Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 3, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 3, 1908
Page 1
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TOLHIE X. SCXBEB S19. lOLA, KANSAS, ?rOTEJ 3, IM^TUESDAT EYESHiG, CLOSED (CAMPAIGN KEPraLICAJfS HELD A KOCSIXC JHEETDfO HEHE LAST MGllT. CONGRESSMAN SCOH SPOKE UK DIStlSSED TAMIMIUN FKOM A BlSI.NtSiS STAJiBPOlM. Escorti'd to Theutor b .v 1)1^ Deivgutiun »f FdloH To >vD !>un?u—TUtutrr M«n> Than Eillea. The HopuUUcau caiupaigu iii Alien eouafy closed last utglit when Congressman Chas. F. Scott addrea^ed an au|]ieuce which filled the Grand theater to its utmost capacity. Prccod- iug Uie address Mr. Scott wu:: escorted from the Pennsylvania hotel to the opera house by a recepiiou couiminee of several hundred fellow townsmen, the W. O. W. band Iieadiug the parade. When L. I.. Noiihrup, chairman of the llepublican county central committee, the speaker of the evening and the Republican candidates took their scats on the platform, practically every seat in the theater was taken and the space at the rear of ihe buildin was filled with peop'e 'who stood up during the entire evening, forseiiiug their failure to get a scat in Iheir interest in the address. -Vfter playing several selections in front of the Grand, the baud went in and rendered one number from the j»latfona. The Black and Tan quartette, composed of Frank .McDonald. Herbert Allen, "Hoc Toy" and Art Johnson, was then introduced. The MUartett*} ho>- been singing at the Republican meetings all over ibb couu- . tv tills fall HUd hH,s more than made good. Most of their i-ngugomcnts were in the country and miiny lulans had not bad un opor:unity to hear thorn until lust nisht. On ihiMi first encore they sang u caiiipaiiru .--oiig in which were hlt^ on tni; iocal Democratic candidates. This soii:- wa^ cheered for s^vvra! minute- oi until ihn boys sang again 4 Chairman L. V .Nunhiup thiu introduced .Mr. Scoti. In hia brivt marks UJC presidium officer said !>.• dlt not feel like saying that he took i:ie;>i pleasure in "iutroduciifu" the tpoaker but rather be took great p'easure in "presenting * him foi cvrryone in .\!- leu county knew .Mr. S.-ott, lu- iiavina been their neighbor for so many joars .Vfler the applause which began a:the speaker arose, had died away. Mr Scott said he was gJad iJiat .^fr. .\orlh- rup had "presented" him to the audience and not "introduced" him; and then added that while it might be ail light to be "introduced" out of hiir county as "the Hou. Clias. F. Scott." he hoped tlie time would never coifte when be would not be considered it: his home town as "jusi plain Charlie Scott." .Vfr. Scoits spt-eeli is based largel* on this: That interests of the country demand that the Republican partj be kept Jn power. Hf reviewed the history of the two parties, showing by statistics on buslnes.- conditions that good times havi cltiiracterized Itepublicuu udmlnUiia- iloiia. He cited the pure food law, the tawrt controlling the lullroadii uiid trusts, the establi^hntuntll of the rura^ routes and oilier laws none of which ftre crilictBtHl now. not ev«?n by Democrats, as evidence to what the Republican party has done for the country Without unjustly criticising .Mr. Hryai' the speaker in a comparison of the two men who are being voted upon today for presidtnt, showed that it would not be safe to the business interests of the country to elect Mr. Brj-an while the election of Mr. Tafi would mean that the ifouud business policies o'f the present Republican administration would be continued. Th« speaker then quoted from Governor Hughes of Xew York, President Roost velt and Bonrke Cochran, the notec Democrat, sbowing what they thought of the fitness of Mr. Taft for prssi- ditot. The mention of the naine ot the Repoblican nominee was the signal "for an enthusiastic demonstration. In fact Mr.. Seott's reaaajtis were fre- qocKtly folknred by cheers and ap- plKose. The meeting -was closed vith a ran- sieal niBBber by "Hoc Toy" and Art Jcbaaom Both Ibe speaker ahd -the R^b<- .Heaps <A th^ covstry \vf« reason, to art.. -i&sJ,^ be proud of the fine ttiru out lipon the occasion of Mr. Scott's home coming, it being d tribute to his popularity and a'so to the principles of the party he- represents. . When the meeting broke up a Democrat on reaching the door pulled a Bryan button from his coat and threw it into the street. saying he was "through with the Democrats:' A Republican picked up the button and carried it. away to remember the meeting by. A promineut Demoirat said last !iii;lit after Iho meeting: "While 1 l-jiit look at polities as Mr. S<-utt docs 1 want to say that his address was fair and cleai: all the way through." The Democrats held a counter dem- >nslration in the Majestic theater, all of the local candidates s|>eakitig,^Fhe theater was about half fillinl. RETURNS TONIGHT Register Has Arranged to Get Election Results Frt>m All Over the Country. Throtigh the Register tlurv will hi- plenty of opportunities tonight to hear how the election is going all over iho country from coast to coast. This office has arranged for telephonic communication from all parts of the country and the news will be sent in a.s soon as it is possible to do so. Three extra phones, two of the Bell and one of the Honic. havo been in stal'ed in the office to o.\pedito matters. With a stercoptieon machine, placed in the editorial rooms, the returns will be thrown o:i a canvas on the wall of the Xew York store. Ray West will operate the machine. The first returns should come in nor later than 6:30. BIG BATTLE NOW ON LOOKS LIKE SWEEPfMi BEPUD- LICAX VICTORY IX IOL-\. USE DISREPUTABLE TACTICS THIS fOMFLAIM Jf.UlE AUAIXST DE.«Ot KATS l\ tEBTAIX WAHDS. Dcuiiirratir ElcctloH Offirlab Slow in Kopublicnn Wards— rwrwi*«naWc ('luillrnct*><. DOFFED THEIR HATS The big battle is on. Xot in yoar.s has there been so much excitement in lola over an election as there is today. When ti;c poll-: opened this morning at eight o 'clock, there was a crowd of voters at the doors waiting to east their ballots. .\s a rule, the voting in ilie morning hours is not very heavy, but not so today. The of- iicials have had no tim<.' to discuss the weather and look out of the win- dt »ws. In many of the wards, the voters liuod up and waited their turn, many having to remain in line for ?omc time before they reached the booths. Considering the tact that the t)emo- c-ats arc laborin?: for a "forlorn cause" they are displaying considerable activity. The Republican l»-ad- eis are unusually cntliusiastic and conflik-nt of a deci.slve victory for tho entire ticket. That tho Democrats do not exptc to win is evidenceil by the fact tnat they were not l>ettiug even money oti any candidates and demanded bir odds before putting up their cash on any bet. The indications are that Uie vola will bo very ht^ary. At 2:40 o'clock «sr ToresThau' iC -^eir cast in the T'est SHOf IN A QUARREL Tno Oklahoma Farmers Killed and Oar S(TioB>lj Wonnded In I>niiik' i>n QaarrcL .\rdmoie. Okla.. Xov. :;.—D. L".. Cook the cooptable from Mulkcy and J. A Simes. a farmer, were shot and killed by John Urazie!. i ,r .\rduiure. Today. James Billings, a farmer, a eompaii ion of tli'i two dead men. was serious ly woudtied. The four had qtiarreled after driiikiug. COLD MEALS IN TWO CITIES. Atchison and St. Joseph Are Still Without Gas Today. Voter. «U« ta»t Balleb Ultlt Bryan j '^ard. Wallace Duucau was tho first Ul>hed lllw SBCCCN* IB (voter Election. I'tilix.ew; l .ineolii. .Nebr,. .Nov. •Ileeiioii da\ at Fairvlew \\a> u.^hered n by clear ^kies and luilm> woaiher. ••r>an was :isilr earh' '"X 'klii;: nvor «• luiss of telt>;'.riitn> vrviivi'd fruni dil"- vMctit |<aris of the ciuiiir} giving •s.viiraiiei'S oi" Deiiiocraiie >uecess. .\t ".in<' oeluek he was aceuu)i >anitHl by I. l>. L><,'ns, the farm niana^ier. Scere- tory Rose ami a curre.^l'ondeat of the Associated Press, and drove in j licz -art to Henline's grocery >xor>: in the .'iilase of .N'ornial. \t ]":I.". IJryan lepositcd Jiis ballot and as he did s". 5eore.-: of voters in the store removed heir hats anil -.vlr^Iicd Iiim irucce-s. Mrs. Butter Belter. I .Mrs. Butler, wife of Captain Uuiler )f tho Salvation .Vrmy, '^ho has been quite ill is now ituproviiig. THE WEATHER. I Forecast for Kansas: Fair tonight ind ^Wednesday: moderate temperature. Data recorded at Local Office. C S. Weather Bureau, yesterday, today and 1 year ago: Yesterday Yr. ago ..4y 2 1). lU 4 p. m |- 6 p. m 5 p. m t 10 p. m IT '2 midnight »6 Maximum temperature ...32 Vfnimam temperature ,..42 ^rcclyitation, p. m. ... i) «1 5(5 48 43 41 63 41 0 Today Yr. ago 2 a. m. 4 a. m. 6 a. m. 8 a. m. 46 ^ 46 ; 46 46 10 a. m 47 12 noon 54 Preclpitatloa. 7 a. m. ... o 42 41 42 46 5S 64 0 In Second ward the fii>! vorer Williain Kill'. -Vt :! ucloek the vole vas "J.'.r. in this ward. Coov^e .Vpnle wa.-. the fir.-t voter in the Third ward. .M o'clwk ".U hud voted. In the \^e>; iM-eolnct oi 111!' roinUi waid. ;M;; MUVS had beoii east a! ":;i" o'clock. J. K. Remiii;,:tou the lir>t voter. Ill tli<> ra.^t precinct of the Fourth at ;; ociock -"<• vote:- II.KI beo:i cast. .1. X. Ruby was the firs* vuttf. Til-' Democrats ur>' making a desperate effort to {ire \rnt a land.-lid" in the city for the K»i)Ubliea:i ticket. .M"ii hai'-' been po.-tcd at ev..ry poli to tell the members of the. party to "vote Iter straight" and also to whisper words of oncourag-.-ment in th«-ir ears. Tlte IULU assigiieil Ijy the Democrats at the different voting place.-; to challenge voters are taking long slioto. e.vercising the challengo on the flimsiest ground-s. Comiilaint was made that in East lola this morning matiy Democrats were at the !ioll.« endeavoring to frighten Republicans away by threatening to challenge tliciu. .Members of the Republican county central committee, in order that the voters might receive fair play, sent attorn<^y.s to every precinct to ascertain whether or not the voter; rec'hed their rights utider the law. Complaint \»u.s also made that m ojie ward where the Republican majority is known to be verj largo the IV'tnix raiic oflllclals were piiritosely proceeding slowly that tl'.e full Repiilt- lican M »le might not get in by thej time the i>olIs clote this evening. .\t- torneys wo.-e sent b) tho Republlcanb to investigate. This t'xltlbltlon .of unfairness makes it apttear that the Dentnerats ;ire carrying Into the election to«juy the same di.src-pataW tactics pursued by them during the campaign. One^ that is making the hearts of the Republicans glad is that very few. if any, Republicans are "scrateh- liig" their tickets. They walk into the booth and come out as soon as they have had time to make the X in the circle at the bead of the Republican ticket. A Republican employee of a smelter said this morning: "Several of the boys who had said they were going to rote for certain Democrats came to tbe polls this 'morning and said tbey had decided to vote the ticket straight" It is also noticeable that many Democrats con- same considerable time in voting, indicating tbat they are voting for can­ st. Joseph, Mo.. Xov. St. Joseph's supply of natural gas was shut off again from late Sundaj afternoon until this morning as a result of the bursting of a main in Kansas. Fortunately, the weather was not bad and those families deprived of heat their furnace.-? did not suffer. How- erer. t! ote was no gas for kitchen rauger this morning and many ate cold breakfast-s or went to restaurant where coal was substituted for cooking. A number of small factories us ing gfts under boilers were shut down during the forenoon. This is the third llmo'St. Joseph has been without gas in two weeks. Atchi.son. Kas.. Xov. —Since 3:-"0 o'clock last night the city has been wit'jout gas. tho supply having- been shut off by a break in tho main a tew miles this side of Fort Leavenworth The attnosphere hero today U damp and chilly and the lack of gas is caus' ing s'lffering from the cold. The mills and factories thai use gas under the iwilcr.^ are closed down. The city was kept in total darkness last nigtt as the boilers at the electric light company's power house are not equipped with coal grates. CRUSHED UNDER TRAIN &TEP8. Returning From a Brother's Funeral An lowan Met a Fatal Accident. Ceiiterville. la.. .N'ov. ;i.—Boarding a tiain to retutii home after attend- iifi t!ie finioral of his brother. Sen- rtiof Pa\ton here. Meii;-> Payton fell tjii'I' r rlie steps and internally injured, lie dieti this aftentoon. He was of a theatrical family and was a.<!.-<>ciat< d with h;.-; brother, Corso Payton in the I-ee .\venue theatre, in Brooklyn. X. Y. He was a brother of .Mtirj Gib.s Si'ooner. mana-''r of il'.'^ Bijou. Brooklyn, t' e mother of Cteil ai:-: Edna .May Si'oonor. WIRELESS FROM TALL OBELISK. The Washinrton Monument Will Shortly be Commercialized. Wa.-iiiiigton. Nov. ::.—Commander Cleveland Da\i.>. l". .S. .\'.. writing in til' Arm;, and Navy Journal says: "It not nnliketv that, within a few wecKs. a ca -i -eful consideration of the scientific advantages to result from ii.^ use as a wireless station, an order will be obtained for tho instal lation of a 'nirelcss station in the top of the Washington monumetit. The ontllt would consist of slender wires extending from the top of the munu imnt down to standards .somewhere in the neighborhood und nowUc marriiiS the beauty of tlie manumoiit. The sta' lion for ri,^celvlng and sending wduld IK - in an ofttce underground." didates on the Repoblican ticket. •Register Want Adt. Bring Results. HOME.N FI.V WITH ZEITELI.N. Dofhes- Xvrm »i Warlfm^trrg AinoBg ^ho»c Who Rode in Ihe Airship. Friedrichshafen, Xo. ;;.—Count Zep- Itelin made a succt^.<isful trip in hb new airshiii yesterday around L.ake Constance. He was accompanied by several women, including Duchess Vera of Wurtemberg. and his own daughter. The airship was aloft.for one hour. FIRE SWEEPS TOWN Savannah, New York, Scene of a OiS' astrous Fire Early Todays—Loss Is 9150^. .Syracuse, X. Y., NOT^ '3.—The Tillage of SaTannah. twenty mfles west of here, was almost wiped off the map hy a fire eariy this momiii^ twenty-two btdldlngs in the boiBeip section beinW consamed. The toss if one hundrad and fifty ti^oosaBd dot lars. XI6HT PA6ES. FlIGB two CTRli • •> •> V •:• •> • V • •:• • * • •;- • * ' ^ELECTION BULLETINS. + sbd tH ifhe Register has arranged to w the most cotnpletiB election bulletins tonight ever at- tecjipted in the city. It wi'l give full i^ssociated Press service. Western Union service. Long" Distance "phone service. au<^ local, county and state bullet us. POLL A HEAVY VOTE AJIEBIC'ASS ABE CflOOSO'CI 5£W PBESIDEST TODAY. V V V -.- V HO^OR EMPRESS Birthday of Chhiesr Donagrr a Ee$ fival for VbHlBS AMerku I SaU«r>. Aiiioy, China. Xov. ;:.—The V.eventy- fourth anniversary of the birth of the Dowager Empress of China was ce'.e- bratejd today. The event wa? made the grea|est day of festivities in honor of the fisiting ^Vmerican battleships under Rear Admiral llniory. MAIL NOT HEAVY ON NEW RATE, TworCent Postage to Great Britain Does not Increase Business. Xew York. Xov. :).—The two-cent postage ra:e to Great Bniain has not materially increased the amount of mail', passing between the two counties. ;as had been expected would be the da.-v. The rate has now been in effect for a mouth and the general posloillce reports that there has been no itlcrease in tiie amount of first class mail passing between the two countries, except a very slight one in lettesr addressed to London. Liverpool.,-Manchester, Glasgow and other big cjlties in Great Britain. On the other: hand there has been a marked increase in the amount of printed matter bandred In •he malls. aUhough tho postage rate on that class' of mall has not been changed. AN ENTHUSIASTIC REPUBLICAN. A Bet MaHe Today Which Eclipses All Others Reported Up to.Date. t)n-' enthusiastic Republican today in a frantic effort to >ecure some «f tho Democratic money—which is sui>posed to be floating around waiting an o|pportunity to d-clare itself Itr favorjof the EK-mocratie candidates— bet ijis horse, buggy and harness againk *2 ..iW that Judge Smith would defeat -^udge Collins in the'race for the oflice of probate judge. RUSH AT NEW YORK POLiS JIDVE PABKEU A>'D BOCKEFEL- LKB WAITED W MDTT^S Ef LISE. Bright Oatlook for Uncle Joe CIUMB -Judge Taft t* Vote Late Today— Bepablkaa Tktvry Ctalag. 11WORTH IN EPIDEMIC'S GRIP Fifty Cases of Scarlet Fever Known to Exist. Le.-ivcnworth. .\ov. Witb •nearlv fifty known cases of scarlet ftfver under treatment, l.pavonworth Is facing the possibility of a sweeping epidemic. Hundreds of people, have been unwittingly exposed to the coti- tacloh by the carelessness of others: In many cases t'ae disease is in a ligh/ form.} but the physicians say that from j more fortunate patieutf tfcc niost vinijciit and dangorou.s case? may |b«' contracted. Many mild cases have not been rciwrted. A TOW> IS I AVINli IX. [Mne Uloff. Ark.. .May Ui* Ue^trujrd by ICrunililiBe of Uhrr Banks. Piin- Itinf/. .\rk.. .N'ov. ::.—owing to sudden rise Rt the .\rkansas river, the h^gh banks in front of this city are caving in rapidly and the eastern part of the business section is threatened with deetructtou; The caving has reached the rear of the Jefferson coun ty court house and the county officials are moving out. .\ iiumber of citizens worked ail day Sunda>' and last night endeavoring to protect the banks. Washington, Xov. 3.—Possessing no vote of her own. yet particularly interested-in the result of the electlotu Washington today oecapies a similar position to that of the family whose sons go to war on different sides. The city is quiet and deserted by its men of pnAninencel .New York. Xov. ;:.^With the first gniy shadows of approaching dawn t^e American voters sooght today to choose the new President of the United States. Early weather reports are favorable and a heavy vote is being polled in cverj- state where there has been the semblance of a contest between the two leading parties. The polls opened throughout Xew York state at six o'clock. Theclosing hour is five. Ti:ere was a rush of voters to prac- iicaiiy every polling place In the city this morning as soon as the ballot boxes opened. Eriei county In which is Buffalo, declared usually to^be the index to the national result, will be one of the first counties to announce the result. The coniparlson of figures two and four years ago will give an idea of the drift in the state and the way of the nation. St. Louis, Mo.. Xov. 3.—The polls opened at six o'clock this mqming. Be<nxiise of the conftising ballot votlag :s proceeding slowly. The weather is mild and pleasant. St. Joseph. Mo.. Nov. 3.—Election day is cloudy but plcasont. An imoa- ually heavy vote Is polling. Greater interest is indicated than at auy previous Presidential election. Top<>ka. Xov. o,—The city's normal Republican inajority of three thousand will greatly reduced in today's olection, say conservative politicians. There ar«« few straight tickets and a heavy vote. Wichita. Xov. ;;,—A dense damp fog 'are in Kausas, prevailed in the Sou- theni portion of the state todaj*. The candidates predicted rain later in the day and urged early voting. Cincinnati. 6.. Xov. 3.—Mr. Taft. ac- coniiKinled by his wife, arrived here •his morning from the election toqr. rni|>ortaut office matters required his I 'teinion tipon his arrival and he said le wiind cast his ballot late this afternoon. He declared he felt In everj- way as good as the day he began his -ainpaign. . ikrratrhin^ Votes. SI . Louis. Xov. Z. —There is much •jtratchiug of tickets in Missouri today. Tlie indication is for a full vote. Oliver R. Unrkhardt .i Republican judge of the election. wa.<5 beaten near the polling place. here. A score of arrests for various offenses were made iraong them being Felix 3IcAdanK, Democratic nominee for the legislature from the Tliird district. Wichita. Kjis.. .Vor. 3.—.Vlnety per "eut of the ballots are being scratched. The voters are lu line waiting. Lines ire b«'lng ordered from the booths ev- ny three minutes. Waited Fvriy Minutes Xew York, .V. Y.. Xov. 3.—John D. Rockefeller stood ill line forty minutes before u chance came to deposit bis {laMot. Judge Alton B. Parker was In line almost directly behind him. Bright for Cannon. Danville. Ills., Xov: 3.—The weather is clear and warm. .\ heavy vote Is being polled over the congressional district represented by Speaker Cannon. .Vs far as Vermillion coonty and Danville are concerned, the opposition to Cannon has dwindled away. Reports from over the entire district are encouraging to him. Henry V«te In Kansas. Topeka, Kas.. Xof. 3J —Information from over the state shows an anosnal- ly large vote is being poUed. Negroes are scratchfiis their ^okets heavily in Topeka. Gathrie. Okla ..Nor, 3.—There was fqll early rote In Oklaboma. Union QMP igenerally are following inatmc- t |(H|8 to go to the polls In the mom- fnf Ifodrs. A cold rain in portions (4 the state did not .dampen the interest. • Try the Register Want Ad. Way. Butler to /K: C Captain Butler of- the Salvation Army wIU go to Kansas City Satar- day to attend a mcteting o^tfae ofQ- sers of this prorlnce of thn Salratton anay work whidh iaclndea the estates of Kansas, dklahoina. Nebraska; and South Dabpta. The session oontinaes throogh Saturday. Sunday and aioada}-. r .Tj.

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