Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 3, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 3, 1908
Page 7
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ft'* £ke Fdcking joky nrloin in ice water Souc fi imcy sirioui in • wedt^^n cook and-Tsare it. WolddlUMteacxtsfaoold? Keitfier' teste r^il ^hsTc all the peculiar tfelicacT cf oysters you get at the shone because so ice or water tondies. tiie^— no preservative is aaed or needed. . The t» is tucked around the sealed galvanized steel cans. "Sealsh^" Oysters are clean— ficah, tboroiififaly palatable, a /»Yi>i. Kew wtxs of preparinr oyster^ an fivcn in "scalUitpt Sciu^—an iutemt- sn book mtOBt ousters. 'Ask Kay of the fcllB »ia» dealers for a copy aud try a ftet sf •%f1rtitpt" Oysters today, water. All soUd meats. FBEyER BROS; OTTO BINZE; OUR WAY The genuine "Sfal)ihtpf' Oj-sters arc always sold from • .,. . . - , - Infriage- aiects •^nll • lie prosecuteil to the full extent of ibe law. NATIONAL OYSTER CARRIER COMPANY South Norwalk, Conn^ticat, A NEWS OF GAS CITY THEBE IS A.VOTHEK CASE UF SCAKLET FEVER l.N TOWX. Thp llMnil llul> Mfinbrrs Mt-l La>l Evening and Urbcarsed Mnsfc for Their £ntcrtainaieDt<>. Choral Clab MH. Tile Choral ciub he'd their regular weekly practice in the. high school -building last evening. The members are rehearsing mu^c which witJ be used in the eutertamuioiits which the club will give during tho wiat"r. PRAISE FOR HiNKEr New York World Says lofa Man Put New Life in the Yale Team By His Fiery Coaching. I> on I>ead Fire. The Cherokee'ymeltcr iu this city was t)U dead fire yesterday Ijecause i( •aat imptissiblt? lu vxl ore. As soon Si ore arrives the diffennit bJoclcs of ilje Bluelter will be started. ' It l» Election Pa}. Today is ciectlou day and exclie- zueut Is running lUgh. Both tlie IX^ni- The .New Yorii World of i'ritlay. Oc- loijer :jo, say=: Now Haven. Conu.. Or I. —riidi-r adverse woalher conuiti<jus for ibe rliird time tiiis weeic the Yalo squad had a Ions:, hard practice under the coaching of Franic Hinkey today. Inspired by his Oery words the "vaiSity repiiiied the scrub team a^ain and again in ii-s advancci, and linally ilu- second team backs were tinab'.e to make the slightest headway afalnst the 'varsity. Hinkey scut lii" uieii aloiiij at top speed, and I 'fiori^ he sot tlifiMu'li with them llie iih 'tors were .• • ami tuckliug with more giui:;.. .1 "'irre than they li ;tvi- di>playeii ''. Mm. Hinke\ ijaid t^hi'ecial altft.' 1 > th« ends, and lie siieeeeded iu i: .' Miu}: THEIOLAPAH.T BECI8TO»> fazgHA ETESEK^ 50YB3IBEB ». STATE, tOCNTV XSH TOWXSHIP OFFICES TO BE FILLED CV SA5SAS VOTE . ON AMENDMENTS so OPPOSITIOX TO FLAX TO tHE.LSE LECISL-VTIBE SALAKIE?.. Fire Fri^idrntial and State Tirkets in Field-Uallread M(u tu Tote .lo}wber<*. T6i )eka. Kas.. Nov. .".—Here are the stakes for which the ^pnblicnns and Democrats will do battle in Kansas today- Ten presideDllal eIector>. s congressmen, state officers, iuc^ud- nR the three snpreme court judges: t" state senators. representatives It; district judges. l.l*6v county offic «?rs and about 15.000 township officer.-.. While there are five presidentia! and State ticket- iu the field-'-Hep v. 1>- iicau. DemocruMc. I'r'.hibiti'jnist. J>o- cialist and Indepetidt-'ice— rh" fjiii^^' s simply betuv-en riie K*";>i;).Ue:iiis aud Demwrats. A'.I 'lie "tl!-r t ;eke ;s are merely iide ia.-.ues. Tlie .<tate iifficers to !»•• v.ired foi ar»': Tlir<nieniher.>^ of -.h. s'i| i»n ;e Duri. ircvertior. lieutenant covernor. ccretary-of state, auditor, trea-^iirer. attorney genera!, siiperini«»ndent ot schools, superintendent of insurance, state primer aud tiircc railroad commissioners. Twelw County Officer*. County tifflccrs to I >e voted for are County clerk, treasurer, reeis '^er of eeds. county attorney, priibaje jridu*". eriif. coroner. superinn ndeiit of cliools. surveyor, district clerk and wo- county cunimissioufr.-:. Townshiii officers to be el<*cred are; Trustee, clerk, trcastirer troni one to wo jusrice-s of the pea -e and ihij .same nx'.mber of consiab'es in each town- sliip. The po!b ojien in the ritie.-> a? •(•iock a. ni aud cliisy at ti (i 111. In the country precincts »h- pol's open a. »i. and clo.'-e at t> p. m. T.he eiectiotf cffict r.s are appointed t>y the trustee iit lii": cuiaitry and election commissioner or city clerk in ili»- ci.y upon tlip re.ommeii'iation of the di.'ir man of the respective poUticai county committees. In cas»- the trustee has failed to do his duty-the vitirs wii! meet and s«'lect the < flici.i!-. KuilFoad Men Vole .\u;vih «-re. Kailroad meii—fh.i: ih"-*' v.!;o ,-e occupations ktep 'li tr.e road on election ila>~fannfu.; lrai^^^• ;tud them with si.nie of the spirit and da-sh which characterized hiii play when be the like, aii- pennitted to vote whor- held the jMiMtion of cud more than a evet the> can. Tin y show cre- decade ago. ~ Ideutials. provin:; diat if tU^y -.v. r |rd «!itli's door. The doctor said he had done all he con Id that my stMnach was old and worn out I was so weak I could not. walk. I took Mi-o-na tablets, and have Been able to work like eating hearty ever since, and f - am a tigrr. I wish T coald go and thank yon Hi 'Self. I smd you my picture «iad y.iu can usf my word and m_ piclurf. and 1 -hnnk yon again."—Mri. Xelsou Lucier, l\1 Fifh St., AthoL Mi-o-na cures dyspspsia. If any of •he readtr= of The ReeisTer are suf- '»-r:.:r from s.omach trouble of an :-:;i'! tTha-, I'. Spencvr k Co. wII! i yo.i a >.x ' M ; o-ua for T-o cnt^ with an a .i "l";t.- rnarantee pf relief, i; niOne:. back. In mai;y cases oae box wifi effect a permanent cure; in citronic conditions more i.- necessary \i'.v « ne tfci:;^ is Cf ?rta:n: one bos of Mi -o-:ii wiVi make you feel so much better lind brighter, so much more en ergeticL that you will not give it ui till cured. SAILORS IN A FOOTBALL GAME. Eleven From the Battleship Virginia Beat Ohioans 22 to 0. .Vm.v. \ov. :>.—The feature ot tee '•sU'Ttainment t>n shore rt>.Jay lor th^ •u- a ot the visiting American batt '.e ship- V. a.s t!?' fr «)tbai? match between ;-fev.r.f fnur; th- Vi.'sinia nnd the Ohio. The . . v .Mi from the Virpiaia won with a .-r.^ of 22 to '»After the -.iatue the men were glv- n n lunc! -^on at the reception .grounds and ti...u visited the thca- tre.=«. Sev<-nty-six oCIc-ra were entertained at lunohuoii today by the for- eiirn roinniunity at .\m>wr. \t the re­ quest of >5r. Tiiomah. chairman of tlie foreigti committee, no speeches were made, it being recognized that the officer* are the puosts of the Chinese government. A HALLOWEEN VICTIM DEAD. W, E. Jackett Shot George McMichael in Cunningham, Kas. .1 . 1 _ 'home they woiild be entitl'^d to a vote E^ery mtm on the team knows • .T,^^.,. ^.^.-^.^ ocrats aud Repub.'icnins are ciaituing' Hinkey s toot ball history by heart, aud respective home countie^ ttf be the city. they loilfnved his instructions impMr- itly wh' II !!•• Kave orders for Hinkey Another Ca*e .Scarlet Feier. tdidtit merely .-ufrjcest to«iay—he con:The smali daughter of Frank l^er-j manded. and lii.-^ cnmiaiidi were fore, ger who has been ill with scaylei (ev-jf,ji er for Uie past several days, is said; Ifeadj lo Try >ew IMay>. to be much Ixtter. However, herj p,,;:,, „ow on Vai* will bc-in to >OHDg cousin who is living'at the Her-' ,„:- int.. i.ractice all of lier variou.s ger "home is said to have cnutracte «r m^vv p !a>s. aitd she will he able to do the malady and is now very ill. i witli itiipunity r.nti! .she faee.s • ; iJrown. bv wliich time her plav-; will Dr. I^avell returned la.t night from perfected and hor team in r- AUen. Kas., wicre he went to attend f,.... ..-orkiu;: order. the wedding of his sister. ! ,f ,{ir,u,.y in..pir. <I ilie men iti tbeii '.\orK b;. hi.-i laf'Senc. he alio broUeltt joy to tlie hearts of the loyal under- Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Hampton, of A!- toota. was iu tht city yesterday on business. S. L. Jackson, of Aitoona, was in the city yesterday on real estate business. Mr. and Mrs, Marshal', of .Vevada. Mo., are here visiting relatives. James Wilson. o[ Toix ka. i^ lif i \iiiting. \ S. n. Williams, of Kansas City, was here yesterday calling on the iucai L.u-iacss men. j;r:i'juates. lor his methods have tended to bring order out of what was a cl'.aoric condition, and he succeeded in bringini: about a semblance of team vfirk in today's pracH'-e. HO»VAKD JO.XES PH;iLIST. ' Mr. Hiul.-y ha.^ been in the east for some limt'. Hisi many friends tore will read with pleasui;e of his iiuccess i in assistiii.i; the Yale team In its prac- tic»> for the big game. t loU B«} ViMd Fa>t Boot on Polnl» at Veiter. -\t an KIk's smoker in IX nvi r. t'oi oiudu. lu.-t I'rida.v nisht. How Juiuh won a l>o^lnji mill eh from the chuuipieu of I»eH\«^' 'I'he boilt v».i »i fur iouud> While neither vsa.s PAID IN $1,800 TAXES. Amount for First Day Year. . I", opli .m- too intt•re^ted iu tl ilictioji to thmU «>t iiuyiuK ilieir ia\ > s, V .-ftiiiidy the flr«! .iny tor pa>able to K IHK K the other oiii, Joiivn won „,„„„ v,.,, paiil •iftiUU '.i M .ineiliUi;; lllo' •"..I 'Hi li«M \>«r on »li< fifft >l«y How.».T. nenrb everyone I M p«%lnw In ml' Krh <N )l kttideniH whi«ri< li« uliendcd »cUu <il lukt year u* "U «d." counted. There will also be t*o ronstituti.jn- al amendm»>nts to v.jt* ttiH .u. On<» increases the pay < f i.i-iiibers of tiie ?e.::;islattire. At present a mei.ibir revives $:". a day th- regu'i, fifty days' session, and $t<t a mi;.- Un mil­ age. He also cets T H *- same niiUa~» 'fand same pay r day tor sptcial sv.— sioiis. Tit" proi.os '-d am .-ndiM '^n'; tilt- salary at for »-ari' rei;;i- lar session. $luo ftjr ••acii s; (-ciai at-s- sien and cfuf- a bo'h da;.?-. T -^r •rav.-!;n}: expeii>»-s. Tile rpii, r a:ii."iidnienf propo—s to '••i-.'ti^e til'' »cifstit'trion so fhat a d.s- t'rt iiidi;'- v.;!; no* 1 i);-rr(-d fidu rn:.!:;:ir; jiio '^i. r otfif.- dviiinu liis •'•ri'.! as .ludS'. It aiso pjrue.s 1 r.-ba'? ''I'lo. - 01! salaf'. >';t Ffcht ou Amcndnieat.o. Xefrhfr po;;f;f:i! (;.nrty lias paid any Hi '.-n";'>-:i to ti;^'- two aniendtiienis. Vo afte:i;:,r i ,o":i made to lineup h<"- voter.- elrlicr wa; oa Uie pro|H»si- •|c;i. ^!^.^K•:r<^r. ui'tf fli" b-adi-rs •f bii!i parti"" JM- M . 'avi.r of ri;'" •n 'i -;)';;ij.':jr to ".-irj h :i;.-iri'- of "ue:ii'"rs < f tbt' 'i-z--'••••<: 10 at.d are <^\^ •iosed to Iff ;iu:» ndmeirt i;i leirard to lisirift .-'.iid probaft j.u'ij;esr • •hai;ni.iii fx-.!!".\ of tt... l{< (.ab'ii ;fn -o'liuiitrfi- ^;r!d as' uitrhf j I hav;- li'oni froTn a numb"r of j<-oiiiities today aiid I h.".>• he,i;d ii>'h lift.; Ih^t i-aiis>-j, n:e t<. i-)!;:*' iiiy pr'"- 'dtitiou ill tb" U -.i-' Tat; ainl the -^;i*e s Light This iiolr»>t wiV re «-cn,- ., |i'iir:«lity of juon'or ni''te .iiid «e ujil elcf-t i!ir. e- jfourth-* of the b«ui.-.!aiur»' aud <v.—y ' el>aure.^•-^ll;la Conditiou-. ;tre ex.. 1'1 :;t-iili.l I li.ive iiu fear of-'ili- rt -.-ul! til Kai»j.l--~ ;ibsotii'Pl> lioisf ' Wichita. Kas. .Vov. lk'ort;e .Mc- .Viil.a'L 2" y-arr. i >ld. dit*J in Cun- ninihnm. Ka.-.. fifty ii!iP_-p wt-st of tliis ity tli1.=; morning froni a gunshot wound K*' receiteii Satifday nicht whib? in a iKirty Hallowe'en re\e!- ers. W. E. Jacket' who di<l the siioot- ing. has been taken to the county jail In Kfngman to pf '^^Piit lynching. A crowd of boys threw stones at Jack- •'tfs' house, h'? Hrt-sl at them with a revolver aud a Winchester rhio. A rifle ball tdercvl .M<-.Mtchaers abdomen. Year of Jubilee. I<ak «-r Cniv 'Tsity at Haldvvin ij a half c*'tit.tiry oM. It is pro |»osed by Presidf^nf .Murlin that this be known la til" ••yt-ar -of jiibil «e"" ami just a.s th- last hours of 'A-.f. school .-•••ar draw r.-;ir tlore shal' f.e a mijihty gatherinz. sueii iud .-'^d as Baldwin and Bak< r f'niver .-iiy tus neither se< !i t'-.r • h'ar<!. FTv -ry Ahtmn 'J.>- shouM l.'e th-re Kv .-ry formt -T Rald- wlu elti ^tii shouM Ie> ther'-. .Every pr-arh'^r ami f.^ry man. woman or rh:M v.-.ho lovi !la'r:er rnt "erjity should l!<- tht -r". There should be enoiiv'n lovers of B.ik »;r Univer.<lty to fill the caaip 'Ks ami stand ten d'«^p around tb*- ouf.-iid. . Th»n a.s vie lo-jk h;u-'; •: t !:(w.. !ift> I")if.r years of Accident on Potomac River Caoatdl by Low;. Stage of Water.—One Man Killed. Washiugfun. Xov. —E^jrlr today a collision occarred in the Potomac rfwr between the steamer City of; Washington and the ferry boat Lack-1 awanna. i^ound from Washington to.' Alexaiidria. One man. Samuel Be- lanken. forty years oM. a merchant of Alexandria, was ki'Ied. The colli-sion is belieTed to be due to a confusion of siccals and irabil- J iry on account of the low stase of th- water to proi>erIy handle the ferry boat'-. J ' The vacuum suction agitator of the Httl'KNED AN ^IIJHW i'.\YT. j STEEL KlXJWashiag .Machine will —* • • ;^wash in less time than any other ma- Sarr'«:i Woman KeiUM^d Diaiuond _ chine withaat wearing or tearing the Cr<.'«> From .MuItimlUianairt-. !clothes. % St. Lcai?. ?do.. Nov —Circuit i Take one bome and try it. Ererj ludre Matt O. Ilr/urlds htrre yerter-j ^oe is fully ^amateed liy the Xann- day L ..,c-k under ::d\!?vmei:t the df-i ^^'^^orers. For sale only by orce p-.titiun of tWrne .M. B':rns former manager oi iLv Waiu-^h r.^i'.- oad b*'tween r >.»ir'/ii a :;d Ch>;«eo His { w;t.-. M I -. C ara i >>:ri;-. who l.;- !•.-•. Brigham Hard ware Co. EAST Stll-E SIH AKR iv'tjit witli h^r bro-.'i.r 11 Detroit. uCas t n eo:;,-r vt ^sterday with Cha"!'--- H..• Bt-t-.'. her Detroit at»'>r::ey. iiut u( ; to i opr.f.-e ilivL >rce if ihi.- dt -crt -e i> irraiitej : on a simuio charge of dert -r '.ion. IP:ri:s testified tiiat she lef: W.u- if- . er he objected 10 her driukiir.:. She deposed that he knnck»-il her d .vwu. "I; was not an liabitaal drunkard like, other society women." she d.'; o>ed. "I took something to drink wlieti 1 v.-ni \ nu in Company with my husDand,"', She .said a man worth $^^.'»'^l.ol•ll ^ave: her an lll.y.'y diamond crit^.-: and a,-k< d her to g-: a (iivoree .-.tid :'.:\r y him. : but she toid hitu she w:is not that kiiid of a woman and rettirned bi.-ij present. OKLAHOMA VALUATIONS STAND. Fideral Court Held Against the Pullman and Western Union Companies. an Safety Powder :tt£.\ys JIST WHAT IT SAYS. Better than any other powder on the market.. Xo glycerine In its composition. Does not freeze no matter how cnid. Absolutely no danger in handling. Use Trojan instead ot glycerine and s^ve the lives of yonr m<Mi. and your company from damage snits. Guthrie, Ok'a.. .Vov. Z.—lu !l;e I'ni'-' I States circttit court her*- today. ud=e John Cotteral h'^'d for the ; tat-;;. n the .suit brought by the Pullman, ar company, and the West« rn Union j Tele:.raph company, iti wbieli the f cOBipauiets allvgrd l^at the state' board of equalization has retitrnej an' excessive valuation against tht prop erlies of the?" comtiaai'^?. The c-jurt. said that it couM i.ot set a=:de ..x-i cessive assessments un'.".^s it should . appear tliat they \v<ro liue t.. fraud • and itct to ui;siak«}^-of ju.ignii'tit. C.W.Coverddle IGE.VT Room 6, Steven.-'^n ftldse.—lela ARE LEAVING TOPEKA. Political llfudiiaarter> and fiiiit-es j Doerted While .Men ("o Home to Vote. the declsiun oh pOltll^. lloWtU'd Jollei. j* the »ou of W W Jotie» of Ihlf ell\ and W(M knuvMi lo th«t loeitl hitth WOULD BORROW H.100.000. •hOMttlH thUl 4 M opie ! Il\<> Uiollt .^ Ea»t«rn Steamship Company Wjinta to Pay alt CUImi. I 'litl .uid. ,M' . No\ J. »,\ peil'lon ani.tiiii for auiporltt I M . iMirraw fl i |f<i\i'iio from •« btiMkliiK liouM- In UoKitoM with whir'i to m<i*t clutms h«nsioa. Motbir't FriMd, by its penetrating and- sootliing properties, allays nausea, nervousness, unpleasant feelings, and so prepares the system for the ordeal that she passes through the event with but little suffering, as numbers have ~ testified and said, "it is worth its weiglit in gold." I.s to )<)ve children, and no homo can be haipv without them, yet tho ordeal through which theCXpCCUntnitithermustpa ^S '^e Kaslem .Steam«Ulp Com- usually is bO lull of sutTerinj? ji'^".*- '^e hands of ih.' re- and dread that she looks for- celVer.s. was presented in the federal ward to the hour with appre- 'ourt toay l.y Charles F. Libby. oil behalf of the directors of that com- pauyi The proceeds «-nahIed th*" directors to prevent thf sale of t^e company's assets under forecloseure. A hearing wa.s ordered for Monday nj> per bottto ot dra«EgiFt& Book ul ralsaUe iBturmsllon msltwl tree. THEBKADnELDSiGinJLTOBOO. AUasta, Ga. Birth. A daughter wa.«: born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bdtilden of couth First street. i'.y'\%-£.\'. VI il toll ar.d victory w ii: i" i-; •• ' aiu' sliaH What Do They Ciizel The above oveiitioo is often asked ens* CAmiof; Dr. Pierce's two leading medicines •Golden Medical DiacoTAry* and •Favorite PrescripiJon." The answer U tbat «"Goldra Ifedleat DtsoDvery ' U a moeit potent alteratlTO or tikmd-partfirr, and huiie or iRVisorator and acu Aspeciftlly favorabljr in a eura- fivtt way upon ail tfa« nacoua Unlncsnr- face!*, as of ibii na^al paasaces, throat, bronehial tubra, stomach. botteU and MaddeBrcarinc » law ner caM. ot eaur- rbal ea&« ^h«<ther diwMiM %9t^u tbe ft«»» i>i (V>«<> tho IJi^ijin. farjrnx. taw* rbia, stomacRv t)ow«U,U4 m ut«ru« nr other WOT is * l>owI«rfuL , , . Inn Vjntc and n««rrln«. For wMk worn- out. ov *»r-worlwd women— IH > matter what haa cauMiri i6*« break-down, "Favorite Prescription "jsill bo found mo»l effective (tt building up tfae-strengtb. rt'ffulatinc tb« womanly functions, subdulnK patn and brlnifinY about a hi >aithy. vigorou* coodlUon of tho wholt system. A book of particulars wraps each bottle fftTln; the formulm of both medicines and onoting what s«-ores of eminent medical authors, whoso works are constilted by phjr »ician »of all th^.^chooUof practice as aukiBS in prescribing, say of each ingredient entering into these medicines. Tbe words of praisn bestowed on tho eevwal Ingredients eaiertujt into Doctor Pioroe'a medicines by such writers shoukl have more weight than any amount of non^prafesslonal testimoniais, becaoae such men ars writing for tho guidance of thehr modical brethren and know whereof they speak. > - fiotfi medicines are noB -alcoholic. non> Eeere^ and conuin no harmful haiiit- formingdmgs, being composed of glycerio ex^aeta of the rooto of natire, American dna) forest plants. Tfaey are Both by dealers in medicine. You can't soaeoeptas » salistitataforoneof Udoes of kamm oompoeftltm, "sMii ^yiiiw ' . ~ SB'S Palleta. Bnsn, sQgar«oated, Topeka. Nov. —The statehoii^e | racticafly is de.«erf I trxlay. On.y a I ev.- ci-rks are left to trar.sar: ii'.i^;- ess. and most <.f ih-s>- are wcrnen. in t.'f> i '(-ard ot .-i = ric:i;F:ir»». r.r>\'\ of health ai.d t-':c rr,n'nii-".-i..ii-_ 'r xil.f'- ::\\ of thv I'Md^ i f •• ; ' .i!*s have gr>n»' hoai»-. Many -.v.^.st j a-i Vfek to mix in oral !.oi;-;cs. .\K-:t ; the assistants and men clerks 'r?i"t i^'i.iv. For the !a:;t week noiiiu-:r t-'x- ep; ;<•,:;!'•'• has bvvn talk d •• >"•'• ; jo'iitical headquai ter-^ ro; J raiisactic; auy f.usiness. .w Kopub-• lean headquarters Chairtu;ui Doliey ind W. T Beck, 'he secretary, w.-re ' clearing up theic dciks and answer- , n.c Jiray letters Th-jre wtrijtio .>f-1 f.ti;.'.- at Deniorratic l-.eud^piart.r^ t-\ 1 a ^tenog^aph»•r to ;i;i --,V '-r th*- 'ti«':>);. !.es. Raw fur*! B.S. BARNARD tH'Z^ Xortit Borke^e Street, lola. Kaosuii. You start rljrht, eud ri ^ht Ti>p the marker. (Jet a Sfjuare deal. Don't pay aiiv commission or express riiar-Jes. "Dont sel' to any trust or give middlemeL any p-rofits and don't have, any re.^rets when you ship or sell to B. S. BARNARD Be Sure You're at the Right riace. TME .tJOVEKN.^IEM FI> \>t FS. U«t HonlhS llcilrit titer t» MilHuus — A llond l«.»«n« >« OM. W j'bfJiKl.n \' N ; -leo , r liiilent «IX|" n -^'H l .»^l li.olitU \\<-li' f!'< .JI .U.i.N itrv.nti't the ir--etp»* TTiij tiiljl roveutie WU!* llf '.ltlT.T.M. ftti Uo i''M»«« , •if alHtiitjit lulllioh do ;!,\r^ -ivei the re- C'dptK of (IctolH r r.M>7. uiid 111'- p>pfn-' •lUureh wiTe 1 ndl!"!,.. i;itji> lii .in! last year Tlo- iln.rea^•• In VNIH -: s'-^ ' wa» due rntlr »>ly lo th^ ium t <ijne<l, ov«T lo the l'i,^ti «f!ice deparOnent (o cover till deficit in {M »stal rt \et ;ite.* for' the jM .-it three ui -aths. The net available cash t,alance »i . the treasury Is lR4 *.i miliir.a doKan*. uf which nearly is I 2 .Jllion6 are m national bunks and I millions in tue' treasury of the Fhiiippi'i- islands. Itav ing the available caih in the national treasury at>oiit SO million dollara. : Tb»» issue "of Jl niillionB ireesury | dollars of Pai:ama Ciiial b-^nds will be sold soon, part uf the proceeds to reimburse the tr ^asuiy for expenditures already made. Tcke our No. 410 when TraveliiBg Eastward Lea'.es Io!a 7:1? p. m.. ar- riv-s St. Louts S;2 J a. m. .'•ieep.lng cars. This train connect- with the exist luund tralu^ a? St Uiiila, For furih*»r particulars call ulST .1 st >e ij*. Co p. Hate, Agt. can be secured J.E. Headenoa •The Issue of li railliocs of treasury ,,^0 paWlalieni notes put out last year during the [ famishes i th^ at the lo^Qat Pji^ financial dfsttirt>ance becomes due on fbe!20th of tliis month. ; Tbe present Interest bearing debt of the goTeminent is 897)i million dollars. possible. Norden's. Trial sobscrlpticm to 3 numths 25c. Phoiw pa. •>--t- 414 M. 90ekcff

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