Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1907
Page 2
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4. L. NOKTHRUK PrmMM. r. A. NOSTHRUP. OCTO. 1M7. u M A. jul 'iHipiiRAUOiH. emmir. ^i ^lshed 1869. MELVIN Ant Cibfitih: MHI But it AIM b. Gossip of IF ALL THE SKIES. If all thfi skies wore siinslilnp. Our facps would bo fniii To feel once more upon tlieni cooling splaRh of rain. K a'.J the wnrld wor«< ni">*''^. Our hearts woiiid often lonK For one sweet Ktrain of silence To break IIK- ondl-ss son^. th:? 11' life were jiUvays merry. Our Fonla would peek relief. And rest fnitii wi'.nry IHUKIH'T. fti tlio f|ulei arms of prlef. —Ili^nry \'iu\ I )yl;..>. •i' •> One of I lie happy Juvenile parijos of the week wn.'<>Riven last evening to surprise Mian Helen Morrison ami in celebrate her twelfUi birthday. Ai the close of an enjoyable evening tli'-re was a luncheon served to ihe follow- in(j puests: Misses Helen Morr :siin. Maude \V;orkman. Fxila Workman. Thelma Morrison. Edna Upion. Kdith Coherly. Mamie Anderson. Havel I i>- fnn and Kthel Durham. M.isiers Everett Ijind. Harry Durham, Harper L.amb, Roy .Anderson. I.amli, R.iymond Durham, Ralph Andt -rsi n. Corwlii Rodney and Russell Morrison. Mrs. Morrison was assisted In eiii.^r- taining by Miss Mildred Land. * • • Mrs. v.. D. Shields will enleriaiu ili.-^ Friday Ruehre club this we.^k. 'I 'lio husbands of tlie members will be |uvs- ent on the occasion nam'>cl. Fiidny evening. + + • Married. Sunday evening, at the Methodist parsonage, by Rev. K. W". Otto, the pastor. Oliver A. Ropers of Independence, and Miss r ?cil Siaii- fleld of Tola. The young couple wil' make their home at Indeppndeiici^ -- CoffeyviHe .Tournal. The above annomicement will ( as a surpri.«!e to the ninny fr.cuds n( the bride and groom. Mr.^. Ilogi i- well known here and Mr. Itoser.', wl .n was connected with trie fol.t, Klnipic railway for snmo yr.irs :s now sio:-!; ri ^ont fl Ml; for the cemfiii pl:iiif :it I lndepend>-iice. • * * + The Y soc'eiy wiM moot this cv. iv ing with .Mi.«« Rsiclla fllxler. lii. time lin.'i lieen chansed from 'rhnf.— day until Tiiesflay so Hint th-» tncin- bers may be at liberty to nccepi tli.' iuvltntlon which the Methodist Kp worth Ix'ague has pxiftidod for Hnl- Jowe'cn. * * * .lildge and Mrs. Oscar I'misi w entertain th:» Wednesday Euchri' cluh tomorrow evening. * •:• • Mrs. R. L. Seay. of Chllicoihe. Mo., i^ visiting her daughter. Mrs. R. P. Shields. Mr.s. E. .7. Darueybach children are also puesls of .Mis Shields. Miss Edna Keith relumed !n lipr home in Chaniite last evening afn'r ,1 few months here as soloist for tli.^ Ci^^Rcent. * •t'* The many friends of .Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wallace will he interested in hearing that they will be at home in Kansas City Instead of Topeka a^ they originally intended. Mr. Wallace is expected soon for a brief stay with Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Sickly. * -V • Tomorrow at high noon occurs th^ marriage of Mis.>! KaiherJne Wycoff and Mr. Roy W. Irwin, of Dallas, Tox. The ceremony will be read in th" presence of a gitiup of close friends and relatives and the couple will leave later for Dallas, where they aro to Mve. * * * The Pytliian Sisters and Knights of Pythias entertaln?d In the'r hall last evening in compliment to a grtuip of Btato officers.' A varied prosrain and a banquet were features of tho even- fng. * •^ Ijidles of the Cheerful Circle are to Blvo a party for their huhbands tomorrow evening at the home of Mrs. .1. W. McCall. * + • I Mi«R liora Cooper will leave o.". ^huraday for Parsons. wber<' she will i:iake her home during the winter. M1S.S Cooper is to abandon work in musical circ'.es this season and recup crate from her recent Illness. * •:• •> Mrs. Ralph Drake. .Mrs. Frank Xigh iMid Mrs. R. Thompson are home from a visit in Cawker City. * * * .Mrs. T. n. VauRuskirk Is vls-iln.? r< lativi's ill Kliiealrl. * • •:• Miv.< now'.iis aiirl .Miss Hazel Rowlu?; (Uteriaiiied their sewing club this af n riioon. •:• •> -M's .-j Edna Wagner and .Miss Wln- (itia .lones. with Ihe nssistanc.-^ of .i auuip of girl friends, will ^fve a party for nolghbnrliond frlenils on Thursday e .ening. Mrs. .\. P. Charles who has pent th» p;:si r.'W weeks with lier daughter. .Mrs. Dr. nrowu. of Portland. On-itnn. v.'ill ri 'tiirn liom."« late in the wffl>. .Mrs. Charles is now the guest of Kansas City friends. <' •:• • The Piiiv Food coinm:llee of lb" Oeneral Fcdoration of Vroinen's clubs. Mrs. Waller .McN'ab. chairman, gives a coiupleto ri 'itort.of the F<'ilTatfoii Biilleiin for October. S ini'ar con:- niitfees or departments in the sub federations should have this report, and sliidy it, for it furuis:ies many cx::-!- Icni sii!;g.>stioiis. ami is tlif n'siill i .f careful, painstaking iuvcsiiK.niioii of the imporiant subjects of ini |iiov • ed sanitation in milk siiiiply. markei.; and provision stores. This is a field ir, which the .-^iib f .Mlerations can find iiiuch to do ii; cooperation with lb' erforcennni of |>iire fond laws whicli have recently i-oj •> into eflVci ami •.\ii;ch fiir:r;:i a'iij 'Ie priteeiion to .li- coar Miner if enforcf ^d. I- + + .Mihoiigh it >i-t s.-veral w.< ;, . i)''fore tluT.' will li;- a Kr -at deal of planning done for Christinas festi-. i- ties ilie New Eelijise c'uli has bi ';;!i:i r.i arrange a dance for DectMub .'r ""i. Th" .iillfje foil; will be home lie ir ii.M in ;ii'<*ur<i.tii<-f wiUi a l.iu*.^ i 'si :»t>- l :.--i!<'tl t' will lie ( (lii; iilei'ed a- uu.'sis of hoiiiir. + « + Tile Cliiisiiaii soi 'i -ty will ]••• iv si -ssion on Tiiiir .-d :iy aft <'r."iou in Ihe elnircli parlors. 'Wo lad;es \v i: arraUK'' for a reception to elitertai:; the CbaniUe puesis. *•!••+ The .MollicTs' c lib will liii-i'l 1.1 !.;oir(:« all Tiioon in lliiildeis' vU:i\i I + • • Mis.- Cora H. Taylor. Mrs. Hurt'eti .-.nil Mrs .M;;ry .Metcalf of Yates C ,n- If r. . MIS. T D. Weli.ster of llronson. and .Mrs. Netiio Coofliiow were s'l ^'st:; r.i Ifila friends y.^sterday to attend the lueetiui; of the Pythian .Sisters. + * * Miss Kalherilie .Tones will meel til- (Jiri.-^' .Musie club tomorrow iifleruor.-.; 1) tre \\irJ\ srli '.o! auditorium at tlirei- o'eloek. 'I"iie I'-liearsal tiiue will b- siveii over to v.orii U |ion chorus mim iiers. The sale of First Clans Timepieces Is an important featnre of our business, and we sell .strictly high grade watches al- extremely low prices. We never misrepresent our goods, but will at all times sell you an honest watch at a close price and guarantee to give jolt full value for your money. McNElL BROTHERS. WP ft PRINCESS \OBLE Rr.SSIAX GIRL IS STOLEN IN STBEETS OF lOXDOX. Mr. lind Mis. Cecil C. Kennedy lefi lust evening for ihelr home In Clia nute after Kpending u few dnys visiting .Mrs. Ki>nuedys mother, Mrs. W. F- lllx er, of .Sill East nro-Tdwav. •:• •:• • Mr. and Mi-s. C. .1. Doxsce will go to Kansas City on Thursday to spend a few days with Miss Beatrice Dox- HELD PRISONER IN A CELUR WOrXDED AND SUFFERING, SHE CONTEMPLATES sriCIDE. Rpvoliitfonlsts Hope |o Gel Tliel llniuls on Her Fnlher, Ex-GoTcrnor III' KeTiil. Throiiirh the PaiiKhter. London. Oct. 2!>.-—Rnrhara Lnponk- hln, daughter of a Russian pr'-ncrss and A'exnnder Lnponkhin, e.x-govern- or of Reval, has mysteriously 'Usap pearcd In London, and all the r.^- sources of the Russian embassy and sne. Mr, Dox.see's mother, who is <o'Scotland Yard are being employe,1 to return to her home in .Montlcello. Ill . will accompany them. • * •!• Miss Flossie Leffler is home from an I'xtended visit in Colorado. + • + There will be n convention of the Pre.sbyterijiu .Mi.ssiotiary sncieiies of .\lleu county at. Caryle on October :!L The Inia ladi.->s who attend will so on Ihe morn'ng Santa Fe and return the .same day. Three Iida ladies Mrs. .\. V. Lemastci-s. Mrs. D. W. Rost wick and Mrs. H. A. Ewing. will ap pear cii the promain. ' Mrs. I.,enias ters will conduct a mission study class; .Mn;. Hoslwick will read a paper on Hooker T. in Alton's instil iit.-'. TuskoKce and Mrs. Ewing wil'; tell of the Influence of Idella F'Ske's lifi on Persltin Natives. • •> •ff One of the appointments which has been made by Mr^s. Wi. D. Wolfs since her election as president of the Second District Federated clubs of Kan sas. is that of a corresponding secre lary. Mrs. W. E. Lowdcr, a nienilu-'r of the fnily club, has been cho.sen anil has already begtin her work by conferr'ng with state olTicers about the convent'on for next year. 1;-. • :* W. H. AICDERSOir, Attorncj-st^Law. Notary and Stenographer in oeoce. Phone 465. • • . • • • H.A.Ewln'g. S, A. Card, O.ILGard • EWUfG, QABD & 6ABD, • • Lawyertk ' " • Practice in all Coarta. • 9^ W. Hadlson. PhoM 2S9. " DB. McMILLEM, ,SpfClal attention given to the 'treatment of all Chronic Dlsoai- ea and Diaeaaes of Children, Telephones: Office 32. Res, 232. Offlco In Mrs, Turner's Bldg,, West Madison, • • • ROYGE IS HOPEFUl Look at> Our Libbey Cut Gla -sb. Kook- wood Potterv and Hand Painted China. Sewall, Jeweler and Cptician 104 North Washington. Hsy ThoreF "Where are you going?" "Going aft»?r a sack of If, SpPH ^tnova. My wife ^ wpn 't Me anything else." L.C. Ommb. iOLA STATE BANK HHA, KMMSMS. A. W. Beck, L. E. Horville, J. A, '-Robinson, H. L. Henderson, J. H. Campbell. Geo. B. Nicholson, Frank Riddle. I (Continued from pag.^ one.) The riiN's wliii-h .movent CliMrin~' House a.'i.soclatlons requir<' the bal aiic's each day to be paid in cash, but s'nce the agreement of N-"W Yorl; I.Makers makes it linpcsslble to traus iiei llllsllle^,.-t In this way, tli<> dai's lialanc-s are baseil upon eoIl,ii>-rii! fiirn'sbeil by the bank to the eleaiin,: 'louci ofllcer.t;. "Arraiiu'emeuis have been made U Kansas City and other res<'ive eeirer. >'heie till' re';er\;' nioii.'y of Kaiisas l;aiiks atiainsi their deposits in ilien' reserve centers will be taken care oi l.'v iho Clearing House associat'(iii. II '•^ lheref(,re unuece.ssary to say lha' ev«n tl'.e faPure to ship currency will i'lterfere In any degree with th-» Iran- "acton of business. "The Kansas liank. which ha •• :i r;( od cl'Ss of invesiaien's. with oIi ii ly of cash and sisht cxchanfje or haiicl to meet all ciblieatioiiH. in .'i tierf ciy .solvent coudilion, and can O'ly bo injured by the depo.-itor v.'shiuu lo withilraw his deposit .-ii .i t iiie when it i-J a physical Impossibl :ty for the bank lo furnish him tin cash. ••It is tlierefore of the greatest im- Dortanc ihat the depositors in ihe banks who have alwa.vs been satisfied Willi the condition of their bank, refrain from drawing upon their de- po.sii. except to meet the daily de niands of the'r. biisin.rss. and if the depositors In Kansas banks will look to the'r own interests, to the interest of the bank of wh'ch they are pat- inns, and the interest of the .siiiie of which thr-y are citizen^;, the banks of this state will bp able in weather Ihe storm which Is now upon them without th<' loss fif a single dollar e'ther to the bank or to the deposit or." 11 ace her. Barbara, who is IS years old. was visiting I.ondon with her younger sister, in charge of an English govern.-^ss. Miss Russell. The trio went to Ihe^^ Aldwych theatre October 24, and on -coming out Barbara became separaf * ed in the crowd from her companions;^ and has not since been seen, although , the case was immediately reported > Phone 687, . Res. 701 .DR. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. Phone 654. tola, Kana. -* DR. EDITH 8. HAIGH. • Office and Residence over Bur- * rail's Drug Store. * Office Hotirs—10 to 12 a. m,, S • to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. • Sundays by Appointment • • • F. H. MABTIH, Practice Limited to Snrgerr- L6 N. Buckeye. Phone 676. Sfflce Phone 1083. DB. B. 0. CURI8TUN. Ffcyslclao'and Snrgeon. • ' • I» to the police, and the foreign ofTlce. * Rooms 7 and 8. Ejvans Bldg. Phone 933. Fuller Bldg. • DR. GLTON, Specialist * Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat * Glasses Furnished. * • • • acting at the urgent request of the Russian government, ordered that no •••••••••••••••••••* effort be spared in the search for Ihe mis.=:inK girl. I, Since the disappearance the govern • ess has received a note in a handwrit • ing which she reco.iniizes as Barbara's ^ saying that she had been kidnapped;, outside the theatre and was now a • nr'soner In the cel'ar of a house in ; • the northwest part of London, the ad rlress of which she was unabl,-> to ascertain. The jiirl added that she was wpuuded, and suffering so severeh- •hat she intended to poison lierself. M. Laiionkhin has b<'en director of 'he police department In Russia, and Miss Itussell suggests that revoliillon- 'Fts planned the kidnapping with the ')lij«'<>t of bring the father w Ihhi their !• He I.. m < n hi.i v.a; in I.ou-' •=en. Th:' Russian offleitils here are Inclined to the belief that Ihe girl v.ns carried off for the puriios( s of Miiekinail. DR. W. B. HErLMUH. • Physiclai & Surgeon. • Office N. B. Comer of Square. • Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. • Res. Tel 38. Office Tel. 602. • * • • RrtS. Tel. 198. Office Tel. ICS. . * DR. J. B. PEPPEB. Dentist * Is permanently located over * E. C. McClain's Clothing Store. * and Is prepared to do all kinds * of up-to-date dental work. • • Bvenlng work by appointment * DB. L. TOZEB, • tola Infirmary, SOS £. Jaeksoa, We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, Static, Galvanic and Faradia Electricity with vibratory stimulation in nervous and chronic diseases. Phone 386. P. L, Latbrop, Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. U»(TEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS. Special attention given to Diseases of Women and Children. Over t3ast Side Hardware. Office 'Phone. Main 468. WILL ENTER HIDS UiXlS. ''onfruetor Mjcrs Is (o Try f«r >Vorl< An .HouUi M'ninut. Her-icliel .Myers. Ihe curbing eon- •ra'-ior who secureil th<> ciuitrael for he curbing on Souili Wnlniit. wliieli he eounc'l lias orderjd taken out and r'^placed wth curbing up to spccllica- 'ions in going to bid on the new contact when it is let by tlie council. Mr. Myers says that many of the •nperty owners on South W.Tlnut ar^ •atlsfied with the present curbinu: tind thai sonis of the curbing will not have o ho taken out. TH \Y ARU FRI-; -II. A chocv a^s.^ttmr nt of tbi-^ popular bi^nd -t CR A BBS . When you buy Lf)w.e\'s Chocolates h.te, our per-oti<l pledge <•( ihtir tie>hiits'^ tjoes wib lilt III Gel > ciir n> x; at Cral bS aid -ce how well II pifas > I 11. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Wahhington an.l West Sii. AHTJHK GOES VERY ILL. \n OperaUon Performed • at trelock This MornhiL'. Mne I Arthur Goes a prominent Tola sniel- terman. was operated upon this morn-, ng at n o'clock at the St. .Tohn's hospital for an abcess in the kidneys.' Mr. Goes is reported as in a very crit- cal condition and his friends fear for his recovery. At H o'clock, two; •'ours after th.-* operation. Ills tempor- iture was registered at 107 degrees.' hut is lower this afternoon. .Mr.' Goes was taken suddenly sick last ' week but. the operation was put off: •intil today when it was found Ihat it • ^•ns ab.solulely necessary to perform 'he operation. Trv a Want Ad. lo RurhiM A YOUNG MAN HAS A NEW THEORY iJFK SEE.MS rENTEKI -D IX .STOMAf'lI-ALL EL .SE LS .SF<'. OVOAKV. The immense success which has f<il- ge.silve apparatus that Is doing Us full lowed L. T. Cooper during the past ' duty, getting every particle of vitality year with his new preparation has ex- nut of all food by transferring it to Ihe ceeded anything of the kind ever be- bowels In a perfectly digested state- fore wlines.swl In most of the hiidliig this above all else brings health." cities where the young man has lulm-' Mr. A. f. Brock, chef of the Brock diiced Ihe medicine. (?ooper has a' Restaurant, .Market District, Boston, novel fheorv. Ho Ijellevcs that the Mass., who is a staunch believer In Mr. human stomach is directly responsible ^''^\':'•^fI';"'/H^h°ri^fiH\^^^ for most dlKcase To oiiote hia own ' ' chronic Indigestion for worrf oS auTntervU t ^ontsr. 's.'T .rt''Md' n 'T'^" 'f"""''' rival in an eflHfem cltv "The averaee "''•^'^ pounds. I was a nature, such as cancer, tuberculosis j^s not distress me in the least, diabetes, etc., which are organic, anti , ,„„ , of ten. be traced to something taken 'the rate of a pound a day. I would into the stomach. All of this ha^f-^lck ! not believe any medicine on earth nervous exhaustion ihat Is now so 'could have done for me what this has common. Is caused by the stomachic • done. It is a remarkable preparation <i;oodiUons, and it is because my remedy will and does regulate the stomach that I am raeoting with such ?uc aes.>». . . . - "To sum the matter up—a sound di- and Mr. CoojMir deserves all his siic-" Ve Tecatrrnend th<» COOPT prcpara- tumi; a:! being ri.nii<.rk.iblo mtdlcines. —S. R. Burrell. Skating Rink Now Open! Ladies Free Morning and Afternoon Admission at Night 25 ceiitd, Including Skatea. Rollaway Skating Rink North Side of the Square. G»odMui>ic. Good Order. Gwd Floor. 7ry a Ad, in ihe RsgMei" Batbs of AH Kinds. ExclnslTe Apartment for Ladies' Dcnicomb Bath House aoiMfWal Weil (1,500 Feet Deep.) / Located at 4th and Scott Ave., Fort Scott, Kansas. This vater rositlrelr Cures HhcnnuiUsin, Birlght's Dbe«s«, Stomach Trouble and Ague. Prof. J. L. Bishop, the most Celebrated Massaglst and Dydropath- Ist in the Country, In attendance giving massage. ' T^riXEB SHIFFED Df FIYB (5) GALLOX BOTTLES OUtt. E. oetUOOMB, P^aih

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