Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1907
Page 6
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.T?g>.^8aBi!g!»a»wnit|j.'jj^f'L. Percales and Outings MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY. 2,000 yaids soft finish bleached MosHn, 7c value, Fp Special for three days 3 If 1500 yaa. fine^soft finish bleached Muslin, regulair 10c value, 7 j M Special for three days | 2u 1200 yards extra fine Bleached Muslin, 12ic value, ifk^ Spmal for three days, |Uu Lonsdale Cambric Muslin, sells everywhere for 15c ' Special fcir three and 18c, 19 1 A days ,...|Z2u 100 pieces fine dark Pi»rcales, double fold, cheaper than calico, Q1 M Special for three dayP, U3u Dress Goods Plaids, suitable -for Children's Dresses, the regular 26c value, IQ A Special for three days, luu NOTICE Goods advertised on sale for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday WILL NOT BE SOLD to Dealers. Amaskage Apron Gingham«, fast colors, worth 10c, Q' P Special for three day?, 03 U 60 pieces plain and colored Out- Special for three days, Jy 50 pieces plain and fancy Outings, 01 A Special for three days, 03u 75 pieces plain and fancy Outings also solid, blue, pink, red, brown, cream aud gray, ill A Special for three days, .... |Uu The Big Store With Linle Prices. Sole Agents for Home Journal Patterns F. Beiaette Sfldtk Brings FftTorable [B«port AboBt Kansas CItj Streets, P. Bennett Smith, the lola chemist Who Mfent to Kansas City this week for the purpose ol InTesUgating the oil road proposition at Kansas City, has returned to lola. Mr. Smith, after securing a lot of printed matter on the subject and having a tallc with the park commissioners of that city, has found out that the oiled roads are meeting with the approval of the people of Kansas City and are proving a very good thing. " At tlift present time .173.41,'> ."iquare yards of the streets have been oiled at a cost of but $l.i>r, for mo s(]uare yards. This price, however, is what It cost for the work atone. It took 120,477 gallons of oil at 80 cents a gallon, to do the work. Thn .senllment in favor of ollcd streets Is growing in that city. In 190G a petition against using oil oh Amour street, was sent to the commissioners. This year however, some of the signers of the petition have reversed their decision and now want oil on that street, saying that they now believe that It Is a good thing. The Tola men have received a letter from Chanute with the speciflcations which that city is going to use In build Ing oiled roads in that town. It is roughly estimated by persons who know something ahont the cost of this kind of road that it can be built for less than one-tenth what paving would cost, and will last just as long as paving. The oiled road committee with the assistance of Mr. Smith will get up a report which will be presented to the street and alley committee in the very near future. •i 1V0\'T BLOCK OKLAHOMA. The Presfdpnt Rofag^ Deiinitelj to Interfere With .Statehood. BONDS AND DRUNKS Poltee Judge Collins Glve» Out Int«r- riew About BeleaKlng Those Arrested. As we are being dally misquoted jwlth reference to our position on questions pertaining to our duties as a public officer, we wish to make the roUowlng statement Jor the purpose 3f placing us in a proper light before Lhe public on the suliject of reaslng jersoris from jail whdle they are In ;m intoxicated condition. After having carefoily examined he law and consulted some of the x^t legal talent In cur city with yeferente to the dutiss of the police find police"Judge, in a city of the sec- jii)d class, we find fJiat It would be vrong for a policeman to accept a Ktnd from a person to secure his ap- •eArancein police court at some fu- ure time. V/fi also find that, it would not be egal for the police Judge to accept a Ixmd, or order the release of a person under arrest for the violation of a city ordinance until such person has been brought into court and the complaint properly entered against Ibim. We further find that the law does not prohibit the police Judge from accepting a cash bond for the appearance of a defendant And we find that the law provides that; the police Judge's office shall be open for bus- jlness every day except Sunday, but we do not find tbat the statutes con' istrue the word "day" to mean twenty- four houTB. Nor does tbe law state that the police Jndge shall sit up all night Just to accomodate bis friends whose fellow associates are in the Jiabtt of tipping the botUa a lltUe too frequently. But we are aware of the fact that a public office is a public trust, and that we are a public officer and a ser Taut of the public, and tUat we were •lected by the good people of lola, vbo expect us to render a Just and llmTMtrtial service to every cltisen of our dty regardless of race, color, or Etatipn in life. Therefore, we wish to say, that our public actions are done' openly, and Without covering, and will not blush when investigated by tae critical eye of the inquisitive pnbUc. Our office Is open at all hours of the day or nie^t for the purpose of issuing warrants for the arrest of vlo- Utors'at tbe laws of our city, anS that for good cause shown we will come to our office iit any time, day or night, except Sunday, to enable a sober person to execute a bond for his appparance in court at some future time. But ail (Trunks must remain in the 'Iiold over" until tliey are sober, and until court opens at 8 o'clock on thp morning following their arrest. And all such perisons placed in jail on Sal urday night may remain there uutiJ court convenes on Monday morning. So lei Uie ])m)lin rinrtprsland that the mar.shal and police have no authority to accept bond from persons, and , that wlien thfy liave done so since we have beon In offlco, that they have acted on orders from us. But in the future they will not accept bond, neuher will we release persons ou bond until . they are sober and have been legally arraignsd in court A Lazy liver MSy be only a tired liver, or a starved liver. It would be a stupid as well as savage thing to boat a weary or starved man becauso he lagged in his work. So in treating tbe lagging, torpid liver it Is a groat mistake to lash it with strong drastic drugs. A torpid liver is but an Indication of an iti-nourisbod, enfeebled body whose organs are weary with over work. Start with the stomach and allied organs of digestion and nutrition. Put them in worlting order and see how quickly your liver will become activa Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery ba» made many marvelous cures of "liver trouble ".by its wonderful control of tbe organs of digestion and nutrition. It restores the normal activity of tbe stomach. Increases tbe secretions of the blood-mak- fng glaois, cleanses the system from poisonous aoMinulations, and so relieves tlie liver of the burdens Imposed upon it by (ha defection af other organs. If jroa bsM Mtleror bsdtttu la tba BMIB* I BC poor orifyiaUa awcUte. cott«d toufua, ftml bicatb. eoitsUpstsd or Irrecnlar bowelik ftel w«sk. stiUi ttrad ,aMpoadenb freqaent bcsdMdi «i, palnir dlstiMklg-sasll of bselc." gnawlM or dlswsiied Igrtbg la stoatch, perfaaiM BsaMa»^HW^d^^w "rUinn? la throat after eatlas^ and idMMI|^ snaptoiiH i of wesk stoBiscb and loipid Il< dnewUI relieve roii mow p>»inMlgjg. •partof tbe aoove •jriBpio& wUI be j . at one tlm* and yet point to torpid UveroV . bUioasneas and weak •tomscfa. Avoid all : hot bread and Uicaita, Krtddle cakes and ! other IndUreiiUtde food and take (be "Golden ' Medical DiacoveiT " zesnlariy and Bticlc to its «ie tmtU yoo are vicoroaa and stroar. i Tbe "DtceoTery" la Bon -seeret, non-aloo- ' bo^lc, is a Klycerie extract of native medid- , till foots with a fall list of lu InrredlenU printed on each bottto-*tapper and attested under oath. Its bvredlenu are endorsed and eztoUod by tbe most eminent medical Wflteis of tbe ace and are recomtDsnded to Cttie tbe dlseaaes for wbicfa It is advised. f Don't accept a substitute of unknown i MnposlUon for this non-secret KCDKua ' 03^ KMOWM JOOMRMiaOjr. However, we wish to say that several times since wo came into office app'ication has been made for the release of drunk persons, and once or twice before wo investigated tlio legality of the matter, we (acting on what some of our friends claimed was a lime honored custom,* ruleas- .-•d liie prisoners on cash bond, and on (he promise of their friends ttiat lhr?y would come for (hem and keep them off the streets until they were solwr. But wo have since examined the law and find tbat we erred In so doing. f<ir the law provides that a prisoner cannot be lesally released on bond until he has been brought into court and the charge made against him. And every sane and sober individual knows that a drunk man is not in a proper condidon to T )e brought into court, but that the jail Is a suitable place for him until ho has regained his mental powers and can fully tin- derstand the charges made against him and see the disgrace that hs has brought upon him.scif, his friends and his family, and can comprehend that tills disgrace was completed with tlie drunkenness, and that the officer did not disgrace him when hs arrested him and placed him where he could not add greater shame to his name by further violations of the laws of his countr.v. We would like for our friends who Insist that it is our duty to releas? from jail persons who are In an Intoxicated condition, to stop and consider wliat miglit result from sij<?h an action. No matter how goo<l a cillzen a man may bo when sober, is it not true (hat when ills reason has been de- thronsd by strong drink that ho is fl(. aud In a condition to commit any offense from petty theft to first de greo murder? And that he has no right to liberty while In such a condition, nut tho only rights he can justly claim are the rights to protection and the right to keep from doing harm, to his fellow man, while he is under the infruence of I'quor And we wish it to go on record that while we are the police judge of the city of lola. that we shall consider the protection of the wives, mothers and innocent children of our community paramount to t:ie liberty 'of any IndivMnal who has so debauched hlmse'f by strong drink that he Is fit only to insult deceacy, and outrage virtue. , This Is our position and our acts wlU be governed aecordingly, at K U times unless circimistances of an e.x- traordinary nature warrants a change,, or It is proven that we h.ive been v.!(iir.;fiilly advised in tlio matter. J. M. COLLI.XS. Polio? Jmlgc. For Exchange. Fanning lands in the Panhandle Texas, for farm lands or live stock, or for lola, Gas City or La Harpe rentals, WHITAKER & DONNELL. riHKHWELL ENTEKS It ACE. Oklahoma's Altornoy General Seeking the Federal Judgeship. Guthrie. O. T., Oct. 2n.-^.Mtnrney General W. O. Cromwell of Oklahoma has gone to Washinglou to Join In ihe scramble for the federal judgosliii) of the western district of Oklahonui. Jlr Cromwell hi?s the indorsement of Governor Frantz and claims the T.ift influences In Ohio and strong backing New York. If Governor Frantz continues to l)ack Cromwell to the end of the race Oklahoma politicians lielieVe he will stand a good chance to v;ln. In most cases consumption result? from a neglected or improperly treated cold. Foley's Honey and Tar cures the most obstinate coughs and i)re- vents serious results. It costs you no more than the unknown preparations and you should insist upon having the genuine in the yellow package. Barren's drug tsore. WILL OPEN TOMORROW Sparli >i Theater to Begin Season M'lfli Xovci Show. By tlie opc^nlng of Sparks Theatre, lola play goers will be given an on portunlly to enjoy the advanced grsde of vaudeville that Is usually confined to cities of greater population. Man ager Spnrlts will oiierate this lioiise In conjunction with others iind?r lils control, thus being able to present 'the very best acts upon the niurkct. Each bill will comprise six big acts and the admission feo will only be ten cents. There Is no doubt hut tiiat the policy of the new management will meet liie hearty approval and en dorsement of lhe people of lola. The Baisdens are the top-Uners on the opening bill. Their feats upon tha bicycle are of marvelous Ingenuity. Young Samson. In feats of strength, has played all the best vaudeville houses In the country: IJfting a horse Is one of his most extraordinary accomplishments. Collins and Hawley are entertainers of genuine artistic merit. Ernest Mack, cometl- lan, illustrated songs, and the Sparks- oBcope in new pictures, complete the bill. Washington, Oct. 26.—President Roosevelt gave tho Influences which have organized to defeat the admission of Oklahoma to statehood another blow .today. Senator Hemenway and Representative Watson of Indiana, called at tho "Wliile house to urge the president not to approve the conslitii- tion. The president .^stopped them he- fore they had proceeded with their argument by informing them they wer only wasting their time, and that he had deemed It his duty to approve the constitution, but that his personal views had nothing whatever to do with his onici.".l consideration of the question. i"(ir a week Henry An\t, cx-atlorney for tii(> Atchison, Toiieka & Saulii Fe railway, has iieen here drumming up infliifucfs against the constitution. Every corporation influence that could he reached has been enlisted by the conceruji which have Oklahoni.t connections and every railroad int<evost lias lent ii.'-elf to defeat the constitution which makes the admission of the slaie possible. Practically every republican politic^ iau of influence in Washington has been approached in the effort to bring pressure to bear on the president. Secretary Root was importuned, but declined, and Senator Knox.was asked by .Mr. Asp to ajipear before the presl dent. The Pennsylvania senator discreetly refused to l)ecome involved in Ihe contest. In preparation for the admission of the new state the assistant attorney general, Mr. Russell, submitted to the attorney general today a memorandum of suggestions as to procedure. If those recommendations are adopted aud thoy jirobably will he every state and federal ofBcer will he -ji-eimred to assume the duties of his ofllce the day the slate is formally declared to be in the union. This iirogranime slightly clianges^the procedure which has here tofore hWn predicted. The president acrording to the suggestions made by .Mr. Russell, will take the full twenty days necessary after the official returns have been submitted to him. In he meanwhile he will have made the aiipolntment of federal judges and mar slials. and these official.-? will be ready to qualify. Tlie; state officials will he expected to be,ready for their official duties and the new state will be provided with its full complement of federal and state officials. Governor-elect Haskell already has made It known that within fifteen days after the proclamation is Issued by the president he will Issue a call for an extra session of the legislature to elect senators. Thls.will give the new state its full congfesslonai representation for the next session of congress, wliich convenes Monday, Decemlier 2. Tiur BwiiMip" I' will give yon tlie opj- porttmity of buying FINE MILUMERY > . At 20 per cent'disconnt. The quality is the best. Come early anti get first choice. Mrs. E, Pefly l«8Ja East aifldlson. Old Court,Ilnnsc Blmt. Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice will be Intelligent— HOW. MUCH IS SATIS I'ACT ION WOltTlI Tt) YOi;? Do ynti prefer metluxls now going out of dale or up-to-date methoda that will carry far into the future ? A tj-pewriter made just good . enough to sell or the L. C. S MITH & B ROS .T VPFWIIITEB , with every u-seful, valuable feature inbuilt ard Writing ENTIRELY in Siglit? LET us .SEND YOU T II K 1 1.1.^ i: .ST RAT K D C: A T •\ I. r) (; i: K L. C. SMITH & BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. =d 8f2 Delaware SL, Kansas City, Mo. fc:^ The Junior Department Storej Buy Your Hallowe'en Favors anil Jaok 'O 'LantePtts of THE S. p. Murphy property was this week sold by the Jayhawker Land Company to Aelx. Hamilton of Yates Center. Kansas. THE ELK P.\R.\DE in Philadelphia and tlie reel ':Am I an Elk" are. two of the feature pictures which the Crescent Theater hfi, for tonight. II its a piauo bargain that you are looking for—you will find it an easy matter to drive a trade with us. Wie are showing different makes and all the different styles, made, enabling you to suit yourself, both as to the finish and size and price of the instrument. Come in today and hear tliem. IVc IT III gnarantrc yoa will be pleased. John v. Roberts Piano House Evans Bros. MM*, aum, Wlmmm. Bookm, atmllm-mnr, B/mm. artlom SummOmm. Wbere quality Is main consfd- erution. we buy the best. Where demands will justify, we carry ail grades and prices. WB Solicit torn' Trmdm. SOUTH •IDE SQUAHB , lola, Kam HIGH GRADE FLOWERS AND Artistic Floral De&lgns There are times and events which sefem to demand the presence of llow- ers and when tl^€§B occasions do come it Is well to Timyi just where to get the choicest of ^flowers and grade of work at moderate prices. .1. W. Primmer, of 704 East IJnci>In, iola. makes a specialty of cut flf»v.ers iiiul grows nothing else, and you can depend on getting just what you want In this line. He has T.oou feer of gla.sH and every foot of it devoted fxcluslve- ly to cut flowers, and everything strictly lip-to-dato. Call and see lil.s place, 7(M I.lnroln Street, lolu, Kansas. Bell Phoni-, m. J. W. PRIMMEK. WICK FUME OIL STOVE SAFE - CONVENIENT EtWNOIUCJU. If your deator don't handJe it. write to THE STANDARD OILCOMPANYj Emkia'm HmrdwfirQ .iromonltlon put np to comply with tbe pare feud law. 103 South Kontnrky. Phono 123. Notice to Qnr Cnstomer.s. We are pleased to announce that Foley 's Honey and Tar for coughs, colds and lung troubles Is not affected by the National Pure Food and Drug law as it contains no rplates or other harmful drugs, and we recommend It as a safe remedy for childreu and adults. Burell 's drug store. UON-T IJK.Vl) THIS. I'likss fiu are seel-:iug first-class in- vest:i:ent>:. There will be fortunes made ilii.s fi'.li in listed meritorious Nevada .Miniii;; Stocks. The recent decline has ).laced the market in position for Mm liiggest boom in many 0;;r advance inside information furn Ished for a portion of your' profits. .V.'rite at once for full particula,r.>i] THE MIM .Vt; FlX.lNCl.VL Bmi.ll Oakland, California. POLAR BCAli Hfts Stood the Test Be^ttte its t&e Best Acce|it No Of b^r Wm Obcfdorf, Agt For fee«t and Qalckest Besnlta ue tka BafUter Wait Calau Expert Clothes Cleaning. Pressing and Repakinj. 13 W. Madison. BUBY-YE^Zr Work Called for and Delivered. ; Theatrical" Wardrobe a Specialty ;

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