Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1907
Page 3
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IT - • mUf WAMTCD WANTED—A (lining rocnn girl at Hdtal Tbomson. WANTED—WTiItt' oot .l; Ml lol.'t House. WANTlCn liii >k. Ts. 1 •IllilH- 105—13 Gas City. W.rVNTRD—Kxiicriencod Kirl f .ir housework. "lOl Xorih Spcond. WANTED—Charaberniaid at llio Pennsylvania hotel. W.\NTED—Farm hands. A. I< .Mull. Carlyle, Kansas. FOR nan' MimomUmmmoum KOU HK.\T—Kilifiished rooms for luiiisi-kpeiiiii'; fir sleeping. 211' \Vi-9i Madison .•ivonm-. WANTED-Man and wife wanted to work on farm, .^ddress '('" this olTiee. MAN W.WTS to do house ele.iriinK. Inquire OOl yotiih ICIni street. W.\NTED—Ten honest hoys 11 to 14 years old, to disiribute advertising^ matter after school, rtrins recomnicn- .datlons. Call before school Monday at Cottage Hotel; ask for .Mr. Dee. WJVNTED, GIRLS to work at ih.^ Drown Smoke House. W.\NTED AT O.NTi:—Kvii.-ri.MK.Ml chambermaid at .\rcade lioiel Cnml wages to rlcht party. I '<»l: KIO.V I"-.\'ic.-h I 'm iii-lii i| nidtiis Willi l>:il!i ;il till' Ilar 'i- IIIMI'-. IJI Siiiilli \V;iliiiit. I'liiMic Tyler. 7I;L'. .MIS. W. F I'OR ItE.VT—Furnished rooms for Keiilleiiicn. .Mr.s. F. .1. Oyler. TO KENT-Ollice rooms in the Stev- •iisdii liiiildiim. FOR RENT—I'llriiished house, modern. .Apply this oflicc. F(iR RF.NT-Tltree nnfurnlslied rooms. liii|iiire fiill South lliickeye. FOR REN'T -ruiai.sli.d dnwn slair.-* .•Odius r «ir liDUSi -UfPpliif;. lilti South Walnut. LOST and FOUMD LOST—Friday Ihf l.'^lli. bi-lween Gas and La llarpe, stove hoarth. Reward. .Notify .\. .1. Collins. La llarpr WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gnn. Jn(|lllre lie. Snuth Secnuil strct. W/VNTED—Slock t<i winter. Call uu or address Guy Tiinii'v, inin. WANTED—Good, sound yoiiu:; horses wanted at The lola V.'terin ;i rv Hospital. See W. A. Fra/icr. W.VNTED—P.oarrlcrs In prhiit.- family. Have Hioderii luiu ^.c, ufwiv fnrnlsheil. Itinuire at Nn. i i:,..-! Erwin. WANTED—Typewriting and clerical work. Room 3. old court Rebecca Ooble. FOR SAL£-"RJEAL ESTATE FOR SALE CHEAP—Two lioii.-;c-. good Improvenieiiis. I!i';is(in I'nr .^filing, goin^ away foi- lir-alili Ti'i; . V.HMI Cottonwood. FOR S.\LE-.Mv ic.;u -;irr.' tni.'> patch, good fiiiir ri.iiiU'il limisi- <i :\r mlln from s<|tiai<'. .\lc\- .Mii.v-r. FOR SALE—Good wlieel. u.«<d unl; g ebort time. Must sell. Call ::tH. TOlt S.vriK <'-irK \l' ->.-v..: v modern cotia^e. iw<i IIIMIIX.., rc..ii square; short tinio only. Craii- nold. FOR SALE OR TR.\I)E-.\ .\rkansas farm, well iiniiriivnl atid stalk. For further inHinnniiini inipiirc nt 412 We.«i .Martin. FOR SALE'Mlso0Ua/»mouti FOR .^.\LE a\: E.ycn \.\(:i-; 'i. aci^s in HfKlKeiiinti cnniii.v. I\.ii!-.i-. Otny three niile.^ to railio.-nl: .•".•ju aiMi'.-> fenced. Price $l.">.fto piT aire .MSD 200 acres gas laud near Th.i.-.'r. NV >- sho county, Kansas. Priii- .fi;ii m i acre. For funlii-r parilcnlars. MC L Ilohnrt. FOR S.\LE— CuMxl run;iliMiii Siiid'- Imkcr liuggy and t^'md .-<i <>( \i.\y\\<for sale chea(» il t;ikcn in ilii' ui 'vt few day.*;. In<iuir.- nt It. i' cuiii-.v. Register ofnce. FOR EXOHAHOE FOi: Ti:.\l)E—Lan.i^ in the Indian Tcriiiiirv for nicrcliandisi-. or more es- Ipce-ially siiH-k of liu^mies atul lliiple- tiienis. Lock llox Cs. Oktuul;rc.'. I. T. LODGE DIREOTORY. " KMOHTS OF MACTABEKS^ Knlnlit:! of .Macc'ibees of the World nieeli lu K. P, Hall, second and fourth Wedtipsday nlglits lu each month. J. W. I'osiwaU, commander; R. II. Porter, recoril keeper. W. \). U'..-Canip No. 101 meets In K, of P. Hall everv Friday nIghL W. T. Sleele, C. C.: A. 11. Havlii, Clcrt Visit or.-* cordially iiiviied. LEROY.OAS CITY flA.VE'WILL HE PLATED FRIDAY. WILL BE A- KOI CONTEST I.ERtJY TKA.M IS HEAVY-(JAS HAS fifHHJ Pf.WERS. Armngeniciils Heinif Pcrfccl»'<l for En- terlainment nn Thar.<:diiy ETcnliig. KXKJIIT.S iW PYTHIAS.-Neosho Lodge No. AW meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting bro ihers Invited. W. S.Thonip.son, CO.; Chris Rltter, K. of R. and S. M. W. A.—The M. W. A. I/idge nic'i.'! every I'riilay niithl iti M. W. A hall. Visiting l .rolliers invited. W. II .\nderson. V. C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerk iJOYAL NEK .IintMLS .-ioIa Camp No. :-.r,:.. I.'oy.i! N '(ri :,'hliors, tni eiji SCf- Mild .'i:!!! fimrsli '^Ile^^d :lVS of each iiioiilii. Mrs. I'. A. WaKiier. oracle; ,\|is. .Mary Hulton. 4i:t West Street l .'i 'corder. V. A. A.—;;oldou I#ar O.iine.ll No 1^1. i". i\. t\. .iief..s ni.-l ,iini Jiii/ii v-:!!!:i-=!::y niirJjts in each xv.-nr.Wx la'"" liiid Roeve<! to Rartle.<<THle. Hud Reeves of this city left yesterday for Harilesville, 1. T.. where he has accepted a position with the llar- lesvlllc Exaniinei. Itnil formerly •vorked on the (!as City Herald and • irlicr paiiers in this county, lind lia.-^' many friend^• here wh<i wish liiiii sile- •e .-is wherever lie may no. (•ypsies Took the Town. The (iypsies were in town ye.^ter- lay ofiernooti lor several hours. They are traveling the country. The gypsies upon having their palin.< cio.ssed with silver would tell your for lutie. They succcded in gelling awa.>' with several (piarterK yesterday. Leniy Team Is Hea*y. The Leroy foot hall team is lo tncei the (!as Ci|y teaiii <ui the Gas City uroiinds next Friday afieruoou iind 1-; a heavy one averaging alioul inv^ hundred and seventy pounds. lieshhM heiti:; heavy the team knows thi' Kanie and Is fast. They have defi-.-iled every leain they have luel this year wlili an overwiu Iniitlg score. They defealed i;;iriieii l.s lo n and Yates Center to t». Mill with Street, .\llen and Catupbell to streumhen llie regular liiieu|i llie t;as City lejini has no fear of.the wiuiderfMl coinfed hoys from Leroy. \ttciMliiig the ruriiicrs' lii.slllnlc. .Many of llie local liusitiess men and fariiiers are attending the Farmers' lii- .'iiliuie wlilcli Is iiieeiina In l.a llarpe this aflernoon They weiil over Ilii.-; afieruoou .-ind will rciuaiu until ilie entire session is over. Many more are iilauniiig to attend tomorrow or ilie •second dav of the ii,.-^(inue. EntcrlHiiimcnt in 1'. P. (hiirch. Artaimenienis are l.e:nu made inlay for an enieit.-iiniiieni wliidi uill he held in the Ciiiieil I'le.-hyt.-'riaa :liiirch Tlii:r.-<lay evi'ain:;. Tlie eii!erlaiiinieiii will consi.^l of lioili vocal and in-^iriiiiieiilal mii-ie .iiid le-.- lalions. I.i:'ll! refi e^liiueii'-. will li • -cj ved after llic eiileriaiii'iieni .s IC. I". Hall. C. E. Uicey, pn-sideat; .Miss Malilc RhorLack, secretary. FRATERNAL It It(»T H E K H 001).Fraternal Urotherhood No. .';.S0 meeta second and fourth Tuesdays of each month lu A.O. D.W. Hall. Visiting jinember.'? cordialy Invited. W. 11. Anderson, president; Golda Elam, secretary. .liinior Orfler Inlted American .Mfk rlianICS.-.Meets every Wediier'ilay cv- ci .ln;; at .S irclm-l-- in K. 1'. MaH. .^Vil vi'-.iilii;; niemher.-? invlteil. R. A Wiiiick. Couiicelor; C. I!. Jtlack, Rec Se 'Ti 'tary. BUSINESS aiREOTORY FOR S.VLE—Two large jinnies, four and Gvc years old, and u yontiK black Jack. Inijulre 0. K. Livciy barn, La Harpe, Kansas. Phone IK. FOR SALEJ^Yellow car. popcorn and peaniit roaster. Call at the car in the evening, southeast corner of ihe square, or 606 South Sycamore. FOR S.\LE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire S;J2 North street. FOR S.VLE—A fine, modern 7-room cottage, only two blocks from square, oa car line and paved street. Tlie finest loaiction In the city. Easily worth |2S00 .no. Can sell fcr ?2 .lno, if taken this week. See us ar once. lOLA LAND COMPANY, FOR SALE—Mare, fi .io .North .Main, Gas City. FOR SALE—Choice Diiroc male pIgB. For sale cheap, it taken soon. A. B. Mull, Carlyle. Kansas. ^ FOR SALE—Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West street. FOB SALE OR TR^DE—A .120 acre farm la Ellis county to trade fot* lola rental property or a small farm In eafiern Kansas. G. F. Robins. }A Harpe, Kansas. jits Economy To have your Carpet* and Sttgi cleaned hy HKiiila Sill Factoid rNONt ifi. JEWELERS, n. F. PaucouKt. old reliable Jeweler, I III i';.i't street. STAMMER. Complete court at the hert school for Blammerers In America at one- half price this fall and winter. White for Information nt once. McKle School for Stammerers. 270C East 12ih StreaL Kansas City. M<v Register Want Ads.. Ic a Wnri. POLAR BEAR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Becatrse its tiie Best Acce|>t No Other Wm. Oberdoff, Agt. Eakin'mHardwaf^ Aniniunition put np lo romply with the puri» fond law. ^ 102 S«iilh Kentnckr. Phone 428. I'ldi-r We<.|cj Spokt'. i-.'Ii!er .Idlin Wesle.v iil liil;. :.;ear|-,'•'I ni 'lie ('li'ist iiii I 'nincll Imtli Siin- iJi • nvi i;.i;" afe' '•veniir- '''li- .il..j.-i" Ills iiioniiim laik was i he I 'oin- iililliion ' aMil fill ll;< cvcliliiu ''llie llri.ilesi liisi it 111 ion oi. ICai;!)' Moili services were well aiieiided and il'.i- -peaki-r Was L-iven ilie liesi of arieml- lUie lliroii.:;llo;ll liolli discoiuse.i. lOI- ')er U'eslev wi'l preach ai ilii- Cliri;- chiir<'li auaiti ne\i Sniiihiy. ICvor'. one j'ordially Inviied to .•;'lenil llie...e serv 'ces. A New Choir at M. K. ( liurcli. .\ new clioir has hieii o-.^anizcil II:.- ioc.f .Mrilini.'i^i .•.'iiirili 'I'iie iiiv flioli i.-! . .>inii(,.,ii| of .-.iMii- 111 il..' I..-- • sili};eis in liii.s cjly. 'I'l..- clii.ii h'- ,;" lanued to nieci Weiliics.Iay iii:;iii of .-acli wi(«k lo pracilce. I'crsoiiiiN. Uo.^ iioi.erts re: ii i iietl to ('ol.)a.\ \' •• lei'ila.^ nflernoo!! ;ifier speiwliiiL: Sin:day anil ye.-.ierihiy iiiniiiiii:; iri itiir, ciM visiting; friend:;. .Mr. :ini| .Mrs. Willi:im .Martin of '•::iid. OklalioliiaT v, ere in the city yesterday vIsliiiiH o.d fliend.s. Tliev forni erly'Tnade their home in litis city. L. K. Reeder. of Wicliii.i. wa.^ in the ciiy yesterday calling on the local liusitiess ineti. .Martin llardicy left yesierd;iy r< Topeka where he will visit old friends ticffire leturning to his home in Denver. Colorado. SO.METHIXG SIhU'LD RE DONE What !.<< (')iiislng the Inrrrnso of Catarrh In Inlut Cvans Whew qaallty If mala conpld- •ff^, we bur tbe beat. Where dananda >iU lostifr. we earrr all firadj^ 1^ Qricet. ,|~ In spite of ihe best efforts of medical men. catarriial troubles are Increasing not. <ui'y in lola. hni all over •he cotintfy. Catarrh is a KCrm disease, and to cure it germ life In the breathing or- cans should be destroyed, and lo do this no other treatment has such IMJS- itlvc and beneficial action as Hyomel. When the miicons membrane Is Irritated and raw and the tissues weakened, there Is an Ideal lodging place for catarrhal germs. Mreathe Hyo­ mel and sec how quickly it soothes the membranes, vitalizes the tissues and destro.vs all the disease germs, rendering catarrh no longer possible. There i.s no dangerous stomach drug ging when Hyomel is used; no tablets or liquid mixtures, thereby the digestion Is often destroyed and Intestinal troubles added to the nofrors of catarrh.. ^ Breathed through the neat pocket Inhaler that comes with every Hyo­ mel oitini. the healing luilsan^s pene- twite to the niost^ remote air cells of .the throat, nose and lungs, destro.v- flng the catarrhal germs so that quick recovery follow*. . Cbas. n. Spencer agrees to refund (the uiopey lo^y purchaser of Hyomel who does not find that It docs all that IH claimed for it. The (tonipletc outfit costs bui tlOO. s One of the the Wdl-Infomed of the World is to U-arti n4 to the relative standinii and reiiabiiity of the leading manufactiir- crs of affenis. thr- most erniii'iit })i)y !:icians are tho tnosi careful as ' to tlif iiniinnii qitaliry niid fj^rfert purity oi t.111'Jii»s proscribed by ilieiii. and it is well kiiov.n to phyr -irians and ili.j W.!i-ininrni'd -.iioiailv rh:u tli'! Caliiornia Fijr Syrup Co.. i>y rea .-^on ol its rorreri iiifitnid- :iiu! pfif- 01 eunipineiit and r-tliical character of' if: i-rodiKi ha?-, attained to the liicli sr.tiidin'-' in •-ri<'iirifi(r and commercial circles which i-. a. 1 >-;rded to-ncce'-.rliit and it-lialil'- hnii-.;'-: :iiid. ilierr -forf, that tht name of the t'onij '.'^iiiV lia-- |i> <.um»' a t;ii:irai)i' i- u! ili-- i 'v< "I'n ii<-.' ••>'( reinodc. TRUTH AND QUALITY aiipe.'tl to tlie Well-Informed in every walk of life and are essential 10 pertnanent success and creditable stantlin;;, therefore wt» wish to rail the attention of all who yould enjoy i^ood health, with its i)lessinijs, to t!if> fart that it involves the question of right livin<r with all the tertn impiie-;. \\"it!i prope.-- knonl ^^diie of v.hat is best each hour of nrreation, of eiijo_\ment, ol conteirii)iation ami ot t -liort may be made to contribute to tiitit end and the use of medicines dispensed with i;(iieraiiy to threat advantage, but as iti many instances a simple, v.holesoine n-nudy if.ay be invaluable if tajien at the proiTtr time, the California l "ig' Syrup Co. t .-i -is that it is alike important to present trtitliitilly til*' siibjiTt .-iml to supply tlie one perli-rt la.x.ative remedy wliirh won till'appoval «if piiysici ;ms :iiul the woi itl-uidf accpiauri.' of tlie Well-informed becaijse ol till' cscfliiMHi* of tie-(•ombiiiatioii. K'^iiiiv.-it lo :IIKI the oiieiiial iiitlhod iJ ui.Tniif.'K'- iiii 'i-, which is known to the C.'ililoniia I 'i;.^ SyiUji Co. o;iiy. 9 1 'lis valuable remedy has bo n. loiiii and f:ivoralily known undT tho name of— S\Tiip of Ficfs— and has aiiaiin-d lo woi Id-widi- ariipianci' .as the most excellent of family laxatives, and as its pure laxaii \i- print iples, olitained from Senna, are well known to physicians juid the Wi ii-InlDrmcd nt iln- wfirld. to be the lust of natural laxatives, we have adopted tlic nion- elaborate name ot—Syrup of Fiijs and Eli.xir of Senna -as moro fully dr-:rri|itLvi- of the icmedy, but doubtless it v.iil always be r;illcd lor by the sliorter iiann- oi Syrup oi —,'ind to m-l its benellcial eiTects always note, ulirti piiii 'liasiim. tip- (nil nati I tiu- (•oini>.'iiiy • (^'alifornia Vig Syrup Co.— pltiiniv prinic<l on tin- fioiit 'it ivi ry p.-u k:i.;f. wtnttn -r . MJU simply call for — Syrnp of Figs—or l>y the full nauic--Syrnp of l ''iv,'s and Flixir of Senna—as — Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna-- is tin- one laxative icitn-dy maniifartured Iiy tiie California Fig Syi 'tip Co. :iiid the same hfii 'toion' kiioun b;.' the n :iiiii Svriip of b 'igs — which has Riven satisfaction to minion^:, 'riu- giiiuim- is lor s:il<' by jiii leading driiggiKts tiiroughout the Hiiiied Slates in nrie;iii:il jiai l .aj^i oi one ; i/.: luiiy, thr; regular jnice of which' i:! liliv cents per boiije. I 'A'cry boltli- i-: ;.iii (l iiiid'r ilie vii' rrd i;iiarantcc of liif Company, filtHJ with the Secret:ity ol A v 1 i'lih lire, at \\ aNiiiii';tMii. I). (.. ili;it tin: leiindy i; not adulterated or iiiislir,-iiul< d v.iihin tlie nnnning id the food and Diii^^s Act, June 30ili, ivjof). _ CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Louisville. Kv. S:ili I"ianri:;r (-i, C::! 1; S. .\. London, I'le ^lam'. N'.-v.- York, X. V. NINA SMITH, colored, was arrested, last DlRht about seven o'clock In Bas^, Mtl by Marshal Jim PrrdrickAbnJ obanied with street walklni;. 8be' pjefided eniltjr this momlns and waa fined 16. She bad been warned onee by Oflleer Predrfekaon to cottdnct herself ptoi»e!lr- •\, ; : Well, Friends 1 Pancakes are in order. We have the jniaieraii to make them of. I Ralston I'. C-. I'lonr, ji'-r pkg 10c I Ttalslon Vreiiared I!. W. Flour,. ])er pkg .lOc ; Pcrun:i Whole Wheat Klour, j 121b stick .'•.Oc ; Ciod I' iK-r t-ain. 20c 1 S> rui »6 to fiii. oil l*an».-..nL-j. j liar.;.-. la;icy T.nble, "\\^lite Table, .lud Sorglitini. • FRYER BROS. ar-K-rry and Mea Market Phones 3C8 and jOl 1 iliMid CDiui'dii'S. like wini-. iniiirov.> villi -.i-ii'. This Is tlic case with ".\re Yipii a .Mason" which ^jieoins tn iirow iiKiri" l.'itf^lialili- cacti yi-ar. It is une in' ihdsc ludicrous iaii.'^liitwr hits tli .ii oi:i- ",:n;s to se:> a':;aiu and a:;a 11. It is iioiiiitar with everybodv except tin- doctoi-s. for if people could see a play a.s funny as this once a week out the year, there would \>? little use for doctors. .\s an evening entertainment, "Are You a Mason," has never Iieen surptisspd. .Mana.tjer Wr.e- aton is plt-asf-ti to announce' that he has succeeded in booking this excel lent attraction for the Grand tomorrow night. It ought to do a phenomenal business. Tha story of ''Are You a Mason" is one of till- most lau.slialile ever utilized as the groundwork lor a niotlern ciitueily. I.eo Delrichstein lias un- .'.oulited y made in this adaptation fniiii the (Urmaa tlie most successful !arc.' comedy ever seen on the Anser if an staKc. .Mtjiough it has b€cn p'ayed constantly in this country lor the past five years to. ever increasing bttsinoss. its theme is as new and as lau'.;hab!e as it was when first produced. It is one of thos? plays that never grow old and which never lose their liold on the theatre going public. It is. certainly drawing larger atidlences than it ever has in the past. The c<mipai^- engaged is the most capable ever seen in this play and the prodiic t on is in every way adequate. Ill SonOi Waikfagtep^— nene 114i For Sale Cheap. Qood Farm and City Property. Se« the THE JATilAWKER LAiro CO. for quick results. Old Court H01U4 Cteawal Oeitiietor. Flagstone and .Cement !Bi<lewalks and Curbing' a Speeialty. OBea m East iacksaa Ave. "IF 1 HADXT .SUPPED." Mrs. Ilngiies, Colored, Explains in Police Court, ilnw She Got IVhippcd. Mrs. Edna Hughes, a slender colored woman weighing perhaps 90 lbs., was In police court today, on the Charge (^i fighting with a neighbor woman twice as larae. ^Irs. Hughes also use«l profane,and abiislvo language ALL KINDS ALL PRfCES J.W. —r ExelailTe JeWelenu Eitt ^M^ during'the rneles. The trouble. It seems, grew out of the fact that .Mrs. Hughes' n<;ighbor had said that Mr. Hugh^ had threatened his wife. Mrs. Hughes came to the rescua of her husbands' good name by calling her neighbor down'. A fight ensued in which Mrs.-HugUes was thrown down. Judge Collins casually a .sked her this morning If she was not afrkid to engage in fights because of li:'r sli?;ht stature. ain't very bi.7." she re pliBd, "hut I ain 't goln' to ?ot no one bulldoze mc. If I hadn't slipped I sho' would have wjioiiped dat«Voman.'' Mrs. Hughes admitted that Rha had used bad languago and so Judge Col- I'ns made the line Improved 320 acres. 80 acres in wheat. 80 acres In feed. cows, calves horses. Implements, all go. >yiit ex- obanjue- for rental properties or laijd. 9«^j|iB about this soon. Whltahcr' & OonnelL- ' • .(• , LivinqstoD £• Cp Ceatraetora ui BelMcn. All kinds d work: a apeelaltr t Soatk Sycaaara. neaa ItU The SANTA FB sells HOMESsiiK- BRS' ticketa.'flrst and third Tneadays lu each" month lor one fare pliis |2.00 for the round trip to eertaioi points ^ West a^d South West Return limit 30 days. One way second class Colonist tickets to Los Angeles and San Francisco and other California points for 125.00 , Portland. Oregon, Seattle, Wash., etc, for 123.30. every day daring October. 1901 . ! : -Please sea ns for stoBover privilege, and so forth. ' . - Ifl p. immui-

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