Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 3, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 3, 1908
Page 4
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lit wu iiiLr lEnstn istarii ft 1611^ Kauas, VoatoBLo$i as ' Beeand^Claaa Matter. Atrtrttiiag ^Batm Mi^e EninrB <m implication.. fdlSCBIFnON BATES. Ar r^ffNvia Ion, Ctes City, Laay*!- TlUe or LaHarpe. Ipe Week. 10 centa Mft Montli.... .44 cents One Tear 16.00 B7KalL Oir jtttt litMe ceioty... teM tae jtpx ontaMe tovmij ...HM tlinae MoatJis. in advance.|L0O Oah Month, 4n advance 44 ViTICIAL PiF£]|^CITT OF B18- Telcfpheaes BnalnesB OlBce 18 Editorial Room 22 KEPUBLICAN TICKET. For Prcijidcut of (he I'tiitod States WILLIAAI H. T.VFT of Ohio. For Vice President J^\MES S. SHERMAN of New Yorlt. STATE TICKET. For Governor W. R. STUBBS of Lawrence. For LleulcJaant Governor W. J. riTZGERALD Of Dodge Citv. Fior Secretary of State CHAS. E. DENTON of AlUca., For Auditor J.\1IES M. NATION of Erie. For Treasurer •MARK TULLY of Independence. For Attorney General P. S. JACKSON of Eureka. For Superintendent Public Instruction • E, T. FAIRCIIILD of Ellsworth. For Superintendent insurance C. W. BARNES Osage City, For State Printer T. A. McNEAL of Topeka. For R. R. Commissioners , GEO. W. KANAVEL P.J.RYAN C. A. RYKER. • For United Stales Senator J. L. BRISTOW of Salina. For Congressman CHAS. F. SCOTT of lola. For Judge Thirty-seventh District OSCAR FOUST of Tola,. F(v State Senator FRANK TRAVIS . of lola. COrNTT TICKET. For Representative W. T. WATSON For County Clerk R. B. CULBERTSON. For Treasurer C. C. AUSHERMAN. For Register of Deeds R, L. THOMPSON. For County Attorney H. A. EWING. For Probate Judge J. B. SMITH. For Sheriff C. O. BOLLINGER. For Superintendent of Scboolk MRS, MAUDE FUNSTON. For Sur\-eyor H. P. PALSTRING. For Clerk of Court C. B. ADAMS. l<\jr Coroner R. O. CHRISTIAN. For Commissioner. Second District T. J. ANDERSON. For CommisEioner. Third District C. A. FRONK. For Justice lola Twp. C. S. POTTER. J. P. DUNCAN. W. J. CONLEY. For Constable lola Twp. T. S. B.VLL. tiUS U£TLIN« UETL'U.>8. hajs He Will Gtt Oyt of Trouble in Nek Mexico. The Wichita Eagle saya: (Jus Helling, the AMehlta bull playvr wlio has been under arrest at Sanlu Fe. N. M.. on a charge of assaultiug a woman is In the city. He was released on 11.000 bond. Helling was arrcblcd three weeks ago.'after a Pullman car escapade in which a woman claimed that Helling had assaulted her. Her babe, burn afterwards, died, and a charge of second degree murder was placed against Hetiing. This charge was later dismissed. "I will get out all right." said Helling yesterday. "Il was merely a bcheme to blackmail me. The woman and the ixtrter took some money out of my clothes when I had gone tor- ward to the smoker, and they placed that charge against me to clear themselves." Uetling's trial is.not to come up >until Jannar}'. lu . the meanlime he will spend a portion of the lime in V^ita. and will also visit his mother at her home in 8t Louis. Hetling's popularity in Wichita was shown by the many friends wlto came to him to express their Borfow at the condition of a&alrs, "Tbe iieople jp New Mexico are for me."-saUH^lmig, yesterday;' "I have .tlie sii^Mtiar i}f nuwt of the people aad all eC Hie ball players. A sopd manrof seotie in that seetton oti tbe state knmr me on accoont ot my] tmli'fbiji^'^ As: it is. T lugre almost «« BMOarli ^^Bds tl^re as here." LEVIED ON PARKER Employee Issue Writ of Attachment of Carnival for A(^lcged Debts Amounting to'92,000. 05Lr 1 BOZO WIXT IT. Tbe Harrf Faikcr Bewarl Bms Xaay ClabuHrts. The Parker Amusement company which showed in lola two j'ears ago last spring, had some bad luck nt Chanute. Tlie Tribune says: The Parker's company's stows are still In the city. About twenty-five suits for labor were filed against the company late Saturday night and today before Justice of the Peace P. JI. Groome. The suits are in the form of garnishment and attachment proceedings. The cars, coutaiuing^ the company's property, were attached in the hands of the Santa Fe railway company by Constable T. E. Hall. Tlio suits aro for different nmoiuifs. and will possibly total in the neighborhood of $2,000. More sult.s are.being filed this afternoon. The suits are against C. -H. Parker of Abilene, the owner of tho company, and Al Myers, and A. H. Barkley. the gentlemen who are managing ll«c shows. J. W. McCarthy liled an attachment suit, and secured service In his suit Saturday night. Mr. McCarthy is agent for the shows. He has becu in Chanuto for about a month to loolc after the interests of the show company, lie sued for $186.80. which he c'aims is due him for labor. Smith & Brobst are attorneys for Mr. Mo- Carthy. Other altovncys expect to file Klm- ilar .suits during the afternoon and evening, if some kind of a settlement is not^ effected by the Parker company. It is claimed that both Mr. Myers and Mr. Barkley have left the city, and if tiiis is so it may be difficult to secure personal service upon them. • An ationiey from Olatho was iu town this afternoon looking after the suits filed against llie company. The employees of the show company claim that they have faiied to receive any salary for several weeks and some of them claim to be penniless. The company had been here two weeks. It failed to show the first week because of the bad weather, and did not do much business lastvweek, the cool nights at this season of the year being ag-alnst them. The outfit was padded on boai-d Its cars Saturday night and made ail ready for transportation to Enid, Okla., where tJie cai'ttlval was to have begim a week's exhiibtiou this evening. PILE SCEFERERS. 1)0 I'uu Know These Facts? The Wichita Eagle says: I , The 1200 reward offered for flic arrest of Harry Parker by Harrjf Pearson and Sheriff Garrison of Oklahoma City is furnishing material for a scrap between a dozen officers of three cities, it looks like the Wichita ^llce force has taken sides and is scrapping for the money offered ifor the art-est of the man .who, it is charged, muttered Mrs. Pearl Pearson at Oklahpma City September IC. Police Officer A. <?. McCandless, who'is on a ten days vacation from duty, has gone to Oklahoma City and returned after a; futile effort to collect the reward. Officers iu Enid aud Oklalioma City also think that they should be remunerated. " It was Desk^Sergeant Joe Thompson who worked *up the case from the Wichita end. Nigl^ Captain Gunsaulus and Police Officers' Wright. Hardy and McCandless assisted In the arrest. "I didn't Itnow he had gone." said Officer Thompson \a»t night when he was told that Ollicer McCuu'diess had gone to Oklahoma City to receive the reward. If anyone gets the money. I ought to. I worked up the case and called the other men in to assist inc. If Sheriff Garrison doesu'l pay the money he will be sued." "They refused to mijke any disposition of the reward money until Peal- sou receives the lusiyance money of his murdered wife." said Officer McCandless yesterday to a reporter for the "EJagle. "Garrison will have to stauir good for it. The Enid officcrE are now chipping iu and say that the 5'hole reward beioogs to them." " ••Several officers are cliimiug the reward for Harry Parker'.s apprehension and arrest, and although A. C. McCandless of Wichita was here for that purpose, I have as yet taken no action in the controversy." said Slier- iff H. D. Garriscii yesterday In discussing the mlssiou of Officer McCaud less to Oklahoma City. Sheriff V. C. Campbell of Enid and John Mahoney of Guthrie arc claiming that they first had Harry Parker iu custody after his escape from Oklahoma City, where he is alleged to have killed Mrs. Harry Pearson. September 16. They will contend that they held th»> iuan for idcntificnlion, believing that he was the guilty person, and that failure to identify by those who claimed to know him was no fault of theirs aud they released him only after he had made bond. fiuy Each £rom a Different Dealer as a Test 0|£ their Absolute Uniformity If you like the firsit Mercantile Cigar, you'll be equally pleased with the r ^sf. For one of the (distinctive qualities of "Mcrcantiles" is that they are always exactly the same. The test we propose will settle the two vital questions of quality and uniformity. We do not claim that "Mercantiles" arc the best cigars in existence. We simply jtell you the facts and let you judge for yourself. Wc are quite willing to rest our case on the rnerits of MERCANTILE CIGARS • \ The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever Cigars made from tobacco bought in the open market mustvary widely in quality. Webuythe same quality of Havana tobacco from the same plantations—year in and year out —Thecream of eachseason'scrop, personally selected by a member of the firm on the island. The leaf tobacco, iiilly ripened, is then stored and cured until it attains the exact d^^ee of mellowness demanded in "Mercantiles." Thus Mercantile Cigars possess an aroma, taste and flavor all their own. Cigars like these make stecuifast friends. Scores of men have smoked nothing but Mercantile Cigars since we began making them over eighteen years ago. If yoa like them, and we think you will, you can always depend on Mercantile Cigars for a satisfying smoke. HARD WORK FOR JAYHAWKERS. KeifAedy's Men Don't Expect an Easy Game With Washburn. The of piles Is internal— Sluggish circulation in the lower bowel. Piles can't be thoroughly cured by >utwurd treatment. An internal remcdj" is needed lo ;ure the cause. Send for our bookk-l. "How Piles Can be Cured by Internal Medicine," ^r talk with Chas. It. Spencer & Co.. who sells Dr. Leonhardt's Hcm-Roid •it ?1 per bottle, and guarantee it lo urt'. Dr. Liiouhardt Co.. Station 15. Duffalo, .v. Y. FOR A WHITE HOUSE DEBUT. Miss Roosevelt to Come Out at Party For Young Friends. Washington, Nov. a.—Plans for the debut of .Mii-s Kthvl Uoosevell are not completed, but it is certain that the ba'l to introduce her into society, cLeilulcd for December 2*5. is to be more of an affair for her young friends than an elaborate function. The dale will be Just the time most of the officials are out of town, and t is certain that a larrvr ball will be ivcn lii.r by her mother a few weeks later to Introduce her daughter to official society, wiieu she Will have be- counY^ (ioi»<!wiiat ubed • to the giddy whirl of fashion. '£o the first ball .in point of fact, will differ very little from the entertainment given to her young friendd by Miss Roosevelt in tht» last few years. The jolly churns of last year will have been graduated into dlgiil- tied debutantes. Sour Stofliaeb -I Mwd Caaeanta ma4 <aal like a nrw man. I bi i.«*u aaatarar txom dra^yaia aud aonr ata tortlSHAMrmn. J tera boaa 'claasBdotlMtalran. bmt eoald llai' for a ahoit ttda. Xwin reeommem taj friaod* aa |taa oajy thing for i •our atomaeli and to kaa; - diUoD. TbayarsTarrBieatoci •as tha bovela niea to cat.' JUanT Staekler. MaMk Otaak. Ak icaaara . SMnilM to cBsa ar jraariMoar Lawrence, Kas., Nov. a.— "Work for the night is coming" is the motto that Uio Jayhawker football team has adopted, and the reports that the coach cs and the members of the sqUad who saw tbe iAIissouri valley games Saturday bring back are not as rosy as the views that had been entertained hero a little earlier in tbe season. Captain '•Pat" Crowell aud several ot the Jay hawker eleven were in Topeka and they are agreed that the first proposition, that they have to meet is not going to be any snap. Kennedy and Moses brought the same kind of a report from Iowa City of both the teams. Tlie coaches had liopcd lo find some real weakuess tliat would enable them to save their men a little in some one or more of the matches that precede the Turkey Day game, but tliey are frank to admit that they are disappointed. Washburn, in lite first place, fcas been set down as of less imi)ortaucc than the others, but Captain Crowell is convinced that their work against Drake is no fair . sample of what they will bring to Lawrence on Saturday. Tlio impression of tlic whole game was that the Congrega- Uonalisls were saving their men, but they did not disguise the fact that tliey have a better team than tlie.v have had credit for before this season. "How do you feel about Nebraska V Kennedy was asked today. "Well, just this way." was the reply. "I am sure that I saw the best team in the Missouri valley Saturdajv Of the teams that were playing Saturday tlierc is no doubt in my mind that Xebraiska was in the lead. Their superiority over Iowa was shown In all the little details of the game that show football ability and careful coaching. They are not especially fast, but they are heavy and arc in tlie game and are plugging alt tlie time. T am confident that they had a better team than they bad last year." Tbe Jayhawkers will pracUco behind closed gates all week, and the coaches will endeavor to get their repertoire of new plays well in hand for the WAshburn game. The coaches are guarding, their plana Jealously, and no information has leaked out as to the nature of the new formations, but the students are looking to see something «ood ne.xt Saturday, which Is the last game on McCook field this season. So far tlie Kansas coaches have not produced anything in the way of brilliant "fakes" or startling forn^tlons. and the rooters are anxious to see the macfhinery at work with which the;.- hope to win at least a majority of tbe games left on the fohedule. Ask Your Ci^arman for a "Mereantile out of Rice's Glass Humidor *'Rice's Glass Htanidor" is the original and only successful glass cigar jar. An air-tight package that keeps Mercantile Cigars in exactly the same condition in which they leave our factory. Neither altitude nor climate affects them.' Dealers will serve you -.vith "Mercantiles" out of this jar, if jrou ask. This splendid package is available at most dealers to smokers who buy Mercantile Cigars in lots of 50. If your dealer does not carry Mercantile. Cigars send us his name and we will arranged supply you. F. R. RICE, MercanUle Ci|{ar Co., St. Louis, Mo. Factory 303-Flrst District of Mlasourl lOLK STATE BMNK 1 President. A. W. BECK, Vice-President. i J)lreeton: L. E. Horvillci A. W. Beck. J. A. Robinsop. Geo. E. Nicholson, H. L. Henderson, Prank Riddle, J. U. Campbell. Ul'TCBEST PAID oif TIME DEPOSITS Safety Deposit Boxes fer rest. J. 11. CAMPBELL, Cashier., L. C. BOBDiSOX. Ass't Cashier. Stockholders. L. E. Horviie, A. W. Beck, Frank Riddle, II, IJ. Ucuderson, J. A. Kobinson. 1». ly. Ponsier. Geo. E. Nicholson, L. C. Robinson, L. A. Kotrinson, IfJ T. Evans. John T. Watklna, Frank Wood, ,J. 11. Campbell. A BEAR HUNT FOR ROOSEVELT. Sthoonover .Spoke. - The (.'haiiute Sun s^ays: .ManCord IVIr. Taft Will Accompany the Presi- Sch.wnovc r. whi) stumped lb. dent to the Tennessee Mountains. small for the crowd which would assemble U> hear .Attorney Ueueral Jack J.'^on this evenintj and had secured the I i.Standard for the Jacksou rallv. the ifor Kr.van tlurin.^ the lai.iou.-; free sil- -j-aa headquarters was placed at the ' i^e'" campaign of isiu;. will address ,iispoj;j,| pf the Democrats. Schoou- Washlufc-ton; Nov. Fresi.lont! the Demociatic voters in hi.s behalf at f„.,cr will si>eak. then, at the Roof Gar Roosevelt is contemplating a huntingiheadquarters .his evening ,e„ „, ^ (.clock on slate and-national i^he liryan hall, wa.s considered too ismn.K—omittini: all i-pfftrpnop tV» frei' trip in the mountains in the eastern „„aii r;,r .he pu.i.ose !.> .h« Demo-j' part of Tennessee the latter part of ciatic leaders and as the Republican.^; —_ TO CUBE COID DT «SE BAT.. TalK^ ];«asatfire Bromo i^uinlue Tablets. Dragg^ refund money It It faila to care. E.. W. CROVE^ slgna- .iture Is.'on each box. :25c.- Tbe constant dropping water weairs away the hardest stone. The constant gnaw of Towser inaflti- cates tbe tonjgheit 'lMMif. Tbe constant wooing lover carrkii away tI |B Wodiing . I v And tUti^ Ckuutapt Adrer^vejr^ this month. Mr. Tall hai arranged j considered their headquarters too already to spend some time in this locality after the election. The President is rushing work on his annual message to congress andj cleaning! up routine matters bO that- hc will be free lo make the trip and get the rest and recreation he desires. It has been his custom to spend a short'time annually at 'fhankssi^lnic! time al Mrs. Rooseveli's lodge at Piiie Knot. Va.. but there is no hunting in the neighboriiood. Ixing tramps after; wild turkey have always proved fruitless. ; The President has been iuformfid'; that there is good hunting in the; mountaliis near Asheville. Frieiids- have promised him that he shall have a shot at bears larger than those | found in the Louisiana canebrak^. | The trip to Tennessee would have the additional advantage of giving the President an opportunity to plan with Mr. Taft work for the approaching session of Congress and for the extra session that is to be called after March A, next. —It—Our Way Soda^ Water. Christian Science Lecture SSSBBSSSSSSBSSS *T THE SBSSSBSBBSBSSBB GRAND THEATRE ^ Thursday, Nov. 5 AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, P. M. , By .Miss .Mary Brookina C. S. B. of Miuueapolis. Miuu.. member of the Christian Science Board of Lectur^hip of The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boslou. Ma^ss. This lecture i* given under the auspices of First Church of Christ Scientist of lola. All are c-ordially invited. ADMISSION

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