Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1907
Page 5
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we,,. ^ r ^urOolhr'm Double-fold aind wing point collars break If folded when the seam is unevenly dampened. We have a machine that dampens these collars exactly right, in the hands of an expert operator. A velvety smoothness on every edge. lOLM UkUMORY. rHOJTE 102. lolm VmtmHaary HoapNml West Strejt, lola, one block from sqnare. Diseases of domesticated animals successfully treated .charges moderate.gpod boxstallsforpatients Calls answered promptly night or day, 30 years experience. Veterinary Dentistty a specialty. Honor Qraduate of Ootarlo Veterinary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Re». Phone 139 If it's I about building proposed road from lola , to Pittsburg. He is very much pleased with the outlook-and states that xll preliminary details are progressing nicply. The tiRhtness In Wall street will not effect his rofid in the least. li(> says, for the reason that It Is being financed by French oiipltal.—Cha- nuto Sun. Dr. J. F. Jameson, Gradnate Anetloa- leer and Veterinarian. Salm or rail.* made anywhere. Phone 13, lola, Kas. THE MORAN people know a lot about the Whitlow-Sapp case they did ijot testify to before the coroner's jury. They don't like to sit up before the dead girl's father and mother, and cell what they know, but around their own flre.'sldes they tell the Real Facts. —.\tchlson Globe. Hot Water Bottle ;Remember we sell the best quality at right prices. Full line of rubber goods at SPENCER'S Call oa L.EFFL.ER Wh^ needing anything in tue Jewdry Ime. J. V. Tanner, licensed anetloneer and sale crier, 505 Korth McBea, fla^ City. •The Girl of the Streets" at the Grand tonight. ATTORNEY G. R. Card left this morning for Buffalo. Kas., on a shor business visit. He will return t« Yntes Center tomorrow where then will be a hearing in the StlUwell case. Parties who have ordered nurserj stock may call for it. Stock not called for will be delivered. Grape vlner and all kinds of fruit and shade treef for sale. A. H. Brown. 515 South Cottonwood. LOCAL sportsmen are hailing eacl other today with the greeting .tha' it is "time to get ducks." The co'' rain followed by the crisp wave fron- the north will send .the fowls srtutb ward at a creat rate. Old duck hunt ers any that a biK nigtit of Ijirdf conies with the first cold rain. Num erouB hunters will go out to theii favorite ponds In time for the earlj mornInK shooting. R, S. QILFILLAM, General Contraetar. Flasatone and Conent Sldewalka aa< Cnrtilng a Specialty. OSee 116 East Jaeksaa Am Pkane tM. Lit ^ingfttoD Co 4;antraetan and Ballden. All kind! of work • apecUlty t tiUtath 8Teaa«rc Pb«n» It&f Diltillei titer One bimdred pounda ot Crystal lee will make 12 gallons of distilled water snlUblf tor family nse. Try It Ithlce&CtliStonseCi PRANK RIDOLB,Mcr. cm nwa Mrs. GantrelL Phone 1097. CH.^RLEY SCILMIDT. the Dotroli catcher, is under u i>liyKiclan'8 care suffering from a nervous collaiise as a result of the PPI I OS wiili the Cubs. Schmidt was in a tenihie nervous stale th^ day iM-fore the spries began. When he and .xovpral oilier Detroit players railed at the coninilsslon headquartors for final InHtrucllons. Schmidt Kat with Herman Schaefer that day, and he was so unstrung that he attracted attention to himself. The Importance of the series and the fact that he had for weeks been reading •how Kling outclassed all the Detroit catchers made the big lad feel that he had a great burden on his shoulders, and It was because of his anxiety to outshine Kling that he proved such a dismal failure bPliind the bat with the catching of the two teams anything like even the Kame would ha%'e h^en much more inieresiing. and Detroit would have won ai loasi iwo of tlie four. Bill Sullivan of the White Snx comes nearer to being In Kllng's -f lass than an catcher in the land, and that l.s really why the Sox gained a victory, for Sullivan prevented them from stealing bases.—K. C. Star. . Dr. SeyaaMa. PkoBf Of. B««. «14. P. £. WaarM. OeatUt Fkoae 1K6. OIBce over BarrelPs Drag Stem. Wanted—E5verylH)dy to know tha' W. B. Kelley ft Son have moved theii transfer and storage oflSce to 311 South Washington. Office and Da} Phone 290. Residence and night Phone 17. WORD has been received in lol: to the effect that Homer B. Terrill, former carrier on rural route nunibei 6 out of lola, is ill at a sanitariun^ at Battle Creek. Michigan, with an attack of typhoid fever. His parent and friends are very much worried about him. For Exchange. Fatfiing lands in the Panhandlf Texas, for farm lands or live stock, or for lola. Gas City or La Harpe rentals WHITAKER & DONXELL. Miss Edna K^Ith leaves this ev cning for Iier homo in Channte. Frank D<doi'. of Dewey. I. T., spent vesterrtay with his parents here. «Thp Girl «f the .Streets" al Ihe Grnod tonight. W. T CIwVRK has opened up n plumbing shop at his resldencs, 43r. South Third street, and expects to engage in that bu.siness in the future. THE L.ADIES of the Second Baptist cliurcii of ths city are planning a very uni'pie entertainment for Ha' loweVn nijiht. «lf wlJI be in the fonr o.' a masked drill. Along with th drill tliire will "be other more ordin ary forms of entertainment. The on tt rtainnieut will star! promptly at T c'c'oek in Grooniers hall. -The Girl of the SIreels." B melodrama, at the Grand tonight. B. F. CULLEY has sold his fine driving horse to Hon. VV. R. Stubbs o'. f awreiK-e. The anima' was sh'pped this aft<r);oon to the new qf-nfr. V- CROUCH, the ielectric road promoter, is in the city today. Mr. Crouch has just returned from a trip «a8t to confer with the American representatives of the foreign capital '^Henley" Snit^l Are the best made, best fitticg Suits ever shown in this uoontj' They are ALL WOOL and haijd tailoral throughoot A fnll liiie of "KohnBros." and "Henley^" Suits and Overcoats to select froti. Prices— T $io lo $27.50. CAe Baitlay Shields Clothing Coj TDK STOIIB TJIAT HATiMFIES. ' 1.- ''A We have-Bgreat surprise for you In the bargiain \\xik. We wlU place on sale one of the greatest collections of values it has ever been your pleasure to see at the small price named. We have taken a line of goods out of several departments and will place them on sale at 9 cents. Special prices for ONE DAY ONLY. Sa e begins at 8 o'clcclc. Hair Brtishes, in gray and while bristle, also fine quality of Nail and Flesh Brnshes in white and gray bristles, maple ai>d matJO )»any colored backs, values up to 25c, on iale for - »^tr Talcum Powder, put up in large cans, either glass or tin, regular 15 cent quality, on sale for Jet Oil Shoe Polish, the kind that gives the wearing shine, in this sale Ci#« lor Good sire bl^fsched Union Huck Towel with led border, on sale for... 9%0 Wash Cloths, made of cstra quality honeycombed cloth, colored button-hole Q#m stitched edge, in this sale, 3 for %0%m One lot fleece lired Wai^tings, just the thing for house dresses and kimonos, values up to lalc, on sale, per yard.. Fancy Comfort and Drapery Silkoliiie«;—36 inches wide, new fall patterns, price pet yard ^0m0 Fancy Art Cretonnes, in all the leading colors and patterns, 25 inches wide, on sale for ^r€r Fancy Brass Curtain Rods—metal trimmed extended to 4S inches, on sale for... 9C Ladies' and Children's Hose, fast b'ack. In all sizes, special for this sale, per pair,; *rir Large bottle Violet Toilet Ammonia, regular 15 cent value, on sale for •Ftr Ladies' Handkerchiefs extra quality, fine bheer plaid and embroidered handkerchiefs, a very dainty handkerchief, choice of five patterns GIRL OF THE STREETS V .Successful Melodrama lo Be Seen at the Grand Tonight. One of the most successful plays m the road this season is "Girl of the streets," a melodrama which comes to the Grand tonight. This play has chleved one of the hits of last season. I contains liberal portions of rattling .ood comedy and dramatic thrills. It 3 built up of the material that ap- eals to theatre-goers who admire Imple virtues. The vllllan can al- vays be relied upon lo merit the hon- •st hatred of his audience, and the comic gentlemen have iron-bound con racts with the audience that they be ,iven an opportunity to furnish a augh every thirty seconds. "Girl ot he Streets" admits of novel sceiiic •ffects and the company presenting It •tas a well established reputation for ffective work. Numerous specialties vill he given. This is a play every voman should see. BARXARD ORrHE.STRA fOiflXG. r. E. Cbnrch Will Be Used for Entertainment Friday Evening. Read the plan that we have for the entertainment of the public. Cost <ome money? Yes. But the facts are vo are Interested In yon. The First M. E. Church has made •irovislon to bring this fine aggregn- t 'on ot musicians to the city for next ••Vday evening and propose that ev- Tjbody, man. woman and child en- f(jy the treat without- any charge being made at the door. So come and have a good time. Xext Friday even- 'ng In the First Methodist church is tlic first in a series of first class, clean, up to-date entertainments to bo given by this church for the t)ene- fit of the public, charging no adm'ss- ion at the door. A collection will be taken during •ho evening and this money is to go nto a fund lo pay for these entertaln- iients furnished by this church. Let everyone understand that you self at home. W[e hope to get ac are welcome and come making your quainted with you and shall invite you lo come aga'n. This company car- r'es with them drums, clarinet, sleigh bells, violins, comets, 2y 'ophone. etc etc. On these different Instruments they furnish an evening ot music that charms the hearers. Xext Friday evening in the First M. E. church, free.. —J. M. Mason. Pastor. TO PIT IP SOCIALIST TICKET. W. T. MIthrow In an Address an So- cinlism. Advocates City Ticket. W. T. WSthrow addcssed a good sized audienc? at Union Labor hall vesterday afternoon on the subject of "The Three Greatest IJars on Earth." It was a scclalist lecture. Mr. Withrow brands capital as the champion prevaricator of the times. The speaker dwelt large'y on the objections that are offered to socialism and endeavored to show the fallacy of these objections. Mr. Withrow salJ the socialists would place a full ticket in the field in the spKng election. FIRST WORK IS GOOD F. I'pman, Architect of Weather BnHd Ing, Inspected Contractor's Work. MISS LILLIE Eastwood returned home from Butler. Mo., where she has been visiting for the past week. REV. RERXARD KELLET HERE. Filled Pulpit at First M. E. Church Yesterday. Presiding Elder Bernard Kelley of the Ottawa district of the Methodist church,, was down yesterday from Ottawa and conducted a revival service al the First church. The meeting was a big success and resulted In the conversion of six persons while some twenty-five or thirty were up for prayer. Rev. Kelley made an excellent talk. He was followed by Rev. Mason who have.the Invitation to come forward and the six persons responded to the invitation. Frank Upman of the firm of Harding & Upman. Washington, D. C. architects of the lola weather bureau builldng. came In yesterday and this morning Inspected the building. He told a Register reporter that he found the character of the construction and general work of the contractor to be superior to that on many similar buildings which are beln^ erected at different points over the country. He is confident that the building when completed will bo an ornament to the city. He expects it to be completed in six weeks or two months. MISS DEM A Morgan is here from Butler. Mo., visiting Miss Llllle and Vica Eastwood. Always the Came Do You MoedCyo Olaaaos? No matter what may be the trouble, we can supply you wjth the k nd of glasses that your e) es require. Better see us today and let our GRADUATE OPTICIAN give your eyes a thorough examination—at no expense to yoti. Delays are very dangerous when the eyes are in question. ..--^-i::^^^*"/^;:: -.1 Ho. .rvw Jaats r« aai M., K. A. T. Watek latpeeUn. The Boeasly aum of |26, or perhapa act even that UMont, represents tha piont which wilt be left for the I<da BetxTtB band from the Carnival pro- eeclds, after all of thei debts have'been paid, The band's gross share ot the proceeds for the week amounted to some- thin, over 1200. but the expense fOr electricity, advertising, bill posUnr. thing over $200, but the expense for The band boys will feel fortunate If there Is even that'much left for the band. The Innd boys however, are ahead, in as mnch as they ha^e se-. cured a great deal of experience In the' ahow business, and also learned the art of counting by taking up tickets. But for the rain, which made it Impossible to show Friday and cot down the crowd on Saturday night, the Tola band would probably have cleared about 1100 or $150. The fact that this.was the last stop for the Carnival company, was the means of a lot of money being left in town by the Carnival people. The show people were desirous of buying new clothes before going to their homes and the result was that some $2,000 or more was left In town among the merchants and restaurant keepers. It is said that the show lost money in lola and that the company had to telegraph to headquarters for |1,200 with which to get out of town. CANT GIYE EH03CE INF0BM1TI05. Postmasters Have Beea Kotffied of Ifew Balbig'. Postmasters have received notices from the post office department at the national capital to the effect that postmasters and clerks are forbidden to answer telephone calls in regard to malL The reason for the order Is that It is not always possibla to ree- o^ize the voice so that the postmaster or cleric cannot at all times be certain as to the Identity of the person at the other end who is making Inquiry. The clerks cannot forward a letter, tell whether any mall has come for a certain person, give a change in address or In fact do any business over the telephone for the reason that the rales forbid It If you have any business to transact with the post office In the ftiture. It will be necessary to put instructions In writing or transact the business In person. IS AGAUfSTTHE BOD. Prof. L. H. WIshard Ghres His TIews to a Topeka Beporter. (Topeka Capital.) L. H. "Wtehard, principal of the Tola high school, who with, fifty teachers visited the Topelca schoole Friday, does hot tliink that sparing^ the rod Spoils the child: "Take a ^1 developed and honest boy. He is the standard of perfection according to my theories. I think he is a panorama of surprises. Using the rod is simply out of the question these days. I have never seen the boy I could not win by encouragement and kind treat ment. "So many teachers assert their right too plainly and do not consider the child for a minute. It Is not unlike the early POgrims' way of rear ing and training ebildren. Father knows it all and sonnle knows nothing. 'I think snccess in handling child ren. particularly boys, Is to give them encouragement on every hand; make them feel their own Individual power; tell them when you see a spark of ability. "That Is one reason •kr I advocate manual training in preference to the ordinary high school work. In the former the tx >y plans and creates things— BO to speak— (With his hands. What he does stands out and suggests to him that he can Improve. This gives him confldence and from that moment he is safe and will become a student." Professor. Wishard was enthusiastic over the showing of the Topeka schools. "They came far above my espectat'ons; are superior I think in many ways to those m Kansas City."! COUNTY Surveyor Paulstring is today making the final survey of the block in which the William Groomer bnllding Is located. This Is being done to ascertain definitely whether or not the'Groomer building Is but of line and on A. W .Beck's lots. It Is necessary to survey the entire block. Report af fliaaei Cettea. . Washington. Oct 28.—The complete report of the census bureau on the .quality of I cotton of this year^ crop igtained up to October 18th, shows 4,407055 l^alea and 2642S acUve gln- lAeries. In UM there were 4,931.C21 halM and M.1SS active gfaaeriea. In thla report tha nmnd balea are eoont* ad a« h#lf btiea. TOHIQHT «<CaBL OF THE STBEET8.» ft lata iMBj^ Prieea .. ..... .^1$, K, fiSe «THB HVfWS AtCltOK.*' THEATRE (Foraerly the Bachelor) £T£BT 5IGHT StOO ta 19M. Hatbiees Snndays, Tuesday^ Thnrsdays and Satordays. 1 YOmQ SAMSON. jl 2 EBNEST XACS. 2 5 LESLIE FOMEBOT. t 4 COLLIXS & HAWLET. 4 6 THE BlISDENS 6 6 THE SPIBSOSCOPE. t Always a Good Show. Iowa Stor^ Just Received; 500 Pairs of Sample Sho «i No two pairs alike. Bvexythiilg ibat is made in the shoe line. N9# is the time to get a pair of a&oei that will fit and snit you. Respectfully, A. G. MUMAU, Prop. ^HE IGGEST TOCK HANNorrs lie To Be Sure The SANTA ,FE sells HOMBSOBK-'. BBS' Uckets first and third Toetdaya; in each month'for one pins $2.00 for the round trip to certain points' West and Soulth West. Return limit 30 days. One way second class Colonist t|Bk> ets to Los Angales and San Frwieiaeo and Other California points for 125.00 Portland. Oregon. Seattle. Wash« etc, fajr 92SJ0. every day dnrlns flN;^ tober. MOT. y. Please see us for stopover prt!il«* egea. and so forth. | W. E. 8AI5Ii!,|^ 3

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