The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1951
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVB BLYTHEVrLLE (ABK.) COURIER XEWi TUESDAT. OCTC«fB Industrial School 'Problem Boy r May Go fo Pen Fudge Escaped from ABIS Seven Times Since August, 1950 PINE BLUFF, Ark., Oct. 23. </l'j— problem boy Robert Fudge of Salem, Ark., may have walked nvi'tiy from the Arkansas Hoys Industrial School for the last- time. Officials of the school arc con- Bid eritig SOUK? means to have the youth, who escaped from the institution seven times since mid-1950, placed in the Arkansas Prison Farm system. And. there is a possibility that the courts will settle the mailer, Fudge, who broke out of the school Saturday only H few days after being returned from hl.s sixth escape, faces two charges of automobile theft as a result ot his recent escapades. The 17-ycar-olcl youth was-captured at Bald Knob, Ark,, (White County) Sunday night, 24 hours fitter he walked tiway from the school, Night Patrolman Tommy Everett, who arrested Fudge, salt! the youngster was attempting to burglEiriiO! a grocery store. School SupE. H. P. Harris said Fudge hns spent some time at the penitentiary previously. He sn!d he may have to send him back. Assistant Supt, Elnm Turner said: "Wfi can't keep him here. Something nnisl be done." Here is Fudge's record at ABIS to date: Admitted to school ,Ju*y 24, 1050 from Fulton County on a Iwo-ye-nr sentence for burglary. Escaped Aug. 23, 1050, returnee Sept. 2, 1950. Escaped Oct. 3, 1050, returned next day. Escaped Oct. 6, 1050, caught two days Inter, Escaped Oct. 16, 1950, apprehended Dec. 14, V050, sent in penitentiary for six months. Returned to school in August, 1951. Escaped lust Sept. 7, caught 10 days later. Escaped Sept. 24, cnplured Oct. 17 near Hob Springs. Escaped Oct. 20, ctiught Oct. 21 News Briefs— Jewish Welfare Drive Begins in Little Rock By THE ASS(X;tATF,n PRESS LITTLE ROCK—A three-day campaign to raise $125,000 for the Jewish WeUnre Agency will open here tonight with a speech by Hartley o. Otum, Internationally-known attorney. He currently U handling the divorce of movU* actress Ullfi Hayworth and Prince Aly Khan. J/oine Heads State Mineralogical Society HOT SPRINQ8—Tlie new president of the Arkansas .Mlncralogical Society U Dr. H. P. Blaine ot Pulaski County. He was elected at a meeting of the society here. He succeeds Dr. John Hoclgcns of Morrilton. Tax Ruling Goes to Chancery Court LITTLE ROCK—An order by Arkansas Revenue Commissioner IXan Morlcy requiring Kern-UmciVk, Inc., of Little Hock to pay state fcnlcs tax on equip/nent has been appealed to the courts. The company, In R lawsuit filed In Pulaskl Chunccry Court, said the equipment v-'ns sold to the Shumaker Naval Depot near Caindon and was exempt from the stale sales tax law because NAD is a federal agency. Halbert Gets Five Years far Art Theft PAYErrrEVILLE—Boljcrt Ue Halljcrt. 2J, of Gentry. Ark., has been sentenced to five years in the penitentiary for the March 20 theft of about $1,500 worth of equipment from the fine arts center at th« Univeisity of Arkansas. He pleaded Kiiilty to burglary aiut grand larceny here yt-stcrday. The equipment was recovered after Halbert R'ns arrested /it siJoam .Sprite July I'd. THAT'S WHERE MY MONEY GOES?—Economies Professor Abba P. Lerner of Roosevelt College, Chicago, uses the "Monlac," a metal and plastic rolx>t "professor" to help explain our economic syslem to his sludents. Pink-tinted water in the Moniac's "veins" flows through a series of tanks when certain valves are opened U illustrate how U, S. money flows through the economy. Odd fellows Elect Crowell as Grand Patriarch HOT SPRINGS—Ernest E. Crowrll of Texarkana has been elected Grand Patriarch of the Arkansas Odd Fellows. Crowell was named to that post here yesterday. He succeeds Owen Knight of Bcntonville. Discussions on foreign Labor Held in Hot Springs HOT SPIIINGS— Panel discussions on problems of importing foreijm laborers into this country arc being held here by Arkansas and Louisiana farm placement officials. The sessions, sponsored by the U. 3. Department of Labor, will close Wednesday. Hollywood (Continued from Page 8) Protestants Protesi Rome Appointment LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 23. Grcnter Little Hock MinLsleriM Alliance, composed of Protestant ckr- I gymen, has adopted a resolution protesting President Truman's appointment of Gen. Mark Clark as ambassador to the Vatican. Copies of the resolution, which declared the appointment violated the, "principle of separation of church and slate," were .sent to President Truman and Arkansas Senators Fulbright and McCletlan, " The action was taken nt a meeting of the Alliance yesterday. the nitnit>ries brought hack by n TV revival of "Winter Carnival," n movie she made nt the peak of her "Oomph Girl" publicity. As she tolls it: "Walter Wnnffer borrowed me from Warner's but he'd have noih- In gto do with the 'Oomph Girl 1 ballyhoo. Instead he paid $22,000 for a f till-page ad in a national magazine and labeled me 'Ameri—The j Sen's No. 1 woman of nllureV "I went back to Warners and he 'Oomph Girl' title nnd no one ver mentioned the word *nllurc' gain." NOBEL WINNER- Dr. ^ ax Tneiler, Rccketcller Foundation researcher in New York, won )he Nobel piize for medicine for rsis \vork in developing tilt; first effort ive vr.coinrs u^cd ;u;:i;n?t yellow fever. Nearly SO.dOti.ODO persons arc optima led to h.ive been inncculaifd ai:;un?t the d re ?idc d mo5Qui:o-bonie riifrrue with vnrc '\rn\< rie\eiopon by him. Ai;i:nu r !h Ions n re->idenl of 1r,e U, S., the .Si-yenr-oJd sricnlist i.= 5 citizen of Snuth Ainra lie was born in P: etorh. Hollywood did a double take vhen Director Stuart Hcisler cast one-armed Donald Gray as Linda Darnell's lover "Saturday Is- Confessed 7 Killer Fined on Minor Charge TEXARKANA. Ark., Oct. 23. f/T 1 )— "hirty-tive-ycnr-old Victor E. Moss 'I Shrevejiort, Ln., identified ns the nan who -snid he killed two Kansas Uy gambling and political figures, las been fined $10 on a disturbing he_ pence charge. Moss, who had only 26 cents in lis pocket when ho was arrested lere Friday, is /serving out the tine, He was Identified as the man who old attorney Preston Down Thursday that he killed Charles Binagyio and Charles Gargotta In Kansas ity last year. Mosa later denied .hat he had anything to do with the slaying. and did not remember having gone to the attorncy'5 office. and." Would nudicnccs accept ihystcally handicapped hero opposite lu.sciou.s Linda? The answer Is coming from prc- icws nf the film, where Gary's lielng 1 cheered hy audiences. He los arm as a soldier In N'orll Africa. Modern-day movie acting? Francis X. Bushman, the Clark Gable of his day. didn't m i n d having iiis say-so on the subject. In the old days, we were individualists. We turned our heads the way we felt it. It was real. I make a gesture today and they tell me that I'm corny and an old- school actor. Old school, my eye, I was reacting naturally, "Today you have a blfi scene. A mother die* in an upstairs room, The daughter turns to her boy friend .Tint pa vs. 'She's gone.' Then she takes out With'the Courts Chancery: Divorces granted: Laverne Bull! tit; ton ftnd James Dullington. Pearl D. Cnthcy and James M. Cat hey. At. G. Bridgewater and Doris Uridgcwater. Circuit Irivfll: S. B. Woolums vs. Valley Farms Dairy Co., suit for debt. So.ipy Ink A war spy carried invisible ink by .. having It mixed in a cake of toilet snmuer .••nup. (he latlier of which conlnlned enough of the fluid to write a mcs- ' Do yon lu ve a li Rht ?' Oh. claret, and say.s. i Rive me the good old days." EDSON {Continued from Page 6) mum combined goal of U. S. and British forces was HO divisions. Today Russia has, according to French estimates, five million men In uniform organized as 200 skel- etonized divisions with 15 million reservists. A million men a year are drafted for five years service. Another million are on duty with sat- elitc armies, which Russia practically commands. Poland has 1C divisions, with seven more planned. Czechoslovakia has fourteen divisions. Hungary of four. Rumania .six. uultrarla perhaps five, for a total of 45 divisions. Total communist bloc forces in uniform arc estimated at six million men, pins another four million in Red China. Russia has to supply nearly all the heavy weapons for these forces, Russia would like to completely mech- anise her own armies, says Commander Greenhalgh, but does not have the capacity. Estimates on Military IVortnctlon Vary Russia has, however, ft capacity to produce 40,000 tanks a year, with a two-year stockpile. Automotive evhicle capacity is under 500.000 fl year, less than 10 per cent of U. S. production. Estimates on Russii'.n air strength vjiry greatly. Five East German plants are now producing, plus 37 in Russia. Their productive capacity is put nt 30.000 to 60.000 pianos a year. Report* that the Russians now have 50.000 planes in operation do not seem consistent .with the reported Russian Air Force strength of only 7CO.OOO men. The Russian MIG-15 jet Is by . some authorities considered the I equal of American jets, and henv- ' ier armed though inferior in fire controls. The Ru^ian TU-4 copy of the American B-29 is Inferior. Russia may have German MC-163 guided missile and 'rocket interceptors in quantity. The Russian Navy is now fourth lamest in the world. It has three battleships, 12 cruisers. 110 destroyers. 250 submarines and numnrous craft, including 459 lend- Ira.'pd by the U. S. R'Tfnt "rumors" have Indicate;! the So\ let is building, in Of i man yflnls, four 35.ROO ton battleshios niul first two aircraft carriers, The Sm-iei submarine RO^l is tor 1000 by the onrt of 1952. But these re- Doctor Says Continued from Paye 6 as epidemics of chickenpox, ai there seems good reason to belie- that an occasional person can d velop chickenpox from conla with a patient with shingles the other way around. an The state motto of Virginia 'Sic Semper Tyrannls"—"Thus A ways to Tyrants." The stale en I>lem of Virginia shows an arm figure standing over the fallen bo< a tyrant. >ees Accident, tops Car— lets Ticket LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Oct. 23. UPt Karney Dleta slopped his auto lend a hand In taking injured ersons from the wreckage of a affic mishap. When he returned to his car, he >und a ticket for illegal parking. The Little Bock Police Traffic ureau said DleU had not re- tonded to the summons, but that e has several days remaining in hich to do so. Forfeit on the charge—parking in i a prohibited w>ne—Is $2, but iletz may have a hearing In traffic ourt if he wishes. Marriage Licenses The following couple yesterday pplied for a marriage license at he office of Mrs. Elizabeth Blylhe arker: William Joseph Tanner and Eva Lnverne Goforth, both of BlyUie- llte. WHEN IN' ROME— The famous Tivolt baths, piped direct from warm sulphur springs, hav« been providing therapeutic baths for Romans for 2000 years. But they never look so good BUS when Lulsa Arneghi, 19, R frequent visitor to Tivoli, gets under for a shower. (NEA- Acme photo by Staff Photographer Albert BlaseuE.) ports are unconfirmed figures. Th are discounted further by lack of trained crews to operate them. Commander Greenhalgh puts Soviet A-bomb stockpile at the more conservative figure of 25 to 50 bombs today. Some estimates run as high as a 100. for that After-Game IT'S DE-B/TTERIZED! IT'S CLEAN! Gri»iedieek Broi. Brewery Co. si MA ZING' i NEW' I SWIVEL-TOPI I __ ^ ' *— " little as tju> per week MUr d SEE fr £ TODAY/ Hubbard & Hoke APPLIANCE CO. Autfionicd Dealer CENERAI^EIECTRIC VACUUM CLEANERS lenuine Sour Mash £3 your Key to True Bourbon Satisfaction NOW 5 YEARS OLD at no increase in price ( .i Q»;u-t Pint r/ 2 pint $95 $00 3 95 $ 2 OLD FITZGERALD Genvnv* SOU* MAS« Bovrfco* OLD FASHIONED... Distributed by MUON IMSTKIBUTING CO. Hide Rock, Arkansas *ONDC« KEKTVCKV SUAICMf »OU«»OM WHISCET — 1 0« flOQf The Vanishing American Cooks, maids and housekeepers are getting scarce as hen's teethl In fact, there are a half-million /ewer today than ten years ago. At the same time, the number of families has increased by millions! However, this state of affairs hasn't confused Mrs. America. Sh« knows that wired help can do the job of hired help. Think for a moment how electricity lightens your household taskt. It vacuums your rugs, washes and ironi your clothes, heats your water — even entertains you — at the flick of a switchl Doei all this — and more — for only g few cents a day "wages"! What else gives you so much real valu« at jo little cost? With ths prices of everything else rising . . , and rising . . . electricity remains low in price — a bigger bargain than ever I * "MEET CORLISS ARCHER" lor dcllfhlfnl coratdr, Sundaf s— CBS— » P.M., Cenlril Ttax. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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