely. .Vl that time I had! ns<>d one box of Doan's Kidney I'ills and had 'started on the second, lieiidf f received was Very great and I did not hesitate to n-coniend the rem fdy. Now. aftiT four yoiirs. I can hiiiie that tlielr use cured iiie. and HO Want names. The manager of the La Ilarpe fool t out challenges to all of lit high schools in soiilli- i eastern Kansas where tliey have foot ball t<-aiiis, yesterday evening. The comparative sirengih of the The'"'"'"' shown ill tin- ;;:iiiie against heavier iilayers g ;»ve the lucal boys confidence <li lli(iiiselve« and Ihey are now willing to take on ihe best teams in the slate. Challenges tlion/UKhly rid me of niy tnmble that In spite of ail the hard work I have done since then I have never been troubled with my back or kidneys." I'm- sale by all dealers. Price .10 cents. I-'oster-.Mllburii Co. linffalo. New Vorlt. sole a^:<•.•lls for tlie United Stales; Uemejiiber Ihe iianie—Doan's l;ike no olbi-r. were Kent to I'ort Scott. Olatlie, Ottawa and in fact all of the larger hiKli schools where they have ^ fiMit ball teams. ' County Institute lloldtnir Siicoossftil "'^.""'.<*'» \^"iimj in. luuii j.^iu jlip ii,i;,„d waierwav commission of .Meotlnir at IJI Ilarpe Today. lojcciing the old .system of dykes audi • , .ocks and adopting the sysiem of stor- i The Allen County Fanner's Institute i,,:. nood waters as a moans of improv- , v,hich is,doing much toward inducing ing the .Mississippi. .Missouri and the: , Ohio Kivers. 'I'lie dykes and locks sysiem has been ii.sed by anny en- : giiieers for half a century and ibcy • ;in wiil no doubt iiroiest against the adop- . lion of a now fangled idea. In the, tirsi place they do not lake any stock , Wizard of Wall Slreol." Wizard of Wall Street" will be the s ojiera house on ing of .November -lib. This ! ry ,•nler^^ to adopt, the latest methods, i.s meeting in l^allarpe today. Th first vicssion of th:* Institute be Ibis morning by a discussion o:i ilog!.," 'I'ure Hied Stock." and "Fartii Poultry," by representative.-! form, the Kansas .\gricultural College and the .Missouri Agricultural College. Lrcal sjieakers also took part in the (li.^ciission. Tomorrow will be devot^'d to Ilie iIiKciissioii of crops nnd household siib- iii Ihe storage of Hood water schemes. 'Ihey call it the "dish iiaii ' system. In the second iilace to change systems now would convict the army engineers of being anli(|uated :!nd iiiconipeteni. II its a piano bargain that you are looking for—you will find it an easy matter to drive Price of Horses Is Loner. Mr. Howell of the firm of Howell * and ijirewer, horse buyers of this city, says Mhat Ihe prices of horses is decreas- 'ing. The market lias dropped from i<i!i BOriT READ TliLS. n,, fifteen dollars per head according Unless oil are seeking flrst-class In-'to .Mr. Howell. He does not attrih'ite vestments. There will be fortunes i•"»• Iiarllcular thing. made this fall in listed meritorious In the fall of tlie year the farmers Nevada Minnig Stocks. The recent de-j ^^"'"t "'<-"• '""-^^^ '"^'''^d cline has placed the market in posi-j "f keeping them through the winter, tion f.,r t!ie biggest boom in many' rears I IVrsonnls. • . , , , , ' W. O. Leiibarl made a business vi.sit Our advance inside information furn^,„ jnidied yesterday. ished for a. portion of your profits.! Clarence dates is on the sick list. Write at once for full particulars. ! He is reiiorted to be siiffering an at- TllE MI.M.\« FI\A>TIAL BrBEAF, ;'^'-j^ "f ''"^ ^^^^'7-, , , ' , ; .Mrs. .Morns Padgett left yesterday (laliland, lainornla. Dener. Colorado, wh.-re she will . ; make her future home. John Tolson.j Mr. and .Mrs. l^rnest Helms went to sentenced to^Ioran yesterday where they will visit .Mr. and .Mrs. Alorrfson. Hundreds of iniilioiis of dollars li:ive iieeii siieui, for liver iiuprovemeiiis inia tradc witli US, We arcshow- ilie jiasi and the exj.eiidiiiiies flifT.'rHnf TTiakr«! and ill all made under aiiuy eugin..ers. K ainTWUt maKCS aUU ail Ihey rio iii.i care Io be placed in the tlie difierent Styles madc, en- i<cts of liilereKt to all. will ;,, i p iide of lia vlu.g s(|iiaiidi'red I he peo-, i^ii„ ^ ... ^ VOUrself b<- made bv Prof. Ten Kyck and Har- pies iii-m-y on a .sysi.iii of river iiii- B 3 J > iiett Calvin or the Kanmis Stale Aurl- P-''.ve,i,en,s iha. is now considered noi both aS tO tllC finish and Sl'/.C , , , „ and pnce of the instrument. However, .several members of the, ^ "DEVIIAS AlCriON" TOMOIIT. Piny Oldest in \ame. Io lie nt (irand. Manager Yale's claim that Iho | ciilliiral co'lepo. Riich session is HCIKMIIII-II to bi'giu romiiiissloil believe that the storage Ht 10 o'clock n. m.. and 1 o'clock p. m.: >*.vsleiu Is the Holiilion of river Itn-i provemenis and will urge thai ii be' u'iven serious coiisider.'itloli. Tliey a.s- j sen ir the IIOIMI , wtiler.s In Hie' upper .Mlsslssi|ipi. upper .Mis.soiiri, and ' Pfocnlo*! I '"' ''""«''''*•<•'' "j will do iiway \yilb Ibe necessity of. any more dykerf. The iiresent dykes j are siillicieiit. to hold all the water iieces.sary for dee|)water f rans|iorta-! "De\ir3 Auction" is the oldest They are constantly in danger, I name yet tho newest in point of nov-i iliough. of being washed out at Hood! elty. can well he substantiated In thls|"""'«^ l'"- "?"'J ^ ! stored and later eiiiplied into the river p the 2fiih edition of this famous sjiee-: ^^,,,P„ J, J ^. ,„^^. i,,^ ,„.,.sent dykes will j laele, as everything Is new from the not only be protected bin iliere will be: time the curtain, rises on the firsts' imiforni flow of walcr ilie .vear; act until it ,s rnn^ down on th. bean- --'ll^..' -'|{;----'l!;;/!;-:: i tifnl "Transformation Scene," "Amor" . p.„,,„ of the plan say it i.-? the only <Iy)ve) at the close of Ihe perform-, feasible scheme for the permanent im-^ provenieni of the big' rivers of thej Cotnc In today nnd hear ihcm. Wo nlll i^narnnfee jon TTIII Ito plrnspil. John V.Roberts Piano House MMUEILS HERE FOU AITO.S. Owners of .Machines Will Ke Able lo Comply With Ordinance. - DistiUed Water One hnndred ponnds ot CrjtH tal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water stiltablii for family use. Try It lolalce&CoUStinseCf FRANK RIDDLE. Mcr. i Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides : OTTO HINZE; UTTO-DATE MEAT MARi^T Ml East Madlion »TEYER*S OROCEBY HM^qMrtna Ht Good Things to EaL T €le|>hoDe ISfi CI,IFF Cail«>r and bf.fh of whom weri? terms in the penitentiary at the la.'^fj urm of court, wiil not be taken to i.ansiug today as was intended. For heat and Qnlrke.ot Kcsnlts nst Uie Begister Want Colams. PISO'S CURE Lunii Trouble of the most serious and dangerous description has been promptly relieved by Piio's Cure. It has proved itself during nearly half a century an unsurpassed remedy (or couglis, roI <K, hoarseness, brnnrhitis, asthma and ail alfertions of the throat and chest. It I contains no opiates or liahit-fonning dnigs.. Pijo's Cure lias the contidenie of people everi -where, and sworn court testimony has. proved tlial by its use many of the worst consumptive Concha Have Been Speedily Relieved ance. Every act. novelty and feature j new, .ns well as the sceiier.v, pro|>- ertl.-'s. etc. In fact, not one old fi>a-j tine is retained and the theatre goinsi linhlic of Ida have a treat In store • Sor them tonight at the Crand theatre. •The Empire'.s." a sextett? of j English singing»and dan<^ing artists, | have I)e«>n engaged liy Manager Clia?. ^ H. Yale for the t wenty-sl::th edition j of his "Everlast'ng Devil's .Auction."; their unique si».>oialty being introdiic-i ed during the ballet in the first act! of that famous spectacle. Ceiiiral West. Sour stomach "I nted Casearet* ariO f^rl M;** a tifw man. I hava hren a aolTfrer frum tlyaiM'p.iit ati<l intur stomach fi>r the last two ream, t hart* LIT ii tukln^ medt- The aluminum numbers for the iola ! automobiles arrived hero today and jv.ithin the n3xt weelc or so all the ' automolii'asts will have numbers on ' their machines. j A city ordinance was passed some time ago retiuiring every automobile ii„iltnir6iW^rAuz..hnxr.,^xiau.\i^i^.i^{t\^ I'o m'mhered. The machina must S ;??r1.^T.•^.^'b .C.?ly ^L\:^f";f ^dlS"«'d hot only be numbered but the num- rt '""Tr .5 :«^^J:.;;»^^^^ m"st be in plaln view from l>oth Iola Busioess CoUi^ Might Of Dmy, Penmanship. Arithmetic, Eloeattat, Bookkeeping. English. Physical CiU- ture, etc.. Shorthand. Letter Writtng. , Best For The Dowels .lUSTICE Potter today fil.?d the transcript of the case of Ihe state vs. Sara Whitlow, charged with the murder of Miss, May Sapp, on the evening of SoMtomber 27th, In district court. w ^^^^ inouoweis ^ I the back and front of the machine. The words, Iola,, will also ac- I company each of tho iiiimb.nrs. Dr. • Mitchell has been the :ucKy man and i 1 as secured number one. ' CANOV CATHAKTIC B«rlatet; iraat Ais^ 1e a TTord. \ THE CASE of S. R. Renisben; vs. the Iola Portland Cement plant has been dismissed each sldo paying its own costs. Tho case has been In tho courts since 1903. Remsberg object- 8t.riin,R.».dy co..chic.,oorN.v. 599 ed to the powder magazine being built PleMsnt. PalftUhIa, fot«nt.^iiito Good, Do flooi, He.Ttr Sicken. Waiken nr <\r\\H'. Vh: Sic. Mc. N»«r ^olfl In bulk. Tti« ffAiinlitA ifthlci k|iiiu[»cU CCO. )u«rmate«d to cnro or roar nn'itry back. ANNUAL SALE, TEN MILUON BOXES TO CURE A C(MLD 01|E S. Take LAXATIVEBROMO Tablets. Druggista rel ;noar hit home and "ued thecomptny 'liiSw^YOT «ich*^i*S[;! •Ms Expert Clothes ClcaniniT. Prcuinf and Repairinf. 13 W. Madiion. Work Called far and DeliTCTed. Theatrical Wardrobe a SpedattT For Exchange. •\, C Farming lands in Panhandle, Tew^ ^" for farm lands, or live stock, or'ftif Iola. Gas City or.La Harpe reiitalaJJ WHlTAKHai & IX>NNmaf%.

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