Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1907
Page 1
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TOL. IX. Xo. 430. WholP Xo. 6300. lOlA BANKS ARE SAFE rOXFIDEXT CniSIS WONT UK FELT HEHK. WEATHERED PREVIOUS STORMS BANKS ARE IX BETTER TOXDI. TrOX THAX EVER BEFORE. IOLA« KAXSAS, OCTOBER M, 1907.-TITESDAT ETEXIXO. SIX PAGES., PBIQE TWO CEHTft. OAIoials of I.onil In<.tUiitioii>> pnws Views of the Situation. Ev- TbP financial (10l .lVs ^-i <)ll v .hi ;:i affected the banks ut Kansas t";:y and oih?r western points has nm ri'i 'n and In all probability will no: !•.• ii-li hv the Inla banUs. Owins lo iiK .n .'v Ti^i^ ., .FATHER. Forecast Tor Kansas: Generally fair tonleht and Wednesday, except niin In east portion tonlRbt; colder lonlRht. Data recorded at local ofllce IJ. S. WV'atlier Ilnreau. yesterday, to<lay, an<l a year aso: Vest'dv Yr. ago : I>. ni -"iT •1 p. ni TJS fi p. m S p. m I'l ji. Ill 12 niiilniKbt Max. Temp Mill. Tenip ion 7 p. in. i: a. Ill I a. Ill li ;i. ni s a. ni , 1'' .-1. Ill i i; iiiinii i I 'l -ecipitnlion V a. in. r, I r .t;, •itt .... :*t*J .-,;i r.s :.".» .•!l ' n f 'i Today Yr. aa* .... ."ill •IS! ."ii •v> •17 ....III 4.'! If. .'1 -17 r.o . . . .(.1 0 BUY FELL GAS RIGHTS beins close, many banks have iHfn j conipeMed lo adopt siriimoni riile>; ROV ' ( |„^|„„. erninK the conduct of lln-ir busiIl•>s^:j " WHITLOW TO MORAN BoniJ WiiJt Approved Tlifs Momhipr and Accnscd Man >V1II Keliirn llomc. Sam Whitlow, charged with the .., murder of .Miss May Sapp, was released from Jail this momlnB at 10::!0 been approved this mominff by Sheriff (". O. IloirinRer. Thft liond' woir<I ha been api>roved last evoning had llip sheriff returned from Hiinihtddt ill time. Wiiilow wanted tlie sheriff lo approve the bond when he reiiim- (<1 on llie Oil Flyer last iiiKht, as he se.^ms to Iiave grown tired of conftiie- nient. Whitlow has spent tlie most of the day with his attornoj-s. Ewinp, Gard & Oaid antl F. .T. Oyler. This afrcr- r.oon I he attorneys held a conference Willi Mr. WQiitlow present. Mr. WJiit- low is stayin?; today with his father- in-law. (!. W. earner and will not return to Moran before tomorrow. He said to a ne ^ister reiiorter that he KANSAS BANKS 0. K. the p.ast few days but not so with tin- local banks. Kite (''as Ileal i'flcr Vnitntr. i Til." is (111 a deal with P.'t.r One local bniil-ei- slated to.'ny ihai , Voiiii^- lo puichase the full nas ri^bl:•. bc?n retained an attorneys by a nura- ber of the companies. )Ir. Bates comes from fire insurance head()iiar- ttrs In Chicago. WJiHe none of the jinrtles iwho participated in the con- ferenc? would make a statement re- Rtirdlng its purpose.** it 1 H rumored hero that the disci '«i .'?arc of tlio fact that the Insurance companies have been defying the injunction issued by .Ii.dR.? Dana and conlinnlnc: lo use the _ KldridRO rales broiirTit Mr. Rates to E OF IXSUR.iXCE .T„pf,j.., ^ho sent out last week connscUing the insurance companies to continue us'ng the RIdridge rates came from Chica.go. and it is un- PnlilFcaJion of RcocnJ Circular a BI.s- 1 'l^-'slooil that .Mr. Bat-s is responsible for it. The publication of<lhe circular BAXK COSnilSSIOSER S .VY .S THERE i I.S XO XEED FOR ALARJT. AVERAGE RESERVE 41 PER CENT REI'RESENTATIV <OMPAXIES AT TOPEJfA ROYCE IS STATE BAXK ((JMMISSIOXER 'S STATEMENT ABirT PAXIf. KEEP THE COIN IN I THIS THE REASOX liirhhig Elonicnl—(Mhcr \CW<!. OF KAXSAS BAXKS. An Ai?reement Xot or Ship Ciirrchcr Made. C'RCUZATION FOR CLOSIXa to, Pay Out Topeka, Oct. 29.—John Q. Royce. A SKW <.AS FIELO. Ifesid<iil <i of Rocklow IHstrlct Rejinrt New Well. ally in need but merMy to be on tin .•;afe side. Tlie lotal banks ai<' in a splendid condition as the statements o' ihe local bankers will, show: •We are strouser today lliJiii w< have ever been. We pas.sed IhrouL^:! >i -ars. or $7.."." iier acre jier year. .l.|as lai'fje as niiJSt of the wells found ^ .M. Itixkei.s. ihi' city lle'd man. be the panics of lJi7.T and l-*i'.i:'. :ii!.d ourjijoves the propos'tioii a I^IM^II one. Mr. doors hnv • never yr-t been closeil. ^ Youni-. W.IA in town today lo elose up V .'e are still doiii;? business anil expi'il I 1 1 ,1' deal. It is understood that, the to com nue lo do fo." j(iiin\eil f;iviirs Ibe proinisitliin as tile I.. 1.. NOIITIIIMM'. uiil ...jsi Uy~: ili:iii at pr.-;:eiit. and in the newspapers has greatly surprised insurance company representatives and m.iny of them are fearful that proceedings for contampt of court will Topeka. Oct. 2.9.—Kansas bank-• be.ln.stituted. -Attorney General Jack-, sfate bank commissioiier. in a state- was f.e'ing fine and was confident''''^"''""''"''^ ii'aimed for' son declines to discuss his pKins In ' nient issued tonight, sjays there is no t'lal he would be .ncniiMied. H-' safety of their deposits, despitejtiio matter with newspaper represen-joccasion for any alarm over the fln- •— the financial flurry in money centers,; tatives but rather intimatr-s that im-'ancial .situation its the Kansas banks acfoiding to a statement m.ide hero j medi.-it ^ proceedin.a;s will not be at- ara in the finest condl ion that is pos- ie;,lerday evening by .lolin Q. noyce, lemptei. f,]h]c. The banks li.'ve Jicavy re- .^taie bank commissioner. Mr. Royce'.^ i — serves in their vaults a long list of statem.-iit was prompted liy the ac- jSupronie Coiirl .Houda3'. the reports of tho b: nk examiners Topr |xa. Oct. 2 !I.-Tlie -Vovember re.ichcd the offlic- today show- tank was care reserve ^^than ; not tho bank- osorvcs are so The docket is iiiiusually heavy ^ ,„ ^^.y ,,„t there has ifoen such great sits made with/n ' tho few that it has beea Impossible to Mr. Koyce explains the fact that' nR-i '"St the Standard Oil company and • ,,._.^„ the money as fast as it coraos in. " In his statement Mr. Royce. says: •The financial condition of tho lie.ler consideration 111. • eiiy will l:ave-ly. Tl:e well was drilled in recent- I onis'Kansas City and other cit-! yf -T- The docket is iiniisualiy heavy ^ 1„ avv. i!ie p|•;viIe«^^ <.f .trilling as many iiioreM..- on the fi.-orse Hroughton farm, or,-'- • ;• ••• •' " ,,,„i„tain rc- h""' I '-iny cases of great importance; ,,^P ^^it< wc-lls as it>ares to. The .-iiy is to s.ctifm ::i. townsliip 2r. and rangf> 21. l->.> v,ho,o Kansas banks maintain re uresented The ouster c.ises I ' ;.-.iv.. $I.M„n for the sas rights for five! .\liliou .i ;h the well drilled in is not ' s, ,vo of deposits. ^'^ Vref^^^^loih Ihe ouster c.i^es , n,o„ihs in southeastern K'ansns_ it "VV'''''!"" : manv Kansas banks that are perfectly j'iie Internation.-il Harvester company short of c-ush owing to Ihe i s^ei for next MontTay afternoon but I'lTs. N'lrthrup .National i:aiil<. I lie eiiy would have :ill the II act. H .-is on the TO IHS( TSS OKLAHOMA FINANCE. The (•'ovcrnor-Elcct Has Called a Conference of Ihc New County Boards. "We have iiicjie money now in our v .Tiilts than at any time during the existence of the bank. No, we ar:* not alarme<| in the for our securities ate ab.soiutfly good. Rver j s nee the iineiisy condition started in ! the Kast w- have been piepjiriii;: our-, Giitlirie. Okla.. Oci. 20.-0. \. Haspe 'ves. .\'o one need be alarnied.^^ , l;ell. Rovernor elf et. issued a '.ett<>r .1. II. CWMPniCLI.. 1 today to the clt>rks of the newly creat- Tasliier lola State Haiiiv. |<'d counties in tlie state asking them '"We are .titill doing business at tlie to confer with the county hoards an-! ol(l stand, and < xpeci to continue. We attorneys and meet liiin in a confer-l Plieriff C. O. P.ollinger went to Neo Civ not alanned in the least tind sec ^ euce in Giitlirie soon lo aiiilisho Falls liiis afternoon to bring back need for any one else to be." !;!:;ree n|ion a iiiiifortii ni .-tiiod of pro I.. K. HORVil.LR. t <(<biie for financing tliepublic neces sitie.s of iiio ne.w counties; tliat tliero is a good field in tills ilis- iriei. Tln> wi -l! mas abandfiiieil at a iliMilb of a little ov 'r T'.lO feet liul. after tliey had drille.l filly f.-et lliioiigll till- first :;.'is sand, .\fter the w< II was cased it was opened by .Mr. Ilrou;:litoii. tlie owner of the well and Ii'i ro:ir could li:> hnnrd for several miles. Oilier wells ar<> being drilled in tliis district which will 1 M> finished within a very sluirt time. ' many ^ fd yen I are f.ut that they have reserve aceoiint.=; in cant.'HI banks. M present they Pres. lola State Bank CHRISTMA.S BOXES (JO FREE. •''So far as local conditions are concerned there has not been a ripple of excitem-'iit. The banks are in .xcel-' Vo Charge lo Army Men on Foreign lent condition an I able to meet any Slalions-. demands. We know our resoiini-s are : absoliiteU- sound and have been s'.i.-ip | Washini;ion. Oct. 20.—Koilowing a inff our"ma:ter.5 for .som.-' time to f'stom inaugurated by the late Sec-j rOMPI .ETINf." TAX ItOl.l.S TODAY. REMOVKH MOllTiJAfJED PROPERTY Charge to Which A. B. Channfng .Musi Answer. .\. TI. fhanning. who is charg.^d with removing property mortgaged to th.^ a.'^ neither of these coni|iaulcs has yet j (,„„„|,.y i,as reached a stiige where filed answers to the interrogatories statement from this department, ian not realixe on these accounis and ' piopoimded by .MIomey General -lack- j ^j.owlng thL- condition of tho 74 .1 if their own dcpositoi-s were permit-[ f^"" it is po.ssible tliat tliey m.ay go ^ „_,,„^., reporting to this office, seems ted to drain them or money many I over until next month, The quo war- n( cessary. .- - . . , The last called statement sound banks might be compelled to'ianto proceeding against the city ofj,,,- hanks in Kansas was on Aug<Iose their doors. Ila states that I-^'inction City, brought almost a year 00 of this year, which statement v.-hlle the law requires Kansas banks;!'"" f^f H'*' purpose of breaking np' \vas remarkable in that it showed a to keep a reserve of only twenty perjtl'f practice of licensing violators or:,.,rger deposit of money and a larger rrnt of their deposits that tho aver- prohibitory law by a system of 1 ^,,^1, reserve than has been shown by rp.^ reserve at the last statement was monthly fines, will bo argued Tues-ppp^.Jo„s statement since the pass forty one per cent and that siibse- '^^i'- Opinions in cases submitted at • f,f the state banking law. The fluent leports indicate that the re- 'I'" October sitting of the supreme' ^^.^^^^.f, j,, ^tato banks of Kan- court will b.- handed down a week | ^.n August 22 was 41 per cent of the total deposits, representing $64.- ('."fi.f^iir,, being more than double that which the law raquires these banks to Kfrve has grown. .Mr. Royce received advices from dozens of banlw in various parts of: from next Saturday. IVople^s store of this city. It is said ; il.o stat.-> late yesterday afternoon to^ Regarding Stale Taxes. that t:hanning bought the goods on ; j -^p 'fy[(cci that conditions arc in noj Topeka. Oct. 29.—S. T. Howe of the _ -j-jj^ examinations which have inert anv possible ehanee which nii;;lit ;"e;ary Alger, the war,^lepartment will | oictir in busine.-s conditions." ::gaiu tlii.i year tran.tjiorl free Christ Counly Clerk Cnllicrlson TO .M IlOWr .fS. ''oxcs for onicerst and sfddicrs r.n' ' Allen Coiiniv Stato'nani>- I "'V l''»'ei.i.'n stations. IJoxes for the iroop.s in the I'llilip- BROKEX BONES BISBAND TEAJL Will Turn Lists (her lo .Mr. Sickly Friday. ...g Lieuicnanr lioveriior «. .1. J-I./.-. ftM -ald of Dodge Ciiv, who is acting!'l"*" entirely to misapprehension. "The i ^.,,ry heavy cash reserve and indiciitc governor during the absence of Gov- pfS '-^'a""'*'has provided that not more; reserve is even larger than than 2',4 million dollars may be rais-j,^, f,,p ,^^1.? of the called statement d by taxatibn for state purposes injj^,, reports of Kansas banks in this e^-nor Hoch from the state, to follow tlic Olclahoma lead and declare a four <:av bank holiday ay. Lieutenant Gov-1 ^-^^S-" ^^id Mr. Howr. "The levy for j ^,,pa„n,pnj show a high of in- I had tauen no action: year, with a total of mH'ion , vestments and they are in every way Record Is fi Noses, I I.ees, 12 Fingers Frarlnrcd and ^ Dislocations. Pounty rierk Emmett CiiUiertsoT:, pines may lie consigned to ihe super-' will complete making up the tax rolls ; eriior Fitzgerald 1 , , imendeni of the army transport ser-: lodav. Tie will turn them over to ' 0,1 the matter last night, but had r3-!'I<'"ars to be raised for state purpos-• j,. ^ ^^^.y prosperous condition. vice in San I'lancisco. and those for, - " - ... : .. ... ... , — - . „ Cuba may be sent to <he de)iot quar- l-rniaster at .\'ew-port News. Ya. NATIItAL OAS KXPI .OnEr». him.i, Ohio.. Oct. 2^. —Because fif the collection of broken noses, brol;- ,,. , . . „ , , , „ , , • . jHonic Wrecked and Two People Fale I legs, broken fincers and dis wated j i„i„r,,,i bon.-»s. unequalled by any oilier football team in tlie country, the Lima col'egfi t?am has caneellod till its sfheduled g.-inies tie season. Pity, Oct. 20.— The explosion of natural gas today wrecked Ihe hotne of .Mrs. Win. lOldridge, of Kansas City. Kansas, and perbajis faially The team was a vtrong injured tlie woman ami Iier leii-yc-ir- and distiaiided for County Treasurer Sickly Friday, after j matter to .Mr. Royce. ' f**- "'c b.asis of assessed valuation y great many of the-Kansas state which taxes for this year are ready I'l be rec.'ived. Mr. Culbertson has been working on the tax rolls for! is necessary. j."iiie time. THE GOLD WILL HELP 1 do not believe that such action i-'' - "xed by tho Tax Commission sit- are Iocat3d in small towns and said Mr. Rovce ftsf-"''"^ as a state board of equalization a,e not equipped in a manner to jus- night. -I do not think the banks of • *" Th- valuation fori,i,.j. carrying ail of their re- ihis state need special favors. I do|<''f ^''^'e Is approx:mat?ly miU- in ^.^j.^, consequenOy much of think it would b.- an indication ofi^^^" dollars. This is estimated to be;deposited with the larger banks on.-" ;ind p'.ayerl ag.-iiiisl the Western old'd :!U '.iliier. R'serve and Mount I'nion eleyen-. bet.ii|es ;eyei:il teams from smaller 1 REnrCING PRH K OF MEAT. ii'stuiitions. Las- week an inventory onialia Packers .Make 10 Per Ccnl Cnl ill All Cliisscs. tlniaha. Neb:„ Oct. 2rt.— Omaha )i :icking hou .es today reduced |irices Financial Slrinecncy Will Be Bcncfil- Icd —Condlllons Arc .Much Uctler. 2!).— Great iissist- o.' the playr'i-s levealed six brokeii niiscs. four brok^-n legs, eight dislocated bones and a dozen liroken fin gi rs. ••W*' disband." said the tiiin. ami .MI the agKre ;:atIon of ciip- p !e:: c:i\ti up Ks Mh .dule. CVMERA MAN RIFFLES .\e\y York. O a!ice in lelieviii;; llic fiii.iiicial striii- ;;eiicy is e:,pi-<rtr'd to result frijlil the large eng.'igeiiieni of gold for" import iiiaile ye.merday and from further lar^e iinporis of jrnld which, it i.s lic- licved will III' iii;ide within the next fiH- HiM-ks. It aiiitoiiiic.'il loda..' ••:'l'-|or ali Kind,, of me;,i lo percent audi','"" '"'"''j I .. - . '. . ... I |; '.vci'k Itad nlioiit (lerfeiied plans lo reiipcii. Tile iiiiis on Hie Trn.-.l i-onip.iiiy of .Xiiierica andllie Liiicidii Tni:.i c'uiipaiiy coniiinied ind .iy IHII In a diiiiiiii.slii-d volniiie. Two Itunks Ciinsiilidiiled. cowardice for them at this time to asl: one-fifth I lie real value of the tax-; ar r3servfr centers. The recent flnan- special favors. Insteac or special fav- i •'>'>''* l""n''''y the state. Next year' disturbance on Wall street re- 01s Kansas banks need sane people j Propfrty assessec at actual v.-iliie; .the bankers of New Y'ork to do business with and I believe they ""^ total assessed valuation should be!,.agreement that thev will find their cuslomr-rr. sane, i , not less than $2,l .SO.nno.onn. With that ,.,0,,,,, send no currency West under shoiiM advise against decliiring a hot- 1 •'^ort of an as .se .ssed valuation the/^i,.p „^Ptanc .^s. .Vew York being iday. If depositors keep their heads i'-^y f"r st .ite purfoses next. yMr,,,,;, principal reserve center of tho Kansas bunks are all ri'4ht." h»""'<I '"^ »'egal if greatly over I mill.; ^;„i,p„ ^er banks contain a 1: can therefore be reon that state' p„,tt„„ the funds of banks in taxes will not lie excessive next year. reserve centers, and to protect Pure Food Conference. Topeka. (Jet. 20.— Dr. S. .1 lime, secretary of the slat. Cnini-i'-"'••'' "Hleials may make levios too I . themselves inaile against tlie iigreement Szcclienyl Said Hard Words lo aTcr sislcnl Snap-Shollcr. p<-< 1 a still further reiliiciion. ICd v.aid .\. fildahy of the Ciidaby P.ick- ici^ cMiiipany expri'ssed the belief iliai lllie prices of all fOIilllloditley woillil CO! Nr., I,,, materijilly reduced and th.'ii the pieseni financial Hurry would lesiili in a ueiiei-iil reduction in values, al- iliou;;h he docs not <-oiisider condi- . ... ,. , ... iiiiwis serious. Newport. It. I.. Oct. 2!>.-(.oun( ^ze- 1 .„ , clyiiyi. fiance of .Miss Glailys Yaiider-| c;i .],,seph. .Mo.. Oct. 2'.i.—.Managers hilt, and a jihotmapher had a lively ' of ihe packin -4 iioiises here do not ex-i';'^; nvcitomonr , ^ , . ., .lecline of prices .If inciits in "t"'"' ""^ ciLse ati> ^xcitenient f.„„f,.p^„ce. Where, tho federal author - ake little stork i'i'>niing. War of words here today, in wliidi ilie count cal !e <l the vonnK niaii a lie;ist. and the photojjrapher lau ,;;hiii.;;ly replied that the y/)ung nobleman was quite riglit in his char.icterization. only tliat he oiisht Ki have c :illed liiia .-iii an Inial. The count. .Mifs Gladys Y.ndi rvili ! will conu' graduali.v. wiili no radical ,,oard of liisli f"f .some of the municipal sub-; ,„j„,^ j,,^ j^.,.,^. York hankers, the health, li-. ill conference this afternoon '"viMons for ilie re .-mon tiiat they will, ^^ reserve c.->nters as v.itli Uudolph lllrsh and W. S. Amos.! ""t I"' accurately inforiiud as to as- j (i.i,.;,.^,,. St. Loiils and Kansas City ...iniiieicial cliemisis represeni iiig a | M ssed valiialions wiieii lb.- levies are ' roinpelled lo take the saine ac- nutiilier of manufarrurlug coucern .s. { mtide. Ibii even in tliai event. Hi'-" j tion so that at this time, while there ngaidiiig standards for food and drug 1 Commission believes It has a cud up apparent danger of in.solvency l.ioilucis offerod for sa'e in Kan .-,aB. i i's vleeve which will prevent the ex- o; anv of the banks at reserve centers I'lof. .1. T. Wilfard and Prof. K. H. R.: horbiumt taxes some peopl- fear may . ,.^t ^^^^ y,^ the coiintrv live bipidrcl .hrii-an-l dollars bv the analysts for the iK ^ard of" "oHow the operation of the new taxj^anks arc tie<> up. as a result of this Cimm. :cial .Nati.uial Hank, of Kansas • b. alth. and D. Welsh, tlic board Careful, intelligent procedure is i a^rroement not to pay but or ship cur- .... , .,11 .1,.., .-„ „,—i„.i I ^ ' •' C- reiicy. 'No person in this day or age of Kansas fuy. Oct. 2:i.—The alisorp tioii of the W;>audotie Stale Hani;, of Kansas Ciiv. Kas.. with deiKisils of d I hour and dollars, by tlir .M:i.. affvied at midnight last attorney, are also participating in the j »" that is needed, ca'ise any excitement .lames F. Downing, a CHARLES 11. DEERE DEAD. and Mrs. Cornelius Yandcrbili had ' cut at any time, driven to the Wickford boat to go to • .\ew York, ill company witli Mr. and! KANSAS EXPRESS REBATES.' .Mr.s. M. McK. Tvsonibiy and the cam-^ Two Companies and Firms in WIchila era man had pursued them. lie mad one snap, which was evidently iins.-itis factory, and he appreached .the count and Miss Vandcrbilt very closely. .Miss YanderbiJt beat a retreat, but the count stood his ground and said hard things to the camera man. The count Uien appealed to an officer, but the photographer, still on the spot, remarked to him that there was no law th.-it could touch'him. Meanwhile .Mrs. Yanderbilt liad shielded her face with :i robe and hurried Miss BRADY IN KANSAS ( ITY. ards. Tho canned oyster question is -seventy years. and Hulrhin>on Subpoenaed Wichha. Ka^. ^!;, .,f i;:;:^'!^^;:;!! 1 ed in the hands of a States Mar.-,hal^ I-. fl"^ J'=^ ' ! week following his mysterious disap- tity '::^S 'r:::!::^\n :^i ^'^:X^'Voa.anco i. I„ Kansas "<^';'„- .an of according to a statement trnlay of an duce company, and the and Pacific express companies tiie world expects any bank to carry sufficient amount of ready cash to Hs depositors at a moment's Diit the business ofthc c6un- becn So conducted in the past patrons have been abJe to secure any amount of currency which they might require, when they had. as they now have, the funds on deposit with their reseiTe agsnts. The bank may. be perfectly solvent and . , , ^ , „ . • Berlin. Oct. 29 .-Maximillan Har-!'» * Perfectly prosperous condiUon receiver last ='"at the use or a limited Quan-i,]en, editor was .acquitted today of the 1 and yst be unable under the present of water is recessary and not' damage suit brought by General Count j condition to secure currency sdfflc- rmful. imie of the import.'tnt matters being! Prcidenl^^ of ^"-''jg^^/; considered, some of the packers in-l THE COINT MI'.ST PAY. jsistiiig that- Dr. Crumbiiie Kansas Ciiy, Oct. 2'.>.— .1. Kihvard ^ 100 far in his ruling that oysters must j Draly, president of ilie Merchants Re- , „ „_.,„„p,, „„,v j,, li.eir natural juices j frigeratiug company, which was phic-i „ „.„:.„., „..„„. has gone t Berlin Editor ArtinilUMi of Damage Suit for Slander. Knno Von .Moltke formerly military j^^t to meet the demands'of the de- 1 governor of Berlin, for defamation of • (haracter. Count Moltke must pay commanding representatives to ap pear before George nrowii, si>eclal examiner of the interstate commerce conimi.sslon in Kansas Cit.v, October .•il. Mr. and Mrs. S. L. .lackson. SOH • panics interested in the anti-trust NorUi Washington avenue, will enter- brought hero by Attorney Gen- Insnrance Companies Scared. '.the costs of the trial. Topeka. Oct. 29.—Thos. Bates, of Chicaso. legal representative of a i.iimbor of the big fire wsurance com-; 3„^^,^^,pp, citteens ArenKed a Crime LYXCHEI) A XEGRO. of .IsMiiHlBir a Child. posttors. . ••The object of the agreement in New Y^ork and In the other reserre centers Is ; to prevent money being taken out of circulation by the with- di-awal of deposits and tba placing of J -the same In safety deposit vaults. Ar- nelon. Miss.. Oct. 29.-Tho hody of • ^JTL^A^ K„ P ^Aside from stating niat the business jtan.^^-P,';;,^^^^^ .ackson. called at Uie office of, ^---^^ — — ;~^,;» ; ranpme^ have baet. fnade by^ the aftairs of the comiwiiies are to be iii-.i>'ai<^ "'f"" ^ attorney general yesterday in criminally assatiUing a young white various Clearmg House I associations ed into the iKiat, and the count and .vesiigaied, -fbe uppers serve ''>'J »ar-' • -• I company with tii H. Loomis and D.'girl. was found hanging from a tree t>y which the businesa ojT the country iss Yanderbilt soon followed. I"''*' •^';;'\']|;'X?';rSf^^^^ THE HEARI.NO of Ed. Frederick-; M,ilvane on some mysterious er-' Ave miles from here early today. The i n-c<l.notJ.e distu^bM^ carpera man also joined them I ^j.^; „,e institutions received rebates; son in juvenile court will he ho'^ rand in connection with the Insurance, bent on getting good pictures, aecom- .f,.™ .ho exnress comoanies. hut this afternoon. The jouin is cnargea wi 1 , body was riddled with bullets. panled them to New York. report has not been confirmed. stealing clothing. suits. The two latter gentlemen have | MttMn W M I Aia« le • Wori. the failure to ship currency, by the Issuance of clearing hoose receipts. (Continued tin page 2.)

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