Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 1
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Th9Ji9 ^M9r Mmm ibm Lmnimi OfrmtOmUmm TOLUME X. NUMBER S9«. TE5.rA€l£S. TE5 PAGES. nici TWO onm. REPDBLICANS LOSE BDT ONE tOMJlJSMOXEB TOM AND£BSO> IS DEFEATED BY MB. M'ADAMS. BY GOOD MAJORITIES TBAVIS A.>D JIDUE Fl^tST HAVE WOOD MABUIX •J » SHERIFF BOLINGER RAN WELL Ills MAJOBITV MAY VOOD J,30V. BEACH A tapUin Eniiiir '6 MsJorH) New Ii» m —Onl) Unf or T«o Precincts ?(ot lleard From. Wlih bul Olio or two pruciuctb yel uabward from, the munis in iVJIet couniy fcbow Uie election of t-verj caudidutc on tltc Republicanj licke* with tlie possible exception of Coin- uiI&E<ouer Tom Anderson who appean to hare been defeated by Mr. Xlc- AdnniB. Until late this morning the Democrats entertained a hope that V. J Oyler. candidate for state senator am" Chas. Apt, candidate for Judge, wen victorious. As the returns came in Ihelr vole dwindled however, until 'it Is now certain that Frank Travis will be the next state senator from thie district and that Judge Foust has been re-elected. The Indications are that both Afv. Travis and Judge Foust have curr e4 county b>- majorities not far fiwa lfu> ulilli*- wonl. from Wood* «oa county Indlcaten that they will have 150 votes each "to tlie sood" there. .Mr. Ant said totlay noon thai .fudge Foil at'»i majority would not exceed 00 or 6ft voteti. .\U-. Tafl and .Mr.. Scot! will carry thts county by majoriiies ranging from iiUO lu Too votes. Captain Kwing's majority, with Jiie precinct to h«?ar from is -KM. Shuflff liolllnger proved f •racer." hi-n'majorily probably reach lug 1.300. • liryan carried iiumboidt by a narrow margin. The following are the returns secured over the phone: / J lola First Ward. Taft 391. Bryan 22!. Stubbs 400. Bofkin 21?. Scott o51. Sheridan 2G0. Jfoust 360. Apt 25.'5. Travis 3C J. Oyler 253. AViatson 401. Russell .222. Ewing 372.-^rton 252. Bollinger 43S. Douglas m Fronk 368. Klein 250. lola Second ITard. Taft 364. Bryan 113. Stubbs 164. Botkin 111. ^cott 170, Sheridan lOS. Foust ]."0. Apt X2S. Travis 100. 0.v4er lis. Watson 1C7. Russell lU". Aushennan 191. Holt 8.'.. Kwing 370. Orton 107. IJolIlngi-r 17r>, Douglas 104. Fronk 162. Klein 113. loia Tiiird >Viird. Taft 247. Bryan 12:). , Stubbs 243. Botkin 130. ^ Scott 250. Sheridan 120. Foust 228. Apt 14C. Travis 235. Oyler 138. Watson 247. Russell 122. Fronk 231. Klein 146. SniRh 277. Collins &4. Adams 247, Frevert 122. Fuuston 253, Baker 115. Bollinger 22». Douglas 14."; Christian 268. Lambeth 113. Culbertson 273. Jury 106. Ausherman 267. Holt 108. Thorn peon 253. Cozine 117. Palstring 257, Freeman 118. lola First Precinct, Fourth Ward. Taft 235. Bryan 151. 8tabbs 234. Botkin 151. iScott 239. Sheridan 147. Foust 231, Apt 150. Travis 210, Oylef. 168. Wat8on '*236. Russell 146. Ausherman 251, Bq)t 132. Ewing 217. Orton 162. BoUinser 260, DoHfflas 128. Fronk US, Klein 186. loia Second Freeinct, Fourth Ward. iStobbe 177. Botkin. 104. i Scott 174, 81ieri<fon 105. Foiist 156, Apt 124. TJ*^ Qyler 117. IliTMioiL 177, BiiMell 106. LVusherman 180. Holt 100. i<:«ving 161. Orton 119. Bollinger 184, Douglas 97. Frouk 172, Klein 106. La Harpe First Mard. Taft 73. Bryan 49. Stubbs 79, Bolliin' 49. Scott 77. Sheridan 30. Foust 77. Apt 49. Travis 70. Oyler 59. WatKun 78. Russell 50. Ausiiennan 77, Jloit 50. Kwlug 72. Orton 51. Bollinyei- 86. Douglas 42. I'unston 77. Baker 52. .Viidcrsou 78. >lcAdau )M 50. LaHaroe Second Ward. Taft 21. Bryan 25. Stubbs 24. Botkin 25. Scott 25. Sheridan 26. PbUBt 24. Apt 28. Tra\.ls 23, O.vlcr 2ih Watson 24. Russell 26. Ausherman 2.*>, Holt 23. Ewing 22. Orton 27. Bolllu?or 31. Douglas -0. Anderson 25. AIcAdams 25. LaHarpe Third Ward. Taft CO. Bryan 36. Stubbs 64. Botkin 40. Scott CS. Sheridan 13. Foust 67. Apt 39. Travis 56. Orler 47. Watson 65, Russell S2. Ausherman 62. Holt 46. Bollingfr 74. Douglas S2. .Anderson 6.^. )lc.\dams 41. LaHarpe Fourth Ward. Tail C7. Bryan 68. Stubbs 67. Botkin 6i*. Scott 64. Sberidan 71. roust 62. Apt 74. Travis Oyler 79. Watson 66, Rosaefl 71. Ausherman 67. Holt 69. Ewhig 61. Orton 7^ BoUliiger 70. Doaglafi 66. AndofKon-^. McAdiA* 71. Humboldt First Wadr. STubbs 17, Botkiu 76. Scott 63. Sberidan 55. Foust 68. Apt'47. Travis.04. Oyler 55. Wat sou 69. RusKclI 47. AuKherinan 63. Holt &i. EwIng 54. Onpa 54. Bollinvt.-r 69. Douglas lii. HumlMldt Second Ward. Scott 72. Sheridan 74. Foutt 74. .\pt 76. Travis 75. Oyler 77. Watson 79. Russell 71. .\usherman 77. Holt 75. Ewing 84, Orton 67. Bollinger 79. Douglas 73. Humboldt Third Ward. Scott 59. Sheridan C«.«. Foust 59. Apt 60. Travis .-.8. Oyler 62. .\usherman 61, Holt 58. lEwing 57. Orton 62. Bollinger 57. Douglas 61. Humboldt Township. Taft 57. Br\-an 73. •Stubbs 59. Botkin 71. Scott .'.S. Sheridan 72. PoHst 55. Apt 74. Travis 55i, Oyler 7:'. Watson .'8. ftusseJ! 1''. .Vusheinmii 57. Holt 73. Ev.fug 60. Orton 7". BiillinKcr 59; Douglas Humboldt Fonrth Sroil 03. Sheridan 5."). Foiut 08. Apt 47. Travis 04, Oyler 55. U'otsou 69. Rus&elt 47. Aushennan 02. HoU 51. Ewlug 54, Orton 01. Bollinger C9. Douglas 4S. 71. Ward. loia Township. Taft 170. Bryan 150. Stubbs 170. Botkin 147. Scott 103. Sberidan 156. Foust 345. Apt 173. T.-a%ls 158. Oyler 157. Watson 163. Ruscell 150. Ausherman 173. Holt 143. Bwlng 160, Orton 100. Bollinger ,190. Douglas 131. Fronk 159. Klein IM. ^ 5ortli EisMore. The results In North Elsmore were r^elTpd at two o'clock. This is the vote: Taft 1 114, Bryan 118. Stubi>s 114. Botkia 119. Scott 98. Sheridan 135. Foust 109. Apt 127. Trr.v-o 98, Oyler 133.» Watson HI, Eitssell 12u. Cnlbertson 126, Jnry 107. * Attsberman 101. Holt ISS. Tbomsoa 119, Cosine 114. , BwiniT 119, Orton 113. 6mith lis, CoIUna 126. J3<4lln8er 161. DoosUa 73. ChrUtJan U4, LuBbetb 116. F^inston 114, Ba&er 116. Palstring 121. Freeman 111. Adams 120, Frevert 115. Seith El»mnr. Tuft 118. Bryan 46. Stubbs lis. Botkin 46. Scoil 111. Sheridan 51. Foust 120. Apt 46. ' Tmvls 103. Oyler 62. Watson 118. Russell 46. Ausherman 123. Holt 52. Ewing 121. Orton 64. Marmatva Township. Taft 170. Bryan 179. Stubbs 174. Botkin 177. Jackson 179. Freerks 178. Scott 160, Sheridan 196. Fou»l 156. Apt 207. Travis 150. Oyler 206. Watson 170, Dussell 177. CuMi'-Ttbou 183. Jury 18<i. Kwing J 57. Orion 202. Smith 102. Collins IH!*. BoHinser 213. Douglah 140. Christian 139. Lombctb 212. Funaiou 160. Baker 19C. Anderson 157^ McAdauis 194. Oeer Creak. Tajft 60. Bryan 33. Stibls 04./ Botkin 39. Scott 63. Sheridan 43. Koust 57. Apt 46. TrnvLs 41. Oyler 61. , Ewing «W. Orton 43. Andei-suu 57. McAdams 46. North Loflan. Taft 2K Bryan 28. Stubbs ,21. Botkiu 2S. Scott 22. Sheridan 28. Fourt 21. Apt 29. r Travis 20. Oyler 29.\,.,,^ Watson 21. RnsseU 28. ""1 Ausherman 20. Holt 31. Ewing 23. Orton 27. Bollinger 23. Donglas 25. South Logan. Taft 53. Bryar 42. Slnbbs 53. Botkin 12. Scott 54. Sberidan 41. Poust 54. Apt 42. Travis i^J. O^ler 43. Watson 53, Rnssell 42. '^Ausbmaan 5S, IToIt 42. Ewing 55. Orton 41. Bollinger 49. Douglas 49. East Cottaoe Grove. Stubbs 65. Bo ^in 34. Scott 64. Sheridan 36. Foust 62, Apt US. Travis 60. Oyler 38. Watson 04. Russell 30. South Osase. Stubbs 74. Botkin 79. Scott 72. Sheridan 82. Foust 65. Apt M. Travis 65. Oyler 89. Wnteon 60. Russell 94. Ausherman 7.4. Holt 79. . Ewing 64. Orton 88. Bollinger 93. Donglas 59. Anderson 51. McAdams 104. East Eln. Taft 09. Bryan 50. Stubbs 69. Botkin »6 Scott 76. Sheridan 52. Foust 66. Apt 60. Travis 55 Oyler 73. Watson 67. Russell 57. Ausherman CO. Holt 08. Ewing 74. Orton 62. BoUinger 90. Douglas 4» Anderson 70. McAdams 59. A PRINCE IN ISRAEL. It U a great man we have elected for President of this great country. In body, mind and iteart, in natural talent and. in acquired accomplishments in experience and in achievement, very great man. Mr. Taft is not as versatile a man as Prosldent Roosevelt. He Is not a linguist, nor a sportsman, nor-a naturalist. He is not as aggressive and pugnacious. His Intellectual pi-occsses arc not so Ughtnrng-llkp in their rapid- It) . He is not so impulsive nor ?Jven to expressing himself on every possible subject of human inlurcst with so much \-lvaclty and positivcness. He is as different in all those particulars from Roosevelt as one maj) could we! be from another. Btit be is OA honest as Roosevelt He IK as Kiucori>. He Is as brave, morally and physically. He Is as Indepen denL He is just- as far above the reach of any slnistvr Inttui'ncc. He Is just as determined that this government Khali bo carried forward in the interest of all ti^c people. In a word in an the qualities for which we most admire tiic President. Taft is Just as dependable as Roosevelt. And in many othor respects he pos- sesscti qualities and capacities much superior to those possessed by Roosevelt. IKc- Is a great lawyer which the Prt^sident of the United States ougbt to be. but which Roose\'clt Is not. He is a trained diplomat. He is a shrewd business' man. lie is patient and good humored and "gets alqpg" witb the people. In ail these acquir^ meats and qualities he has greatly ihfe advantage of Roosevelt. And nobody recognizes this fact more clearly, nor admits it more generously than the President bimselL He has repeatedly caid that Mr. Taft Is far better qnallfled to handle the problems that arc to be solved now than he is. Roosevelt's strengtln has hiin in bis ability ja an :,acitator, in his intenaa I hare done as much as be ^as done these past seven years to quicken tbo I moral conaclousncss of the people, to I 29; 6: The first complete returns to come in from the county were from the Seconfl ward in Gas City, a Democratic* stronghokl. The vote was as fol lows. For President—Bryan 13 majority. For Governor—Stubbs 29, Botkin 53. For Congress—Chas. F. Scott 30. Sberidan 52. For Judge—Foust 30: Apt 51. For State Senator—Travis 29; Oy^ ler 51. # For Represent^ive — Watson Russell For County Clerk—Culbertson Jury 49. For Treasurer—^Ausherman 49; Holt 53. For County Attorney—LEwing . 35; Orton 49. For Sheriff—Bollinger 36; Douglas 52. ; South Geneva.: The vote in South Geneva was as follows; Taft 6: Brjan 10. Stubbs 6 ^Botkin 10. Jackson 4; Freerks II. Scott 7: Sheridan 8. Poust 6: Apt 10. Travis 4: Ojlef 12. Watson 6; Ru^ll 8. Culbertson 10; Jury 6. Anahennan 11; Holt 6. TJioinpson 8;j Oozlne 6. Bvins 8: OitoD 8. Smith 8: OalBna ». Bollinger 7; Oentiaa 9. Christian 6; JLaml^etlt 7. Fimstfa t; Biter t tQontlnaed on jjtace six.) mora* earnebtaess. KobcNty .y;l8e eouldpority «• the Icglslaturo. ^That meous t)io next United States Senator fVom l^xsouri will be a Republican." 'Prom telephone returns from all comers of the state 1 believe .Mr. Taft received mon^ votes thai* Brj-nn and Misfonrrs eighteen electoral votes will bo fouiKl in the Kepublican column." concentrate' public sentiment upon the necessity of honest tnethods in business and in public life. But that work U done now. The next step is to crj'stalize this sentiment Into sane, workable legislation. .\nd In doing that Mr. Taft's training as a, lawyer and a Judge, his skill in dealing with men. and bis shrewd business sense ^quip him to secure results which RoosevoU fully realizes he could nover reacb. Nobody could have serv <'d the need of his hourv better than Roosevelt has done. But his hour is past, and to meet the new need that has arisen It is impossible to conceive of any man better fitted than William Howard Taft. if is a Prince injleed. that has arisen in Israel, and the country is fortunate and happy In possessing him and in having called him just at the right moment to the place of power and responsibility and opportunity. ; TO OPEN ON NOV. 14 Manager of the Kress A Company Store is in Town Today. A. .J. .*?:haffer. thte'manager of the S. H. Kress & Co. .store, who arrived in this city from New York yesterday, stafod this afternoon that they would have their new store ready to open for business on Saturday, November 14th. The formal opening will be hnlil on the day previous. November 13th. Other olBcia's of the Kress & Co. stores are in the city. Including District Manager Green. The Kress & Co. store In this city when completed will compare favorably with the best stores in this part of the slate. The shehing. counters and oUier fixtures are being installed today. ABKE8TED FOR MURDER. Cfeafee, Me.. liUUar In Salooa—Mar. derer bi Castody. Oia^. Mo.. Nov. 4.—Major Henry Bul^eu, 60 years old. today shot an4 killed A. B. Cbaney. a saloon keeper, on Main street here. Cbaney killed Bnmett'a son September first and waa under liidictment. Burnett who Hvea in Osceola. Ark., was arrested. Otter Cei «Ecaafewl HMrkla. A epee&l teleptepw mess^8;j»'to the Regiater late this atfenuMm reports that aK^4te memberaof eopgreaa frooi Ikanw are re-elected. BY ROOSEVELT MAJORITi? HAIIlEy IN THE LEAD ELEOTOllAL YOTE FOB . A. TAFT MAY XUMBEB Republican Candidate Chosen to Governor of Missouri.—^Taft Leads Bryan. Bei THETICKETAWINNER St. Louis. Nov. I.—Iladl'.j Is lead Ing Cowherd by fifteen thous.ind forty-two votes, according to Incomplete returns from forty-nine counties, including Kansas City and St. Louis. The same precincts gave Stone a lead of 9595 over l-'tollc. Tliu returns for the llepubllcan nominee for Senator from twenty countirit give McKinle^- 8216, Kerens 4352. Kennish ::,166. Of Hadlcy's lead he gets cloven thousand from this city and twenty-four hundred in St Louis county. Colpn M. Selph. a Democrat from the Twelfth Mis-souri Congressional district, was elected by a Democratic gain. Madison ft. Smith, the fv-iuocrat from the Thirteenth -Mlsaouri Con ST(>$sionaI district is elected. Taft in Lead. Incomplete returns from fifty counties In Missouri show Taft leading Bryan by about one thousand. Tn St. l^uis 246 of 403 precincts gave TaftJ 048 and Bryan 35336. Incomplete returns from eighty-six cjiunties and the city of St. Louis give Hadley 130.029. Cowherd 114,439. a plurality of 15.590. Sixty-two counties and St. Louis incomplete .give Stone 47.600. Folk 39.312. a plurality of 8.288. At uooii Ckalrmaii Dickey of the Republican state committee gave out the statement. "Hadley Is governor. That is certain. We have also elected the entire state ticket including a ma- KEPIBLICA >8 WILL COKTBOL HOr.SE A>D KA.Y. LE018IATUBE. OHIO LOYAL TO JUDGE TAFT VOTE IS SURE NOW Republicans Will Have a Working Majority in the Kansas Legislature. Topeka. Kas.. Nov. 4.—It is now known beyond doubt that the Repub- iicanu of Kansas have elected enough m.embcrs of the legislature to have worWn? majority to chooes a successor to United States Senator C. 1. Long. Reliable returns shown 91 Republicans elected sure, 30.: Democrats and 35 doubtful out of oue hundred and sixty-five members. Kansas City. Nov. 4.—AL twelve- thirty today. W. R. Stubbs, the successful Republican candidate for governor, in talking over the long distance telephone from his homo in l^awrencc said: "The Kansas legislature I» in doubt and it looks bad for the Republicans. It will be some ti/ne before the result is known." The returns received here by the Star up to twelve-thirty slightly favor the election of a Democratic miijority In the Kansas legislature which would mean the e.loction of H. P. Farrelly to the United States Senate. PLIK.\LITY I.> HOME STATE FOB CANDIDATE WAS 54MW9. Br >aD Carried Uls Coanty aod SUte of .NebnuLa Bat tbe Bepablkau Will Claim tbe Leglslatare. DAMAGES $5,000 A DAY. Jury Remunerates Man For Time in Leavenworth <Jaii. l.,oavenworth, Kas.. Nov. :>.—Five thousand dollars^ a day was the remuneration allowed Harry Hughes by a ury In Judge Brentano's court yesterday for the time he spent In the county jail on what the Jnr>' decided was false charge of embezzlement. The decision is against the Interstate Shirt and Collar cdmpany and J. 0. Eatpn. its president. Baton swore a warrant for Hughes and the lat- was placed in Jall^ two days in desalt of bonds and ultimately was acquitted on the charge in Municipal Newcomer's court He sued for ^.000. but the jury decided that 1 ^10.000 was sufflcient recompense. out ter 'nOd Allen and S. Allen, brothers, got fn^o an altercation ii^ Eaat loia this a^moim and were irrested by Ga-. ^r }el |l«^lister. a patrolman. S. Al!•» war iiaeiiarsed 11 aad ooata. and Od Allen was .Vew York. Nov. 4.—William Howard Taft. of Ohio, the Republican candidate, has been elected twenty-seventh president of the United States and .lames Schoolcraft Sherman Tlze presi dent as the outcome of one of the most remarkable political campaigns In the history of the republic. ^ 'WS]- lian^ Jennings Bryan, of Nebraska,, the Democratic candidate, went down to the tbird defeat in his life's ambition to occupy the White bouse. Tbe early returns indicated Taft would have at east 298 electoral voles, but later details showed the figure might reach Hitchcock's estimate of 325 or' even 336 achieved by Roosevelt in 1901. The Republicans retain control of both houses of congress. Taft's plurality In" • Grcatiki" >'ew York was 15.615. .1 Bepabllcaa llonfce. Cbicago, Nov. 4.—It Is now certain the Republicans will control the next national house of representatives. The returns from :!55 districts gave the Re publicans 196. the Democrats 159, missing 36. necessary to control 196. Bepubllcan liOglslatnre. Topeka. Kas.. Nov. 4.—The latest returns Indicate Republicans elected a majorlty'of the state legislature, prob ^bly :i working majority of twenty- eight members. This will allow them to e'ect a^uccesKor to United States Senator Long. The primary nominee is J. L. Bristow. of Sallna. . / for Taft In Qiiio. Cincinnati. O.. Nov. 4—^Not less than a fifty thousand plurality for Taft was ytiterday given as the vote of his native stat^^. From the start it was evident Taft had won but the figures were slow in coming. The Democrats gained In the congressional dele- gatlonf securing one of the Clndniatl congressmen, although Nicholas Loos* worth. Republican, won in his district. Democrats Concede Defeat Topeka. Kas., Nov. 4. —Chairman Henderson Martin of the Democratic committee, this morning conceded the defeat of Bryan and the state Democratic ticket but claimed enough mem bers cf the legislature to elect the Deniocratlo United States senator. ^. Chairman Dolley. of the Republican couunittev. claims forty thousand for Taft and the state ticket and says tbe complexion of the state legislature is in doubt. Nebraska for Fsrorfte Son. Lincoln. Nebr., Nov. 4.—Beginning with a brilliant victory In his home pretinct Bryan reversed the majority of two thousand in this city, carried his county by a handscHue plurality and will win the Sate by ten thousand. Ills vote was unprecedented, Lan caster being counted the banner Republican stronghold of the state. The Republicans are claiming tbe leglfclature by a slender majority. Marylaad Demecntle. Baltimore. Md., Nov. 4.—Fuller re- turus this morning indicate the slight Taft plurality Is w>ped out and Maryland has gone for Bryan. Misseari ia DeaM. Si. Louis, Mo.. Nor. 4.— Missouri last night apparently Democratic by a large majority, is ittill in doubt in all but the naUonal ticket. The thirty-five thousand Bryan plurality then indicated will not exceed twenty tbons and. The Republican managara are clabolng Hadley la elected govenipr. and Democrata make, the sme claJm for Cowberd. Late resirits Indicate the vote is extremely elote and winners of ploraUt^ may not exceed three (Cootl^iiea rat QBfBJ^^^

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