Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1907
Page 5
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pouble-fold and wing point collan break if folded when the seam is unevenly dampened. We have a machine that dampcHH those caltarfl exactly right, in the hands of an expert opprnfor. A velvety smoothnesa on every edge. tOLA LMUMORY. PUONt 102. VmteHnary HoapHml West Street, lola, one block from jsquare. Diseases of domesticated ' |*tiimals successfully t reated .charges ;sipderate,good boxstalls forpatients jCalls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentiiitry a specialty. rrmnkS.BeuMe, V.S. Honor Qraduate of Ontario Veter> I Inary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 If it's trouble was they didn't get to brini; any paftie home, as the law forbids it being taken out of the Territory. But they lived like muitis while there and th?y coii!d have remained long- nr.—Humlwldt Union. J. ?. Tanner, IleeaAPd anctlODMr tvA sale crier, 605 North MeRea, Gas City. ClfRIS RITTER went to Fort Scott today where he will represent the plaintiff in the case of Summers vs Hart which l.s being tried in Bourbon rnunty iiistrlct court today. Hot Water Bottle Remember we sell . the best quality, at right prices. Full line of rubber goods at SPENCER'S CITTJfEWi. Krs. CantTPlL Phone 10*7. Panics who have ordered nursery -stock may call for It. Stock not called for will be delivered. Grape vines and all kinds of frnlt and shade trees for sale. A, H. Brown. 51.''. South Cottonwood. .IAMBS Wilson of lola and Eva BPIIP Haddon. of N'eosho Falls, wen n-.arriPd at 202 North State street last evening by Probate .TudRp Smith. Moler Barber ColleRC, Kansas City Mo., wants men to learn the trade Write for particulars now, few weekr compleips by free clinic and expert Instructions, positions waiting. Don't delay. 0\MN'r. to the fact that Congress man C. P. .Scoff must return to Wash ir.ptdn the parly part of next week MB lecture engappmont billed fo! Oonpva Xovpmher 1st has been can celled. Wanted—Everybody to know thai W. B. Kcllcy & Son have moved theli transfer and storage office to 2V South Washington. Office and Da'< Phone 290. Residence and night Phone 17. IT IS SAID t'nat b.ioze is hard to get in Humboldt. Maybe 1! is but one of our c'lizcns was observed looklni; for the racing balloons the other >ni«ht. He wanted to ride on? of i them but they KMT"JTitny around in a ; circle at such a lively pace that he couldn't get on. .''O he disgustedly staggered home. Looking at the ''bal- loon.s" may have b?en the cause of , his diz7inp.«5=. —Humboldt Union. Tr.ACHER .Si' VISIT PROFJT.\BLE Dr. ReTioMs. Phone SM. Kei. 114. P. £. Wanrh, Dentist. Phone Office over BnrrelPs Dms Stora. A P.\RTY of fifty -sevt -n teachers of the lola schools passr^! tlir .iu 'sh beer yesterday afternoon on the way to visit the schools at Topeka. They .were conduct?d by Superintendent Mayberry.—Ottawa Republic. Dr. J. F. Jameson. Graduate Anctlon. eer and Veterinarian. Sales or calls made anywhere. .Phone IS, lohi, Kas. DR. J, H. HIXDMAN and C. A. Hess returned last Saturday morning , from a week's hunt jifter wild game in the Indian Territory. They had good luck—got two turkeys, a dozen prairie chickens. 127 quail and all 'the squirrels ihey wanted. The only Iflla Instrurtors Get \ew Ideas Fron- Topeka Schools. The Tola teachers returned from To peka last evening, where they spen* two days visiting tha schools with the view of getting new ideas and sui? gestions that might be put into prac ticp hero. One of the teachers sal<' this morning that the visit had been a v?ry piofitable one for them. He stated that Topeka is placing much emphasis on the manual training de- I-artmont and the restilts of their efforts were very satisfactory. TCh peka has a fine manual training building separate from th? other schoo! buildings and well equipped. Th-sewing, wood work and forging wer all very cr.diinWe. The teachers vis ited the department of domestic sc ence and after making three visit were succsffi:! in arriving at th; moment when it wa-^ possible for them to appreciate som? scientifically cwked beef steak. At the teachers' mret-'ng here one W3ek from today the teacliers will dls- cu.^s I he methods rind id«as di.icover- eJ on tlip vi«'t. Henry R. Jones, of Tampa, Fla.. write>: "l can thank God for my nrcsent health, due fo P'oley's Kidney "ure. I tried doctors and ail kinds of t'.dney cure^. but nothing did me iiucli good tl'.I I took Foley's Kidney Cure. F<ur bodies cured me. and I havp no nii >re pain in my back and shoulders. I :i:n f,l years old, and suffered long. I)u* thanks to Foley's Kld- ley Cure 1 am well and can walk and .-njoy myfelf. It is a pleasure to rec- immend it to those needing a kidney medicine." Burreil's Drug Store. MtMhli«ra«« T«Mhen «DlM«Tet* Clff- •ffUM OB Prof. Denait TMtrr< dajr at Topeka. Woa Prof. C. V, Dennis Just fooUn when he made his recent crusade agatnRt the nasty cigarette? Doei the profesiBor really think the neatly rolled "plllB" are a curae to ithe youth of the land? These quoatlons arlso naturally when one is Informed by the teachers" delegation, ot the bare fact that they "discovered" hidden in the professor's pocket a package of "Between Acts" cigarettes yesterday at Topeka. However, It develops that the teach- who are usually staid austere and not given to youthful pranks, took Id van I age of their absence from the city to play a practical joke. In a Mody the teachers were vls'tlng the It ores and viewing the displays. One •)f the teachers (Prof. Wshnrd says ^e doesn't know who It was or he "vould prefer charg?s against him,) law some cigarette.*; on sale In one If the stores. This teacher Induced he others to lure Prof. Dennis out- <ide while the purchase of the cigarettes was made. A moment later, vlii'p the delegation was going down he streets, the package was slipped nto Prof. Dennl.s' coat pnck?t. As they proceeded down the street paper box which had once contaln- ->d cigarettes was seen lying on the idpwalk. One of Ih.-" teachers picked up and. shovine it into Prof. Den- ils' pr.rket. said: "Here, professor, on need this." Naturally Prof. Den is <hnisf his hand Into his pocket rid it of the contents, and drew "orih the full box of cigarettes. ^Is iroth!»r and sister teachers were hlgh- y and upbraided him for iFCoIving them as to his real attitude X. the cipareftp question. Prof. Dennis was "on" however, and appreciat- •rt (he joke as w.^U as those who per- )eirafed if. m mm. The Sociib^ Ey^nt of the Season 300 Consectitlve Performance at "WalteckV* New York City Theatre A PRESS ENDORSEMEXTS:—N'ew York Herald—Before you had finished latighlng at one thing, you found yourself splitUng your sides at another. New York World—.\ every minute. New York Journal—Bright from start to finish. New York Telegram—Holds the record as a fun maker .M.lSO.Nir END0RSE3IEST:—Read what the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania says In open letter to management: "Clever comedy; nothing detrimental to .Masonary: Bright dialogue; Amusing situations."—Signed. Grand Master, Edgar A .'Tennls; Grand Sr. Warden, George W. Kendrick,, Jr.; Thos. Patien, Grand Treasurer; William Sinn, Grand Secretary; J. H. Williams, Grand Perservlant; Frank H. Highly, Secretary A. & A. Rite; also many others present accompanied by their ladies. , TheGre.t fBteraatiiiiisl Comedy Soccess, Preseifed ky Spscid iiraifeineits with Cbirles Frahaii PJilOES,2Bo,Bba,7BOf0t.OO. EVKKY Wtl.M.VN SHOILD SEE THIS PLAY. See I.Utle Alice Iterry. (he Wonderful ( hlld .Ictress, '•Girl of the Streets" A MASSIVE SCENIC PRODUCFION. Ooioher 28ih GLEAN The Snspenslon Brld^, Harlem BI- ver at Slsyht, Hew lotk City ninmlnat' ed. The Connterfelten' Dea, The Great Winter Scene, Slnr SIngr Prison, The Black Pool, etc. ETEBYTHDrG BEPBODUCED OK THE STAGE THAT IS PICTUBED OX THE BILLBOABDS. PRICES, 25-35-50. mM Vatw PIPPIN CASE CONTIMED. One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of dlsUUed water snltahlo tor family use. Try It larland Man Cant Be Tried for Raining Step'Dangbter This Term. (Fort Scott Repulilican.l The criminal celehra of this rm of d strict court the ae­ on instituted asalnst Chari.^y Pip- lin, the -ii") year old Garland farmer, barging that he is the father of a ahy recently born to tlio 12 year old nster child, Jessie Pippin. The case as docketed for trial at this t3rm ( court but has been cont'^iued over he term. Mr. Caldwell announced bis morning that It would now be im- Iohlce&C«ldStoraseCt FRANK RinOLfi, Mxr. A ST.\TEME>T. I To the Editor:— Tha purpose of this letter is to cail attention to the inconsistency of saying • that "Chrisilan Science crazed him," in referring to the case of Mr. .\nderson. After years of suffering from a malady which refused to y.eld to any remedy, ha turned to Chrls- ossible to take the case up at this "an Science and received at least o..=^„ i» temporary relief. He became very ss on and it has accordingly gqne interested in the study of th» method which had afforded him this )ver tha term. Pippin and his wife are still Annate.'! of the county jail, where thiey vere placed three or four weeks ago hen arrested for subornation iof erjury. The father of Pippin receiit had the bond covering the man's rst arrest taken down. It will be ecessarj' for Pippin to now furnish wo bonds, one covering the case, of nining the child, and the other the ubomation of perjury and for Mrs. •ippin to give bond for h?r case. Ef rts towards furnishing bonds wil! for 1::' forgave the Magdalen. It was not for the few but was and Is for al men and all lime that He said: "The works that I do shall ye do also." This wa.s at the same time was a command to do the works and promise of the understanding to do them Christian Scientists know this is true for the sufficient reason that In the life of each there had bean a demonstration of It. In order that there should be no mistake as to how this should be done he directed: "Wftat th ngs soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them." The Master that came with this message of paace and love to mankind said: "A new commandment give I unto you, that ye love one another;' 'and this certainly means that we are willing to concede to others the enjoyment of the same rights we demand for ourselves. .\mong these no one is as sacred as the right to worship God as we deem best. Chr.'stian Science says that this worship is obedience to the law: 'Thou Shalt have no other God be foi-e me." Its result Is a fulfillment INCREASE IN TAXES Total Amonnt of Taxes to Be Collected This Tear 091,893.64. The total taxes to be collected In Allen county for 1907 Is approximately $33,996 more than last year. County Treasurer M. F. Sickly has completed making up tUe amount to be collected for this year and finds It to be 1391,393.64 as against 1357.399 for last year. The increase Is due to higher valuation and a raise o^ rates In several Items, more especially the rsilroafis. relief, and when he yielded to one ^ ;'/^^.;.'',f T^'Z.^^^^t^^^S ot tte phases of his d.sease, Intense ^"hIndr"nce "^oVVoSatS!f Signed. A. P. COCHRAN. iimous excitability, it is said that. ,,^„, . .i,„„„i,. j Christian Science is responsible. Soi *"'J,«:_ ^''°"8ht, word or act- far from this being true the verj- re- .erse is the fact, and the aberatioa from which lie suffered was the result of th? lack of Christian Science, just as was the fact in the case of the boy brought to Jesus as related in the seventeenth cliapter of Matthew. Christian Science does not "crazi" peopia. On the other hand its undor standing and practice results in the) perfection of sanity, else the Chris WANAM^ER IS SAFE One of Firms Oilicials Say Rnmors of Fuilnrc Have False Fonndations. kely be made later as neither thejtlanlty which today dominates the CraTliiettc Bain CoatK in all styles and colors. Prices $12.50 to *20.(»0. Full., line of Rubber Clothiog and Rnbi>er Footwear. CAe Baftlay Shields ClQthin^ Ci NEW REFINERY AT FILL BLAST. IViroliii Inritilution Will Make Rig Shipments This Wwk. The work of the Petrolia Refining •:ompany in completing its plant has been constantly going on of late, says ;he Petro 'ia Times, and this week he fin shine touches are being made to th? barrel house, which is S0x2(i feet. This ho.iso is beiag placed on a foundat'on of cement piers, and will be siibsianliai as well as com tTiodious. The p:arf is now running in full blast ami ."ihipraents of stock will be n:ade to Kansas City and Topeka the att( r part of the w?ek. A.-; we have before stated the plant has a capac'ty of 100 barrels a day. The finished products of this refin .-Ty will consist of kerosene, en- ?,'iie oil. pail oil. cylinder stock, as- \«hRltum. asphalt paint, gas oil. These produces are now ready for the open market. In the near future the companj intends installtng a compounding depart men^ which will turn out various grades of gr?ases and castor machine lilS. The refinery is a valuable acquisition to Petrolia. THE STOBE THAT SATISFIES. Better Waal Ads Briag Besalts. an nor h'S wfe want to remain in rison until January. The case for the continuation Is he delicate condition • of the girl lother, who has bsen 111 for several eeks or since bearing the baby Into his world. She would Ukely be un- ble to come to Fort Scott for thlc erm of court .but by the January :(Ss !on It is thought she will have I globe and is tho motive that actuates the development of th3 splendid civ- I iii/at.on of the age is founded on a I myth. Its founder is an impotitor and those who are numbered among its followers are tlie victims of a hope that can only end In desolation. This Is strong languags. but every declaration of trust must be so. Jesus the Christ, came to earth as an integral part of the divine plan of redemption or he was a pretender. With „ , ^, ,^ , His plain, simple declaration of the •..covered sufficiently to be present.) j ,„«,nfound3d thequibblers of the day. Christian Scientists know that Ite did this by authority. He said that He did not come to set aside the MNK TOOK EXA.>ri\ATIO\. ••|vll Service .VppUrante Busy at Business College. Nine young men are today taking the civil service examination for clerk id carrier .service at the lola Business College. This is probably the ast examination that will be held In lola this year. The class taking the examination today is tiie one in months. law but to fulfill it. We know that the works that He performed were In accordance with law and naver in violation of it. and we know that this law means health for He healed the sick: it life for He raised the dead: it means cleansng from sir New York. Oct. 26.—Among the rumors afloat there have been many affecting a number of the leading commercial houses, evidently started for the of affecting the stock market. A man high in authority in the house of John Wanamaker, said: "Rumors that have been In circulation regarding this firm recently are ridiculous and without foundation. The affairs of the firm never were In better shape than they are now and the bus! ness of the New York store has never lagged." . MRS. W. T. Smith, of 220 South Walnut street, wife of the city store- 'leeper. is reported as dangerously "11 at her home and her friends arf • ery m \)Ph concerned about her con- lltion. Register Want .Ids. Ic a Word. WILL StE J. C. KEI.H. E. 0. Bmner Wants tor Tommis- sion on Trade. E. 0. Brimer through his attorney J. L. Barnes, is today making arrange- iients to bring suit against J. C. Keim for the sum of $25 which be claims is due him as commission on a trade. It will be remembered that a few days ago Bruner and Keim came to blows at La Harpe. over a dispute about this commission and the result was that each man had the other arrested. Mr. Bruner claims mat he made the deal and therefore w^nts his commission. Dame Fashion Says Milady's costtime is incomplete this fall and winter witbont a^ least one Gold Bracelet—an edict that seems to please the popalai fancy. It is a cbarmini; addition to any costume, and the variety ol beantiful designs that we o £ftr you will please every fancy—fit even purse. Onr prices range from ^t .oo to $do.oo THE M. E. CHURCH has received 300 hymnals for use in the church and song services. Ho. Pye:, Santa Pe «, K. «. JT. JTatc^ laipeeUc*. SOB08IS CLUB BUSY. Thlrty -tve Dolhirs Had Been Raised at Two O'clock—Tagr Day. Ovsr thirty-five dollars had been raised at two o'clock this afternoon toward the purchase of a piano for the Tola public library. That amount of money has been raised by a corps of pretty "tag" girls and this Is how they did It. JThey walk along the street with a big btmch of "tags" In one hand labeled "Benefit lola Public Library.", With the other hand they grab every person and nothing 'ess than a dime or a twenty-five cent niece can induce them to let go. . All forenoon a force of about four' girls was at work and this small force succeeded In raising the tbirty-flve dollars. This afternoon, however, some twenty-five or thirty are at work and by night It Is expected to give »very person that comes to town a chance to donate to the fmid. The campaign will not close at sup- t)er time but 'tonight the carnival :;roundB and the streets will be picketed with "tag" girls. It is expected »hat $200 will be raised today and It 's hoped that the amount may he swelled to |250. Iowa Store Just Received 500 Pain of Sample Shoes No two pairs alike. Bverythiflg, that is made is the shoe line. Now is the time to get a pair of shoes that will fit and suit you. Respectftilly, A. 0. MUMMA, Prop. ^HE I £ST TOVES IGCB5T iQTOCK s HANNON'S VAY SEXTEXCE CABTER TOD Prisoner 4 Stealtag Found Guilty of from Parman Store. CUff Carter, who made his escape from the connty jail a rew days ago, but was later captured, may be sen' 'enced this afternoon .by Judge Foust. Carter was found guilty of .stealing clothing from the Parman .Ttore on Sonth Jefferson some time ago. He was once an Inmate of the Hutchinson reformatory; Court will adjonm today nntll after the cases in 'be Woodson connty court are tried. CHAS GATES came In today from Garden City. Kansas. He is moving his household goods here and will make this his home again. THE STREET department of tWs city is busy today cleaning the crossings. Santa Pa luxtmmy Tun* Tab!*. NORTHBOT7KD. «o. 202. Paa. dally 2:25 <a. 204. Paa. dany 2*. 5S a.m Va 208, Pak-tfaOy ex. San ..CiSOajo. "fo. Sift, Paa. arrlT^a dally ..S:50p.a. >o .21«.rrrirtt.P. <«. «mi 12:01 pjr SOUTHBOTTNDL Cftint.PBs.daay U:4K9ii> >»o. 20S. Paa dally i V^"^ va 207Paa dally vc Sua ...8:60 PJB 2M.Paa..d«£arta dally...•:20a.m Nojirrraliktntx. San. .U:10pji> TdBiSure Call on 0 IiEFF£.ER Whtn needing any thin in ttie Jewelry line. naotana uA OmatM ffidawalks aal OMM US Jhat iMkMB Am LivinqstdD £i> Cd Atfk^ of irork s aptetr WAN11BI>^A dinhis room girl at Hotel Thomaoo.

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