The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 19, 1986 · Page 58
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 58

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1986
Page 58
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Saturday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 19,1986 Page 18 MORNING 5:000 News O Topper (O Movie •** "All Of Me" (1984) Steve Martin, Lily Tomlln. 'PG-13' (CO Q 700 Club (D) Donald Duck Presents (N) Dangermouse 5:30 (9) Superman Q Cisco Kid (O)Mousercise (HBO) Movie " "Evil Under The Sun" (1982) Peter Ustinov, Jane Blrkln. 'PG' (N) NICK Rocks: Video To Go (S) Movie ** "Conan The Destroyer" (1984) Arnold Schwar- zenegger, Grace Jones. 'PG' (CO 5:35 O Between The Lines 6:00 QB Dukes Of Hazzard (9) Cartoons ED My Favorite Martian IB Speak Out B Superbook (D) Wish Upon A Star (E) Sportsline (N) Powerhouse (U) Jimmy Swaggart 6:05 B Saturday Funnies 6:15 (9) Buyers Forum 6:30 O Romper Room * SKBOB® « U.S. Farm Report QUO) Kidsworld (T) At Issue (9) Issues Unlimited EQ Munsters CD Mighty Mouse (C) Movie " "Blue Skies Again" (1983) Harry Hamlln, Mlml Rogers. 'PG' Q Catch The Spirit (D) Welcome To Pooh Corner (E)SportsCenter (N) Kid Writes 6:35 O Get Smart ' 7:00 OBOES Snorks QXSED Market To Market (TJtSOODS'n Scooby's Mystery Funhouse OOO(E)<'<»lB01 Berenstain Bears (T) Transformers (9) U.S. Farm Report 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO O New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers EB Woody Woodpecker OPopeye B Robert Schuller (D) Good Morning Mickey I (E)SpeedWeek (N) Out Of control (U)Alive&Well 7:05B Cimarron Strip 7:30 BBBCSCD Adventures Of The Gummi Bears (CO SKSEB Outdoor Nebraska (33 CD ODD ©13 Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes Comedy Hour B8BGS)(10)BB Wuules (CO O MacNeil • Lehrer Newshour (9) Wild Kingdom B New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers EQ Super Saturday O Woody Woodpecker (D) Dumbo's Circus (E) Horse Racing Weekly (HBO) Movie * "Hysterical" (1983) The Hudson Brothers, Bud Cort. 'PG' (N) Belle And Sebastian (S) Movie — "Ladybug, Ladybug" (1963) Nancy Marchand, Jane Connell. a:OOBBB(DCBSmurfs (3X360 Magic Brush Of Gary Jenkins BOaG3(io)|Q B Jim Henson's Muppets; Babies & Monsters (9) Gamer Ted Armstrong 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO B Photo Vision B Hello Mrs. Phipps O Tom And Jerry (C) Movie ** "Follow The Fleet" (1936) Fred Astalre, Ginger Rogers. B James Robison (D) Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet (E) World Class Women (N) Star Trek (U) Cash Flo Expo 8:30 (3(£)E& A House For All Seasons (3J(BIHD(5)13 Ewoks And Droids Adventure Hour B Washington Week In Review (CO (9) Minority Business Report B Photo Vision EB Space Complex 24 B Pink Panther B Zola Levin (D) Donald Duck Presents (E) Tennis Magazine Reports (N) Mr. Wizard's World 8:35 B Wrestling 9:M(T)CBED Square Foot Gardening BBB(DD("»BB Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling B Wall Street Week (9) Charlando 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO B Sneak Previews B Movie " "The Call Of The Wild" (1976) John Beck, Bernard Fresson. COPuttin'OnTheHits B Cisco Kid (D) You And Me, Kid (E) Roller Derby (HBO) Inside The NFL (N) Lassie (S) Movie ** "The Seven Hills Of Rome" (1958) Mario Lanza, Peggie Castle. (U) Japan Today 9:30BOQGDEB Punky Brewster CBGQBD Frugal Gourmet (DCBO(B(5)13 Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians B McLaughlln Group (9) People To People B This Old House B Movie ** "Vengeance Vow" (1955) Clayton Moore, Jay Sll- verheels. (D) Movie ** "King Of The Grizzlies" (1977) John Yesno, Chris Wiggins. A Cree Indian working on a cattle ranch has a mystical tie with a grizzly bear that Invades the ranch. 'G' (N) Dennis The Menace (U) Credit Card Millionaire 9:35 B Movie ** "The Big Trees" (1952) Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller. Landowners are determined to protect their tlmberland from a greedy lumber baron In California's redwood forest. 10:00 QOOCDCB Alvin And The Chipmunks SX3SB Business Of Management SKSBIDQSIS 13 Ghosts Of Scooby-Doo B Firing Line (9) The World Tomorrow 9 Mister Rogers (R) BWoodwrighfsShop CD Star Games (C) Movie ** "Misunderstood" (1984) Gene Hackman, Henry Thomas. 'PG' (E) Fishing (HBO) Elvis: One Night With You Rare footage of Elvis performing with a small group of musician friends reveals his warmth and magic as he sings early hits that Include "Heartbreak Hotel." (N) NICK Rocks: Video To Go (U) Hollywood Insider 10:30 OOEB Kidsworld GDQ3EB Business Of Management BCD Kidd Video (DCSOO13 Littles QOOQ$)UO)(B Dungeons & Dragons (9) Star Games 9 Polka Dot Door Kids Incorporated __ Here's To Your Health B Whizzo's Saturday Circus (U) Beat The Pros 1 1 : 00 BOB) Road To Super Bowl '86 A look at the two teams playing In Super Bowl XX and a review of the N FL season In general. CBOBED New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers OSJMr.T (ZXDBIB °d)13 Weekend Special "The Amazing Bunjee Venture" To Bunjee's amazement, he accidentally travels back to the 20th century with Karen and Andy -but only after he finds a pair of bun|ee eggs to bring with him. (Part2of2)(R)(CC) QOOdXlOXBID Pole Position B House For All Seasons 9 Painting With Elke Sommer B Magic Of Painting Keepsakes £B Telephone Auction CD Lifestyles Of The Rich And, Famou« Featured: a tour of Bermuda with Ben Vereen; profiles of singer Trlni Lopez, model Kim Alexis and the wine-making An- torlnl family of Italy. B Laredo (E) NFL Films Presents (HBO) Movie " "Fandango" (1985) Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson.'PG' (N) You Can't Do That On Television (S) Movie "* "Phar Lap" (1983) Tom Burllnson, Martin Vaughan. •PG' (U) Movie * "Demonold" (1979) Samantha Eggar, Stuart Whitman. An American couple working a mine In Mexico uncover a small, 300-year-old silver casket holding a disembodied hand. 11:10 (D)DTV 11:30 QDCBEB New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers O(D Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends (S(DO®13 American Bandstand B Norm Stewart BBO£)<1<»BB Get Along Gang B This Old House (9) Movie ** "Stampede" (1949) Rod Cameron, Gale Storm. The opening of a new dam causes bitterness and unrest among frontier settlers. 9 Magic Brush Of Gary Jenkins B America's Top Ten B Crockett's Victory Garden (D) Huckleberry Finn & His Friends (E) NFL Films Presents (N) Little Prince 11:35 B Movie '* "This Savage Land" (1968) Barry Sullivan, Glenn Corbett. An outlaw band challenges a homesteadlng family. AFTERNOON 12:00 BBBCSO College Basketball Louisville at Kansas (DOES Business File BBBOSBB College Basketball Illinois at Indiana B Funny Business: The Art Of Cartooning 9 Madeleine Cooks (Q College Basketball Indiana State at Illinois State (10) Eight Is Enough B Sesame Street (R) (CO EQ Movie " "Dr. Who And The Daleks" (1966) Peter Gushing, Roy Castle. A scientist and his two granddaughters are whisked off In a time machine to a city of the future where the abominable inhabitants are threatening peaceful humans. CD Los* In Space (C) Movie ** "Comfort And Joy" (1984) Bill Paterson, Eleanor David.'PG' B Cimarron Strip (D) Raffi Canadian folkslnger. Raff I, appears for the first time on U.S. television in a slng-a-long concert. (E)Fishin'Hole (N) Belle And Sebastian 12:30 GDQDSB Business File CDS)®" America's Top Ten B Sneak Previews B Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing 9 House For All Seasons annual fuel bill. (HBO) Movie " "Starman" (1984) Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen. 'PG' (CO (N) Lassie 1:00 (DQQS) Vietnam: A Television History After eight years of fight- Ing and receiving $2.5 billion In U.S. aid, the French lose their Asian empire at Dlen Blen Phu. (CO J2DSKS)13 Greatest Sports Legends Third Annual Reunion More than 60 of the greatest names In sports history gather for three days of golf, good times, and reminiscing. 8 Victory Garden (10) College Basketball Oklahoma at Kansas State 9 Mechanical Universe B Write Course B Greatest American Hero (D) Whale's Tooth A South Pacific island Is Invaded by a neighboring tribe In search of a talisman that bestows wealth on Its possessors. (E) LPGA Golf Mazda Classic, third round. (N) Special Delivery (S) Dire Straits: Brothers In Arms In this concert from London's ' Wembley Arena, Dire Straits perform a string of hits Including "Brothers in Arms" and "Alchemy." (U) Movie * "Simon, King Of The Witches" (1971) Andrew Prlne, Brenda Scott. A Los Angeles warlock becomes the overlord of sat- anlc rituals and sacrifices. 1:30 B Magic Of Oil Painting (9) Movie *** "Buck Privates" (1941) Abbott and Costello, Lee Bowman. Two greenhorns are in for trouble when their training camp sergeant turns out to be an old enemy. 9 Mechanical Universe B Branded 1:3S B Movie " "Oh, Susanna" (1950) Rod Cameron, Forrest Tucker. Dissension erupts among the ranks" of cavalry officers. 2:00 B0 College Basketball Oklahoma at Kansas State GDGDEB Programming For Microcomputers OS) College Basketball Georgia Tech at North Carolina GDGDBGB13 PBA Bowling , $175,000 Showboat Invitational. BBBfBBBB College Basketball Southern Cal at Arkansas BB Personal Finance 9 Congress: We The People B Movie ** "Invasion Earth 2150 A.D." (1966) Peter Gushing, Bernard Crlbblns. A scientist and a small group of resistance fighters struggle to defend Earth beings from the threat of highly evolved robots who seek to turn them Into slaves. EB College Basketball Oklahoma at Kansas State B Incredible Hulk (C) Movie *** "Romancing The Stone" (1984) Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner.'PG' B Wild Bill Hickock (D) Wonderful World Of Disney (S) Movie ** "Swing Shin" (1984) Goldle Hawn, Kurt Russell. 'PG' 2:30 dXBEB Computer Chronicles B Personal Finance 9 Congress: We The People B Rifleman (HBO) Movie " "Evil Under The Sun" (1982) Peter Ustinov, Jane Blrkin.'PG' 3:00 BB College Basketball Iowa State at Nebraska SKBEB Victory Garden B Mechanical Universe BUO>EB College Basketball Iowa State at Nebraska (9) America's Top Ten 9 Personal Finance And Money Management B Humanities Through The Arts CD Battlestar Galactic* B Rifleman (D) Movie " "The Wonder Of It All" (1974) Footage of animals from all over the globe Is featured In this took at the variety of wildlife on earth.'G' (E) Skiing (N) Standby... Lights! Camera! Action! (U) Dick Cavett Guests: Jack Warden; DlahannCarroll. 3:30 Q}BCDS) Motorweek TBCSO® 13 Wide World Of Sports Scheduled: Mark Breland (6-0, 4 KOs) vs. Troy Wortham (25-0, 14 KOs) In a welterweight bout and Tyrell Biggs (7-0, 6 KOs) vs. James "Quick" Tlllls (31-7, 24 KOs) In a heavyweight bout. (9) Soul Train B Wagon Train 3:35 B Fishln' With Orlando Wilson 4:00 dXSEB Great Chefs Of Chicago B Road To Super Bowl '86 BBBQ9BB PGA Golf Phoenix (Ariz.) Open, third round. (D Wild Kingdom B Newton's Apple 9 Motorweek B Faces Of Culture B Wrestling B Buck Rogers (C) Movie •*** "The Third Man" (1949) Joseph Gotten, Orson Welles. (E) World Cup Skiing (S) Movie ** "Conan The Destroyer" (1984) Arnold Schwar- zenegger, Grace Jones. 'PG' (CO (U) Cartoons 4:05 B Roland Martin 4:30 (BCSED Madeleine Cooks Q} To Be Announced B Blake's 7 (9)Puttin'OnTheHits 9 Last Chance Garage B Faces Of Culture (HBO) Movie *** "Enola Gay: The Men, The Mission, The Atomic Bomb" (1980) Patrick Duffy, Billy Crystal. (CO 4:35 B Motorweek Illustrated (D) Norman Rockwell's World: An American Dream A nostalgic look Is taken at the late artist's life, work and hometown of Stockbrldge, Massachusetts. 5:00 BB Wichita Wings Coaches Show GD®EO Movie *** "You're Telling Me" (1934) W.C. Fields, Joan Marsh. A lovely princess helps a meek, downtrodden man win respect from the bull les who torment him. B News 33OSJB(H)iB®!3 Music City U.S.A. B Wild Kingdom ® This Week In Country Music Scheduled: interviews with Tanya Tucker, Vlnce Gill and Irlene Mandrell; performances by Juice Newton and Vince GUI. B The Ropers (9) Fame 9 Matinee At The Bijou Featured: Roy Rogers and Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers star In "Song of Texas" (1943); a cartoon, "Christmas Night"; and Chapter 1 of "Don Wlnslow of the Navy." (R) B ABC News (CO (10) FTV B Mechanical Universe B At The Movies B Animal Express B Wheel Of Fortune B Black Sheep Squadron B Gunsmoke (D)HopakmgCassidy (E) Super Bowl XX Preview (R) (N) Out Of Control 5:05BWrestling 5:30 BB Diff rent Strokes OSDEB NBC News (DCSO®13 ABC News (CO BOBQDOolQHB CBS News B The Tripods (B News B Women's College Basketball Fort Hays State vs. Washburn B Dance Fever (E) SportsCenter (N) Star Trek EVENING 6:00 QBBBdo) News BBBG2DBB Hee Haw Guests: Ricky Skaggs, Connie Smith, Tommy Hunter. (DGD(1J)13 Greatest American Hero CD Street Hawk B Outer Limits (9) If s A Living B Entertainment This Week B This Week In Country Music Scheduled: Interviews with Tanya Tucker, Vlnce GUI and Irlene Mandrell; performances by Juice Newton and Vlnce Gill. EBFame B Solid Gold Guests: Burt Bacharach, Kool & the Gang, Stephanie Mills, 9.9, Howard Jones, Miami Sound Machine, Bobby Vlnton, Grace Slick (Interview). (O A Rock-A-Billy Session: Carl Perkins And Friends George Harrison, Rosanne Cash, Rlngo Starr, Dave Edmunds and former members of the Stray Cats gather for a jam session with rock 'n' roll legend Carl Perkins. B Campbells (D) Movie •** "Peter Rabbit And The Tales Of Beatrix Porter" (1971) Frederick Ashton, Alexander Grant. Storybook favorites come to life In this ballet performed by the Royal Ballet of London. 'G' (E) College Basketball Southern Methodist at Houston (N) You Can't Do That On Television (S) Robin Hood Using the magic

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