The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1949
Page 15
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UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6, 194* Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople sv««Y ._ up IKI M.V DseP-FUeeze CELL. " ' COULD GRATE NUTMEGS oJ M.V GOOSEPlMPLES.' %f A WHEN W> SCO POT/I? I'M SO CHILLED OLrr-rr*ecx.D ^% ' AREFEEE6 COOMTlMS TEfi CTVCtt ME ,' ARE BE IMG CUEAKSfiD -«AREN'T BACK SOOKJ. I'LL STUDY ESKIMO SOX CfthJ TRANSLATE YOUR FOR SALE Concrete culvert* VI inch u> 4* Inch, plain or reenfurced Als* Concrete Building Blork* cheaper than lumbet for barn* chlckeD homes, pump houses, tenant halm, tool sliedi We dellfet Call u Co' tree estimate Phone 691 OSCEOLA T|LE & CULVERT CO You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl LTCRS q^'T/ SMOG SHOP 1 WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store y It . . With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores Crime Ware Eighty-lour per cent of fatal •ccidenls, 55 per cent of purse •natchlngs, 71 per cent of assaults on women, and 68 psr cent of car thefts In 1947 occurred after dark. Someone to By IRENE LQNNEN ERNHART c^, ,, „„ , INC. THK STORY, Wkrm Toi !)•.»<-•»'• • ••<r*«, j,i» CttKOTrr, «!•**« with ••ftlhrr • ••, Tod lur«» (• hi- old frlFMd J» n y Paleitka fvr roMfwrl. J«-BM> k* k •!**•?• b*4 • <-*.»b « T.J W.I wbr. To* »r»- *»•*• • *« f* ati-Hl* It l« "»» Ike re»»«n4." Tod • •?• Ir U not and J*»«7 mffrlftn. Wh*l >PHR 7 4**M • nl know IN Ikat Tad ••• acr*. a »lctBT«- of l.u o» kcr rrlura <TOM • rr honerMODM. Twd plain* lo vel Marrted ^Bfcklr. and Coricct, »•< •<• ••*• t>.c I.I.', l.lkrr I. "Illnn kU «•—«. Irjlx <« K« Tod to a«^»pl • }oV !• kU HTM. Tod tHta klB aiotk«r ke kaii "ofner pl«n>, n knt ke do*« nol tfll h«r 'k*t kc iMirndi lo Marry Jcaa^. • * • VI ' 'TPHE three days passed in an exciting whirl for Jenny. The girls »t the shop gave her a shower;- wonderful accessories to go with the cloud pink suit in which sh« would be married. Max gave her a hot, a dream, cloud pink to match the suit She had protested, knowing the exclusive lab«l and the price. But Mai insisted. "Just promise me one thing, Jenny darling," he said. "Don't quit the jhop. You're the best model I've got." "I'm not quitting. You needn't worry about that," Jenny said, tucking the hat into its crisp tissue paper nest in the new hatbox. "Tod's planning to finish college next winter, and he won't have a scholarship this time. I'll have to keep working." "Fine!" Max gave her a quick hug. -"I hope: your ..Tod goes on -and OD • withlhis .schooling, if it means you'll stay that much longer." "I'm not that good," Jenny protested, laughing. Everything was wonderful and so exciting. Tod was to be out on his sales territory in the southern part of the state Tuesday and Wednesday but Thursday morning be would come by for her and they would get their license and go to a justice of the peace. They hadn't had time to talk about the details, bul Jenny bad expected that Toe wculd bring his mother with him. ilie was rather surprised on Thursday morning when Tod urncd up alone. He hadn't oven .old his family. "But darling," Jenny snid, as hey drove off. "It's bound to upset your mother this way." Tod frowned. He did feel guilty for not having told his mother. And the guilt gave rise lo irrita- Jon as he said, "They'd have raised such a fuss." 'A fuss?" « • • * V~QU knO|' how they are." "You ftean they wouldn't want you to marry me?" "It isn't that they don't like you, Jenny." Tod's hands tightened on the wheel. "Then why should they raise a fuss? Don't they wnnt you to get married?" "No, it's not that exactly." Real impatience was in his voice now. "It's just—well you know how they felt about my marrying Liz. And Mr. Conover phoned wanting my answer about that job, and I wasn't there, and you know how Ma is; she got all excited, naturally. They all did." "About what?". "About the job. Ma got all worked up about Liz again, and got some crazy idea in her head about—" He broke off and glanced at Jenny anxiously. "This is no time to be. talking about Liz, or any silly notions Ma 1 -has. In few minutes we'll be married." "Are you sure, Tod," Jenny faltered. "Sure I want to marry you?" He grinned at her, blue eyes quizzical. She nodded, a. funny lump coming into her throat. "You silly kid." He brought trie car to a stop in front of the faded red brick building with its dingy "Justice at the Peace" sign hanging above the doorway. ". wouldn't have asked you if : hadn't wanted you, would 1?" "No." She went into his arms for a moment, felt the urgency o" is mouth on hers, his hand ressed against her throat. Suddenly all her doubts were dis- olved. • • * PHE ceremony -in the shabby garish parlor had neither dig- ity nor reality. Jenny always •ememuercd the threadbare red L'nrpol, the framed mottoes on the vails, the Iwuquet of dusty paper "oses on the battered upright piano, the limp soiled lace curtains at the windows. Tod felt a lack too, and when -hey were back in the car he said, 'I'm sorry it wasn't something bel- er, Jenny. We should have gone '.o a church and done it right." "It doesn't matter really, Tod," Jenny whispered. ."It isn't the ceremony—bul the years that come ifter it that matter anyway. I lope they'll be good years for us aoth and last the rest of our lives." "I hope so too," Tod said slowly. He felt v. a little shaky, wishing all at once that he had never known anyone but Jenny, that he had never been in love with anyone else. "Well," he said rather grimly, "from now on we'll do it right, at least. Bridal suites and champagne and stuff!" But whatever Tod meant by : 'champagne and stufT," there was very little luxury on the honeymoon trip. . . They had meant io reach Chicago by evening, but something went wrong with the car, and they were stranded in northern Indiana. Of their honeymoon Jenny remembered more clearly than anything else the cramped little tourist cottage where they spent that night together; the sleazy blue spread on the chipped white enameled iron bed, the old insurance calendar on the wall, the flyspecked light bulb, the smoky cracked mirror on the dresser; and the smell of frying hamburgers from the all-night truck stop restaurant nearby mingled with the country smells of hay and clover and honeysuckle and dust; the roar of traffic pounding by on the state highway, plus the sound of music from the jukebox in the roadside tavern. (To Be Continued) PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Our rean ot erptrtenc* u- sure you that, when you present • prescription ordei to m, it will be expertlj compounded from fresh pure drugs. You can be iur« at Rothrock'». • • • ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere r» Pleue Simpson Oil Co.* Phone 937 The United States produced more than 3,500,000,000 bushels of corn In 19)8, about a billon more than were produced In 1938. t BAGS BAGS BAGS BAGS We offer new bags, never used, at about the price of used bags, heavy 10 ounce burlap, no patches, no bad seams and no rotten bags.. Also No. 1 used bags as low as 20c each. The bags are stored at Gay & Billings warehouse across the street from the Frisco depot. See the samples there and buy bags that will last you thru the season. Phone 3478-3752 PAUL 0 FOSTER DISTRIBUTOR Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2723-2700 Pictures You Will Like We specialize in commercial and home portraits. . .pictures which you will enjoy throughout the years. Call for appointments. Phone 6011 DEVELOPED PRINTED ENLARGED FAUGHT'S STUDIO 112 South 1st. FRECKUJS AMI) HIS FRIENDS B\ MERRILL BLOSSBB On (he Cuff (Night Phone 6321) THH GRAMS COMPANY I\I-.\L ror\s - Mortqanr loan*- In^uratr < jnTHLMI! Phone 3075 fitf Ui STUDEBAKER YOUR CAR IS HERE! 1949 Sludebaker Commander 5 - Passenger Coupe, fully equipped with radio, healer, overdrive, and many more accessories. 1947 Chevrolet'2-door Sedan, this car is in good condition and (he price is low. 1916 Mercury 5-l'assenger Coupe, radio, heater, and seat covers. Sec it today. 19.16 Sludebaker Champion 4-door, a beautiful peacock green, good tires, body and A-l motor. 19 M Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, clean as a pin and in excellent mechanical condition. Chambiin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash Phone 888 ST U DEB A K E R 4 Mv WORD!NOT ANOTHER MA.LT, LARD/ YOOLI, OCX.LY WELL BURST/ AHEM .' owe HOPES we WILL. NOT SOON 6f DEPRIVED OF YOUR COMOW BUT IF YOU FAIL To R6PAY THE BUCK BOA.RO THE DOLLAR YOU-- PATERNAL STIPEND S 6OUMTIFUL I TRUST.' DOU6H , SOMEWHECE/ MY ALLOWANCE TODAY.' COPH. 1»« tl HU MRVICC. I«C. T..M. tic. II. t MT. OFF. /O. 4 "Sorry I'm iate to get your dinner, but 1 knew they wanted to gossip'about your change in jobs, so I just outsat them!" BY AL VERiMEER CHUMP = SN' LAW OP COMPLAINING, CARl^LEi VOU'LL NEVER BE A GOOD HUSBAND IF "YOU DON'T LEARN TO DO THE DISHES.' 6OOD HUSBAND? THEN HOW COME HE ISN'T I DOING THEM CERTAINUV HE. IS.' - iMiinlhorp Is Sick, Too KY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE 'SO YOU THREATENED TO TIP OFF THE IMMIGRATION AUTHORITIES ABOUT MB, EH? TIP UP THE BOTTLE, MANTHORP/ MY FRIEND/ J± ^ HI, BUCK. ITS ALC RIGHT. lETTt'S MUSf SEASICK. CAI'TAIN EASY Stage POILOOK.eU.Afj BY LESLIE TURNER ME.WIUTV'i PACIM6 HE MtdHT AS WELL SPACE (WHEN HE ASKS FORME SEWp -,. VVWl SACK HEBE. IT WILV 46EM f. \ A OH MORE IN MY OWW "f*^.™^'"TOE t HIMSELF THE TROUBLE...! 6AOPEN LIKEHEWAS> MEAN TO SEE Wr DECIDES /^ I UEVEE SEEN ( MAPAM iMOCE •AALLURIU6! WeeiTLIM6 WITH SOME , MA'AM I W-WA.KIT T NOTHW BUT A GOOP ITU' BEST, DOC/ WA5H JOB'I VOU STEP H-HEV/ WHAT'S IDEA? QUIT SH-SHOVIM'/ BUGSY'5 SUPER DOOPGR CAR NVASH GETS EVERYTHING CLEAN/ -IT'S ALL PART O' TH' PEAL/GET BY V, T. HAMI. IN AND I'M COMIN' BACK.TOO...TO SQUAEE THINGS UP NvITH you. 1 ALLEY BETTEe. I'LL BE B^jCK TO FACE THE MUSIC. BUT THEEE'S A PA.Y OF \ RECKONING k COMING OP.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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