Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 3, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 3, 1908
Page 3
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\ TmiOLk'9Ma teCBtii. wjiaiAg TOwaft iroTmnt», jwe. JAF ROSE SOAP (TRANSPARCND A ^ ;| One should be particular in selecting a soap for shampooing. Jap Rose leaves no sedi- ahso" meht, being absolutdy soluble in hard or soft water. It reouires but little rinsing to entirelr remove the lather from the hair. IT CANNOT BE IMITATED Jas. S. KirK S Co., asi N. Water Street, Chicago. mirC' bad «• ee ttiaps fee f |*rr« dnwian of Japan. VnVV -EXCHANGE OR SELL. . List your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No exj 'euse unless a deal is found for you. I have acres In Neosho coiint.r, Kas. to exchange for good loia property. J.'T. MU .E8. KovDi 10, UI4 C*art Ilvu;so. THEODORE, JR.*S. FIRST VOTE. Both T. RonseTolts to Cast Their Bal, Ms at Osytor Bar. • 0 STOW voivr. 0 •M. HraruliiilmtfooJi Jiis Jiuic sou lo 1^ Iliirpo 'riiui'^dny to roiisult it iilivsiiiaii. TIu- 'inlv I'-llow luis lisid IIIIIM! tniiililf for r-> i.i»> ;liin'. .Mr^-. l-:iiiin:i .M .I'at \i.-i'iii at • K. ll:audoiibuilook four ludidji of faf iia;rs to J-J'sii..>i r Miuijiay. .Mi<. Kll.i ill>iii;;;l\iiiii \isiieU at Curl Hocke!ilia!>!<>V Tiiur.-^da.v. W. T. Ha. WIK.I i.t'oii ili'iir: citr- pi-nlvr wirl: on Wallaio Ilaii's iu.iist-. lias built lli'.iu a .-iiink-- lioii-<' ami cvi rythiup is ready t"r,r '.Uo painter. -Master Viijiil iiraiideiibur!; is vjriii- ing a few days with his icraiidi'aronls. Ml. and .Mra. S. 1). Hrandtnbur;-'. Mr. Ricl). of Mofaii, -.vho ir.i'^ 1« t tr V orkii:-; •>:: ':. !;-s is : iir. . j . ti ; 1: i .1 • ii ill's Al't;':'!' r .iiriii- 11. t a 10 v.- liii.- \Vri_ii. PIQCA. X .\ titmib*!'^ f.'oiii iRif at!' tided the L-rrt i -n sjilt Fridav. -.Mr.<. J. M. r'ui-c'i: Mid Mrs. Ferns drove to Y;ti>.- v'lnur Tm.-.sday. yi,i. 1>. .\ f-<!ti^ it'ii! .I:n;i--l:.-i- .Mi.-^ ^•• Ha. ••»vi>- n;'..pj'!i:u in li>!.i Kr^da;.. .Mrs. B. V yii.'ka and .^li.-- J>.'if8i»r I and visited our fcUoul Tuesday al- yUs. ilolti. 'f loi;i. nas 'ii'- :;in."rl of .Ml;. Jas Itil.y la-t i-rida.\. I'raiik l."Iri<Ii aud f.-iiniy and .Mi--^ .\iiiia Hean. «.f Fort Sicit. CUMII- iu Tii''>day uwiiiii^ to ajiorid t!ii- Htan-! \V;;kiii wi'duii:;;. Wa.-IiiniTion,- .Vov. —President Rfjti.sfvcif. Iiis Mcretary. AVilliani 1 .^'b Jr., and a itarty yf ih.> Kresidunts ex- efuiivi- i.fric"' ."-laff. w iiu liave CHlab- ll.><bttl a \oiinii re^^idfinf In 0 .v.>rter Buy. S. Y.. ioft litre la«' iiiKlit at ihid- niKii' «'V»r tin- Ftiiijsyivanl.T raflrojtd for 0 .».-{'i- lla.v. «lii.'i>.' today ait wJll ai'A tln'ir V()i>-. .Mrs. lloi:.<fViMl ae- ?oniiiani'"d tiicni. .\ ^tHy cf only two lioiirs will be liiadc by tlic pjv.-^iil'nf fn liis home town, and In will ilioii l<'a\c ni;siln for Wa-hin;;i«n. rcaclilim- here at 0:22 oelot.k this I 'vcniiiK, S««cretairy Hoot wil! join ilie party al Jersey City on tJi»« return trip. I'lK'odore. Jr.. llie presid<;iit'fi eldest >:'iii. who is Itariiiiifr tip- earpei nuik- ing busin<v-.s iu Connertieut. will .iuin Ills talhcr »:!ther at f^jn^ iflam! City or at 0 .^>tor Hay and will ca^t nls firs: votf haviuj; reached bis majority last snnnntT. He probablv will jio on witli his fath<>r as far as New York on tb<" rfMirvi trip. KEPT THE CLERK BUSY, Election Judges Phoned To Clerk This Morning. Couiii> Cl'-rk Oiib'-.'-ihon waj kept bii^y ibi.s U'orning answ«>riug phone "all:: from vlertion judefs. He received one call early this luuriiing^ 'ioi;i a country precinct, .stating tbat the ballots had not yrt arrived. One of tile election judges had secured tile ballots yesterday but had not ap- peari.'d at the polls when word was sent in to the county clf»rk. One of th" juilc^es of tile Fir.«t ward of loJa also phonrd iu to llie clerk saying that of pfdi hooks wen* uii.ssiUe. On a (ater inve:ttication it was found that the ju.lgo had ovt-r- lookt-d ti;eni. * THE SISGE9. 8£W»« MACHINE CO. XOTED TBEIB OFFICE. THEY FEAR LOSSES BY FIRE CITY COOCIi; WILL MEET I> REG IL -Ut SESSION WEDNESDAY ETE. Mrs. FosU-r Funk Wh» WBI » Taken to Topeka. Kaa^ fur aa OpmiUon 1» Said to ImprprJngr. Tbej Frar Fire. Acting on orders from bis company. R. A. Cortncy. local ageu^ for the Singer Sewing Machine company, yesterday nifiv^ his office from the Ward millinery store to the Marin & Sou furniture sto.-^. lue compaUF ha.s suffered hca«.v Jos5^»s from fire la fram*; buildings and the in-r.ase- ment has sfut out a general order to office ill brick buildiuf^. ImporUnt Actte* to b« Triad at Wfciv iu This Week. .Mr*. Funk I> Iniproi inir. .Mrs. Fu.s?»>r Funk ulio fakvu til Top< ka s«»\tral wv<"ks aco for uii operari<m. is said to bi> improving. .Mrs. Urown. her mother who has been attending .Mrs. Funk during her illness, returned yesterda.v from Topeka. She says that Mrs. Punk is mneb better and now her chances of recovery are esceilenf. PERFCMES For a fine assortment of Perfumes and Toilet Waters see our new line and new orders. n 'atcrs \ Danforth Drugs and Jcwelr.v. .Meets Weducsday Xisrlit. Th'- eitv couuci; wil moi [ iu venu- lar .s.ssi.!.i Wedii«-.:day tii-.;h«. At this ni<:-liiu: Hi<re ari- a of im- ponaiit bU'.iuess inalK r> to be eon- sid'-n il. * . KHM- RaNed (juuraiiiJiie. ."Vllss .Midia Davis who has Itt-en i|uito 111 with smallpo.v for the paM several we>.«k8 has ri'*-overcd jind ihf r(t>anit:tine on h( r home has been raised. At the linu- -Mi&s L)avi.< became ill it was feaiid luut^^cry student attending tlie high scliool had been ..•.xiwsed lo the disease. Since no ea.>u.-< have developed, it is now believed that the fear was unfounded. iJSTEOPATHT— DR. W .H. ALBRIGHT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. State Banlc Bldg. Phone 145. Only Osteopath In La Ilarpe. It I"* Election Day. • Today is election day and e.Tcilc- •ncni i> ninnig hiirli. Judging from the nuiiib'.r who voted '.-ar'.y this morn iug the larre.'t v.jt..- in >ears will be I< tble t» tome H<.*u;e. Mrs. firry MaP-oim who was taken to Kansat t'ity sf.. :i weeks ago for an operation Int.' f iirf'ri» nily recovered to be brought home. She. however. wiU be under treatment for several week.- yit. She will have tovetitrn to Kau.->ai> Ciiy Ur,Mi;i i« a fe^^ wftk.-, for furih'-r treatment. •ITS THE DEATH OF ONE PARTY** In Hi< Addri^ss in Milwaukee Eugene V/. Chafin Makes a Phophecy. .Milwaukee. No%. Elugi'tie W. , Chatin. th<- Prohibition candidati- for l^in,;,:-. farvt.::. K.t^ . is ^'; ,,,.^5^^,.^ , campaign in i,ing his parents h..,v a: -his -'-U''-^-j ^j^j^.^,,,^^^. speaking in his t.ativo Mrs. t;us Si.ka v ho htt.- .-en '^er-|^^^^^ audience which included i.>„.-;y ill aT h.r l.un.e -lie past week 18 j^^^^ Phanton. Outing club, of iiiiprovjug. '..vUi.h ho is a uuMuber. In \v.^ cam- .GAS IN ATCHISON. KAS.. AGAIN. A Break in the Pipe Line Near Leav. enworth it Repaired. ' paign .Mr. Chatin has travob'd 'Z'>.W^ ini!<s. has been on the roafl for IP.' tiays. spcaKitij; on an average of llvt tim>.s a ila.v. and has addre.^e-.l aiidi- etieis in tiiirtj-tlrec states. "On the eve of election.'" he .saW iri his address. "I make this proph-cy: The jiarty 4hat j;oi >s down to defeat will never again put a candidate for .\t<'iii.scii. Kas,. .Nov. Tlie gas fntniiii" I luK'd here ai I o'clock this ,T!t<>ri!oon The break iu ilio main north of Fort^Xcnworth has beet, repaire.i. .Mchison in;ople also president the field. The entire suffered a jias tainiuo earl\ last j^^.^ the iwlitlcs of the nation will _sprin:? and many are thijikins of re-.^.^^pgp Iwfore another four years is turning to tilt:, use of coal. 'passed. The Prohibitionist ticket will receive the largest vote it has ever beet! given by tens and lens of thousands and the old parties wU| wake up Wednesday morning to the realization , tiiat thero its somcthlnr more than a •| mm- ^mm !bod\ of what they call fanatic^ back- M ^r I ing this auti-llquor party. The old parties- will realize that the political battles of the future will be waged over this question and that tbid liquor issue will IK - the great issue cw til the day when the ba'oon is uboltib- ed forever."' Penioiudii. Lewis Burford came in last night from I..awreuee. Kas.. where he attended the Staff Iwiver^fity. lie will return Wednesday. W. J. Waters will go lo Kansas City ti>iii <irr »)w where he wi'l purchase holl day goofis. Mr. and Mrs. iJurris Shaw, of liron- M):i. was in the city yesterday on a business visit. .Miss Itilla Kgl»> is expeeie<l b^rre from Lawrence Thursday. She has (•^.••"n viiiting in L.awr.ence for the past several day». The HVTcbiU Bagic says: Two of the most prominent cases for Wichita ever presented to the Interstate Commerce Commission are to l^e tcanl this weelc The cases are set for bearing before Commissioner Clark at Kansas City, Mo., WeOoes- day morning.^ These cases were brought by tbci transQprtation bureau of tiie Commercial Club of Kansas ity. Mo., to secure a modification of the order made by the Interstate Commerce Commission reducing the grain rates from Kansas and Oklaboina to C.a]v€«ton. Tex. In a suit brought by Mr. Helm for the Farmers. Merchants and Shippers* club of tlic Interstate Commerce Commission last year made ah order reducing fre rates on wheat atJd corn on direct shipments from Kansas stations to the Oulf. The effect ot this order \VSL» been to Jransfer tile movement of Kansas grain for GnlvCHlon IhrouphWiibila by direct shipment. Instead of hauling thi* grain up to Kansas city and, ih «Mi south to the Gulf, as was doin> ntjder ire old rales. Th<^ new adjustiueut of rates' has worked greatl\ lo tho advantagu of the farmers, and ospecially to the grain dealers and millers of Wichita, Kansas City grain, men are vigorously protesting against the continuance of the present adjustment, and say that the new rates are greatly interfering with the grain business at Kansas City. The Wichita Board of Trade intervened in tte case an<! .Mr. Helm will represent them at tlie hearing. The board of railroad commissioners of the state of Kansas, the Oklahoma City Traffic association, the Traffic Bureau Merchants* Exchange, ot* Si. Louis. .Mo., the Fort Worth Freiiht Bureau, and the Omaaa Grain Exchang»> hav<» also intervened in the ease. ,vn of thesa organizations will be lined un against Kansa- City iu the fight. HS 'the Iniersiate Comineree Commissiou made, the order establisU- iug the present rates, afli-r a full hearing. • it is l^-lieved lhat they ^11' ref 'isp to :«ll<»w them lo b<' changed for the 'oenefil of Kansa.s City. The grain .m<»n and millers of Wichita and of the whole state appreciate the great work that Judge Helm has done in'socurlng for the stati; the present iadjustment of rates, ami tlu-y will see to It that his interests as a candidat'- for judge of the suprttui- coulr are not neglected while ie is away- fighting for their interests. The people of Wichita and Sedgwick county have never had a more loyal and valuable citizen than .\. K. ifelra. His work as a law.v.>r in How-maiif iiiMMeair-*WDinen in h(»nes tb-dsj long for this blessing to oomei into their lives, and to be able to utter these -words, bat becauise of some or^nic derange* ment this happiness Is denied them. Every woman interested in this snbj^ct should iknotr that piepara* tion for healthy maternity is acooniplished 'by the use oi I.YPiAE.{PlifiaMipS Slris. Maggie' Gilmer, of West irniofe,S. G^writestoa£r8.Fipkham: ** I jwas greatfy- rtm-down in health from a weakness peculiar to my sez, w {ien Ljdia E. Pinlcbam's Vegetable Comp >and was recommeadefl to me. It not oinly restored me to perfect health, but to my delight I am a mother." Mn». Josei*dne Hall, of Bardstovm, Ky., TTrites; . I was a Tery great sufferer from female troubles, and mv physician failed to hel|p me. Lydiia E. PiQivbam*s Vegetable! Compound not only restored me to peilfect health, but I am novraproud owther." FAChrS FOR SICK WOMEN. Foj' thirty years Lydia E. Pink- hams Vegetable Compound, made firomiroots and herbs, has been the utandaid remedy for female ills, and has positively cured thousands of women \rho have been troubled wiUi d[igpl icements, inflammation, ulceration, fibroid tumors, irregularities, perioiic pain.s, backache, that bear- nig-tjown feeling, flatulency, indigestion, lizzines.Vor nervous pfostration. ^Vbj don 't you try it ? Mrs. Pinkham incites all sick won on to trrltc her for advice. t lie bas suidcd thousands to Mlth. Address, Lyun, Mass. MISS ELKINS WAS A DUCHESS. That Why She's Goinr) to Marry ; Duke. Savs Lecturer. Chicago. Nov. 'J.— "\s Miss Katter !ne Elkhis a rcincaruattd duchessT* "Nvhy do EuroiHan noblemen him- 'zer for .Vn>erican h»iresses7" The two queries were handed tc Lietitrer Rogers of the -Theosophica? Socitjty yesterday. .Mr. Rogers replied that arcordins to the tenets of theotjophy the c^an."es were highly in freight rate cases has resulted in se-K ^.^^i ponsidering Miss Elkiui a re curing to the merchants and shipper? of Wichita the reductions in frt -fcht rates which have made certain Wich- it3'.= supremacy as the greatest oom- mereial city of the sta «». and his fri»nds will not overlook his interest while ho f» representing tbetu. SCOTS TO SEE! HER HATCHET. Carry Nation After Land Where Hijgh. bails Grow. / ToiMika. Kov. 3.—Ca"ry Nation will sail November 21 via the Anchor line from New York city to Scot'anu, where she has bet-n invited by the new Scottish Prohibition party to conduct a campaign in the interest of the' temperance movement. 25 o*. tor 25c ^ TlilttlliiiLilii ..The R<«is(rr want Mlama nut srH tt («at It or get tt the qakkcst. Apples! Apple*: For sdle. baud picktd genetin apples Price at Claiborne's farm. CarlyJe. 70 cents per bushel: at Clailiorne's mill, tola, 'to rents.. Sweet cider made from selected ap^ pies 2."c per gallon: r. gallon order $1. Pure apple eider vinegar 2V- t»er •.jallon. Delivered to any part of the city. Phone 195. In a tight place: must have money. Owner of lot 3 block 15. Highland place, gave |200 for lot some time ago but Must Have Money and if taken in five days Sixti" (|60) dollars takes the loL Good title.—U. W. Bobtwick. 519 East street. Phone 775. HOCH TO RUN FOR CONGRE.SS? Marion Citizen Wants Him to Suc- cee-r* Miller In the Fourth District. Topeka. Nor. 3.—.Vccording to the latest reports in Topeka Governor Hoch Is going lo run Cor Congress in the Fourth district in two years.* The governor has purchased some proper ty in Topeka and announced that he would build a home tore and let. his son Homer run his newspaper. Ac- cordhig to the latest ^dope" the Marion citizens hare pe'.'snaded him that they want bim to go back ther^. They .<tar they are wiMing to. help bim get J. M. Miller's scalp In the .primary in 1910 and send bim to congress. THE PRCSWENT GOES.TO VOTE. Shortly After MidnigM He Left Washington In His Special Car. Washington. Nov. 3.—^Wesidcnt UnoseTelt left here at 12:30 o'clock this morning for Oyster Bay to cast hts rote tomorrow. His private car^ was atteehed to the i^gnlar trainmen the Pennsyiraoia railroad. Mrs. Ri^Kt^ erelt aod the PresMeat bad tK%iied^ the car i >ai1i <>r ,in tie niitfat aiui «.ver<4 ssIfM^p wh|« tlie txata left, - " incartiaied duchess. .MISS Elkins has all the inherent iltribyite.^ of a diiclie.-;;." I 'l.- said. "She arks tii<* title, that's .ill. She has l:e .*|»irit of royalf> and ultra-aristoc- rgrx j al'out wbi<-b aitracl*»«l and ifirf; s|.eilloiinil »iie Duke of .VbrUizl. ,Vo i^oubt Miss Elkins developed the magnetic charms which her titled fl anee admires in several past lives of incarnations. In sorof former lit*' she liiay have had the high and mighty at her feet. Ti us it is reasonable to su|)posf that, having had royal af- (Jliaiiions in a ijrevions inearpation. it wonlil only be natural that she would •fistiii-fiv.'ly jreek to identify herself gai|i with the nobi'ity. "If a woman hapi>ens to be a roy- ilistj in a past incarnation, and is Ito'u \\ amid (debian sunxiundings i" He says The is 'Both An Oiler WooJl-BbvMiia' and Wfy Mere a'-QiMtr.^ - , Tixc Independence Reporter says: Some little time ago .this paper scouted the idea of a_ .big oil well -In Alien cotmty. During lall the lihrtiKy of tlie oil business iti bas beein tlic habit of the oH maoi .to.. thlak he (mows it all. He lau|ghs When t^e tenderfoot comes la and takes lip a tract of land he has imssed by and which "can't be of no ralnc nohow" for oil. AnA .then toe tendeifoot drills a well and gets a gusher. The oil maa« of course, cannot ohderstaod it His oil wells wer^ a inatter of superior knoTricdge of the bttstaeas. Erory old time oil man who reads this will inwardly, if iiot .audibly declare; "Thats dami near ri^ht." Well, we said that bl^ well In AUCQ county was u joke. T|bat Just shows how little some people know oil really know #bo pret^>d to about It. The lokc Is on The Rcportor, because that well Is actually good for 30 barrel.*. Yes. sir; it is that: actually made it. A tenderfoot for luck; an old geaocr for knowing it all. It was this w^ay. Wood & Bow.'us drille^ a well on the Means farm, in 7-25-J'J. eight mllcrs west of Morau. and l[ was a jlrong gasser. .\ftpr a montl| the gas began to get wet and then the oil began lo come. It was 790 fee*t deep and the oil was not e.vpecied. No tankage had been provided atid the oil flowed out of the groj^d. j The wind carried the spray for a long distance, and farmers for several tniles distant are claiming damages on account of the oil spray. Tanks were secured and tlie well actually made 300 barrels. The ol! is IT degrees gravity, the lowest grade of any prodiiced in commercial quantities in the field. It Is probably the best grade of fuel oil produced in Kansas. Whether it is an extension of the Moran pool, which' has been producing for sereral^ears. is a question. But this goes to show- that you can never tell what a hole in the ground may bring forth. No man has a right to say this or'that 13 oil land and this or that is not. Only tho idrill can tell. Kansas is UJiely yet to develope some big oil producing wells. * SoUcr. •"o Whom ft .May Concern. Fire Insurance Policy No. 0»4 of the 'ola. Kan.s-as. agenc?' of this company has been mislaid. lost or stolen from he office of E. S. Siough. of Ida. Kansas, and this is tO> notify any person or persons holding the above poll- •ies that he same.arc void and of no •ffecf.—Northwestern National Insur- nce Company of .Milwaukee Wiscon­ sin. E. S. S1X)UGH. Agent. BRITT WINS IN TENTH ROUND. agai the liext incarnation, it is possible, in- lee<| :ha; that she will she belongs to nf spciftv thati that fee! intuitively a Mgher strata m which ICanna ;as j seen fit to (>laee her. And .so wht-in a woniaii who was an aristocrat in aj |>a?i lit- nioets a iKirson of idue bloofi she will instincitvely feel that she lis brushing elbows with one cf 'cr own Kind.' enna C [eanses iKc System Effcct- ua|ly;Di&p€>U Cold &anffleoct ornes Jue to Consiipotion; Acts naturally, acU vny oLoxative. pest^rM^y^&men California Lightweight Defeats Johnny Summers in London. I ondoB. Nor. 2.—Jf-nmy. Britt. tlto California fighter, defeated . Johnny Summers of England in tte tenth round tonight at Wonderland. The condition.^ of the fight called for ten rounds at l.'JS pounds. The m^n wejgiicd in at 2 o'clock in the t^aftenioon. Summers had the l>etter of ihc first two rounds, and Britt. seeming to realke his disadvantage, put more cnergj- into iiis work and shaped up [much l>etfro fn the succeeding rounde. T're Englishman showed great clf^veruess and in the sixth, seventh and eighth rounds looked to be a winner.' Britt came back, however, and fought his man to the ropes, having a considerable advantage in the ninth and t«*nth rounds. ThC' American was declared the winner on points, a'though a coiisiderable section of the 5 |>ectators who tiUed the big hall questioned the referee's decision. For several minute's there was every indication of^ riot and it was with the utmost difficulty that qolet was restored. Britt and the referee were loudly hooted as they left the ta'iL I. OS \ itsTl ei^J'tcial Effects Iwm^s W%tne Benuine wkicK IS ine jull name of tlie Com^ SEilTS FELL WITH m. iMkaa UBI- 31»« Badly Mart in a 3IecUa« bi t»ua» CItr. Oae Seriaas! mkir. Kansas City. Kov. S ;.—Jast before^ V. J. Vernon rose to speak fn tt* 'R«- nniric9n tent in Huroa park last aiAt a 600-fcot sectioni of! the Hrcda seats, on which the crowd: in the teat itUM fitting, collapsed, t ^re were abiopt ^Oft, pervrns on the seats. Tha crowd was tightly racked, [and no oae .was ibte to get off the seats. - Tbcy saak slowly, carryliag every one vHiE ttatt. v. B. Berry of 946 Sandnsky aviJntiei KaffsaE City. Kas.. wf« altUaa iWtk W» wife when the seats! fell. HIi l |?ft leg* was fanned beneath i a board ind was broken. He was tal ^en to Ms botaa'fn •he police arobniasce. No <Hie els* was badly Injured. ^ • Texai' S«>e us about Gdlf 'Cbast: Ctmnkrir *ands th3t can be-bM^^'o^ Olo ^tlay na>ment Diap.':i «ta4af%i >f'"^(^^^ 'roni S300 to 1800 pcsf acre; iftd sqiae '•xchanges.' • •• ' - \' - • Over Oar Way.

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