Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1907
Page 3
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I WANTED—Dtnrng room eirl at the Pennsylvania hoipl. . .WANTED— WTjiiH House. Cimk WANTED—Corn 105—13 Gas Ciiy. WANTED—ExiiericnroiJ >rirl housework. ."lOl North Spromi. far WAJ^TED—Tharnbermaid :it iho Pennsylvania hoiel. WANTED—Farm hand.-;. .\ Carlyle, Kanpa.s. It Mull. WANT-ED—Man and wifo wantpd to trork on farm. Ad<Ire.s.«i "C ' this nfflrp. MAN W.^NTS to do ploatiiuR. Inquire 601 South Elm stropt. WANTED—Ton honnst lioy.s 12 to 14 years old, to disirilmio ailvfrilslii? jn&tter after school. ItrliiK recommendations. Call Iiefore pchool .Monday at Cottage Hotel; ask for .Mr. Dee. WANTED. GipLS to wirk at the Brown Smol<e House. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for hoiisokee|ilnK or sleepiiiK. 212 West .Madison avenue. FOR IMCNT—.VIeely fiirui.sli .d rrjonis Willi l ):iili ar ilie Harris plaeo. 121 .Souili Waliiui. Phone 'Crs. Mrs W F Tyler. I-^OIt r;ENT—Fiiriii.shed rfu.nis for :,'eni!eni.>n. Mr.". I'. .1. Oyler. }f.VS « ITY FOOT nVLL TEAM WILL MEFT ON THrR.Sr».U*, TO Hi:.\"r - Oni<e nmnis ill ili,. Siev- •nsoii liiiiliiliit'. FOR RICNT -|-urnisl,ed liou::e. mod- •rn. .-Vpiily lhl.<; oflife. FOlf RF.NT -.Nieely f ii r n i s h o d looins. f.'l Sniiih W.-ilnui. FOR RFVr-. Tlii-ee" unriirnl.ih'nd liKjiiir,. .-.(II Soiilh Hiickeye. FOR Ri:.S-T-Furnished down slalrB .•oonis for hoiisekeeiilnB. ;!|i; South A'.ilnui. Rev. ramj.MI of M. E. Will Bpsrln Revival Services on Jannnry rirsr. Mrs. I.iiiiartis Will Live. Mrs .lames Ijipariis. whose life was despaired of for several days last week will live. The physleians who hav had the ease In eharse are now hopeful of her recovery ami say If no iin experied eonipllcatiotis set in she will lerover. .Mrs. I.uparlls Injured her .-(•If very severely while altempiin^' to lilt a heavy luli (llled with water LOST and FOUND W.^NTED—Second hand Wityhester pOP'RUn. Inquire South Second stret, WANTED—Stock to winter. Call on or address Guy Turney, Tola. WANTED—Good. ."^oiind young horses wanted at The lola Veterinary Hospital. See W. A. Frazier. WAXTBD—Boarders in jirivaie family. Have modern house, newly furnished. Inquire at .\o. 1 ICasi Erwln. WANTED—TypewrilinK and clerical work. Room :;, old court house Rebecca Goble. FOR SALE-'REAL ESTATE PGR SALE CHEAP—Two good improvements. Rea.eon for se'I- Ing, eoing away for health. Tm; .\oi-tii Cottonwood. FOR SALE—My four-acre truck patch, good four roomed house, one mile from square. Alex Miller. - FOR' S.-VLE—Good wheel, used only a short time. sell. Call FOR SALE CHEAP—Seven room nJbdern cott||£j_Jtwo Wock* from square: shorrTlm 'e only. Grace .\r- nold. FOR SALE OR TRADIC—A ZZ^ Arkansas farm, well improved ami stalk. For further inforniailon in <iMire at 412 West .Martin. inMr SAlC'Mlmliammoum LOST -In lola a lady's Ions l.Iack •loak wiih velvet coll:ir. I'inder pl.-ase 18 and receive reward. :^li'Mii' I.O.ST—Fri(l;iy the }>i:h. Iieiwe.-n las .-(iiil l.:i llar.'ie. smve liearMi. Rew:,id. Notify A. .1 Collins. I.a Harpe. LODGE DIREOTORY, K.\n.iiTS OF "MACCVBEES.- i \nis;hts of Maccabees of ihe World neets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth vWdiiesday nights In each month. J Postwait, commander; R. R. Por- er, lecord keeper. W. W-—Camp .No. 101 meeU In <. of p. Hall every Friday night. W r. Steele. C. C.; A. H. Davlg. CIei\ .'isiiors cordially Invited. KXH;ilT.S OF PYTHIAS.— Neoshc i^idije No. ^.T meets every Monda} ilghi. at K. of p. Hall. VlsIUng bro hers invited. \V. S. Thompson, C.C.: 'hris Ritte.-, K. of R. and S. M. W. A.—Tlie M. W. A. Lodgt ne«ts every Friday iiljiht In M. W. A lall. Visiting brothers invited. \V. H Vndersoii, V. C; W. A. Cowan, Clerk Will Play Leroy Thursday. The lias City font ball team Is prac lii-liif; every afternoon geitlnf; into coiidiiifui fiu- the i"oof hall same between the (las City team and the l.e- loy leaiu which will be played on the i:ieciile park urounds here ne.xt Thurs d;;y afrernoou. The game will be one of the best of the season. The I.,er<>y leam has played several ffanies this •ie .-ison and has been siwcessfnl iu all. Revivals January I si. Rev. H. M. Campbell, pastor of the local Methodist Episcopal church, announced yesterday that he would I>e;iii revival services at his chiircli in •lii^ on .launary 1st. .An effnri 1o ii.iUe tlie.-;e meeiinas which will be- •iin on that date a success will be nade. l! 1.- likely that Rev. Campbell rtill do most of the work but will be issisted by an evangelist. WiWSl. NEIOHBOKS.—lola Camp NO. Royal .N >l :;hb(.rs, meetii sec iiel .iiid fourth Tiiesdny.n of eacl iioiilh. .\trs. A. Wagner, «iracle Mrs. Mary Hultou. 413 West Street tecorder. Roiiifht Wall Paper. A 1. Rayle closed a deal this morn- UvA whereby ho purchased the wall i.tiHT which he will use in iiaiieriiig a iniinber of which lie has thi' reniin.:? of. Workmen will be^in within a I'ew diiys. The paper was ptir- •liaM -ci oi' tbe .Sw :iu druu ston- I. I.. KtiMHiuan Will Re Home Tiie -^da}. .1. I.. Kaultniaii who lefi here several months ago for the cast is expected 11- ha.-, I.:-Ml i FOR; SALE. OR E.XCHANCi-:— 1^4<» acres in Hodgeman county. Kansas. Only three miles to railroad: :'.20 acres fenced. Price on pei acre. .Also 200 acres gas land nean Thayer. Neosho county. Kansas. Price Jfi'i.oO per acre. For further particulars, see 1.. Hobart. FOR SALE—Good runabout Sdide- baker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap If taken in the iijext few days. Inquire of i;. I-'. Culley. Register oflBce. FOR S.\LE—^Two large jinnies, four and five years old, and a young black jack. Inqulife O. K. Livery liarn. I.a Harpe. Kansas. Phone It!. F. A. .1.—Golden I^ear Council No ifi2. V. A. A. meets first and thir /l 1 hoine lomorrow eveniinT V.di:.-.:(lay liishl:; iii each Uaonlh iii ! P. Hall. C. E. Laccy, president: Uis.^ Mable Rhorlack, secretary. FRITERNAL BKOTHERliOOI),- r'rarernal Hrothcrbood No. 380 meets tecond and fourth of eacb noath Iu A.O. ir.W. Hall. Visiting nciiibcis cordlaly Invited. W. H. An ler.-on. president; Golda Elam, aecre ary. omyaodthisStjH'ego This Store strenuously endeavors from day to day to give you ail that you can desire in merchandise, at the same time offering to you unexcelled opportunities for practicing economy. Some of those opportuities are presented below: Unequalled Coat Values for Ladies. Misses and Children Moimhi from l.tindlsmaii llirs<'li- helnier. Cleveland. Ohio. We i-oiinr this one of the best lines made and can fit any size no matter liow small or how larue ynu are. Splendid values from !?.'..tHI III $:!0.(K) .Misses Coats I'rom .liinior C'lat:; from Child's Coats from . . f:t..'.0 to $I.VIM) .. .:i;LOO U> ifW.M .... i\Ji:, to Warm Underwear for Men. Ladies. Misses and Children .Men's I'nderwear. ."'Oc qualiiy for :lT)ic. .The best values In Uidies Garments I bat can be bought for S.'iP, ."Wf, •'.<((•. r .'ic titid *I.IMI per garment. Misses tiarments from l .'ir In .lOr. .10 (1 Pairs fif Warm Illaukets from .-.•(c lo sST.liO prr pair. :::,<> Trirnmed Hals in practical and aiiractive styles. Special for !?L.'»0, *•-»--.(>. m.:M. i|il.00 and #:..««. Dress Goods and Trimmings. ir yon are in need oi" a new Gown it will pay you to visit our Dress Goods neiiartnient ;iiid see our elej^anl line of Press Goods and Trim- miners in evi 'ry new color and weave. Prices raniring from lo I.V Jiinliir Order Inlled American Me •hnnicit.—Meets every Wednesday cv- -•nin;,' at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. AI! .•isliing niemliera invited. R. A vVidlck. Councelor; C. U. Ulack, Rec -^i-fc-tary. BUSINESS OIREOrORY JEWELERS, n. F. Pancoast. o'd reliable Jeweler 110 HiHt street. STAM.MER. Complete court at thi» best schoo or stammerers in America at one- half price this fall and winter. Whitt for information at once. McKie School for Stammerers. 270S East 12lh Stre«t City. Mo. FOR SALE—Yellow car. popcorn and peanut roaster. Call ai the car iu the evening, pouiheasi corner of the square, or 606 South Sycamore. . FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 8^2 .North street. FOR SALE—A fine, modern T-rooni cottage, only two blocks from square ott car line and paved street. The finest loaction in the city. Easily worth 12500.00. Can sell for $2:100. if -taken this week. See us at once lOLA LAND COMP.ANY. FOR SALE—Mare. R.10. North .Main Gas City. FOR SALE—Choice Duroc male pigs. For sale cheap, if taken soon A. B. Mull, Carlyle. Kansas. FOE SALE^-Good mare with foal. Call at 210 We* street. FOR SALE OR TRADE—A 320 acre farm In Ellis county to trade for lola retital property or a small farm iu eastern Kansas, G. F. Robins, l.a Harpe, Kansas. Its Economy To have yottr Carpets and RttgB cleaned by Heidilii Factory ° nilONK 111; Well, Friends Pancakes are in order. We have thf materail to make them of. Ralsion P. C. l-'loiir, iier pkg 10c Ifalston Prepared It. W. Flour, per pkg Peruna Whole Wlie;it Flour, 121b sack Good Fresh .Meal, per sack ... Syrups to eat on Pancakes. Maole. l-'ancy Table. Wiite Table, and Soruhiim. :raveiing over all oi ine eastern par if ifie I'liiied .Stale:^ for the past '.hri iiionilis lakiiii; in all of the most im lort.-iiit places. |{. .1. ( urinain Retlcr. IJ .1 Carmain whri was hurt la;- -'riday while working at tbe Prim Western smelter number two. ilioii;:lit to be si sieat deal belter l< day. He .-usiained ;i very severely mas; 'i! foot. .Mthouuli it is very sore lod:i ind lie i.-; harilly able lo walk osi it here has been no complications arisr md there fore they believe it to be ireai deal better. ••.Soninir and Reaping.••Sowing and Reaping" was very :ibly discussed last evening at the I'nited Presbyterian church. .Mthoiigh It is no* an altopeiher new subject Rev. l .eeper handled it in a manner iiffereni to tliat of any other minister I'.ut by iloing so he introduced many •iew I'acts which were interesting and instructive to his hearers. ..10c . .20r FRYER BROS Qrocery and Mea* Market Phonea 308 and iOI 111 Soitk Waaklastaa^HcS* 111. For Sale Cb«ap, Qood Farm and City Property. Sea the T^E JATSAWKEIt LAHD CO. for quick reralta. Old Coart HOOBA Personals. .Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Roberts left yes •erday for Garnett where they will .islt friends the remainder of this week. L. O. Iden of Pars^ons was here yes ;erday visiting. K. O. Ijinders of Wichita, was visiting here Saturday. roLORKD MAX FOLL(>\VKD WO.MA\ Vcltim of Intended Robltery Stopped at FrlendV Ilonse. Evidently with the Idea of taking Iter jmckei Ijook which she carried in her hand, a colored man followed a iromiuent lady of this city for several ilocks last Saturday night. It was not later than seven thirty o'clock when the lady started south on Washington 'ivenue. She bad gone only a half block when she learned that she was followed by a colored man who wore a slouch hat and loose fitting clothes. She quickened her steps only to hear the man who was then less than ten feet behind her, do likewise. Aa she iiassed under the lights it the Pennsyivania hotel she looked hack, getting 8 good view of th^ man she thioks she can identify him. The la^y walked ^bout a block further wbepf she turned into the home of a friind. The lady believes that it was (be intention of the roan to follow her until she niached some dark part of the street wliere he could jerk the pocketbocA from her hand and make bis eacape. nK\TII OF KH. SHAW, llii^lmnd of Former lola (Jirl Ricd at | -Monroe City. .Mn. Evangelist Hicks, of Ohio, and Pastor .Missamore. are eonductlng a gf*»t rsvlval In the V. B. church of thts city. They have been In the meeting only two week!k,and have held two meetings a day, and visited some three hundred an* -ftTtty homes. Ths church is aroused to the revival spirit and is doing splendid work. . Forty people, mostly, adults and parents, have started a better life. Some' 20 have professed faith In Christ. Yesterday was "Sunday Schoo? . Rally bay." and a great day. it was indeed. U was a "Red Letter Day." Rev. Missamore had .sent out fifty lettfers to his members and frlendS; giving them a special invitation to be present in the.Sunday school and church •9nd a souvenir in the way of a ribbon bow was given ^to everyone present. Over two hundred were in the Sunday school, being one hundred more than the Sunday before. A iun-. ir C. U. Society was organized wlfh-- M members. A new movement Sim- lay school study borne miss'on class was formed of nineteen merahprs with Prof. Gallegby of tlje public schools 1^ teaelier. Mr. R. H. Bennett, at- tr.-ney. is the superintendent and •jhoir and chorus loader. He rs cn- • iiusiasiic and tactful, uud is the kind ' i:VA\«il-:i.l.STIC .MFKTIVGS RFf.TN. ship to the i.astor and united with the '-"^ t^i** brings things to pass. .'cluiich. r.ast night Evangelist Hicks 'preach- Richardson's J. D. Mundis, fbe 'West side drai^Iit,. us loser about |20 as a result of Mtmci ley" boys stealing that amount ol| nga from his'store room. The drayman delivered the boxjof drugs but did not inform. Mr. Mitndia of their arrivtil. The box was^IelSt- sitting near the back' door and tiiiai morning when the goods were uh'pa^ck- ed It was noticed that there waJaf a shortage. The things taken cooaU^ed of Antitoxin^ and other drnga^-whlcifi would be of lio value to anyone exiispt a doctor. Some of the goodj'' were found this morning by Mr. Josh But-- ler. in the cellar under the Arcade lodging house. It is supposed tbatUie jboys discovered that they had.:' |at» "elephant" on their hands, and threw ;' the stuff in tbe eellnr In order tb'^iret rid of if. I There have been several such' small thefts re|)orte<l of Intc and the gulUy parties may get Into trouble If "the I practice? is continued. TIIF. IlirKS REVITALS. |The Ohio JETangeilMt Is foBdaettoff ' Supres.<ifnl Meetlnifs. : ^-i .News W!is I 'eceived in lola yesler- > Tbe ni lay of ilie death of .Mr. I-M. .Shaw orjclnircli liave made ;iii-.4S at ICtisl lola .Methodist ;i splendid start. Monroe City. .\l!ss(mri. who db-d yes-j Rev. I'ei ry proves himself to be a leriiay iiiornlns at six o'c-lock. Mrs. well li'ied to (ondiict an evan- l-M .*^haw Is well known here and was srelisiic c:iiii|iaign. formerly .Miss .\nn:t Ri 'iiiieri. of 21':! 'l"he I'ari that he is an lola citizen South State street. and biisiiiess man ou,:;hi to appeal la .Mrs. John Rcitneri. mother of .Mrs. the hearts of men and give him a large Ed. Shaw, and her iwo dangliiers. I lieariii::. He iireached to two enthii- .Mrs. .Milt Simpson and .Mrs Cltirine ' .sjast ii- ;iiidi.'!ices ye.stcrday and at tbe Hanson, left today for Monroe City to clo.-e of the evening service the con- atiend the funeral services. Inter- sre;raiion was treated to a sight not mout will take plac in the Monroe (ifien witnessed. Rev. Perry along with City cemeter.v. !c,. Perry Will Condnet Series nt \ That the East lola Methodist church « sermon on "The Unpardonabla Last lola ( hnnh. f ,,^j. secured Rev. Perry as a worker Sin." which moved the largo audi- j among them means much for them and ^^^fs and deep conviction and for Eiist lola. TIllCRE will be an open meetin.i o" the Kni.:;hts of Pythias and the Pythian Sl.aters at the K. of P. hall tliis cieninc commencing at S o'clock. -Mrs. Cora B. Taylor, Grand Ch:ef of the Pythian Sisters is in the .ity and wnll deliver an address. AU members of both orders and their friends are cordially Invited to attend. An interesting program will jfoiir oiheis gave his hand iu fellow-'be rendered and refreshments served. action. Peopl.-? moved to the altar of nrayer at the close of the sermon In •-lumbers until penitents and workers were knee'.lng 3 deep at the chancel r.'Jl. Evangslist Ilicks is linl'.ke most evangelists. He is not sensational in the popular sense. He is conservative and orthodox, and yet with air ho is dead in earnest and speaks direct to the haarls of men; He does not "trap" or abuse men but la most persuasive and convincing. He Is one oi the most popular e>-ange1ista that iias evercome to Tola. Rev. O. O. MIB- samore, the faithful and devoted pastor, is beloved by his people and, the niihlic in general and is building a •::ood strong church in lola. The meetr :ngB are growing in interest and nnnb bcrs and will continue indsfinitcly. llie oyster season fv;^ ^ begins "with September and ends ^th Apxil. The soup season begins with January and ends with Dece^nbtf. Therefore arein season every day in every month of every year. Oysterettes—oyster crackers with ft taste that improves the! flavor of oysters, soup land chowdejr. Ala>ays freiJt m moisture and dust proof paekatn T^'ATER OFF. On account of extension on South Walnut, the water will be turned off on mains South of ifodison W^ bt' South tsreet tomorrow, October 29th,: from one p. m. ibtil Four (4) p. m. . C. T.>'EWBY. Supt. LOOKIXG AT THE TfRVCK ACVOf. I <)aperlBteBd«Bt Wekl^ aatl Ofluc* VakeaTirip. (Wichita Etfgle.) A. H. Webb..8U^errntendent: W..R. Davidson, trainfaiaster; T; C. Brower, division engineer, and K. BoUiwelt, agent, Missoarl'Pacific. raljWay„ '^fX this morning on Mr.' Webh'f moior car on an inspecUoa trlp'of the tra^ . between Wichita:, aind Fort .Scqtt.^ Kr.' - BotliweU will aceoin^.iiy tB^l-^p^.i; to Hittcftlnaon and retui»,,thla iflR^ noon. The rest of ihri ttitjc^ ^J^K^^'. •hm Saturday. ! NATIONAL BliSCUIT CQMPAJIY Reg fiin' ir«g^ JLdi Brinr Itenllfl. I aU'STRiTED LECTURE Tfli!n«HT. '. - , • ••i-.ii -.j,- Talk AU CHtM af ntauaayirt^ at The ill.ttt^rowd-Wictl«re, "Tlie HM . Cities of ilie(| llimaiyi^;'' wWd|; WJMI^I^ •, to ^vobeiw given bn.J'rito^ her ist;;ii^ bie.gV«nrtottytfrt^ Baai/loia 'ifel*odIst' churi!^ ^•^^•vV'^* • • •^>to'^^dmii88taii:^lli;^ (Elii*|«ji^lS^ crybpdy Is invited, to;'. jitiei^d^^lUa;i { wHl be Qoaoif the beatjlecttuj |sj^^v?v *n'f no biw^cait iOtrr^to iridiil^ cithej- lifetjuw wiU be ^fdlt^tte ^feV «»tiirae;:;aC^ close of -•ft- • 7 ^

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