The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida on July 4, 1959 · Page 12
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The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida · Page 12

Orlando, Florida
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Saturday, July 4, 1959
Page 12
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Fir per acker 230 Goes Today At Baytoma Beam ' - (Orlanftu fcrntinrl 2 n Saturday, July 4, 1959 1fcrioon. Mqht Twin Bill Slated For Dogs Palatka Defeats Orlando Denplte Grand-Slammer Score Fans 14, Whips A's KANSAS CITY Wi Cleve-'.finf i Philadelphia battera f DAYTONA BEACH Preparations arc being made to receive two of the largest crowds in the history of the Daytona Beach Kennel Club at the matinee and night performance today. A splendid 10 race daylight card gets under way at 2 p.m. Two races stand out as highlights in the 11 race program tonight. They are the tirade A eighth race which has been designated the In dependence Day Handicap and the 10th race which is ihe weekend hot-box special WAYSIDE Sloan, who low ered the 5'ia Mile record just a week ago tonight, heads the field in the Independence Day Handicap. MATINKK HKSLLTS PIRIT MCI lM Mil. Tim 11)1 Harmony' Mtrrwfy , 4 no 3 40 I I f Havrkla Dl MO 4 0 7 Ink Janl 0y 1,4 3 J-J "i Quintal 17 4) 33 40 IICONO MCI-111 Mr Tim III! Mr. Korhy 1 40 4 Ift 3 00 I I n Crmoriy 1 40 i tti I 1 ni sirrnrioii aieve a.w Cumin (in hm t Daily Dnuhi (II) ft Ml third aci ii mii Tim nil Golrten Dlrjoer i 00 3 0 40 7 I V, Wnny Penruei 40 170 I ", top tacitly 3 00 t J 4Vi Q'Mnlel (171 1J49 FOURTH MCllU Mil Tim 11 M Oelann It) 4 40 J K) J Wwic Lln 4 IX) 1 0 7 I "i (d i lln 4 Ml i I 3'1 Oulnlela III! 14 40 FOURTH MCI 114 Mil Tim II II lining Ave 4 40 1 00 J 40 7 11", Rrtull Plyr 1 40 1 40 At l"i Mr. KM 3 00 I 3 1'1 Oulntol (4 71 17 On IIKTM MCP lll Mil Tim 1)11 Mlrtnltiht Hra 1 0 3 70 7 Ml IMS Pay far 1 40 5 40 1 1 1' DateMe I 40 t I i Oulnlela fHI WW IIVINTH RACI 114 Mil Tim ti ll . Cetl M 14 40 4 00 M I 1 1 Sent f-nr 7 10 4 00 7 3 1 Rnlll Jarb 70 3 Ouiniela 14 71 1 4 I KITH RACI lU Mil Tim 1114 flmiy Andy 140 lift 4 40 I I 1" Mailer Arlut I 40 I 40 T J' Sarah Nalle 7 40 4 1 1 Oulnlel (71 It 00 NINTH RACI ll Mil Tim li lt Pny I Ml I Ift I M) t 1-fW Mrm Bullerlly 4,00 J 40 1 n Defiant I mi 4 70 1 3 1 f)iilnlr. ( 70 00 TNTH ACI-1I Mil Tim 11.71 t n"i Rluelac 3 10 3 40 1 40 1 I mini 13 00 I 40 I '7 MKitK 4 00 3 3 4"j Ouimel IMI 17? Ml LAST NIGHT'S RESULTS ; land's brilliant Herb Score gave up a grand slam home irun to Bob Cerv in the first PALATKA The Orlando inning, then struck out 14 in Dodgers, unable to shake a defeating Kansas City 8-4 slumD which hit thtm right; yesterday , . , J Score allowed mer me sian. 01 me netunu 1 1- ' 7 4- ' 1 I U 4 1-17 iCouiin I ft . ft DUMn rrrjvT &rdy H. Ar TuH Outnlel (51) Palfl 17 w SECOND RACI lH Mil Tim H 71 Peter Pin 10 7 40 J 40 III IMui S 40 3 40 111 Pr arm 4 W 4 1 AtrH 1 4- I Jser Tim 7 t- 7 Jlrjl I Johnny i Beit 1' ' R Inked 3 HO'I Ouinitla (41) Paifl tit no Dally Df)hl V) RIJ 14 M THIRD RACI lH MM Tim II tl Mr Orbit 3 0 T Ml 7 70 1- J rltrt Lln J 40 70 III Svt Ttwuflht 1 40 it- $" O. fl 'I Olnny I - TV Wl4n I l-l7 Tt MiKh 4 4 IT Seflnrnh! 1 711' Identity VRATCrUQ v Oulnll (I I) fM II Ml ROURTH RACI tU Mil Tim H M CriUlwi 100 11 00 7 W 11- l"i Wlf tOH 4,00 J 40 IMI I J- 1"J half, last night dropped their fifth straight Florida State League game, 5-1, to Palatka. Itedleg newcomer Bill Wil-j kinson closed the gate en the Dodgeri with six hits, while only five hits and walked five in picking up hit ninth victory agiinst five defeats. HIS STRIKIOUT perform ance was one of the teison'i most outttanding. In the Amer-j ican League. Early Wynn of his maUss wire collecting , Chicago retired U Boston bat-! eight off the hurling of loser ten on strikeouts in a nine-in-Butch Gaulberti. ; oing game May 1, and Whitey Ford of New York got 15 strike-ORLANDO, which returns' outs in a 14-inning affair against to its home Tinker Field base J Washington April 22. Sandy tonight to face the Redlegs Koufax of Los Angeles is tops in l single game starting at in the National League, whif-8. yesterday announced the June 22. Three of Score's bases on balls were in the first inning. Two of them helped set the stage for Cerv's grand slam-mer, with Ray Boone's bouncing hit into the hole loading the sacks. AFT IK ClftV'S homer - his ninth, a liner over the center field fence Score retired Harry Chiti on a fly, walked Hal Smith, and then got the first of his strikeouts, on Joe DeMaes-tri, to retire the side. In two innings, the fourth and sixth, Score fanned three batters in row, although he issued a pass to Cerv before doing it in the sixth. Score was never behind. His teammates staked him to a five- Roberts' Record Stands 100 3 40 7 HO 1 00 too 390 I 1- " 7V. 4 4- 7V I I I I 4- 7 7 1 I IS j I 10 1 111 nmr racii-su mm Tim tut ''ti tun 5 10 4 41 3 "0 J I I' Rn1 K 4 40 3.70 I J Vi mimf Rlvfr Hoy J 40 114 Rom Rocket 3 4 4'i Inllycoo Oil l.f.'i Urry tytvl'i Pet Meopln 7 1 In SltV Vt f.lnhwn Mint Guild lovr Oulnill, II Pid 177 411 4IKTM RACI 114 Mil Tim lilt Wmitau 140 4 00 IK) 11 1 Jl II 00 40 4 11 Wl On 4 10 7 1 1" Fd'l Fri-fklM 1 4- l"i furoell Miry I t- I' Pt1l nohhi 1 t Tr( Oniin It f hl All Wnnl 1 I I0'1 Oiilnlei (4 41 Pud (VI Ml trvRNTH RACI CMTW Tim 44.44 f.Urllv 14 W 4 Ml 4 Ml 3 17". I imnln Pnld 1 40 10 4 11") V.Mlii On 1.70 7 J 4 Irlih Tlrn I 4 I't Shlnlnp Tld I t hnrt Lin Llndnr Cwl DlvlfiinW riilnii n l rM i Ml MHTH RACI-1'14 MM Ttm 11.71 Mulfhihl 10 141 1 10 I 1 ' i Mr mull I 40 1 Ml I m Fhl r.rcnbr4 1 40 1 Jl ny Frnil 4 4 1"i Blailna Purl 4 I I Ml Chirriol 3 M"j Oultk Mill I t' l tutnmr I I 10 o.ilnlili II I) Puid III 40 NINTH RACI-lfM CURIR T M lm iufprli 13 AO MO 1 40 1 1 Arwl flillir W it 7 1 Pnny FirrfO 7 70 3 1 Mr. fhiil Juillt I 4t lrhom 1 111' Fyofll Suhict 4 It Dlvldlnn Lln 1 7 17' Strmmtln Trll I II1 Dnlnluli II tl Purl , 40 TINTH RAC.I-II4 MM Tim II 41 Vnlch Romh 1 40 4 00 3 40 J I h(l ld' 1nnlm(r 4.40 4 to I Ih Rnrkilid III) I 1 Mnnnlly 4 4 ' . nimi RUrk 7 I P Jnhrtny n. 14 1' S'tulrl Rlna 1 7 V 1 Ip'l Oufim) 1 I OiilnlHi (7 II Pid tit M tllVINTH RACR-Awr C"ri 44 11 rrimrlno firnl It 40 f 10 4 fin 1 1 7 ( 1nlvi 4 0 1 AO I 1 7 Oik I ynn 40 1 1 I inpirM I 1 11 1 filirt Horn 4 J 14 V O. I R' i Swr1 Mlxlon 7 1 l' Ed Mnniy Clip 4 I It Oulnlili (I 7) Pid HI 00 r - I ..... A Ok XTpto. 1 1 IX 8igning ot new Mtcher' Wtl I Unrwi Tongh In Rellof Mlh TflMflf) 7 4- l" Fiy Star t 7- t eririot At- 7' OulNIFI A li t' R1 M4 R1RTH RACI iMctt Cmr Tim 44)71 liam Kelso Kelso, from Kansas City, weighs 210 and is 6-3. He's 19 and comes here on option from St. Paul of the American Assn. First baseman Wendy Wear twisted his knee during a workout Thursday and was placed on the disabled list, making room for Kelso. Yankees Nip Nats On Kubek's Hit DAYTONA BEACH Fireball Roberts' record qualifying speed for the Firecracker 250 stock car race today held up against a final day of trials that was frequently interrupted by rain. Johnny Allen of Greensboro. N. C. drove a 1959 run lead in the first inning on ) Chevrolet hardtop at 140.B45 doublet by Vic Power and Min-;mDn for yesterday's best time well short of the ORLANDO COCOA COCOA tiCM Herb Score nie Minoto, a walk to Tito Fran-cona, a single by Rocky Cola-vito and a home run by Jim Baxes his fourth. 144.997 Pontiac Roberts made Thursday to in a draw Dole position. CLIVILANO KAN1AI CITY I ilrkll k t R H4 StrKTnd 3b 4 1 I I Tuttl tf 3 111 Powir lb $241 Lump lb 4 8 0 0 ! i o I sr. J l , S; qualifying runs-10 of them i J ? I rZ ? lllil eettina in iust under the NINETEEN drivers made Minos rt F'con cl Caiavito rt Saxts 2b Brown c Hld u Scar 9 4 0 0 0 Smim 3 0 1 oi . . ,t j..i, ,u u.. 3 100 DM'trl 4 0 0 0 Wire UCIUIC uus wucu oiiuvt- 4 0 0 0 Reed p 0 0 0 01 sturdivam p o o o ery rains T?iiwri poooo;They will wmJt ' o V Thursday's 14 qualifiers when 37 I 11 t Total 11 4 I 4) out tor Sturdivint In 7th; finally ended it. line up behind ALLIED CHAW lOFEKCE -Per 28C DjT vim Kncx ttM v yi HEADQUARTERS Pawl Wooj Wiovt Calif. Redwod New Steelantl-Vent Fenci Csutteotrtt rnj EitimalM ttfETIME CJkRANTEl Call D O 2-4794 oi Nit Call 0 3-6683 - AWED FENCE 1720 Nor Mills NO DOWN lAYMENT 36 to 48 Mo. 'r PALI, I'MRFJtO was the big hitter for Palatka with a double, triple and single in three at bats. Jim Carney got the biggest blow of the game, a solo home run in the eighth inning. NEW YORK M Tony Ku-bek's two-out, tie-breaking single in the sixth and Rhyn Duren's perfect, strikeout-studded relief Job over the last three innings gave New York a 4-3 decision over Washington last night. The victory returned the Yan- One game of Ihe scheduled keet to fourth place, by one per twin bill was called due lo' rentage point, over Detroit, and rain. 1 ended the Senators winning string at four, their longest of ORLANDO ALAtKA ah r h bl ah r h bl f urlln ii 4 0 10 Umhrt rt Jill Ouvlln 7I 4 110 Burnill If 4 0 0 1 Ftrrara If 4 0 0 0 Jimhrann cf J 0 0 t MIM It 0 0 Vaunhn lb 1111 tnlmn cf 111 0Crn Ik 4111 Par It I rt 4 0 11 Bullock 7b 4 0 11 S. virion Jb 3 6 0 0 Htlmi it 1110 Parhm Ik J 0 t 0 Malty e 110 0 r.aiillnlr 1 0 0 OWIIklnwn 0 i I I 0 batilktrtl 0 4 0 1 0 tctali 11 1 4 1 Total It I I I the season. The fire balling reliever struck out six of the nine men he faced. The bit right-hander now has fanned IS in his last 6 13 innings and 23 in his last 13. He hasn't been scored on since April 30. This was his 15th appearance in that span. RUSS KfMMIRIR 5 7 wan the loser. The Yankees tagged I him for three runs in the sec- jond, capped by the first of Kubek's three singles. A single by Norm Siebern and Bill Skow Titm -Struck b-CiMM out on strike for Dickson In tth. Cliviland 5 lot 101-1 Kantat City 401 000 100-4 E - Chill, DeMaestrl. PO-A-Clevland 174. Kama City 17-1. OP-DMestrl. Lumpr and Boone; 6as. Power and Hfld. LOB-Cleveland I, Kansas City S. 18-Power I, AAinoso. HR-Bxes, Cerv. SB-Miooio, Froncona. IP H III Bl SO Scor (W, 1-51 . . 14 4 14 Reed (L, 0-2) . .. .13 14 4 1 1 Sturdlvant 4 7 3 i I I 4 4 n-Tiltourls 1 11111 Dlckion ... 1 0 0 0 0 0 n-ficed 4 batten In tth. WP-Scor. U Napo, Rice, Rommell, itevim. T-3;0t. A-7.7W. Player Cops Britisli Title the 250-mile race starts at 11 a.m. Allen was one of the earlier qualifiers of the day. Tom Piston of Chicago was next to last to qualify and made the second best time of 140.12 m.p.h. in a 1959 Thunderbird hardtop. He tried several times before finally making the run and still wasn't satisfied with the performance of his engine. MUIR FIELD, Gary Player, NOR WERE many of the other drivers. Until the final flurry of qualifying before Scotland W dark, most of the activitiy 23-vear-nlfliwas in the garages where South African who learned to play American-style golf on ... . . .Itli innnh TTQ x :4 iron s eround-ruie double started wus '-'.o. t nn-uu, WHIT1Y FORD, who allowed(u. r,,i s.j wuw nn nllf shnt , fr,,r.tin(1pr.nar fift nn sacrifice the en KEEP POOL Keep heat oi let light in. Add beauty, liability to your home witha Ray-0-Lit fiberglas pati). Ih. MruthMl ul tnr Parhnm In Orlinfl ... too Ml OSO I I I Pallttii 100 Ml til I I 1 t-Mlmi, kel J PO AOrlndo 14 10. PHitVi ti ll. OP-Viughn to Bui Inrk In C.nrnyi Hilrni lo Bullork In frnr LOR Orlando t, Palatk a 4. IB -f urlln. Cnliman, Bullork. Umherrj JB-Umfiera mh tarniv MATINKK KNIT.IF.S Dawson Wins At Speedway Bobby Dawson of Orlando fook advantage of a mishap which eliminated Tampa's Bun Rr1on and pulled away lo win Ihe pro-holiday 50 lap stock car racing feature at. Orlando Speedway last night. T)awson. driving a modified Chevrolet in Ihe big race for modified and spoilsman t ars, look over Ihe lead on the 1(Mh lap nfter um HaHon lost a renr lire. BARTON lost his lire and VI. .1 , . , i ! NINTH Bfl -l'l Mill III" 1I1HIHT HI iliSi-pirtlr I Way IrVltili I Pinrtitti money when b came out nf Ihe soulhwcst turn. llain which fell hard before the j aces and at limes lichtly durinij the card caused a wet track which , slowed the field, but did not cause any serious accidents or injuries. A rapacity crowd at Ihe speedway watched the races , and fireworks display. rh-it ff (Id-tan innrUmint Paul PIBIT Ct-ll4 MILI 4 Brlndli Oetiqn S mnl iny I Wlno Mulir 1 Anlhr. Pncnra I IrUh Jim 1 Mtn. Bnildv I Br kin' Doll Jiidv Hnllrtiy IfCnNO BACO-IU MILI Mar tack I 4 NnrtreM 1 vnn 0, 3 Bad fnfr Viiir 4 Mr, Martotf 7 Tan Belief I ON I r.n THIBO BACi-l14 MILI t Olrinlno Sell Pnwenit 3 Ruihlnn trlln 4 C.nnl Jan 1 Nfi Maid 1 Safety Bhy 4 inlnnv tin I (di M'v 0l'r OURTet R AC t-"l MILI I Buhy'i Pt 1 True Bmilv I lluvwiv 3 tvinnlno Jana 5 Dint Peirl 4 fie Humn I Cvprem Wch But pwihler) PIPTM RCil14 Mile t Wavi Sluaor 4 fi Bnnm I "trlfked 1 Sleohanntll 1 Birtly Inn 3 Anaak I iwic By I r.niy 1 i-i IIXTH BACI-t11 MIL I 1 Suian Lou 4 W Try 1 I artOn'i I rty I Burl Burnett 1 Bill Benlnn 1 Plavnr BuO 4 Plntn Surrni I in Tlmi IPVINtH BACI-114 Mill 1 War ( r y I On John 1 tintnir Onn I Btluhl Su 4 Bk. lady Brr ... I tiranilloie 1 L, Bin Mnae f l.hy T lf BIOHtM B AC I -J14 MILI 1 Buihino Jinet fd'1 r"Hv 4 Blunl I llvi twallnw 1 I n 1 f loi d Nina I Irui tllur I Amarullih fiaiillierH III WMHmnn (Wl V'P-iaulherU 1-10. A -107 six hits and walked seven, was the winner for tn 8-5 record. Rut when he gtve up leadoff singles lo Rob Allison and Harmon Killcbrew in the seventh, Duron trudeed in and put away ' SB-vaimhn. Ujj, seventh save while extend- lp h r r bh la Jnfi his I nil tout string to 2ft In- on ' golf championship with a 72- hole total of 284. I I J 4 4 4 t I I I 1 I B0n and Outrtk. ; nin Boston Loss Streak Extended To Six9 6-1 mechanics preened gines. Roberts took his car out for several practice runs be-; tween showers and was timed fly the final round yesterday j unofficially one lap at 146 land won the British Open m.p.h. an' u ,;u: ...i.u . ,o I "That means I was going 160 on the straightaways," he said. "The curves cost you 15 1 . . . . -i . In winning, P ayer emula-, n n In the winning sixth. Ford ,,. ' im.p.n. 'doubled with two out as Allison lcu ",a ,uv" "e" F-J" ! misted a thoe-ttrinfj catch and ing better golf each day over, HE WAS WELL satisfied 'Kubek followed with a single. I the 6,806-yard Muirfield linksand ls intent on Settin2 his ic tir,,- v first NASCAR major victory THI SENATORS scored lust s Hogan did when !in w, home iowMinethinj jthe first on a pair of two-oulook the British title at Car- that e,uded him although he walks and a single by Jim Le-noustie in 1953. jnas won nearly every big imon his fifth RBI in three ; F'lory Van Donck of Bel-' stock car event elsewhere consecutive al bats. !:,., arwi Vrori Rniinrt Af around the nation. Ford then loaded the bases! Dpit,in tiori fr .Mnri with I Cotton Owens of Spartan- 286s-the farmer with rounds of 70-70-73-73 and the latter i X) Link 1 "ZWP ! I I n 111 Ph. a i m UH J-Jt I I 40 VIRGINIA DR. Elston Howard's tied it one-all. Then Gil McDougald hit RBI double and scored Kubck'a hit. Roy BALTIMORE lfl Billy O'Delll Jack Fisher, who started for.on walks in the third and turned in a slout relief job on I Baltimore but was lifted in fa- Siever't brought in the second . , Nat run with a sacrifice fly. tnr mound ana wan. uropo vor or u ucu atier lanenng in , . ...... 1U 'with fiA-70-74.74 Sid Seotf nf hit a three-run double last j the third Inning, singled homeba5CS a8ain but j, w porier England placed fourth with night as the Baltimore Orioles ihe fifth Oriole run in the first hit into a doubleplay. The'287. dealt the Boston Bed Sox off Mike Fornieles, the first of Senators tied it in the fourth oniJ lkr burg, S. C, who held the Daytona International Speed way stock car record of 143 m.p.h. before Roberts broke it Thursday, didn't get his Thunderbird on the track un itil near the end of the runs their sixth straight defr-at, three Ronton relief pitchers. fvl. I A five run Oriole uprising In! THf OR 101 IS go their other finuhl i Orertin I Raved 1PN1M I Pftlrni h .' Pllnl r-nrl St nil I Mir Liiv ? Unmhay Punr h 1 Pt niilri Irnim I I rly I lar RACf-tlt Mill I M M 7 ajmheaitert t HI rilr I Him gilyi the firat inning apelled disaster 'run in ,h fron(i for Ihe Red Su. who were pi y -1 Tri nt, "'"R1 f"'r Ciii i One ing under temporary Mgr. Rudy j Woodlmg walked and was sacri-Voik after the rhih announced ficfd 10 ,p('ond' 1 This wa enough to hand 'Harshman hi eighth defeat Billy Consolo's one-out and ronsecutive singles by Kemmercr and Ken Aspro-monte. Hrtiihln1'10' Van Doric Utmoie rmiiiu n'r.i TONH.IIT S KXTKIKS Clemfiilj, Dv S(.rbrouh. Lrry Wh turn. Secnii; rac (10 Ian mnrtlllefll Bull Mrlnn, Bod Pewion, Jim Mvl, Third rai (lMi iBorliman) - Hill Holwnan, Harry eullen, Sim earVer, I-1 mirth race (S0 I macllllefl nriimn feaiurel gnb Dawtnn, Bill Hovnon, eoh Smith. I SI, lUtsclmll Tamp lanlnrrl Honifr ant Gomalei. I . IWH aftB two a I ane i no M Mtiiphvi faiteriaiid and en im -1 mo an Mkhaeli I Hion fld naylnna Riarh ft. fetmniriTi Mr Nam! and Jlniri. ry1nna Itach 111 lia 4 It, Paleriburi) IM 141 i t 1 Anrtrewv Jamlwi (SI, Mi Daniel III ml Hendren; Cullen nd Jarnei, f-lorl art Minor Slanrl NOW OPEN tot Dor or Night PIY ROBINSWOOD HILLS 9 Moi.a , i Golf Course PINE HILLS COUNTRY ClUB Green Nlnt Feci CS Holes riuh KeiiUlt Relre ihmenii (lni.en Kiintiyi eiaT M ACI SMI Milt I f hrmy'i ( hllil 4 M l Mr Clai Wnia ttaillght 1 lop nmlry I May Hug I Roi tier Par 1 llqilll IHety rinll SICONO C-)i MILff i Innrlri'i Dollar Racy inn I Parfrl 7 illv'ry Airway! 1 Star tour I Menny Innei I Day nin l 1 SUHnp Hewk iHian RACt-lll MIL! 1 Dmhlno Jn 1 lit It I tahnwah I 0 Ci 't 1e 1 Wiv Minu't 1 Irlih Daltle I aihul a ta' Chrm enilRTH KACI-IU MILI 1 Rim Ihe RMi I rWnoyh Timanof I hillle'i Chuck 1 frf'l Red PenfiV I Muter Vol 1 Mvrtle Dawn 1 I union I an !TH RACI-RIACH COURJI ' lady Kl 4 Coid I Ml HI F I Renin Mln lfaml'i Cull I Spunky lady 4 1wr Shikei 1 Wrhl IIXTH RACI-1'11 MILI J I oral 1 1 lent 4 WaoaUh 7 Wayilrt Rli.e rervudi 1 R f t ldor( I fanrled Riii Snanon I I alia Ihnnnhl IVNTH RACI-RMCH COURil I Mill Qwena ) r.ay'i SrKkl 1 Dirtiy ( rtiwn Hurl M 1 I inky nnncll j RHIy Holvirn I Near I aw f ihli n,w IIOMTM RACI-VH Mill f Mr Par I wavi. Jiean 1 Aililed lneni I Silver Jin 3 Mailer Pilot I Mar Tunnl 5 feillymnat 4 ear Duke NINTH RACI-RIACH COURII ! Dark Gay Master I ea ID O.'l Hilinwei llan Etxl 1 Summer Skhra I Tlrjhl Lln 1 Im Rulh 1 Rlnna Doir IFNTH RACI-SII Mill I timwond I Mar Sham 1 Irlah C harm ) Men Llii 4 Wayilde Drew. 3 Simla I Imptner 1 aenton IllVCNTH R ACC RlACH COURSI 4 Candle Ann 1 Rural wav 1 Hlnh Ruth Rim Sm I Tram t in I Five iVkIt I Mol Chec 1 Roily Rill earlier in the day that the pilol'a job had heen taken away from Mike lliggin. mily J ururo . Kain.Hl Iwo loses and boost Washington Senators c o a c h' 0 npl1 ,n his fif,h vi,-,ory named to succeed Wiggins, wilt "inst sil defeats. take nver the rein, todav. ' ! The Oriole lefthander, jing on in the third after Fisher JACK HARSHMAN. the vct-'hd ivrn UP lh lone Poslon er.n lnflhnn,lr Ir.rlnrl In Rnclnn'nin b.V Walking Tfd William! f by the Orioles only 19 days ago.jwl(h ,h bJP l"ded. struck ' . i.. inl t'tt'M mrA iittslisl'Arl Ivnlu was tne victim or trie Baltimore "Ul ",c ' oulburst in the first, tie gave up' double to Jackie Jenstti i.i the ! seventh. ! The victory enabled t h e x -9 eld Jack John Panton Sm Kino .. LRull Ruli i 01 Reel I Bernard Hunt WASHINOTON NIW YORK ! ,,n e-OH''i','1 krhM at a r k ' l,mm Hitrhcnck .. Ainr'ht. h 11 1 Kubek rt JO 1 ' tZtL.VZn.rt aili.M ri nil lirt'. i a a a Mlchel Bonallaci KUITir'w 1 II (I M.nll. rl a a l a i ''"Uy Slaver I 111 litter a tf leirwm If IB 1 1 Plionl It Jr"Z: . l tVZT. " i I I : nlrnld CerOa ""v V .www bui-l .V m u I fl kll Al . . 11-114 71I 73-iM and did a mediocre 136.92. T-im THIS PEEK'S SPECIAL CASH CARRY " medicTne" CABINET i A50 14' D005 CLOSERS I CLIP AND NAME ADDRESS . tITT I eiAIL. APNOLI PRODUCTS 77 w; LIVINGSTON ?H. 5A 4-1669 COCOA 489 PMchtro Ph. HE 6-3536 ...74711 ...73111 ...7b 711 ...74 1W ....74 211 .7110 II). renr niiisi i a ' erthw 1 ? ? . M"r Weetman J ' 4 " anlAnlA rAm WoliUnholm Alllsa Ihr n h y rf 4000 Howr t Conjoin ii 1110 Mi D'g'lrt i hOrn 1 I 0 'ord 0 Samlrwd tl .flf.ll Ourn Kem rvr R 111 0 1, Sin 1111 0 t 0 HE HAS switched cars since getting the former rec- ord in February and the car in which he made the mark -;al958 Pontiac is being; ""' driven hy Je Eubanks of Spartanburg. S. C. EfcroTfirnr XT Jnn Garlalrle Peter Thominn 1 Oenoles mtur. 7S-I . .7 5-111 73-ll ' .74114 thecrnier 10 0 0 C teoqer R 0 I I I j Ttat II 1 1 I Tilili IS I II 4 j -Struck irt far Rorter In Tthi h- COnl- S'fUt out tor lomoio m .tn; cfiia on? Tnr Mmmer in win. WRtHIIUJtM I' I"-! New Yr . Wl -4 f-Non. PO A-Washlnflton 14 S. New Vnrlt HI. OR-leeet ami $wron. L0 Eubanks didn't get the car qualified and must start at the end of the 38-car field slong with five others who did not qualify. Yesterday's c o n v ertible HENLEY - ON . THAMES, !l,me waS turned in by JoeK Harvard Crews lOIIll Si rong three walks and a run rrgister ing single hy Willie Ta-rhy he 'fore Iropo unloaded the with his (toulile off the renter field wall. 1 n it ift to feated heavyweight and light-1 e 1 1 weight eight-oared crews yes- e. t t 1 leraav strengthened t n a Thunderbird -wuhinoton , New York 11 .' j , A . weaineriY ot JNonoiic. va.. 16-0naBlO. 50rn. McDouflaio, rtra r.uxiauu UTI JlllVIIUI uiiuc- . . - . ' . . SF-Sivri, Mowrn IP Kem'rer IL, S 71 7 Cevnr , I orrl (W, I $1 rjMren 1 1 red 1 battera In 7th x .1 Pill ! aBJ n ii it 1 i'HHlli. fil l in f i.u 1 . " mmam u a u Lj who drove 1396ft. pai. -ewo g-M'. v-an. n Crimson's bid for an unorec- Pprll. T-3 01. A17,771. I , . . . . bases Orioles to move into third place: rijht 1 ahead of the Detroit Tijen. who Host a iV5 day game to the Chica-' - - 1 ro White Sox. i Minor League Ez CJiarlcs Wins Fiylti CINCINNATI W Euard Charles, former heavyweight champion of the world, last night lumbered and flailed his way to a technical knockout in the seventh round over Have Ashley, a policeman In nearby I-ockland. OSTON lALTIMOftf ' ab r a i 111I1K Kemigh cf 4 0 10 Flnlijan 3h I 1 j 1 n w Ml, ma . tv T T n m 1 n n 1 Miaman II i a A f, I Oal1 41 41 ,m Denver I I 1 A P.arann rf 1 A A a ft Wrh 41 41 ..l-trKUn edented American sweep of (lhe Grand Challenge and j Thames Challenge Trophies of trie Henley Royal Regatta. Harvard's varsity boatload moved Into today's final of R unroll t Williami IT Wrj1 111 bCernl Ift ten ten rf Maitnn 3d CnleT t Rudilln 3 0 0 0 Trlanrio c 4 0 I e Tirv rf i I ) I I 0 R 0 Ornnn Ih 1113 fOta Cr imiel n 1 0 0 0 110 0 Cl' finer lb 3 0 10 Hmntnan II I I f iier 10 0 1 Tornielei p 0 0 0 6 0 Tjell p m".irr I I) I M nh q'tt ft 1 0 0 A tAvll 110 1 Wall n 6 0 0 0 Tin all Tl 1 1 I Taiati AMft a IC AN AIIN lAITEIN OIVIIIOH I fit W t Pel Winne'll 45 17 .l?l St. Paul 41 45 .477 Indlan'lia 51 ! .MTChar'ilon 3 7 50 . 425 Lou'ivll 4 M .543 WftlTlftN mvitiON wveci wLPtfih. r.ranrt CM enoe Tun event -Struck out lor Prniel In Vrt; h rnxl nm lor Went in t-SttwtK (Mf for Monouqutl In Ith. anitsn ,. Ml nt m-l aaltimar . . N Ki J-OTleH. PPA-eoton N10, Sale) mm 1? II PP-aulin, RunneJi and Gerntrt. ItlS-Mitun 5; liaitinw I 7t . ClraiM., JMan- lavhv. lNlaman. CHARLES, who weighed 204," showed litlle of ihe foot ;rX7'' y Speed and punching ability jMonbouquetta . J J I J J which carried him to tlie in 1 i 1 4 i iiiij imiiiu 111111 111 mf 01,,i w, l) ii j i 0 0 4 heaWWT k'ht title in IftfilV I U Flalrty. Umnnt, aerrv, Hrvwchwa i 1 1 1 Oman i i ill tar 1 iii4iiui, iiiuvc W L Pel Hi Pet RuKalo 41 13 .413 Montreal 4" II .44 RtKhMr ;l V .'JlColumhu 3' 45 4M Miami 41 M J75 Havana W IS 1 e ftlchmnnfl i "I .lllTtwunto 1 4 434 ) IOUTI4 ATLAMIC 11 AOWI I W L Pel ll Ptt jChimhir ) M .Wrvlt II 3 .511 ! JarWHl 3 H .?70Chrl'tnn II .;$ uiia lava nr, Mi a 1? $1 Alhevlthi at ,-tJt ' " " f k..uM a m i, ft u.... m . V" 'IV.I'W " JIT .n,.J, J, ftj ..TT twlrt Trmv nnvt11 TO, A (hey i Hi i Chariot! I, Chiraitn I Columhui it Maon on rin Jac.nnirltl if Simnexh pp. vt jrua 37 40 in as n ,4ei competition, premier of the storied regatta, while the lightweights gained the semifinal round in defense of the Thames Cup. The Har vard crews each defeated shels flying the colors of the lsis Boat Club of Oxford University in a pair of atir- i ring races. AUTO FRONT-END Alignme.l 9S Speciol Anf MK Cr Ce)r)l Rpie SUNSHINE GARAGE 41 W. la;rli Pltn I.44M SPECIAL MATINEES Everytoy This Week POSTTIME 2 P.M. ADMISION SOc flt PARKING from Orlando Bute Oiect U Track LavSn Jun Hotel N !y ot 6:15 1 IT-l ll. A-11,7. SWIMMING POOL COVERS 01 Piterltt rrnin light Duralllft Ineneintlve Tht MARKHAM Co. 1114 eur t. OA 4-1431 ntutpl-iar .MOVES MERCHANDISE i m iiriri7lri4 HAIRCUTS . 50c All Wftelt If Studtnl Itrtttn Pretcilonal SuoerTiiiofi NO WAITING Orlando Barber College 2469 S. Ornj Blaiiem Trail WINTER PARK 4 KUHl AVE. Also PRAIRIE LAKE & ORLANDO DRIVE. IN THEATRES EXCLUSIVE OFFICIAL a CHAMPIONSHIP "JOHANSSON VS. PATTERSON" FIGHT PICTURES SEE . , . ROUND 3 IN SLOW MOTION! a OW ! UJ VM uu tmcK (i1 ii epi1 return t ftrml ijiat. int. I II tl A f way wi CO-BAR DA D1A 6eeiT Ta ariR aaf "tHft ittrn. ut in r aarl. RO'BAR m r Int. rali van ac htm w.. ca4 aacaAa ctti. "ASK YOUR DRUGdST" Aw m mrm MawMaal 9vni fui. h inaa la tna u t A 2TTllL. ' araart If e.t n umii a4vw aetti l ' rttan IC r n areevtavll ea; ROIAR INC. U2 t. CmA 0eir( j , Crlaeiila, fk. tUrll.. -S71l j I Bn(lenn; Plitt tenil en kettle itla lir TihlaH. I una.r. ' tana trial lh are full urane4 t fiv nMHili lalnfactian ar I mi mnr will k rafunaea. Inclnea I . . . fin COO , I NAkAC " AODH(S . .. ii ini fi ar ! aaiiii11 "' 41 i

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