Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1907
Page 5
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JDoable'foId and wing point collars break If folded when t&e seam Is unevenly iamp^npU. We have a machine thab dampens these collars exactly right, in the hands of an expert operator. A velvety smoothness on every edge; iOiA LMUmRY. PHOTTE 102. •mm VmfmHmmiy Hcmpitml V^v^Sa^t, loU, one block from ufiim.' Diseasn of domesticated aniiiMksttc6essftaiytreated ,charges in^i||ertte.good boxstallsforpatients C^tb answered promptly night or di^, 30 years experience. Veterin »tf Dentistry a specialty. J^jpiUJIUmfff>y y ^^a '''''^^'"^ (ricnd!; who raino to their as ffMor OraJnatfl of OnUrio Veter- "^''^ smMtor boj-s at Prime iaafy ColieKe, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 1391 ^^ W. A. boih made up purses for Mr. • MarFsli. and .T. II. Howetl donated a ninnth'."! lont. for all of vhich Mr. M .Tr.-ih .•Mill hi."! Tamlly are very thank- I'll. 0.F: ORGE 5rarsh, the little son of Chus. .A(arsh, has been brought back from Cliiist's hospital, where he was t-percteil upon on the I3th of Septem lie;-. H*? is now gattin^ along nicely. TIio Mursh family suffered a great I (lonl cf .sickness during the summer j a-iil fpll. but were ver>- fortunate in If it's a ot Water Bottle Remember we sell the best quality at right prices. Fall line of rubber goods at SPENCER'S Call on £.EFFLi£R When needing anything in toe Jewelry line. cm nwM. E. J. WILLIFORD. who pitdied for Muskogee in the Kansas-Okluhonm league and with Joplin in the Wostcni Association this .<;pa ^n. i.s in ():•• riiy 7iEi! old frienils. Willlfnnl useil 1o lire at Piqua and pllehed Tor the K. N. C. tesim here two years ago. Since that tlmo he has developed, into a (Treat pitcher. Ha is signed on the Wfcbb City pitching STaff for noNt soa- EOIL Hallowe'en Post Card.-; at nnrrell's drug store. B« sare yea see fhe DevH's .iartlAn Vr. «eya«U«. Pkaae tSL Mm. fl4. P. I. Waach, Dcatbt Pkoae IM <Mka arer BarnlTs Drag Ston. AS -lOLA man says the town should be, asbamed of itself for not bavtni; iaore aott^mobiles. Cbanute which in no other respect has It on. loia. has twenty-eight machines. Humboidt, with a population loss than a t!)ird tliat of lola, has seven machines in which are two Buicks. while Tola has bat twelve machines. It is understood however, that thre? lola physicians are planning to got motor cars next spring. Painting. 1X81Y. Paper Hanging. Phone COUNTY Attorney Carl Peterson was m the countrj- yesterday on busn- ness. Dr. J. P. JamMon. Gradnate AaetlAfl. eer and Vcterlnarbtii. Sales or eallsi made anrwiierc. rhone IS, lola, Kas. BOB REYNOLDS. Wade Clark and Tom Ferguson, who were arrested S\inday on the charg? of violating the pvohiliitory law woro unable to pivo l>ond yesterday afternoon and were returned to jail. (Earner, the colored l)orter at a local hotel, who was also arrested on this charge, secured bond, li Is not iieUeved that the case against liim will hp pu.shed. The state will issue warrants for the prisoners as soon ns the oily has disposed of the case'?. Hallowe'en Cards at Durrell's drug store. Derli'.s .laetlon at the Ornnd Theater tonight. J. Y. Tanner, licensed anetloseer ind sale rrler, 505 >orth McBea. Ga* City. .IT'DflE Fou.-st.of loia won; :<> Erie morning to liold coiirr ;:s judge lifo t'-'wi in those oases i.: vhich Judge Finley is disqualifu-d lo act. Thi-re are sufficient cases of tUs na ture to ensagp Judge Foust's atten f on for a week or ten days. Two of he ni<i>; iniimrtanf law tiiiit:^ of thf • rm wil' be tried by him. the danh ;;ue .suiis of Miss Voder and W. J Walker. This morning the rasp of .\ W. Mft'rtjwan et a! ^^«. thr Kjinsa.< Tor lipdd rompauy. wa;< call'vl.—Chainii.- Sim. Mrs. CantrelL Phone 1097. .-\N .\CTION wns lie-nii l>y County -Attorney Pett'rsou today in ^li ^Iri (•t 'OUrt aKa'nst Dan JJalJ, <har;ri»g liJni w th tlie violation of the iimhiliimry taw. lie is charged with one sale. The evidence is said to have been se cur?d by detectives who have been employeil to secure Information again.'Ji boatleggers. Ball was ar ffstpil ye.Kterday afternoon and gave a $4"0 bond. Devil's .Vnction at the firand Theater toniirfat. E E. G.VINER L. F, Burns ol the Gainer Engineer company ar«^ htre today laying out tlie founrlalions of several buildings for the Monarch company. As soon as the grade stakes are set for ths switch, a large force will be set. at woik »-xcavating and filling for the tracks.—Humhodt Herald. W. A. Bejrd Waats Sam of $1SS0 Fnun UaUed Iron Works. W. A. Boyd bransht suit In district court today to recover $1530 damages from the United Iron Works. It will bo remembeiTed that on Awgtist 13th the holler room of the United Iron \\iorks collapsed, involving a great loss financially to the company and also rasulting in the injur>- of several employees. Mr. Boyd was one of the men injured and alleges in his petition that the building had been known to be dangerous for some time and that the company had not taken stsps to make the building more secure. He alleges that the roof was not sufficiently braced- and the girders were not strong enough to sup port the weight of the roof, and that for a period of two months prior to the accident some of thp ttnibpr."? were coming out of p'Jice. He further alleges that when tl .p building collapsed some portion of the building stnick him on the right side, severely injuring him. H P elaimi that several ribs were frartured and h's right hip bniisoil. He says he was disabled for H days and that he has been unnble to work more or less lince that time, and that h? has cause to believe that his InjurlPs are per- imneiit. He believps that for pain ind suffering, loss of time, penuan- ent injury and punitive judgement, he is entitled to H'.-O for which amount he sues. TlllF.F KIFLrn X GRIP. aaORVfnMi Vanrita Pr ^ . . .. Or. Joka ryfo oaoortteX^tartal Staff oTTaa ScKBcno Mamnai. Bavisw laya «r (lBlearasQo ((BitfaMiaiJ}folea)wUeli Is one o( the chief tBcxodtaots of the'FIs- Torlte Prioerfptioa "; " A ruMdr iriUcb ioraiitblr acta a« a atee- laelonioranr * • • lokkMtorBonaal ac- Uvltr M tte entire MpradncttT* mmtm.* HsoontlniMf "In Halontms w«havaamcdlcft- it which BOM tullr macwen tbm abora patWM tarn m oM *r dnie wM wMdrTam aeauaUOtd. In tM tnatnent of rtlwim n*- cnlUr to wpoen It U tcJdom that» CAM is tfeen which dow not pteieDt MBM ladlcadoii for tbu rctaediml teat.' Vt. 7 |f« tartbcr SScstt^^waSaalMaiBiran Or iachlaff la tiM, tack, wtihalcncorrtea: •tonicOeaUcondlUiflhof the rmnduetlTO Omns ot tbemnidi Oloodtnci. diM to m w«mk- reproducnve •mem: ta ur abcent •oaiblr or •ccoBpanrina aa I oondltion of tbe dicvsiiTe omns imic (thin blood> habit: dracclna • la U M extreow lower pan of tb« or leg of the John Hitter Had Watch and riolhhig Stolen. .Tohn Riiier. father of .Alinrnev Chris Hiiter of this riiy. had stolon from his grip which he checked from Hazel nell, Illinois, to this ciiy. rinilipf! and other valuables which he »a)m\e very highly. He packed his criii and checked it over the .Missouri IMpific When ihe grip rearhed this riiy hr found I hat it had bepu nppui'd and things of value taken from ii. iiu-lud- Ing a watrli. The .Mis.«>uri Pai illi an- horiiips arp making an rfforl (o lorate the thief and if possible secure the return of the clothing and valuables. Mr. Ritter will visit in this city for several weeks. nniNER W.V.S .VCQriTTF .1). Costs of Assault Case Against Him I'liid hy Proseriitlne Wltne^i. E. O. Ilruupr. tlip inja voal cMaU man wlio was rharged witli an fl.-.=.iul- ou .T. C. Hoim of La llarpp. was ac- iniiied in the La Harpe pnlicp rour* last pvf-ning and ihp costs in ihi^ case whioli amoiintpd to about was a.s- sessi-d l>y folici' Jud>:«' ('li-vi ugor against the prosecuting witness. It will t)o rememberpd that rpcoiilly ."^ir Uruner and -Mr. Kclm got in siisn.' dif- Scnlly in a Ilarpe i>vor a litisines' tran.'wr/inn in wliirli .\Ir, lliiinei cliar.^pil Mr. Koim with aspunlilnr him wiih a knife. His case lias nevci lieen tried. Kelni Inimediatel.i' swoiV mx a ronipJaint against itruner in oolipf riiiirt and it was Irii'ri l:t>l PV- uiiis. TAI.KKU ON 11 ELI.. Re>, Ulrks Took Inlcrcstlng Subject for Sermon. LV IKIXOK OF THE >KW .STATE. It Is Sumreited to Hold a IHir l'rli'»»ra. tion In Muskogre November 19. Muskogee, I. T.. Ort. 29.—David Francis of St. Ix)uis and J. H. Case, chairman of the executive committep of the irans-.Mi.s.sissippi congress, telegraphed Covernor-plecf Haskell I'ida'y asking him to Issue a .uctipbood CP I P- liraiion day prociaraation for .N'ovem- ber Ml, in .Mii.skogpp. Tliai is ihp date upon which iho tranH-.MississI|)pi con irre.s.f ronvpne.^. Mr. Haskell has not decided upon his reply. Wrii h-11 is. Mal',1. i.-.-lT. Tiiiii sliall hp say to Uiem upon the 'eft iia-.d. Depart from me yp cur.=ied. nto cvcrlast n~ fire prepared for the dovil and his nnses. .V.iih. L'.'-40. And llio^- shall go away .'inn pvprJa.-iiin.u iiiinisliniPiit. ••.\iid ilip flii'ilii-ii of tlip k'ngdom shall be c;is! 'lut into OIII<T ilarlities.c and ili'^re .'^linil bp wepping. wailing and gnashing of tPPth. Ail the wcl:?d shall be turned into Sell with al the nations ihai forget Hod. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment." The above are extracts taken from the Srriptiij-e and are some of the a:ioni!nns which Evanselist Hick.< iiKP''. in l-.issi'rninn last night wher hp d(.V(iiliP (I fifll as ft is pictured to u.^ inllK- liililp. Rpv. Hicl^s < I H< !t upon H IP wor'r ?verlasting whi<h is .is.soc'ated with nearly pvpry dpsprii)tion of Hell. He e.\plalnpd by the parab'p of the rich man yft':ti^ »i> hl.s pye.s from I IP U . tha' dpath ilops noi dc.>-troy memory. p?r- -sonal identity and personal consciousness. "For ev..r iinl over." is another phrasp which wa.s dwpk upon and Rev. Hicka nuoiod "The Smoke of Their Torment .VhoPiideth up Forever and Evp." in illiLstrato the time t"hrniiRh which hpll Is to last. DerH's Aactlos at the Grand Theater Wantad-^Brerybody to know that' W. B. Kelley ft Son hare mared their traaster and Btorage office to 211 •oath Washington. OiBce and Da; Phone 290. Residence and night P&oae 17. HEKRY Kuhn has taken charge of the stock of Dr. Voegtle's drug store wtleh was willed to him and h> now walttng on trade. He has applied to tha court for the right of majority and will do hnsiness in. bis own name, ynitle he has not yet taken tfca esunbiatlon as'a registered phar- 'Jpoetiit'he wUl do so as sooa as poe- ii^M^p % he wfU get > laba* one ta aat lit that eapscitj--' rSaatiteiM Herald. '^Benley" SnitsI A F(M»n INSPKf TOR HERE. Julm KIi'Inhaft!« Visited lola .Verritant.« VcNterday. .lohn Klpinhaiis, one of the Kansas State Food inspectors, arrived in lola yest?rday and spent all day and part of this lorenoon Inspecting the meat shops and packing houses in lola. It is said that th^ inspector found one jilacp in lola that did not cum ply with the proper sanitary condi lions. ThI.s place, it is said, was so Are the best made, best fittliig Snit.s ever rhown in this conmy. They are ALL WOOL and hand tailored throughout. gll Hof^-^y.^y that the inspector, after giving of "Kohn Bros.' and Henley j,,,^ proprietor a very straight talk. .*?nits and Overcoats to select from, i advising him to ci:'an up. took sam Prices— $io to $37.50- r5 noB ST9BI nkir «An9nB& pies of some of the meat and left. This is the .second visit of the food inspectors to lola.and if on the next V sit alt of the grocerymen and butch ors are not complying with the law in every particular, th?re wi.l probabl; some arrests follow. Try a Wsat Ad. la tke BeaUtw. Beflster ITaats brlag resalts. Btller tfcah ikki lk._. WBf HBtWB^ oW bl Toe - entsSrwIIRn Is Unicom root, or Hetonlas, and tlie medle&I properties o( which it most faithfully represents. Of Oolden Seal root, another prominent iDgrodlBDt of "Favorita Prescriptlon," Prof, Finley Elllngwood, M. D.. of Bennett Medical College, Cbleafo, says: " It U an Imporunt WMdjr In^dlwnUrs Of tlie woBbL In all catanfaai eondltlooa • * '-W5SiWM.^!fe?t!^:te tif ClncinnsU, aays of OoMen Seal root: «In relailm to tu Maeral etTecw on the Uir u weft gmerol ufwnOiiity of opinion. It to untvtrtaUn (etarded a» (h« tonic oaeful in all deWHtaied naiei." ^ Prof. R. Bartholow, Af. D.. of Jefferson Medical College. say» of GoTden Seal: "Valuablo In uterine hemorrtaace, nienoi^ Tbaela llloodlns) and vanaesUTe dyamcDor- rhopauialnful menstniatlon)." .... Dr. Pierce's Favorite PreBcrlutlon faitL- fully represents all the above named ingredients and cures thcdijeaae* for whieh Iher are recommended. rO WAIT FOB MONEY Luniliernian's Portland Cementt Company mil Probably Begin Work ou Plant Early in >ew Year. "Wo will not begin tlip pr .'»ction of ;hp cPtnent i )lnnL uniil evt -ry dollar nep 'lpd is assur.ii. 1 'lip eiisiueers will be stpur^d and the work on the ce- nent i>'ant will, in all probabil.ty, be started about the first of the year." The aliove statement matle by W*. E. Woods, presidpnt of the Lumber nan's Portland (••mem company shows th3 present condition of the rement lompany. Already this company has the construction work of the brick filant well under way and it is ;>plievcd iliat brick will bp shipped away from ilio new factory by the last of Ppl )ni3ry. .Mr. Woods was accompanied to this city ijy J. E. Waddoll, treasurer of the company, and F. A. Umsted, second vice-)>resident of the company, who came down to look over the^site and noro the procrress of the work. .\ir. W'p >i!-5 i -iatPd ilii.; aftt-rnoon hat 1!;.- iu;.chinpry. of tbp brick and cemcni plants will bp such that In case gas should ever fail in this coun- trv they would eilher burn coal or oil. "W P have not yet decided whether o Irt the construction of thr? cement hint by contract or to hire the eiv •'neers and OVPISPP the work our wlvea. This will be done, however, in time so that it will not Interfere .villi the work of building thp plant, 'he luml)pr Is on thp ground and it 'an bp seen that th^re will be no d ay after the work is once started." '.REGT A PARJiONAGF Presbyterian Chnrch Will Pnrcbasr Lots nn Ea.<if Street and Baild. At the meeting of the offic'als of 'le Pi.sii.upi-lan church which was Setd in t!ip <-Jiurch parlors last even- ng if was il.^rided to purchase lot S. •i!ock '!"> or tJip second lot east of Dr. H. V. Di^e.sbach's fine residence on East street. A parsonage will be er- '>cted on this lot. The parsonage which is to be eract- f\ on this lot probably will cost iliom $.'v.oOO. Although it is not inoxyn how soon it will be before con- stnict'on work will begin the archi ects will be put to work at once getting out the plans. firARAXTINED JAfOBS HOME. Case of Smallpox Was Found Ba.ssplt. in The county hf-alth officer this morning quarantined the Jacobson home in Coucreto. The fifteen year lid ion was suffering with small pox. There has l)e?n a nifmber of cases of •.mall iK>v reiwted In Concreto this "all but it Is bel'eved that it had been stamiied out iiritil the cases were re- lortPrt. As far as known this Is the •nly case in Conct -Pto at this time. 1 R M K AaiKace GrNts Vh Seatt aad Listens ta Desertptlaa of the Gnat Work en thf btkaas. "I never' stand before an lola an- dleuce." remarked Mr. Scott in begin ning his address on the Panama Canal at the Y. M. C. A. room.s last night, "without feeling .is If the first words I should .say were 'Thank you.' Prom my childhood 1 have been the recipient of so much kindness from the good people of this good town, they have been so charitable to my shortcomings and so generous in their approval of whatever 1 have done that was right, they have been so nearly unanimous in their support of whatever ambitions I may have had. that they have loaded me with obligations I fear I can never repa.v. The only way I can come at all near to repaying them is bj- so conducting myself as to prove in some degree at least worthy ot the confidence you have reposed in me; and that if is the highest ambition of mv life to do. One of the penalties of the posit' . hold is that it keeps one so m ...a of the time .away from home. Mr. Lincoln remarked once that he reckoned there never was a boy who liked gingerbread better and got less of it than he. .\nd so paraphrasing his words, I might say that there never was a man who liked so well to be at home and who had to be away so a Congie.s.sman can stay at home and yet measure up to the standard of the much. For the time has gone by when duties he ought to perform. During he past summer 1 have not been able to give an average of an hour a day to my private business, and much more than half the time has been necessarily spent away from lola in response to invitations and requests that have come from different parts of the District. The time has gone by also, when a Represeniatlve can remain even within the limits of his own District and yet measure up 10 his full reaponsihiiity as a legislator for the entire country, for with the acquisition of the Philippines. Porto Rico and Hawaii, and with the construction of the Panama canal there have come problems for the intelligent understanding of which there Is needed the Informa- ion which can be acquired only by a nersonal visit to these distant posses- ?iofl.s. In a word, with the growth of he business of the country, and with the expansion of the country itse'f, he work of a Member of Congress has increased so that nothing less than his entire time Is required tr oroperly perform his duties. It is for this reason, and not by personal preference, that so much of my time is spent away from lola." The speaker then took up the sub- iect of the Panama Canal, discussing first the history of preceding at- empts to build it. and then descrlb- ng the conditions that now prevail on the Isthmus and the progress that is being niade with the work. He said that when work was first begun, three great problems confronted us. The first was the tiucstion of the sanlta- ion of the Isthmus, the second was the problem of the labor siipplj'. and the third was the question whether tbe anal should be a lock canal or built It the sea level. All of these ques- lons the speaker declared, have been satisfactorily solved, bis discussion of them proceeding along the same general lines as in the letters published ast spring in the Register. At the close of the lecture, with the s.^istance of Mr. Starkey. .some fifty r more stereopticon views were hown, clearly Illustrating many maters in relation to the work upon the anal and adding much to the Interest )f the entertainment. HE WHIPPED A POLICEMA\. r. S. .Horrell AwalUng the Arrival of Officers From CoifeyTllle. J. S. -Morrell, of Colfej-ville. was arrested last night by Ira Smith on the charge of ass.aultlng a policeman at ?0ffe .\Tille recentl.v. He is being he'd pending thp arrival of an officer from CoIfejTille. .Morrell's story Is that the policeman was abusing a prisoner vhom he had in charge aad be turned in and jiounded up tbe policeman. CHAS. HAH.V. a former lola butch- "r. has purchased the controlling In tprest in a packing plant at CoffeyvlUe :in'i will go into that .L. T. MII.ES left thl.^ week for ^farshaltowii. la., on a real estatf deal. Didmonds! BEST fOLOK BEST tlT J LOWEST PRICES - > ilo. Par., Saats Fe* aai Jl. K. ft T. Watek laapeetsr. rOLLIXS A>"D HAWLET. Have Several Xew Songs and a Bit of Comedy Too Good to Be Vbsed. Ted Sparks left last night for Buffalo to contract some new feature acts he presented In the near fntnre at the Sparks theater. Manager .Mel- salf said there would be some changes In this week's bill on Thursday evening for the last half of the weel;. Samson, the strong man, will have three hundred poung stone broken 1 his chest wth a hammer. Eiirnest Mack will do eccentric Irish vith hew song and monologue. Fred Walden In illustrated songs entitled "Love Me and the World Is Mine." Tbe Baisdens comedy bicyclists have some of their best tricks for the :hange on Thursday. The Sparkoscope will show a new motion picture. "The Crime in the Mountains." The show will be well worth seeing again for tbe price of udmissiun. There will be a special matinee on laturday for school children. lOLA ME.V TO TE.WESSEE. lave Accepted I'o-titlons With Dixie Portland Pisnt. Two of the Kansas Portland cement men will leave this weak foriChat- '.anooga. Tenn., where they have positions In the Dixie Portland Cement nmpany's offices. Harry Koch ii* to act as trsRlc and sa'cs -.nanager of the Dixie Portland with headquarters at Chattanoosa. Mr. Ounaway who Is •.'.ow employed in the ofRcek here will fork in the oSces at that place. Mr. Dunaway is an expert clarinet player I, (I orchestra man and his leaiing Ola -win be a great loss to tha Shields vchestra and it will be a bard matter to get anyone that can fake h's >iace. . ? * - Saperb Seeale SoTHJUea. Slagias and Daaelag. Be- gaat Costanes. Prices ..... .25e, 6fle, 75e. IL00 THEATRE (Formerly the .Bachelor) ETERT XlfinT 8(00 to lOiM. Vatinees Snndays, Taesdays, Thursdays and .Sntprdsys. Progriam YorxG .s.vMsbx. ERNEST MACK. LESLIE POXEBOr. COLLDfS & HAWIET. THE B.USDEXS THE SPARSOSCOPE. Always a Good Show. Iowa Store Just Received 500 Pairs of Sample Shoes No iwd pairs alike. Kverythiug ihat is mad. in the shoe line. Now is the time to get a pair of shoes that wiil fit and -itit you. Respectfully, A. G. MUMMA,Prop. ^H£ EST TOVES s ICGfST TOCK H/NNorrs nr^wo lie IB To Be Sure Far tert aa« QaMwrt Sasalhri^ tke Beclfter Waat Cahunb - ij . ,• • --i-. :.• • ^ V. -.A;-" ••••••

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