The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1944
Page 5
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FKlpAY, SISPTKMBUR 1, 1944 BLYTJ1BVILLB (ARK.) COURIBIf NRWS Published Every Friday In th« Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. M NE Enter the ri»uirw>-rn>fper :AX»JJI »; ; teats J --sponsored:-; by.fthe tCbiSWlVs i' ; News and-Commercials 1 ^ PJenf-Prosper Records Needed All Contestants Must Turn In Record Books On Or Before Oct. 14 Fanners of Mississippi County parllciniUlii!; In I he Ifl-H Ruil To Prosper fliut lilve-At-Home Competitions nuisl have their record books in the linnds of county aeeuls for county jiHlsiiie not later llian CH. 14, Walter Durham, Contest Director, lias announced. I3cfoi'c a contestant cnn become eligible lor one of the numerous ciisli prizes, total!"!! $3850, to be nwnrdetl fanners at Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi aiit) Missouri, who ilo llic best jo!j this year in living at home, soil conservation, crop diversification and farm and home management mill Improvement, li_e must complete his rcc- ord ihook and submit H to (lie county ; agent on or before that date. "Since a contestant is judged largely on the record he.lias made as shown by his record book; it is essential (hat he Imve (his important plias'e of the work completed on lime," Mr. Durham said. "The Plant To Prosper Executive Committee -is anxious to have every contestant enrolled iti tile program eligible to win a prize, but this will lie impossible If record books are not returned on lime." County judging of contestants will begin Oct. 1G, and all county winners must be selected on or before Oct. 28. After county judging has been completed, judging by states- will begin; Mr. Durham explained, state winners In e«ch division — landowners and tcmint- shiiro-cropncr — will receive cash prlr.os ranging r rom $100 for first to $50 for third, and a chance at the $500 grand sweepstakes award, a 'Kl the f250 tenant sweepstakes prize. County winners In Plant To Prosper will receive nil Invitation to Hie nth annual MldSoulh Farm Forum Plnnt To Prosper Rally at the Peabody In December, while county winners i» Uvc-At-Home will be Invited to attend the rally at Mniiassas High School in December. Counlv winners in both competitions will receive The Commercial Appeal's Certificate of Honor, testifying their nullity and industry us farmers. ' The Farm Forum will 'be attcnd- «1 by nationally known business and agricultural leaders, newspaper publishers as well as county, district ami slate contest winners. Farm Woman's Column Cover Crops Renew Soil Approximately 13 inlllion of an estimated 1944-45 commcrclul pack of 3G million gallons of cucumber pickles and .products will go lo the Army this year. A new ruling raised the quantity of these products which a packer must first contract to sell to the Army before making oilier sales from 25 to 40 per cent. Miiny homcnuikers Imve lnken pride in making their own pickles, All'Building Materials Are Many people have the mistaken impression that all building materials are now unobtainable. This is Not True. The freeze order applies only to lumber. All orrjer material kuch as'Roofing, Windows and Doors, Paint, CementV Wallloard, insulatioiiT Brick, etc., are available without permit, mostly ttt pre-war prices. \ -.» • - - - ; ... LUMBER IS OBTAINABLE For Use On Farms But if you require more than 300 ft. per quarter, a permit must be obtained first. We have the proper application forms and will be glad to help you fill them out. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service Cover crops me. prolcclivo crops tiint hn\ p o ji&^inicil new iinijorlmire iliiriiiK tho years, according lo llic \Var hood Ailiniiu'slraliuii. . Wliilc toil naturally is dqilclccl of iniwralf, organic mailer, and nilrogi-n by llic crops it grow, n large measure of llio fertility cmi lio rcslorciJ «iuijily , onil ijiiirkly Ijy il, 0 growine of rover and lueen-mamirc crops. Tliey ilo r.ol aild lirnc, pli.uiiliuniH.or polasii, n(r«ll- «"iisls iioinl oill, but Ihcy can increase liroiliiclion Irdnciiiliiiisly liy llic • iliiiiivn to llie (oil of orKanic mailer, nitrogen, nmi oilier plant foods. \Vlien bnii is nol bein'i! used by llie main crop, li'&ijjne. 1 ;, pniall gmins, anil . grasses as a cover also prevent erosion, conserve moisture, and decrease rnn-olT, hold )i!nnl food thai miglil lie . IcncliiMl out, nml supply lurfio iiunnli- ties of inilrilious livestock fccil. When . turned under, llity add orgnnic nml ler lo tlio soil wliicli mates it alisorl) walrr more readily and gives il new "Jife.* Winlcr legilnics arc particularly valuable as a Eourrc of nilrogen nnd or- ganie mailer anil are used extensively in ihe Soulli nnd in some Wcslcni • Stales. Under average conditions, it lias been foiuiil tliat an ncrc of winter Irpiinu: cover crops will lake llie place cf 100 to 150 pounds of nitraie of sochi. 'Austrian ivinlcr peas, Jmiry veti'li, Etnoolll vctcli, crimson clover, bur- clover, nnil Eoiirelovcr arc llie more commonly useil winter lepnincs. lieil clover anil Bitcetelovcr find favor i the Northern Slates as u summer cover. Producing nitiogm at home in l nnor f.ivos money mut liolpn con- Krrvo laljnr, niii|orinl= ( anil t run span a- lion mTiinl fur inilitnry 8ii;i])lirji, \YJ-'A poinu out, as nrll n$ making Im lirnvj- ilcmninh on limiteil jiip* jilt's of nitrogen feililL/.vnj. I^Kumrs niul grilles in rotnlinnwilU fulttVHlcd crops HTVC n iloiitilV purpose by iiirrvLisiiiR tlio fcrlilitj- of llin .soil, nml in lur/i llic rroji yield, ntxl !>>' protecting llui Boil from ih'&lriirlive erosion unit Joss nf moisture, I''c:fcii for livestock is marie avnilntiln h>- siu-Ii rover crops ns nlfulfa, kmb.ii, ml clover, fcriccn lespede/n, nml sweet* clover. A pood rolatioit UMinlly in- eludes legumes inui lrgiimc<Rni&s mix- I LI res, sjiys WI-'A, Hyr^nisj is used rxN'tistirly ns a winter cover in iiruc- llointifms n-ill vary In different climates nnd locations nnd oti ttiflcrciit soils. l'!iu-li fftrin nM|i)irr.s il3 own rover-crop prngniin, In jiroihifi) tlio bcsl results, hut once il linn hern PS- laUlislicil it provides n liasis for E;ellinK the n;ost frcnn every nrrc M the Icust cost to tlic fanner and lo dip hud. Farmers are urged by WL'A not to leavo Rro'nnd ham after tumuiR ^nilcr a summer legume crop In the fnll. Most of,lltc ru'irogcn (.crfvcd froin tho lti{;iimc is likely to be loa llirough tTosioii or Icnrliing, if u ii'iulcr cover' docs nol follow. -Assislnnre in growing cover and ;irerii. m aiuire crops is pniviilcd in most Stoics imdcr llic ronservation |in>|*rtuji fldminisiorrd hy llic Agricul- lural AdjusTiiieiil Agency. How To Plant For Velch Seed Heavy, Rank Stands Not Desirable When Seed To Be Gathered Siicccraful (iiwlucllon tif imiry yclcli si-eel on Mls.slsiil|)i)i comity (wins acpriulx lo n hun,. di'iirci- un me mils of pliuillun, iicconllim lu Kcilh J. nilbn-y, f U |,,,|j, llt . ( ,,, t ; Hull's «1 pliiiitlin! vclch to he linr- vcsU-cl for seed ure dim-runl from nose used wlitrc (lie itrti-n crop Is o he lunird under, if d, c cron Is lo bo plosvcd under, n heavy, curly pwvlli Is desired; tliorcfoie, (in, icuvlcr (lie Mcdini! m(e, llie t'«r- ller Ihe I'rop can \ >e lurn«l under. Hut licuvy, iiink sliinds »f veldi rarely |>raiiui:u sullsfuclory cr«|>s of seed i)t'«ius<' (he blossoms usually liliisl, A l| ( ;in, unlfurni .Mmul Is best for a sra! CIOD. A light K ( 1IIU | ,, or . mils llio ulr iiud &unll|iht lo j;cl to Ihe blossoms, iu tliey will ixilllnnti- nnd .sluy on the vines, the county ont explnincd. Vetch pliinled for lurnlnB «iuk>r. lie said, should be planted on ridues which will iillow' It. to BI-OW rnpldly In the Spring. Hut where vetch Is lo bo combined, It should be planted on nearly lint lund. nix iniikcs H easier to operate the combine. Jlow- cvcr, dmlunuu furrows should be conslnicted • every 50 foci on llat land lo provide surface dnitiinife. Kur best results vetch should Ix' sccdwl with small uraln for sii|). port, the county nsoivt snys, HJV, ont-s, and wheat are Ihu most common supporl .crops usi'il In Arkunsas. H mi out crop Is used, the DeSoto vnrlcty is best, because a Is a low- urowluif vnrliHy with a slllf nlrnw Hint ustiiilly .stnnds up best comblnin([. •<-> Tin- rule of seeding recommended for hairy vi'lch tm seed produ vrtiir.vs from 10 to 15 pinimk iicnv The higher rule Is recommended on soils of luw piodiiclivlt.v wlilla tin- 10-poiuul rale Is considered best on sullii of medium or hlKher productivity. When small (jrniu Is planlcd wllh the vetch for fiuppoil, H full seeding o[ thu smull grain should bo used. Tito 1 rute of ficcilliiK vetch fur a but a lot of others have, depended on the grocery store' to keep them | supplied. This year, though, the .grocer will not have'so' many and many homcinnkcrs will have the job of making their own pickles for the first time. For.the benefit of those homemnk- crs who Imve had no experience (it this new job, Miss Corn I^ee Coleman, county home demonstration agent, has a few suggestions: First, to have good pickles and relishes, the hoaicmakers must have good materials to begin with—good vegetables, spices, and vinegar. Miss Coienmn says slie should give particular attention to the vinegar she buys.' Note the acetic acid content printed on the vinegar bottle label. Under the Federal Foot! and Drue Act, all vinegar must have a strength of at Icnst JO'grains, or 4 per cent ncetlc acid. Good cider vinegar usually averages 50 grains or 5 per cent acetic acid. Vinegar with less than 4 per cent acetic acid is not good for making pickles. Either of the two principal types of vinegar cidcr and white distilled—may be used for pickles, but many home-makers prefer the flavor of the elder vinegar. And here are two good simple recipes: Pickle: Slice 1 quart green cucumbers' {impeded), 1 large onion, 1 large green sweet pepper; add 1-2 cup snlL, cover with venter, and let stand 3 hours, then drain. Mix 1 pint vinegar, 1 cup light brown '(yellow) sugar ,anci 1-2 teaspoon mustard seed, and bring this mixture to boil. Add cucumbers, onion, and pepper. Bring this to boll and can. Dutch Salnd: Cut In small pieces, 1 head cauliflower, 1 quart cucumbers, 1 medium cabbage, 1 bunch celery, 1 quart onions, 3 or 4 red ireppers. Let stand over night In water to cover with 1 cup salt. In morning, cook until tender In same water, drain, add paste, and seal, For paste, cook until thick 1 CUD flour, 5 cups sugar, 2 quarts vinegar, 1 tablespoon tumeric, t-4 mustard seed, 1 tablespoon celery seed. Duroc Breeders Offer $2000 In Swine Show The" Mississippi County Duroc Breeders Association nip mnklnt plans "lo. have llic largest Duroo Show in the United States'al.the Mississippi County I ah tills fall I II. Autry, president ot the ftssocia tion, announced loclay "Our' shoyi; will lop ever 1 ) 'show in' the' J couritr'y": for' cash *prl/es with a total of J2.000", Mi Aulrj siiil "Witli such' Inrge |)il/c^ we epect the lielter breeders in inkl-we-slern nnd southern stales to Iji-lhg-their finest Durocs," he added. Mr. Autry stated that tliey particularly wanted to urge '.the 4-11 hoys and Future Farmers to- start preparing their hogs now lor the show. Fish "ISrakn" Wllh Bodies Pish (lint live nniong Jugged coral forma lions must be able to stop quickly, nnd species found living there usually have broad, flat bodies that net as brakes when turned sideways. "Mister, I've been working my heart our for you for a long time now. J Imcn'i grumbled or kicked !,ccau« t come from a good "mily where our mono is HARD WORK AND LONG SraVICF. "That docsn'c mean we have the miracle of everlasting life I'm ]usi a combination of honest maicrial and honest workman^ ship but even thai has its limns. I've ,-onc along on all ihc touch jobs and never qm..., hm now I'm asking you to give me a bre.fc, lor your own sake as'wcll as mine. "lieforc- Ve go into ihc nc.M lou^l, job ukc me down to the John Deere Service Shop for a going over. There are a few sore !po«, ionic loose joinis thx hamper me, and [ think my wind would be bcticr if my valves and'ignition had a check-up Those «rucc men down there a« old friends of mine, they know me and what I need. How about i,? Or do I have 10 quit against my Missco Implement Co. BIATKEVILLR OSCEOL*.^ _--;' Counsr ne«> »»ni ad> GOOD HEALTH DESERVES THE BEST WATER; Bad Health Demands It. Mmiv^i'JS'vA 1 . 1 ^!""' 1 ' 1 '" 1 "°" lcs hllvo orlllirci1 ° 10 Fan ""« Ai?K?N«I« V » I ; U! \ MINKUAI - WATER Kroui HOT Bl'HINGS, AUKANbAh. It Is reliable-,,,, a|,| | (l ( ro ,,( mc ,U of ArthrUb IS"? Us " l !, KI " u <*r »»l-.<I.Ur p n,.,l „„„)• l,,le.tln«l dl«,rder.. II ilbnuUtes Kidney cllmlimllou. For IWtlciiiaw, 1'rce health, toaktal. Main & Division , , . WHISKEY SHOP Blyllievllle, Ark, f \ NEWEST in design. Fully automatic, No upkeep. No 4 expensive j>arts to renew.'Smooth, even flow. Quiet \ , operation No pounding. No hammering. Eas T »o y\t\ J install v y,(7if?'.',it!(,VfT-^V ;:' Higli suctlon;Ii'rt—up to;'z8 feet for shallow well oner- anon Can't lose prime'! Self air charging.'Motor pro- lubricated for life. No danger from excessive pressure. No close clearance parts to wear. Freedom from dirt ..A single convertible unit for cither shallow or deep .well operation. Protects you against lowering water levels .in dry spells. if you're thinking of running water, sec the Gould* Jet-O-Matic—anil see us. Planters Hardware Co, 120 W. Main riioiic G15 BUY BONDS * SAVE SCRAP OPPORTUNITY FOR FARMERS 70,000 Acres Fine Farm Land For Sale Every Acre Located In Mississippi County All Cleared and Highly Developed Hot in years has there been tho opportunity for both large and small farmers to buy well developed farm land in Mississippi County, Arkansas at such a low price and on such lenient terms. All of this land is offered for sale in tracts suitable for any size family or for large operators. Well traversed with good'gravel and dirt roads. Every aero conveniently located as to a good store, gin and the Victoria school. ; SMALL DOWN PAYMENT-TERMS LIKE RENT Interest Rate On Deferred Payments Only 5 Per Cent Lee Wilson Wilson, Arkansas cover crop tiiul lo bo lurneil inutoi' usiinlly iiiiifc'cs between W iiml an liotiiids. . . 'Hie curious 'ffiiccls' 'known" : *aT" water strldcrs.db not walk 'on &a~ wnlcr—ilioyj-Blldo onMt, ««, : *^,iru' RILL HER! Bhe'g a dlienge-carrying DEMON! Qulckl Get tli» FLIT, Sov» younclf from thti till* tliat brliigi burning-chilling mlitiUi of mol.tlu. Y«il fill tllli Anop)i«1e», th« mt!«ri« . nioiqullo, it lurely u It mowt down tommpn household monjullon; So why liltr* ch«nc«f: Holp prolict your family from tlili wlngtd •ccurgt , . , buy a big lupply of •II ••§ kllla niea, »nt., • • I • mbthirbwibuiiancl' •. Mil • '•!! moiqultoaf. Delta Implements, Inc., Blytheville Bowden Bros,, Joiner J. D. Hicks, Burderte Cromer Bros., Osceola Lowrance Bros., Driver TECHIDE ft't fleas/ H't flu/tW H't lasyl ; • Ye«,PittJburgh'Itchld«Uiom»thliig brand n«w la wall p*lnt-bocau«« It . glv»« •icellent rnului ov«r old wall- p«p«r, plmiter, brick «nd many other »urfic»t...becau»« on* cost of Tichidi ' U luutlly lufficient . . . bccaUM It U quick «nd »»sy to apply «raf dW»« In on* hour . . . became it glv« you ian- Itary, wmhabU wall«. Don't mUt th!» opportunity to rtdecorat* your rooiru at iiaall co*t Aiic urn about Techid*. KONOMtCAl x .On* gallon of TKhMtllKlVMlU t«llor,i of polnt- •flvuoh ltd* av»r MADI IN I COLORS AND WHITI PITTSBUBCH PAINTS tfL-52 MiSS. COUNTY LUMBER db. (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) ' BLYTHEmtE : . : ARKANSAS^

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