Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1907
Page 2
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llbiCMitj Btfirfillilitfl 1869. ^ •Uut liilii AlkiCi. .^IMILVIN niONK, AMt CtWlltK isip of *!lri; The Vimter'n Carls. i <nie night Jani watched the curly sea . bi all Its mddcap capers; 'Then asked, "Say, ma. at night who y pats. The waves up in curlpapers." I —^Judge. * • •:• Mrs. George TrohiboUl and son are -^•yWUng Mrs. Trombold'g parents, Mr. •<an& Mrs. R. B. Stev?nson. t '-i 'I '>':••:• i'" ;The UViman's Christian Temper~ BJioe Union was postponed yestor- "iijljr because of the inclement weather. l|ie sesi ion-will occur early next - week at the homo of one of the mem- • bin. ^ •" • * * * • , .George C. I>ocUwood. of Emporia. t'l have been hostess at a party at har luime in Humboldt yesterday just pre- codlng Mrs. H. A. Brown's dinner par- i;- but the rain prevented the acceptance of her invitations. The invlt- n.l guests were the lola ladies who siient the aft<»nioon in Humboldt. .> ^ .> Miss Katherine .Tones is spending i thp week puil with her parents in npipori .T. <• <' M ss Rdna McClain Roes to Oily on Monday for a week's visit with friends. * + Mr. and Mrs. .1. O. Arn?tt will en- t. riaiii n cnrerie of friends this even- iiiq; at procressivp euchre. Tlie occas- Mtlonal president of the order of ion is the tenth anniversary of their ' Bqns an(| Dauehlers «f .Tustic.-». Mrs. j ni:irr;ase. -ilj E. Slault of rredonia. and Mr. Mc- [ . Donald, of Ijongton. were guests ofj^^^^^^ f.-fbcttior at .a meeMng of the lodge this ^- «^k( The usual business session ^••Wis' held and a hannuet rlosed the ovcijlng. •t« •:• . Miss BfRsie Beck was at home in a group of girl friends yesterday af- tAfnoon. The oceaslon was .m meel- .Injfc of the Bean Kiio: clul) and the mbinben* .'.j^e^t the hours with n?edle- work. MI rs Bed: served the fiillow- Ing gttesta at the close of the afterJlopn: Mioses KIsa Hilflner. Velnia Sleepcrj Alfn Dimean. Iva (lard and Mary Cannon. COMBS AND BRACELETS AIJ. KINDS AIX PRICIvS J.W.COFPEY&SON K\rln.«tTe Jenrlor!). East Side. _ The Kx-Teacli^rs" Cliih was prrtiil> entertained yesterday afternof)n at L -the home of Mrs. H. A. Ewin? on East street. The assisting hoste.sse-, were Mrs. R. B. St?venson and Mrs. ii,E. W. Mj-ler. The company was en- I tertained Informally and there was ani. elaborate luncheon ser^•ed. Mrs. P:'C. Wirt and Mrs. George Trombold |k, of- Dallas. Texas, assisted In the dining room. Thsre were about twenty II guests In attendance. ' *** One of the most enjoyable dinner pajileg of the nutumn was Riven at .the .Nlckle Plate hotel in Humboldt yesterday by Mrs. H. A. Brox^m. of Iblk. The guests who were a group Of jiadles from this city, were driven to Humboldt early m the afternoon Bnd .at six o'clock an el.iborate menu served in five courses. The table deeflrations were cut flowers, the fav- ,"iOrs being carnations and the center- I'pleiSe of roses. The guests were Mrs. L3> &. HUltlebach, Mrs. F. A. Xortlinin. litirs; C. B. Spencer. Mrs. Iv. L. North- .tdii. Mrs. A. H. Campbell. Mrs. T. S. S 'tdyer, Mrs. F. A. Norllirup, Mrs. C. B .iBpencer, Miss Effie Neff, and .Mrs. Hoitscbnelder of Humboldt. A ^. 4. • Mrs. Glenn D. Finney entertained a group of little folk at limcheon ye.s- II t ^rday for her brother. Master David j ^tles. The fable was set for Dorothy ' f'>«' K'm'oria. •> + + Miss .liilia MrClure will spend the ' I \ve .'k cud in Kansas City. She will ^ , ^ ! I'e joined by her sister, Mrs. Fannl.- Ail a state meeli*np''or the Y. W. r. | ^'''(''"••'^ThiMler. of .I<iuciion City. /A which occurred in Ottawa yester ! ^ day' the el«>^tioii nf ofllcers was a? j JfjfoUfiWB: M |sR nuth Scott of Bald t| wlni ^presldmt: Mrs. E. Lister, of Ot ^ ^*""""iMr"and Mrs. Kerr. Mr. B. F. C.lley. ^arnold of ^ashburn colle^re. s-cre.|^,^ ^ Schlani^-r and Mr. Robert >ir"7>: ; t. A M<"Miiien. M ^ss Efee' Neff of Humboldt, was I ,, '***•* „,_„,. J T» •. ; .1 .Miss Mal)le May returied to her Ft. Scott today, after a hfiiiie in v.-reli's vi.-it with M'ss l.iimie .\daniv. * * • The sfmi-innnihly mf-eting of the Bapti.-^i .Aid snci?ty was one of the ^e\eiits of the week . The paper of !the aflornonn was read by Miss Ruth j Blown one of the ofllcerq nf the soei- Mr and Mrs. 1,. T.. Norlhriip wero iiist-, of liniinr at 11 surprise which \>:i.^ airansed l)y ir.einliers of the cir filial whist club last, evening. Tiieri' were several ;i!fls left as souvenirs of t*-e ev.^ning. .Among thos V. h ) a"i'"nded vorc: Mr. and .Mrs .1. A. Wh.-c'er. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. St:-.:l.V. Mr. ,Tu: Mr.'». J. G. Mittle- liac'i. Ml. .Td -Mrs. F. \. Xorthrup Mr. ..r.:: :." ^ D. P. Xorthrup. Mr. Airs, t-. .(. Hnrton, Capf. and .Mi.- T. S. Hover. Mr .and Mrs. C. * + + In tlie stores today the shopper.'; are aiiprnached l,y one of a group of representative!? w-ho nre selling Ih.-" tncs for the Sorosis club. The sales up to noon were exceedingly large and encouraging. Mrs. W. D. Wolfe Mr.-.. O. 1.. nailint:house. Mrs. .-\. I,. Brumbaugh. Mrs. A. V. l.oige. Mrs. I.. If. WIshard and oth.^rs nf the c'.nh v.omen are assisted by .1 group of Miss .Mary Hilles. Cadys nrumiiauch. ?» Leia Holmes M ss Mary Ibdnies. Miss I>iis Tal liri-f. Miss Frances >runson and Miss fiVadys Brumbaugh are among the ri'iuhf r. + • * Miss Ella Smith, of Humboldt, is l.ere fr.r n visit with Mr. and Mrs. H. r. WirKs. -IftI South Fourth street *:• M's.^-. Bess .Miller is home from a ' LATALIERES LOCKETS AXD CHAI?i'S HAT PINS BACK COMBS Xew stock—Beautiful designs —Splendid as.sortraents to select from. McNElL BROTHERS. THE JcyieuitM. Attractions at the Grand Next Week. "Girl of the Streets" Monday. V "Devil's .Auction," Tuesday. "Are You a Mason?" Wednes<• day. <• "Sweetest Girl in Dixie," •:• Saturday. • HORA>'. ahd^Vlletta Gates. Dorothy Hllscher. | PUniSml : Stlieher. PHOl Smith. David Hilles and Harris j Ml-, and Mrs. W. E. Kerr enter j tailied with a il^nner and card party I last ev< ning for 11 grotip of gentle- friends. Covers w?re laid for JMay Therel A "Whfcre are you going?" - "dointr after a sack of Um •• 9m Pmimut F'otir. Mv wife ribm't tise atiything else." • For Exclianee. I r ^irniing lands in Panhandle, Texas, j for farm tands. or live stock, or for : lola. {;as Citv or \J\ Harue rentals. WHITAKER & DOXXELU At WPAiik'k fhomre (FciwHy The Bmolmlor, .Abont twenty-five went from this place to lola Thursday to attend the preliminary trial in the Wliitlow case .lolin V. Rol)erts of lola has estab- li.^hcd a branch music store in the U'il.oiighby building in charge of an experienced man. a.v. W. P. Wliarton of the .Mefh- o;iI;^i l-:piscopal church is still holdine revival meting.s at Wesley chapel. 'I'he first number on the fecturr given Friday uishi. Octrdiei JR(h. w:is largely attended and was (liiirouulily enjoyed by all present. The Ciiii-Iniiaii Ladles' Or<-hes:ra pleased all wliii were foriunate euoM .t;ll \i hear ii. llev. Sain Siiiail, leeiun-r and evan- lectured Saturday niuhi. October 1 :11)1 at .Mendell's liall on the subject •Ills Majesty, the Devil." Al- Mill so l.-irgely allended ;is it .should have heeii. his iiiiii|ue lei-lur ple.iscd I hose who were present. .\ crowd of youu.ij people wen! plc- niciuK ai'ier school Wednesday even- in?. The foot ball game playe<l at Hum- holdi iast Saturday between the Mo/an and Humboldt high school e!evenf resulted in the defeat of the Hum boldt team, the score bein.g 10 to 0.: Tlie .Moran and Hronson high schoo' teams will play foot hall at the ball park Friday evening. .Mr. C. R. Wilson went to Kansas f'iiy on business Wednesday. .\ Mr. .McKnight of tlumboldt lec- turel at the Presbyterian clinrch Sunday evening, his subject being "Hoys. Thos. .1. Hendrick and family have moved into the house north of the Presbyterian parsonage. I. F. Shaw of La Harpe and familj have moved into the former Schoch proiieny in Caldwell, and formerly o .-'cnpied by X. .1. Shively. C. .1. Peterson. Chris Ritter and others were here from lola Tuesday work iug on the Sapp case. Lucky Bill is scheduled to show here Saturday. Xovcmber 2nd. "Girl of th» StreeU." In presenting this play George B. Edwards & Co. have outdone all former efforts. The piece has enjoyed a liberal patronage in the great cities the p.ast two seasons and this will be its first appearance In our c'ty. Th3 play is ai strong melodrama depicting life in and around New York city. All scenery is carried so IS to introduce ''the black pool," Sing Sing pri.son. the counterfeiter's den 'larlem River, the Suspension Bridge. New York City illuminated on a winter's night, etc. Though the piece 'i\ boisterous in merriment, still it Is refined in tone, pure in. thou,s;ht ind siiontaneoiis in action and plea the ladies and children as wnll as 'he gallery gods. A number of clev er spep|:iUies nre Introduced. First ¥. E. Chareh. Sunday and Monday are our qiuir- terly meeting and conference time. Wie request that every member plan to be present. At 11 o'clock the pastor, Rav. J. M. Mason has charge and will administer the Supper of the Ijord. In the evening the Elder Rev. Bernard B. Kelly will be with us preaching a revival ser.Tion and conduct ng an after service. Wa are praying for this to be a time for sal vatlon f6r souls. The quarterly con ference will be at 7:30 Monday evening and this to be followed by services conducted by Bro. Kellj-. Other services at the usual time. Entertainment at the First M. E. church Friday evening. Someth ng new under the sun. Fully explained at ihe morning servfce Sunday. Come and hear It. J. M. MASON. Pastor Look aX> Our Libbey Cut Glass. Rook- vrind Pottery and Hand Painted China. 5ewai!,JewderaodOptic !ai 104 North Washington. Devil's Auction. .Aiiioir^ the various European spec ii:liles engng.-'d by Manager Charier Ii. Ynle for the twenl.v-slxlh edition of •'The Everlasting Devil's Auction •ire Ihe famous Brothers Clemenso Musical Grotesque. These artist wov among Ihe recent, "head-liner '.mporlaiions of Klnw & Erlinger'i Vdvaiiced Vaudeville and uiion the ernnnalion of their contract wilh Mia; noted firm were engaged by Aianager Yale for his famous spec- •acle. .At the Grand next Tu?sday October 2!)th. Are You a Mason. ".\ laugh is worth a hundred groans Ml any market." wrote the brillian Charles Lamb. That partially ex '•>'ains the ;reat success of "Are Yon I Mason." the clever comedy that will produced at the Grand next Wed ".esday. October 30th. A brighter and •"ore cleverly conistt-ncted farce has- lever been presented on the > stage The story tells the troubles of an •Idei'ly gentleman and Tiis son In-laW who, in order to account for their refluent absences from home pretend to lie Free Masons. T'le farcical pos ^b'ilti.^s of the piece are obvious To tlie.^e are added a new version of the central idea in "Charley's Aunt." •ind hnir a dozen suTisIdinry ideas each replete with fun. .SliLL.S DIKT NOT 1> I'SE. ('».» Disposes of .SurpIuK From Graded Streets at ProJit. Tlie city has gone into the dirt business on a big scale. The amount ot business done by the city may be judged by the fact that this week tht city has taken in $;ill for dirt taken from the side streets off .North Coiton- wcod .'Street. The city sells the dirt at cents a load and up to the present lime no trouble whatever has been experienced in disposing of Ihe dirt The street commissioner has had a force of men at work levelling the grade (III side streets. ATTENTION FAR.HERS. Now N the time to wll yonr scrap iron, all kinds of metal and all kinds nf junk, also bides pelts, fnrs, tallow, wool, ragf), feathers, beeswax, etr. I am head(|narters and the mo.nt reliable dealer in lola. Don't aire yonr goods away, bring it in yonmelf and get fall market value. Ton are the prodnc- en and ron are the one that's entitled to all the proflt .0. Xake no mistakes. Come right to B. 8. Bernard, L. Krnpp's old stand. No. North Bnrkeye street, and get a sqnare deal flrrt, latit and all the time. NEBRASKA-COLORADO GAME. Foot Rail Contest on Nebra.<ik« Rronndii Today. Lincoln. 0<*. 26.—Under cloudy skies, the Nebraska Colorado football game was playad on the Nebraska field tills afternoon. Colorado was somewhat crippled by the absence of Saptain Farnsworth and Wtelraer. who were out of the game because of iujiirtes. Sweetest Girt In Dixie. There is a pretty love story, woven hroughout the play, depicting a beau ifiil southern life, brim full of com- •dy and pathos. This attraction Is •laking a hit everywhere it has been This finest of all comedies will be at the Grand next Saturday, November 2nd. KI-VIVAL.S AT EA.ST lOLA. V. M. Perry, Former ErRngellst, to Conduct .Meetings. Kevival services will begin Sunday evening at the East lohi Methodist Episcopal church. .A. .M. Perry, thi lusiness manager of the lola Husines; "oilegc, who for many years was a :ucces3fui .evangelistic worker, will 'ondiict these special meetings. Rev. -larkuess, pastor of the church, says 'hai the meetings will continue tei. lays and longer according 10 ilie in- ;erost manifested. Tlie following is what the catalogur )f the Idia P.iisiness College has to saj if ilieir manager. .A. .M. Perry: .A. Perry, ihe liiisiuess manger Is a mill lire man. .">2 years of age. He {radualed at the I'ltper Iowa I'niver- sity ill ISV.'i. entered the Methodist Episcopal ministry in l.SS.'. and con- ttlniied in the pastorate until fwr vears ago. having been a successful evangelistic worker for many years. "My father had be«i a inffcrar from •Ink fanadaek* forilie l««t itrenlT-llT« yrari an.i nfT«r foauj %oy n\M cnilt he bcean takiuc ynnr Csarmmtti. Since li« baa beeiin Ukliic l!»»careta br liu n«rar bad (b* bearfatbe. Tliej bar* entlrxir cored bim. Caarareii il<i That 70a r <!<-amBi «ni| iliam to do. I Kill c<va j-oa til* prlvllee* of uili.f lil< name.* K.U. niokion, U3I IteainerSt., W.Inaiacapolla .lBd. I»««r «n. /uakan or urlpa |«c, 5J*,Ue. NaTW told \n bnik. 'Ill* (anulna labUl itanivaa UUO. auiaiilt .«aM ,(ut*eryouriu«|tar L m S, SWrlinc KtmeUyCo., Ct:lc«coor N.Y. u| IHVUALSilli, TEN MILLION BOXES Presbyterian Chnreh. First Church, Rev. S. S. Hil.scher. pastor: Preaching services at 11 a. m. and 7:;!0 p. m. The evening sermon will he the second in a series. Subject. "Tlie Creation of Man: Christ the linage." S:ibbath school at n:-ir> a. m. Endeavor meeting at C..30 p. m. Little Buljdera' Chapel. Mrs. E. X. Jones, superintendent: Mr Hllscher will preach'at 4 p. m. The Coral Builders will meet at 7:;io p. m. Moiher's iiiertliig Wednesday afler- loun. Everybody cordially welcome. l!ii;!.->eii Ghapel. .Mr. Wni. Davis, siip- M 'lnieiidenl; Sab'.iath school at p. m., to whicii ill are invited. r. B. Chnreh. .\ great day at Ihe V. R. church Siinriay. Every member of the church mil tlie public has been invited to en- 'My the day with them. Every one iresoni at the Sunday school at 9:15 I. 111. will be given a souvenir in mem- iry of the day. The evangelist. Rev. Hicks, will preach at 11 a. m. Subject. •Shall We Know Our Friends in • if jven." .Ir C. E. meeting at S.-IO p. m. Sr C. U. meeting at 6::!0 p. m. Evangelistic services at 7:30 p. m. -lubji-ci of sermon. "The Unpardon- ible Sin." Subject of sermon on Monlay evening, "The Bible Hell." O. G. MISAMORE, Pastor » • • • W. H. 1K9EB80N, Attomey>at-Lair. Notary and Stenograpber In OfDce. Phone 456. i^iv w YjaK^ ^ ^ ^ • H. A. Ewlng. S. A. Gard, O. R. Oard • « EWOG, 6ABD & GABD, * • . Sawyers. • • Practice In all Contik ° • S% W. Madison. PboM SSf. • • , • DB. McMILLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: OfBce 32, Res. 232. OfSce m Mrs. Turner's Bldg., West Madison. .1. Phone 687. Rei. 701. • .DB. 0. L. COX; * Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. * • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. U. W, 31dg. • • Sfflce Phono 1083. • DB. B. 0. (;JiRISTIAlf. Fbyilclan and Snrgeou. Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. Phone 554. lola, Kani. • DB. EDITH 8. HAIGH. • Office and Residence over Bur- • rell's Drug Store. . • Office Hours— 10 to 12 a. m., 3 * to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 evenlngi. • Sundays by Appointment. • F. II. HABTDT, Practice Limited to SargMy. 16 N. Buckeye. Phone 67«. • • • • • • • • • •. - - • DR. W. B. HEILHUK. • Fbyilclar k Sorgeon. • Office N. E. Corner of Square. * i • Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. • Res. Tel 38. Office Tel, 602. • Fuller Bldg. • Phone 932. DR. GLYNN, Specialist Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Glasses Furnished. • • • • • • • The Reformed Church. Morning service af II o'clock. Sermon. "Willing to Give, But Hard to Impart." Evening service at 7:30. Sermon, "Life's I'nhending Campaign .Against 5in." Sunday school at 3:4."). .A cordial invitation and a hearty -.velconie. T/)riS C. HARXISll. T.anyfln Center. Sunday school at 3 p. m. followed by short .sermon. U C. HARXISH. Pastor • Res. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. • DB. J. R. PEPPER. • Dentist * Is permanently located over • E. C. McClaln's Clothing Store, and Is prepared to do all kinds ot up-io-date dental work. Evening work .by appointment •••••••••• DB. L. TOZEB, lola Infirmary, SOS £. Jaekson, We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, Static, Galvanic and Faradla Electricity with vibratory stimulation In nervous and chronic diseases. Phone 386. • • • P. L. Lathrop, . • Mrs. Bessie Q. Lathrop. • OSTEOPATHIC PHTSICIA58. • Special attention given to DIs- " eases of Women and Children. • Over East Side Hardware. • Office 'Phone. Main 468. « • • • Christian Church. There will be a sermon In the morn- ng at 11 o'clock on "Reliance-: and igain in the evening at 7:30 on ".\a- loleon Bonaparte, a Devil's Man." The .luniors meet at 3:00. Young People nt C:30. Illhle school at 10:00 a. m. Esperial attention is called to the reachei-trainiu.g class on Monday at i p. 111. .Now Is the lime to enter this .vork. Baptist Church. Sunday school ai 9:15 a. m. Morning service at 11. Sermon: Tlie Least of Saving Others." n. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Evening service at 7:30 p. m. Ser- uon, -The Call of .Matthew." W. Ii. GARFIELD. Pastor THAY ARE FRK^H. A cho'ce assortment of this popti- lar brand j.t CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, onr personal pledge ot their freshness goes with thera. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well It pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts., First Church of Christ, Science. Sunday schoo! at 10 a. m. Church service at 11 a. m. Subject. Everlasting Punishment." Testimonial meeting Wedne.=;day at p. in. * Services held in Christian Science lall at no East .lackson. The hall Is ised as a reading room from 2 to 4 m. each week day. The public is invited to the service and reading room. MRS. KMMA E. ADAMS.,First Reader East lola 5f. E. Church. Sunday school 9:4.=> a. m. Preaching 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Epworth league at 6:30 p. m. Reviviil services will commence with ths evening service. Rev. Perry who has been a Hnccesaful evangelist In Nebrn.ska will conduct the meeting. We extend a cordial Invitation to all to attend. A. M. HAXKIXS. Aeeond Baptist Sunday school at 10 a. m. Praise service at 10:.30 a. in. Preaching at 11 a. m. Sermon. Proofs ot Christ's MessiahBhIp." Preaching at 7:46 p. m. Sermon, Scarlet Thread in the Window." You arc cordially Invited to worship with us. • J. W. GORDON, Pastor. A SKde For yfe! Prof. R. B. Williams, the Whirlwind Skater of the vest, in hin world famous exhibition—A SLIDE FOR LIFE—one week commencing Saturday Night, Oct. 19, RoIIaway Skating Rink North Side of the Square. Good Music. Good ()rdcr. Good Floor. DON'T MISS IT, DON'T FAIL TO COME fry a Want Adm in iho itBJgimiei' Baths of AH Kinds. Exclasire ApartmeBt for ladles Deoicomb Bath Boose aod IHidml Well (1 .500 Peet Deep.) Located at 4th and Scott Ave., Fort Scott, Kansas. Tills water PosltlTely Cares BbeumaUsin, IJrIght's OlseMe, Stomaeh Tronble ani Agne. Prof. J. I. Bishop, the most Celebrated XassagUt and Hydropat^* lat In tbe Conntry, la attendaice firing n«||^e. WATEB SHIPPED IN FITS («) OAIXON BOTTLES OKLT. « ^a DfMTOOi^a, IVayp. / I

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