Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1907
Page 6
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jam-wlkBioLT mi SW5CIAL SM^ OF and Broi^^ ]^ BepnliUcaiis and Dmocnts Claiming TO-DAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY. 2,000 yards soft finish bl&ched Maslin, 7c valne, Special for three days J|| 1500 yds. fine soft finish bleached •Muslin, r^fular 10c value, Tip Special tor three days, | 2u 1200 yards extra fine Bleached Muslin, 12ic value, inn Special for three days, |Uu m Lonsdale Cambric Muflin, sells everywh'ire for 15c and 18c, 10 in Special for three days,... |Z2u, 1200yiardsSea^sland Brown Muslin, rfigular lOc quality. Tip Special for three days, ^ • • I 2u 100 pieces fine dark P«»rcalep, double fold, cheaper than calico, Q||| Special for three day?, 03u Dress Goods Plaids, suitable for Children's Dresses, the regular 26c value, |Qp Special for three days, |g|| NOTICE Goods advertised on sale for. To^ioy, Ttaesday and Wednesday WILL NOT BE SOLD to Deolers. Amasiage Apron Gingham", fast colors, worth lOc, Q Hp Special for three dayP,.. 03u fO pieces plain and colored Ont- Special for three days,. .... J|| 50 pieces plain and fancy Outings, Qlp Special for three days, 03u 75 piRces plain and fancy Outings also solid, blue, pink, red, brown, cream aud gray, itilt Special for three days, |Uu Cleveland, Oct. 28.—With only one week remalnins for active wprk In the campaign, the Cleveland mayoral- ity contest is overshadowing everything else in point of Interest in connection with the election of November 5. The record breaking reglstra- tl6n lias been a matter of Biirpriao (o PQliticnl loaders generally and eloc- tipn experts are now kept busy trying to analyze its meaning and prob- effect on the interests, respectively, of Mayor Tom I^. Johnson who is soekiiig a fourth term and of ' Congressman Theadore E. Burton, ropnblican nominee. The registration has rp.icheil a total of Oa.tino, which is nearly 20.000 In ex- cfi .ss of the noi 'nial vottvin city oloc- tious. The predictions being made by political leaders as to the result of the election vary according to the political feelings of those making thorn. Republican politicians are .sanguine that the big registration augurs that republicans hithcrlo out of line with their party locally who did not vote at all are back In line and ready to vote for Burton. They point to the fact that the biggest Increase in registration has been in the heavy republican wards. Mayor .Tobnson and his associateB however, are equally sanguine that the increased Interest In municipal affairs, as sliown by the big registration is due to his position on the question of lower street car fares. when you pick Ari^kles' An=> osa &>ffee instead of the mis- brandedy misnamed '^Mocha& • Java,'' as die cheapest * yood coffee in the world. AXUBVCKUS BROS.. New York Cltr m Ddnfy, befmHcJiing, So charming and bright. Her gsrments Are setved On the light running White. MAY UE-OPE-V BRIGHTON MIXE. lola Capitalistii Are Interested in Leareuworih Coal Fields. TJie Big Store With little Prices. Sole Agents for Home Journal Patterns II its a piano bargain that you are looking for—^you will find it an eaisy matter to drive I trade with' us. We are showing difftirent makes and all the different styles made, enabling yoa to suit yourself, 'both as to the finish and size and price of the instrument Come In toiaj and fcear tkem. We will goanuitee jou will be ' pleased. John y. Roberts Piano House ' Wbere quiUtr !• main oonild* •nttton. we tar the best Where demands will Jostifr. we eanr aUsrades and prlc^ Wm SmUmk tmfm aOUTH itiOl MUAU NOTES FROMIA HARPE SCORE IX L\ HARPE-KIXCAID f:A.TIE WAS 0 TO 0.- TEAMS ARE TO PLAY SATURDAY fiA.ME OX LAHARl'E WKOIMI WILL DECIDE CIIAWIOXSIIIP. Illgli School Chorus Is PraetlclD;; for Jfpi'Ung of Tcaehcrs at Ciiifpy- Tilh'.. Sixty ConTfrslonR. Up to Saturday night there were sixt.v conversions at tho revival meetings wliich have been in progress at the Methodist Protestant church in this citj'. Yesterday afternoon Rev Sireilenbergeri the ev.angelist, who lias ben conducting thp meetings, held a men's meeting assisted by Fred Geis. a well known singer. Every service has been a succes.s. A free will offering was taken last night The people of L-i Harpe contributed generous)}-. Will Continue Until Xorember 3rd. The revival meeting.s whicli have been in progress at the Methodist Episcopal'church for the past several weeks will continue another week. They have been well attended his past week and the interest has been increasing. Teachers Are Home. The teachers who did not return Sat urday came in yesterday afternoon from the various titles over the state where they have lieen visiting their friends. The teachers left this city last Friday morning for almost all the larger citie |k)° the western part of the state wHere they visited the heat schools. Some did not return but remanied until yesterday and visited friends or relatives. EmUm'mMmrtfwmrm La Harpe People Were Present Despite the bad and threatening weather La Harpe was wel) repre- sentwl on the last nibgt of the Carnival. Saturday night. The La Harpe young people attended the Carnival every night It has been running that the weather would permit. Are Prartlclng. The La Har|)e high school chorus is practicing regularly getting Into condition to atend the Southeastern Kan iMmmltlM Mt an to eomslr with the I sas Teachers' associaUon which will) AimaiUM ap le twaipv wiw wr I Cofreyrliie this year. The! very closely organized. But this year L.a Harpe has ever.v reason to believe that a belter showing will be. mado this La Har]><> 0, Kinoaid 0. The game between the La Harpe high school foot ball team and the Kincaid team which was played on the Kincaid ground last .Siiturday afier- iinon resulted in a lie, neither slfl<? lielng :ihle to score. The game as good as the score would indWute. many brilliant plays buing made by both teams. .Ijiry. La Harpe's full back, wa.s Ip the game from the start and played a wonderful gunie, as did every other player on the team. A game has been arranged for next Saturday to be plj^yed on the Harpe field. The Lsi llarpe players feel that they will have better iuck on llieir home grounds. Per^^onals. .Mrs. Limes visited in ilroii.son, Kansas, yesterday. L. O. Rodgcrs, of ForfScott. w.ts here Saturday on business. Mr. Holt of T.^iontowii, came in this morning on a business visit. L. T. Ranger, of Mountain Orove. Mo., was hero Sunday visiting friends and relatives. He formerly made his home in this city. ^WILL filVE A BABY SHOW. (Leavenworth Times.) The Brighton mine Is to be opened for active operatioji in a few weeks. Since the shaft was opened sixteen years ago practically no coal has been mined for general commercial use. The development of tltR mine has been hampered on account of the lack of railroad facilities. Negotiations are soon to he closed to give thq operating company a right-of-way for, tracks jto connect witli the Santa Fe. The mine was ready for operation late in June when it was sold :by the Brighton Coal Mining company to the reorganized corporation, the Brighton Coal company, subject to a mortgage of $30,000 held by L. C. Harkness. It is known that many of the original stock holders sold out. The mine is now controlled by Kansas City capital. Judge .t. H. Hunter, president, and George B. Chambers, secretary, are both of Kansas City. A. L. Brumbaugh and F. J. Horton of lola also have considerable holdings of stock in the mining companj-. The estimated initial capacity of the c . f. • , .j:. . X.. „ mine will be fifty tons daily. The coal .Porosis Club 1o Add lo Lfbrarj- Fund produced Is almost identical with that *".•» Tag Day Receipts. of the other Leavenwprth mines but is said'Io be slightly fr^er of slate. Ear- Now for a baby show. The Sorosis ly this season the mine was retim- club women succeeded In raising $75 bered and pumped dry. In the many Saturday from the "Tag" scheme years of abandonment the mine be- whlcli was as much nsthe club ex- came flooded with water and the tim- pecteii to raise by that plan. If it bers decaying, allowed pans of the had been a nice day how.^ver. Satiir- worklng.s to fall in. day the ladles cou'd easily have rais The backers of the mine believe lh .-it ed $1 (10 and perhaps even more than af the present price of coal the mine that amount. should jirove very profitable. Leaven- A large number of (lie high school worth coal is now retailing at $3.90 girls who had promised to help with per ton delivered in the city, the -la-i" work failed to r.-»port for The mine properly is situated five duly and as a result not more than miles of the cit.v. 1", or 20 girb were at work during The mine has during the past year the day when it was expecteil that been worked snfllciently to supply coal there Mould be at least 3.5 or .'io girls, for the pumping engines and the em- enough to tag every man in town. ployees living on the mjue site. Ue- Tlip ii ?xt effort of the clnb to ra:se cenfly the Brighton mine supplied fif- more nionev for the llhrarv ni.-ino tons of coal fen- the county poor fund Will he a baby show. This event f^'"'" ""'^ wil!, he held some time after the ^^^rk commences the force will holidays. Prize.s will bo offered for be greatly increased, the prettiest baby etc., and then a There is a considerable settlement nmall adml.ssion will bo e;,ar:;ed for °f n'i»'-'sJ" .'he vicinity who have turned to farming and market garden persons wanting to;.see the babies. j^,^ ,],e absence of other employ The ladies are determined to get a mont close to their homes. Many of piano for tho library and are ferfain- 'ht!"^ men will return to the mine. This is the No. 27 Automatic Lift, Swell Front White. It's a sweU machine and is made for those who desire an extra finearyde. Something unique, _ but at the same *time a thoroughly practical machine. Let us show you Why a White is more Convenient, will run Lighter, will Make Less noise, will Sew Better and Last Longer and is Prettier than any other machine. We Can Prove Iff We also have cheap machines frcpn $5 up, Tbe lola FDmitore store Look for the Flag. A. W. Beck, Proprietor The Junior D^^partment Store Buy Youf Hmllov/e'mn Fmvor* aud . Jmok 'O 'Lamitei'im of •>t Iv carrying out sopis very good and unique plans for the raising of funds. The Brighton mine project orig- nlally included the production of brick and other manufacturing ind'i-tries. Register Want Ids, Ic • Wor#. >0 METERS OX XEW WELLS. The first step to success is the impression you create—your looks either work for or agatmf you. You know you are looking your best when you have on- fJas Supply W hs Short Toilnr—Pat- rons Inquiring. Made bv Leopold. Solomon & W €.077Z4>?^ Lisendrath, Chicago. Sold bv one pro- /) r' t) gressiye dealer inmoit «ery city. You'II find _ ^ _ It weU worth your whUe to look him up. yKAjO^^ffjC/Q-^ ThtK Evening I will poitunity of buyir g give you the op- 1^ fea4 Uw, J« gwaKMaek^ I La Harpe chorus was' awarded third prize In the contest last year but It Pfe0Be 481. vas their first time and it vu not FIMEMIUJMERY At 20 per cent discootit The quality is the best. Come early and get first choice. Mr: E. Polly 108H East Madtooi. Old Cenrt Honse Black. The failure of those who had the matter In charge to place metere on the new wells drilled Curing the summer, caused many people ^o hava but little gas this morning. City Clerk W'endorf said this morning Uiat the city employees who had the matter in charge simply neglected to supply the new wslls with meters and that hiid they done so there would be plenty of gas today. An effort will be made at once to put the meters In. Mr. We'ndorf said there was plenty of gas if it could be turned on. The gaa cilice force is probably as !nuch interested in getting a full sup p'y as the patrons themselves. Beginning early this morning the phone at the gas offlce began ringing and rang almost continually through the niorniri.e'. Vlals of wrath from Indig nant patrons were poured Into the ears of the young lady employees of the gas offlce. whom City Clerk Wendorf vary thoughtfully delegated to answer all phone calls today. MR. AND MRS. Tawks and little daughter, CleU, left for Prairie Hill, Mo., for an extended Tlslt with rela- Uvea and f rlsnda. PERFECTION WICK FUME OIL STOVE lola Bosioess College Klght or D*y Soamtoa Penmanship.. Arithmetic, Elocutloii, Bookkeeping, English, Physical Culture, etc.. Shorthand, Letter Writing. SAFE CONVENIENT ECONOMICAL If your dMler don't bawJle it, write^ THS STANDARD OIL^OjUPANY It Takes Brains to Originate; Any Fool Can Immltate. 3If conipetItor» are Jealous of my Kuccess and being unahle to stand the iiresKorP aro taowlinfr. They arc nnfamllair irlth methods of adrertlsinir. I do business strictly upon business principles. 1 am a Arm bcUercr In printer's Ink and knon from past exjierieare that adrertislng pays, and my adds will apjiear In the columns of thijt and other papers from time to time in the futnrc the same as they hare In tho |iast, no matter If they do make niy competitors sick. n. 8. BARNARD, Of lola, Kansa'ii. The Most Reliable Junk Dealer. DO .i 'T- READ THIS. Unless ou arc seeking first-class investments. There^ v,-ill be fortunes made this fall in listed meritorious Nevada Mtnnig Stocks. The recent decline has placed the market in posi-; tion for the biggest boom In many years. , Our advance inside information furn lahed for a portion of your profits. Write at once for full particulars. THi; aOMXC! FIXANCLVL BUREAF, Oakiand, €a1ifi>mla. A BOY was bopi last night to Mr. and Mrs. O, B. Corther, of 420 North Elm street . POLAR BtAR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Bccatne its the Best Acce|>t No Otber^ Wm. Obcfdotf, Agt. t Expert CloUwt CIcaninir. Ptcssini and Rcpairinl. 13 W. Madiion. BUSY'YZ^ZW Work Called for and DeliTo^d.. Theatrical Wardrobe

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