Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1907
Page 4
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IktiMiAililJEfiSia CHABIXS F. SCOTT CmciJLATION 4,000. T<>]epfaonPS. Reporters' Room ..222 RusiDPss Office T8 A Feir TU POT «f iBterert Abost tte Big CoOegew. The following cilppingn are tafcpn from rhe News -BiiJler(n. a magazine published at Lawrenee tinder the sup- (>r\IsIon of the University. SrOSCRIPTIOV BATE.**. Hj rarrler In loin, fias rijj, Lnnynn- Tille or La Jfarpe. One Week ,10 cents One Month 11 (••II I K One Year Hr .Mail. One Year. In advnneo $4 .nn; deimrtniont Dr. W. H. Carruth. head of the Department or German In the University of Kansas; who is now In Oemiany, and Kaiser Wllhelm II.. Kinperor of n<!rnian.v. inadi- addresses at (he flrsl uienilnR of the Kansas University Deiitselie Ven-in last wnok. . This a|i|iar<'iiily IiniiosHildfi feiit was $•'(.()<>,'jicrfornied by the use of a blj; new phouuKraidi, piircha.scd by the (jertnan for the puri >08e of per- Threo Months, In ailv .Tnct! $1.00 One .Month, hi advaneo 41 Knlered at lola. Kan .'^as. Postofllee, as Sepoud-class Mailt'r. Advertl.'!lnK RatPS .Made Known on Apidieatloii, OFFICIAL TAPER. riTV MET. OF RAS- XE.VREU OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. The Iota Dally RecrMer Is a nienilier of the .\ssoriiilert I'r^'s-* and Reeelves the day report if lhal preaf. news or- jranlzation for Exrhisire Aftemoou rniiiirallon ill lola. ON .SrCOXD TROrflRT. If a man is liioiimsbly worilile.s? the girls sire ahviiys inoity cnizy abdiil him. •D.nil" lOIioii. who just closfd :i sf'iifs di' Kilks licf<ii-o I lie iiicu of lh<' ri'.ivi'r.ii'- <>( K:iiis:is. uiuliT ihc iiis.liici .-; (il Ml'' riiiv.'r.-;iiy Y. ('. .\.. .siiiiii! ilini 111- I KK I iirvi r visited .MI iu- siimtioii \vh<ir iln' (Iciiiiiriiiii<- and iii- dividiiali.'iiic snii i: \ias .--u luoniiiiPiil . at ICar .sa .s l'iii,..i.-;iv. lie ,li-.-la:"'d jiliat liail 1( iiii 'a ;1. ;i'< i-.ic. ' in f^,,,. j-rr ,1 ... Il"' ."-'''i^'' llial il.' fiaijid il at iilh':!' IV . H ,r L'"',"'-' -inuiiMMio,,... Th;: is i., k,-,H.r-. will. n.<l..s w„ a.v n... p.Man.ii.d i,. L,,^. ^, ,„^,„ „ i-, «• • Imsin.^s; ""I' >•""'• •U-^ ^vli.n ,„.,„ i„ ,,,„. ,.„i. ii( |i: oiaiiii'iK'i Widowris cvcrywiii'ic will he to learn ihai I'rt'd .Ma?;iil lia.s lii-cu a.'v|iiii;p(l. I'li'd .Mauills o.T<.':isr> was; that ho married liis .m'cuiid wile <i !i .Inly ."ith allei- his fiisl lielpMH et liad died nil .May :;isi. fectliiK the students in pronunciation. Credit for (In- Idea of UHinx Oils plan hero beloiiK.'^ lo I'l'. Carruth, who has loiiK ri >ali /.pd ihi> iiiipossililliiy of stii- deiiis aptiuIrluK at^tunl .•leroiii short of a nip lo (Jprnuiuy, and I OMR assocla- iloti with ilie Ci 'inian pooplo. 'I'he phonograph is to lie aliiindauily supplied with oyllndor .si seiii direei froiu Onnauy. and (l is hnpod, by repoaicd iisi' of I I H'MI. I D ;ireaily improve tlio instriirtioii in proiiiiiieiatioii. The Oeinsrhe Verein Is a .society of slii- deiil.s of fiernian. ihe enrollment of srtidents in thai (letiarliiieni now iiimt- berini; several Iiiiiiilred. Rvery available .<|)aee in ihe luiild- in^s of the rniversiry of Kansa.s is !niw beinK ii?<'d for rfrifallnn nifiin.-^. The ia,-ili!ies in iii.nny rase.s are <>ii- lirely inadeqiiaie to ilie needs of ibe classes. Kvery de|iarinient and laboratory seeins lo be taxed to nieel the present demands. With the ab.soJtilc increase In aiieiidanee iliai conies with each siicceediii?; y<ar lbi« need oi' a !ari;e reiilai inn hiiildili;; becniiK-s al! liie ni'ire iiMdrr .ai i> e 'riil.s liiiildiii;; aside lidiii till- |iui |if)se of fiiniis'tiiiv. (he jie4-es ,...ij-.. .' t -ei 1 a I iiMtiiis e .Ml Ite used fill- ilie adiiiiiiislralioii oflices. CSolUeror Soiitfaem* Pore IVhUe Lead ! b worth J7.50 to $8.00 per ; hundred pounds. One hundred pounds f,f barjtcii or iilica U worth 05 cenU. Paint Buyers who accept 65.cent baryles or. silica and pay $8.00 (the price of White Lead) for It, or who j..iy I veil /ii7^ the price of White Ijnd, couM hardly be called shrev.'d buyers. 1 Ii:it 1^ the ••bargain" which the buyer of ••graded" or JO- i;dl<^.l "rhcap" lejd makef. Wlirn ill need of paint, buy Cllirr Willi.' I.fad. Tlie Dulcli \U,\ Painter oil lUc keg is your (jiLir inly. For by first claai dtahra NATIONAL I.FAI) COMPANV Clirk Ave. ud 'Htb HL. St. L M U, M O. yon make a \> cards. IJiim ipoiiii ia a iMiiie of Vl'isily III' p! iil.lUhliee 111 Ilie Wesi and \\<'st ii >i!e liie faei. Middle Tlii.s depai liiieiii can liiid aliyiluii;;. | i>|.(,resMJi- W. C. Ilnail. <il ilie civil Il found a liusbaiid wmlli $."il).iiud lor |p,,^,-,,,,.,.,.!,,^ (le|iariiiieiii of ilie I'liiver- a widow who was lookinK for one and I sily of Kansas read a very valuable the only drawback lie bad was lhal be ! paiier on •I'lideri.roimd Waters for wore whiskers. i Kansas 'inttiis.' liefore ibe annual . i liie(.-tili?i or lb'' Kali.-as Has. Waur ami Kleetric l.l;;bl .\:;sociaiion wbieli held its sissions in Topeka las. we.'k. Kaii- We have noticed that a milliner willi a repuiuiion lor keeping up with the laiesi styles lias more iiillin'iice (iver;sas is bb'.ssed with a lar^e anioiiiu of a woman than a iro'.d Inisliand luroinid water pieiiy w.'I' disiril.'i'ed j .jnd the Kan.<;ans are tnriiinfr fo ibis jsoiii.. ia prefrrcuco 10 snrlaee sin.ply WJliskey ;;els all Ibe <-redii. bill i' MISS Ml.r M'COWEI.I. STAI.'S. A!tr;.ss ^Vlm Appeared Wilb "rin I 'aiV I'onf" ' at \iriliiiiii' iiis Sea-iin. isn'l the only evil. Maiiv :l nian lias if,,,. ,„„iiieli)al user. Tlie enpincerini; neglected bis imsiiics.^ ai.d inviled ' trouble to KO oiia and pitch lioise shoes or piay cro(|Ue(. .leparlnieiii of Hie riiivei.siiy Is maU a i^eeeia! h.ndy r-l Ibe Hib.ieel. Local sport ins note: Now that "Hutch" Ilie barh'-r bas aoiie 10 work for the .-\liliselie people, ibat .-bop wiil place a i.-aiu i:. ibe Uadiaior leajrue. We are paril.san all rightl but w.- vote for any man for the leKisIatnre who will secure the jiassaee of a law proventiuK the piano playins after 10 o'clock at nlslit. no matter what his I)OIitics. Will an.'OP.e ktiowiil'T wliere- ab(.ai=^ of W 1) Holion. formerly of Cas Cily, Kansas: onr.uunicate wiih It. \. llumierroi.I. r,i1 .lacUson .Ave.. K. C, Mo? .Mif-i= CUFFOUn Miichell. of this ciiy. and .principal of thr? Gas City schools, was made secretary of tlip Kansas principals' meet ins ai Kmpor- ill Friday. For Exchange. I V. .M.DHnxiR, n'-^v -i f ^'-'-nust in Fanning lauds in the Panhandle I'hf l'*'""Io!:i Saturday for a sboi: visit with friends. He is enioute to Michigan to visit friends. Texas, for farm lands or live stock, or for lola. Gas City or La Ilarpe rentals. WIIIT.AKER & DONNELU For All The Here is a streiuzth>giver and health-creator that should be ia every family medicine chest. Many a father suffering from dyspepsia and indigestion has found that Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge corrects the sourness of the stomach, heart- biuTi, weight at the pit of, the stomach, want of assimilation of food and consequent weakness, and made life worth living to him. Many a feeble, tired and dispirited mother has found its mild tonic influence of much benefit-raiding her digestion, giving tone to her stomach and strength to her system. OR. D. JATNE'S TONIC VERMIFUGE is a.splendid children's tonic, improving the digestion and as- sinulation of food, strengthening the nervous syston, stimulating and restoring perfect heahfa. There is no tonic shore scientifically suited to regular family needs. It is a safe Worm Cure. If you lack the eiyoyment of perfect health, ask your druggist for a bottle of Jayne's Tttilc Vermifuge. AD good draa^Ats sdl and fiankJy recommend it; because tfa^fcnow what it does for their ctisloniers.' Sold in singk size bottles at 35 cents; doable sise bottles, SO eta. (i.eav.-nw ci;-i li T;,iii-s ,1 .Miss l.:il'i .\|e('t>iiiie'l. the Kaii:a; Cii. :;iri played llie soiilirelt' l.ii.'S Willi Ibi- W'l.i..;\..,1 .i-r.ii. • S I.!(•!-: i- i.aiix in I.eavniw .1111! ;;. : .-iiieiiier uill be .seen In re I his eViM i ir il! I!. (' Wliillleys -l-'lf I'a!'' I'liill'' Sill- is liejiit;- realiiied ill 111.- piddiie- liiiii joinllv Willi Ik'li (liiiiiie!!. win was for fwo seasons rcaiiiretl .'is I'nn- inal<er of ibe .V...., Yoil; llippodioine. One of Ibe ililliiei iills delii^lii I'llj leal iires of •piff I'aff I'oai" is lis iiiatiy e.\cellei!i son;; niiiabeis. The lyiics and music are by William .leroiiie and .lean Scliwail,;. anlliois oi' ilie faiiioiis iedelia" and "\lr. Donley' 'rii.y ai< said 10 have surpassed ilndr previoiii-- successes in ••I'm ihe (llio.-ii Tba: .Veer W.ilk.'d.' •I.uiie," •(•iid.i i\\c Cu {'•00 Tree." "Aly fiilti. .ed," •'Tl.i .Melaiicboiy SiiiilM-ani and llie liose." ••.\Ialon«-." Hid ,1 oT 1.1!;.-s Tl..- 1 ,1.11k is rnuii llie laeili uea of S!";!lslaiis ?laii-'e. ibe .•iiiibi.;- oi • liie- ly \'arde:i' anil riber noied .Nevv VorV Ill 'I'iff I'air I'oiif lie is said lo have exeei-.l.-d ail pie\ii,iis efforls in Ibif cnaiioii i.T '.iii ;lii snap- pv rtialosne. oriijliial iileas an<t novei sit na I ions .As is the invaria'.lo rule wilhU- erythluR ihal Koes out under Ihe banner of .Mr. Wliiiney, 'PilT Paff Pouf has a production ol costumes, scenery and electrical eiTecIs of a lavishness not exceeded by the oriKiual presenla- tloii, ihe gorseousness of which was Ihe talk of theatrical circles in the .\inerlcan inetroiKilis for many a day after it was produced. .Miss .McConnell will be remembered by many lola people as ilie member of the Hiir,':ess Stock company win made such a hit at ihe .\irdome ibis season. ^ FKftES DUAIXAOE OROAMZATIOX. .Veetiatr at Hiimlioldt Xoveniher 14th Imporlanf to .Neosho Itlver Fnriner>. (Humboldt Herald.) Ills hoped thai the meeliiiK of the committee appointed to form a drainage orsanizalion. which is to meei a' Hnmlioldi on .N'ovemher Mill, will be Ihe opening wedge for the final control of the Neosho. The iirohlem is r business problem and the sooner it if taken up the betli-r it is for all concerned. Tliere Is Hot a rnriner on the river boiiom who does not risk Sin per in labor and seed on every tierc of l;ind be owns. In the past ten yean there has been .'it least four Hood,; ibat have cau.sed a loss of not r)iily tlin labor and evpeiue of pn.iin^ in Uir crop but of the profit on the crop also. The expense of $in an acre for the !(•- vecs If paid ihroiigh an Interval <if ten years means Insuring a full cro| on each acre each yeaj*. There Is no' a land owner but what would pay an Insurance company ?1 an acre to inure hi hia full crop on each acre oacli year. The survey Is npTto -dntc. Four or five years from now It w'lll not he rio valuable. The government wll! furnish an engineer to superintend the work free. Five j-cars from now we may not bo able to get this. AVhy not now and reap the benefit now? .VSK FOR .VCCOUXTLVG. CfM'k Indlaus lufer That fheir Money liaft Beed Sfinsndcred. Okmulgee. O. T.. Oct.28.—The Creek council. In session here, has passed a reso1utio|l^ asking tbs secretary of ;the interior for an itemized statement of tbe money that had been disbursci]^ by-<thc government from the Creek fun&s. The resolu- Hoff carries tbe inference that tbe .C.ree |!R belIe\-o thetr money has been ^quaa^ered ajul'tbdy want to know w^at has bipimis of It They ask that tbe Btaitdment coTev'the period sldce tbp .ofllee of .Creek treaaursr wwt NEWUflN IB WOIUI FropasitioB Is Before M. E. £ T. 6ea* erar Officers far Decision. i ——— (Parsons Sun.) A proposition ^8. before th« general officers of the M|BSourl, Kansas & Texas railway in regard to running a new train bet wean Parsons and Moran on the Parsons division. Slnco train N'o. 21 was taken off this division and routed over tiio Neosho division and on its Journey to Kansas City, the towns of Savonbitrg. ICIsmore, Stark and Kimball '.lavo been witltont adequate train service going north. They have plenty of It going south. A complaint was made to the state hoard of railway commissioners some time ago, and a hearTng was held hi Savonbiirg at which ropresenlative citizens from each of the towns .attended and gaye a report to C'ommi.i.'!- loner; Ryan. He took the matter under advisement. For some lime the railway company lias had under consideration tli.> ter of piiitiim a train on the Parsons ilivi'on between Parsons and .Moran. 'I':aiii nimiber 21 transfcrroil to '^atcii a larfie irainc on ibo N'ooslio di vision and lol.a branch. ;\f one lime a discussion was held as to ilie mat 'er of eoiitimiiii;; lb.' .lopliii (rain, ar riviiii; in Parsons al II:'!.";. a. in., on tl) .Mor.'in-Jiiil Ibis train has lici-n d's eonlinned. .Vinv ;-(vcr:il dil'r.Tiiil \\:.y-; present Iieiiisehe.^ 10 ilir. ollicin's. Ii is 1- tainiy that llie compl.iTninn towns on Ihe Pnr.'-ons division will be Kivoii ifiernooii passeiiRcr train -viim: iioril iiid the followimr ways in do il in.- sciit tlieniselves: linn a [ilii;;: rroni I'aisnii--. lo Mi.r.iii starlin;.; fr.iiii Parson- af 1 1 N'.n. am •I'liiii-.tiiiL Willi N'o. I a' .Muran a 1 fi. III. Cli.iime the lime OI' tile .lopliu Iraiii >ael; lo its ol/l .scliediil.. and coiiliiiii. fioin Parsons to Aloraii on llu diediil.' the proposed phm woiil.l run Take .\o. I'l iifiin Ibe Xeoslui divi«- on and cbaiit^e it bade 10 lis old sclieiliile siraigbl lbrou;,'li from Par •^oiis to K.nnsas niy. •.vi{Ki:i{ »A (;(.'\t ;K t AK I)FI(AII.I:I> 'arnlTal Tronpe In Siiiall Wreck al Chunnle. (f'li.'tmte Snti I "The Slr.'^alc ol ijOTd" the private .^liii owned by the ParUor Caniival ompany, mei wlili a sliubt mishap i the > here Sunday morning. A aggage car i -ontainiug the private cf- ects of the carnival troupe was do railed while iIi;- train was beins hunted around Iho "wye." Tbe train was on its way iioin lo'a where it cIo-;- ed a wecU's street fair, to its winter nuarters in Abilene. Owing to thr^ )oor condition of th? "wye." the baggage car was tippec over on. the track. The report 1 cached town that circus train wns wrecked on tbe main line a mile .south and all lb.- roamin.g population on Alain street at he time hastonert out to *e seen- to watch the lions recaptured and the boa constrictor rccaged. W. «. ATOORE PLE.\DE1> GFILTY. Was Arrested Here by Ottawa OiTicer for llors*' Stenliiiir. (Otiaw.i Herald.) W. R. Moore, tbe man arrested last •-trek af Tola and brought back here "•'riday by rnder.';br>rirf Latimer for 'Stealing .t- horse of Oeorge'.McLaugh- In at the confare livery barn, plead nilty today and was fined $lii and ofits In Rohbin's court. Tbe Ine and costs amounted In all lo SMI .*Iiich .Mr. Aloore finlrt. It will be re- niemb.'>red that Mr. Moore pawned his I'.orse to Mr. .Mcl.iiughliii and came back at nlKbi. and look the horse, also attachlnii a biij ^gy to It bi'lonsin .g to .\. Uean in front or the Eiiterprh* urrlage shop. The hiigg>- and horse vere found out r.ear Seventh str.->rt led to a fence. Mr. Ttioore, It l« sup- losed has left the country. B.IILEY U A.\T.S PAROLE. IfumlKihlt. Jointlsf Befrlns Enrly on Parole Application. AVm. lUHcy who with Jim Corn was brought up from Humboldt yeslejj||ay by the sheriff and placed in jail to be- In a sentence Of ninety days for violation of the prohibitory law was just getting ready to aslt for his parole. He was grievously disappointed^ to find that .iudge Foust was <)ut of town and that he wonldJiave to lay in Jail until the judge came bSck from Neosho county where be Is now holding court before he conld get a^bearlng'on'hls application for parole. Bailey is an old offender. T * PROFESSOR .CrtoK wa» in Humboldt Saturday and Sunday^ Tisltljjs old friends. He likes bis work at< Douglas first rata. Tbe town whilo npt-as large as Humboldt, ia a pn» perous, community lathe hearfoCrtbtf Walnirt .Vsliey aad^ Jias a terge^Cina^ <ag ecnninQnity arooqd it-trHaniMldt lur garmnts ate s£ietd On the tight running WhUe. This Ji the No. 27 Aatomatic Lift, Swell Front White. Ifs a iwell machine and is tmic lot those who desire an extra fine article. Something unique, but at the fame*ime a thoroughly practical machine. Let us show you Why a White is more Convenient, will run Lighter, will Make Less noise, will Sew Better and Last Longer and is Prettier than any other machine. We also have cheap machines .from $5 up. Tbe lola Fomltiire store Look for the Flag:. A. W. Beck, Proprietor The Junior Department 5tore Buy Yom',HaUawo'mm Favors ana Jaok'O-lamiafma of Suit the interest o£ yotir business— Your Choice will be Intelligent— HOW MUCH IS SATISFACTION* WORTH TO YOU? 71 Do you prefer metluxls now poing out of date or up-to-dute methods tliat will rarry far into the fnture ? A tyjK.-writ<:r mjide just good eiioiif^h to .'olliir tlit^ I,.f'. Sjuni & Ii;iii.-..Tvrj •mi I ri:, V. < •. <TV iis<riil, v:ilu:«bl<: ;< .itiir.; ii.biillt iird Writing K.N'TIItKI.V :n .SijjIiL r' \ • i'-i' rs S1-. Nil ^iii III!-; 11. i .rsn .'UAi i. I) cAiAi.oiir I. C. SMITH &. BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. =d 812 Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo. t= Tryli Want Ad. in the Register I« the joy of the household, for vrithoot it no Iwpplnesscan be complete. How sweet thuB picture of mother cad babol Angels Sinile at and conimcnd: thtt thoughts aiid aspirations of thercot^ic? bendSnjt ovtjr -the cradle. The ordeal thKiugfe; . wliiclt the e«pc|Ctant mothermust pass, h<^W» ever, is so fnUiitif. danger and sufTering that aba . 'Hooks forward io^e'hoo^ when she sh^^^ the exqnisite thrill of motherhood^wi^ indescribable dresd and,fear. Eve'ry womaa should, know that the, ^joinr, pgin and horror oJF-child* binhcanbeentirel}' avoided by^thcuaeov^ttaer 's F ^icn^, a .8eientifie Ununent forjjextemal use only, whkb toilgfaens -aitd rendeca pUable^all the parta, and assistH 'Oatiire in _ _ T". • Ut Bublfane work. By:aU aid ^ tbi^osands' of wutm^ - 1 UIT«-r. 'MM SB .thia grfeatcriidhi in .perT:>-L

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