Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 3, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 3, 1908
Page 2
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7". f,-^ - 'i'*^:.-'^-.',' ^^TT^pfSt >.••'• •CHE lOLA BEGISTEB^ TfJESPig: BTEaiHCi, IKKnOPtEE ^UML ^^^^^^ r. iloStJIBUF^ lkMJ !Mk& M.VmBJm, tUjkd^mektt. ^ v ^biiiiBtFAD M J4 MiumiDfili. CMklK. mut luk ii AlteBCt. 11, Auto lilTory. • • I 'konc. -^FJttgerold Misefona'ry Meeting. Mrs. John Deck. 101 Soulli Tliiid street, will be hostess of the Missionary society of t:;c First, il. E. church on Wednesday afternoon. • •> * Home From Chanute. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Adaiu.s li.ivc returned friends in Chanute. Mrs. from • a sliort A-islt Avith Home From Ft. Scott. Mr. and 3Irs. J.*B.' Kirl; have n- lurnrd from a vis^ij in T'ort Scott. They wore knjous tho jtuosis at tho Shriner's ball on Friday evi'iiinp. •> • .J Sewing Club. Rfiss Cora Ivlcin ivill etitertaiu the members of \WT 'fe'ewlng club with an informal party tomorrow atternoun. + * + Mis^ Coutant Home. Miss Kate CoutunI wlio .spout tlit- Kumuiftr i« WashluRtoM atul other places in tho Wost has n-lurufd huuK-. 9hp is spending a week at tho hoiUf of Mr. auU Mrs. W. K. Root. * + • Aid Society. The Alil society of th«- t'nltod Itir. lhr«»M church will lufcl on Thur.sda.^ afteruoou In tho cluirch imrlors. T^(• usual business will coiuc up. • .J. ^ To Bartlesvitle. Mr. and Mr.s. Ralph Cuhlmlz lift today for Bartlcsvillo. OUla. . They •will make their hoiue there. • • Board Meeting. The board of director.«i of tin- Orphans* Home held a meeting r- day afternoon in the court house ro?i: room. The business and social ;if- falrs of tbe home were considered and bills allowed. * V •> Current Event Club. Mrs. W. R. Crangle had as hor guests yesterday afternoon menilter:; of the Current Event club. MT.S. R. Y. Boyd and MTS. .T. M. Tlioman wlio represented the club .if the recent district convention gave .SUUH; interesting reports of the several sessions. During the prograui two ^ ery Interesting papers r< laliye to the fhiid labor problem uer«- read by .Mrs. F. H. Martin and Mr.s. J. .M. .Ma.son. Punch ahd wafers was served during the aftenioon. •:• • •:• Hallowe'en Party. Several friends spent a merry hour on Saturday evening at I'e.home 01 Fred and Alex Hodnlskl. .Music and games \rere ploasnni diversions and refreahmonts were served. Among those who ^-ere jiei-si-nt w««re Misses Katberlnc Trempola. .Mary McCune. Sophia Kongerski. Frances KlemicU. Anna Trempola. Ida Jcck. Verna Oii- drcy. Messrs. Perry .Mvis. Alheft Smith. Pred Hodalski. Alex Ho<lalskl. TTIlIImm Rcadickcr and Carl Hodalski. • • * Returns to lola. Mrs. J. II. Robert!} of Aurora. 111., who. is visiting at thf home of .Mr. in C'hciryvale. V •:• •:• Willing Workers Met. The AVIIling Workers' club of the First ,M. 'F. churel) was entertahieu by .MLss Frances .Munson. 219 South Chestnut .St root yesterday afternoon Mrs. .1. .Si. Mason, wf.o teaches the elass was present and fifteen of ihc meraber.s. .Miss Hattie Fronk assisted in serving after tlic meeting of the' club. • • • Wednesday Euohrc Club. .Mr. and .Mr.«. Mervitl Ksse have la vlled i!iemlierd of il»e Wednesday Eue'.Mf :Iu!> fur party tomorrow cv- enin-. V •:• •:• Pcn&ion Day Dinn«i*. Tie t;. A. It. and menrbr:.'^ of the Woman*;; Kelitf corps v.ilj have the usual pen .sion dssy dinner at t!i«' C. .\. U. hall foiiiorii.w. I'M-HIIM y-. (i( the two organi/.aliuns ami their fri-mis are Invited lo bi; present. •:• •:• V • W. R. C. MccltoB. Theri! wl'l he u meeting of the Wo- tnnn'rt Relief Corps on the approach- luit l''rlila\ at A. K. hall. Tiie \.,nK uiid program v^lll prevde a .''ocial hour. •:• •:• To Wichita. .Mis.s .\dilc S <;.le of i; e Y. W. C. A. !<'!ivcs Itmiorrow to attend the Y. W. C. .\. coiivenlioii. She will l)e aluepl from tlie headquarters here .several (la >H. •> V V "Spook" Social. The United Breilir«n elinrcli members were verv iileasaiilly enter!::iii- e <I on Sjit.unia.v .-it tli.- imtpv of ,Air. ami .Mr.s. W. .\dnu'-; in e..'". bratiou of Kaliowe 'en. The £:ui :ii:: were costumed fo represent yhosto and the house was liirhliMl l>y piuiTp- kiii lanttrns aiul trimmed with Hie soa .son 's flowers and leaves. Several young people from tlw Y. I'. C. V. a^- Hisled -Mrs. .\dams with the eniLTtain- mvnl and lunelieon. • • • *•* *•* Visit in Humboldt. fT.lrs. A. ,W. neck went to Humboldt today. She will be the guest of Mrs. Pieiiil and Mrs. Erac?,. Auditoriuiyi TUMGHT Baby Clo 8 Year Old Wonder TIE.SDAY MGirr. ElectionReturns —AND— Baby Clo Auditorium AK&UDiO THE XORSE CASE. TITO Final TI'Maesses in Bebab- of Cartis Go on the Stand. Xew York. Nov. 3.—The trial of Charles W. Morse, financier and pro- niotcr./atid Alfred If. Curtis, cx-presi- dent of the National bank of North .Vinccica. on charges of violating/the national banking laws, entered upon thu stage of final arguments today The case will! go to the jury toda>. Four hours yesterday were allotted lo the defense; but two witnesses called by counsel for Curtis were examined Ininicdialcly after court convened. They wero .larne.^ Lyou and Edward -V. Huhli». cler'Ks employed in the National Hank of North America. Their testimony, concerning Iho method of entering checks when tlii-y came I'o thu bank, was designed to show that there waH nothing nniiHual In tho certiflc!!iion of the |li«inr.«r eheek for ?2H;.0VI) on the nuirnlng of Oclolx-r IG ami that it would not ha\e heen slrtiiige If l*rc!<iilfut Curtis h>ii( U'>t known of the existence of (he uhick until I o'rlnek In ih^ afienuMn. A.\ MIUSIIIL' KILLKI) A KAN.SA.X. Time Is here aad wt- want to lielp you by cleaning your Wmd Blaukel.s. l.ace Cprtainv. Rugs. Piano Covers. Mantle Scarfs, and other houpe furnishing. Also men's and ladies' Suits. OvercitalP. Cloaks, etc. We guarantee our Dry process not, to bliriuk the goods nor injure Mie colors. lola LBundry Phonm 102 : Tsr TV LOAN—Zb.wo private mon«»y ou farm luud at G per cent.—lola L:iud Co. In Glrurd n I'ropcUpr of the CaliiMsv- cliine Struck If. W. Strnble. | (Jirnrd. Kas.. Nov. 2.—The Henry Laurcu Call's airship claimed its victim a little after 5 o'clock yeistcr- firsl pro- S at min CLOSED SALOONS In Jacksonville. III.. "Dilly" Sund.iy Made 2.&I2 Conversions—20.000 People at One Meeting. .Iaeksonvii;.>. III. .\'ov. ::.—-Hilly' Sumlay. Ilie h.i.sehall evangelist, c'os ed it live weeks" meeting here • la.'-t night. In two free will offerings yesterday he receivetl $7.27i». The people started lo lake the third offering tonight when tin? evangelist eiiterei! th" "talx inach ami stoiip<Ml lie- tell -••rs. Finally th>- ••vi-iiing otfcriug. ai the suggestion "t tie evan?'Iie(. w.-j:. giUMi lo a hospital. Sunday h.iK caused li.oli: professions of conversion, and I'O.oOO people iicard him today. Every saloon in .lacksonvilie has closed its doors, and fifteen saloon proprietors are j-njoy- liberty ihrongh the sufferance of the jiidg'- of th'." circuit court. day afternoon, when one of tlie pollers on the .ship while revolvin a speed of about 700 revolutions a lite, struck H. W. Struble. one df the workmen at the shipyards, on tlio head. He was kll'ed instantly. The engines and propellers were beina: tested when the accident occnrreil. .Mr. Strubie had noticed that the nioticn cf the propellers was driving the airship forward and attempted lo block one iif the rear wlieeLs. The proi>el!er was disabled. -Call, the iuvenlor. was away at the Iini> but wa.^ at onee notified of ih deui and the mishap tu his air^tiip. whirli was jn:-! f'-.ii.shed and ready for trial. WANTED' 'MtmomlimmmouB WA.VTliD—A farm hand for ;;ll win tor. Cood wages to right |)arty. C. W. Urlffia. Mumboldi. U. ft. I. BtiSiQess Difectofy, ^ DR. MILDRED CURTIS • ^ W.VNTEU—Three bricklayers. .). W. Kestcrson. Yates Center. Ivas. • • • * DR. Pb>Kici«n and Sorgeou. • OiBce over RuTCirs Drug Stor« • Office Phone 554. * Residence 214 B. Jackson * • Phone 1,69. ' • • • • W.\NTEL>—All kinds of second hand i* household furniture.—The lola IJurnl- lure Excliange. .\. W. Beck. Prop. Plionc 2o. . j- WAXTEI>—Men to learn barber|* trade, few weeks required, best j»j:ying| work within the reach of poor 'man. Can ha%-e shop with smalt caiiilal.l Wages from $12 to weekly. Won-!* dcrful demand for barbers. Catalogue mailed free. .Moler Barber College. Kansas City. .Mo. • • • • DR. STcMILLSK, • Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic DiaeaiH * es and Diseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32. Res. 232. • Office over Burrell'i Drug Store • West Madison. • I 0 • •••••• ^ ^ ^ 9 ^ '"3 W.NNTK hand buggy. "I'o buy it .Kond bC«."Oud Phone Uy.', or IWJ. W.LVNTEU—lola property to e.\•. .*-"hange for Kansas and Missouri laud. ,. jOoldeu Wtfst F«ind Co. Office over ioWM Store, lola. Kas. Phone 687. Rea. 701. • DR. 0. L. COX, • E5ye, Ear, Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. * Office A. O^ U. W. Bldg. • • • • • • • • BrR .>S TALKS OF FIGHT. He Gels «tO.UUO fur UaHIr Ultb Jark Johnson. and Mrs. Edgar Barnhart. has re' ed from a few days' visit with friends W Bracdlet New ftvJes show plain E D- irlish fiiii.<!h, engraved and jeweled' effects ; See them. Mrs. Marlcy Here. .Mrs. J. W. .Marley of Oswego, spent tin? week end here with her sister. Mrs. F. K. Smith, 211 South Walnut itroet. 4. .% .> Christian AiH Society. There will be the UKual meeting on Thursday afternoon for the Aid society of tie (Christian ehuivli. A large attendance of members is reqtiosled., .;. Visited SlTte.-p. Mr. and .Mrs. .V. K. Timpano, of Chanute. w«'io ;;uests of tho sisters at St. Johns l.ospital yestonlay. Chiengo. Nov. ::.—Tomm> Hurn-: likes. .ViiKtinlia. «c«-ordlug to a Utter receivitl in Cliicago yc.>-lerd:iy from the heavyweight champion, but whai is of iiiiirc imi>ortancv he tells about his battle wiih Jack Johnson for the title which will lake idaco De-ember 20 at Sydney. "You know that I have signed t<» meet Johnson." Rnrns says, "nm yon may not know that f am getting my i;rice, as I alwajs said I would. I get 'i.OOy ponuds t$::»Min<M and ii is a': Iiut ni> ill the reft-ree's offii-e in Kun- don. Johnson gets l.W.i |l'll|ud^ '.*C>.<.K»MI win or lose, an cxtni 100 pounds ($5,000) for his end of the mov ing pictures, and three rouud trip tick ets from London." SALESMIilN & AGENTS—* $ ; 5'..0.0» p^r week and over can IIB made selllLg New Campaigu Novelties from, now until election. Sells to Stores. County I<'^irs. Picnics and Private. Families Complete line of samples, ctiargcs prepaid for 50c. Order today. CHIC.VGO NOVELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave.. Chisago. Offlca Tel. 1083. Nlgbt Tel. 4M ^ DR. R. 0. CHBlSTIlir Physician and 8nrs«tfn Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bids. • • • • W.\NTED—Young men to prepare for coming o.\aminatiou for Kailway .Mail and oilier Coveriinient Positions. Superior iuttrnction li.\ .Mail. Established II 'years. Thousands of successful students. Sample gnestifuis and *ll(;w tJovt Positicms are Se- cureti" sent free. Inter-State Schciols. 25)1 lo. Ave.. Cedar Kapids. Iowa. FOR SALE OK TUADE—Singer Scvving Machine for cow. horse, or corn. .New hi;-'h arm drop head. 125 South Third. Hion? 1221. CAPT. HAINES NOT IN CONDITION ^^ 99nf» f « mt M. K. t T. Guild Meeting. Mrs. E. C. Reynolds, of Soiitli Col- boru street. Is to entertain the Gul'd of St. Timothy's church tomorrow afternoon. The Guild has not met for several weeks, several weeks because of the club convention and conflicting social events. «. , • -V • McConnel-Funkhouser. TKe friends of Miss Mary McConnel and Mr. Aried Funkhouser were sur prised today by the announcement that they were united in marriage Ihrce weeks ago. The wedding has been kept a secret from even members of t-!e two families. The couple will live in lola. Cures Dyspepsia; Trial Is Free It is a popular mistake that only wealthy people who eat rich and highly-spiced foods suRcr from dys* pcpsia, or, as it is also known, indigestion. The laborer in the street, the worker in the field also finds himself a victim of this disorder. Among the very greatest sufferers from it are women. Dyspepsia is Indicated by a constant f(«nnir of laztnocs. b}' IOM of appetite and troubled aleop. by sour stomach anil dU- trsBS after eatins; by bad comploxioa and luaterlcss eyes. There is no surer and vseedler cun> for thhi trouble than Dr. CaldweH's Syrup Pepsin, which dyspeptics have been uatna suceessfuUy for twenty year*. This great herb laxative compound chred CapL Cwrk. of Buffalo, I«u. of dyspepsia ••—• stomach tliat be had had for fi 'orty yeorr. For Murder Trial; Say His Attorneys in Petition. New York, Nov. 2.—Affidavit J T.trt loda.t presented by John F. Mclniire. coMn6«>] for Captain Pet«r C. Hair J and his brother. T. Jenkins Ilain.^ under indictment charged wiH: the Idlling of \yllliam K. Aitnos. to sustain a motion for tho iwstpouement of tho impending trial. Tlie j'.ocii- meiits contatnctl declarations of expert witnesses, slating that Captalti liains was not in fit mental cmuii- tion to take part in a trial. Judge .Vspinall granted a postponotuent of Olio week, .saying that he wouM give thi> affidavits consideration. r>n>- (rict Attorney Uarrin was gra-itetl permlssiou to look over the affidavits. FOR RBif' misooUamtfoua FOR RENT—Sevc-u ro'jm modern house, ?>\i South Buckeye. Inquire of W. Z. Bartles or J. E. Powell. r. H- MARTIt. • Surgary anii '••»•«• r.» • W • • • • Offlce and Re--' •• -.iS. • Otnce. 7 NutlU Jw.l«.aa.. " JEWELR3. B. F. Pancoast. old rOUabla Jowalar. 110 Easti Street. ^ KMGRYS OP PTTHIAS ^eoal^ Lodge Ho. 43 meets every Uondar night at IL of P. Hall. VisltiDg hf- thers Inrited. W. S. Thompson. E. C- Chris Ritter. K. Of R. and a' F-OR RENT—House. •Vorih IJuckeyc. Inquire 20-S FOR tXOHAROE Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 and $oOOO. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart. lola, Kas. LOST—Black Marliu neck fur. Leave at 217 North Washington. Phone CGI. Reward. - .MELSON FOR KAMSAS. F. S. Wihitaker returned home frop} jjevadsi today in time to help swell the Taft majority in Kans.*!::. I autterlns continuously for sixteen months. These are only a few of the many. But It is not expensive to be curad witb this grand remedy, as it can be bought at any drug store in a 60-ceot or 11 iMttle. Tour very neighbors, are probably lifelong users of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, but If you want to know without expense what it will do for you peraonally. send your name to Dr. Caldweu and he will be ^ad to send you a free trial bottle. Be T> setoffy anxioua to have you make a test pf his remedy. Thousands of families everywhere keep It m the house against aach an emergency as oonstlpatfon. sour stomad). indigestion, biliousness, dyspepsia, heart- sg's- r^Tihtw^4y?i? is plMsant to tbe taste, acta gently and doeTnot gripe, tbe great ehiklren 'a jassattre tonic* IT there is anything about your ailment that you don't onderstand. or if yon want any medical advice, write • to. tbe doctor, and h^ wW' 'answer yon funy. There is no obs«se for this sarviois. .Tka addces*. is Dr. W. a CaidwaO, MgCaldweU bi4». WoDticcIbvin. .V. K. Rlsboii Cbesen at Meeting al Indianapolis. Indianapolis, Nov. o.-r-Tlie sessions of the board of bishops of HJQ Methodist church here today were devoted to tho assignment of bishopK to jtre- side over the various oouferences; to bo hold next spring in all parts, of the United States and in foreign countries lu which the Methodist church is established. ^ • No changes were made in assign-" uents for tho missionary bishops.' Inthe assignments arc the following: |; Henry Spellmyer. Arkansas, Little Rock and^,Brexico; J. 1,. Nueisou.- lin- ooln. SoathweBt Kansas and East dermany: Vf.'A. Quayle, Kansas. Sojjth OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. September, you know; is the time to have the summer dust cleaned out of carpets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOU RUG rjICTORY PhoM sit. KMGUTS i OF MACCABSBSr- Knights of Maccabees of the Worl* meets in K. Pi Hall, second and foartk Saturday nighu of each montll. J« W. Postwalt, commander: R. B. Par* ter, record keeper. W. 0. W.— Camp No. 101 meeta to K. of P. Hall every Friday nXtbX. W T. Steele, C. C, A. H. Davis, CIa»» visitors cordially Invited. _ _ -H. W. |A .-The M. W. A. iKMgt meets every Friday nigfit In M. W.. A. HfdL Visiting brothers invited. F. C Cotfleld. Y C. W. Cowan. Clerk. _ ROTAli NEIGHBOBS^Iola Cam^ .Vo. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and! fourth Tuesdays of ea^ month. iMrs. F. A. Wagner, onudr Mrs. Biaijy Uutton, 413 West Str««^ Recorder.; FRAIEBKAi. BBOTHEBHOOD^ Fraternal; •Brotherhood No. 380 meeb second and fourth Thursday of ea«> month In; A. a U. W. Hall. VialtlilP members Icordlally invited. W. H. A»- derson, preddeat; Golda Elaa. lary. i • , • fjicneral GohtraetOT. inagstone, and Cement Sidewalks and Garbing a Specialty. oaeallS East:lacka«a kn, Phrae SM. TAFT 3^0>EY WENT B£6GI3ia Real Estate, Insurance city and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any (hue without notii^e, and in^' terest ceases on amount pald.- Long or Short Time Loans. Cunningham jfi; Arncitt^ \\o Wagerji Are Being .Hade on Bryaa j by jthe Chicago Bettors. Chicago; Nov. .«.—Taft money went begging In Chicago yesterday, in spite of tlie fact that odds of eight to . one were offered by supporters of tha ReiHitiican candidate. There waa lit- -tlc betting on the national result 'the downiown headquarters or else^t- where. JAs the election. draws nearer,^ befr' ting inlerost seenis to hava^^^tpirtAdt' the natioujal,campaign. F(^ty .Uipit^ •AXiil dollars, offered at od€B of v*"^ Vannuys Can't Vote, i " , . i ^ t . John Vannuys is not In a W good .^^.vT^ -."^^^ Kanaas and/'Eaatera Sweeden; ljumor today. He has been off bn an .Itl^rSi** ^'"^^^ Hugbe^ ifohhweBt Kansas «nd C ^Ur fdaszided visit and did hot return in _ ti<al Missouri.'^' " ^-» - '- t ^ t^jbe! to regtotef^ , \ ] ' . ^ u^^tr

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