The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1950
Page 11
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TUESDAY, APRIL M, 19SO Communists Seek Control Of British Base, Cyprus By Stanley fiwinton NICOSIA, Byprus, April 25. A powerful Communist minority Is quietly building M? strength In the hope of seizing this strategic British Mediterranean base If the Red revolt ts successfully revived in Greece. Communist leaders here want to iiMBrporate Cyprus in the "Greek rt^les Republic" whose Commuu- Ist' forces were shattered and driven Into Albania and Bulgaria by the Greek National Army last year. The Greek Orthodox Church Is working just as hard to convert this British Crown colony, In the east Mediterranean into a province of King Paul's Greece. • The Communists here have entrenched themselves behind the West's picket line of anti-Communist nations around the Mediterranean. Of Cyprus' 482,000 population . —four-fifthis Greek—the Reds claim allegiance of 55 per cent. The lowest estimate, by British colonialists and some Greek church sources, Is 25 per cent. The most W.urat* <i«ttie pio*>»blv I* about 35 per cent." .At Kyrenia, on the island's north coast a VS. radio monitoring station listens In on Balkan and Middle East radio stations, keeping Washington Informed of their propaganda lines. "There have been no raids on our offices or Interference with our unions since 1945," said E»kias Pa- paloannou, secretary-general of the Communist Akel Party and reputed Cypriot Comlnform representative. Anti-Communist Greeks blame the I3fItlslV "do nothing" attitude toward the Retls on a desire to keep the Cyprlots from uniting in demanding "Enosis"—union of Cyprus with Greece. About 65 per cent of the islanders favor the union. Only the church-communist feud keep them divided. Modern Tom Sawyers Recall Bats, Shivers, During Day in Cavern KINGWOOD, W. Vn., .April 25 4 (/P>—Your eyes play funny tricks on you. . . . the . beating - of a bat's wings sends shivers down your spine when you are lost In a pitch- dark mountain cave. Ask the three 'teen-agers who spent a rough 24 hours In Cornwell Cavern, a partially unexplored limestone cavern abounding with bats and rats. They were rescued yesterday by a search-party which kept in touch with the outside by mile-long lengths of twine. • • Whentfound, the three young explorers were huddled together in 'wfcy are Robert Shrout. 18, his hair-brother, Eugene Shrout, 14, find James Shrout. 15. their cousin. They started their, journey of exploration Sunday. Soon, their only flashlight'went out and they were left In total darkness. They wandered around, trying lo find the'hole-ln-needle silt In the ground through which they had entered. It only made them more confused. '. i • Then they decided to stay put until help carne. The boys said they were finding It -hard .to 'stay awake when they heard a carbide lamp carried by a rnari in the searching party explode. A short time later, they were blinking in the sunlight. "It was so dark In there. I held my hand right in front of, my face to see if I could see it," Robert related. "I couldn't.' "Then our eyes started playing tricks. I would see something white In front of me, but there was nothing when I reached out.1 bey're in good shape again to- d Andy Coakley Is In his Mth season as baseball coach at Columbia University. Legion to Hear Chest-Type Iron Lung Described O. G. Roberts or Dallas. Texas, will sneak on new type of portable iron lung" tonight at the weekly meeting of Dud Cason post 24 of the American Legion at 8 p.m. in the I-cgion Hut here. _ The portable respirator Mr. Roberts Is to describe consists of a plastic shell that covers only the patient's chest, allowing freedom of movement and treatment not obtained through use of the conventional "iron lung." The chest-type respirator is operated by a small powe • unit that may he carried in an ambulance or placed at a patient's bedside •r/TTBETILLE (AM.) OOORlHt OTBWi UN's Favorite Word Is Still 'No' On fttih Birthday-Like a Child PACT Marines Rescued from Seas Marine Reserves Now En list for Indefinite Period LITTLE ROOK, Ark., April 25.— Enlisted members of the Marine Corpe Reserve will hereafter be able to enlist In the reserves (or »n Indefinite term Instead of for four or six-year periods, according to an announcement today by Major William H. Kennedy, Jr., USMCR (O). commanding officer of the ISth Infantry Battalion, USMCR (O), Little Rock. The term of enlistment of reenlistment In the Marine Corps Reserve will, In the future, be for an indefinite period only, except to the case of tho«e members -Vho have obligated service under the Selective Service Act of 1948. Approved by the Secretary of Navy and the commandant of the Marine Corps, the new Marine reserve policy, It is believed, set* a precedent In peacetime enlistment procedures of the armed forces. In announcing the policy, Marine headquarters stressed that no disadvantage to the reservist accrues by reason of the indefinite term. Laws and regulations governing the peacetime service of reservists provide that they will be discharged from their enlistments at any time upon their own request Plane 'Bomber' To Be Arraigned LOS ANGELES. April 25 (/P) — John Henry Clrant, 32. will be ar-i ralgned this alternoon on six counts of attempted murder for placing a fire bomb aboard a United Air Lines plane April n. . .. Grant was charged yesterday with plotting to kill his wife and two children and the crew of three. Ten other passengers aboard the plane were not mentioned in the complaint. Det. J. R. GouWstone said Grant told hini he planned to collect *2S,-- 000 insurance on his family because he was $6.000 In debt, part of it due to a New York woman who sued him over the paternity of her child. Husky Mouse Fools Trapper MONTROSE. Calif., April 25. (Jf\ — It's going to take more than cheese to trap the mou« In William Principe's garage. Principe, a drug salesman, keeps a few sample Pharmaceuticals In his garage, along with a supply of kib- bled dog food. The mouse (tot into the dog food, and Principe set trap. Nothing happened, except that the dog food vanished In even greater quantities. Then Principe noted the disappearance of about 20 high-potency vitamin capsules. On the shelf near the vitamins are several bottles of codllver oil. A few days later, one of the bottles was overturned. The leaking oil had been lapped up. ' Principe has set no more traps. "I'm not even looking for him," he declared. "I'm afraid hell walk tip and shake my hand—or pop me In the eye." By Arihvr WASHINGTON, April M. (#>— Th« United N»tion», celebrating Its fifth birthday today, often hai been compared with a growing child. V. N. is taking Its lint steps." w« read, "and Ilk* * child's they re faltering ones." or, "U. N., like child, needs lime to develop Iti ro-ordlnation." This ha» made 'interesting reading at our house, because Judith Edson, like the U, N,, also U five years old today. • ' So, while wishing them both happy birthday, let's look at how they've grown. There Arc ParalMa Obviously the comparison, If pressed too far, can look allly. But there are some parallels. At the slart the comparison was apt. Judith concentrated on mak- ; noise and a tot, ol work for her parents. But she came along nicely, and hopes were high. She learned to walk without any disastrous falls, and she learned to talk. But like the U. N., she had difficulties. Democracy," for example, is a word that means one thing to the United States, and something else to the Russians. Judilh also has had linquistlc problems. She says, "I'd like to tell you a question." And' the verb to bring" and her connuered for a time. She Insisted on, "Bernard branged me a toy." After being corrected, she cheerfully switched to,, 'Bernard branged me a toy.' Willing to Help She shows a certain willingness to co-operate, but the co-operation Isn't always to a desirable end. She and Bernard once got together to work efficiently and happily at spreading mud over Bryan's new snow suit. Trying to look at the question objectively, I think I'd say that compared with the U. N., Judith shows more promise of a rapid maturity. Oh, she can be cantankerous. But usually she can be reasoned into a proposition— :t there Is any reason to it. On tht other hand, both five- year-olds show an undying love for the veto power. Judith's favorite word 1* itill HAMILTON, Bermuda, April JB. fAP)_Nin» U.S. Marine* and three Bermudlans were rescued yesterday alter spending two cUjjs In rough seas In a «-foot fishing boat, A kind ley Air Force search and rescue plan« located the boat after »n all-night search maintained despite the fact that one ol its lour engines was out of commission. The plane sent out the position or the boat and the Air Force sent out a tug to pick up the Marines and the Bermudlans. Before the tug could reach the spot, however, the British Cutter H.MS. Blgbury Bay. on Us way back to Bermuda Irom exercises, was able to make conlnct with the fishing boat through Information relayed from the search Plane. The Blgbury Bay removed the passengers and headed for Bermuda, where arrangements were being nude to rush them to a hospital. First report* Indicated all the fishing boat'a complement were safe. The Marines were from Ihe VS. Naval Operating Base In Bermuda. Their names were not given out by authorities hero. The men had set out on a fishing trip on Challenger Banks, 25 miles from Bermuda. When the boat failed to return Saturday afternoon, the Air Force sent out Its senrch-and-r«ciie B-lls to search the sea southeast of Bermuda. Seventy-one per cent of league bnskelball games plnycd In the Border Conference during the 1049-50 season were won by the home team. Banks Show Profit .WASHINGTON. April 25. (IP) — The approximately 5,000 national banks made net profits of $475,000.000 in, 1M9. Announcing this, the comptroller of the'Currency figured it was a net return of eight per cent on Invested capital. This compared with net profits of $424,000.000 and a 7.47 per cent return on capital funds in 1948. WATER is your Cheapest Commodity K -•- Use it FREELY! rille Water Co Blytheville, Ark. Shock of-Rescue ' Proves Too Much BALTIMORE. April 25. (/P>—For nine years, Mrs. Marija Sauke, 74 wandered about Europe, a refugee ever since the Russian armies entered her native Lithuania. She was never ill a day of the time. A month ago, she finally made It to the United states, following other members of the family by four months. Yesterday, she died. The family said the relief from pursuit seemed to contribute to her death. A 45-game, single round-robin schedule is being played by the eastern Intercollegiate baseball league In 1950, Its third season as a ten-team loop. LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United Insurance Agency lit & Main Rear City Dm Blytheville, Ark. "Soy It With Flowers lilytheville FLOWER MART Memphis lliway Phone W« For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a mojorily of casej Investigated In several hospital* and clinics, subnormal Kidney function waj improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the us« o( Motnlam Valley Water. II you; doclor has diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral waler may bo very beneficial. Try il f or a few weeks. It Ii delicious, pure-rasling, and may be consumed freely. Crosstowh Whiskey Shop Main & Division fountain Valley Water —— J Art You Protected Against TERMITES? Your house is worth a lot of money so don't let Termites cause expensive damage. Get protection how... but... BE SURE YOU GET THE BEST! H. C. Walls, a charter member and director of the State Pest Control Association, can do your job right. Here's why: 1. Licensed longer than any operator in Mississippi County. 2. Longest continuous SHli.sfjtc 1 - tory record of STATE inspections in Northeast Arkansas. 3. Your individual needs honestly diagnosed. 4. Conscientious workmanship. 5 Sane plan of upkeep. WALLS 924 East Main CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE H. C. Walls Phone 3792 Phone 591 WARD WEEK SPECIALS! l!/ 2 -2 H.P. HOE-TRAC—REG. 149.50 Built for long, dependable service! Sole-priced to iav» dollaril New 4-jpeed drive. 25 time and labor- laving attachments available. 142 8 ' OUTSTANDING VALUES! REGULARLY 209.50 CHOR-TRAC 2'/i-3 h.p. with plenty of power for tough plowing! 4 speed drive provide! >p«ed when you want it, power when you n«ed it. 196" Oi taw/10% OXM SALE ENDS SATURDAY forth* First Time! All the sun and fun of the open car—with the comfort and safety of a sedan-all at button touch! -Jr Safest of all convertibles, with steel girder protection overhead! k Up to 30 miles to a gallon at average highway speed, wilh new slar pcrform.incel The first rattle-proof convertible ever built— wilh double, rigid Airflyte Construction I Completely new continental styling—wilh custom tailoring to your order! Easiest of all to handle and park I All (his al America's lowest price for a five-passenger convertible—with nearly S300 worth of equipment and cusloru extras included al no extra cost I : i Come in and See SOMETHING ABSOLUTELY NEW- Jte Hew Hash ffamWer tonrert/We Lambu-Hewest Member of te Hash Hrllyte family YourdreamoftcarcoraeitruetodaylThatnewNash Rambler it here! The smartest convertible in Ihc whole wide world— safe and rattle-proof wilh Airflyte Conslruction—has sedan comfort at button touchl The Rambler gets up to 30 miles a gallon at average highway ipeed—wilh top performance! All this at America's lowest price for a five-passenger Convcrl- ' ible, with cuslom "extras," like radio and Weather Eye, included at no extra cost. See all three 1950 Nash Airflytcs—America's greatest automobile values! * TMIKI'S MUCH Of TOMORROW IN All HASH DOES TODAY SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 So, Second — Blytheville

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