Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1907
Page 4
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(ti^V 'CifejlJkTldN' 4,000. Room....;... OflBce ......... 222 18 ^SUBSCRIFTipir BATES. Caniiir ia. lola. Gas City, Lanyon* >Tlllft-or I* XTarpK. iOee Week .•• .... ......10 oonts rOn »Montb 44 c<?n(s One Tear • $5-00 Bjr MalL I One'Year, in advance $4.00 r^ree M4inth8, In advance $1.00 : :On6 Mon(li, in advance .44 "£nt8)«d %t loIH^KansaB, Fostofflce, mi . ' . Becond-claSa Matter. -AaTertlsIng KatOB Mafle Known on : AppIicattAn. ^ ''^'^CSiqc -asjMrieiuw Ijas'iaiuSit na Quit* thwe lis aa little oT^erest 4o set vp! tar in ihe taorslng aa tbere vaa ^ nesaar. The," -ere. much Jaterested la I find that tbp peopif oi a coaatrr town will stand for anything except crlllclsm of rh»>ir comot hand.—Dodd OaHfon. The fact that Sam Whitlow, drank wpod alcohol is no proof that he at- temptfid jjiiiclde. At least, it is no proof to .nn.vbody who hns irlwl lo buy n drink In .Moran. Olad.vs V.-inilfihili. will liavo lliroe Wfc 'iiiiiiK cereMKinies. Ji i.-; assnniod hijwever. that when the time conies Miss Vandorblli will he .satisfied with one divorre. H)FPICIjit PAPER, CITY OF BASSET. MEMBER OF ASSOCIATEB PRESS. Tke loU Bailjr Register is a memlMT of tke Aaaaelated Press and RecelTcs 4he dar repwttf tliat Kre»t news or- U nulaatloii for Exclasire Afternoon FMIkationlB lola. AMrSEXEXTS. Ilaviii.c; read the opinion of .iiidge fclix.k. .ludKe Wallaee will il«>iilit- ..s.s here.ifter lie ahlo to iiientlf.v a 'l.nnrh" when he sees one. The Riiliiiir Pis.siun. Tlieri- is a iivw ho.v baliy ut the home nf .Maj. .\. .M. Ilarvi-y. There :ir< al .wo (w<i oilinr hoy.s in rhe family. The new arrival was e.vliiliited ii> his «iider brolhcrs for the lirsi time W 'ril- iiesday. They were niiieli i:i llie new efinier ami iii.--;;r!-i<Ml ii c-ril- i-'ally. Kinall.\. one of I'li- In.;..; was .sejvefl wiih a -r^mi idea. "Say. Mama." he said, as he .-oiitiu- iieil to lake stock in the .t;<KMl points of the dxhihil. 'lers JJO ahesul and find enoiish to iiave a ha.^e hall team." Incldenially, .\Ir. ri(•ll^lein KO: out of. ;own wiihoiit revenliir.? the secret <-(>ncernini; the proniinc-iathin iif his nam*-. -The ConrMstons of (iaxinn. I put in most of my ovuuinxK plan- Dins tliinRR and most of my morniiiRK idocidins not to do ilient. I used to have anihltion lo KO (O coHRrosR, but I should he perfectly wit-lsfled now If I could Ilud. a thitt would tit me. , The more I see of life (he'more I am con-.incpd that (he, ihinR iha( can h'lppen to a man Is 19 din a t |Uiek. I ptifiilcES ('tnth before he hegin.s t<| tol­ ler atound in the way oC bii .sy people. I finif as I STOW older that most of my (rojiMe resnils from my fool notion that I must have tny own way. T, criticise others for doing It. but r am'salisBed that if I had children " I shonld i)ore people a great deal brag Eiiiig on them. -J..have often wondered how much lite i-ifinance a man should leave his u-idr.w in ordet to offset (he handicap of three children. The l.-lej;raph aniiniiiire.- ilial fiaw- ford coiiMiy Is "tlry." Tiie Ixmkseller.; are also showiir,' a fine line nf new lleilin. Explorer (Vxilc .-^ays he has lih on a new wmie 10 ibe pule. I '.iii plorer Cook will have 10 do more than ihai If he expeeis loaiiran MIIMII alteniion. Ii Is oiir obi--ei'viition ilial nun IDS'- more sicep trying 10 j^ei a "pa;" hand than ihey do In slaving up wllh the baby. W> have eonie lo the eonehisinn lliui. no man who ea;.-- ii eaii n-nlly arronl 1 (1 Iniow what iln-v put liiio ihe chill. Mbf .Ies.sic Pariion has wriiten an article indorsing tin' views of Mrs. .\dalai K. .Steveiisnn on iiioibcrhriod The importan."e of this niay 1101 be at once ai )pareni 10 you. hui >oii wHl grasp li by and by. f have noticed that while an elderly man is always in the way, an elderly woniaTi nsiialiy makes herself useful to fuui^liody up to the- day of li.i death. ' - Careful readi>ig of the proceedings in the Sapp ca.<?e convinces me thai if _"Whitlow Wn 't contficle<l of ii'urder ii won't bo liie fault of ihe jiisilce <ii' liic peace tifore WDOiu his preliminary was ht.-ld. The fae! that .Miss Sapi^'s --hirt wai^i .cieiied in the hack proves noiliing. • If the razor was ever in her possession she dotiblless followed woinairs natural instinct and carried it in her stod'-ng. - MILL SENT) A> OrTF:TTi:. High School fiirls Will Contest for ' Honor-, at Tcarhpf.' Meeting. I have always le^ietted my inability to lake a college course. There is r.yth.HB I should eiljoy more than bragging: about having been a st;ir onnhe college fool ball team. I ': i:OTc noticcd that after a man is married he can usually imnke his ov^r ccat-do another season. I-am pretty brave when It comes to :. criticisinf;! a poor actor, but I frankly admit that I am afraid to criticise a poor preacher. Tiie mia lii:;;h - CIMHI" ei .l.-r !it !!.-s' ix'eiii- .11 lb( .•;.iit ;iea :.ieni Kansas Teacher.^" Association miis-ical contest, which \vill !»• helil hi r4iiT';.- ville during Thanksgiving w.-ok. Heretofore Tola has had contestants In the solo and ladies' quartette contests but this year Tola will be en- t?r^d for only one point. Miss .Ione.<^, I the instructor in music, is r.iienrsiii.g i a number of girls wjio likely will h.; selected lo enter the eonte.^t. Las; year lo'a v.on Ih.-^ gii'I.s' q;:.Tr- , (ette and .s.olo contests. Iota has j tjiken from on.-» to three prizes eveiy yi'ar since Its admission. ^manhood The greatest menace to woman'a permanent happiness in life ia the aofferins: that comes from some do* rangement of the feminine organs. >. Many thonsaads of women liara realised this too lata to saTotbeir health, barely in time to save their Urea. f To be a sneoesafql wife, to retain :the love and admiration of her husband, ahoold bb a'womaa's ooaataat atadj. I . If awomanflnda that her ener> -^are flanring, thktahegeta easily and, dark afaadowa appear nader .hgrkfiym. sba luia baekacha, head- ,mdM)» oeariiig.d<?wn aeasations, aer* TCluaiieBs, irre^nliaritiea or the '^Bcs.* 8hejriMMld .atart 4t oooe to build np her qnstem by a foido with apaeifie-B6«cn^. aoibii aa ' fBSaSSaBBBSSBBBBBaSBBa irdiaE;Pliikham's Vegetable Comf I tjiii < kgnatwooiiHa^ minedy for woman 'aills, made only of roots and herba. . Itieatea B^itoto Complainta, sucb'aa qrag^g Sensation*, Weak 3(idglMlli ^aaid :I )iaplwaeBtB ,rn<lammatim and Ulceration, and all BcnsSe I>biease8..ttnd is invaluable ia the Change of Life. It dissolves Tumtwe at an early stage. Subduaa Faintness. Nervous. , Sl^aaiBtioii,-and strengthens and tones the Stomach. Cures Oaaiaal Debility, Ind^estlon. and invigorates the wbolf Ikia aa axoeUcnt remedy for derangementi of tha ; WoBilerfQlIy an^ Oulddy relieves and inires the inlnfal snSerlngs of '^Mmeii; to tbelmglden, the mother, the woman In middle life it la a nleiid {ndeed. Hiindreds and even tbousftnds ; of' sickly; frail and £Oel^<^0 vomen;taa?a been restored tb vigDrotia health through ita aae. ^rd^taw ' , iatfi(Ui«.ftathnonialt (-an4 a SOe box of the remedy mmmt " Copyrigh: 1907 hy Hui Schaffncr ts" Marx You, Sir, About Clothes You are interested. We believe in our clotlies, and we have had them made for us by tailors, who, we tell you, are the best in the business, being iiART, SCHAFFNER & MARX and STEliN BLOCH—who have counted merit as their watchword for 53 years. These clothes will fit you, and wear you, an4 give you style. They are master made—pure woolen—honestly put together. Dollar for dollar, the price you say is met on the level by the quality you obtain. $18.00 $20.00 $22.50 $25.00 50 (liiierent styles of Imperial, Dcuhle Star Hats at $3.00 John B. Stetson and Knox Hal.s. $3.50r $4 and $5.00e Roin Coats and Top Coats, III all t!ic newest .styles, niade hv Hart, Schrilliter ic Marx and vStcin-lJlnch. $10.00 to $25.00. 25 differeiii sljlc-s in Florsheim and Nettleton Shoes In ail Icathens. $4, $5, $5.50 and .$6,.' 3.^ differ- fnt .styles of Shoos lor $3.50. in crome calls, uatent calfs, vlris, box oalfs and wax calfs, in lace or l)iitton. TIIK M.V\ Wilt* WOHHIK.S. It.s Inihieuee I'pon Health. .\ well-known physician relates Ihe instance. .\ paiienr siitTer- !>..;,' from some oUsi -iiie imlniotiary K .iible called lor a consitltaiioti .•iiiil he synipioms were (ictaiiid -.j leimih.j l-'or many years this inaii had li'ii only consiilied and ti-i.itcd with one iliysiciaii after ;tlli>tliii'. Iiui he had (I evciv hook he could liiiil on ihe| DECLINE IN INDUSTRY I'rodiietitin of Niiliiritl t'rnient Is De- crcjisintr Yearly. BLOOD UNHEALTHY SYSTEM DEIUNGED The entire inner oortion of the body Is covered with mucous membrane; 'riie following item is tal;en fr.irn •he editor's note.; -of the Dctohcr is-; • ii.> of the ('<^:n;'ti! .\p:e: | With the advent of I'ortland c-! 1 1 aiicl im))i (>ved iiieiln .ds in it.s , I 1 .aniifa .Miire. ther" has 1)< en a mark-' s.ioj«et of his tionid.-. His mii.d h^id !,,, |.;.., j,, .1 ,0 „..„„-,! ,.,.,„o..t in'.'.-^n In;!! eoiiliiiurilly iifni liis ailiiient • ,i|.,;!|-y_ fornicrly li'irl'" crceasivc atid :ii)d in con.'^eijiniiii- hi.- iji'i- >.v:. • .>IH,S| | i :i"pi -iiant. \ceoiiliiiL: 10 !';;iii-<s piili- lisheil ill ( .111 l.i .\.;i>- I 'll- OCIOIMT. iiii.-i -ralile. Had III!--- m .'iii Willi oilier siiliji air, exei.-; eiiipli .Vfil liis mind I :-:s. t.'"l :i :i pli'iity of up and iuiiM hi.^ from an tidvaiici' cliapier of .\Iiner;iI K<soiii<vs of till' I 'liiteil .Sl.'iles. the natural cenieiil iiiiiiistry in liiOC. declined in piiidiici ion as ciiiii |iared ' with ihe oiitpiit of lii.' iirccedin,? year. This industry flnciiiaied lienveen a ;irodnclion of T .niio.ofiO and S.ono.rtrto barrels from I'.IMO to IfHil, when it fell to a little more r;iaii I.."IIIO.OIM>. In iilO.". it decreased to a little li-ss thtiii l .'.iid.fMiO and in l?»ie" it • cod .ir dements of cod liv .'^r oil. l.iii no oil. he ; just idinvc the l.tiiMi.'.iin n;.i;l(. u/iii!'! Iiave l .i<-i) ;i Will ami liaiijiyl !' se. ins nnlil;i-ly ili:>l t ^.is form of man all these vc^ais. Viiiol |iiiiilii"< i Konernl health ny i .iKin^ oitr eod liver prepaniiion, Vinol, which i.< made liy 1 scieniifio, exiraciivc and coiiceiiila!- nii process fioni fresh cod's livers, combining with pepionatr-of-iron all le medicinal, liealiiiir. lindy-lniildia.:; id enriches the Idooil, lon -s up tin- ili;;estive orjians, ami siic!ii;iheii:; <-v- eiy orwin of the li<idy to do its woik US nndire iniended, Wc sell Vinol oil n ;,'ii.aranie(- to rclmii money if it fails lo {Jive Siillsfai lion. S. H. I'llr- r(dl, UruK;;is(, lola. Kaii; as. .H.W .VFFIUT .IKSSir .S I'AUIMJX. Siipp Traitcdy Vuy frrnle Sentliiienf .iifu>»«t Klilonulo tilrl. Kldorado, Kas., Oe^f. 1>S.—CotninK at a time when all Kansas is i.ilkinK of Ihe May Sapp murder mystery at Jtoran, It Is rather a slnKiilar coincidence that a woman who was a principal in a some.vhat similar ICansaP erlnie slion'd he seekinj; a pardon frrmi llie penifenliar.v. The nnirdsr of lli^. Olin fa.stle. a bride of a few woelw. and the siibsrv oi>ent trial anil conviction of Miss .Jessie ^forrison for the murder con Hlituta one of the most interestinj; chapters In the criminal .annals of tho Sunflower State, and this com munit)-, in which the murder occurred, is yet divided on the •question erf the Kuilt or innocence of tho accused woipan, Qlin Castle, a young bu.slness man of this town, married Miss Clara WJIey in the spring or JOftl. .after having; paid court both M'ss wniey and Miss Morrison. One of tho facts sousht to be brought out at the sul)- Bci ]uflnt trial was that Miss Morrison was both piqued and disappointed at her one time admirer's choice. One day thera was a terrible light in the cottage wblcb Castle had fitted up for his bride. Wben neigbbors rushed in Mrs. Cast'e was dying from razor cuts and l>endlng over her was .Tessle Morrison, who, also bore a num ber of wounds. • . Mrs. Castle mada a dying statement in which she said Jessie Morrison at- tacke <l her. Jessie Uorr'son said she was the onea'ttacked. Yhreo tlmenltiBB Mprrisnn faced-a Jurjr. Tbtt second tline sba was con -J ylc^ and her punisbinent was fixed at five .years. She appealed.' a-tiewl trial was graiiteii-and the "sentence was raised to 26 iraara. THU sentence wa« upheld in the Stipreroe Court It is the irony of fate that, bad she accepted her f >rst scnteni^e. she would ROW. be a free wbaiaa. This It phf of^tbs^ reisoDr )ie*ng iit«ed>.in jtbe ftfi aeciirpher A ^^liardRjo. « rtwr (•••i:!eiit ii'akiiiu: will ever ri-viv" lo a ' \eiy markei! extent l)ecaii;.>. aiihonali iliei-i' will a'wa .vM lie woil; for which' iialiiial eenieiii can lie used willi i>if- lectly satlsfacioiy r.'salts then' are iniiny Idnils of work for wlilcli it is. iinsiiiled. rieslres that the i-esiilr of the process of miiklitK cement I- ahvitys iincerliiln. deiiiiidiiii; on fliaiiee to !i i:reat iIeKrr>e, wliih' the rt.siilts of iiinkltiK cetiieni in rol.ary kilnn, with the nnudilnery which pro- dncf-s a selenlillc mixture of Insredf- 'ifis thiit varies only hetwtreti well- di^llnoil limits, N iiearlv cMl:iiii. .V ntiiiilier of miiiiral cetiieni eom- p?nie.^ have chaiiKed their mills entirely, Instnlling rotary kUns preiiar- atory to Portland prodnction: a few have added Portland milln to tlieir natural cenient mills, and several pinnis that -formerly pro.liiced both Kinds of cenient have abnndoned ut least for the in-esent, Ihe prodnction of tho natural variety and in 1 !tft*> produced Portland cenient onl.v. A larKC ntmiber of plants which for years made his recordw as producers of natural cement, dnrlnp: tho year' even stood idle in the states where >h 's industry has been most flourish- insr. The total production of natural cement in tho Unite* States in 1906. amounted to 4 0,';ri,707 barrels, and had a value of $2,423 170. This quantity, i;; less than 500,000 barrels below the' production for the preceding year, ! but it shows a larger falling off than was then shown. f?--jirno.i;, <^'uuM liuui Jan aiiu OL.>.U^.^,.„ keep the S3' U 'licti tiie blood becomes infected with catarrhal matter it is not able to fr.r- nisli the required amount of healthful properties, but feed.s the p.-irts with impnrilie.s v.-hich disease the membranes and tissues so that they become init .ited and inflamed, and Citarrh, with all its disagreeable and d.anjierotK syiaptoms, is cst.iblished in the system. There is a constant rinv^iii;.^ it; t!io eais, a. thin, watery di.scliiirge froiu the nc.';tri!.s, the breath has an ciiei!: ive oilor, sli .i ^ht fever often atvonipauics the and graduaJly ilie eiiiiii; health bticomes affected and tiie system Ul '^ct atid dcraiijired. In it.s earlier sla;.jcs, when Catarrh is confined to the nose aud throat, sprays, vn-1'.'^". itihal.ations, etc., are soothing and in a w.iy beneficial, they are ilcanly and usually antiseptic, but such trcatnitnt h:i3 no curative effect, because it does not reach the blood. To cure Catarrh the blood must be purified, and thi.". is just what S. S. S does. It goes down into the circulation and attacks file disease at its foundation; it removes t !:e cause and makes the blood pure and tliy. Then the Mood vi.-.s .sels are filled with fresh, re !rivi :-,'orate;l blood, which is canitd to all tiie ini '.coiis sf .if .iivs ar.d ]i :::n;rs, tiiL- .tion a:Kl ;v: •l.:t:o:i a :ic ::r:^v.-tt:(l, ll-ji-. i -'p- lo-ns .nil di.s.nppcar, the hca-th i.s .ivej .;:jd i.s ji .riaaueiitiy i i-.r^-d. UooU ou Caturrh aud any im virc fr. o t'>.:;ll \v!;o w. ito. THE SWiFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA. Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry, and Hides OTTO HINZE, UTTO-DATE MEAT MARKET lis r £asf Madison PURELY VEGETABLE OSOCCRY ^ ' HMAiMftei • for Good Thing? to Eat. PILKS CURED IX 6 TO 14 DAY.S. POZO lONTMENT is guaranteed to cure any case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or Protrudhig Piles In 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 50c. Besriilter Waat Aia. I cent • Ward. 6-5-4 Sweeps Away m Is Not Debatiable! T. L. JlariK'tt, the chief .'itockhohlov in tlio IViu's Soaj) cont'ern. v.hifh luis within tho la.<t few years s{)eiit $1U,UIIIMKM) in advertising, expresses his conviction that printers' ink is llio l)est kind of eoinniercial investment, in the following language: "I cannot nnderstiind hnw the qne .=5- tion can \yo. debated,'' he said. "Wliy the fa<rt that advertising pays in as lOe.trly demon- stKited every day as tliat th(> sun; vises. Select the i)r()pei' niedinm, advertise intelligently and yotii* fortnne is made. i i '•Von nnist have new- ideas for the changes of fashion. I spent .?t ».'JO,(ilOO iin advertising In one year and it piiid ivell. "(IO(M1 goods, good advertising and plenty of it i« my advice to nmhitioniB commercial men."-

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