Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 4
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TMl KttA BULT BgCagtCT, WEP5ESDAY EYiyPG, jyOTpfegB 4, 1908. [Coipyrisbt, ISOS, br Jamea A. Edscrton Tbls ntetter inuit not be reprinted wUk ont special permisaionj PltBt GonseionoieM. Fioweis lore tbe sun follow like •awinf worshipers his prosress, erei tamins toward lilm their face& Plants and trees lift their leares like hands to catch the shower. Vines reach ont their fingers to find support! hy which to climb. Who that lores a great oak has not thonsfat of It SB ba .T iag a germ of consciousness? Who that adores roses has\not endowed them with some sort of soul? All this la no longer mere sentiment ^at science. A son of Charles Robert Sarwln baa discovered that plants have •yet and that their leaves form lenset throagh which photographs of objects may be taken. Thus the plant gains au image of the outside world, and Professor Darwin, who Is himself a famouf scientist, has concluded (hnl i<onie of the motions of plants result from thi« embryonic coustMousness. Fnt -t timt outruns faucy. The sclcutisis arc uiorR poetical tliau (ho poets tlieuiselve.s. Once give the piants eje', uud wc xball soon endow them with feeling nnd taste. Already we kuow that certain of them devour Insects auU others are 'HensitiTe. I know au old free with which I feel a communion that is not all a dream. ITie spirit of the woods thus becomes more than a fisrure of speech. We talk iguoranlly of dead mailer, but we have yet to prove that in the universe of God there is anyIhiug dead. May not everything be endowed with different stages of JifeV Wo who love nature must look on it a.s :i living thing. Its beauly belongs 1<> Ihe quick not the dead. It is all p.iri nf a vita organism. "-Nothing Is dead. All is in a state of flux and growth. When 1 go out to greet the sunrise it is a living landscape on whieb I look. When 1 meet the flowers and trees 1 shall no longer think of tbem as blind, but as baviug eyes that receive the images (Of the sky ai^J the sun and iu some dim way recognize ibt'ir friends. brkins. a new hop* In their hearts, ti icieace we stand on tlie borderiahd ol forces of wbicii w« oerer befon dteamed. Trarct i« broadening tbi mind and binding the wocld iu brother bood. Homes are iiim» beantiCai.' Cit les. Tillages, fanna and landscape. *t MTe Iteing given an added diann. are being visited l)y the crusade fm better things. The light grow9. luielligoucc radi ates from a miUion schoolhouses. Thi press holds aloft its tordii. and thi wliite light of publicity shines iutu thi dark places of tbe earth. The tide u; civilization sweeps onward, it rise: liighcr about Asia and Africa and iu undates Australia and the islands o: the sea. Tlie spirit and energy of thi west ar« being carried iuto.the east The Anglo-Saxon rules iu tbe shadoti of the pyramids and before tbe aucieu: temples of Brahma and Buddha. A lo comotive awakens the cebodf of thf bills in tho;Holy Land. It bf coming. But it is uul alone material progress, splendid as fha may be. It is an awakening of thf spirit It Is a growing voice of the dl Tlnitj' within us. It is an incrcaslui recognition of the duty we owe to ou fellows. It is a higher rt>aliKation thai we live not aionw for ourselves, but foi our fumilies. our friends, our uatior and our race: that we must work to gethor for the good of each mid thf good of all. Be uot cast down, my brother. The day Cometh. Lift'up your eyes. Tb» old <«ntury Is dead. Thi.H is the uew century. Be not afraid, for the da.« dawn of the new era Is at baud. iu thif tb( A Kan and a Mouse. Jake, •nho has a hair trigger teuiiter. uae day had au experience Ibat should bare taught him the futility of losing the little bead<i that natui-c gave him. On, a hot summer day, whcu he was eWthed with little more than fi-eckles, a cotton shirt and rather roomy overalls, a mouse Jumped out froui under some boards where Jake wns fixing a floor and, scelag no other IIUVCTI of refuge, started Into tbe cavernous depths of oue oC the overall leg*. .Fake lust bis bead, as usual, bis icuiper ;;rab- biBg it and running away with it. Jumping wildly in the air, be begnu nfolng blows aloug his leg with tbe bammer which be bad bceu using iu bis floor carpentering. Each tiuio be struck where tbe mouse bad bceu whcu the blow started to lis deslinatiou, but as the mouse was going higher all tlie time it was not there by tbe time the iiammer got home. Theliext day .lake bad a continuous line of blue welts exr tending'from bis instep up. It i» a wonder he did uot fracture bis shin, but fools and madmen are marvclous- ly protected, and Jake Is both when ills temper takes his brain on a vacation. I do not know bqw this particular battle would have ended Iiad not Jake retained enough reason finally to drop tb« bammer and grab tbe mouse with both bands, when be quickly crushed It by mato strength. When we lose our tempers we usually Inflict more injury on ourselves than on the object of our wrath. ETcryday Seanty. There arc rare, sweet thinsa worSd of our*. Sweet Is the sunshine and sweet aie flowers. Sweet is the dew on Hie openiiis rose. Sweet 13 the fireside and sweet is repose Sweet Is the moniins song of tlio bird.-!. Sweet to the bnilsed heart are Itindlj words. Sweet are tbe sl;<rs on a iiunim?r nisiii. Sweet is the dawn on a mountuin liei^ht When the while peaks blush •«\iib thi rosy lighl. Sweet iicath liie rays ot a full orbei moon Is a lovei-'s walk on a iiiglil in Juue. Sweet are llie songs by our mothers sung. Sweet are the days when we were young. Sweet is the dawning light that lies Unveiled for ua in aiiotUvr's cyc!<. Siveel 1» a winter night, beguiled By the outside song of the tcniposi wild. And sweet is the laughter of a tliild. Sweet are the gleams ui>on the sojl Of light that shines from an mL-ree:! goal Sweet unto youtli is tlie far away. Sweet are the dreams of a better day. Sweet is congenial toil and the sansc Of riming above our environments. Sweet is a liard earned victory. And sweet, when th« world is in liar* mony. Is simple contentment uf to )>«. Sweet is liome with itApcace and rr-.-si And tbe love uf lh« biilnga that \vc luvt best. Sweet are the golden trotha of the <:iiris( Sweet, when self we liave sacrlflceil. Is the flow we feel from a noble deeJ, Is the growth of tbe soal unbound by creed, i Sweet are the beauties thai ever ipriug From IIrl and nature, and so I sine Tliat life Is a fair and a blessed thing. 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Sometimes I feel that as the suu rises over the physical world so it la rising for the "human race; that we are already In a new day. Invention has cbuic«d man's relation to nature. Democracy has chaused luan's relation t^ bis brother. All tbings are new except love and death, and they have a new meanlns. All lands are being awakes^. All men see a larger lizht. Wby is~not the better era already at Iti begjnning? Day dawn! At first there is a faint ra^dbmcfc ~' Here and tberc some singer bursts into melody. Tbe moruiug star of bopeis shiniuff goUlen over the yet uarbwn suu. The light grows. Tbe mt^untaiu tops blossom with rosy tints. There Is a breath of cooling and swott- nfss from tbe dawn. Tbe melody increases with the light. The stars grow Aim. The mountain tops of tJiougbt are battled with tbe effidgeace of tbe mora* lag, tbbugb the valleys are yet In shadow. Tbe sUver glory of tlie moon £ades, and tiie stars go oat A golden fringe of splendor encircles tbe east Tbe mountains glisten almost to tbehr bases with rose tints upon tbe gray of tbeir gramte and greoi of tb^r aiopeK._ And now over the eastern hwdzon appears a broad red disk. It rises. 'It rlMS yet. It is sunup. And tbe mountains and tbe ralleys are llosdea wlth- tlie Ugbt of a aesr'day. li Is ioeoUag. IOMSS IS an awa|Mniag< . How Locuts Grow. Tite locust is 80 flue a tree that cveu calliu;;' it ab acacia does uot dispel tbe chanu. If I were a George P. Morrii r would immortalize myself by siuj; lug the locust's praises, but I would avoid saying anything about uol .sparing ii. That is uuneee.ssarj-. Tbe locust is abuudantly able to take t;arc ol itself. It can grow faster than four tecu woodmen can get rid of il. A secondhand locust wilderness Is Iiurd cr to kill otr than a colony of mosqui toes. A man can cut dowu a locust sprout, iuvi his back a momeut to light his pipe and find tbe thing sprout ed agaiu by the time he is ready io resume work. I once bad a work ins for me who was so.siow in bis movements that when be f^ed to grub the locust thickets they actually seem ed to £ain on him. Tbe fecundity of the locust is such that it makes the rabbit look like au spostle of race suicide. .K forest fire stands no show iu a locust thicket for the reason that the young stoots spring up in the wake of the fire so fast that they almost overtake the flames. This is discouraging to the fire ficud. who has Doihing to show for his labor. I have lived ou a farm six luontlis now. aud in that time I have bad ttjos- Quiioes. malaria aud poison ivy. \ev- eribeii».'58. as .Vricmus Wai:J said of the gi~.ive of Shakespeare, -it is a success." I came up here only for the sumuier. but have falieu iu love with It aud am gouig lo stay all wujler. If T freeze to death here it will be my own fault and uot, as heretofore, that of the Janitor. Tliuinas Carlyle ubce said that Lugland contained :;0.000,000 inhabltuuts. '•mostly fools." This country bus over SO.iJOO.uOO. aioil of whotn live in town. That i.i uot quite equivalent to Carlyie's stricture, however, for the reasou that many of our urban dwellers cannot help living in town. When we have dose wfaat seems our utmost, yet are wUUog and anxious to do more, our better aelres Intervene and show us possibilities rof achievements never before dreamed. Only oue man can live in the White House, but every man can live in b\k own highest self and In God, and that is a greater thing than living In the White House. Boys' SuMm tMd Ovmroomis Knickerbo^er Suits for boys fiom {{{'^..'JO TO $10.00 't Boys' and ChilcJren's 0vei6t>ats, AH *4.5 O TO SH;..IO Mmn's ami Boym ^ UiMlOFwmr MunsingantiVassar Union Suits for men, $l..->0 TO Ji?3 .00 Boys' Union Suits ou sale from .>0<* TO JUl .OO ARE STIL^ TALKING Politics Still the Chief Theme of Discussion on the Srtets. I do not know why God made suakes and mosquitoes, but find myself just as mucb aystifled ax to his reasou for xnaldug some bin& of men. New YoUf. iu>w has tbe talleet bail4. Uws oa eartb. Bat what goed Is it to kare taQIniUdingsanddwarfel tmMS . 4 The usual post-election quiet pre- vaileii iu tlic city totiai-. The results in the several states and in Kansas and Alien county continued to be the chief topics of discussion. Those who were not engagcil in busine.'^.s which I)osltivi*iy rcquirwl their attention gave tlieir time to debating the close results throughout the countrj-. The matter which occasions the most sur prise among the Democrats is the fail tire of Mr. Bryan to run as well as they expected him to do.' Candidates on both tickets. Wic Republican and Demo<:rati<'. in Allen count.v, spent most of the day with pencil 3nd paper soinpr abon^ from the several points wr.ere cledtion ro- tiirns were received. fi.erurinK out bow it happened. DuriuR the da.r. a few groups of debaters grew enthusiastic and emphasized their view with grace fill gesticulations and oratorictil flourishes. On the whole, however, the victory of the Republicans was ae cepted wltii the calm flu.«?h of triumph which always characterizes the brow of the victor who has finished a well .^cncraied, righteous and faithful battle, whibj the Democrats took it good liaiuredly, yet witli the rcluctaiico that always makes the vunqnisbed Iiaug to it" until the lust. Ily tomorrow buKiness concHtions will have become normal and the lltical strife which haw occtjpled the attention of. the' jitiblic for many weeks will be; dissipated with the flash of Old Glory before the e.vo and a united people will swell with their oice tbat national hymn which never falls to dispel rivalr}- and strike and always sends a thrill through the hetirt of every patriotic citizen. "My Country Tis o^/Tliee." TO BL'ILD B.4KR.4('KK IX H.iW.tll. JOII.N.SO.N n> K>»L.VNU HUMS. .Vftcr His Fitflit Kith Uuriis the Xe^ru Kill .Hfi't LuD (,'fora ou Kritish Soil. IJoston. Xov. 4.—AcoordiuK to a ijle from I.,ond(iii reeeivid here ir was learned thai Jack .lohnson has agreed to leiuru 10 the Enijiish metropolis iii February, win or lose, with Tommy nunis. and fight Sam Langford diirin -March. T^e cable also disclosed the tact tliat negotiatjous ate on lor bout Ijctween Jimmy Walsli of iioston and '•Digger" Stanley of Liondon for the world's baiitam weight title. Stan ley is the banlain or eight stone fou champion of Great Brit^ in, and. has two wins over Owen .Moran. If the matcli with Walsh Is cousummaled will be their tliird^ineeting on British soil. Sam langford, who was to meet Philadelphia Jack O'Brien this week in .\ew Vork if General Bingham had aoir objected, will not have his train ing lor nothing after all. He received an offfM- from Plilladeliihiu to niee .Morris Harris at the State .Mhleiie club there Friday night and has accepted. Harris wHI have au advant age of at least thirty pounds over the colored middle weight, but that probably will noi botlicr Sam any. as In luiK been conceding weights lo about ail his opponents the past .vcar. IIEKBKKT SJHOCK KESKJXS. Aa Army Board Xamed to Lonite >>w BaOdiBfs on the Island. / Washiugton. Nov. 4.—.\ board of seven army officers has been appointed to meet in 'the Hawaiian islands for thelocatioirof i )nilding8 of a perm anent garrison for one regiment of infantry and two sqn^rons of cavalry, one regiment of field artillery, one contpai!}', of engineers, one company Afx^fj^gpat corps aMfl, geneiaj hoa- ^'^ ''i^'baifaeks tor ad L Oklahoniii Bank CuinnilNf.luni-r .May lie Succeeded by L. D. .Varr. Guihrie, Oklu.. .Nov. 4.—Stale Bank Commissioner llerliert Smock will resign liis office about Deeeiiiber 1 or Januar.v 1. He will accept the vice prcsideuey of an Oklaltohia liankin trust company. .Mr. Smock was ap- poinied territorial bank commissioner by (kivernor Frantz aud. although a RejHiblican. he was asked to hold ov- r under the Democratic state udmin- iHtralion. and wu.s leapiioinred by Governor Haskell. i^s resiguatiou is entirely voluntary. .\o successor has been api>oint- ed, but I.. D. .Marr, .secretary of the school land board, may be tendered the appointment. \atiou«! Annnity to .VfH. The .S'ational Annuity lodge will have a meeting tomorrow night in the A. O. U. W. hail. There will bp an to- Itiatioh of several newly elected aiem bers and some names will be ballot- ted upon. The .members will also plan <q>en meeting and social to oc- liQ month. : - TH08. H. BOWLUS, President. J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Beck, L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulton, W. J, Evans, J. o. Redgaf^ W. L. Bartles, Thos. H. Bowlus. WEtSSUE OUR own DRAFTS OR Ml tUROPEARl»QiRTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM |2 TO 95 PER YEAIL INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. DIDNT SEE SISTER MARRIED IT'S A PKIZE CUBYSAMHI Three Feet High. Twenty Feet la DI^ uiueter und Has SCO Blooms. W. E. Corey and His Wife, However, Sent Elaborate Presents to ^ride. Pittsburg, Pa.. Kov. I.—William El-j Chicago. .Nov. 4.—The wonder chrys lis Cor<-y and hi.s^wif.-, who was .Ma-jaiithemum plant of the-world, coming belle Gilmau. did not attend the wed- flliig - t his sister. .'Vda B. Corey, at Downingtown, Pa., yesterday, but his first wife, wliom he divorced to marry the actress, A check lor was scut by il ^uiid his son. .Alan. did. $U>0,00<> to the l>riae r. Corey. -Mrs, Corey sent a beautiful diaiuoiul brooch. .Miss Corey married Dr. Charles Howard .Vtifhammer of Pittsburg, wliotu site hnsf known since childhood. from the greenhouses of If. McK Twomby at .Madison, N. J., will be on exhibition at the national flower show which opens next B'rIday jn Chicago. This flower is ouly 9 montbs old. only three feet high, has 500 blooms and is twenty feet in diameter. The couHlarit dropping water wears away the hariTest i.tone. The constant gnaw of Towser maati- eates the toughest bone. The constant wooing hjver carrle.s away the bluKhing maid. And the Constant Ailvertlser is the mun who gets the Made. .MISS MALOXJjy WOXT WX1>. ••No Murriatre >Ylth Hamnel Claitson ' or .tn>oue Ebte,*''Saya Anltfrw. I'lilladelphia. Nov. 4.~Aiulrew P. .Maloney. representing bis brother, .Martin Malouey, who is out of the city, says recent statements published respeciinB >I1»8 .\iuIouey are without foundation, ite adds there will be no marriage with Samuel Ciarkson or anyone else. NATURES PEipiCT TONIC ircely an\- one. no matter how vigorous and healthy, whc There is scan . _ ^ d6es not need a/tonic sometimes. I«itUe physicsil irregularities upset ih« system, tbe appetite fails..digestion is poor, the body feels tired «ad worn out. and other unpleasant .symptoms give warning that the systeui is disordered and needs assistance to ward off, perhaps, some seridiis sickness -or ailment. S.-S; S. is recognizcd everywhere as the best of all tonics, nature's medicine, made entirely of healing, cleansing, invigorating roots and herbs a systemic rduedy without an equal. S. S. S. has the additioi^al value of being the greatest of all blood purifiers. It re^tablishes i^ehftaiihy circn- lation of the bl6od. rids the body of tbat tired, worn-out feeling' in^toVealie appetite and di|fi?stion. an i brings about a rettim of h^th to those whose Sy^Xems have been weakcued or depleted. S. S. ac$s ainri; W»mp^ Md pleasantly than any other molicine. and those whp are run doilailtt^^tH should commence its use at once. . It MM thoit^tfj^lllyf porifyitMi Uood ind •tone up the ss 'steta. S. S, S. is. admirably ^tttid'-for a —^-^-^ - - ' -

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