The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 2, 1964 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1964
Page 4
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PAGE THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE, Wednesday-, Dec, 2, 1964 Science Is Studying Your Sixth Sense' EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the third of five dispatches on extra - sensory perception by the UPfs national reporter. It discusses "Who can get the message and who can't." By HARRY FERGUSON United Press International One day a Duke University student who usually scored well' in tests for extra-sensory: powers began floundering and flunking. A few questions brought forth the information that a certain girl had arrived in Durham, N.C., thereby diverting the student's < mind from extra-sensory matters to sen* sory ones. If you wish to test yourself fpr unusual mental powers, absolute concentration is the first order of "business. Without it you are bound to fail. Coleman Cooper consistently showed promise in" experiments in Dr. J. B. Rhine's laboratory' at Duke. But one day he was called to the telephone and received disturbing news. When he returned to the laboratory and attempted to identify each card in a. pack, his average promptly fell to three out of 25. The laws of chance are that you can average five out of 25 without any extra-sensory powers at all. It appears you must go into training if you are going to have success, both physically and mentally. George Zirkle was , coming up with- an average of 14 correct predictions out of 25 cards at Duke when he caught influenza. He continued the experiments in the hospital and - his .average fell to eight. When he recovered, he was back at 14 again*. Age No Factor Rhine says age is not a factor. He has found extra'-sensory. powers in persons ranging in age from 4 to 60. Nor is intelligence any help because students getting high grades at erage than those receiving mediocre ones. A group of 20 children-at varying "stages of re- usual extra-sensory powers is a ipeling ~ot "complete "confidence. JM»*doubi-'»iauflt eXer,:jttossshis tween the peroformance level of men- and women. l?xtrovers. of either sex do a little better than introverts. The one priceless ingredient that seems to Duke did no better on the av- characterize a person with-un- MATTEL VRR00M' HOT RODDER ENGINE OHiy $ 3 99 'VRR00AV DUMP TRUCK $g41 VRR00M' SKY LOADER $341 ONLY $4.71 Reg. Price $21.95 SALE PRICE AMERICAN FLYER ELECTRIC 'A GREAT TOY FOR ANY BOY 5 Regular $19.98 SALE PRICE //• THE FLYINGEST THING POWERFUL.074 THUNDERBIRD ENGINE ' , • Reg. Price $1295 f IN THE SKY' SALE PRICE $5.88 LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE ON !AND APPLIANCES $5.99 No 2-5930 SILEX AUTOMATIC TOASTER SALE PRICE Reg. $13.95 #2801 DOMINION ELECTRIC SLICING KNIFE SALE $14.41 DE LUXE MODEL Reg. $27.95 UNIVERSAL PORTABLE ELECTRIC MIXER O 3 SPEEDS O EXTRA POWER O LARGE BEATERS Reg. $15.95 Sale $7.42 ODD LOT MEN'S SUITS & SPORTCOATS GIVE-AWAY PRICED AT COME IN AND SEE ABOUT 40 LEFT I 1 to $4 ea. 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Nobody has found even the smallest clue as to why this feeling comes and goes, but if you should stumble Onto the solution, Arnold Palmer would appreciate hearing from you right away. A Sixth Sense Whatever the reason, only one person out of five has extra-sensory powers. One theory, interesting but unproved, attempts to explain why all of us don't have it by going all the way back to pre-historic man. It assures that in the days of the cave man everybody was equipped with extrasensory powers as an added protection against their' enemies. Gradually the increased use of the five normal senses— arid smell—resulted in less -use of the sixth sense. It began to wither in a majority of mankind, but for some reason survived strongly in a minority of us. If you. are gifted with extra-, sensory perception, it can manifest itself in three ways. You can be telepathic—able to receive messages from other minds. You can be clairvoyant —know things about an object, situation or event that is not known to any other person at that time. You can have pre- recognition—the ability to visualize something that is still in the future. ' Distance Doesn't Matter Do you have to be close to the person or object—in the same room, for instance—for" telepathy to Work Not at all. Rhine cleared up that matter many years ago with an experiment involving Miss Sara Ownbey and Miss Frances Turner. He explains it this way in "New Frontiers Of The Mind": Miss Ownbey sat in the laboratory of Duke University with 25 extra-s e n s o r y perception cards in front of her. Miss Turner was 250 miles away. They synchronized their watches. The idea was that they would test telepathy by haying Miss Ownbey^piek up a card, think about it and fry to send her * thought to Miss Turner. Miss Ownbey allowed a five-minute interval to elapse between picking up each card. The laws o£ chance are that Miss Turner could guess five of the 25 cards correctly without any telepathy at all. On the first test she got 19 and on the next two 17. Over an extended period of time she averaged 10.1—twice what the law of averages dictates. There is some evidence that telepathy is more effective at a distance than it is when two persons occupy he same room. Rhine"s hypothesis is that the receiver of the messages can concentrate better because he is not distracted by the presence of another person in the room. With ESP No. 3 By United Press International In an attempt to solve the mystery of extra-sensory powers scientists have done much research on the ability of carrier pigeons to find their way unerringly home. Deliberate attempts to confuse the pigeons and throw them off course have failed. The performance, of h o m i n pigeons can be improved by selective breeding—mating the ones which .perform best. There is some evidence that pigeons do better when they are taken to the south- of their homing target, but they also are highly proficient in approaches f r o m east, west and north. (Continued on Page 6) WINNER of our AIRGUIDE BAROMETER given during Tipton's OPEN HOUSE Mrs. Guy Trimble Windfall, Ind. teweler

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