The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 7, 1963 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 8

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1963
Page 8
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>! McNamara Convinced Missiles Gone From Cuba, But Keating Is INot WASHINGTON (AP)-The Kennedy administration has flashed •cross the , nation's television screens an unprecedented display of intelligence data to support its stand that Cuba is free of Soviet offensive weapons. The report to the nation late Wednesday had a double purpose: to reassure the people and to squeeze the steam out of a boiling political controversy over Cuba's armed might. But despite Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara's statement that he believes beyond 8 THE OTTAWA HERALD Thursday, Feb. 7, 1963 any reasonable doubt that all offensive weapons hive hien removed from Cuba, Sen. Kenneth B. Keating seemed in no mood to let up. Keating, a New York Republican who has been making charges since last August about Cuba's military might, said none of his statements had been disputed by McNamara in the television report which featured an intelligence expert and many reconnaissance photographs. Many of the before-and-after photographs of missile sites and shots of Soviet ships at sea with missiles and crated IL28 bombers aboard had been made public be- fore, during last fall's crisis. But never before had the American people been given such a thorough account of how the United States detected the Soviet missile bases and rode herd at long range on departure of the missiles and bombers Virtually every step of the way. The administration's aim obviously was to impress the American people with the ability of U.S. aerial cameras and intelligence experts to ferret out whatever military gear the Communists try to hide. With White House direction, officials mounted a massive two- way counterattack against those who have been claiming there is a growing threat in Cuba. Before the televised report, Central Intelligence Agency chief John A. McCone went before a Senate Armed Services subcommittee. "We are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that all offensive missiles and bombers known to be in Cuba" have been pulled out, McCone said. McNamara used almost identical words when he went before the television cameras. The Pentagon chief went even further, in an attempt to knock down persistent reports, mainly from Cuban refugee sources, that the Soviets are hiding missiles in caves, out of sight of prying aerial cameras. "I am satisfied that there are no major elements of offensive weapons systems in the caves of Cuba," McNamara said. He reported for the first time that recent reconnaissance has revealed that certain equipment of Soviet combat forces, gear associated with battlefield-type rockets, "has also started to be moved out of the island back to the Soviet Union.'* McNamara acknowledged there still are about 17,000 Soviets in Cuba, including about 1,000 men in four motorized, tank-equipped task forces. Brt he discounted the possibility that they could move any of their heavy military hardware against any other Latin-American countries. The Soviets and Cubans don't have the ships to do this, he said. As for fears that the more than 100 Soviet MIGs could be used in a nuclear bombing strike against the United States, McNamara said they are not adapted for that mission now. If they were fitted to carry a maximum bomb load, the defense secretary said, their range would be so limited they could hit only the tip of Florida. The bulk of the briefing was conducted by a youthful expert, John T. Hughes, who emerged from the secrecy-cloaked defense intelligence agency for that purpose. Hughes backed up McNamara's assurances, saying that as late as last Monday U.S. aerial photos showed that the onetime Soviet missile and bomber bases were "inactive, still dismantled and marked by no military activity." Armed with a long pointer and 12-foot-tall blowups of reconnaissance pictures, Hughes recounted how high altitude planes — U2s, th jugh he didn't say so—gathered the first hard evidence of work on bases for 1,265-mile medium range missiles last Oct. 14. Hire* days later, he said, these planes spotted .bases being built for 2,530-mile intermediate range mis* siles. ' The chief Soviet objective, he said, was to "achieve clandestine* ly a full operational capability for all systems by early December, 1962 in order to confront the United States with a fait accompli." , Hughes stressed the close call the United States had last fall. He said intelligence authorities reported on Oct. 28 that the Soviets had achieved full combat (Continued on Page 1«) YOU CAN PUT YOUR TRUST IN "Super-RtghfQuality* MEATS First Cut Rib Portion First Cut Loin Portion c Center Cut Rib er loin Chops 65* Perfect with Pork! Potatoes Sweet Sauerkraut 6-8 Lb. 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