The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 9, 1963 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 3

Ottawa, Kansas
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Saturday, February 9, 1963
Page 3
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Just Try This Dream Pie It is appropriate for Valentine's day, Washington's birthday (or any other time), is attractive to look at, easy to prepare, and pleasing to the taste. You'll find all these descriptions true of the dessert which Mrs. Robert Bray, 222 W. 4th, makes. Cherry Dream Pie Prepare a graham cracker crust for a 10-inch pie Mix together and place in refrigerator to chill: 1 can prepared pie cherries % c. sugar % tsp. almond extract Combine 1 3-oz. pkg. cream cheese (at room temperature) with % c. sifted powdered sugar and set aside. Prepare 1 pkg. Dream Whip (2'/ 4 oz.) as directed, adding 2 tbsp. sugar after it has been whipped. Fold cheese mixture into Dream Whip; do not beat. Put into pie shell. Put cherries on top using a slotted spoon. Save remaining juice to use as topping, on sundaes later. Place in refrigerator overnight. Serves 6. The next recipe has an interesting background. Those who met the author, Mary Francis Shura, at the County Book Fair last November will recognize Shura 'Nuff as the name of her farm. When she left Kansas City, women of the Kansas City Council of Girl Scouts, where both she and Mrs. Bray worked, gave a farewell party for her, serving foods cooked by her recipes. The recipes were put into booklets as favors. Here is one which Mrs. Bray likes very much. Shura 'Neff Barbecued Brisket Place a 4-61b. beef brisket on a large sheet of heavy aluminum foil. Sprinkle with garlic salt, onion salt, savory salt (Lawry's), pepper and a few drops of liquid smoke. Wrap tightly. Bake 5 hours at 250-300 degrees. Turn back foil and cover meat with thin slivers of lemon and onion; broil 10 minutes. Retain the meat juices. Combine in the following order: 1 onion, chopped fine 1 clove garlic, minced 1 tsp. salt H tsp. pepper % tsp. chili powder % tsp. Tobasco sauce "Vi tsp. celery salt % tsp. dry mustard 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce l /4 c. brokn sugar l /4 c. white vinegar Miscellany L. M. S. The theme for the 1962 meet- ng of home demonstration agents in Chicago, HI., last fall was 'Updating Our Profession," which should apply equally well o almost any homemaker. An account appears in "What's new n Home Economics." As she opened the meeting, Mrs. Mar jorie Gillespie Burley, Idaho, described the full life of the >rofession with quota ion from John Burroughs: "I still find each day too short for all of the Lois houghts I want to think, all FEBRUARY TREAT — Mrs. Robert Bray prepares to serve a Cherry Dream Pie which friends say lives up to its name. (Herald Photo by Lois Smith) 1 c. tomato sauce 1 c. tomato puree 1 slice lemon Bring all to a boil and simmer 20 minutes. Pour over meat, bake 45 minutes at 325 degrees, basting often. Cool thoroughly. It is well to cook the meat the day before and cool overnight. Slice very thin like bacon. Remember to retain the sauce in the foil. About 45 minutes before .you want to serve it, heat at 300 degrees in the same piece of foil with sauce. As before, close foil tightly. Mrs. Bray says the next recipe is her favorite jello salad. It can also be served as a dessert. Favorite Jello Salad 1 pkg. lemon gelatin 1 pkg. lime gelatin 2 c. boiling water % c. small marshmallows 2 c. cold water 1 pkg. cream cheese (3-oz.) 1 small can crushed pineapple Ann Landers You Can Overdo Friendliness Dear Ann Landers: The people next door moved here from an- out being friendly and helpful. I other state. We knocked ourselves gave the names of sitters, introduced her to my butcher, my seamstress, and my cleaning lady. I cut her in on my wholesale connections and arranged for her children to get in a car pool. Just name it and I did it. Since they didn't know anyone in town we invited them to our Saturday night club to meet our friends. We also brought them along to several other parties and Ana launched them socially. Now guess what has happened? They are having a few little parties of their own, inviting our friends, and leaving us out. Last night their house was ablaze with lights and we recognized the cars as they pulled up. Do you feel I am justified in being burned over this? Should I come right out and tell her how I fed?-OVERDID IT Dear It: It was mighty generous of you to open some doors for these people, but this doesn't mean you own them. Your signature tells more than your letter. For next time, just remember that old adage — "Too thick — won't stick." Dear Ann Landers: I'm con-' sidering marriage but am undecided. I want to write down the points for it and against it. Perhaps when I see it all on paper it will be clearer to me. These are the points for: (1) He has had one lousy marriage (me to) so he is sympathetic rather than critical of me, as a divorcee. (2) He owns a good business and is financially secure. (3) We've known each other for five years, have the same friends and enjoy the same things. We (4) He likes my children and they like him. These are the points against: (1) His table manners are poor and he has a partial plate which clicks when he eats. (He smokes too much and has a constant cough. When I ask him to see a doctor, he "What for - I feel fine." (3) He snores. Thank you, Ann, for any help you can give me. — FENCE SITTING Dear Sitting: Sorry, I can't help much because I don't know to what extent his habits irritate you. Only you know this. A dentist can do something for those clicking plates, but I'm afraid you'll have to live with the other complaints. If you marry him, accept the total package. Don't plan on doing a remodeling job because it won't work. (Incidentally, you aren't supposed to know he snores!) Hearing Aid Clinic North American Hotel Ottawa Monday, Feb. 11 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. Mr. Gordon Eliot Bonded Consultant will conduct professional hearing evaluations, precision fittings and corrections for all types of hearing losses. Service, repair, batteries and accessories for all makes of hearing aids. Garden Eliot TELEX HEARING CENTER 928 Kansas Avenue — Topeka, Kant. — CE 3-3450 Dear Aim Landers: My problem won't sound like much compared with others you receive, but it would mean a great deal to me if you would answer it. I have been invited to attend church services with my boy friend and his family. I know when a gentleman attends services as a guest he is obliged to put an offering in the collection plate. But what about a lady? Does the lady guest contribute? I have asked several of my friends about this but nobody seems to know the answer. Do you?—BAFFLED Dear Baffled: It is purely a matter of choice and either choice is correct. If you are asking me to make the decision, I say ante up, Sister. It can't hurt and it may make you feel better. To learn the knack of feeling comfortable with the opposite sex, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "How To Be Date Bait," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. "Sweeter than Words" Russell Stover's Valentine CANDIES 318 S. Main 2-3024 c. pecans, chopped pint whipping cream Add the boiling water to Hints From Heloise Fruit Jar Ideal For Gelatin Mix By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloise: Since we all use gelatin for an of the 2 pkg. gelatin, stirring until dissolved. Add the marshmallows and stir until partially dissolved. Add the cold water, substituting pineapple juice for part of the water. Place in refrigerator until partially congealed. Stir in cream cheese and fold in whipped cream. Place in loaf pan in refrigerator . overnight. Slice and serve. "This cheese cake is very good," says Mrs. Bray. "You'll find it's even better on the third day — if you're lucky enough to have some left." Cheese Cake Filling: 1 Ib. cream cheese Vi c. sugar. 2 eggs % tsp. salt 1 tbsp. lemon juice. Beat well with mixer. Place in graham cracker crust in a spring form pan and bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. Topping: 1 pint sour cream 5 tbsp. sugar % tsp. vanilla. Mix and put on cheese cake. Turn oven to 400 degrees and bake for 5 minutes. Warning: Do not overbake or your cheese cake will be dry. Refrigerate 12-24 hours. Serves 10-12. ;he books I want to read, and all he friends I want to see." All our women who report meetings of clubs, HDU's or other organizations would no doubt have enjoyed hearing Genevieve Callahan and Lou Richardson, coauthors of "How to Write for Homemakers," discuss "The jelly making system of writing." They told that the steps in making jelly are: extract the juice; measure and add sugar, pectin, cook until it holds together; and pour, taste, and judge The most important writing step is to extract the juice and decide on the essence of thought. One must learn to form the topic sentence, and write from it. Then the writing, like jelly, must hold together. Filling in details and establishing depth is akin to the combining of the juice and sugar. Cooking the jelly is compared to mastering a skill in writing. The speakers pointed out that one must concentrate on the job of writing. Necessary are old- fashioned ingredients — ideas and words, and old-fashioned tools- paper and pencil. The writing must be examined to see if il holds together. Anything which clouds the issue should be skimmed off. Like jelly, the writing should be consistent, flavorful and colorful. It should hold together but not be too stiff. A synthetic flavor is easy to spot. Gelatin Hint Unflavored gelatin is sprinkled over cold water to allow the granules to swell. Then when hot liquid is added to the swollen granules and the mixture is stirred, the gelatin desperses evenly. Speaker For WSCS Meet Trinity Methodist WSCS speaker for the program Wednesday was Rev. Ned M. Roberts pastor of First Christian Church. He showed films Congo during taken in Belgian his service there as a missionary and displayed articles from the country. Mrs. Roy Armstrong led devo tions and introduced a traveling vocalist, Louise Malone Braxton who sang, "Bless This House.' Mrs. Walter Bolen gave the open ing prayer and conducted a shor business session. Refreshments in a Valentin theme were served by Mrs. Ben Gibson, Mrs. Ralph Brinkmeye and Mrs. Mae Russell. Mrs. Bo len and Mrs. Armstrong poured Women of Richter Methodist anc St. Paul AME Churches guests. were Contribute To Polio Fund Stitch and Chatter club of Pomona contributed to the polio func at a recent meeting with Mrs Cecil Frieden. Group songs anc the Lord's prayer were opening numbers; Members answered rol call with Hints from Heloise. Plans were made for a potlucl luncheon at the March meeting with Mrs. Jack Nelson. Bingo games were the entertainment Mrs. Glenn Neill was a visitor. Sunday Menu North American Coffee Shop 98'er Special Fried Chicken, Whipped Potatoes, Gravy, Vegetable, Salad, Roll and Butter. — 98 cents. Prime Rib of Beef, AuJus $1.65 Roast Leg O'Lamb, Mint Jelly 1.40 Pried Channel Catfish 1.35 Roast Young Turkey, Celery Dressing ...... 1.35 Whipped Potatoes, Candied Yams, Buttered New Peas, Cauliflower, Cheese Sauce. Open Every Evening until 9 p.m. except Sunday. Featuring: Lamb Fries — Waffles Noon Buffet Daily Except Sunday — 85 cents. we all use desserts as well as for salads | could you possibly tell me I easy way to mix it? I Each time I come out with i thick "glop" on the bottom and | can never seem to stir it long enough to dissolve this thick sugary formation. Cookie Dear Cookie: I never make gelatin in a pan or bowl. I use a pint fruit jar 1 And here are the reasons: I have two ids. They love so m u c h, hey can eat it y the spoon or the bucketful. I take an old pint jar and put in my kitchen sink and turn n the hot water faucet. I let the hot water run into the ar until it is as hot as my lit- le ol' thermostat makes it. I then dump out half of the water. Into this half-filled jar I »ur my granules. I then take a ig tablespoon and stir it. This lot water will immediately dis- >olve all of the sugary "glob." As soon as the granules are Completely dissolved, I fill the ar up with ice cubes. I do all this in the sink. If the sink gets dirty or you splash some out of THE OTTAWA HERALD Saturday, Feb. 9, 1963 Helois* their own portion from their own jar. This has saved many arguments in this household! Heloise Dear Heloise: When rolling out cookie dough, I use powdered sugar in place of flour on my board and I also dip the cookie cutter in the same sugar. Be sure the powdered sugar is sifted before using it. The cookies will look and taste better, and the dough which must be refolded does not get as heavy as it does when rolled with flour Jean Bonilla Dear Heloise: Have you ever noticed how paprika, chili powder, dry mustard, and curry powder tend to urn a dark color once they have >een opened for use and then re- laced on the shelf? Well, try keeping them in the efrigerator! These condiments will hold their true color indefinitely if placed back in the re- rigerator after each use. Mrs. Patrick Lum )ear Heloise: I use a plastic shower cap as a cover for my waffle iron. It fits >erfectly, and looks lovely. O.E. he jar while mve to do stirring, is turn on all you that hot water faucet again, and you have no mess to clean up such as you might have had you made it on your drainboard. One more thing: after the gelatin gets cool and I am in the mood to slice bananas, pineapple or fruit into it, I do not quite fill the pint jar up to the top. I leave about one inch or so of space at the top of this jar when putting in my ice cubes. Remember, the fruit does take up space and you do not want to overflow the jar. Place this in your refrigerator. If the fruit comes to the top ol the jar, take the jar and shake it or turn it over. For goodness sake, be sure that the lid is on. The fruit will then distribute itself without any extra effort on your part. If you do not have a lid for your jar, leave in the same spoon that you stirred the granules with. Place all of this in your refrigerator and as the jello begins to thicken, take your spoon ane whirl it around to mix it up again Here's another idea that I hi upon recently because my two kids fought over who ate the most Divide the gelatin into two smal jars. This way each one can ea Socialettes Sigma Chapter, Alpha Delta Kappa voted at a meeting Thursday evening to contribute $5 to the sorority exchange teachers plan. Mrs. Ralph Armstrong, hostess, was assisted by Mrs. Henry Staadt. Mrs. Armstrong showed slides taken on a trip to Niagara Falls. The Bernhardt School of Dance is providing a dance revue for the Lincoln PTA Program Monday evening. Taking part will be Starlene Whitcomb, Dee Ann Snyder, Joe, Steve and Teresa Salb, Jane Robson, Carla Pence, Sondra Loyd, Margaret Henning, Sondra Clark, Lisa and Bibi Birzer and Mary Lou Brady. Shower For Baby Girl Mrs. Jack Beauchamp gave a ayette shower Thursday for Jeri uis Kiefer, baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kiefer, RFD 2, Pomona. Mrs. John Staadt assisted. A pink and white color scheme was carried out in refreshments. The centerpiece was a baby doll backed by a large pink heart. Contest prizes were won by Mrs. Carl Peterson, Mrs. Clifford Fritts, Mrs. Fred Wood and Mrs. Everett Burgess. Fifteen adults and eight children attended. Many who were unable to attend sent gifts. Far And Near Has Potluck A potluck dinner was a feature of the Far and Near Club meeting Thursday at Mrs. Helen Kersley's home. The table centerpiece was a paper and net Valentine made by Mrs. Birdie Macy. Mrs. Darrell Macy opened the business session with group singing led by Mrs. Hannaman with Mrs. Harold Bones at the piano. For roll call arranged by Mrs. Gene Domnanish and Mrs. Hannaman, each member told the month she likes best and her pet wintertime hobby. A Valentine box opened by Mrs. Ronald Atchison was opened. Mrs. Darrell Macy received the door prize. Mr. and Mrs. Clate Lewis were visitors. Vote To Help OU Student Tauy Mission Circle voted Thursday to help a scholarship student at Ottawa University. Mrs. Mahlon Smith was hostess. Mrs. Raymond Mock gave the opening prayer and Mrs. Rodney Fritts conducted business. Mrs. Ralph Garrett gave the lesson, "Stop, Look and Love." The flower fund amounted to $1.25. The closing number was the Lord's prayer in unison, led by Mrs. George Hull. Mrs. Lonnie Barnes assisted in serving refreshments. Club Votes Donations Baxter Social Hour club voted $5 contributions to March of Dimes and the heart fund at the meeting Thursday. Mrs. Ernest Sink was hostess and received a hostess gift from Mrs. Lewis Stewart. Mrs. Max Shoemaker presided, opening the meeting with group singing. Mrs. James Allen gave devotions followed by the Lord's prayer. For roll call members read Valentine verses. Mrs. William Bishop planned the entertainment. Winning prizes in games were Mrs. John Sink, Mrs. Keith Page, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Shoemaker. Refreshments were served. Serving Complete Meals Sunday Noon- I 1:30 till 2 Open Every Evening at 5:00 p.m. Closed Mondays Members and Guests OTTAWA COUNTRY CLUB Stuff Peppers Some cooks like to cut green peppers in lengthwise halves before stuffing. The halves may be par-boiled for about five minutes before the filling is added. Rather than buying new shoes for your youngsters, save dollars by letting us repair the old ones! CITY SHOE SHOP 122 S. Main ROBERT EDMISTON STORES, ING. WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY, FEB. 11, 1963 to get ready for the BIGGEST SALE EVER atch lor AdW in Monday's Herald for the BIGGEST SALE we have ever had. We Will OPEN MONDAY NIGHT FROM 6:00 to 10:00 P.M.

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