Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 3, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 3, 1908
Page 8
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•' t t • * . - : 8 « _ e— .1 ' • ... • ' • . . • r '-— \ —,i : • ——* t V - ..... . - ^ _ . NEW LADIES' STORE It is a well-known fact that we sell to and satisfy more lola women tlian any other store, and it is logical to assume that we'could not continue to sell and satisfy these thousands of keen buyers unless they felt they were getting the most that their money will buy. Inbeingtavored with a vast majority of trade from lola and surrounding towns, we are simply getting our desserts. We offer tl^em unexcelled values, unexcelled assortments and unexcelled service, and for that reason we have attracted the greatest following. A Big, Marveious Coat Sale All this week. Ladies' black Coals. 5 -J inolica loug, semi-fitted style, trimmed in braid and velvet' half lined, special for this UQ Junior Coats in pretty mixtures, ^Emperor styles, for young girls, sizes 11, 16, Iti. ^ Special for all this' CH week Oil V U Ladies' Jli inch all wool Kersey Coats, semi-fitted styles, prettily trimmed, half satin Ifned, in black, JMkvy, red, brown and castor, extra value for all this (|() Ladies' 51 inch strictly tailored Coats, made of very fine all wool Kerse^', lined with satin, ielf trimmed, sizes from 31 to 4C., regular .$20.00 value, (f 0 QQ special. OIZlwU Ladies' fine broadcloth Coats, all lined throughout with satin, beautifully trimmed satin bands, Empire styles. For all this week, 5J5 00 Wc call your special attention to our Coals iu the belter grades, in Empire styles, semi-fitted aud full fitted OQH (OR models at OlO) uZUj dZU KlltitOXS. IMBKU.VS. tiix-iiu-h llt-avy Tafi'eiii Kilibuii fur luiir liowH. jiisi ilu> iil)bt»!i for tlio si-hool i;irl. all ^haa *>.s. yaril ri .lC* NOVliLTV >E(KW1-A1J. 'I'lie newest ideas, ihc Uueat cliit «lesii;ns. tlic luo&i artistic coiubina- ii«>iis to lie roumlJu-ri'. Oibson Slocks <it I'riiicefs and Iri^li I^H-i's. tailored slocks in xvhitf ami colored effecis. W'jy siJucia! at *^.">C' HHTAI.N SUIS>SKS AT 10c YARlJ. Jii .-r received jiieces of Swisses, all New Patterns, cross bar and cheeic-^ witli caibroideied flowers. lOc •nibroidered Very special, yard LADIKS STKKKT Cil.OVKS. "t,'ai>e" ({iiaHiy smart new G'oVf.s ui' nifflim.ii Avci .;;li!. one bntton clasp, fvor? pair is fully ;;uaratitco<l. worili ?1.7.'.: ler pair jKL.'lO XfW l !eav> weight Silk (Jloves. the relfliraivil •KaystM" brand silk lined evrr\ p .ii: i;iiarani".i ij. all .-hades and ^>Wk- l'<-r i.air .Sl.OO IMll.KVl IIKI»^ MISLIN.S. .^p.iia! pries fin»» :!t>-ijicli Sea 1- iaml iini'l<:i<ln'il iiiu->iin.' •.V(jrtl! lt»c. <«^<- 1^. I., .'.iii.-iiii. \>uiili tl'jc. ai ...-.^C Great Sale at Tallered Suits Suiimi Sufis for Everybotiy. Uur new line of "Printzess" Suits is - . iiiaking town talk. Good words, they are, . too. You'll join in the chorus when you see them. They have a piquant, dashiog style—most charming. Aud they're made by the most expert tailors in the world. Ali PHeaa for all Slyles. See our specials for all this week, at the following prices— $18. S20r $25, $30 and $35 Big Spools^ Sale Silk PoWooais 50 black silk Petticoats, extra fino. chiffon finish silk, 11 r extra deep ruflle, regular fo.OU value, at VUlOv Extra Special Sale Dress Goods and Silks Our advertising today is deeply siguiGcant. Il relates lo staples—weaves that represent the bnckboue of the qess. Tajte uotc ol our prices: 50c dress jiucds Suitings for 29c 75c dress goods in fancy Worsteds :... 50c ,11.00 dress goods, plain and fan(--y Worsteds, 79c $1 25 dress goods, plain ami fancy Worsteds. 98c Sl..'/0 dross goodiv^ ])laiii aii <l fancy worsteds, $|,|9 11.25, Chiffon Broadcloths 98C $1.00 Chiffon Broadcloths 69c KMT rM)KK>VKAI{ l>KrAKi.>Ii;.>T. Women'.-; Iiea\'> ribbed, fb-fccd lim-d Ve;*!.-; and I'anis. v.-ry spe<ial. i-a'-l> 'i-lr- . ^'I'l'iiifii's ".viia mifid" (jWHiiiv fU'eet-d I'niou .Saiis aii.-.o iiicl;. An- ln'.-t i>i! ih" niai k .y liir. .i:arnicnt ."iCIf* Kiuc.-i .Mills, band fiiiislM -d. rndc;- Tin' Mip '-rioi' li: and i|iiaiity of ili's !,i:i:(>':> nndciw••.ir fur wtunt-n ami <-!i;li;'c;i i;«i!r!-al!> ;!ckm)w lvji ;;ed a.-'' I 'u' ^.:'.!!dard brand. '• .Vu. y.M'i Womni's li'i" fmuin Vi\--is aMl Ihanvi.-. p!;rc VNISIII. aM >iiapf.~. c:iiiu"ni .lOr- Nil :t::i Ininn Suius iKI .Oi) C-iiion Suits. eMi.i si/..- SI.*?.! .No.. V^^' Womrns Wbitc Sjll; and won! I liwii Vfs:.- and ilr.-iw. a* ::ai- nf i :i si .^r* >0VI:LTY VEILIMiS. Mire are to be found tlie srrcai and only practical Veiiiii;;s. "Sironii Ihllr." .v.-iy yard labelled, try a vtil. you'll iif.-er bay another kind. i>!{KSSI\(; SA( KS. T'l <-iiMn ont a loi of l>ressin;; Sacks, wc shall place on salt- .s dozen l»r<'s.-.iiii: Sacks lind short Kiinunas madi' fif i;idt'i-iu»wn and F";ffC<'d ina- i.TJal. small size .'.J. ,;\. ::•; at the h>w pi'C" of. eacli *?.'»«'• Tinsi' uarmcnis yon niti^r bu.« in a !i-irr> : ai this pri<-<> tli*'y wiM only oTie iiKur. Hairliuhi Tompadonr tiowns. wi»r-li K oacil 'irK' A Great Special Sale of Children's Coats Children's Cloth Coats, prettily trimmed, values up to $4.08, special Children's Cloth Coats, all nicely CO QQ trimmed, values up to $o 08, at VUIU .O Children's Cloth Coats in sizes 8, 10, 12, II. Values up to $7.50 .'\ full line of Bearskin Coats in sizes from aee 2 up to size lixr priced from 42.98 S4.98 A ^'VaU-^ AAA '>JA^.«V.^ AAWAAA $1.98 to $7.50 MILLINERY Some Special Values for this week Cboicc o{ any oi our lli^h Grade Velvet ur S.iliu Hals. All new models, regu'lar price %(i oo and $6 50, choice each S5.00 Choice ol any d-ew* swell Velvets or Satiu Hats. Black or colored, regular price $5.00, each $3.98 Bin bargiiias lu our Cap deparlmeiU for the lilllc oucs. Choice ot any 50c cap. in colors, ciidt Tam O'Shamas in lancy Cloth, lieuiskiiiur Velvets, all colois, regular value lor, each 9 80 WAISTS .MAI)K ri'-TO.DATK. Ifi!v,' >(!ii fv.-r r(»nsiili 'r «'d ;ii»- \alne • viim oid waijis.' Tlter>- arc. in• b.-.d. U'w v.omi-ii who ban- h-.--.- tiian .•I dii/cn j:.;t.;l wais(s a<id llnrr .irc i'«ir who Jia\fni moi-.' bin ih- i.ia- of every uoinali'.- siipiilj Is tint of date as recent chant;"s in style ha\e been very radical. I lent- is a plan wliicii inakcM it jKJssible for yon to tsct all of the out of all of .Miiir wai.-t.-. ami ai an almost insi-^nificaiit »-osi. and a! Tin- ^anlc linn- be in fashion Itny .1 Uidit's' ifome .loninal Sleeve Pattern It is then iieces>ary to bay onii »noti^h material for fbe ^Jeeves and yonr o^d waist is a new one. The Ladie.-l' Home .lonrnal I'aiierns represent the rii;ht styles for present wear, tile lon.~ sleeve. i.eave your «irder at Ilie putteru couuter-'for the new winter sijle book which v.ill be i>sned short 1> < UILUKK.N'S t .\UEinVKAi;. riiildroirs rnUtTnowr flee;-ed. e.\lra };ood «IIIMUI .\1 ill Sif.v. slito to \'A. \c.•^l^u^d pants *iOc i" IM<^ I'hildicnV fleeced fnititi Suits, all ^ize». each . . . 'i."i<* Children's fine «|UHlit.\ Avhtle and «rey liiioti Stills, full fiislrloned. nur- ineni .lOC Infants while wind Shoris title Intau; s extra line fleeced Shins, cacli / lOC aud Lie Blankets! BlankeisI IO -4 cotton rUankets iu tau, grey aud white, in Ihii sale, per pair 48G 10-4 Ash\v «K )d Blankets, in grey, tan and while, soft German Ouisb, per pair 7 S q 11-.} expa fine finish cotton Blankets in gray and white, soft German Gnish. iu this sale, per pair .^ImOO 11-4 Angora cotton Blankets, in white only, fine German finish, full size, in This sale, \nix pair SImSS 12-4 Stanhope Cotton Blankets in gray only, extra large size, fine German finish, lu this sale, pair $1m38 124 Alliance Cotton Blankets, in grey and white, extra large size, big enough for two, specltti price m this sale, per pair.. $1mS0 11-4 White Wool Blanket:*, with pink and blue borders, silk tape binding, in this sale, pair SSmOO 1 1-4 all wo3l Blankets in gray, with pink and blue borders special, per pair $3m98 11-4 Sycam.orc Wool Bliinkets. In white and--gray, absolutely sanitary, in this sale, pair "SSmOO it -4 Paluidale Blankets, silver gray also plaids, strictly all wool, with pretty borders, special price *or this sale, per pair $8mBB 11-4 Mount Vernon white Blankets, made froui,. fine long istraliiiu lamb's wool and steam .shrnok, iu this sale, per ..$7M Austr pair 11-4 I'rinceton strictly pure wool white Blanketi, Calitor- !uia lamb's wool,- with beautiful borders, special in :hi-i sale, per pair SS^SO at s|jecia! iirici; for lotiiorrow at '.lUi'. iStt.'.iM A saviug of from 10c to -Jac ou evcr> yard. Sv¥( I'iltterui) lu Ou'Uii^s. 2S pieces light Outing, choice, yd ,'><'• 29 pieces dark Outiug. choice, yd.. .Sc 15 pieces Fancy Outings extra good quality, alt colors and puiienis, per i yard ......... ,f..............» S^e Swell imtterns in fleeced outings, ' -Viiii Without border,' light and l>vJ(UrJc jpaiiBrap, choiop, yard ...... 10* \E»V SILK TAILORED WAISTS. Just received from New Yqrk lu black, blue, brown and, gray. $r..00 Silk Tailored \\'ai$t» at ..«34»8 ?6.00 Silk liailored Waists at. .#^.50 16.50 Silk Tailored Waists at. .S5.00 • • • "!.,~-;-'S'«i :V#'-; L.adies' Union Suits, bcokeii' sizes, fine iiualitles. worth Crbfli ^;00 ,:tq^^ (1.50 a garment;- cboicej oO and 75^' .New- Auto Veils of chiffon cloth, 2 and 3 yards long;, all colors.

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