Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1908
Page 7
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THE I0LJLPA1LY BE6I3TEB. MQiSJ^AT EYBXDTC^ ypTEMBEB 8, ISOS. lb«iit (Jommlssfoiier. ' Voters of tbe Second and Third cotaiMsifoher^^l^rlcts^Ul be called upon^at this election to choose a member of the board of county com- mlsBioners. n For two yeans tbe. affairs of the county ibffve been in the hands oi a Democratic board—but one Republican. Mr. T. J. Anderson being on the board and he. Was never consulted in important matters and •was always outvoted on every question where he protested against the. action of the board—a^d it is the due of the voters of these two districts to know bow the affairs of the county have been conducted for the • past two years. The expenses of the county in the past two years have been greater that ever before sand are constantly growing. As showing bow they have grown and 'liow they have In^ creased the following figures will . be read with interest. 1900 ?24.23f.40 \ 1901 22.G23.3C i 1902 .. .' 36,694.92 / 1903 46,386.72 1904 40.792,05 1903 47,111.02 1906' 40,648.64 1907 •. r .8 .r >S9.6»j^ 1908 (for nine months). 44.960.00 This is at the rate of $4,999.55 a niunth and if continued will make the expenditures for the year 1903,) —the second under a Democratic administration—of $59,958.65. the greatest in the .history of the county. Under Republican administration the iieaviest items of cost were the court expenses. But for the past two years the court costs have been verj- greatly decreased owing to an absence of litigation. This is duo not only to the decrease of criminal business but to the falling off in civil cases. As an Instance of this decrease the books Show that the jury expenses for 1907 and 1908 were $6,160.90. while the expenses during the previous two years were $10,503.15. Yet in spite of this reduction the board spent $103,549.69 In 1907 and 1908 (nine months of 1908 alone counted) while during the time the court expenses were the heaviest the Republican board only spent $87,759.66, being for the two complete years of 1905 and 1906. When the present Democratic board took office they found in the general jevenue fund sufiSclent money to carry on the business of the county. " This money has been spent and if all the warrants now out and all the money appropriated by the •board wouH b "e called for tomorrow the treasurer would bave to stamp warrants "Not Paid for Want of Funds" for the first time in the history of the county. The only fund over which the commissioners bave any discretion as to the use of the money Is the General- Revenue fund. From this fund the ordinary running expenses of the county Is paid. In the general revenue fund the amount of money on hand on October 1 for the past eight years was as follows: , 1900 $ 9,888.00 1901 12,565.00 1902 8.519.00 1903 16,054.00 1904 11,279.00 1905 14,426.00 1906 '. , 12.615.00 1907 11,575.00 1908 3,133.25 At the October uiecting of th'j board there was appropriated ami warrants drawn for $3,219.14 and when they are presented during the month of October the General Revenue fund will be overdrawn $75.89. And at the same meeting the board laid over more than $900 more of bills which will- to be allowed at the .November meeting of the board.. To have allowed them at the'October meeting would have made the treasurer short of money before election. Yet each year the mohey raised by taxation for the General Revenue fund has constantly grown. The tax permits a county to raise two per cent more monoy for eaoh fund than M'as done In 1907. The comnii.ssioii- ers have levied a tax which will permit them to raise the limit of the law so that in 1909 the county will pay two per cent moii? in ta.Kes for the general expenses of the county than they did ini 190S. unless a'Re­ publican board! brings bark that economy of management which enabled them to keep money In the general revenue fund In spite of heavier expenses than thcv present \)oard has bad to meet. During the two ye &rs of Democratic administration the board levied the full limit of the la^ for the general revenue fund. Prom 191)0 to 1906 under Republican administration the limit of 'the law was levied in only two of thiese years. Mr. Paul Klein, present Democratic member of the board from this district and a candidate for Ve•election, has sworn that during the year 1907 he served afi average of two weeks' out of every In the I>u6iaes8 of the county and that he traveled' ?83 "aolles: on bnslness loT tb»/hmif. 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I '.HiT, there; ment in whi.h he .'^ayj that during .Mr. Fronk. the Itepiibllean can- the year 1507, th'> fol.i Daily Index, didate who^ served live years aeee|t-: tin- Dehiocratl.'i organ. recei\e(l for tnbl\ as county clerk, givi^s it ns his, Hi" roiiiily prIutiiiK ?l'.!»9;t.tiO, and t>pinion fin commissioner need fi>:- (he (irsi nine mniiilis of J '.MJS spf'iid-f<o iiiuili lime In the conduct *-'.70|.6!». county in thr. following afl;- If you have seen Mr. Klein's statement, compare Mr. Klein's figures with this sworn statement of what l\w books of Hie county show, i In 190s the Democratic board ef county commissioners will have Silent nliuost $18,000 more than the Kepublicaii board s[^ent in i;>06; Much of this money went to favorite NOT COBPOKATIOXS ARE 50T BACKDTG REPrBLIClX STATE CA3IPAIG3r.. DOLLEY MAKES STATEMENT BBA:SDS DEMOCRATIC DECLIBAT TlOX AS FALSE A>D TI (:iOrS. .Vauagemrnt oi Botkin Campaien Cited sss (ilariDi; Instance of MKrepre- si-alation bv Dcmocral;'. of the affalv .5 of the <ounly. He Ueves that at %?, :> dnv, what commissioner is allowed .... , day actually served, the total salary; What It has co.-^t Ih a' |j;i.sf i« shown hj th»' for each; davit: Top»-ka. Nov. 1.—Chairman Dolley >f the Kepublican state committee, has issued the following statement. "The Democrats are flooding the stale today with false statements of eviiy kind and nature that have not the sli^hti-st foundation In fact, and the voters of Kansas ought not to be misled by these vicious campaign lies, Th» work of the Republican party for the past live years certainly should not be discredited by a lot of false- toods jcaltered broadcast in the last memeut in the way of anonymous circulars throughout the state. .-Jntl by{ men who themselves may be honest, j but who have no other foundation but these false stories to base their statements- on. "The story tbat_ tlie railroads and corporations have furnished money to tl'e Republican state committee forj (he campaign of 190S is false and un-j' true, every word of it. Not a single dl>llar has been received by this committee from any corporation in Kansas or out of Kansas. I am prepared' to make this statement under oath and exhibit the facts. Some Democratic Methods. "The Democratic committee had no^ records nor issues of its own tO! mak» this campaign, and has resorted to attacking the personal character of • tie prominent Republicans of! and our nominees by misrepresenting the facts. "This is a sample of the Democratic *party's campaign: In prohibition' i communitie.s and nmon.s: the prohibl- ! tion people they are telling that Botkin is a prohibition man, was n candidate for governor on the prohibition ticket and has preached prohibition I from the pulpit all hi.=; life. Among! J the whisky element they are assuring} them that Botkin will not bother the j whisky jnterests. and cite the fact; that he has not committed himself on \ this question in this campaign. The New Tax Law. "The new tax law simply provides: for the equal assessment of .iM prOT>-| erty in Kansas at its actual value. If? there is anything wrong with this law it much be in its administration. The administration of the law is through the appointment by the governor of a state tax commission and by the appointment of a county assessor by the county commissioners in each county. The Republican party has pledged itself in its party platform to makej the county assessors and sitate t.ix commission elective by the people. Mr. Stubbs introduced a bill at tl;o special session of the legislature providing for the election of the county assessors and the state tax commission which failed of passage on account of the limited time. "We have refrained In this campaign from issuing any false statements, or in any way misrepresenting the facts, and have Instructed all our county committees to conduct the same kind of campaign, which I am pleased to say tbey have done. I do; not believe that the voters of Kansas will approve of the methods of the Detnocfatlc committee in an attempt to secure their votes under false pro- tenses." 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Clever Little Skater Arrived from Chanute This Afternoon. Daby Clo. the eight year old skat- Democrats. The issue In this eam-jpr who is booked for three nights at palgn i.s whether the county wants j tijo Auditorium, arrived this after- to go hack to economical, careful:noo„ from Chanute where she has! Itepublltan administration or wheth-^ finished "Fiom tin- Fir>i of .May, i:»or,, tojer tliey wish to eontinue the present will not exceed $L'r.0 and not $500,,),,. K^^, ,.t •.j.,.. „.,. i' as Mr. Klein has charged for and ' , .V cvtravupant management of the tax- collected. , lu»»|.ru.ted by the board for UR - loin leg of the county. The Republicans • ' I Uegister $!*l«G.5 ."i and from the fil'it' ililedir*^ the nennl^ tbnt c ;iwli nnre publican votes, vet the flrst t.ngj ;rKa;:t \„en County, ss. ;ren\\V~ r they d.d when (hey we^t Into office; ..|. n. E, Culbertson. county clerk Jf the flnaacial hole In wh!ch tho was to violate a pnnting contract; Allen cc.i|itv, Kansa.« hereby cer- wlth a Republican newspaper and, forgoing to be a full tru- start a Democratic newspaper ami! and correct copy of the bills allowed allowed the printing to that paper., lola Register from the first of although the paper bad not been printed a year as the law recinfres. In addition to that they appointed the Democratic county attorney as the purchasing .agent of the county. He was thus la a positltJii to do tbe printing, pass on his oirn^billB. aadit them and a Democratic board allowed them. So laucli criticism fpl* May, 1905; to the first of May. 1906. and to the lola Record from May 1. 1906, to April 1, 1907. as the same appears on tho commissioners docket in this office. ^ "Witness my hand and seal of eaid county thlis 31st day of October; 1908. R. E. CULBERTSON, lireseut Democratic board has plung- fjd the county and gradually reduce tjhe taxation which their lack of iian.igement has made necessary. Tbe Republican central committee trusts, and feels confident*, that every man oiu-tho Republican ticket { ill be elected. The ticket was Irly nominated at a regular pri- ary and no word has been, nor |aa be, said against them. They deserve and are receiving the sup(Seal) "Count; Clerk. Jfoii of all Republlsam^ .Cannot ^ a successful run of three nights. Baby Clo has been a great drawing card at all of the rinks where she has appeared and will doubtless win great favor with the patrons of the local rink. Tomorrow night the election returns will be given at the Auditorium in addition to tho performance of Baby Clo. Filed Abstract. The abstract of judgment in the case of Calvin Beatty vs. J. P. jVllen, taken from justice court, was today filed in district court The amount of the judgment is $24.77. Republicans stand .toother i this year and roll qp.t&e. .Ql(|..tlip4i.>na-; joritles for all tiie candidatesZ our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward « LeavES lola 7:10 p. iv-. arrives St. Louis 8:25 a. m. •fhrough sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St, Louis. For further particulars call aud see us. CP. Hde^Agt, ' . ' : ! • ' '.'-II' ' I- •< XAGAzdres .iSP PEEICipi^AI*' - cka be secured of j. E. Hendersop . , .who deals I with . the pabliaiiers tafi furnishes tbem at ihe low^t prip* posislble. trial saliscripUpQ to 'Va^ Norden's. 3' months 25c. • Phone 98. 41i K. Backey*'

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