Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1907
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I I TOL IX. >'o. 419. Whole >'o. 6290. SIX FAGBB. IOL.I, KAXSAS, OCTOBER 28, 1807.—MONDAY ETEXING. SIX PAGES. FBICE TWO CESm EMPLOYED DETECTIVES riTV .i\n f or-NTY IMTED TO AP- PRKHKM) HOOTLEGOERS. ScVERAL ARAESTS MADE SUNDAY DETECTrVES MLVGLED ^Tll '•THE HOTS" VXD (;()T rvn )E>TE. ROOSEVELT IS DISPLEISETJ. Exi»rrssps Dlsfsror it R4 >pnbliraii IlPflrM ('Ambtnation. One of the Sloiith* Says lola the Pryesl Town He ". , Knitns of. Is CoDsiuVniMi^ pxfiieinont was created yp <Tori !;iy v.luMi it l»ocani<' known ilial. iJi<» cr-.iiiuy .iiiil <-ity li;i<l jdiiipcl hanflH lo rid tlw riiy oC iionil.'fjS'irs l)y employitis tin- .s<-iv !oi 's of private do- TfH'iivf-s ti) stTurc I 'Vidi'iu'f .'iKiinMt this o!a?s of iaw l(r»»!iki-is. iMivliir; lnwii- Jpirc^rn from tli'-> cuiimy M .'nir-d lo lip .-1 mno\x hardi-r T:i>k iliati drivltiK out joints, and d.-siiiu- lii.- ciToiis of ili,> city ami <"iiiiit> oilii-i'is iiiiMi v\lio sell boozo oui of ili.'ir i-oai and liiji !Po<k- cts wore d'lla^ a tlniviny; liiisiu.'ss. f)f late things have occiirrMl whioli prov- pd cojirIii.>iiv.*ly tliat IxK-jilo/^lini; wa.s beootninK a luoro popular vocal ion with mon wlio arf> rf>liirtant in i -ni-'ap in some !P !?itiniaio liu.-lno;:i!. Th ,rpforp jirivaio d.'ii>ciiv.'s worf KPCiMPd from IC'tnsas City, Kansas, and they .-^iipnt last wot-l; in city workinK up f-v-fi.-iK-.'. Tliai ili. y wor<> successful is aiiiian-ni from ili.' fa.-t that ye.^terda.v aftprnoon scvpra! arrests WPTP niadp. ainon? v.iiom wpre WadP Clark. Hoi) Hcynold:-. Toni I'pr- gn.son and II. (Jarnpr. of the nion will bp prospcuiPd for violation of thp prohibitory law. Koynoldi^ is <.r:p of the propriptor.s of the Ury.iolds & Mark.s call line and an injiiiiciion now stands against his cab line n-straining him from usin;: it in atiy v.;iy toward tlip violaiiou of ihp prohibitory law. Wade Clark was arrpsiod on thr- •Hiargg of vioiatlns th<' prohihiwfry law some timp aRo but ilic r;isp*was lalPi di.smissed. Kprsuvon v. |Ki .-t»-r at thp Treinont ami r,:ii;ii--r poni-r at n lof-al hoipl. Onp of thP ilf'cr:iv.-s has Iii .en on the <-ii,v dcirciiv.- .<;;uT in Kansas City J for many .'ears. Tlip oilier was a young man. Tlii- older of the detpr- lives posed as a horsp buyer from Kansas City Willi a larnf deposit at jlip Iwal Iianks. Tbi' yo;in:_fr man )>osrd as liis nephi-w had iiothinc to do 1 )111 sppnd ••rnrie's" money. He t.'ierpfore niiti^Icd vviih ilie "boys." botifilit larjiP .'.upiiiies of li.i'.i'-.r anc oilierwise j.rovi'd liii:i.-'!r <a.-y for thi wi«--? ones. Ill- irubond up s'Uur- Kood evidence. The dPteclives ^jave out th.^ informa- L'«:n yesterday as ilie\ felt iliat lhe> had secured saffieit-iit evideiiei- a;;ainbr all l .ooilPKners a^raiiist wlioin then was a "stron'r: snspieioii of i.iii!i. Th< older of the iwo detectives s.lid 'o : Hecisier reporter lliat lola was tin dryest town bo bad fouiid yi r l!t> also- .said that be had no diflieuNy in ^i.t- lincr booze if he wanted it in CJty and was inclined to s;n'ak sarcastically of the idea lhat .Mr. Trioket had driven li>pior out of K .TI : City •Kan.^as. Speaking of his work here, be said • l! is certainly dirty bu^iue-s, .u.itin: e>. ideiice nuainst boc(!'-K?<is. I woub' noT do ii in Kan.<as Ciiy. as f have ? repuiciiion ;.s a detective ar stake ib 'TP." The detecvtT may return to Uda occasionally ;ind see how things an Reynolds, (iark. flamer and Fer^ni son were all ;. raiiiat d in p'^dio - court Ibis afterui.tiu on 'be «-liarse of vio- latinK the orilinance iirobibiiip^t the sale of liqurM-. but tlK-ir cases were eontiiiued to oiii» week from lodcy K.^ynoMs' li^iid was fiX'-d at t\M and the bonds of ilie otheiN at l.'ijii each ^Jarner secm-.-d his bond. The other men wen- iiiakins an effort to ?et bond this :.ft.Tnr )On. The stale will prostoit • the men when the city disposes of the cases. W'asblnqion. Oct. -is. —Presideu Roosevelt has taken stifficieni notice of the local republican conihluation with William R. Hearst In New York to express to callers at the A\niite house the dissatisfaction he feels over the matter. The pi.-ident will not, bowcver. fco .0 the length of publicly denoiiiK-in ll iiubltiation. He may i.i.'ke .-raiiiiient ab<iui the n,alter MM .:, II will confine hiiuseli" ;,ini|,:y lo s.ivin'; that he was not consuiitd i . \U<- matter and that he had no kii.>wled:^e of the fusion uiiijl be came ...r nf I'.i. Lousiaiia canebr.ilies. I!< v-.i-. confronted with i!e\>->,,ai:e:- :i;;i;ie< oi. the .'subject, some of wbicli It;;;: i.iied that he had sanctioned tiie movi-unti The president, howeve;-. did not tiilly appreeiaie the iniponaiice of the Hearst-I'arsons a'jreenien!, politically speakiii^r. until bis arrival in W'asli- iimtoii. It wn.s then that be deiprni- ined lo piepaie a statein. ni. Ilespon silillity for the alliance wiib llenrsi is placed ill cinder here iipiui xwii .New Yoi^^k I'.-iireseiita- lives. Adniliii.-: laiinu odirials I M T I " aii siill unable to fully iiiidei>tand lb< reasoning wliicii caused the reiMibiicii: iio!iTi<-lai;s in New York to li:;ure out tli;;i it Would be L-ood poliilcs to joii. bauds '.villi ibe Hearst deiuocrais. 1 (111! RARIES -VT ONE^TiME. The Stork (.'eiieroii*! In n Kaii-a^ Wo iiiaii One Rab.v |v Pcad. I.awi.iie,-. Kas. Oct. :2s.—Four (• v babies wt-re I ,<.IMI to..Mrs. .lobn P.arben. wife of a farmer living six mile..; from Lawr.^nce. One of ibe balde..; died '.his afternoon, but the ivniaininp apparently will live. Mrs. Mrs. Har- l.en'.s coiiiiiiion is not danRerouis. .Mrs. r>arben is years old and hf.d s s chib'.ren before the ceneroiis visit of tlie stork today. Ther^ are •lo twins anior.p: ilieve. and Mrs. Bar uon knows of no twins in her fanil'y. There i.~ one pair of twin- in her husband's family. >PER.VTEI> 0\ MISS ROOSEVELT. V Slitilil Siirtrieal ProepNS for a \asaT .\ilinenf in a Washlnalon Hospital. •W'.isliin.sion. Oct. —Mi-s ntli-d Roosevelt, datifrhter of the president, is a paii.''nt at the Episcopal ear lose and throat hospital here, whpre 1 s-iuliL operation was performed up- 1". biT nf>se yesterd.ay. MiaS RoOSP- •<-l: bail been under Ir.-atineiit sine-•If leiuni from Oyster I!ay. .Mr.=. •'firi -.eve'i accoiupanierl her ibiu-^hter <• liie lionid'al and the pn-.^iilent ar- -ived sborilv aft i-waii1. Umh n- •lainid tbrou.cbo 1 flie operation. ISSUES PROCLAMATION President Rooserelf Has .\rrep(ed Ok- lahoHia'.s rouKtlluUoii—.\dnilt Stale XovemlxT 16. Whshington. Oet. 2S.— President Roosevelt will Issue a proclamation admitting Oklahoma on Saturday, November sixteenth, next. The constitution of Oklaboniawas formally placed in his hands by Governor Frants and a large detegatlon from Oklahoma at eleven o'ciock this morniog. PRESIDENT APPROVES •|e Thinks S«'eret«r/ ("orlelyon Did the Riu'l't Thiii!.'. \\'aK!iini.'ion. O.I. L's.— Pri ^s d>-n* '•{oo.^eve't has bn-n livn-ougliiy inform•d regariliii? ibe fiiiaiu ial sires.s it 'Vail .street and Pi;t.cbiir.^'. arid i • nn !'r-ti,'..d to lesanl the crisis a.^ ove, .nd !tU-o to Til.].rove of the iiie;i>iir' f lel.c!" Wllieil .^SeerctarV Cr,T\o\\r>< ilfoiib .| I.'oth eilics. lioili Senator Knox and .\ss;slant ?eei.-;:u'y of the Trea>ury l-Mwiirds re •civl diiee; info-.-niation fioni PMt by ieI.],Ur.:ie which v.a-s of :; n<)-t re3s.-,iir;iig cbaracter. Secretarj ^arfleld reporteil lo ibe president ba' Western banicers have 'iradually 'i;-<-ii divorcing themselves from Wti!: ;tf.'r-t i(if;:ienefs linii! they are nov.' iraiiieally Imlependeiit of ibeni. li was poinii'il nut that had t'le Nev York flurry occurred four .vears ago tr, iufliieiice woiibl have br-eu widespread. That is. fan be confined al- nio.-t entirely to lis source is a ma* er of profound s-ltisfaclinn to l!ie ad ii«in:stration. Senator .McCum'.i:>* of Nfutb DakoLi ••orrolwrated liii.s vi^r." of ibe f.Tj 'iiw's of the and aidc-d that the oop moving demand for money wa!= 'lOw practically entirely met wltlioiil calling for a dol'nr frrtin the east. The system of making loans on elevator fcceipiH ho said, supplied a demand which heretofore had to be met by enirim on New York and paying high rates of Tile president when isked if he would make any state ment on the situation indicated thai lomnient from hlin was unnece.isr.rj- THE BONO IS READY SA.M IVHITI.OWS ROXn WAITING FOR SHERIFF'S APPROVAI„ B N3SMEN QUALIFY FOR |$32,800 ttHITI.inV PRORARI.V RELEASED TOMGHT «(R IN THE MORNING, Ibe RoiiiNmen <;ave an Itemized list of Ihe Properl.v - . t Owned. •> » .. I have not bad time to look over .Mr. Wiiitbiv. s bond carefully, but it is my ltii|i!ess:oii that It. is a good one. I know I here .-lie stniie good men on ir ibe men are as good as I think i "'ii -v are I will approve iii> bond." .-;ilerifl (', O. )!idlinger mtnle this .»la !eiiii ul til. iiooii ji :.;l befor.- gi-t till!: oM ti .e tiabi for lliiuiboldi, where he was ealled on business. }\ is ap- |>arei,l from wlia! Mr. P.o'liiig-r :;;iid Ilia! !;c luliy exi,. cfs to approve the b'.nd. Whether bi> will ajipiove the boi'd iMiiij ;bi on b;s return from nuiiibol.M or wait iinwl liioriiing i> !.oi Uiio\wi. . ll is- not Ijb.'ly liii\v.-\ei- ibai I.e ,\ill -.iive his approval to ili. ;id loiiirbl as \\ • may not !;ei bouie aiilil fpiiie l.'ii.-. SA.H WHITLOW. Wjll anyone knowing wbere- il>outs of W. D. Holton. formerly of Gas City, Kansas, communicate wltl- B. A. Hungerfprd, 511 Jackson Ave. K. C, Mo? -Mr. Wliit'ow's bond was brniigiit iv< r fr.iiii -Moran niorniii'-' by Al iiizo Wbi 'iiiV.-. brother of the accus- d man. He sMti-d that he bail no dit"- iciilty in ;'..-tting bond .•itnl but for be rain Hanirda .i «?,en iie secured ;ie br.iiilsmi-ii, colli 1 have olda'n.'d several oilier si;,'nerf;. Tiie total imoiiiit f..r wlilih the men who signed he l -.onil tptalify is ?;!;..<ft'». Till' following are the parlies who dgiied the bond and tli^ amount for vhlch each ipiallfy: .1. .A. Whiilow. JL'fifin. T. i: Whitlow. $ I fi .iifii). .1. H. Tbonipson. $.'.00. 1-:. v.. Thomas. tl .fMiii. .1. C. .Siion.g. ilo.iiiiu. W. P.. Writlow. s;:eii. H. v.. .Snilili. $.".,"iMi. .1. N.|r-on. Jl.nno. .1. .1. Wilson. ?l <M ,.i. r;. W. earner. fJ.Ofin. Soniethiiii; About Rondsmen. T. i:. and .1. .\. Wbil '4 >w are lir.iili- iv of Ilie mail who is ciia'-?Pd \wili •he murder of .Mi's Sapp. and are wf-Il <: -lo. W. Ii. Whitlow i.s Sam Wlii:- '<nv s i'.-.'le-r. .1. ('. Ptr-/.ng, i.i a stock •nan. .1. 11. Tboniii^^oii is n well known -etir.'d farmer. 1-:. E. is .1 bioOii-r <if Clail; Tlitpias. cdiior i.f •be Moran Il-ra! 1. ami a retlreil far- •iier. H. P Si.iiiii N an iinpb-:.:>'nf baler am! is one of Mm^aii';'. subslan- 'ial business men. .1. .V. Tlioiiiiis-iii a farimr. W. C:iriier \f. Wli'f- '(>w^s fatb r in law. ^ .\1! of the iK ^i.damen were required 'o ;:iv.' a sv.-.uii ileiti/ed nateinenr of 'he property they own. Tlii.s proceed- ide is iKit ahva.vs r.'iinired. Kacb of \\7iiilow"!; br.'dbers are niado liable for the full amount of the bond. $Ki.'ii -O. It i.s sai.l Whitlow will n-iiirn to .Moran as .soon as he is released. Thai Raior Peddler. County .\liorney Peterson retiirncd •• :erday iiiorning from Mn.skogre, i. .liiere he w.-nt in answer lo a ti !e?ram that be razor peddler wbi> pass- H I ihroitgli: here some time ago and nay b(= able to give valuable Informa- lon on the Sapp tragedy, wan there. VIr. Polerson found the (leddler but '.lys he learned nothing from bini of panieular Importance to the case. DETECTIYES AT HF-HBOLDT. Dan Itiill Arretted Todaj- for Violation of Prohibliory .Shr-riff C. O. Bollinger and Under .'Sheriff .\. I.. Boat right tlibs aJternoon arrested Dan Ball «i Kiimlioldt on tl e charge of violation of the prohib ilory law. He is criarged with one eoiml. The evidence -was secured by trie d.'teetives employed by the coiin- ly aiioyney to .secure evidence against bootleggers. The detectrves were in Kiimtxildt Rntiirday night. VIOLATEO PR01IIRIT0JJ7 L.IAV. SlieriiY Rollinger Served foniniilnients <in llnniboldl Ven. i^heriff C. O. Bollinger wsnt to Hum I'oldt this afternoon with commit- nietits In his pocUeti? for Jim Corn and Win. Bailey. TI;e .-.len had been i'.jed and convicrert o" violating ire prtdilbitovy la-v s-jnie lime ago and their cases w.-re appealed to the su lu-fme I 'oii't. The higher court nffirm- I ibe iiir-i ifvji from tiie lower court and b. nee <\ • eoi :u'iltmenis are s'rv ed Till- ••It'!i • ba'•• fill daxfi each ro •rve 111 j.'iil. NEWS FROM TOPEKA CH.VRTER FEE COLLEf TIO\ LARG- Elt Til.VN ETER BEFORE. COBURN REPORT IN NOVEMBER NOT EXPECTED THAT PORX YIELD WILL SFHPA.SS lOflB. TIIE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansa.s: Probably showers foni.shi or Tuesday: rising temper.atnro; Banner fonnlies of Ihe Stale Have Short Yield- Oilier News. • WAMS IRVIIE (OMPLETED. .|o«i|di licai!ii-ki-r Brings Injunelion (a^e A'/alnsf If. Dennintr. .I..:e|di Iteadiel-^r today filed snit ii. disiriit ••.)iir: to compel H. Di^nning. •I al.. to eon.pleie a trade. H.'' alleg- -iba! b--" ti-:.r'.-.l a stock of poods I' Toronto '.-I .Mr Denning for Oas C;H 11 )>• •!> and tb.if Mr. Tlenning f:M;. .1 \i- (<•;;,,',. ||M > trid--" llV With b^d I.! •-' III.' •'•-M'-f. He n'.so alleges *b::t Mi-. It. I '.tr,.; colleciiliK rent lo nbicii be is ea:ii!ed. He asks for r-^hnbiipe f-.'et preventing Mr. Deu'i'iis f.oui i'oiber collecting the revs. Tb*^ r-simlTinr order wilTbe Iieai.: by .'u.i;;-- as Judge Fotist is i;i!t Of the city. PETTIRONE TRIAL IN NOYE^fBER. .ittorneys .Ipreo mn Ibe Daj oMb« Elitrhteentlu Boi.sP. Idaho. Oct. 2S.—.Vtlorneys for the state and in the case of George .\. Peiiibotie, charged with complicity in the murder of rx-flov- prn:>r .Sleiiiienlicrs lod.-iy sj-.-ned a slipiiiation li>> trial set for ?.'o»day i ,.:vt v. ill be continiicd until No- cmbcr iNtb. (LOSE H.VNKS FOR WEEK. Aelint' (iovenior FiNon to Pmleet Rank in Eu-nl of n Rnii. For EsrhanKP. Farming binds in Panhandle, Texas, 'or farm lands, or live stock, or for 'ola, Ga* CItv or La Harre rentals. WHITAKER k DONNELU f)k!;,bon,a Cilv. f)et. On demand of Ibe bankers of the territory, .-ictin}; governor I'll; on today i.s. ued a iirocla- niatioii cio.-iiig the banks of the territory for a wr-ek. This aeiion wa.- Iceii because the b.inks of Kansas "ii.v ;ind Si. I.oiiis refuse<| to forward ash lo the banks lU" ibe souibwesl leleplioiie Mat ion of many ankers of Okbiboma. Indiiin Terri- firv. .Arkansas and .Vorlbern Texa.' 'Ook early this morning and many tire said lo have taken similar action. 'rii.Te ba.s bi en no inieasines.-.- in tbi.; cin- and the batikers say the i|. posil.^ iliis w>-ek are :,'iy;iler ib.iii any previous week if tie- iiKinili. Tin- dosing is f(u^ the liurpfi.^e of liiotrct- ing tbe banks in case of a iiiii. .Sinct» the banks I.ere could noi ;;.t cash friiii) Kan-^a.; Ciiy iliev consiib-r the risk ti;0 great. The banks of tbi.-: city ;ire carrying many small banks over 111. t.ri iioi v. 'r'.ev li.i\.' arraii'J- ,^.1 ;--ae Cle.iriii? House ceriiilcat".- to e..i;y th'-ni until the conditions ar- improve.!. KANSAS FINDS OUT Pra'.f.e Oil and Gas (nmiiauy AdralN Standard 0«merslii|i. Topeka. Kas.. Oct. L'>J.—The Prairie Oil and Has coi .Hiany is controlled by the .N;:n<inai Ti:iiisii coinpuliy and the Transit company Is owned ;!iid controlled b.v the Standard Oil ."or.lpan.v of N<-w Jersey, according t<. tell answers lo the Interrogatories filed In I be supremo conrt today by the attorney for the companies. I'l.der a law (lassed by ibe last legislature the attiM 'iiey led a list of about forty ipi.>s;!ons tr Ihe three Standard Oil cuinpanle. which were made defen-J.ints in th> anti-lrll^t suits bronght'a year ago The cotniiaiiii's were the Prairie Oi' and this comnnny, the Standard 01! eompany of Indiana and tbe Standart' Oil coinpan.v of The set o answers given to the fralrie Oil anf" Oa:; company were filed in the conr^ today an diho answers of the othc companies are expected at ^cy time. Beslitcr Wut kiu U % W«N. (Special Correspondence.) ToiKMia. Oct. iis.—Secroiiiry F. D Coburn. of the State Hoard of Agrl culture, will probably is.siie his annu il rejion of the corn yield in Kansas ate in .\'ovr>niber. Blanks on which to make '•.-•ports to the Secretary will SI ni o'l; lo the corresjiondents early in the monlh. It Is nsiially about three weeks after ibe blanks .ir • sent (lilt to correspondenis be the report Is compiled and ready : ) give III the imblie. V.Tii'e Secretary Coburn is iii:ikin= no prophesies regarding the si-/.e of tlie I!">~ corn crop in Kansas it .U not expected that th.-? total yield will be greater than in lOftfi when Secretary Cobnrn's report gave it as ap proximalel.v IS7 m'llionb nshels. In most parts of the slate the corn yield wa.s large this season but ssv eial big corn counties have fallen away short of their usual mark. Otherwise the Slate production for the year would midoulitedly be close u the 2i"id million mark. Jew.dl county, for which a number of years past, hfis been the banner corn county of the slate. ha;i a .short crop this year. Smith. Phillips. Nor ton. Osborn and several other conn ties that usually are big corn producers have fallen down. Northeastern Kansas has a big crop bur p.?r haps not unusually large. Sontherc Kansas is .short on com. -Many coun ties that are ordinari-y (.nly averag*^ corn counties have big crops. This will probably make up ior the short ace in .Jewell and suiTfiUndlng coun ties. Mai-shall county is row expect ed to be ill.' banner corn county o 'he state for 1907. However, the crop for the sfal"^ •his year is probably much greater •ban the average of the last ten ycarF •vhich is approximately lli". in'llion 'idiels. The big crop i.i 1S9:1 •^2.-> miilicn biisbe's. In lf'i.^2 the s»at» betit the ji'd iiijl!.,:n maii: by 1 mill Ion br.stiel.s In the crop rMch °d 190 million bushels, f.ast year it •'topped back a little and there is ev =>ry indicaticn thnt no gain has beer --liown in I'.WT. Railroad News. Kaii.=as people will not 'iUcU longer b.^ harassed b% he necessity rif buying two iailroa<' 'ickels when iliey unilertake an in- •er state journey if tliey wish to aval' 'heinselves of the two cMit i>assenger '•ate to tiie stale I'lie. jireor.iing to •itaienieiil made here by .1. .\l. Connell. ri-nertil jiassenger agent of ili-- Santr ••'e. Mr. Connell says tinif new pus sender tariffs are now under prepar ation under which interstate t!cket> will be .sidd ;it a rate of two c.-^nts a nile to the Kansas line and the re uainder of the distance at whatever •ate is In effect in tbe other stat- •r states which th:" pasvenger miis I'nder t'l.-' Ileid>urn law it wa-= leces.sary for the railroads to seciirf •icrm'-ision of the inter-state com- lie-CO coniiii'ssio-! before change.- ••oubl be mad:- in inter-i^i.ite paiven ^er rates. Accoraing to .Mr. Connel he necessary formalities have no%\ •)een crmir.lied with and the new in •erslate rates Will be put into effrc wiihiit :rshort time. However, be i;still unable to stjte definitel..- at what time tlie'clnuigu will be nnide. I'nder th.^ new rates tickets may be purcbtiseii from all points in Kaii: <as to all poiitr^ in Nebraska. Iowa Illinois. -Missouri and Arkansas at 111 rough rate of two c^-nts a mile. Tickets to points in and other states west will be sfi'.r. at tbe raie of two cents a mile to thf" Colorado line tinil at tli-" o'd rate for thf remainder of tiio distance. Ticket.- Cf flinalia. St. l .osiis ar..! Chicago fron~ Kansas points wiil be sold at s'.ralgh' •wo cent rat.?. Cut when these new rates go into effect it is probable that all and other reitticeil inter state rates will be cut off. although he rtiilroail representatives have uo' made a definim •announcement tc this effect. .Mr. Council also stales that fhe •aili'iiai^s have n ;t yet determined tc •,ut ill a iiniforai sca'o of penalties 3n pa.ssengers u!;o do not iiurfhasr lck("..-i as has ^••'•i.-n expect?d. It I? itlll pr>lS:»ble tilt, .some such acti»r Till be taken llcutii. I'ntil then tbf '(resent ten cent p.-nalty will continue 111 force. About Chjrler Fees. Collections of charter fee? ijr the Secretary of State luring 10"". will be much larger than 'ver before. With two months' bus ness yet to he recorded for tba year •he collection.s are now considerably a crcestt of last year when they cx leeded $2^.000. in l »'i5 th? total cd ertian of charter fee.s was 121.165 The big IncreaKe this year is due tr 'wo things, th? amendment made tr •Jie cbarter law by tba legrialature las: vlnter vblcli railed the cbarter fees of all corporat'ons with a capital stock of more than $tf'O.0O0. and the increased number of charters which have been granted during th? year. The great?r portion of the increase is due to enlarged bnin.r-ss as the law as amended has be.^n in effect only sitite iln- lirsi of Jny. The monthly collections of charter fees by the Secrerar.v of Siate has b.en about ^L.^^bO, but there has iiol been a month since January when the collections have fallen that low and. in one month the collections aggregated $7,000. The collections for th - year wiHiindoubt- edy be close to fifty per cent greater than they were in 1906. The collections in charter fees for the first half of tl e y?ar will, under the old law. go into the permanent school fund and the remainder of the year's collections to tiie state's general fund. This is one of the charg3S made in the charter law last winter Under tbe old law ibe permaii.">nt cbr^l fund grew .'.[.proximately $20.000 each year 1 liroiiglrcharler fee col I.^ctions but liere.-ifnn- lie- fees will go into the general fund and the stale will therefore tie able to use the fe .'S so collected in defraying current expenses and lax levies for state pin- poses may be decreased corrosiiond ii'gly. It is probable that this change ip the law will m:-an a bi- boost for tin general fund next \ear. The Western IJnioii Telegraph company, and the Pnllmaii conipan.v, both foreign cor twralions and neilher licensed in Kansas, have been ord?red by the Kansas Supreme Court to comply w-tli 'he state charter laws. The com- oanie.s have appealed 10 ibe'Supreme ;'r,url of tbe T'niied States but th-' at crney general is confeleni that the itaie will will both when tbe ipi.eal is decided next year. .V vic- ory for ilie state in th-se uvo cases ^ifi bring, under the new law. approx- 'mately $10,000 into the states gen eral fund. Identitr of a Gas roniiianf. Topeka, Oct. 2.S;—.Attorney Oener al Jaek.son is greatly elated at the mswers to bis intorrogatorJes filed n the Supreme Court by the attorneys for the Prairie Oil & Gas com- oany. which he has att.icked in an- •I-tmst proceedings as a part of the •standard Oir combination in Kansas, 'n tbesT- ankjwer.s if is slaved iiy tlie reprrsentalives of the company under nath that a m.njority of the stock of •he Prairie Oil & Gas company i.- owned by the National Transit coni- iany and thai a m.ijori'y of the stock if tlie National Transir. company is iwned and controlled by tiie Standard Oil company of New Jerse.v. .Attorney Geueral Jackson, in his •>rigina! petition filed in th? anti-trust uiit against the company allev-ed that •he Prairie Oil Sz (Jas company is : ^tandanl Oil agenc.v, owned and con rolled b.v the latter corporation. In he atiswer filed in tbe Supreme couit •y the attorni'ys for ihe Prairie-com •any the irutli of this allegation was len'i'd. Tlie attorney generjil is now if the npinioii that bis case i;* made •y tb.> pro .if of Staiiilarif conirol f I lie Praiile (Ii; ,t (Ja-; company, rfford.'d by tbe ansv-er.-* to bis inter- •ogatoii -. Tbe Siatibird of Kansas. Standanl •f liidiaii;i .•iiid Sian'lard of .New .ler- ;ey noi yet filed their answers o ipierroy.Holies but are exjtected o do so with.11 a few' days as tliev 'ave all aong si-iiiified that th.\v do •ot inter.d to oppose the inlerro.gatory aw. as the Interiiaf'oiial Harvester oniiiany is dcdiig. The International •ttacked the eo:istitutionality of the nterrogatory law in a motion befor.? he Siipr.->:ne court of Tii._» ourt declared the law val il and 1111- es.s the laternaiional api.fa..-. th • case t must .soon file answer.s to tiiO in fno.atories the attorney general las roiiouud.d in connection wiifi hi; lUster suit agaiii.-r ti.e Harvester onibiriatiiMi. OHieials conncctel with the attor- ley genera-'s office are niiich fdeas- d al the snccesslul oi>era;ion of the nterrogatory law. pnacted last w n er. in the case against the Prairie Oil % Gas company. Under this law, tho.v lave secured wiiii the expenditure of Itilf time and less money th.'' same •ha.acter of evidence against the Standard that .\ttai-ney Gt iieral Had- 'ey obtained in Mi.s.soiiri at great expense and after manv months of c-f- fort. ' IT IS COMING WEST KAXSAS CITY B.INK CLOSED BF- CAl'SE OF FIN.INCI.IL CO\DITI05. THE DEPOSITS WERE $800,000 HAD BEEN REFFSED AID BY! THR CLEARrVG HOUSE. ' . Only il Temporary Sn.speniiFoH—Xe Ran on Any Kan<)8.s .ritf Rank. . —— i»ir"« MANY HORK.HEN DROV.'NEn, Estiniaie of .Number of A'ictinis Is Betn\'f n Twenly and Thirty. Miilinock, .Me.. Oct. It is rc- •torte-l thai it l:i.-ge number of Italians smployed by ihe Great Nortbern Paler company. Iiave been drowned near ite plant, five miles from here. It is laid from thirty to fifty men lost their lives. WANTS BOND.S RE<'OGNIZED. L W. LoDir Would «:!art Solt in Arfcan. KBs Federal Court. Lincoln. Nebr.. Oct. 2S .-John W. Long, of I^u,> City, left for Arkansas this moririlng to start a suit !i> Federal conrt attacking the warrant for a re-issue of th? law of Arkansas. Long OT -ns si.x thousand dojlars in bontis issuotl to complete th? Ashby county court house at Hamburg. Ark. rlo r.33erts an advertisement •was plac- cil in a local papar and bonds re-isso- c.^ and hla boldinss declared void. Kansas Ciiy, Oct. 28.— The Bankers Trust coiiipany ot Kansas City. Ma. . with deiiosits of eight hundred thopa- : and dollars closed at 10:l.'i this morn- . Ing. Cashier .1. C. Hughes said tliey had decided to ilose because the Clear Ing House assoi-iation refused to ex­ tern! lo them a privilege granted thirty • other leading bank.s here, that cf suing clearing house ccnillc .ates. The Bankers Trustcompfiny bail asked aid of Ihe Cle.iring House but it declined because of the class of collateral offered. James V. Downing, president of tha Clearing House, said no other banking instituiion here had requested aid and he believed them safe. The Bankers Trust company had a capital of half a million. It took over ihe bii.sine.^s of the City National hank which failed two years wgo. It was not a member of the ClearinR Housft and while no run was, c .^prrrenced at this hank, it was decitied that a temporary suspension was necessary to protect the depositors and ..stockbold- ?rs. Cashier Hughes said the baof had ample assets. Up to 11 o'clock this morning there was no appearuee of anything like a run on any Of tbe local bank.s. The Clearing, House yesterday decided to u .js«ue,.' Clearing House certificates asd- to- re- , strict ihg p .i.vments ot e^u^iicylo one. 'jitndred do!lar.=. a'iso nOtto'setfit'Sny further currency to tbe eountry for •he time being. Tbe Savings banks ind trust ccmp.inies took a similar ac- lion. Officials of the Clearing House today advissd iheir correspondents in the sonfnwest by telephone to follow snit and restrict the payments of cur- ren.'-y temporarily and the indications were that this advice was generally •)el.;g accepted. SEES TROUBLE AHEAD (.'owin Fears Reourrenre oi" ^State's Rights-Troubles. Lincoln. .Ncbr.. Oct. 2S. —.V monil- nent to the meniory of the late Brlga- ller General Jtihn .M. Thayer, erected iiy the stare of .Vcbra.ska. was dedicat d at Wy'.ika cemetery Sunday after- loon in,the presence of a large an-- lience. The unveiling was performed by W. M. Giliisjiie and Wesley Barr.. two members of the First Nebraska regiment, commanded during the chrll wjir by General Thayer. The dedlca-- rory address was delivered by Colonel Thomas J. M.ajors. of Peru, who served. under General Thayer. John C; Cowin. of Omaha, also de-' Mvered an address. General Thayer ;erved during i!ie Shiloh campaign* •.viih General Graiit. taking 3 promin- nt part, in that and succeeding campaigns, lie was governor of Nebraska. United States senator and Terrl- lorial governor of Wyoming at varioiis !>tage~s of his career and was a breT-- eted inajor .general. General Cowiii. the principal speaker of the day, saiil in part, 'Hut anoth£.* cloud has appeared iibove tbe horizon. There Las come from the land a voice that is a menaiice to our national welfare, preaching again that sermon of states rights that, brought forth the tragedy of the pa- lion. • : •State conventions and slates tegia- lators have adopted resolutions propos ing to abridge and limit (he power of -• the general government. I warn you that this tendPiic.v. so far as It im- pregn&tss 'the public mind, is dangerously Tiear the sentiment for stated rights, that resulted in the ordinances of secession of the early 'OOs. "r..imit the power of this national government and the hope of liberty of mankind is gone. Limit'the power !^ )f this gov^arnment. given through tj^'^ visdom of our forefathers. 8u (ipon |A ind maintained since by the bloodlfC millions. ;acd you will loosen^ _ cords that bind these state entitles {sp to one. sheares reaped; and bou|(d tM gether inkhe harvest of death. ^Llnd% the naticnal power andi the penuA»^^ eney of union wUl have! departed ifciriK • _ H a^aSBL" /I

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