The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 19, 1986 · Page 45
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 45

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1986
Page 45
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The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 19,1986 Page 5 Soap opera summaries for Jan. 13-17 By JON-MICHAEL REED United Features ALL MY CHILDREN: R.L. took Erica to a hospital. Natalie didn't tell Jeremy that R.L. phoned to say that Erica wasn't injured in the landslide. Solange accused Brooke of suppressing the fact that Gilles' death wasn't acci- aeniai. wav- alie climbed into bed with a drunken Jeremy, who later won- Tune in tomorrow dered if he'd made love to Natalie while he dreamed about Erica. Benny warned Dottie not to let Edna walk all over her. Jeremy's pal Larry arrived in Canada. Palmer insisted to a distraught Nina that Daisy didn't leave town because of Nina. Cliff learned that Nina's doctor, Amy, is a widow. Adam arrived in Canada to help Jeremy search for Erica. Ross and Lucy talked about business takeovers and realized they're attracted to each other. Benny and Donna are having marital problems. Alex seems to be missing. Tom told Brooke be has an alibi for the time of Gilles'death. ANOTHER WORLD: Zane and his sister, Annie, saw Felicia and Wallingford on the TV news as they were being arrested during a raid on a bordello. Chris realized that Mac is suffering from the same ailment that killed Grant. Chris and Nancy later realized the dust in the amphora is poisonous and rushed to warn Rachel, who had already opened the amphora. Victoria sold the gems she stole from the Egyptian treasure for big bucks, which she secretly sent to Donna. Donna used the Tele-puzzle money to pay her bills so she didn't have to sell the Love family mansion. Brittany schemed to get Peter to propose marriage to her before he learns that she's pregnant. Cass violated the terms of his bail by going to California to look for Kathleen. Victoria suspects Neal had something to do with the theft of the Egyptian treasure. Donna wants Jake out of Marley's life. AS THE WORLD TURNS: Meg is smitten with Dusty, but Iva warned her that Dusty's interested in Lily. Harriet lent Shannon money so that she can fly to Europe to give Earl Mitchell the diamonds she's holding for him. Barbara's detective learned that Earl is in New York. Doug was surprised to find a copy of Caroline's will in Marsha's safe. Kim hasn't told Bob that she's pregnant. Kevin eavesdropped on Marsha, who phoned Will Pratt to tell him to stay in hiding. Craig is jealous of John's friendship with Sierra. John told Bob he'll try to get custody of Andy if Kim's mental state doesn't improve. Heather was puzzled that Roy doesn't want her to meet his family. A mystery person listened to a tape recording of Kim singing. Kim learned that the man (Dr. Strauss) killed in the hit-and-run accident wasn't her secret admirer. CAPITOL: Tyler rescued Julie. During a Shootout Sherry and Sandy were killed. A hooker, Tawny, helped Zed escape from Victor's men. Zed told Jenny that they were married before she had her "accident." Sloane tried to find out if Julie really did shoot Mark. Victor warned Jenny that the law won't forgive her for shooting Mark. Julie was hospitalized with a high fever. Jordy was in shock after he learned that Leanne is going to die. Baxter (Jarrett) told Clarissa that he wants to make love toner. DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Brother Francis came to Anna's rescue when she was harassed by two bums. The Pawn returned to Patch's pad. Kimberly had nightmares that Emma told Shane that Kimberly's having Victor's baby. Mike didn't hit it off with the hospital's new head of surgery, Dr. Robin Jacobs. Chris insisted to Sav annah that their romance is over. Kimberly suffered abdominal pains. Fearing that she'll be raped again, Maggie began carrying a gun. Patch confronted Victor about The Pawn. Mickey told Maggie that he wants to remarry her. Hope tailed Bo, who went to New York City in search of a former I.S.A. agent who was Shane's buddy. Miss Peach agreed to keep mum that she caught Bo and Shane after they broke into the I.S.A. office. Pete and •Melissa argued after be bought her an expensive condo. Marlena and Chris agreed to be friends forever. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Anna found a dead body that was later identified as Earl Moody. Patrick became a prime suspect in Moody's murder after he inherited Moody's estate, including stock in a company called "Purity." Frisco and Samantha (Sam) were assigned to run errands for Bert. Tony and Tania caught Frisco, who was about to kiss Sam. Monica learned that Sean is devoted to Robin. Terry and Kevin planned their upcoming wedding. Edward sent Jimmy Lee to Brazil to check out Sean and Dmitri's shipping deal. Jennifer and Ted were rattled to see a police sketch of Russell. 1.8 Shown, Lance on "Falcon Crest" 13 Ms. Van Buren 14 " Lucy" 15 Upperclassman:' abbr. 16 account (never) 17 ID for Edwards 18 Silver symbol 19 She's Tootle 21 Shooting marble 23 • carte 24 Affirmative vote 25 Def., often 26 Hogan's rank 27 Diamond or Sedeka 30 Actress Verdon 32 Concerning ,. , ACROSS 33 "—, Wilderness" 34 Garroway or Brinkley 36 "The — Ranger" 39 "2001" computer 40 Eureka! 43 "Tarzan" star 45 One, no matter which 46 Digging tool 48 Expire 49 West Indies: abbr. 50 Proceed 51 UK alphabet enders 53 Sha — Na 54 Mack on "Knots Landing" 56 Powell or Steber •58 Disney's middle name 59 Judy or Audrey DOWN 1 Zane — (Lanza role) 2 Edmund — 3 Rhode Island: abbr. 4 Personality 5 Grandmother 6 Gives the needle 7 Science 8 Reside 9 October brew 10 Sign-off for Osmond 11 Frankie — 12 George — 20 Murray or West 22 Fashionable 23 Expert 28 — Kupcinet 29 Actor Majors 30 "My — Sal" 31 What person? 34 He's Capt. Furillo 35 — Khan 37 Calmer or Beatty 38 Wylie or Donahue 39 Jan-Michael Vincent role 40 Wire svc. 41 Shirley Booth series 42 — Rogers St. Johns 44 New — Eve 46 "— and Daughters" 47 Paradise 50 Actress Scala 52 Depressed 55 Roman six 57 Neon symbol Puzzle solution on Page 9 Bobbi returned home when she was unable to find Russell, who she later spotted in Port Charles. Mike is still angry at Ginny for keeping him in the dark that he was Derek's son. Anna found a Purity product bottle with Terry's picture on it. Bobbi fears that Neil's killer will return. GUIDING LIGHT: Kyle accepted Billy as his brother after learning that they're both Sally's sons. Claire came down on Rick, who fell asleep while working at the hospital. Fletcher befriended Reva, who had a religious experience and then vowed to begin life over. Kyle suspects that Reva was pushed off the bridge. Maureen and Ed decided to live as husband and wife again. Rick took pills in order to stay awake during his hospital shift. A mystery person has Reva's wedding ring. After saving Michelle's life, Ed and Maureen realized how much they love her. Ross and Calla shared a passionate kiss. Kyle offered Beth and Jackson a public relations job at his Sampson- Lewis Company. India was jealous to see Simon flirting with Beth. Fletcher worked on a newspaper story about the circus train wreck. Claire was furious that Maureen told her to find her own apartment. LOVING: Ann took a gun away from Lorna, who threatened to kill Link. Spider, who's out of jail, terrorized Trisha and tried to date Cecilia. Keith asked Dolly to marry him. Shana gave Doug information for' his expose on Dane. Link confronted Zona, who insists that she's pregnant. Jack and Stacey celebrated his divorce from Ava. Curtis told Ava he doesn't think he wants to get married. Dane warned Gwyneth she'll go down with him if he's ousted from Alden Enterprises. Spider wants a job with Cecilia's father, Mr. Thompson. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: With help from Chip and Woody, Bo, didn't really die, pulled a scam on Mr. Hanover and his partner, Andre, who were both arrested. Chip worried that Joy will find out he was the hitman hired to kill Bo. Didi was able to see after her eye surgery. Asa's friend, M.L. Kirby, lied to Pamela that he was Asa Buchanan. After learning that Asa had tricked her again, Pamela pretended that she's dying in order to teach Asa a lesson. Bobby and Niki (Viki) had thieves Don and Margie arrested after they tiled to rob Clint. Dorian hired Connie as her secretary. Pete suspects that Sherry is 'up to no good. Larry is puzzled by a music tape that was found in Laurel's car after her death. Niki is terrified that her Viki personality will eventually return. Asa fired Dorian after insisting thattheir kisses will lead to trouble. RYAN'S HOPE: Maeve insisted that the Ryans must stick by Dakota after Johnny admitted to her that he's Dakota's father. Johnny told Dakota that they are father and son. Dakota started to improve after Pat let Melinda treat Dakota with herbal medicine. Jack didn't hit it off with Devlin Kowalski, when she presented him with an award for his work at the hospital. Frank and Jill romped in the sack but Frank worried that Jill still cares for Dakota. SANTA BARBARA: Mason recovered after Gina nearly killed him by pouring lighter fluid over his food. C.C. pretended to be in a coma in order to find out which of his family members are loyal to him. Believing that Mason was asleep, Mary admitted that she loves him. Fearing that she'll become deeply involved with Dylan, Kelly pressured Nick to get married right away. Warren accused Brick of causing a rift in the Lockridge family. Lionel and Sophia vowed that they'll always be 'friends. Kirk told Gina that he has her diary in which she admits that she tried to kill C.C. Gina told Kirk that she knows he's letting Eden think that she tried to kill C.C. Augusta threatened to drag Lionel through divorce court while he planned to take Sophia on a cruise. In hopes of taking over the company presidency, Mason worked out a big bucks business deal for Capwell Industries. SEARCH FOR TOMORROW: Patti and Hogan found the body of informant, Bankston, who had been murdered. Estelle bought the contract that Rivera was using to keep her under his thumb. Lloyd was livid when Bela accused him of beating Estelle. Rivera got chummy with Stephanie because he wants to buy her TV station. Liza can't forget that Estelle was once Lloyd's wife. Patti learned that Quinn and Sarah had argued just before Sarah's death. Hogan saved Patti from a tarantula that Rivera had sent to Hogan. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Lindsey admitted to John that she had taken the blackmail photos because Jill was involved with a man Lindsey once loved. Jack was relieved that Lindsey didn't admit that Jack is the man in the photos. Esther sent Kay a letter offering to sell her the blackmail photos, but Kay believed the note was a prank. Casey tagged along with Nikki, who searched Victor and Ashley's log cabin love nest. Shawn changed his story and insisted to Nikki that he's not impotent. Nikki told Matt that she doesn't know the identity of the mystery man in the photos she posed for on the Rio shoot. Paul is very attracted to Faren. Andy admitted to Paul that he's thinking about marrying Faren. Danny learned that he has to have an operation on his throat. Sheen directs daughter LOS ANGELES (AP) - Martin Sheen makes his directorial debut with the CBS Schoolbreak special "Babies Having Babies," which stars his daughter, Renee Estevez. The drama on teen-age pregnancy is from a teleplay by Katherine Montgomery and Jeffrey Auerbach. It will be telecast early in 1986. The special also marks the acting debut for Renee Estevez. Insure your assets with the best. BRlftKMAN'S Insurance Agency 1809 Martin 827-1480 S«rvlc» Sine* 1930 1(PIA)

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