Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1907
Page 3
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igaeiiiKiMtiMMiiiMiiMi^ OF. '^PERSONAL ^jjf Personal knowledge is the winning factor in thf^ rulminating contests o( ' IJjr this competitive age and when of ample charactrr it places its fortunate possessor in the front ranks of The Well Informed of the World. A vast fund of personal IcnowledRo is rraliy essential lo the ac liicvement of the highest excellence in any lield of human cff«t. A Knowledge of Formi, Knowledge of Functions and Knowledge of Products are all of the utmost value and in questions of life and health when a true and wholesome tcmcdy is desired it should be remrfnbcfed that Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna, manufactured by the California l"ig Syrup Co., is an ethical product which has m<-'t with the approval of the most cniincnt physicians and gives universal satisfaction, because it is a remedy of ^ Known Quality, Known Excellence and Known Component Parts and has won the valuable patronage of millions ol the Well Informed of the world, who know of their own personal knowledge and from actual use that it if the first and best of family laxatives, for which no extravagant or unreasonable claims are made. Tlus valuable remedy has be< n long and favorably known under the name of—Syrup cf. Figs -and has attained to worldwide acceptance as the mo;t excellent family laxative. As its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, arc well known lo phyoicia .is and the Well Informed cf the world to be the best wc have adopted the more eLiboratc name of -S >Tup of Figs and Elixir of Senna a.; more fully de-«riplive of the remedy, but doublle .vs it v..11 aiv.ays be called for by the shorter name of- Syr ;;p of Fi{;s and lo get its beneficial effects, always note, when purchasing the full name tif the Company - California Fig Syrup Co. — printed rn ihe front of cvpr>" package, wiifther you call for - Syrup of Figs — i.r by the full name — Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna. fl. 0. DICK BOUGHT HOLT FARM OF 800 ACBES. THE CONSIDERATION WAS S30,000 DEAL WAS MADE THROCOH THE >V. 0. HAIOLER LAXT> COMPANY. SAN FRANCISCO,CAL.. SpvernI Teaohers Are Vlnltlnir Frlcndn Aftor thr Escarolon to Emporia. «r and fttocik.raised lit Alldn emiatr for a bdnllMr of rnrs and La will b« tileased to welcoihe bim SdPa resident and property owner; He will move to La Harpe and occupy the residence now occiipled by Mr.^Blck. Mr. Dick wDl move on his farm as soon as all arrangements are com-> pleted.—La Harpe Journal. Personals. . Mr. and Mr.^. W. J. Williamson, of Fort Scott, were In the city yesterday enroute to lola where they will visit friends. L. I. Orange of Martin, Mo., was in the eliy yesterday on business. • 0. I. Knney of near Chanute was In the city yesterday, on business. He I K drlilhiR a gas well about five miles Honth of this clt.v. It. 0. Ilnrland, of Olathe. came in yesiprdny evonlns on a short business vlslf. Many \S\\\ Visit. Wlilli' man .v of the teachers who went to ndjolnins cllie« yesterday to visit. sehoolH came home this morn- luK a part of them are vl.sltliig friends ill the various cities and will not return until time to enter sehool aRiiin -Monday morning. Most of them came home .vpHterday, however. Play Kincald. The \A\ Ilarpe high school foot hall team is scheduled to meet the Kin­ cald team on the Kincald grounds this afternoon. Both teams are in good eonrtlfion for the game. A number of iho local enthusiasts planned to at tend the game. LOUISVILLE, KY. LONDON^ENGLAND. NEW YORK.N.Y: Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UT-TO.DATE HEAT A \ARKET il{J£ast JHadlson GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS ^"'''^''••^''"'^'^^^^^^ llltK .IT f. <J. CII.WDLKH IIOMK no CIHIKII homo. 'The subject of the evening sermon ! is "^wiuL: tin Ueai>ing." .\11 are ' iiiaile welcome especially tliosc li:iviti;; TIII{ K \TI:M:I » <itKTti. i:i:V. \V .\" I.KKI'ICU. I';is1<.r ltriiii><in 'reaclicrs Itiiuriu-d. Till' Mionsoii. Kansas. te.i<lieis wlni WAS BURNING DEAD GpASSj ::ir|;;;il;''''^''^''•''^^ !\VI\I» .SCiTTFRKD .SPARKS l!\Y STKKS AMI IlIILIUVfiS. !)oii, rettinit'd home im the evening .Mlsr-oitrl I 'rK 'ilic. The) siient the e.ntlri' ri;'.y In the ci'.v yesieri!:t.' ,lng ilie < irioiis grades in the school- isietlii;;: lieas of the wa.v IIIP r .!is City j .sflioiils aVe Qonditcted. STEYER»» GROCERY . H«a^iwrt*ra tor Good Things to Eat. T €le|>hoD6 IS9 Trnlley Wire iif the Kleetrle | Rsll- niiid llroke Near McRae ' .Strw't. Personals. ! .Mr. niid Mrs. Webb of Webb Ciiy. 'came In this morning to vi.sit n-lntlves in thf city over Sunday. 1.. O. .Martin, of Olathe. was bi'ie yesterday on business. Will Attend Carnival. A great many of the \M Ilarpe young people are planning to go t< lola this evening for the purpose of attedning the Carnival the last nigh it is in the city. The \A Harpe young people have been attending it almost every evening since it has been running. I)iit they want to make it a whole weelj of pleasure tmd will be on li.-ind tonight. MethndUt Episeopnl Church. Sunday school at ft.4.'> a. in. i'reach- iu.!; at II a. m. .lunior League at ; )!. m. Epworth le.igiie at t'i::!0 p. m Hivachiug at 7::!0 p. m. .\oios—Tomorrow you will lie iioi what you are planning to he then bill wliai .von are trying to lie now. Our revival meetings have bcfn in leiesiing and will er>nliniie next we^c closing with our iiuarterly meeting .Siindny. .November Z. Those wiio have unsaved loved onet about whom .voii are deeply concerned, have been working faithfuly, and the promise of victory is to them. The little couplet that has been going the rounds is siill (leriinent: "If every nienilier were just like me. What kind of a chiircli would our rliiireli lie?" All (ecciiirb; pastor prepari>d a leaf!•! for dlsirlbiitlcm among his llock. lie called It ii 'Spirit lull Tlii'rnioiueter" We cannot reproduce (he cut of tht thertiiomeier but liere are the polnlf reift>ii«'red. ivlih liis pxplaiiaitons. •.viil.->h are very nug,-."s'iv.- and nmke 'iiterestlng rending: IVl degrees boiling—ICntliusiastle goe- to meeting, gets others to go works anywhere. .Always on time. ;».<! degrees blood heal—Very much' alive, goes to meeling leads thr- tiieetiiig, pra.vp. iisiiaily on time. On degrees Temperature—.\live. goes lo meeiings occasionally, iisuallv •sieraay on ini>iiur>s. found on the liack seat. Often late II .1. ."lones nf this city, left yester-. degrees Freezini—Dying, goes to • • •" nieeiiiig occasionally, never take^ part. •lay tor .Altoona. where he will visit his parents over Siinda.v. pan. i.. O. Samitsou. of Neodeslia. was o decrees Zero—Dead, never goes t heiP vpsterday on business. He prob- meeting. ably will accept a positon In the I'rinin what does your temperature reg- Wcsiern smelters. ii .-ter bv that man's thermometer? IRA -M. BiiJNHAM. Pastor. It Takes Rrains to Originate: Any Fool Can Imniltate. Methodi.xt Protestant Chnreh. Mv competitors are .lealous of my. Revival services will '"""""" P success and being unable j,o stiindiSuiidaj._ Mens meet.n^^ Fire Tiireateneil Concreto.- K'>v a time .'csierday it was l»eliev<^ ,thai the lire which started from f. G. 1 Chandlers yard would Inirn the entire city of Concreto. .Mr. ("handler •Wii.^ burning the dead grass from his .yard when a whirlwind came up car- :r>iiig the fliiines of the firo to neigh- ihoring yards, hay stacks and out •hoiisfs. if help had not came to tlie aid of .Mr. Chandler if Is likely that "uriiji.-t •••u ...."s .•• •• - •- . :th.. (ire would have spread to the city »'«' pressure are howling. They are ; Rev SireiieulK-iger a of Concro'o \« it was a hay sta-k unfaiullair with up-to-date niefliods ing by ^red (.eis. •belonging to K H. Rovd was ciestrov- of advertising. I do Imslness strictly • I "terest increasing. About sixty pro- ed and other minor damage done. Mr. noon business principles. I am a firm j*''*':'""'' •^!' i ""r °"*.'i;; Chandler feels that he in a measure is believer In nrlnter's Ink and know '"y,"'^''. 'f"!^'' services. Only $..0 to blame for the (if.- and ..ffers to from past experience that adrertlslnei collection so far. Free will offering . niakr- good all lo.s.«. jpiivs. and my adds will appear In fiiei'^"""='>' j columns of this and other papers from i time to time In the fntnre the same' Presbyterian Chnreh. as they have In the past, no matter[ -N CNI Sabbath morning some "Notes if thev" do make niy comuetltors sick, frimi the Synod" will be given. It R. S. HAR\ARI). • was the largest and one of the best Of lola. Kansas. jiiiietings the Synod has ever held. The SANTA KE sells HOMESEBK- Trolley Wire. ERS' tickets first and third Tuesdays j -ihe trolley wire of (he lola ICiectric in each month for one fare plus $2.00 Hallway broke near McRea str*"'"' for the round trip to certain points ; ^U^^hb.^™^^ '"""^ •' ;a<(idoni. It was nece.s.sary to send West and South West. Hfturn days. ist tick- One way second class Coloi ets to Los .\ngeles and San pfrancisco and oth^r California jioinis for $2 .">.00 lo the power house and get reimirs in OM!.M- ihai cars may be operated asaln. It. .1. Carmaln Hurt. i;. .1. Cariiiain. an employe nf the . , „ „ I I 'liiiie Weisern smelter in this citv.], Oregon. .Seattle. W.tsh. ..„staiued a very painful injury ye..^tei- etc, for tJ .'..::o. e \ery day during Oc- da.\ iiiornliig. While unloading zinc l -l.i .e.- he accidentally dioijped one of !.'iein which weiiihi'd alHiiit seventy' lioiinds. lettln;; It fall on his left mot mashing it sfvenly. .Mthoiigh the iii.'.iry is ;i very painful one it ir lioped liiiai no serioMs results will follow The \ortli Had Church. Hlville .".eivires on the eiintilig Sai)- liaMi at ilie I'lilied I'losbyierlai^ iliii ;-eli. on N'lirtli .Main stnt. at 1' :.:!iil 1! .1 111 and 7: i<i n ni. The llilili • cai.ol ai I 'l o 'cUuk. lo wliieh all ari ill'ited. I'reaelilu!: service at 11 in which ilie p.islor will pre- 'sem Ihe <-lainis and purposes of thi tober, II'OT. Please see lis for ntopover jirivil- egpR. and so funli. W. E. RALSTON, Agt. : ^ lola Bosioess College I Ml^t or Dmy Sammloti penmauehip. Arithmetic, Elocution i Bookkeeping. Enjilish. Phvslrai Cul- 'sent ilie ii.m..^ , •. tui-e. etc.. Shorthand. Letter Writing. jTliaiik Offering of the Women s Oen Tiie .Host Rellaiile .lunk Detiler. iM.lev's Kidney Cure will cure any rase of kidney trouble (hat Is not be- voiid niedleal aid. Riirrell's drug store. Kveniiig siibje;:!. '•Seeing Things." Services at 11 a. m.. and 7:^0 p. m. Sabbath school at 10 a. m. Junior meeting at :! p. ni. Young peojiie's meeting at C:.10. Special meeting will .be held beginning about November Cth. . Itev. T. S. ilawley is expected on the CASKS, l"''' "' ''C '^•"li us for these special ____ I nii'i^i iinr.>. Are OeInK llVard In Franklin' JOHN H. imiC.ilT. Pastor TWO MORE ROHRRAKiH Suit County Court. i \ msm Real. Yesterday, through the W. fi. Haig (Ottawa Republic.I , ^ . . „ .lodge Sheldon, of I'aola. Is presid- • ier l.atid company, one of the largcs; iig over a so.»-sloii of district court real estate deals made In l.a Marpe this afternoon in two cases, connect I<M- II iiiiinber of months Hiok place e<l wjth the Hohrbaiigh litigation. ,'wlieli C. (J. Diek of this city came into lodge SiTiarl being disiiiialllled. Itol'i' |,o.ssession of the (iip.son II<ilt .SOO ar.-j cases of apiieal from the probate acre farm lying sl.x iiiIIeR soutli of I*i -ouri. One Is reference lo Ihe M.irpe. The consideration was $.10.- claini of .1. Kriincis Thompson for U'M In ilie deal .Mr. Dick (ransfered services as an architect, for which tlie followiiiB city property. St. James the lower court had allowi-d liini $4'Jii. boie! tiool hall, residence properly nnd the other is that of Seever.s a In l-i ll.upe and a store building and Smith, for about fS::U. for plumb im irsidence iiroperty in lola. and fittings; ' Mr. liolt lia.s been a successful farm- WANTED—Steady middle aged wo-, man at once, tola Laundry. A Car*. This is to certify that all druggists are authorized (o refund your money if Foley's Honey and Tar fails to cure your cough or cold. It stops the cough, heals the lungs and prevents serious results from a cold. Cures la grippe cough and prevents pneumonia and consumption. Contains no opiates. The genuine is in a yellow package. Refuse substitutes. Burrell's 'DRV ORDI.VANCE IS RE.IECTED. ritlsbnrg CouncU Splits on Drastic Antl-Llriuor Legl.slallon. Pittsbiir?. Kas.. Oct. 2.'..—The city council.'%y a vtUa of I to 4 refused lo enact ordinance No. S61 which would put the responsiblbty of ordering the enforcement of the state prohibitory law upon the mayor and police of Pittsburg. The ordinance was backed by th" W. C. T. U., the Civic Leagii?. fh:- .Ministerial Union, and other temperance nnd law and order workers of the city, and a petition signed by 2.0<m women and students of th" .state and liusiiiess colleges, ind cliildr.'u of the piihlic schools. The ordinance was a copy of the state prohibitory law. It provided or a fine of $100 and imprisonment of thirty days in jail for each viola t'on of the iirohlhitory law. A delegation of perhaps forty women made up of mothers of the cKj" was present. Ill addition thera were present several ministers of (he ciiy cliurche^ and a number of the state norma' students. The closing of .saloons followed oi decs issiisd by Mayor Fisher and County Attorney W'oollsey and loo!; effect last night, none of the places opening for business thi.s morning. 'I'here WHS a meeting of the inin- Iat?rs of the city and the members )l the W. (.'. T. I.', at the headanar "fs of the state temperance union this afternoon to take into consider- iitloii the rejection of the city conn- •I of ordiiiauc.'' .\o. 861. .«1AYS IT IS FACT. I'hfls. R. .Spcuccr Confirms Gnarantee on Hyumrl, Care for Catarrh. WANTED—Two rooms on ground floor without board. Inquire M. C. Martin, Cataract Hotel. WANTED—Dining room girl at Ihe Pennsylvania hotel. WANTED—TEN MEN (OR WO- .MEHs') each state, travel and distribute samples New Baking Powder; salary $00 iier month and expenses; expenses advanced; enclose stamp for contract. White House Supply Co., Chicago, Ills. WANTED—Experienced girl housework. 501 .North Second. for Wanted Salesmen. You can earn from $",000 to $10,000 a year- and your expenses as a Traveling Salesmen. We will teach .VOII to be one in eight week.s by mail and secure yon a position with a reliable firm. No former ex|)erience required. Salesmanship is the highest jiaid of ail profes.sion.s and the easiest to enter. Hundreds of calls for our graduates. Write for our free catalog "A Knight of the Grip" today. Ad; dress: National Salesman's Training .Ass'n.. Suite .112 .Scarritt Bldg., Kan- .4as (^i(y, .Mo. ^j^^^ALE-^holce Duroc male pigs. TOT Bale cheap,. If taken soon. A. B. Mijll, Carlyle, Kansas. FOR SAI^E-^Oood mare with foal. Call at 810 West street. I'X)R RALE OR TU.ADE—A acre farm In Ellis county to trade for lola rental property or a small farm In eastern.; Kansas. C. F. RobluM. I,a Ilarpe, Kansas. FOR IZCWf - mimomttmmmoum FOR RENT—.Nicely furnished rooms with bath at (he Harris place, 421 South W.alnitl. Phone 7fl2. Mrs. W. F. Tyler. FOR RENT—Furni.shed rooms for gentlemen. Mrs. F. J. Oyler. TO RENT—Office rooms in the Stevenson building. FOR RENT—Furnished house, modern. Apply this office. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished rooms. 421 South Walnut. FOR . RENT—Three ' "wnfuiinlshed rooms. Inquire .'>04 South Duckeye. WANTED—Cliambermard at the Penn.sylvania hotel. WANTED—Farm hands. A. B. Mull. Carlyle, Kansas. W.ANTKi:*—Man and wife wanted to work on farm. .Address • (;" this office. .MA.N WANTS (o do lioiise cloanins. Inquire BO I South Elm sireet. WANTED—Ten honest boys 12 to 14 year's old, to distribute advertising matter after .school. Bring recommendations. Call before school Monday a( Cottage Hotel; ask for .Mr. Dee. WANTED, (JIRKS to work at the Brown Smoke House. WANTED' 'MlmomUaa^oua W.VNTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 10."> South Second St ret. WANTi:D—Stock to winter. Call on or address (Jiiy Tiirney, lola. • The question having been raised as to whether or no Chas. B. Speiicer will refund the money If a Ilyomel outfit does not do ail that is claimed or if in curing catarrh, he wants to <tate positively that this guarantee i.= m absoliile fact. A guarantee like this is the best iroof (hat can be offered as to the :urative jiowers of Hyomei in all ca- arrhal troubles. You do not risk a •ent in testing its healing virtues, he (aKcs ail the risk, j If you h.ive catarrh, try this won- ierfiii medicated air of Hyomei. It iocs not drug or derange the stomach, )ut is breathed through a neat j-ocket nhaler that comes with every outfit, io that its medication reaches the most remote air ceils in the none. fhroat and lungs, where any catarrhal .jerms may be lurking. B- quickly destroys them, heals and soothes the irritated mucous membrane and vitalizes (he tissues so that catarrh is no longer possible. You can io .se noth- ng by giving Hyomei a (rial, nothing but the catarrh and that is good riddance. The price of the complete outfit is but $1.00; nothing if it fails to cure. Get an outfit from Chas. B. Spencer today and begin its use at once. SOON AS IT REACHES HHT. President WIR \ot Belay In Proclaim- Ing Slatebond. At the Pains at the waist, back, front, or side, are nearly sure proof of female trouble. Some other signs are headache; pressing down pains, irregular functions, restlessness, cold limbs, nervousness, etc. These pains may be allayed, the system braced' and the womanly functions regulated by the use of Wjne of Cardtii iWrs. Annie Harhilton, of Stetsonville, Wis., writes: "Cardui saved me from the grave after three (3 ) doctors had failed to help me. It is a good medicine and I recommend it to all suffering women." For sale at all druggists, in $l bottles. ffnllk UJ it LCI ICK t*';ti'f;^i]?v,ss'''Sp*^^ «^ M*M w^ttm. AmmT Udi<«A4vfaory Dtpl., Th* CSutunooci >to»dn« Co., QatMeaaSTTtiia. Wlasliinglon. Oct. 2.'..—The presl- .-•nt passed the word today (bat he proposeil to i .ssue the statehood proc- Inmation as soon as possible after the nincial copy reBch .'>d him. Nearly ill (he Oktahonia republican leaders have abandoned hope of getting the nresident to reject the constitiidon nd they are now in a grand <f*ram hie for th:> ofliees. Onlv Charles Hunter and Henry \sp are keeping up the fight. Late •b s afternoon the president indlcat- el to some callers that the objections raised w.^re not sufnclent to change his mind, and that he would rromulgate the constitiit.on soon af- er it reached him. Governor Frantz and .Tiidge Clay- 'on. who are bringing the documeni (o Wnshincton, were delayed and will not deliver it to tha president until Satur.lav. Soon threafter the pres'- •lent will have a conference with Secretary Garfield and Attorney Bon- iparte and decide upon a date to Is- lu.! the statehood proclamation and fix up a slate of fedet^l appointments. For Sale Cheap. Good Farm and City Property. Be* the THE JATHiWXER LAITD CO. for quick resnlta. Old Court Houses • itU, Kni. i WANTED—Good. sound young horses wauled at The lola Veterinary Hospital. See W. A. Frazler^ WA.\*TED—Hoarders In iirivate family. Have modern house, newly furnished. Inquire at No. 1 East Erwin. WANTED—Typewriting and cleri- jal work. Room u, old court house. Rebecca Goble. FOR SALE^'REML ESTATE FOR SALE—My four-acre truck patch, good four roomed one mile from square. x\lex Miller. FOR SALE—Good wheel, used only a short time. Must sell. Call .'!S4. FOR SALE CHEAP—Seven room, modern cottage, two blocks from .square: short time only. (;race -Arnold. FOR SALE OR TRADE—A good Arkansas farm, well improved and stalk. For further Information inquire at 412 West .Martin. fOR SALE'MlBtmUmmmouB von SALE—Household :'.00 Soudi Tennessee. furniture. FOR SALE—Rubber tired lop biig- ;y. .1. T. Taylor. Phone 49.".. FOR SALE—Good runabout Slude- baker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken in the next few days, inquire of It. F. Ciilley, Register office. FOR S.MiK—Two large jinnies, four and five ye,"rs old. and ;i young black jack. In(|!iire O. K. Livery barn. La Harpe. Phone !(!. FOR SALE—Yellow car, popcorn nnd peanut roaster, t'all at the car in lie evening. southeas( corner of tlie square, or COC. South Sycamore. FOR SALE—\ driving mare and buggy. Horse ciiy broke, safe for lady o drive.' Inioilre S::2 North street. I"OR SALE--.\ line, mtMiern 7-room cottage, only two blorks from square, on car line and paved street. The finest loaetion in the city. Easily worth $2.'.utt.0O. Can sel! fir $ L ':!00. if taken ihi.s week. See us at once. iOLA LAND COMP.\NY. FOR RENT—Furnished down stairs rooms for housekeeping. 316 South Walnut LOST ana FOUND LOST—In Tola a lady'.<; long black cloak with velvet collar. Finder please phone .ni.S and receive reward. LOST—Friday the I.Sih. l)etween Gas and La Harpe. stove Iiearth. Reward. Notify .A. .1. Collins. La Harpe. LODGE DIREOTORY. ElViailTS OF MACCABEEtU- Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P.|HaIi, second and fonrtb Wednesday nights In each month. J. W. Postwalt, commander; RTB . Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W..—Camp No. 101 nieeti ]a K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele, C. C; A.H.DavUi Glen- Visitors cordially Invited. KXIflHTS OF PTTniAEL- Neoaho fxtdge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. jVlsltIng brothers Invited. W. 3. Thompson, C.C.; Chris Ritter. K. of R. and 8. M. >V. Ar-The M. W. A. ' Lodga meets every Friday night In M. W. A. hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. H. Anderson. V.C.; W. A; Cowan, Clerk. BOTA LTN EIGHBORS .—loitTcamB, No. 365, Royal Neighbors, meeta aeo ond and fourth Tuesdays at each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, ioracle; Mrs. Mary Button, 413 West Street. Recorder. F. A. A.—Golden Leal CounpU No. 462. F. A. A. meets first and third Wednesday nights in each month In K. P. Hall. C. E. Lacey, president; Miss Mable Rhortack, secretary. FRATERXAL BROTHERnOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 mMta second and fourth Tuesdays of each month In A.O.U.W. Hail. Visiting members cordialy Invited. W.H. Anderson, president; Golda Elam, secre- tarX; ^ ^ Junior Order ITnited American .V» rhanlcs.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting members . invited. R. A. Widlck, Councelor; C. B. Black, Rea Secretary. BUSINESS OIREOTORY . JEWE ^J ERS. B. F. Pancoast, o'd reliable Jeweler, no East street STAMMER. Complete .court at the best school for stammerers in America at one* half price this fall and winter. White for information at once. McKle School for Stammerers, 2;706 East 12th Stre«t, Kansas City, Mo. Well, Friends Pancakes are in order. We have the maferail to make them of. Ralston P. C. Flour, per pkg.. ...lOc Ralston Prepared I!, W. Flour, per pkg 10c IVrniia Ulude Wlie.-ii Flour, 12m sack .. Mc Good I'resh .Meal, per sack 20c Syrups to eat on Pancakes. .Maiile. Fancy Table. \\'hite Table, iiml Sorsbiiin. FOR S.\LE—Mare. i;:!0 North Main, Gas City. Its Economy To'*^ye your Carpets cleaned by and Stij Tbeiola Rog Factory PHONE FRYER BROS. Qr.very and Mea Market Phones 308 and dOt 111 8«atk ITftAlivtaB^-Heil* 114

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