Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1907
Page 4
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H I- CracULATION '6an't please - a -wife.- •STB JO X113 *aajrvj iriaMJO •nopsonddy [no nMon^i ^p ^k sajiSH SnisnJOApv The pMitlnancy witb Khidi President Small clings to Wa office leads to ihp conclusion that he U gluedi to It Thera being no demand for barbers we often wonder what the easy con- versattanallsta In Rnssla do for a Itv- lug. Wie have noticed that while the bride never blushes, the groom usual ly does enough of It for both of them. Still, we doubt that the man who wants to keep his affairs secret will ever make'much use of wireless tel egraphy. B9 'a3go)sO({ "siJSUBH 'bioi pajoiag; Ify '•' aouBApB uj 'qjuoK ouq OO'ltoauBApB ut 'siiiuoK ao -inx po'tt" anuBApB W{ 'at!aA auo •IinK fOO'St •••• jBOA ano B^uaa ff ni "oK a"0 ffjuao oi""' Maa .vv a"0 'ddjBH io anil •floXnvi KB3 •Bioi a| joujb.-) in •saxva Senator G«)rge Tuckpr unquestionably has the newspapers with him In his candidacy far Congress. The only thing that remains for him to do is to corral a majority of the del gates. Dan Antliony Is another Kansas man who will create some curiosity 1 In Wa.shlnRton as to the idi'iiiliy of his tailor. 81-•• aaUIO ssauisnn Book note: Throe W'ooks. the new novel l)y Ellinor Glyn has The Fight ZZZ mooji .s.i;j)jo<Iaa chance down and is kicking It in the face. understand it Mr. Cleveland is getting well In spite of the three •i doctors called in on the case. piRiiniwiiHimiiiaiuiM A Pure* Wholesome, Reliable Cream of Tartar Baking Powder The cream of tartar used in Dr. Price's Baking Powder is derived from grapes in the exact form and composition in which it occurs In that' luscious, healthful fruit Improves the Flavor and Adds To the Healthiubiess of the Food I I > > Its Use a. Protection and a. Guarantee Against Alvm rood 9ome days lliere Isn't iinythlng to write about. This Is one oi' ilu'm. AnylMdy c:in buy n red vest, 4iut 11 takes ~n3rve to wear one. A gnoid ninny nieu would ciil. wider Swaths if their scythes were shnrper. As we un 'ierstaiid the situnlinn, ICoiint Waaf.shiSnaine not only loves jCladys Vanderbllt, but he needs the imoney. Tha Red Ras is taking a poke at Galen Nicholson's new liat. The Rag ^sn't showing professional courtesy. ?ilr. Kichols "had the expert advice and assistance of this department in selecting the hat and the Rag should know it. Women's skirts are to be shortoi this winter. Occasionally there is an abbreviation which, this depart- nienl. can endure. This is also the .sc.-wnii of the year when the woman from the coim fry sells her poultry and buys a new carpet and u crayon portrait. You can never tell. A slight physique may concaal a fine brand of moral courage., .loliu Heller is wear in .2; a red waistcoal. j Meanwhile, it Is taking Swarili- ihore coll('»ge some time to decide who thef it will give up three million dollars or its football team. Every man has something to live jdown. Roosevelt used to wear side- ,w jlskers. More than Uiat he hi'.d liis picture taken wliil? Thi *y were in full y f. <*.^ •You all remember Benjamin Andrews, the gent who rushed to the <!e- jfense of John D. Rockefeller. V.. jBenjamin lectured in Topeka once and his address bad t<i be pruned of iltp profanity before it rould be print-j |ed. Wo find that nothing so grievo.s the owner of a dog as to have it come home with a can tied to its tail. We have often wondered what there is about a man that makes him want to; have his picture taken with bis index finger on bis cheek. Wbere there is as many as four .skirls ill a family one of tlir^ni can nearly always mattac'e to be well dies .=ief1. It is astonishing the number of i;,!,-;.-yearold ;iirls, who are only 26 TIIOMPSOX H .\S FINK ( R01». Ilcirislpr of Deeds Jubilant Over Com Yield. I There is at least,, to say of the plaskell football team. TItn band which accompanies It is no wors.'* 'than other coile^e bands. It Is said that trial marriaces a.-e Buccessfnl among the K.'-;quimau.\, but we notice they never worl: very well iln the theatrical profcision. Th? Heinz^ failure is alflo to be rcBretted for the reason^hat Thomas Laws'on predicted it. , I-a(er on, tlii> West Virginia man Re}!is|er of Heeds Robert Tboiiip- son claims \a have one of the best cr-rn crops In the eniinty. The aver- .Mien county farmer thinks he ts fortunate If he Rets a half crop this sea.son. Mr. Thompson's tenant seems to have been very careful in the cultivation of Ills crnp which tosellier with the.good soli insures a full crop or a yield of ir« or no liusbel.". Mr. Thompson is in his odica today after being at bis farm several days stiner- intendina the eonstrnctlon of a com crib which will hold possibly 12'"' bushels of corn and SOO hiisbels of v.lieat. RiiHi K.visi:n .MAY Ri: < allku. Sides in licrlln's Scandal Want the Kinpcror's Deposition. Herliii, Oct. 2r,.—Kals.r Wilhelni's (Ii pfisition may b<' taken iii'tlie trial (•/ .Maximllinn Harden, eillior of Om- /.iikimft,, wiio is boiii^': sued for de- rainatloii of character of Count Kuno Von Jlolfke. In court today couii;<el for both jiarties ur.s^.-d that the kai- .ser's statement be taken. In any event the kaiser will not appear in court. H.; will give his deposition in privaie and it will be read out in ef.urt. .lustice Kern took the (jues- tion of the ka'ser's ileposilion itnder advisement. • .•Vt today's ses.sion of the court Ilerr Bernstein, Harden's counssl, openly accused persons of belonging to the kaiser's entourage and immorality. Ii'anlin said that Bismarck had once expressed himself to him in strong about practices to wbir-li Prince Zu Eulenb.-'i;.cr was adilicted. A <iAMi: WAKDEN IIKUK. Will Ilcirin Canipalgn to Knforce FMi and (•amn l.a>v><. I)ewar<'. all violators of the fish and gaini- laws, for I). .Mci'Jowiin. of l-Iniporia. Kas.. thedepuiy :;tate n.nn:' warden, arrived in lola vcsten'ay .-iiid has already started liis canipai:;ii against tin; In order to know the number of arrests usually in:ide by .\lr. .McClow;in in onetowii, it ean lii' stateil that \\<. Clianule wlicie he spent, the tirsr part of the week he suceeedeil in arresting; :-.i 'veii men, five of whoiu" w.'re arrested for iisin;^ unlawful methods ill tishini;. and.two for hnni- int;. '•fhe in;ijority of the seviii iiieii pni<l a fine of 52",. -Mr. .Medowan .s;»ys he has already learned that the laws are being violated by some of the peopla of .Allen \ county, and he expects to have just' as good succ(ss here as he had at Chanitte. is making his headquarters at the sheriffs office and will welcome any information which will assist him in bringing to justice the men who are using unlawful methods I in fishini: or are bunting without a • license. Frank Oliver, who Is In jail for contempt of court in not paying alimony to his divorced wife, as fixed by the court. Judge'Foiist is making an. ef- ^ fort to .secure a parole. Ho has em- ^' ployed an attorney ti) work In his behalf. Oliver has now been In jail for several months. Over a year ago his wife secured a divorce and by the terms of the decree Oliver was to pay her alimony of $S a month for a certain period. He left the community, and never abided by the terms of the decree. Several months ago while under the impression that he could not be arrested on Sunday he camell I down from Kansas City on a Sunday exra;-.«ioii to visit friends. The officer.-; happened to be at the depot ami Oliver was picked tip and placed I !:i jail. Tie later broke jail with B. I'nilcr, colored, and \v:*nt to Kansa.i City, whe'-e ho was later criprnred by the ofTieers and.brought b:ick. Fuller wa.s taken into etistody at Joplln. He came back v.ithoiir. any attemjit at resistance. Oliver resisted, however, tintII requisition papers were secured. Tito officers' aro not inclined to g -.Dw enthusiastic in favor of the parole as Oliver has broken jail and done otii.r things that di.spleased them. KH.A TO IIAVK XKW CAFE. Mrs. Ward of Aujru.sia Mas Ifcnlcd Coficy linilding. Coiini Von Moltlce. addressing Hiej Mr. :\fef;owan as soon as be step- <'ourt, said with emoiioi! that wordniped off the train tool; ili.- trouble to failed bini when he. ."in old soldier. find out if tlieir was :: city ordln- aiice asniiisi spitting on the side- wa!!:.';. .\t ''.iirliii .mnn a f?w weok <5 apo -Mr. .Medowan avrvsted n promin- The existence ofjent man fit' that place for hunting ducks out of seasfin. The fellow was box. For hPHt nnrt finfeic<>«t resaltfl nsfl Uie JC^IstiT Want Coloms. BV T KTWifc ^^rTfi "^ifV \ow children, antl no botae AABgP^^fl|n^^ can be complotch- l :;iv >py vrith- -VV iDflSll^lHg out them, jet the urdcalMirougb •which th^ expectant mother must pasi* usually is so of .suiTcringr, daURW an«S fear that she loo'us forward to tb« 'Titical hour with apprehension and dread. Mother's Friend, i)j its penetrating and soothing properties, allays nausea, nervousness, and all tmpleasant fcc;in;j5, and so prepares the system for th« ordeal that she passe;, through the event safely and V7ith but little suiTcriug, as nur: bcrs have testified ar.''. said, "it i"j vrortb its weight iu j;old," $1.00 per bottle of drugjjists. Book contaiinin|f valuable inforiuatiou mailed free. rUE BRAOnLLD REGUUTOR CO.. AUaota, 6a. coinpelle.l to defend himself afiainst such charg ^K after forty-two years of .service. such a group as Harden allc.ged in , , ., , . ..•»„-, found ^;iiiliv am! it co ^t bin S2;> to liie imperial entonra.^e was impos- j.^,^^,^ j,,^ j..,^,. .y f^.^^. „,i„„t,.s -rff- .=;ible. he sa'd. Harrren asked Vo:i icr the trial was over .McC;owan hap- >iollke to siiinmon the chancellor, pened to .-.-it on the sId -walk. The Prince von Bnlow, to the .vitness' f''"'^^^- V'"' ''''\/''^V;'"'"'''''' e;l to <tli!-.evve Mr. .MeCowan and had !a warrant issued for his arrest. The Harden offered further evidence to- fine was $10 for violation of the city (lav in support of his eliarge that ordinatiee. The (iepii;y l.owever. Kot Von Moltke and other -kniKhls of the ''>' ""t " ^var- ,„,,,„ . , . . . 'be II. -M day ;4i;ig liie Bur- Round lable, as certain of the Ki"!- u,,,.,,,,, m ;,H 'v.iih huntiiu without a :u r's entourage are called, were giil!- and mad"' Iiiin iiay a .second t .• of Immoraliiv. The n.-mies of some line of %'!'<. of the important iv.^re.^ In (l.-rn.aa' . 'T" ''•'^''^ l:en many complaints .irrnii (he lai'tiiers aNni;; the river to olheial and lite are threatened „„. ,vff,.,., ,|,.„ ,i„. fjsli l .iw was be- by llir; di.sclosnres llie cdllor prop .js- vlcd.iti-d. It is i -.vpeeierl that the <.l to iiialce. .Iiisiic. r ^.Tii will hold I"'!'''""' k"<''vin;; of siielt violations :;< eret sessi<iiis j will inform the depiitv tomorrow and .assist in pulling a ^lop to t!;at kinit I he afi .•iiiooii v.a.': oreupi.d in l .il ' iir-r evideiKtc ,-is to the nature. f)f ih lola Is to have aiifiiber eafe. .Mrs. \V«ird of Augusta, Kansas, who af- rived in lite city Iliis week, lias rented the CoiTt-y room at the cMirner of .Vortir street and Jack.soii avenue and expeets l(» put in a first el; caf(,' at that place. Mrs. Ward has four sobs in lola attending tlie loia Business Col Ie!,'e, She exiieeis to eater largely to the students of that institution. The room is no<v- being remodeled and everything will be in readiness to open by next week. MOVIX(i PLIMBIXG STOCK. Reinisch & Bott, the local plumbing firm, is today moving its stock from the DeClute building adjoining the gas office into the room in tlie Odd Fellows block formerly occupied by the Fitzgerald Transfer company. The iii-w room Is much larger than the old quarters and will make nn Ideal home for that llrni.'^ •fe chsntung amUrighi,. Her Qannenis n^v sc'hvd On ih; ligl.: ranuing Whl{e. Tfch fathc No. 27 Automatic Lift, Swell Front white. li^s a swell inadiinc ard is nizic lot tliccc T./-0 i !;3-lre an extra liner.:-t:cls. Scmc-fhlup:uniqi^c, " >,'"*'*^ v. o bv.i £t the Ii.-.c n. tcoroucjiilr ?r-ctical machinr Let us show you Why a White is more Convenient, will run Lighter, will Make Less noise, will Sew Better and Last Longer and is Prettier than any ^ other machine. We Can Pt^ove ItF We also have cheap machines from $5 up. . o-'wnrk. fi'g'es at Count l.yitar's villa at Pot.-?dam. It was n':t proved tliat Count ' Von .Moltlfc- partie-pated in these o:- Ceneral PISO'S CURE Your Uf« It at State when iron bare a cough or cold in TOur cbcst bansing on wii -k adiT w .-fk. Htuidreds of fatal caM's miehl be pre- vi 'iiti -d bv tukini; lliu riuht n-nu 'dy in tiiiii-. Piso'sCure will pn-vi-m Iln- deadly con- .ciimtition and drive out llie p<<rsisl<-ii( ruiiKli or cold. It is till- oiii- •.;if.- rrniidy leivim.' prompt relii -l. yrt piuasant to liiki- .-iiid liiirndc'si.''. All llraKti*t« 25 CcnU ' "COUGHS..0COLDS Look for the Flag. A. W. Beck, Proprietor COLO>Y SlfOCLD GKT BrSY. Free Press Thinks Gas Field Woald Help. (Colony Free What bi'iiefit will the Colony gas field be to Colony? That depends entirely upon the people of Colony and the |>arties.wlio control the gas field. The intere;.ts liclween the two parties should he iiiuiiial to inaki' it any tid- vanta:-e to o's:- towsi. The. (pie.'.tioti has been asked on <nir streets. •'What can till' uas be used for after it is developed';" It can • be used in many diiTerent ways as theii- is an open market for gas. It can he piped to the I main pipe line and sold to the Kansas ? -Vatural. ir eoiild l)e sold tt^ Tola spel­ ter companies, or to Gas City or ta >larpe. It could be utilized at Colony i>y taking atlvantage of the opportnn-i ity when the field is sitttlcietiily de- velojied, by getting in touch with the gas men and making tirran.'ienienfs wliereby we could indnei' factories, brick plants or spelters, something that, will burn gas. whi.h will brlnn fnctorie.<; and labor, lalior will liring ninne.v atnl ntoney will lui;- mMid.-. Tlie thin.:: fj)t- Colony to do Is to i)ii<iy. KesMf r Want Ads. 1 rent a Word. nKTIFIf TIIA.V SI'.WKINf.'. Rpankin.i? does sioi curt: children of) lied-weilin:.:. There is a con.-stliiilional j cMn >e for ihls iroiihl.-. Sitni- , iners. I !o\- W. Suiiili I '.eiid. lu .l . will I l:a!ser"s bodyguard, was one of ^ send i"iei' to ;uiy mother Inr siicees.-,- tiie .witne .sses e .\aMined. Ho repp.ind-;'"1 horec I reat iii.-iii . with fill; iestrnc- cd laconically "•Ves." or "No" to lii nne.silons asked Mm and threw g:e:^ the Ke.-^sel. commanding • I lions. S <Mid no money, liiit v.iitc her |toda.v if your i-lilidren iroiihli- xoii in light ciji the ea.'-e. IJKOV.SOV. 'i'>,thls way. Don't lilaine the chilil. the chances are if <-an't help It. This' I :ealiiii III also ciiii-s :uliiiis and .-ige.! j jicdple, lro;ili!ed with uiilie diHienllios j liy (lay (.r iiivlit. j j Kriiest Love and daiif,'hlers. Irene jand I'aiillne. are ln-re iroin Hi. Louis for a few da.-s' vi.-^ii willi .Mr. I.ovs I la rents. -Mr. aiid .Mrs. .Toscph fooke and daiisbter, .Mrs. Wm. Campbell, are .^pc.-idins this week in Iowa visiting relatives. FOK SIAII-S IJI.IMI I'KOI'I.K, Kansas to Fshiblish a lUtt Traveling Llbrarj. TopeKa, Oct. Tiie Kansas state board of eontr^d will establish a trav- llllnois and''''"'^ library for the l .'WJ or more I blind in the state. .Mrs. IIiijrh Hopper died at her home! Snperlnteiidont Hall of tha School in Bronson, Kansas. Friday evening, i for the BIjtjd at Kansas City, Kansas- October IS. Mrs. Hopjier was well • will be asked to take charge f>f the: liked b .vail who knew her. She leaves i library. His first work will be to give' a liushaiid and si.v children to mourn > full publlcitv to the plan after it has' her departure. Sh<' was 'M years of ! been worked out as to details, so that ; age. Funeral services were held at | all ot the lilliid ov-r the state may :iiio .\l.-J-:. church Sunday afrernooii j know bow to avail themselves of the conducted by Rev. narron. The lie- reaved <nies have the synipathv of our little cit.v. Rev., Sc.hermaii. the converted .lew, is holdinK rcvhjl services at the B:ii>list church. .Mrs. Scherman is quite books. The hooUs tiiiif will be used are printed iu the New .York system. Kach letter has a certain number of points arranged in certain wa >Ti. But the system lias manv characters like •EO. A. BOWLUa. PmliMit THOa. H. BOWLUa, CMhiar. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK I Capital $30,000.00 DiKecroRS A. W. WcK L. C. Bcatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. EvaiM, J. O. Reditra, •ce. A. Bowtut, Tho>. H. B«wlus. WEISmiE OUR own ORAFT8 OH AU BIHOPEAMPOIMTS •AFETY OEPOtIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM |2 U |8 PER YEAR. ill at the home of one of the members ! .Hegraphic and shorthand codes. Af-! of that church and is unable to assist In tlie .services. -Mr. and .Mrs. Kverett Hnmmons have returned from a tw(» weeks visit iu -Missouri. Mis.s Heatrl^e Howell who is teaching in I'lflion spent Sunday with her parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. ijdd Hampton drove over to Moran Monday on btisiness. »» mm • — • II. Ml ••• No home is so pleasant, regardless of the comforts that money will buy. as when the entire family Is In jier- fect beullh. A Imtllc of Orino laxative Fruit Syrup costs 50 cents?. It will cure every member of the family j of constipation, sli^ headache or stoin ach trouble. Burrell's drug .store. For best Md Qnlekest Eenlts w tke Hegltter Wut G«Ih». ter a blind person has once studied j out the lettering and has studied dil-; Ifjently he h3come8 proficient enough ! to read ns rapidly with bis fingers as' the ordinary |ierson <loes with his eyes. The books are about eighteen Inches In length, probably fourteen or fift?en Inche .H wide, and several In- chcB thick. The leaves are a heavy glazed paper and the raised points me hardened so that their frequent reading by fingers will not didl or w;'ar them down and make translation difficult'. TO rritE A COLD IN OXE DAT Take LA.\'.\TIVE BROMO Qnlnlne! Tablets. Druggists refund money If, it fails to cure. E. W. (.HtOVE'S sig-l nature is on each box. 25c. Is Not Debatable! T. 1.. I5 ;iiiu -M. ilif Hiief sIocklioUkM" in the IVmi's So;i]) contvi-ii, \vbi<-li liiis within the last few voai-s spent ^ir).l )(MI,(HH( in iiidvei-tisin*;. cxpresse.s hi.s eoiivicf ion -riiat priiiteis' ink is: the liest kind of ooiHineiri.-il ii '.vesttiioiit. in tite following l :Hi {rtia<;e: "I ciiiiinn nii(li'fstnii(! how ilio r|nos timi i -aii l»e doliated,"' he .sai<l. "Wliy tlie fact tiiat :i(Ivortisin}!; j>ays iM as eleaily tieiiioii- slialcd «nory ilay its tliai the sun i-isi-s. • Selei -i tlio proper iin-iiiiini, advci -iiso iiiicili- • gently and your f.nttine is mailt'. ', ••Von iimst iittvc new idea.^ for flip ' elianjios of fashion. T spcnr .'?ti:!t),()0() in tid- vfftisiiijj jn niie year and ir jiaid wojil. ••(lood <;o«id.'<. j(ood ailvorlisinp; and ^ilciity of it is my advice to uin'hiiiotis com- nu'iTial men." Ij:'" " Tlie Tola Daily l {oi ;is(op Kf>es. into ninety per cont llie lioincs in tlic city, and i-paclies iilinost. the entiro population in tiic conntry districts. There can lt« no (pieKtion alionr il lieinfj Iproper modiiiin. ,

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