The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1951
Page 11
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER «9, (ARK.) COTTRIER HEWS PAffB Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams I've GOT A ZO& PROMISED t FOR. 1H6 MrX3C«, MARTHA/ HE WOrt'T NeeD A T(?UCK ' TO HAUL HOME HIS PAY eMveioPe, SOT TH& OFFICIAL TITLE OF THE MA*e£ IT SEEM IT'S .._.. ^ (M A LAUMDR.Y' COME ON, WOC A B6I7 OF LEAVES S-9-»T/ STR1KH A POSE LJK.B WE'RE HORRlF16t>/ EVERV CAR OJ TH' ROM? WILL STOP, AM 1 SOMEBODY WILL CALL TH' POLICE-- HAV)&-A WfWpy SOUN3D THAT OOGHT TO IT 5A9ICR POR KIM TO 5WALLOVJ / -*^- VJ6LL, I'LL 5HARP&M OP PITCHFOK^ "1§? HIM ON} , '""^ KIS WAY/ TlHlMK. OP A MURP6R IN TH(* BEAUTIFUL AUTUMN VMOOPS? CAN'T MOD LIVS WITHOUT ALLTHE 6VCITEMEMT AWHILE.' TH' SOFT, FRAGRANTT BED OF NATURE WILL HAVE -lOU ASLEEP IKI NO TIME THE RCWDV AMP THE PO€=T Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 6, 1951 For Mayor DAN A. BLQDGETT E. R. JACKSON DOYLE HENDERSON For Alderman First Ward DR. J. P. BROWNSON HOMER WILSON Third Ward L. a. NASH For Fourth Ward LESLIE MOORB Smart brides choose Meyer's Bread, . . . For eacn and every meal, It keeps hubby straight, and he's n«ver late, Meyer's Breafl has bridegroom NO SURVIVORS THK STOltYi Captured by SJoui • f ttr Ike FellertMaj* MBMMVJTC, John CiBj'tOB, * former Confederate n tMcer, f«ll» IH love with St«r of the Norlh. Inilln» holy woman, hut in boo* mHke Mi love • *•<•»* hupr!«««. So C^ •)-!!>• turn a la • •tl»»lo» !• wblvh hr b»d iri** t» v*hl»fcrr rtiKMer*. Chief <>«•? *>!•»• la rnlct gnMc b*r K «>» ovr»t* by * mnn named Slnlena* yrr. KM old *-KfmT A( Clnytnn'x. wh« !• SHOES •Required-Restyled SHOES DYED and CLEANED XTT T FOUND the barg« Lying ta a blind slough a quarter of a mil« off the main stream. The camp was ashore in a dense copse of poplar and willow. A fresh"fall snow showed no tracks between barges and shore. So far, so good. Scouting the camp, we discoved it consisted of about 15 whit* men pkw an old Pawnee camp cook and two Arikaree. apparently either meat-hunters for the camp or guide* for th« coming trading season. 1 saw nothing of Slate- meyer but discounted the fact. With nightfall 1 vent aboard the barges, having instructed my companions to wait, giving me 100 breathi before following. The barges were crammed with squat, nine-gallon kegs, certainly well over 100 of them to the barge each painstakingly stenciled with the innocuous legend. "Caution Kerosene: Keep Away From Fires." From stem to stern and beam to oeara the three barges reeked o alcohol. I had caught my trien< Slatemeyer with nearly 3000 gal .ons of trade whiskey. I searched for what I had hopet la find aboard—and found it: three 30-gallon hogsheads ot real kerosene, one to ench barge. . it was simple enough, tf _ Army [nspector insisted on board ing the barges, to Ihrow a (e 1 Duckets o< coal oil Qurrlerfl around the cargo notds. culling the whiskey (umca and lending olfac wry support to the innocent illu H-fl Lt£RS 0U9LIT J SHO€ SHOP 2 ' W. M H I N ST. WILL HENRY OtSTtm/TED IV MIA SCXVICC. tt+C .on ot the kerosene labels. Kero- ene lamp oil was a very legiti- nate trade article. Thus, a few moments later, when ny fur-clad crew cniue slithering p through the snowfall then be- inning, 1 gave them their orders romptly. My cohorts went about the bus- ness of smashing the big oil bar- els and dousing kerosene all over ic barge holds, "each grinning as iappily as any schoolboy pulling rings off s horsefly. In minutes the night air was re- lolent with coal-oil fumes and Yellow Bird, my lieutenant, irought me the smoldering buckskin bag of live coals lovingly prepared ashore in a smokeless, hardwood fire no bigger than a man's wo hands, "Oo now and wait where the rail leads from the camp." 1 tok lim. accepting the fire, "When you see the fire burst forth, all sha 'ollow as we have planned it Am I understood ?" He nodded assent, a sibilan chorus of gninls from the other* backing him up. tfE moment there were 10 Sioux within five feet of me. the next nothing but invisible yarde swirling snow Swiftly I dumped Ihe living coal among the pile of oil-soaked shav ings we had prepared. I had scarcely hit the woode shore before the barges went u with a boom .that lit the .snow smothered night for hundreds o feet. As anticipated, Slatemeyer's me came bucketing out of their bu and ofT down the trail to the burn ing barges. Yellow Bird played them per fectly. letting the first pack go b falling on ihe smaller followin group with the customary enthu si a sin of his kind when the pros pect is fab: for a wedding of Siou steel and Caucasian cranium. Half an hour later when we ndezvoused he brought with him ght Sioux, the required "live" hiie man. five warm scalps, and n innocent-look ing burden care- ssly tied in a hunting shirt. "Good. Yellow Bird leads well. ho is with his ancestors?* 1 My uestton referred to the missing OlIX. "The-One-That-Limps," hi. *m- wered. "He took his enemy with m." *'It is well," I said, grimacing as counted 1 the grisly trophies dang- ng from the braves* scalpbelts, [ see where wailing will be held n five tipis of our enemies." "Six/ 1 he corrected me, unfurling ic knotted hunting shirt to roll jerefrom a heavy, round object •hich thumped to a stop against \y right moccasm. remaining riere to look up at me with wide- pen blue eyes. Yellow Bird regretfully, mean- hile gave the trophy a disgusted urn with the toe of his moccasin. The human head at my feet was old as a buzzard, It was a mistake," he stated, imply. "But our time was short nd we wanted Cetan Man* to now the true count. Ordinarily." ie added, humbly. ie l would not ake a scalp in such poor condi- ion." • • * T HAD forgotten the prisoner! AN this time the poor brute had not said a word, standing gray-sick with terror. I thought ii queer ie had made no plea to me, his fel- ow white man. I asked him bluntly, using English for the first time, "Why laven't you spoken to me? Whi don't you ask for mercy? Aren' fou Interested in breathing?" H looked at me n second oddly, [bought, then dropped his eyes. "What kind a mercy is a pack of Sioux hostiles gonna give a white man?" . "A good question," I agr*ed But how about me? I'm a white man." He stared at me the way a man stares at an LdioL His short laug! had the rasp ot desperation in rt_ Sure, and I'm Sittin' Bull, or meb- beso Red Cloud." (To Be Continued) T. M. BEG. W, 6, PAT. OfT. COfR. 1951 BY J.CA. StRVKE. INC. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Let's Look "Paying a neighbor kid that much for baby-sitting! And I'll bet his father lists him as a dependent!" PRISCILLA'S POP Strife With FiUhcr BY AL VERMEEK MAC) WE RE JU-5T ABOUT CLEANED OUT I GET SO ) r-^? THINK u TIRED OFV C^/l'LL BLOW MASHED Tdjaf MYSELF TO POTATO ^S- [S. A REAL SANDWICHES! )n i LUNCH! BUT I CAN FIX YOU UP WITH A MESS OF MASHED POTATOES! SURE GET SOME SCREWBALLS IN BUSINESS! 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AUD TI«AE DIM THE MIGI1T- IAKR6 OF Hf DEALINGS WITH THI& CONFOUNMD FAJUlll.VI \f VOU WEEPS fl TRUST I ADVICE,WE'LL CPvW DEPEMD 8EHARD TO XOtl FIUO! L GUESS YOU UWDEE5TAMD5 DM~ WID P^ Sft.LE OF D\5 STOCK, WB 15 LEAVIIW VDU HIGH AW DM MAC I BUGS BUNNY •sue WAMT& SURE , , SVHfsT V 6CAL6 I KNOW TH'^CALE A HINT TH-THAT I'M T-TOO FAT... TH' MIKBOR BY V. T. HAMLIN EVEN YOUR 5VWDRD? S EXAMINE I CANT /rrrHEN,I5AY, BELIEVE / NERO.5EE FOR IT.' \ YOURSELF IF IT'S NOT SO! IT 15 YOUR HIGHNESS, A3 YOU'VE 8EFM TOLD! FROM SWORDTO HELMET, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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