Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 3, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 3, 1908
Page 5
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^f^' CTglOLAPin.YBEaigffcB ,llJB8PAY FffcUXfe ypTEMBEE ». MtflL 5 Once In Awhile ve meet someone who "Didn't know that we handled 'ChiBck- ing* accounts"-:-we do, ihough, in fact we do a General Banking bnsiness—^you can get ANY accomodation here that 70a can get at any other bank in the City, and more, we receive Savings Deposits from $1.00 and upward, which accomodation you cannot get at any other bank in Allen County. They do not want to be bothered with such small accounts. But, they arc not all small accounts-^we have customers in our Savings Department who have thousands uf dollars on deposit. We will be more than pleased to handle your business, be it large or small. We only ask that you give us a trial.. State Savings Bank Ompliml,$2B»000 Mm, Kmmmmm Open from 7 to S m. Saturdays aud Pay Nigh^ READ! A few hnndred H scctiois >'o. 1 westen) laud at $1000 and up. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. Office Orer luna Store. Thorpe & Hoogh CMtnetors, Engineers, Snrrcjors. Fully equipped for all kinds ol inrertog, estimating, patent draw- ias. blue prints, maps, sidewalks, carbhis. ud t&im drainage. Office Orer <Tamoaf." |SSSSBB&SSSSBS=BS Short Stories bsBSBSB O r S=S=BSS Ida Hm ^pmings —Dr. J. B. Pepper. Dentiafc Phoie 1«S. His Nephew Killed. A iflegraul rfcoivtti yosterday by A. E. Jolinstou east of town, siatml that his wiicV noplifw. .Mi-. Schmidt, a brakemaii. hail be«-ii acfiduutly killed ill Oklahouia . -N'o further i)a.~- ficnlars of rte accident are known here.—Savonburg Record. —Frank S. Beattie. V. S. Phone 139. Use No. 7 Flour Good- « *aay—better than most. Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Fresh Ueats. Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCE Ltrmers, and will pay the highest market price in cash or trade. Come in and i^ee us. We are sole agents for J. M. Bom's COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this Hue a trial you will u?^e no other. Fryer Bros. Pfc«ne 301, 30». lola, Kaunas. Coope.r Gets Judgement. S. -M. Cooper l^umbfr Co. vs. W. NichoLs ft a!—judgment in favor of plaintiff and against defeudaut. J. \V. Xichols ill sum of <;:il>,7.'» with interest at 7 per cent from .Ian. 10. 1907. and judgement .secured by -A first mortgage and also a jitdgmeut of against defendant .1. W. Nichols.—Parsons Eclipse. Evans Bros. Oifimm MrnmmUmm Wk«r« g«altt7 Is main eonalO- mtkn -w bay the best; Wlisr* %mmaU wm Jasttty. ws mm I m A Vis ffun. Itk, •—Six per cent money: no commli- slon; no delay.—Smith ft Traria. Here Next Week. I Kan^oiu & Cook are engaged in [several important slmiliar enterprises at the pi-esent time. .M Chanute they have two contracts."one on Saiita I work grading the yards for thi ntw shops, and a irrading job for a reservation for on oil company. About fifty luon are tuiployt-d on this work. Ther also have a contract at liichniond grading for a pipeline and reservoir, where twenty.five men are eHi |)!oyed. giading contract at lola wiil be taken ui) Monday when their foreman. Frank .McCoy, with a force of a dozen workmen will go dov.n to begin operations. During the past summer the tirui has successfully completed a number of heavy simil- iar contracts.—Ottawa Republic. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. mi Katal DMkrs CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Vnr Ctli Itoius Xenij far BMlMia. PbraeUC FItANC RIDDLE, Mgr. Steves Set op and connected, also any c^faer gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. g—^—aipetga.ii 1 ssas —Always time to eat at Our Way. Mrs. Herron Home. .Mrs. W. A. Herron who been visiting her .-^Ister. .Mrs. J. C. McKinney. returned to her J ouie in lola today noon. She was accompanied by her neke. .Mrs. Willard .Morrow and daught«r. Opa!. who will visit there.—Cherryvale Republiean. For a short time only, yon can buy Wahoo at "5c per bottle at Mundis. Leigh Hunt at Chanute. I.eigh Hunt aud some of hi.-* engineers came down from lola this morning to look over the north plant here. TlHjse accompanying him were K. M. Stevens aud E. C. Champion. • = • .f.^M. Stewart is down from lola on business toda>.—Chanute Sun. %im bottle of Wahoo for :'.3c at J. D. Mundis & Co. Rev. Bertch Here. Rev. G. E. Bertch left last evening for a trip to Garneit. lola. Chanute. Fort Scott and other towns included ia his district. He is the district superintendent of the conference of the United Brethren church aud during his trip he wiil hold ten quarteHy meetings.—Pittsburg Headlight. —Sign paintins. phone 1128. hYed Rowden. A Record-Breakin]) Crowd. ^ Senator Long reached lola tiiis week in a trip to Garoett to fill a speaking eogagemeat there. Finding the roads impassable. -Ire consen^ to spe4k in lola. and tlie crevd was a record breal^r.— Ottawa Herald: ^-Be~» Booster^tHae IndlutiT~ Neoabo Rirer Cat at Our Way. On Caney Well. ^ WorlL has t>eeu resumed ou<:e more ou the Caney de^p well. '^Idrk on this venture has been resumed on .several occasions, when drillirag has coniiiuued until the funds ran out and then the rig was shut do^u again for a period. This well waf. started about two years ago aud Ha down about 3.000 feet. The promoiters hav^ never given up hope of making a pay­ ings gasser out of it. The' pritfcipal difficulty, at the present time is -water and so small a hole that it is a difficult matter to shut the lllow ott and continue drilling. There os considerable gas in the well.—lodepeudeuca Star. I Wuhoo per bolkle at .Mundis*. W. J. Bryan Fined $1.50. Yesterday afternoon u man camo to Atchison from^ Cli:>- and brouuht with him a load' big enough for .two trips. When he nJighted from the train to transfer to a train for S i . Joe he laid down on th»* tiepot platform and Officer t.:reene called the partol wagon and took himt to the l)ollco station. "NMiafs your name?" the officer inquired. "W. .1. "Bryan." the fellow said, and when h^ reached the station he was booked by that name. Because of the name the stranger gave. .Tudge Graves was lenient. He assessed a fine of only $l.oi>. —.Atchison Champion. Cockerill Buys Property. F ^r. Cockerill Jr.. closed one «jf the largest real estate deals Nevada has had for some time. Satunlay. For some time he has been on a trade with J. Sam Brown for the Robinson Block at the northeast co|rn^r of the square, and the building, and lots adjoining it on the north. The deal embraces all the west half of the block except that owue.t by W. F. N'orman & Co. The trade for the Robinson block was closed several days aso aud Saturday the deal for the balauie of the propenty was closed. The total consideration is i:>:>.W'). Mr. Cockerill has already started improving the property aud contemplates many more improvements.— Nevada Post. —Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. . Same Old Hamilton. .M. B. Hamilton, president oi the Leavenworth fair association, returned yesterday from New York, where he has been for trie last three weeks on business. Mr. Hamilton takes considerable interest in politics in a quiet way and returned from the east full of Bryan dope. Fie also says that Chanler is a sure winne: for the governorship of New York. —Leavenworth Times. Office rooms Building. to rent in Stevenson ~-9oda Water, tlte Onr'Way kinll, \a«>tfcer .Skst. At lola there is a park, aud tu rbe park there are beautiful benches, upon which taxpayers may ait. when oppressed by the heal and burden of the day. Somebody went to the trouble, night before last, of greasing all those lienches with rancid butter, and ladies and gentlemen who sat upon them weut their ways in a' l>ad frame of m'jid. and smelling like an egg factory that defies the pure food laws. There is naturally much Indignation at lola.—Cmporia Gazette. Sprains -Paper Hanging. Phone 1438. Fred Ron-den. Charley aud Will .Moke, Walter Ogle and Harry Finney are home- this week from Vilas and* Altoona. where they have been hauling big gas pipe for the lola cement -plant's line.—.\Vw .Mbany note in Wlxou Count> Citizen. —Cnanintjliaiii k Arnett, 6 per rent money. Parke'a New Device. J. 1). i'arke & Son have in&ialleil a tine new electric pulverizer in their .\merican Tea store. Tl:e device is a' new Invention, which greatly aids in the preparation of coffees, by pulverIzinj: instead of ^riuding. The newj device Is on display in a prominent place in tile stare.—Ottawa Herald. for spralnV • —Fitzgerald 8tArazc and Tran<(fer Cw. Ueasehoid and piano morine: lar^eiit ^tare roon In eity. Phoae 3% Judge Stillweirs Daughter. Miss Rena Sliliwell.^daughter of e .K- Jud?e L. Sfillweli. of Erie, spent Wednesday in Fredonia. being tin' iiest of Miss' Minnie WTiitbeck. She is. and has been for a year or longer, stenographer at the' Chicago Beac^^ hotel, one of the most fa.sliionable and select hotels of Chicago, and her present visit to Kansas is in the nature of a vaoation.-^Wilson County Citi/.en. Sloan'.s Liniment i.s tlie be.-^t remedy and bruises. It C|iiiets the pain at o:kx-. and can be applied to the tendeie>l part without hurting bccau.-.e it d<;c'sn'c need to be rubbed — all xou h.i\e to tlo i> to l^y it on lightly. Ii i> a powerful preparation atvI penetrates instantly—relieve-«any intlannnaiion and congestion, and reduces the >weliinir. i SloeoVs Volley Ball Game. <jrhe .business men's volley ball team^ of the Y. M. C. .\. has arranged for, a^-ame with the Hiuiiboldt Y. M. C. .\. team to be plnyed on the local as.^oci-j ation tour: next Sattirday »'venlng. Two ream.-" tak>-ii from th»> business men's .:r>m'iasi;iiu cla.-s will play this evening. IS an killer- sremt excelleiu anti.^eptic and _ — Ilea's cuts, buin.-", wounds and contu.-^!on>. aiui v. il! draw the poiaOil front ^tin^' of pt)i.-,onoi!s insect:?. Priee. •J .';4-., .-)«»e.. i«ii >l .Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Boston, Mass., U.S A. .''•••Ktn':* Ixiok on hor»«». i-uttle. shciepatid |Miiilti7Mat (r«e. GEN. FUNSTON HOMEii Has Scariet Fewer. T Tlie six year old daughter of .MrJ and Mrs. J. R. Blarkmore. of S\ Buckeye street, is suffering with aii attack of scarlet fever. The home wai placed under quarantine last eveningi He Voted Tv^rice. One of lola's prominent physician:| says that in his o\^n opinion he has cast two votes. He was -one of the first men in the city to vote this monj- ing and taking his own word for it he voted "her straight." Shortly after voting he placed a quarantine on the home of a man of opposite political faith I Bruner at Ottawa. Mr. and Mrs. .\. B. Bruntr 01 Bald- wiu came down from Baldwin yesterday to do some tradinir in Ottawa. They were met by their daughter. .Mrs. L. D. Scott, of Paola. who r-:'ti: rued to Baldwin with them for a visit. "Ottawa Herald. —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. Politicians at Lawrence. There was a great bunch of statesmen and politicians in Lawrence this morning. Congressman Scott had remained over night, and when all of them rounded up at the Eldridse House, there were Senator Curtis. Congressman Scott. State Treasurer Tulley. .Auditor Jim Nation. Tudge West and Judge Tilotsun. .Ml went south on the Southern Kansas. Senator Curtis will speak today at Garnett and tonight at Lyndon. Judg" West and Mr. Tulley go to Coffeyville. .Mr. Scott to lola and .Mr. Nation to his own home to remain until after the electioii.—Lawrence Gazette. "Mr. Kasebeer of Allen county, is a prohibitionist.—Emporia Gazette. —Oyster* any style at Om-way. tiima»B eetii it. Friday the couniv court lei the paving contract to Gflfilian & Son to pave the 30 square • feet "from the hitch racks, lola brick will used in the paving. The contract price was $1.44 per square yard. The contract for curbing the square was let to Pat Brophy for 47 cents per ineal foot. Carihat.'e lime stone Is to l>e ui?ed for the curbing.—Nevada Post. Rooms for men. Y. M. C \. building. Steam heat in each room. Baths free. Find »w FicM. . H. .\. Cartwright. manaifer uf the gas company teleohoned to Mrs. Cartwright early Friday morning that they Jtsd found gas in tMe well they are imt "bringing in" in the new field. Mr. Cartwrisfat did noi aay bow mncli saftboK was. bat the fbidink of any sas is very encoarmging.- Here 's hop- 1 Ins that the w «ll vill l>e a tatunding- er.-^Burlington Repabllcan. Commissioners Adjourn. .\fter going over some of the blll:^ yesterday, the board of commission ers adjourned for election today Trey will not be in session tomor ro won account of the stock sale held by Commissioner Tom .Anderson. Friday the board goes over tlie eleciioii returns so that they will not tei dowii to regular business untH Saturday. Wjlt Come to Carlyle This Afternoon ! To Swell the ifepublican Major- ; ity. General Frederick Fuiistoii. .-uii of Hon. E. H- Fnnston. ot Carljlf. i-; expected home this eveiiiui: from i -'i >rr Leavenworth in time to ea-^r his vote.: It has been thirte,-n jears since C.eii-; oral Fnnston has voted, having beeni ait every election, .-o situated tiati he could not exercise the rijiht Heis expected in lola thi.-; eveninir to, meet his friends. ' The Kansas City Star of lasr even-| iug says: J i "I am on iiiy way to loia.^ Kas.. to;" vote." I'roneral Freiierick Fiiiision.i conunandini: the army service schools i at Fort Leavenworth. Kas.. said this Sui)orvisij!;i_Arohitect. Washington, D. morning at the Hotel Baltimore. - Yon ' ^ .'.Pf''i^'"* -Sealed PyopObals , ,„ - ,- '•^'^^ ^"^ received at this office until U know an army olHcer retains his - oclock p i.i. 0:1 the ICth day of .\o- idenco at the place where he re-iidid 1 veiiiber. aud then opened, for the con- Monuments! Y\^E have just received .a full carload oi tirst«class up-to-dfte granite monuments and to those cuntemplatiog the purchase of a monument, we respectfully invite you to call and see our stocfc an^~get, our prices before you place your order. We do all our work with pneumatic tools, and guarantee our ^tock and work. ^^^^ J. C.COFFIELD&SON *20 M est St. lola, Kas. . (Fir?!; Published. October 14.' 1908.) Trea.->i:ry Department. Qffice of the time of entering the scivice 1 'struciion (includinsj plumbing, gas piping. iir:i;r:i);j: apparatus, electric Mrs. Levan to Hospital. ! Mrs. -Margaret LeVan was takeii to St. John's hospital this momin Mrs. LeVan has been suffering some time and acting upon the ad vice of the attending physlciaii it wa-i decided this morning that an opero- tion wou'd be necessary. | at tf;e •l have not voted since the mem-, ^ ^^^^ ^ g bers of the Twentiet-i Kansas reii-, Post OfTice at lo!a. tCansas. in accord- ment voted on the wharf at Honoit:-lanre with the drawings and speciffca- lu. This ion of the service to vote in tiie lieid. We w^'.y-rQi the S'tpervisin;-' .\rch;tect. on our way to the Philippines on tiie : JA3IES'ivNOX TAYLOR, ship Indiana. Election day foun.l us or.;ai:i/.i'd id on the wiiart at Honon:-lanre witn ine nrawings anu specittca- vote was under t !;e provis- 1'••J"- ^'n>ie- <>i ^vhich may be had from ... - ;tlie ru .4fcd :cn of the sire at. lola, Kan? law permuting soldie,-s i" J,{,is office, at the discretion Supervising Architect. iai Honolulu. W' t'l.- • *-Oor. OfsUm Way. Itfhi People Khun Id Lean to Uetrrt tAe .tpproaeh of Kidney Di»ea.M>. | —— i. Tl «e symptoms of kidney trouble are so unmistakable that they leave no ground for doubt. Sick kidneys ex-| creJe a thick, cloudy, offensive urinej full of sediment. Irregular of passage or attended by a sensation of scaldingi The back aches constantly, headache^ and diz7.y spells may occur and thej \-ictim is often weighed down by a feeling -.f languor and fatigue. .\'eg-i lect these warnings and there is danger of dropsy. Bright 's Disease, or dia betes. Any one of these s.vmpionis is warning enough to be;;ln treating th^ kidneys at otice. Oelay often proves faUl. Yon can use no better remedy than Ooans Kidney Piiis. Here's lola proof: -Mrs. Annie .\dlifns. of «il North street, lola. Kas., sayg: For aoniej time I was subject to attacks of dull bearing down pains across my loins and gome times felt it just over my hips. Being sure that the cause was some derangement uf the kidneys aud seeing Ooan's Kidtiey Pills highly recommended in out local papers, went to Chas. B. Spencer & Co.'s 4ras store and got a bos. I used them as directed and must say that they did me an infinite amount of good. I -fia ^e not been so well for years as rfaarc been idnce using Doan's Kidney Pills.' Foe sale by all dealers. Price 5( cen^a; Foster -Mnimrn Co.. Bnffeloj New-York.. sole ageata for. the Unlt< Remember the name— Doan '(f^-an4 take no otber. . • 1 ei»-i !iS of election and S"'* memijers of the command voted. It in IV.'s and the election was for stat" and couiiiv. That vole at Honolulif elected F jq^j""- -•- - A i>:ni«i.-in<)u to amend the coustl- wharf, elected judges and elei ^s "fitution r-z-Iarive to the dis<|ualiflcation of jiidne-; ro hod certain offices. • He it re.-dved by the Legislature of irlie StiiT.- Kansas, two-thirds of the II. eni!>ers elected to each house therein ,»f fonc 'iiring the."ein; i=ect!ci!i 1. The following proposition to anii -nd the constitution of tlie sraie i -f K .in .-:as is hereby spbmltted •11 :he rinalified electors of the state for ihoir a ;>i'iuva! or rejection: That sr -cfoi: v:. aiicle ::. he amended eo as ui road a.- fo'!ows: Sec. KJ. The JUH, , , iires of file siipreiue court and the county. We .lidiit hear tlie result n|j„d„e, „f r.W courts of record of this tliat election until forty da.\s after ei-j staie^ shai*. at >;tated times, recelv^ for ection. several days aft.-r w.- arrivo'l • their s«»rVices .-^uch roinpensatim as i>i,;i:,.. I may be provided by law. which shall m the^^^ . .^^^^ iP .e.-ea.-^rd during their'respec­ tive reriiii of office. Such justices or Dawes. whi >se son was a niemner 01. the regiment, and who died of f-ver; In Honolulu, a member of th' state legislature, and chan.^ed results in. several other places, ebctinj; an e«-| tire county ticket in .Monis:om"rv. Ijndge .-f .«ha!: receive no fees or Ber- AnnoDaeement Dr. Sutclitfe wishes to Inform his i ,,„isi;^^ other office ot famfer patrons and the public that he j, rotit or trus: rnder the authority of has resumed the general practice ofi'he medicine,, combining It with surgery. Office hours 10 to 11 a. m.. 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p. m. HIS CITIZENSHIP RESTORED. Disabilities in Case of Dr. Removed by Folk. eii, ner practice law in ant of^ rr.- in the state diiriug ^eifr tufe. or the I'nited States, ex- ci-i-t the office of judge of any federal court or justice or judge of a court of this .Slate, duriuj; the term of office for which such injustices and judges shall Ije e'.ecteii, the court 1 c(u;tiuuj>nct in office. Goddard i Sec. ::. Thia proposition shaa- !>e submirted to the electoifs of the state at the general election of representa- , „ . X- .. . n,- I li^es in the year ISOS for their ap- Jefferso.. jCi ty.M<^No^. .-Dr. J-i-.^^^j -^^ rejection. The amendmeni D. Goddard of KansSf^iCity. who re-! j,gproiiosed shall be designated centlv completetl a lo^ ter^n in the;on the official ballot by. the folhiirlng pehlientiarv. had his disabilities f ^jtitle: "The judicial amendment the moved by an order from Governor! \ and shall be vot^ for ior against as. provWed by law-qa^er Ptolk today. Dr. Goddard was sentenc- |^uch title. ed for twenty years^bn ponvictiou of murder, in .the second degree: Cov- eroor Dockery cut this ilme to ten years, .it the penitentiary his medi- ^cal knowledge was ntlltzed in the the .hbspitalijand sadd that he waii -isa^onj duty.night and day. He i^ |ii4w said to be aiTleasant Hill, Mo. FU^ed the Senate January z^, IdOi: Passed the Honse March 9. 1*07. Approved Mardi 12,1S07. . 1 hereby cerklfy that the forefOlntf U a true and correct copy o( orlKlBal senate^ concurcjentf Tesolutimi l^a" 11. now OB file atiny office.- j. . I : XJ- K DGNTOK. Secretary Of ^tat»>

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