Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 2
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' ^ rag loiA pmir BJ^CTSIBB . tiTOKiaPAT_impr0, yoTgmB <. noa. Ik^iBCiiBAITCE. CMfekib Assets |i;2W,«M 1 Gossip bf Society 1 Phone.ibers of the B. O. G. clul» ot which • Lb'ir h««;ttss is a lueinlier. GOT HIS LETTERS MIXED. —rttzgerald, Aiito LIYITJ. . + • * Ir New Residence. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Moort-. who have been at home with Mm. Moon;':;, father. Mr. Millor for the past HvoJAn Ottawa Boy Sent the Wrong Epi years, have built a new home on the; tic to His Sweetheart. adjoining lot norlli. Thpy arc nov.-| " at home to frJendh Ihert-. ( T/cy-rc felling lliiK at Ottawa: .\n Olfnv.a gill i«t a I«.tter tht- othor day + <• • Society -Meeting. The MIgsionao' Boclety of the Uo formed church will luoet >tomorrotr,fror.e on Iter face an hhe read: afternoon. Mrs. Chas. 0«borJ5c will jMother:—I'm ferllnp pretty bin from hor swci-theart who is in Kansas City. Opening It her happy sJinlle Dear nnd entertain^ the niemborH. •!• + •? jhon'osirli. It costs so much to live . . !ln Kannas City. Kvcryonc holds nie To Be Married Saturfty. ;„„. could you send ine a ten? Pni On Saturdav at high noon at ilie;j,on,n evei^ evening by S and »n bed bride '6 home in I^oveland. Colyrado.|f,. TI,J„,5 j-n havo to get my old win be solemnized the marriage ofjroln^oat pressed and wear Jt. thongh Mr. II. V. Cully and Miss Fern Flor-.^ji' ,ijc other guys have swell new cnce Hayes. Iinmcdiately after the SERVICE WAS FINE THE TiiLEPHOJfE COMPASr MADE <JREAT RECOBI) T^TTft >'E1TS. N^S er jiAS CITY ElfTtion Diilletiii.i Haadled Viith Conr lei>y and Dispatch—Special Board >ecc5sarj-. A notable feature iu conuectlon with the veeeivlng of election returns lo Ida was the complete and prompt ser- vicc rendered by- the Bel I Telephone comimny. This service was rendered fixe to patroHh. and the reports were the mo .st oninjilete that has ever been afforded the public and was heartily appreciated by the thousands of loluns who kept in V*uch with the rcitnrn.s in the eabi ar< wf«II as in Kans ;i-; and ad- Joining states. B. J. Rohra. mauagr! uf (h>: lola exchaugc, reinaiued up all night giving his personal superiislou to the great task undertaken ntjil villi hie practical experience, tin- loeal etjulp- nieut wars made adc«|iiai'- '<> tin- heavy demaudc of a terri!i«- increase in traffic and no ppecl -il equipiiiciit at hand to handh'. - Jlanngcr ftolira arranged n spi.-cial s.'t of instruments in the ti room in tlie local Iiuildiiijt and wiili Ih." scr- •> icet- of a full furcc of exiit-riencpd oi.>- '.•iiiji;; was Hide ty give the public o'lTtinii 'inl'ti ;i ;is as fast, a:; ihry were m-rivci!. . * In addition, special service was f>ro- vidrd ftir the three lola iifwspiipers, for Kepnblicaii and Dc-mocralie bead- •luarti-rs and for Hie \t r. T. I'. In hanillinK the local biisim-SH i !i addition lo tiie election biiliftin scr- vic»*. it was iiccfsvaiy lo Hi'- every ivailiihli- niHTator and inoM <iiiirli'- ms attention was yiven evury patron. CHEROKEE FURNACES HAVE RE 8UMED OPERATIONS. Mrs. T. E. Osborne Entertained Last Evening in Honor of her Sister, Mits Lillie West of Bronson. Served Dinner and Supper. , bo Ladies' Aid society and .Ep- woilh League of the Mc.btvdist .Kpiscopal church of this city served Sinner and supper j-esterday. They reall7.c a neat sum from their efforts, For Miss West. .Mrs. T. 13. Osborne entertained last evening in honor of her sister. Miss Lillie West of Brojisoii. The affair was a complete surprise to Miss West. Cherokee iiave Resuniecl. The furnaces of Cherokee smelter "in this city v.nlch w»?re on dead lire day before veslerday havi- resumcil. Ore arrived and from now on it is believed that the smelter, will run regularly' Will Meet Friday. The board of education of the city schools will meet next Friday evening. There was to have been a meet ing Monday niglit but because a quorum was not present an adjournment! was taken until Friday. There are! several matters of Importance to be considered and a full attendance ir, expected. HEARST ASK CHANGE OF VENUE An All Day Meeting. The Ladies Aid Society of t'.c Meliiodist IfJpiseopal churclr of this city will hold an all" day jneeting in the church tomorrow. Tic Ladles will take their dinners and spend the entire day (n work for the society. fMfHoMB Clemning Time' is here and we want to ijclp you by cleanin^"^: your W90I BIankct8,-Lace Curtains, KilgS^JPlJWQ-" Covers, Mantle Scarfs, and other house fumlsHirig." Also meii's and ladies' Suits. Overcoats, Cloaks, etc\Ve guarantee our Hry process not to shrink the goods nor injure the colors. ' /o#a Laumlfy^ PhoiHri02 TO LOAN—15,000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—lola Laud Co. AS'.VNTED—Large furnished r<yom, good location, gentleman. ,\ddres8 A. J. .1 WANTED—T -Tio young ladles lo solicit. C. F. Florence, Kooms in and 11, Evans Block. V Boslness DitcGtorF. V W.VXTED—A farm hand for all winter. Good wages to ligLt part}. C. W.i Grlfflu. Humboldt. II. K. 1. "WJ^TED —Tiiree biicklayers.- W. Kesterson, Yates Center, Kas. WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furiiiUire.—The lola Furniture Exchange. A. W. Beck, I'rop. Phone 25. DH. MIIDBED CiJfiUS • Pbjsician and Snrgeon. • OfHce over HaTeil 'S' Drug Store • Office Phono "Sol. • Uealdencc 211 B, Jackson - • Phone G69. • DB. MclULLEK, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases" of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. Office over Burrell'i Drug Slor« West Madison. The Suit by Haskell May Federal Court. Go to the Personals. Mrs. L. Moomey and Mrs. Elian Prickctt rctumod yesterday from Omaha. Nebr.. Nov. 4.- A petition Chcrrjvaie. Kas., wTicre they have signed 1-y William'R. Hearst before a been the guests of friends and rela- lotary (.ublic in "New York, asks that tlves for the past several days, the $GOO.tJOO libel suit filcid by govern- Frank WriglA" of Emporia, Kas Haskell of Oklahoma against Mr. was here yesterday. He was eiirouto Hearst in the state court of Nebraska, to Bronson. Kus.. lo vote. Onia '.a. be ti":insfcrred to tlie fed- Mr. and .Mrs. .fames Marshall of ral court. The petition was filed by Neodcsha were visiting relatives here W. Batin, -Mr. Hean-i's local atior- yesterday, ney. . James Lewis of St. Louis was h '.Me Tlio basis «if the petition is that yesterday on business, s parties to the suit reside in states other than Nebraska the case cannot ' tried in a state court. There legal question involved In this as to whether such a case can be transferred to the federal court. ol Or hrl ISEOSHO. VALLEV. Uogs. r haven't written lo a girl wedding the coirpic will go to ^hlcago g(ncc I've been here, but want to and New York for a'short lime before ^o you every day.. Your affec- going to WashliTgton for tte winter, tionatc son," Miss Hayes is a very popular Vonngj on the same <lay the mother got a woman and will have a large nuinberjjg^ter from the boy,Soq. She real: of frlensd for the wedding. Mr. Ailly.. jfv own Dearest (Swedtest Honey) Congressman Scott's private srecrctaryQjri;_y j^noy vnn were dlsapiwinted iias made his home in lola for .severalreceiving my daily letter ye.i years and -Ifl well known here and m. tcrday. biit I was up so late last nigtt adjoiuin?: cities amont' score- of a'--|tjjat j vras half dead all day today. Say. but I'm having the #me of ay | taken as life tune, but you only li\e ome. Sec. iiave never pone broke Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Enfield went up to the FetheriiiKiil home north of town Saturday and remained iintU Ed. P. Smith, local attorney for Sunday aflcrnoun. Hajjkell. says: Morris Sullivan. 11'-year cid ::o:i of "I would rather trj tee caie in Mrs. Van Horn, left for Canyon City, -^he federal court if M. has jurlsdlc- Colorado, on Thursday of laEt week. Mon. for the reason that tlie slate where he will remalii with his L'l'and laws of Nebraska do not allow any mother. quaiutance.s. • A Guest of Friendv Mrs. .1. L.ater of. Yates Center in the city for a short visit with friends. ^ • 'V Visit With Son. -Mr. and Mr.«. Ewsra F"loreiieo of Yates Center, are visiiiliig lliclr ton. .\. F. Florence. V V V Club Meeting. Miss Bessie Beck will have a f*-" young people as her guests tonij-'ht punitive damages and the federal ?ourt does. Half the amount we are 8ulilg for, 1300.000, represents puiil- live damages." In view of this fact it is reyarded: •is remarkable that Hearst should ask' for the Iranssfer. and this action Is Rev. Wood who has been appointed to serve as pastor at this place, is expected here with his famiiy iu a day or two. The city is doing a nice thing for C. J. Preston by piping gas lo his houhc. By the terms of Iheir kase . . . , iHdicating his belief that hel.Mr. Preston is entitled to free gas but up here. It costs a small for-|,Tin win tie case. WANTED—Men to itarn barber trade, few weeks required, best paying- woYk within the reach of poor man. Can have shop with snmll capital. Wages from ?12 to $20 weekly. Wou- derful demand for barbers. Catalogue mailed free. Molcr Barber College, Kansas City, Mo. WANTED—To buy a good second hand buggy. Phone or 100-. WANTED—lola* properly to ^exchange for Kansas and Missouri laud. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola, Ku^. Phone 687. - Rea. 70L • DB. 0. L. COX, • Eye, Ear. Nose and'Throat. . • Spectacles Properly Pitted. • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • • e • • • • Offlcs Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 4M BB. B. 0. cmasms Fbyslelan add BargfMa Rooms 7 and 8. £van» Bldg. • • • j» • • • « • • • SALEgMEN & AGENTS— S % « $30.00 | • pflr week and over can bo made selling New Campaign Novelties from sow until election. Sells to Stores, County Fairs, Picnics ^od Private I'limllles. Complete line of samples, cbarges prepaid for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO N07ELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave., Cblcago. WANTED—Young men to prepare for coming examination for Railway |y Mall and other Govcrnmenl Poyitlons. Superior Instruction by Mall. Estab- F. V, MARTJIf, Surgery and :•!.:,•>«"» Office and R« Office 7 Noiiu i^^-^,^\ju. • • • JEWELBS. n. F. Pancoaat. old r«Ur4»I«^ inraler. 110 Eaat Street Lodge K5IGHTS OF PfTHIAS^Neock* Lodge No. 43 meets every. Ifoodtt! lished il years. Tiiousands of sue-! night at K. of .P. Hall. VJaltJng bi^-" cessful students. Sample'queslion.s tbera invited. W. S. Tbt>mpson, E. 0- and "llow lk)v't Positions are Se- , Chris Rittcr. K. of R. and & :K5I6UIS OF HACCABSES^ Knights of Maccabees of The WotM I meets in K. P. HalI^«econd:SBd foartli WANTED FOR CASH—From own-; Saturday nights -of each pumtk. J< er, 40 to 80 acres improved or unim-! Postwalt, commander; R. B. Por" proved near lola. Call or phone ' '• ' cured" sent free. 1 uter-Stajy^Schoolij, "91 la. Ave., Cedar Kapids, Iowa. near immediately Cataract hotel: lola. fOR ROn^ MimomRmmmoum FOR RENT—Hot^c. North Buckeye. Intiuirc 20S FOR tXOHARQE you only (i\e onee. I fcave never f»ne broke yet and T manage to send a little home every week for mother to bank for me. It pleases 'ler and T don't miss it. Got a raise the first so I blew myself for some .swell new rags—one of those flossy overcoats all covered with buttons and pockets. Did you miss mci Sunday, little girl? T was out for the day with a swell bunch and simply could not break away. 1 must ring "Like Uhc Morning After." Madison avenue, from Washington avenue west to Walnut, looked llkt. '.he "morning after" a Fourth of July his moruiug. The great erowd which gathered In the avenue last night to ^et the elecilon returns strew pupei^ !n profusion. Register Want Ads. Bring Results. -Those w ' JO arc to be present are mom off atid go to bed. I'm dead sleepy. , Being out every night til 2 gets away wlth^uie—bnt 1 haven't seen any girl that made me forget you. Write every day to .vour honey boy. e^U blubber. 'Hie lumbermen eat pork. The Norwegian fishermen live on cod liver oil. These people are con.stantIy expo-'>cd to cold and pliysicui strain. Experience has taugiil them titat fatty foods give warmth and nourishinent. For tho$c wtio have cold and thin bOffies, or are tiireatened with cottsumption or any wasting diieaie, itliere is no fai tin so dlieaitihfe and i»]ataMe » form as 's 40i» ftel Sbtct, New Talk —Ku-onr Way Soda Water. GET A BIG ORDER. lOHIfiHT The McClelland Glove Factory to 8up-| ply K. C. House. BabyCIo The McClelland Glove Factory of this city received an order^fpr 600,000 dozen gloves and mittens fi^om the Antbouy Wholesale Grocery of Kansas City. This is an .exceptionally large order to be given an iujtltntlQa so young as the McClelland taclorx. It has been ruQi^ng only about three months. It indicates, however, that loia bas in tbe McClelland Glow factory one of the best of Us kiadiu. the sUte. _ JACK FOTCH Try the ftegiater Wji.ntAd. 4/i I the layiug of the line by the citywau not required by the terms of the Ityiue. Gene Sullivan is working for Jauics fajlor. . yim. Holmes who has been with hir daughter, Mrs. M. C. .Jucoby the gljeat^r part of the lime during the past two months, started on her return to her home in Ohio last Sunday. Mrs. H. Wcigucr who bad been at J. P. JeiJBcn'ti for more,than u week, relumed lo her home at Itldley Monday. 'W. .J. Crook has moved from It. A' Bales bottom farm onto the Homer Rush place. Dan Hunter has moveil onto the'id.icc vacated my Mr. Crook Mr. and .MrH, i:. J. Jcneen and their grafidAus. WHlle nnd Allicrt JtnBen !eft oil Wednesday for California, where they will make their future ijoiue. .Mr. and Mrs. .leuscn have Hycd iu this ncighborhoud for about foitr- leen jears. and during that time they nmde lo thianbolves many friends who rccrct greatly to have them leave. They will be accumpauied on their Journey by Homer Rush and family of Pleasant Valley neighborhood. Six Clear La Harpe residences |7000 aud ¥3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. Q. Lenhart. lola. Kas. LOST LOSr—Black .Martin neck fur. W. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meeU Jm K. ot P. Hall every Friday i^ht tT. T, Steele. C, A. JGLPavla, CAvn Visitors cordially invited. M. W. A*-Tho M. W- A. Lodga n^ects every Friday nlgbt in M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers tovfted. F. CL Coffleld. V C, W. A. Cowim. Clerk. BOTIL irEI6HBO]i&-.Ioia Caiar No. 366. Royal Neighbors, meeta und and fourth Tuesdays .J'of: '.tatih month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oradv Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 Wait Strt»' Recorder. 6C1. Reward. Leave^at .17 North Washington. Phono j PrlJ^^^f^Jtotirh'cSf^ ' "second and fourth Thuj-sday of'^«» month in A. O. U. W. UalL Vlaittaii meiJabers cordially invited. W. H. d«^3on, president; Golda ^am, tafy. Mhen In Iloabt. "I don't knfiw what to have for sui»- per^Inuer—lunch." How many times have you said that? Next time Just order "SealshI Dance Friday Sight. Oysters from the temptingly clean. Pure White Porcelain Case bearing the Blue y ' Sealebtpt" Trad«-Uirk which you win flnd at the dealers' storas. Everybody Ukes rSefOalU^fr-tiey . ^ v.^ . are ao very ditf«r«nt fronr oth«» oys- Evrrybody Invlii^ OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these days. September, you know, Is the time to have the summer dust cleaned out of carpets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt und careful attention. Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY PbMM Uf. Reneral CfBtnctor. Flagstone and Coment jSldewallu u< Curbing a Specialty. 'ens. rSealshlpt" OvHter.s come direct from the choicest beds In the country.' They are packed liy growers who know oyster quality. No water with Sealshlpl"—^Just solid, firm meats^ plump, but not artlfically bloated. The- flavof and color are natural. Tha price is higher, but the cost is less, because you get mt much more for what you pay. "Sealsbipt Sense" is a booklet about "Sealshlpl' Oysters with some special,: recipes that will make your mouth 1 water—yours for the asking. Fryer! Brothers, Otto Hinze, "Our Way." « ' . '-, Real Estate, Insurance v.ityand Farm Loans Low Rate. Annual Intorest, Payments received at any time without notice, and Interest ceases OB .aQGtiuitjM^d. Long or SheirjC Haii^ Eeou. Cunnins Hi &:Arnetti ' Aaa'auleiaeBt Dr. Sutcliire .wishes to tnf^pn.iis j farmer patrons and Ihe Rubl^ii ffi^ has-veaum^d_tlj8 geaerif pr^l^"bf I Bishop & Rupp. will give a daaee in r^"""* ^'^^^r?il4Um-to|j^-y. MiEonic'hall Friday oi^t. picker- P^*^ ">:^?'^'a^'^^1iry and ^ son's CTcheatri. wlU .farnish the W- ^ * ^ t^'^^^^iy.,^Jl'

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