Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 3
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r smm sme (SF THC SWARC Begins Tomorrow BAornmg IH*pm|i%^ 9 o'clsds Nothing to equal the values we will offer tomorrow has been shown in lola this season. Think of it! 70 new Tailored Suits received since Monday, will be offered to this week's patrons at reductions ranging from $6.00 to $10.00 less than usual retail prices. . . Ladies $25 to $30 New TaOored Sidts. Choose Thivsday at $19.50 ^ Wc will sliow yuu one Bolcadid lot of Tailored Suits, the must up-to-date li ^lri, in leadiug shaded of Bfown, Blue Greeu and Grayf, w^es ranging, from 32 to 4U,*) trimmed with satin, others are the jilalu tailored effeots, all with long coat, graceliil models. Wc have prepared for our greatest Fall Sale iu this department and will have for this special occasion, for your choice of these Suits worth up to |30, a sale price of $19. Others in this Special Suit Sale wOl be priced at $11.75, $13.95. $15.00 and $17.50. (Among these suits you will find many in sizes 14, 10 and 18 especially adapted for Misses, iu pattern and styles.) A SALE OF LADIES GOATS YOU SHOULD ATTENlJ Beginning tomorrow morning wc include in this Special Three Days Sale every uQc of our Ladies* and Misses coats. Remember that that your coats can be secured during the next :> days al Frishman's atjrom 12 00 to $G.OU less than you can find equal qualities price in any other lola trading place Ladies.' ?1.2r< to Jl . qOATS worth $9 OU at $5.S6 COATS worth SIO.OU at $r.5o COATS worth $12 50 at . $9.75 COATS worth $15 to 1 ^6.50 at ,^11.95 COATS worth $18 to $20 at $15.00 sri:( lAi. '••J 1'e.Uitoais, rtioiif 1>8C -Ladles. sr. .Ol> Silk Hjliirr Wai-u at Jj^'^.l).! Chndren's |4.i>S Loiig Coai>. cimicp of one lot of 2'). at each $3.50 One special lo; of Li'li.-.'-" Taiiur'-d Skirt.-s. black, blues and browiiB. 1ie;iular 15.00 values: choice onl.v .. .%',i .rtO Ij'lif^' :;.'(• and ".'Jc I'lidfr-^-.-cnr at 'Z^iC One lot ."Oc and Toe t'ndciwcar foi- ladles an <i cliildr»»n. Choice 'iiit: ?tM) jards best T'^c Ouiinps at ,. TtO .i.m» yards besf OUc and 7c Calicoos ."JC* lot i<»'4iilai- and T'.c DICSB Good.-. to l'.» Inches wU!n. yard ............ 'M^ SPITIAI* .Viioiher spccia! lire ^B Goods bargain, -U iiicccs to chocsu from, warranted all wool. %aiufcK up lo ?1.0U yard. Now.oa »ale. .it yard, only 0<><^ EXTIC.l .SPECIAL—Regular %i:ro yard wide, black Taffeta Silk, hns rich luttre. splendid ru-stlc, thoroughly de^pndable. Saieprice, yard HOr'r MCMEMaER THE PLACE lOLA, KANSAS lixBTE AT FOOTBilL lESTBSPAT THE GAME ^ VERY fAST FBESBITEBIAX Tfcm Are Serenl Mattm 9i I•pOT^ of Uie Citr Coaitcn Tbi^^^ If ill L««ate M Fi Frank MHls Is today moving- liis bouEcboId goods lo Toronto, Kaf,, where he will locate on a farm. "Mr. Jlillcr and family arc wcU and Jtar- orabiy known here. Serred Dhner. The ladles of the PrcBbiicrlan Church sorrcd dinner yesterday to the votcrK. Quite a neat ^um; was cleared. f oineil Tonight. There TV 111 be several matter^ of Importance to bo ' considered al the meeting of the city councn this evening and i( Is hoped that every mem-' ber will be present. r I ( \y PEBFIHES Kur a fine as-sortioent of Perfumes and Toilet V .'ater3 sec our new line ; new orders. Waten it Daafortb Drugs and Jewelry. Tales CeBlw Won bj- Safety. In a fast and well prayed game the second foot, ball team of this city was defeated by Yates Center yesterday afternoon by the score of to 0. In the first half .Yates Center pushed one of the local players back over their own goal for a safety which netted them 2 and the game. A return same will be played In this city next Thursday afternoon. MASHED TO PDIP DETAILS UF HORRIBLE DEATH OF Bl^RT STEULIXti, A> EX-IOLAJ. oar lNo.41d Leaves Iota 7:19 p. in., arrives St. I^uis i»:l '5 a. lu. Through sleeping cars. This train conu<.H:ts wjth the'cast bound trains at St. L<ouis. for further particulars call and see ue. SUFFOCATED BY GAS Bodies of Mother and Son Fonnd io I >cw York Hotel—Marder and ^ 1 SoJcide. ! New ^ork. Sox. J.—Mr5. F. \Vit and son. J. Nebou. u Wall street broker, were found dead !a their.rooms in an apartment hotel in Upper Broadway today. The mother was shot in the head. The JxKly was , in the l^d room. The son'was .-iuffocated by gas on the floor of the bath room. The bath room door was lockrd. It wa.s ^prcfbably a suicide on the part cf Ihc boti foUowln? the death olj the motli'?! (at his hands. EARLI LEPER CASE. wile of tbe Icji'ir. ingb with friends, and pyiiateni. fort have fai>ed to make any irapr<?s- fiiou on the people who live in the neighborhood of her North Carolina j homy, near Atheville. and she hasj be6n unable to get the smallest article j pf her household tH:longiug^. Superetitious to a degree, the farmers and villagers are iu morul dread of the diseat-e. and believe the entire Early homestead is "tainted." It,,Is said that the trunks which ,Mrs. Karly hastily packed when ehe came (n Washington six weeks ago, rem.'iin ^n cxacUj the same condition and plocc as sUn l»fi thtm. Not wen h»;r rlos- <:«il friend and sympathizer l>as dared to defy the sentiment of the little communiiy by handling,them. Enireatici. Ploud-j ^j^^^^ j„ ^ Be«cae Came Too LAte to Save. Offlciab Dont Knoir Itliat to Do W Hh Dt(»ea»fd .Han. \a Wathingijon, Nov. 4.—Officals of the where 30« children lost fBabfock. Fire ExUngnisher Co.—An> other CoUinnnooUNFire thfelr lives^ L-hed Dr. Want Ada. Brfiif MtolU. Dlt-trict health department last night •doclart'd they would not make any de- eJsion in liic ca^*? Of Icp^r .John 11, JBar.Y until t4ie official rcjHjrt of.^\t- • torney General Bdnaparte read W. C. Woodward. •Vllhough the officials declared lh%y understood from Mr. Uoaapartes" report that Elarly coi;id be deported to North Carolina, from which stale he came early iu August, nothing would be done until thp attorney general's document was read and digested at the,District building. —Jt is koonu the health office author] Uei would Jump at the dijince to _get Early oat o! l;ho' District. rUiile iim afflicted mag deeires to remain wher* lie is. A qneer predicament ermf routs the fhe following Is the detailed account of the killing of Bert Sterling, the young man who used to work In the lola Portland and live In this city which was published in yesterday's Kansas City Star: Peter Boberg. a fifemau at the ce- Inent plant In Cement City, went Into the engine room Sunday night to cliat with the oiler. The big flywheel waa whirring on Its endlesn journey. But Bert Sterling, the oUfer. was nowhere In Blsht. Wal>kiug ar6uud the engine Boberg's foot struck a battered oil can and jjent it clattl-rlng over the cement floor. The next moment he heard above the bound of the machinery the groan of ft came from tb<i t\s- boxes when a ^t or something on the big wheel caught my coat sleeve and quicker than.lightning I was jerk cd off niy feet. I don't know how many times I went around with the big wheel before my sleeve tore loose leaving me where you found me. Guess It wasn't long but It seemed an age before anyone came to me." Sterling was ::o years old and unmarried. Ilis father, James Sterling, lives in Chillicothe. Mo. Dr. George B. Thompson, conquer, ordered the l»ody taken to the undertaking rooms of D. W. Nwcomer. It will be sent to CliilUcothe^today for burial. can'I happen where proper protection is provided. Sfallstirs show 'j out of 10 a man lu pain. fires are pot out as soon as discovered ^^ed pit and at Ihe same time Bo- if means an- at baud, r.niilp yom ... , . _ ^# 5cl ..K7ls. homes, barns, pnbUc buildings ^"''•g noticed a tattered rcmnapt of with Babcock extingulshen; and;clothing f}lng around with Jhe big 3o fire disaster. They throw a chem-i\vhe*l.. stream 40 times leal stream -10 times as effective a£j watjr. 8« per cent of firea' are nut' out with chemical extinguishers. •90 per cent of them Babcocks. Proven by 33 years use, the most efficient and re .iable. Can you afford to take these l^ful flro risks when loss ot property ind^lires of dear ones are imperiled? Write today for FREE catalogue on fire protectlqn and estimates for equip [>pine any building with Babcock ap- paratUE. Wa want reli^l^la- mea to^art a&^ ai {<Uiti-;4lOO a month ojAde ^thoiUi iateSaf^-iriUi preadit Itni^ES; arrife-lorijarticolan. -"^ ^ Itlcaric ^ JBrtlffaWr Co. 373 ,JErtarii lT »..-?Wcaso, VA. Then Boberg pulled Sterling Iroio under the engine and called a physician. The injured man waa pla<%(i oa- a cot In his engine room where Dr. O. T. Tsyman of Independence found that both his legs were broken. h)8 right shoulder dislocated, right elboir fractured and his bod>^ruised IfOfi. h£ad to foot. He died, y^i^rt ^rd^ iQprQ ine^ at 7 o'clp^ He rfsalf^. cffi |t scidoa Ions enmi£h,tb.t .fU.JUs he<r the 4!^d«tat J^^n^ed. "i "reached. fn tp_ JOT one of Are Ton a Pie Eater. If not you are missing half the pieaure of life. It may not yet be too late. Just order from your grocer a few package .1 of "OUR-PIE" and team bow easy it is to make-Lemon. Chooo- late and Custard pics that arc suro to please all who tasto them. E^ch 10 cctut package coutains the proper quantity of the choicest pl« ingredients ready for Itutant nae. Has pleased thousands and will surely please you. If Vour trocer won't supply yon, go to one who will. 11 .00 bottle of Wahoo for ilz at J. O. Mundls & Co. V^Bkffra jnk ^received a full carload 0t first-class tip-to-dste gXBQite monamento and to those contemplatiiig the porchase of a monttmettt, we lespectfoUy incite you to and see our stock aad get our prices before yuu place your order. We do all onlr work with puettmatlc. tools, and guarafiteeiittr stock and tit »k. / OSTEOPATH DK. W JL ALHJUtiUT. Registered Osteopathic Physldan> Stale Bank BIdg. Phone 145. Only Osteopath In La Harp«. Probably the most enjoyable party 14)1 its nature ever given in La Uarpe occurred on last Saturday evening at Gray Gables, the suburban home ot Airs. Anna McDonald when Mtes Mar- Karot entettafned with a Hallowe'en festival. As the guests crossed ^the veranda they were attracted hy the flaralnw motto: Abandon Hope all ye who enter. A white robed figure slowly opened the door and directed the gnesl.i to the second floor, where all were changed at once to ghosts and ushered down to the spacious parlors where a fruitless effort at recog nitiou was made..,..With Mrs. McDph- cid prosidbig at the piano a line was fbruied for the trinmpbal marcii leading from the parlors up the stairs fo the second floor through the long haU descending by a back stairway, through a black nrain. then diit of doors around the house entering the front door, the guests were led to the third floor where a circle was formed and the masks removed. A Ught: placed in the center at once traii9foxm«d the circle to a weird scene and the low muttered words. "This la a .very solemn occasion,"^passed from,guest to guest, made an impression not soon to be forgotten. Hallowe'en amusements of c-ontests and various games pf..fortunes entertained the guests until 10:30 when the ladies as escorts led the .way to the dining room, where -an- elaborate banquet was ser ^'ed. The tabledecora- tions were gay festbtms of autumn leaves. The center jdece.a bilge paoji kin fashioned as a Jack-O'-tantern. with shaded candles, made the resplendent In a soft mellow lij ^t.' Black cat place cards seated the guests. / • . The snaps received by £acb contained horh^ and whlstres used in'a parade following the l«aq'uet " The parting favor, a tlby'^x of witch cake, was presehted by the hoe- tcss. The following guests were present: MlsM» iessle WSIson, 1« IB Wlsfa. Laura UcCormack. Grace CooKsiiy, Edith Uaastiw, Minnie; O^esCJoiJe HMktrmack. MyrUo MaxM. U««»rs. Cllre Kerr. W«ndell PbUQtfs. tMiUrat S(ckly. Guy Pees. honmmtOiVTQ^ Mercer. Hez W \Brd. OftM FVeeiBan l«nd Mr. and Mrs: John McDonald.'' % • poyTRIBOTia). - PersMals. T. Tredway will leave thia eren- Ing for ..Chicago on a 'c4»«blBed Imsi- ness and pleasure Tlait B. D. Jones, of LansiBg, Kas., was here yesterday. lie cam* down, to _ rote. 1 E. C. Mopre, rettirned Ip Decfiil. Kas.. last evening, .tie terday. to v^te. , Mr. and Mr8.^L. T. UMI^ of^;^ raita. Ua. saw here "Tlatiipi :rMa«iyM on

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